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Report: DE Foley released by Hawks

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 30, 2010 at 11:04 am with 21 Comments »
August 30, 2010 11:04 am

Defensive end Ricky Foley reportedly has been released by the Seattle Seahawks as the team works to get down to 75 players, with a Tuesday deadline looming.

The Seahawks have not confirmed this move.

Foley led the CFL in sacks for the B.C. Lions last year with 12, but was running with the third unit for Seattle and played sparingly in Seattle’s game on Saturday against Minnesota.

Player movement
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  1. Any chance we can see a Whitehurst for Leinart trade, straight up? Whitehurst looks like a rookie – which is not good for a 5th year player.

  2. I don’t know how I would feel trading Whitehurst for Leinart. Leinart has at least had a shot at being a starter, and has failed a number of times. Whitehurst has never had that kind of a chance. With him, I think we could still have a little hope.

  3. I guess there’s a reason Foley was playing in the CFL and not the NFL…. It’s a move I really thought had some mjr promise, but just hasn’t blossomed….

  4. Leinart is Ben Roethlisberger w/o the talent.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    I sure hope there’s no chance we see Whitehurst for Leinart. There is a reason Ariz. wanted CW before he was traded to Seattle.

  6. BrianBlades says:

    I think Pabuwal is on to something, let’s trade all our guys who haven’t performed up to snuff no matter how brief their window of opportunity (or years of NFL evidence that players take time to develop).

    In fact, let’s trade them for other players who haven’t lived up to their potential on other teams – grass is always greener don’t you know. And the 2005 seahawks were built in one off-season, remember? That was Hasselbeck’s first year, correct, Pabuwal?

  7. devisscher says:

    I wouldn’t mind Babineaux getting cut

  8. The 5 cuts tomorrow:
    1,OT Willis PUP
    2.FB Tow-Arnett
    3.K Stitser
    4.CB Brown
    5OG Peat

  9. chuck_easton says:


    Willis is not eligible for PUP list. Only players who are currently on the training camp active PUP can be put on the inactive PUP to start the season. The team either carries Willis on the 53 man roster until he’s healthy or they IR him for the season

    The PUP rules are confusing .

    Seattle only has one CB on the PUP list right now and he’s the only player that can be put on the 6 game inactive PUP to start the season

  10. Today’s practice should tell us pretty much what is going to happen/or HAS happened…

  11. longco44 says:

    Who the hell say’s the NFL or the Seahawks have to adhear to the rules regarding PUP? That rule can simply be overlooked and overthrown just like the constitution of the united states. The constitution changes and gets surpassed all the time!

  12. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Pabuwal, I agree; I’d love to see Whitehurst get traded for a better option at backup QB, just don’t know if Leinhart is the answer.

  13. longco44 says:

    We need to sell the Seahawks to Portland. That’s my idea…. Or maybe do half a season up here and the other half down there. I know I’ll never go to another Hawks game as I live. People (not myself) are out there struggling to pay for the simplest of things and finding it hard to come up with much “fun” money, but to see a damn Hawks game, one must shell out damn near half a paycheck for what, 2 hours of fun, maybe 3? Just get these overpaid losers out of my state.

    PS… Paul Allen; you have officially made my list you son of a &@*($

  14. yellaman says:

    Whitehurst for Leinart talk is ridiculous. The team has other major concerns than back up QB. Maybe we should figure out who our starting 5 O-line will be? Since this team can’t really afford Matt to get hurt this year if we plan on winning more than 5 games. The injuries on the O-line is going to hurt other players trying to make the team because with willis/ okung injured my understanding is we got to keep them on the roster (53 man) while they are injured which will cut back on back up spots at other positions ( I think that is how it works- let me know if different) This team is going to have to keep 10 offensive lineman instead of 9 and that extra postion could hurt keeping a really good player elsewhere. Also I’m all for letting a young player get a roster psot over a veteran thats been her for a while eg branch, babs and the likes

  15. yellaman says:

    longco44 – don’t hate on my team when you can just watch the games on tv. how much will that cost you to sit on your couch and just watch a game on tv? um nothing so don’t let your hatred of the hawks hit you on your was out the door because your hatred is off base and misguided

  16. Dukeshire says:

    “I know I’ll never go to another Hawks game as I live.” Lol. It’s a deal.

  17. Prices are crazy, I’ll agree, but it’s Economics 101; supply and demand. I demand to watch the Seahawks on (Direct) t.v. and to go to a game here and there and am willing to pay the price to do it. I realize there are more important things in life like family and health, but until people decide to quit watching (t.v. or in person) there’s no chance prices are going to go down in tough economic times. I’m not willing to get rid of the Sunday Ticket (of which I only own for Seahawk games), nor am I unwilling to go to the occasional game whether it’s in Minnesota, Seattle, or some other place. I realize I’m part of the problem, but I have no interest in doing my part to lower the prices by giving up football.

  18. chrisj122 says:

    longco44 – If you don’t wanna go to any Hawks games, thats fine. If you don’t wanna watch any Hawks games on T.V. thats fine to. No one is asking you to or forcing you to so SHUT UP already. If you think the NFL is greedy thats ok but understand its not just the Seattle Seahawks, this is the way the NFL operates. So your hate should be directed at the entire NFL not just the Seahawks.

    And by the way your an idiot! The constitution does not get changed all the time.

    There are 27 amendments to the constitution.
    Thats 27 over the last 223 years
    11 of those happened within the first 8 years
    So really thats 16 over the last 215 years
    The last amendment happened in 1992, Thats 18 years ago.
    I would not consider that “all the time”.

    So please do us all a favor and just don’t comment, your lack of intellect is a waste of everyones time, including your own. Besides your wasting internet space.

  19. chrisj ,i’m sure he’s referencing the past 3 presidents doing whatever they please with total disregard to any constitutional rules.

  20. oh and if you’re going to critique someones intellect, make sure you use the correct form of “your” in the following sentence:

    So please do us all a favor and just don’t comment, your lack of intellect is a waste of everyones time, including your own. Besides your wasting internet space.

    “you’re”, in case you were wondering.

  21. pmzamboni says:

    If you’re going to attempt to be the grammar police, pay attention:

    Numbers are spelled out until you get to 10 (e.g. three).
    The pronoun “I” is capitalized. Always.
    The beginning of a sentence requires a capital letter.
    Learn how to puncuate a sentence.

    If you follow these, and a few other very simple rules, you will appear less foolish when you pretend to have a clue.

    Now, back to football and politics! Did you know Gerald Ford played the offensive line for Michigan? And pardoned Nixon? Fun stuff, eh?

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