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Seahawks trim roster to 53: RB Jones, S Babineaux make cut

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 4, 2010 at 5:10 pm with 84 Comments »
September 4, 2010 5:31 pm

The Seattle Seahawks finally released the team’s final, 53-man roster this afternoon.

An apparent hold up was the team’s trade with Philadelphia for offensive lineman Stacy Andrews, which had to be approved by the league and has not been finalized yet, so the team likely will have to make another move.

Again, the roster still is a work in progress. No doubt, the team will look over the waiver wire and continue to make changes before team begins work on Monday.

Some mild surprises include veterans running back Julius Jones and safety Jordan Babineaux making the team, despite the money they will make as reserves. Seattle also kept safety Kevin Ellison, who was competing with Jamar Adams and Babineaux for a roster spot. Offensive tackle Ray Willis was placed on the injured reserve list, so he’s done for the season.

Also, as we reported earlier, T.J. Houshmandzadeh was released.

Here’s he full list.

Placed on Reserve / Injured: T Ray Willis

Waived: S Jamar Adams, CB Marcus Brown, C Jeff Byers, G Mitch Erickson, CB Cord Parks, LB Joe Pawelek, T Jacob Phillips, DT Quinn Pitcock, RB Louis Rankin, DE Rob Rose, T Joe Toledo, TE Nick Tow-Arnett.

Terminated the following vested veteran contracts: DT Amon Gordon, LB Tyjuan Hagler, WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh , WR Brandon Jones, QB J.P. Losman, WR Ruvell Martin, DE James Wyche.

Terminated vested veteran from Reserve / Injured with Injury Settlement: DT Jonathan Lewis

Waived with an injury settlement: DE Nick Reed

Placed on Reserve / Suspended by the Commissioner: LB Leroy Hill

Here’s the full roster

Quarterbacks (2): Matt Hasselbeck, Charlie Whitehurst

Running backs (5): Tailbacks – Leon Washington, Justin Forsett, Julius Jones. Fullback – Quinton Ganther, Owen Schmitt.

Wide receivers (5): Mike Williams, Deion Branch, Deon Butler, Golden Tate, Ben Obomanu.

Tight ends (4): John Carlson, Chris Baker, Cameron Morrah, Antony McCoy

Offensive line (10): Russell Okung, Chris Spencer, Sean Locklear, Ben Hamilton, Max Unger, Mansfield Wrotto, Mike Gibson, Chester Pitts, Tyler Polumbus, Steve Vallos

Total offense: 26

Defensive line (9): Chris Clemons, Brandon Mebane, Colin Cole, Red Bryant, E.J. Wilson, Kevin Vickerson, Dexter Davis, Craig Terrill, Kentwan Balmer.

Linebackers (5): Lofa Tatupu, Aaron Curry, Will Herring, David Hawthorne, Matt McCoy.

Defensive backs (10): Marcus Trufant, Kelly Jennings, Walter Thurmond, Roy Lewis, Kennard Cox, Lawyer Milloy, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Jordan Babineaux, Kevin Ellison.

Total defense: 24

Specialty (3): Jon Ryan, Olindo Mare, Clint Gresham.

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  1. ruminator1 says:

    The reason for Gibbs’ abrupt resignation is unknown, but Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times reports that there was believed to be tension among the Seahawks’ offensive coaching staff.

  2. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Still one slot left…wonder who that could be…

  3. CYRREEN says:

    Can’t believe JJ is still on the roster.

  4. SeahawkFan12: I believe the last spot is for Andrews once the trade has been approved.

  5. 52 now so add Andrews and we get our 53. Where is Vallos? I don’t see him as a cut or a made?

    Well be interesting to see who comes/goes etc.

    I am a little surprised that Ellison is on the squad. If we do trade for VJ where do they make the move?

    Where is Vallos? I don’t see him as a cut or a made?

    Practice squad:
    I think they go for Cord Parks and LB Joe Pawelek.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    I’m surprised Ellison made it. And 4 TEs surprises me a bit. And glad Obo made it.

  7. ruminator1 says:

    who will go when stacy andrews and later Hill are added? i am predicting trades.

  8. ruminator1 says:

    good point on vallos, but i think he is cut

  9. Dukeshire says:

    There are only 52 right now, so need only to make room for one. (Trades not withstanding.)

  10. Will they carry 10 OT’s with the new guy,or will they cut a OL to keep it at 9?

  11. SteelBlueLime says:

    Why are we so heavy on DB’s

    We seem light on LB’s for Special Teams – I wanted Hagler!!!

