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Rang on new Seahawks

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 6, 2010 at 9:10 am with 26 Comments »
September 6, 2010 9:10 am

We’re still waiting for the official word from the Seattle Seahawks on some of these roster moves that were reported but not confirmed by the team on Sunday.

But while we are waiting, I talked to Rob Rang, senior draft analyst for, about some of the players the Seahawks have picked up over the last, two days.

Also, quarterback Matt Leinart is not headed to Seattle. He signed with Houston.

Rang on DT Junior Siavii: “I like Siavii. He was a player who certainly flashed off the board while he was at Oregon. And this is a guy who played opposite Igor Olshansky, and that got a lot of attention coming out of Oregon during that time. Like Olshansky, I always thought he would be best in a 3-4 scheme as a base end. Then again that’s exactly where I thought Red Bryant would be best at.

“I think he’s a guy that’s going to give the Seahawks some versatility up front on the defensive line, where it’d be at defensive end where Red Bryant is playing, or moving him inside where he would play that role that Vickerson was going to play. So I think it make some sense.”

Rang on QB Zac Robinson: “He had success over a long period of time at Oklahoma State. He’s a good fit for Seattle’s offense because he’s a player that, while he doesn’t necessarily have a cannon, he has enough accuracy and enough velocity for the short-to-intermediate routes.

“So he’s a smart passer, and he’s also an underrated athlete. And so he’s a guy who can get out of the pocket and do some things. The concern is he’s just a light guy. He’s only 6-2, 215 pounds, so you want to build him up a little bit. So I think he’s an ideal candidate for the practice squad, so you put him in the weight room and see what you got a year from now. But I think he’s a guy who has some talent.”

Rang on CB Nate Ness: “The press coverage is what they’re doing, and that’s what this is all about with their transition from corners like Josh Wilson to these bigger, taller press corners that can play that type of game. I don’t necessarily agree with it because I thought Josh Wilson was good player.

“But with Ness in particular, like Walter Thurmond, you’re talking about bigger, taller players. With Ness, this is a guy who was a safety at the University of Arizona at times early in his career. So he’s a guy who will hit and can run. 6-foot, 195 pounds. Has legitimate 4.4 speed. And during the preseason he flashed with Miami. He made some big plays for them. And so I think this is another case of the Seahawks looking around for players who fit what Pete Carroll and John Schneider are looking for.”

Rang on OG Evan Dietrich-Smith: “This is a guy that while he was at Idaho State he played all over the line. He played left tackle. He played inside at guard. I believe he even played some center with the Green Bay Packers. He’s played some guard there as well.

“So he’s a guy where they like his versatility. With John Schneider’s background with Green Bay they’re going to know that roster well, and they still have some contacts back there. I think this an example of a very good Green Bay offensive line having to get rid of a player they kind of liked, and Seattle just being in position to take advantage of that.”

Rang on OL Stacy Andrews: “I think with Andrews you have a guy who has the experience to play tackle and come right it. With Mansfield Wrotto, I thought he flashed and played pretty well for the Seahawks in the preseason, but at the same time he wasn’t a true tackle, so there was some concern that way, that maybe the Seahawks were concerned that his play would level off, like we saw some of the young players do last year.”

“So with Stacy Andrews you have a sure talent that can come out and contribute immediately if you have to have him. So that makes some sense.”

Rob Rang Analysis
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t know why it matters, but I’m glad to read Rang criticize moving Wilson.

    Dietrich-Smith sounds like he may be this lines Pork Chop (without the injuries of course) in terms of versatility.

    On Andrews “…you have a sure talent that can come out and contribute immediately if you have to have him.” That does not sound like anything more than a body to keep RT warm until they find their long term answer (in next year’s draft, presumably).

  2. jmatt8711 says:

    wow,just heard the line in vegas moved 5 points……….
    huh, 5 points is hugh, I will be very interesting to see our team for the first time sunday.
    I though we had a chance to challenge in the division, now Im looking at this almost like a september call up. Looking at the young kids to see hope for next year and beyond.

  3. chuck_easton says:

    If we only win ONE game this year I want it to be this coming Sunday.

    I’m so tired of having to listen to SF fans talk about how great they are and how they are going to own the division on their way to the playoffs.

    I still have them as the favorite to win the division but I’d love for the Seahawks to serve them a helping of humble pie as a first course.

  4. devisscher says:

    Will Babineaux and Jones get cut or not? I’ve read the news last night, got up this morning and it’s now 7pm here and they are still on the roster officially.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    The team should make those move official today.

    jmatt8711 – You’re saying the line is at 8 now? The HIlton still has it a 3, but I expect that to move some.

  6. bayareahawkfan says:

    chuck – by my name you can infer that I catch a lot of crap, being surrounded by Niner fans. I’m 100% with you on rooting for all the “win” mojo to land on opening day, resulting in a defeat of the Niners.

    I’ve already laid the groundwork with my friends (I’ll be watching at one of their homes on Sunday) that if the Niners don’t win, Niner nation should be shocked, embarrassed, and angry, and demanding answers :).

    I’ve also gone on record stating that one Niner will leave the game with a serious injury, and that will impact their season. My hope is that Niner will be Alex Smith, but I will settle for an E.T.-on-Percy-Harvin hit on Crabtree.

    I’m sticking to my hopeful optimism that, improbably, we catch fire this year somehow and shock everyone. Sort of a combination of the ’03 Seahawks team and the ’08 Miami team (rebounding from 1-15 to 11-5).

    And don’t spoil my dream yet – I know that those teams both had something we clearly lack at the moment: very solid running games :).

