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Housh bristles at trade rumors

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 2, 2010 at 11:28 pm with 30 Comments »
September 3, 2010 12:14 am

An animated T.J. Houshmandzadeh discussed a report that the Seattle Seahawks were shopping him around the league looking for a potential played after Seattle’s 27-24 loss to Oakland.

And he wasn’t pleased.

“If Pete (head coach Pete Carroll) feels like that makes them better, then I’ll be somewhere else,” Houshmandzadeh said. “It’s as simple as that. I can’t control it. I’m the type of dude where it doesn’t bother me because I can’t control it, but it does bother me because nobody said anything to me, and nobody has said anything to me.

“And I’ve got a wife and kids that are coming up to Seattle, and now that’s not going to happen because of what you hear. And so I’ll just play everything by ear.”

Speculation that Houshmandzadeh could be traded has been percolating around the league for weeks, but finally bubbled to the surface on Thursday

Seattle likely won’t cut Houshmandzadeh because they still would be on the hook for his $7 million salary, already guaranteed for this season.

The 32-year-old receiver was outspoken in his first season in Seattle last year, and had communication issues with veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. But Houshmandzadeh still led Seattle in receptions with 79, his lowest output since his 2005 season.

He also is returning from sports hernia surgery during the offseason, so that could have hindered the Seahawks trying to move him earlier during training camp, with teams wanting to make sure he’s healthy.

If the Seahawks are unable to move Houshmandzadeh before Saturday’s final roster cuts, repairing the damage that has been done could be an issue.

“I don’t have to repair nothing,” Houshmandzadeh said. “Why do I have to repair anything? I’m going to go play football, like I always have. And if I play, I play. And if I don’t it’s because they don’t want me on the field. That’s how I’m approaching everything. It’s out of my control.”

Houshmandzadeh had an opportunity to return to Cincinnati or sign with Minnesota last offseason, but ultimately decided to ink a four-year, $40 million deal with the Seahawks because he felt most comfortable with then-head coach Jim Mora and believed he could help turn things around after the team had only won nine games in two years.

“If I leave here that means I’m not wanted,” he said. “Everybody wants to feel wanted. It’s doesn’t matter, but it’s like, ‘wow.’ But that’s just how it goes. I’ve never been in a situation like this. I’ve never been a guy that wasn’t wanted. I was always wanted. So we’ll see.”

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  1. vichawkfan says:

    what a headache….why did this “leak” today?

  2. jackbauer says:

    I’m not sure I can blame the guy for feeling the way he feels. I’ve never liked his attitude but that doesn’t mean he can’t play football…it sucks he had to find out about it through the rumor mill and not from our GM’s mouth…where’s the integrity/professional courtesy there?

  3. Whoever leaked this should be fired.

  4. HawksKD says:

    God can we please get rid of this guy PLEASE?

    He is a good football player. But you know what? He is no where NEAR as good as he thinks he is. This guy is so f’ing delusional…he thinks he is untouchable. He thinks that everyone in this league wants him. He will never be a number 1 reciever. He will always be a compliment at best..

  5. maddog12 says:

    He needs to called in and told to keep his mouth shut. In fact a media ban on the whole team might be called for. That would let them focus and build an us against the world mentality.

    Who leaked…probably one of the teams he was shopped to. Just to create what we see/ hear with TO JR.

    I like the idea of a trade but make sure we get more than a bag of chips for him. In the mean time, tell him just to shut up and play where they tell him (including slot). Maybe PC will fall in love with him that way. Right now he is a big mouth coming off injuries who can play.

  6. I am confused TJ.

    You say above nobody said anything to you,,,yet in the O’Neil interview you said you knew about it before him.

    Which is it?

  7. Woofu. I noticed that too

  8. Maddog12: I think what Housh is saying is that he had heard about the possible trade from people around the league, but no one from the organization had told him directly.

  9. bird_spit says:

    I wish Housh was a humble ex-7th rounder. I would be one of my favorite players. (when your old, older guys are cool). TR was truly reaching when they signed him.