  12. My bad fellas: Steve Vallos is on the roster and makes 53, so the team will have to make a move once the Andrews deal is approved by the league. It’s been corrected in the blog post.

  13. snydro22 says:

    Would have liked to have seen Pitcock and Hagler make the squad.

  14. Soggybuc says:

    only suprise for me is seeing Hagler not make it.

  15. With Schneider and Carroll still making moves over the next couple days, there are some guys on this list who probably should not unpack their bags just yet:

    Kevin Ellison?
    Kennard Cox?
    Owen Schmitt?
    Tyler Polumbus?
    Julius Jones?

  16. I thought Wyche and Hagglar might make it instead of Cox and McCoy.

    They kept every one of their draft picks except Konz (long shot anyway, not sure about the spelling of his name)

    IF they get VJax, I do wonder how that would all play out as far as the roster goes.

    Gibbs caught me totally off guard. I was celebrating the release of TJ only to learn that a few seconds later.

    This off season has not been lacking excitement…the craziest I’ve personally ever seen for any team.

    Nonetheless, and unlike the rest of us casual fans with ‘other’ jobs…these guys eat, sleep constantly obsess Seahawk football. All you boo-hoo’s need to get a grip and give this regime a chance.

    I mean…they haven’t even played a game yet.


  17. ruminator1 says:

    i see that logan payne and jordan kent cut

  18. bayareahawkfan says:

    Ruminator: the speculation about tension is just that – SPECULATION.

    From Danny O’Neill’s update to the post you’re referring to:

    Update: It needs to be pointed out that the initial indication I had regarding tension within the coaching staff has not been corroborated by others I’ve talked to. It’s important to emphasis that fact because the original entry on this blog stated, “It’s believed there was tension within the offensive coaching staff.” Subsequent reporting contradicted that statement so I removed it from the blog entry. I don’t want it to just disappear, though, and make it look like it was covered up. I want to provide fuller information.

    Gibbs is a coach in his late 60s who has previously left jobs, citing the fatigue. And while there will still be questions about why he left so suddenly, it’s important to emphasize that the explanation offered by the team is the one that has been echoed by others.

  19. ruminator1 says:

    eric what can you tell us about the O’Neil comment to the effect that the offensive line staff were arguing (or had tension)?

  20. ruminator1 says:

    thanks bayareahawkfan

  21. bayareahawkfan says:

    The speculation was not that it was the “offensive line staff” arguing, it was surmised that Alex Gibbs and Jeremy Bates disagreed.

    That said…the man is almost 70, and his level of intensity has got to take a toll. I find it interesting that no one wants to give the “fatigue” angle any credit. The “arguing offensive assistants” angle is much more tabloid tv, I guess….

    And to Snydro’s excellent post a few threads ago about how Eric doesn’t necessarily break news first in large part because he doesn’t post things until he feels they’re somewhat substantiate-able, I’ll bet he’s heard these rumors too, but true to form (and I agree with Snydro, Eric – I appreciate this), he didn’t post them because they’re very much rumors.

  22. IBGoofy says:

    Gotta admit here folks, this has been quite an interesting week… us “armchair” QB’s have made quite a few bad calls along this way, and, of course, it’s not over yet…. and only a few of the ‘bad calls’ we made (if they were that) will take ages to pan out for one side or the other….. complicated by other auxillary moves…. fun, fun….
    Well….. The Wilson move (reasonable) for a playoff teams Late pick (unreasonable) makes me wonder, and of course, the Gibbs scenario just begs for more explanation…. but beyond that… “the proof will be in the pudding”… Oh! Good bye Housh! Very glad to lose the conversation’s on you…. clearly ready to turn the page there….

  23. pabuwal says:

    Who gets cut when they bring Leinhart aboard tomorrow?

    I have to think Ray Willis career is over with those knee problems.

  24. Ruminator1: I think Danny explained it well. All football coaches are in stressful situations and are going to have disagreements about personnel, so I’m sure there were some intense debates today. But Gibbs has been around the block and is being paid well. I imagine he looked at the job at hand and wondered if he had enough stamina and energy to stomach a full season and what it would take to motivate players at this level, and decided that answer was no. But I’ll continue to look into it.