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Dream it up now. Only 6 days left. ;)

  8. wabubba67 says:

    Wynn Encore still has SF favored by three this morning. What was pretty incredible is how the UW line moved before kickoff….UW was getting three points a couple of days before the game, by kickoff it was UW minus 2. I don’t think that I’m the only one that lost money on Saturday.

  9. SandpointHawk says:

    I’ve been watching the roster for updates and I notice that Mike Williams is now listed as #17. The uniform people must be going nuts this week.

  10. bayareahawkfan says:


    One thing that will be fun is that I expect to see a lot more creativity in the offensive playcalling. I didn’t buy the whole “not showing your hand in the preseason” angle with regard to our offense as much, but I’ve seen a lot of references to this in various news/analysis pieces (especially on 710 ESPN), and I’m starting to warm to it.

    What Bates and Co. did to protect Manfred Mansfield against J. Allen was pretty spectacular, and I am 100% sold on Jeremy as an offensive mind. I’m hoping we see a lot of creative uses of Golden next week.

    Finally – the dream is still alive :)! – don’t forget that traditionally week 1 matchups are wild west shootouts, because teams don’t have real film on their opponents. This should be exaggerated in our case, because the Niners have never faced these Seahawks (no one has, really, yet).

    In those games, playmaking talent and intelligent coaching adjustments usually carry the day. I know we have smart coaches, and I’m hoping we’ve adding enough in the playmaking category to at least contend in week 1…

  11. BobbyAyala says:

    This season is going to be brutal.

    But that’s a good thing.

  12. jmatt8711 says:

    women sub w/ hugh millen this morning on kjr said it moved 5 points, I didnt check the line myself.
    But if i did place money, i would be sweating bullets now.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    wabubba67 – I had the Dawgs at +2 before it moved to -2. Wouldn’t have mattered.

    jmatt8711 – The line is still -3 at most places. If it ever moves to -8 I’ll bet it with both fists.

  14. Duke – I was glad to read that from Rang too. If you want, I will criticize the move some more. :)

    I can’t wait. Six days!!! And I actually get to be there!!! YES!!!

  15. snydro22 says:

    I’ll entertain bets. Either way.

  16. is reporting that Chris Henry is coming to our practice squad. Why not!?

  17. shoehawks says:

    If the ‘Hawks play like they give a crap, it will be a huge improvement over the last 4 or 5 games last year. I can’t say that I understand the moves; but I am willing to give this front office the benefit of the doubt. Getting better over the long term is painful, but it starts with a change in attitude. Even if they lose to San Fran, if they continue to hit ‘em in the mouth and refuse to give up…then this season has started on a positive note.

  18. All the moves Pete/Schneider made, the only one that had me scratching my head was Wilson, and now that I see what the scout says about the guy they replaced him with, I back them 100%.

    You don’t build a perennial division leader and potential Super Bowl champ out of 53 guys who lost two out of three games they played for two years, half of whom quit midway through the season.

    The Hawks may contend for the division this year — only because the NFC West is so weak — but as far as changing the culture and turning the team around 180 degrees from thinking like losers, the new braintrust has done it more swiftly and completely than I would have believed possible.

    Yes, preseason, but the in the closest-to-real game we had — Vikings — our starters played their starters straight-up for three quarters, had a lead when they left, and Favre even said he was “amazed at how physical the game was.”

    So much for the Hawks’ reputation for being soft. I love ‘em win or lose, but I hate quitters and all the quitters are gone. Go Hawks!

  19. @bayareahawkfan: I feel your pain. I live in southern Oregon, and everyone here believes that Canada starts just north of Portland. Especially when speaking of football. Niners and Raiders gear all over the pickup trucks and the rednecks. Here I am in my Seahawks jersey and getting dark looks and open mockery every time I appear in public.

    I am also 100% on board with the the “crush the Niners to throw a monkey wrench into everyone’s expectations” plan. I want 31-3 or worse.

    Lastly, I completely agree with your wild hope that the Seahawks gel early and often and shock the football world with a crazy successful 2010 campaign. Will it happen? Dunno, but until it doesn’t, that’s my plan!

    Oh…and I want to beat the Vikings in the SB! Bwahhahahah! – still not over the Hutch defection, and Brett’s last SB being a loss to the ‘Hawks would remind the rest of the country that we exist :)

  20. Tigloki – kinda hard to beat Minn. in the SB when we would have to beat them on the way through the play-offs to get to the SB.

    I was just on the Seahawks website. They have been updating roster and so I looked at the depth charts. I saw some scary odd things!!!

    1. Julius Jones is still listed as the starter at RB
    2. Thurmond is listed as the #3 CB behind Trufant and Lewis on the left side
    3. Tate as much as I love him is listed as a starter with Branch, Williams is listed behind branch – what?!?!

    Then I realized that they had yet to change depth charts – so I had to catch my breath and move on. They are still moving the right players on/off the depth chart.

  21. We all talk about what losers we were last year and the year before that. Well, we beat San Francisco at home in Week 12 last year. I expect a ‘W’ on Sunday!

  22. xcman, of course you’re right! Duh! Min, in NFC Championship, and and then what? I guess the Ravens. Hold Housh to negative yardage, and intercept two passes in front of him, and throw away from Josh all game except one that BMW will catch up high in air over hime for a TD :)


  23. Crap. Babs confirmed cut – along with Schmitt and Vickerson.

  24. Babineaux will always stand as one of my favorite Seahawks of all time for stopping Romo. Too, too, too awesome! Bye Bye Big Play Babs!

  25. ruminator1 says:

    snydro if we make a bet with you do we have to pay if we lose? i heard it was ok to stiff you.

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