    I would cut him, and keep Obo on the squad. Obo is the diamond in the rough. In fact, Obo is the humble 7th rounder that I wish Housh would be.

    Please dump Housh, and keep Obo!

  10. Keeping Housh will mean less snaps for Tate and Butler and I don’t like that (I think Williams is going to get his snaps).

    Pay his ’10 salary if the Chargers are interested and only have to give up 1 pick for Jackson. That’d be a better case scenario. I know it’d suck to have to pay that lute, but it’d suck to have to cut him (and pay him anyways) or keep his whiny ass around.

  11. Do you think he is “in” now?

    These kind of things have a way of cementing the outcome.

    We’ll pay $7 million for, perhaps if lucky, another 5th round choice.

  12. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Like him or not, you gotta respect his frustration of getting “blind sided”.

    You do don’t have to respect the way he is handling it publicly, but if the roles were reversed, I think we’d all be pissed.

    That said, the idiot who leaked this deserves a pink slip, and we’re going to have to either do major damage control or ship him. It’s likely over for TJ here.

    Too bad, because I was really hoping it was Branch who would be gone…

  13. ruminator1 says:

    i disagree with those who are blaming a “leak.”
    we do not know the source. i have been reading about this possibuility for at least 3-4 weeks now. i mentioned it in the context of a VJ terade back then. don’t tell me housh, his agent, and his friends as well as other players haven’t noticed. if it was me and i hear about these rumors, i go to my agent and i go to management and get it clarified. immediately. there is no blind side here. he even said he knew about it before. so whyt let it sit?
    he loves drama.

  14. microbeer says:

    We would have to send along some cash for anyone to bite. We might get a 5th if he stops talking.

  15. ruminator1 says:

    interesting comment on PFT

    “It’s not that no one wants Houshmandzadeh. No one wants him for $7 million guaranteed — except former Seahawks G.M. Tim Ruskell.”

  16. CowboysP says:

    This was just another panic roster move by Ruskell that turned out terrible. Ruskell was awful, and unfortunately, left the Hawks in a big mess.

    And remember, only a couple teams were interested in Housh last year, and the Hawks simply gave him the most money…..

  17. snydro22 says:


    When you want to trade someone, you have to call other teams, right? So when you call other teams, the information starts spreading exponentially, right? Okay, so who exactly is supposed to be fired?

  18. snydro22 says:

    My three least favorite Seahawks are – Aaron Curry, Sean Locklear and TJ Houshmandzadeh.

    Tim Ruskell gave big contracts to all of them, but that is not why I don’t like them.

    I don’t like them based on their attitudes and the way they’ve handled themselves at certain fan events. Also, they all under-perform on the football field.

    I won’t be sad to see TJ leave us. I just simply don’t like him, so I don’t care. He is not a world-beater on the football field and he certainly won’t win any games for us.

  19. ljarllrajl says:

    I like TJ’s confidence and demeanor and don’t find it at all as disruptive as the media tries to make it out to be.

    Not that this is the case, but if my QB can’t manage a receiver with a strong personality then I need a new QB.

    I can’t agree with this being called a ‘leak’ or a ‘blindside’. This just falls right in line with the strategies that the front office has already shown (Leroy Hill pay cut, Josh Wilson trade). So I don’t think Pistol Pete was running around selling Hoosh on the idea that he was going to retire a Seahawk. So I don’t think there will be any bad relationships to repair in this case.

  20. chuck_easton says:

    Who didn’t see this coming? Housh has an ego that won’t quit. He loves himself so much he just can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t love him just as much as he does.

    This will go one of two ways. He’ll either come out on fire to show up all the teams that apparently don’t want him or he’ll come out all pouting and stop giving any effort at all. What does he care? He still gets his money.

    I’m afraid the mouth that roared will take the low road and tank this season.

  21. I like Housh and respect his ability to speak honestly and not just repeat the good team lines. He’s as good a receiver as the Hawks have right now, so unless the FO can bring in a tall, fast, number one receiver, they need Housh.

    I guarantee if the Hawks release Housh, he won’t be looking for long.