  25. IBGoofy says:

    Thx Eric…

  26. edstang45 says:

    I think Leinhart is hunting down Mr. Leif and joining the crew at the used car lot down south. Please stop the talk of him joing the hawks I would be sick if that happened

  27. IBGoofy says:

    pab….. not sure if you’re serious or not, but… that really has some serious possibilities….

  28. sugashack says:

    Gotta see 3-4 more guys on this list getting cut. 1-2 OLs, JJ, McCoy maybe. Leinart coming? Hard not to think it’d be a possibility but he’d be third string likely. I guess I just have to try and remember that this is a multi-year deal. I agree with the sentiment about focusing on the LOSs in the draft and building from there. That was my sentiment in April during the draft and stil is. I liked what SF did in focusing there and I wish we would have. Game is won and lost at the LOS.

  29. variable575 says:

    wow……………..and hello.

  30. bayareahawkfan says:

    I just see so much reason to be excited about the future, and actually about the present (especially when compared to the quality of the product this team put on the field at the end of last season) that it sort of boggles my mind when so many folks want to go to a negative place.

    The season opens in about 8 days, folks!

    This team will be entertaining, and will make you excited for the future (even if they make mistakes and disappoint at times this year), but they will absolutely need SUPPORT FROM ALL OF US.

    So at the risk of echoing something I find slightly cheesy, and drinking the kool-aid – who’s “all-in”?

    I know I am!!!

  31. I’ll join the chorus of what the heck is JJ doing on the roster.

  32. We are going to be frightening bad.

  33. How much kool aid will we be drinking after we beat San Fran?

  34. This has been a pretty intense day of news. Every year the blogs go apesh# over who gets cut to make the 53. But its very rare for any of those guys on the bubble to effect wins or losses once the season begins. We knew who our starting 22 were going to be a couple weeks ago. Those are the guys who are going to beat the 49ers next week, or lose to them. And that’s what matters.

  35. IBGoofy says:

    I’ll find a way to get you some, Bobby, if we top SF…. Prob more than one!!!!

  36. Dukeshire says:

    We’ll be swimming in it.

    bayareahawkfan – Good posts regarding the Gibbs situation.

  37. JRocket says:

    Bye TJ, you can now pout on someone else’s sideline. Minnesota only kept 4 receivers, but there are reports they aren’t interested. Keep making those deals, hopefully we will build a team that will win for years to come.

    Bay Area sums up how I feel also. I like that we are making moves, some surprising, to make us a better team. I look forward again to supporting my team this season, no matter how many games we win. I’m in!

  38. yellaman says:

    vallos probably odd man out when trade for andrews is complete. I’m not suprised by 4 TE I was thinking that all along. However, I’m suprised by 10 DB probably will lose one when team gets a 3 QB and McCoy will lose his spot to Hill after his suspention is over.

    I would have like to see adams over Babs but babs is the teams security blanket if Milloy or Thomas get hurt. Also Julius Jones still might not make cut if the right back is available. IMO I would have let JJ go and rolled the dice with the other RB’s

  39. IBGoofy says:

    Stevos…. Did we really? Could you name the starting LG??? RB? Where did you have Housh? DB was ?

    This regime is quite a bit different than what we have been used to…. all these moves impact something, plus or minus, for sure…. but the biggest factor is yet to be determined….

    OUR COACHING STAFF …. the play calling…. both sides of the ball… biggest change I see needed there is the early defensive calls…. It’s like we’re not on the field for the opponent’s early possessions…. Woooosh! They score! And score! and score!

    What we do with what we have is the real test….

  40. Dukeshire says:

    So I presume Vincent Jackson will now be suspended 6 games since nothing has happened with him.

  41. I was just thinking the same thing. I have picked up Mike Williams in my fantasy league.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    I drafted Carlson today in mine.

  43. Goofy — if you’re going to be at the opener, I’ll be in that bar at Safeco afterwards to watch the Sundaynight game. You can buy me my kool aid drink at that time. :)

    Still haven’t decided which jersey to wear? It’s between Carlson, Hasselbeck, and Branch. The Branch jersey idea is mainly for a joke (since I was a moron for buying it in the first place). I do hope Branch can stay healthy, but that’s like expecting world peace too.

  44. yellaman says:

    VJ may still be in the mix. His trade would be for the future of the team and not necessarily this season. Hawks maybe saying they are going to compete this year but they will be at least another year from winning forever (get it)

  45. bayareahawkfan says:

    Duke – thanks.

    Bobby and Duke: I have BMW and Carlson in two leagues (my sad admission is that I play in 6).

    I have tried to explain to people that Carlson ’10’s upside is Tony Scheffler’s upside in ’08, where he was knocking at the door of the elite TE’s. My hope is that mid-to-late season, the offense is established, and John goes off.

    BMW is going to be a beast…we’ve only seen hints of what he’ll do this year, IMHO.

    On another note, I’ve had this rule since I was in my early 20’s (I’ve forgotten where this maxim came from): never wear a jersey for someone younger than you. I’m about to break it.

    My dilemma is, for whom (I’m 37, so even Lawyer Milloy would break that rule)? My thoughts:

    – Hass (have been thinking of his jersey for a while, he might be the best compromise)
    – Housh (this isn’t happening)
    – Earl Thomas (I have been talking up Earl since the Minn game to my Niner fan friends, I even made an animated .gif of his hit on Harvin)
    – Maple Bars Tate (Rob Rang called his upside a bigger, faster Steve Smith, and that just crystallized everything for me)
    – AC (Maybe having his jersey could have some sort of mystical effect on his play this year?)

    Thoughts? I would post the ET hit gif here, but it’s not possible. You all saw the hit. You know what I’m talking about :).

  46. IBGoofy says:

    Hope I get to buy!!!!! ;-)

  47. ruminator1 says:

    VJ does have to sit out 6 games. that will be interesting.

    thanks eric and bayareahawks fan for the clarification on the original O’Neil piece. i wonder where Danny got that from originally. and bayarea, originally the comment from Macs blog (brian mcintyre) was as i quoted above:

    The reason for Gibbs’ abrupt resignation is unknown, but Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times reports that there was believed to be tension among the Seahawks’ offensive coaching staff.

    glad Danny corrected it, but i still wonder where it came from.

    Eric, though you are praised here for not reporting such a rumor, was this in fact one that you heard and didn’t pass on?

  48. DannnyG says:

    I second the sentiment of Goofy on the play calling.

    But I would point to the offensive side of the ball. I know it’s pre-season and all, but come on! There was a serious opportunity to win that game at Oakland.

    And all I saw was an impotent and indecisive coaching staff. I would think they are hungry for a win. To instill a winning philosophy and most of all, prove to the world they are a winning team.

    Instead, they folded…waiting for the next hand to be dealt.

  49. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I cannot see VJ coming here, although I’d be all for it. That said, I was all for TJ coming here, too.

  50. I have not drafted MW for FF.

    The Gibbs news decided it for me. Had they got VJ, I would not have either. I would have if the opposite would have happened.

  51. I couldn’t care less in a pre-season game win/loss. I care about did the coaching staff see what they needed out of the players they are counting on.

    Again- it would have been nice to see more but how many successful teams play like crap in the pre- season (see Indy, SD in the recent past)

  52. killinemquietly says:

    Copy/paste of email I just sent to the Hawks via my season ticket account manager login… and, yes, I know they don’t give a S$*T…

    “Mr. Paul Allen:

    Clearly your organization has thrown in the towel on the 2010 season and plan to use this year as an opportunity to reload the talent base.

    I respect that business decision but do not believe I should be financing your recovery from your horrendously poor management decisions. I know you respected your Sounders fans enough to recognize when your management, strategic planning, player selection, player effort and ultimate result was sub-par to provide a refund, so I’m sure you’ll understand this inquiry.

    When should I expect to receive my refund on my 5 season tickets and what percentage should I expect?

    Thank you for understanding the frustration of your fans over your terrible mangement of this organization.”

  53. snydro22 says:


    A letter to Paul Allen about his mismanagement of the team he kept from moving to LA and has invested millions in?

    I’ve seen some stupid stuff, but this takes the cake.

    Sell your season tickets, cash in your fanhood and move on. The Hawks don’t need fans like you. There is a waiting list of people behind you who will gladly buy those tickets.

    The last line of that supposed email is bordering on laughable. Clearly you weren’t a season ticket holder when Ken Behring owned a team that played in the Kingdome and could barely field a roster that wouldn’t get killed by the end of the first quarter.

  54. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Well said, snydro

  55. Dukeshire says:

    Why do I think you weren’t a season ticket holder in the Behring years (let alone when the Nordstrom’s owned the team)? Lol.

  56. Killinemquietly…

    My guess is your family has owned season tickets since the Behring era.