    I also guarantee that the Hawks will not get value for him. Leaking that information poisoned the water.

  22. Carlsonkid says:

    If they are indeed shopping him , then Carroll and Schneider should’ve pulled him to the side and had a chat first . They’ll lose the locker room if they’re not careful ; the players are going to want to know that there’s open communication between them and the coaches and GM and they’re should be . People are human , even millionaire football players …

    Keep expecting more surprises Hawk fans . Carroll made a telling statement shortly after he was hired – he said he wasn’t going change the way he does things now that he’s back in the NFL . They have a certain type of player in mind for this football team , both physically and mentally . If you’re not “All IN” , you’re out Lendale White . If you’re too short for their idea of a corner , then you don’t fit into their long-term plans Josh Wilson . Too small to play Elephant and too big to play Leo ? Goodbye Lawrence Jackson .

    Everyone’s been rightfully disappointed in our team’s play these last few years and screaming for change . Well , change is here folks . I was one of the people surprised about dumping Wilson and keeping Jennings when Wilson was obviously the superior player . But I can see they have a long term plan for the team , and that’s something we haven’t had around here since Holmgren was first hired . All we can do as fans is sit back and watch as our team is remade , and hope for the best . For now , I’ll keep drinking the Kool-aid . But as a season ticket holder I want to see progress .

    The Hawks are foaming at the mouth over Vincent Jackson apparently . I wonder if there isn’t some kind of trade brewing involving Housh to SD .

  23. ruminator1 says:

    stantak–that is nonsense. the seahawks didn’t “leak” anything. moreover, since he knew and his agent knew and his friends knew something was happening, why couldn’t he or his agent mention their concernt to PC or management?
    and if mnagement had approached him (TJ we are going to try to trade you) would he be happy?

  24. ruminator1 says:

    i read where Sd, wanting to resolve the VJ matter before saturday, may open up to allow other teams to talk with VJ/agent. washington and minnesota have been mentioned, for example. i also read where VJ and his agent have threatened suit over the claims by the local SD writer who listed the high price VJ was demanding. vj and his agent say the published figure is nowhere close (like way high) compared to what they are asking.

    so maybe something might happen there, but whatever the asking price was, it seemed too high for the hawks.

    did TJ have the 3rd highest total # of receptions over the last 3 yrs as i heard in one report? if so, some trade of players and draft choices might be possible. everyone acknowledges he is a great possession receiver. fascinating stuff.

  25. snydro22 says:

    TJ can’t run.. Branch is better right now in the slot.. They’ve put him outside where he has no value.. He hit the wall.. He’s garbage on the field, and a cancer in the locker room.

    See ya.

  26. It makes me laugh. You people claim you want to win, but when someone has a swagger or a winning attitude, you exile them.

  27. I have no problem with a good player having swagger or attitude. Not from someone who can’t run a deep route or make game changing plays. His hands are overrated and he doesn’t move the chains like he was supposedly able to coming here last year. That’s why I want to exile him. And I saw him act like a baby prior to the opening kick-off last week (felt this way before that too). Cancer.

  28. ruminator1 says:

    he did a lot of complaining last year, blamed coaches and hass. he makes catches, but he doesn’t make big gains. i don’t mind the swagger if a guy produces. let him boast but let him also make the plays. when he doesn’t, thenit is disruptive

  29. Houshmandzadeh is built to do one thing, and that’s compliment a deep threat. If we had a half decent deep threat (Sorry, Deon Butler, Deion Branch, Mike Williams, and/or Golden Tate (as of yet at least), do not qualify as deep threats.

    I blamed the coaches and Hass last year too. Hasselbeck couldn’t hack the pressure, and ended up paying for it. Give a defense a reason to not blitz (back to the deep threat), and he would have been just fine. Take a few shots down field for a 40 yard gain… blitzing dissipates. Once there isn’t a stacked box, housh over the middle complimented by someone that could get even 20-30 yards down field is nearly unbeatable. I’m not saying he’s a #1 receiver, and I think deep down he knows that, but he’s probably the best #2 over the middle guy I’ve seen in a long time.

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