    Your ignorance laced letter clearly establishes yourself as an early mid 20’s mindset who has no more experience with any real fandom. My guess is daddy bought some more tickets so sonny boy could attend some games after becoming a fan after the 2005 run.

    If I am wrong and you actually were around during those times this places you probably in your 40 – 50’s. If that’s the case the letter AND response you had to snydro, is a complete embarassment to your stupidity and maturity.

    Regardless you have fully embarrassed yourself. I’m sure we won’t be seeing too much of you anymore.

    Have fun rooting for the Steelers.

  57. seatowntp says:

    Maybe JC and JS are more cunning than we have given them credit for? The team they have compiled can be very competitive and maybe even win the division, conference, and Super Bowl That is if they stay together through the labor impasse and work stoppage. The team they have compiled is a highly competitive Scab team.

  58. ruminator1 says:

    Dear Killinemquietly,

    Thanks for your sophisticated note. Frankly, if i ever believed the Seahawk fan base was as ignorant as you, i would have let the whole organization go to L.A. It is not really clear to me what it is you are so upset about. You complain about the recent personnel moves being a retooling. Apparently, you were satisfied with what we had and how we have performed and wish us to follow the same path. Good for you; bad for real fans.

    As for the 5 tickets you are turning in, please hurry. I am sure our business office will be happy to prorate what is left and send you on your blissfully ignorant way.

    You note terrible management. Maybe there has been some. But you know honey, having piss-poor fans like you makes me wonder. If the result of keeping the team in Seattle is the development of fans like you, I commend your resignation from Seahawk fandom and trust you will find some other team to vent your pitiful opinions on. Some managements aren’t worth following; some fans just plain stink. You sir are one of the latter. And frankly, the very fact that you accuse me of poor management makes me think maybe I haven’t done so badly after all. My management drove away a bad player apple. Now apparently we have driven away a bad fan apple. A good day’s work, I’d say.

    In closing you suggest I don’t give a sh*t about losing a fan. Well, I do care. But not this time.

  59. BobbyAyala says:

    I agree that Seattle fans are usually pretty lame, that said, Paul Allen is a million times the owner that Nintendo is.

    Take your letter writing across the street.

    The Seahawks are building a winner here, and if you can’t support the squad through that process, you deserve to be there when they make it back to the Super Bowl.

    Yes, it’s two words.


  60. BobbyAyala says:

    Don’t deserve.

    Clearly, I’m a moron too.

  61. grizindabox24 says:

    I find it surprising that many fans have finally realized that the Hawks are probably about a 4 win team. I am not sure why that surfaced today, I mean would Housh alone make them a 10 win team? Would cutting JJ and keeping Louis Rankin give the Hawks 3 more wins? Would hanging onto Josh Wilson get the Hawks to the playoffs? I do not get why people are just realizing now that the Hawks are a bad team that has started down the path of rebuilding the franchise.

  62. There is no more waiting list for Season Tickets.
    They used up all the Blue pride waiting list months ago and now have extra seats waiting + they made more seats available on top of the usual season ticket allotment.
    Oh how fickle the fans are a couple of bad years and tickets galore.
    I just received a mail from the Seahawks the other day telling me if I could sign someone up for Season tickets they would give me this cheezy game cast thingy. Wow a $10 buck radio that only works near the stadium if I can help sell tickets, but the radio is not offered to me for free because I already have tickets,if I want one I have to buy it. Oh yea and this year the season ticket package came with 1 $5 pair of gloves for my 4 tickets.

    Just because someone complains does not make them less a fan.
    Heck everyone here at one time or another has b2@ched about management decisions, guess we all are not real fans then.

    How many of the people here actually have season tickets?
    Guessing not too many.
    It gets old when the losses pile up but the ticket prices keep going up.
    So with all of the decisions lately I don’t blame anyone for complaining.

    In a few months we will find out if the managements moves were brilliant or moronic, time will tell.

    Snydo and Ruminator…..Killingme… didn’t say he was giving up his tickets he said wanted a refund for part of the price he pays.

    With Housh, if they knew he was going to be dropped, why didn’t they shop him a month ago, instead of waiting till the day before cuts? Maybe they could have worked a trade out or getting something( a 7th rounder,a bag of chips, something) instead of just eating 7 mill.

  63. snydro22 says:

    I knew there was no more waiting list, I get the emails.. It seemed to flow better..

    Not the point though.

    The dude’s a b*tch.

  64. Soggybuc says:

    Clearly there are 2 types of fans here. seahawks fans and football fans.

    Seahawk fans like many of my friends will faithfully watch/attend 16 games a year. football fans (like me) watch/attend 4-7 games a week.

    Seahawk fans while faithfull rarely comprehend the difficulties involved with building a winning franchise. regular season wins are all good but id bet charger fans would trade 5 years of playoff blunders for one title at this point. historicaly no one stays on top for long and as good as ateam like Indy has been for the last 10 years it only got them the dance twice and very soon the window is gonna close for them and it will be years of losing.

    Hawks had a nice run from 02 to 05 managements blunder was not blowing it up sooner

  65. ruminator1 says:

    true he didn’t say he was returning the tickets but why wouldn’t he? if the team is all that bad, why keep your tickets for a southern LA team? it was just a dumb note by a dumb guy

  66. CDHawkFan says:

    Just returned from 2 weeks on vacation (no internet), seems like the team went from 5-11 to 2-14. I don’t think they will be in many games past halftime.
    I am not sure 5-11 is much better than 2-14, but boy are they going to look bad most of the time….but I will still watch.
    The Gibbs thing is not a good sign, trading Josh, more OL issues…..

  67. nighthawk2 says:

    Don’t understand not keeping Hagler or Rankin (and keeping Jones, he’s sure never going to return a kickoff 98 or 99 yards). I thought Hagler especially had played his way onto the roster. I can’t really buy that they’re going to stick with just two quarterbacks, one with an injury history, with the offensive line in the state of flux that it’s in.

    I can handle 5-11 again if the team is really moving in the right direction with player acquisition/stocking draft choices. BobbyK’s idea about focusing on the o-line in the draft isn’t a bad one, whether faceitously posted or not. It’s been advocated in past years. Hopefully the new regime will not doing the Ruskell bit of signing over-the-hill free agents to big money deals. If the aim is to put together a team of younger, scrappier guys who want to win while in the process of accumulating good football talent over the next few years to build a winner, well 5-11 again would be tolerable knowing better days are coming. With the old regime(s) we fooled ourselves about better days coming while mediocre “talent” was accumulated that we’re now in the process of shedding.

  68. I actually agree with killingemquietly on some fronts. This management is making horrid decisions, leiweke knows it, gibbs knows it, and we all should know it. Carroll is clearly playing favorites with williams, no doubt. So far this team has lost wilson, housh, and rankin and retained milloy, hasselbeck, julius jones, ben hamilton and chester pitts; all in the name of getting younger/giving young players a chance.

    Someone tell carroll this isn’t affirmative action for nfl players.

  69. nighthawk2 says:

    One other note about the cuts, besides Rankin and Hagler, I also think cutting Cord Parks was a mistake. He didn’t look bad as a reserve DB but he was everywhere on Special Teams. All pre-season I kept seeing this guy make plays on Special Teams. Just my opinion, but like Hagler, I thought Parks had played his way onto the team. I’d have kept him over Roy Lewis, who helped cost us the Oakland game (for those who care about the final score of meaningless games, and I’m not one of those) with two dumb penalties for 30 yards on an eventual Oakland scoring drive.

  70. “Hawks had a nice run from 02 to 05 managements blunder was not blowing it up sooner ”

    The playoff run was 03 – 07. The loss of Tubbs, Hutch, Strong, Tobeck, Mili (Stevens), Lucas, Hamlin, Djack, OFFICIATING killed the Hawks chances at a championship, IMO. TR’s tinkering as well.

    “regular season wins are all good but id bet charger fans would trade 5 years of playoff blunders for one title at this point.”

    Philly has been winning (78) since the Hawks inception (76) having lost in the SB twice, 80 and 04.

    “no one stays on top for long and as good as a team like Indy has been for the last 10 years” – Really …
    Brady and the Patriots would equal Indy in the same time frame but won three of four SB’s.
    Farve and GB had one losing season in 18 year reaching the SB in consecutive years, winning one. Aaron Rodgers looks to be keeping the winning streak alive.
    Dallas (66) and of coarse Pittsburgh (72) have been winning as long as I can remember. The teams hold numerous SB titles.
    Cleveland , long ago, had one losing season outta twenty eight.

    “very soon the window is gonna close for them (Indy) and it will be years of losing.”

    This Seahawk fan isn’t so sure of ^^that.^^ … Only regret the hiring of TR after Ted Thompson was allowed to exit off to GB. Holmgren would still be aboard and our drafts were excellent under the guidance of Thompson.(00-03) The bright spot, new GM Schneider came from GB where he was mentored by TT.

    Allowing Houshmandzadeh to walk away .. aye … that, I’ll probably never understand. It’s only been a couple years since all the Hawk WR’s went down from injury. A fifth was traded for Colbert and we had an extra kicker on the roster. They should have carried Housh as a team mascot or something, WR if needed. I’d wear a skirt and shake pom poms for $7M lol

  71. It amazes me that everyone knows sports franchises are a business except the fans. The players all know it, the owners know it, and the NFL really knows it, but the fans are totally duped. What other product would you continue to buy year after year even when the product is total crap, just because you are a loyal “fan”? And calling someone who criticizes the team not a true fan is just plain ignorant. The only way to force change is to make the ownership know their product stinks. Anyone who has shelled out the money for season tix has earned the right to give his opinion on the quality of the product.

    All this being said, I generally think that Paul Allen is trying to get the team back in winning form, although some of the events of the last couple of days make we wonder. I am not expecting much this year anyway and as long as next year has us competitive I am OK with whatever is happening now. So while I don’t have a problem with killenme…., I will wait and see what develops here over this season and the next.

  72. Any news on Vincent Jackson?

  73. Dukeshire says:

    The over hits.

    I just never understood the appeal of Leinart and why people felt he’d be a good fit here. If anything, Carroll has shown that he will not play favorites to former players. Knowing him as well as he does, I’m sure he realizes as well as anyone that Leinart doesn’t have what it takes between the ears to be a successful NFL QB.

  74. SteelBlueLime says:

    Can anyone confirm the timeline of the practice squad……Noon ET, 3pm ET, 6pm ET. When can it be finalaized.

    Is there word on the new tackle from Philly and associated roster move(s)?

    Also; In the reporting of Nick Reed the statement was made that the Hawks could bring him back following the “length of injury settlement” – Any insight to what the timeline is?

    As a 2nd-year player isn’t Nick is an option for the PS

    Thanks! — GO Hawks

  75. Dukeshire says:

    3 p.m. PST

    Not yet.

    Don’t know.

    No. He was active for more than 9 games last season.

  76. SteelBlueLime says:

    Thanks Duke!

  77. snydro22 says:

    Criticizing the moves of John Schneider and Pete Carroll are completely different than criticizing Paul Allen for hiring them.

    Paul Allen had zero input on whether to keep Louis Rankin or Julius Jones. It’s a fact.

    He funds the team. He created an entire enterprise to run his teams for him, knowing he didn’t have the resolve to be a Jerry Jones type. He is doing the best he can and has shown through his investments that he wants a winner for the fans.

    Looking at all the professional owners in the history of pro-sports, we are damn lucky.

    Anyone who can’t see that just isn’t looking hard enough, or they’re stupid.

  78. I wouldn’t trade Paul Allen for any owner in any other sport.

  79. As has been noted before by others – it’s a little silly to be criticizing these moves so heavily, before we have played a single game of the season. What, did we want to keep the ’08 and ’09 roster intact? Of course the new regime is blowing things up – and while some moves, taken individually, may be sort of hard to take, I think most of us get why they are doing this.

    Let’s see what Matt has left, and see what this season brings.

    I’m still basically good with all of their moves, and think dropping Housh was the ballsy, and probably correct, move too. Gibbs’ leaving is a bad thing, but it doesn’t sound like there’s any blame to be placed there.

  80. bayareahawkfan says:

    Yes, pdway, apparently some people do seem to wish we’d left the juggernaut ’08-’09 roster as it was. Boggles the mind…

  81. snydro22 says:

    See my comments under Boling’s story on the main page ;)

  82. I’m not sure how involved Paul Allen becomes with his professional sports teams. He and Leiweke set court side at Trailblazer games. Holmgren called Allen out when he and ‘Trader Bob’ had differences. Whitsitt was conversely fired, his replacement was Tod Leiweke. The current but interim CEO of Vulcan Sports or Sounders, Trailblazers and Seahawks.

    It’s just to bad Allen owned the Trailblazers when the Supersonics were moved to OK. Had his hands not been tied I’m sure he would have kept the team in town. Years ago (83) the Utah Jazz played some home games in Las Vegas at the Thomas and Mack. I wonder if Portland would now share their BB team. Could change the name to “ Sonic Blaze”. Sounds tasty.

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