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Morning links: Game reaction

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 29, 2010 at 7:51 am with 24 Comments »
August 29, 2010 7:51 am

Here’s a spin around some of the stories from the Seattle Seahawks’ 24-13 loss to Minnesota on Saturday.

Here’s my game story, focusing on Earl Thomas’ 86-yard interception return and the play of the defense.

Brandon Mebane says this year’s defensive line is more together, and he expects good things from them.

Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre had an up-and-down game, playing eight series and finishing 16 of 26 for 187 yards and two interceptions.

Greg Johns of offers his thoughts on the game. Offense? Bad. Defense? Good.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that head coach Pete Carroll was mostly pleased with his team’s performance.

Brian McIntyre of breaks down Seattle’s performance on both sides of the ball.

A photo gallery from Saturday’s game.

According to Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times, wide receiver Deion Branch feels good, and is ready to put the injury issues behind him.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times notes the Seahawks are still struggling to run the ball. I’ll weigh in on this some more later on today.

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  1. How about that QB controversy we had after the Titans game? (Sound of Crickets in the background)

  2. Dukeshire says:

    The thing I was most frustrated with on offense wasn’t the conservative scheme, but the conservative play calling. I think you can protect Hass (which they did a nice job of) and still attack the middle of the field, which they didn’t do much of. Particularly when they were backed up against their own goal at the end of the first quarter. Rather than a quick hitch or 5 yard slant (like the opened they game with) they seemed resigned to simply giving Ryan more room to punt. I would like to see them attack teams between the hash marks a bit more often.

    And by the way, can anyone explain to me why Jennings and Obo just watched Ryan’s punt roll out of bounds? It clearly hit a Viking and even if it was ruled it hadn’t, fall on it and force them to review the play. That was really odd to me.

    Also, wasn’t it fun to watch Lofa blitz and play in the backfield? I loved it. It was only preseason, but he hasn’t looked that active in 3 years, at least to me.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    MauMau – That’s kind of funny because I overheard two guys while getting coffee this morning, talking about that. One guy asked the other, “Tell me again why Hasselbeck is the unquestioned starter.”

  4. It wasn’t a QB controversy, it was a can Hasselbeck be a good starter discussion.

    He cant , but Whitehurst is so bad, he looks good.

    Did BobbyK like Milloys pancake on Hutch? He looked awful.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    After the first game, on this blog, people were calling for CW.

  6. edstang45 says:

    I’d like to know when Aaron Curry is going to show up. seems like he does alot of watching others tackling, haven’t seen an impact from him, they rarely use him to rush the QB, I see him falling back and alot of times he looks confused, and/or lethargic. Although he did break up one pass last night. I’m a bit dissapointed, I’ve been a big Curry guy. Hoping he was going to be a beast, a big disrupting force, pounding the ball carrier, huge hits, fast on the attack. I envisioned a guy the other OC had to game plan for. We still don’t have that guy maybe he will show up but I’m getting skeptical

    (sorry about repeat but i was hoping to get some thoughts on Cuury)

  7. SeahawkFan12 says:

    If Hasselbeck goes down, we are screwed. Whitehurst is not the answer. THe Chargers must be laughing at us….

  8. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – The Hutch thing? Was that when Lofa and Hutch sort of dove / collapsed on the ground together on the screen to Gerhart near the 2 minute mark of the half. Lol, two friends that really didn’t want to club each other.

    By the way, at the 2 minute warning, please tell me someone here caught Bryant McKinnie’s snott rocket as they were going to commercial. Wow, it was incredible. If I knew how to make GIFs I would totally do one of that.

  9. I definitely thought thought after the TItans game that Whitehurst should have been given a look with the starters. But he has looked progressively more erratic, while Hasselbeck has started looking more comfortable. During this game, I didn’t see Hasselbeck throw any balls that looked dangerous and he was able to get it mid-deep on a couple throws with some pretty good accuracy. If it wasn’t against the Vikings D and we had our best O-line options out there, I think we would have seen some more good stuff from Hasselbeck.

  10. I’m having a hard time acknowledging the performance from the defense as a success. I thought the Vikings offense was their own problem, not the defense they were going up against. The D was pushed around and while they created some turnovers, I’m worried those can’t be counted on every game.

    I also thought Curry looked clueless at times…I even thought I saw Earl Thomas yell at him after he lost his assignment and Lofa had to come over to make the play. Earl Thomas, a rookie, telling last years #4 overall pick where to be is not a good sign for the LB. He’s missing way too many tackles, indecisive on his pass rush, and overall just seems lost out there. Are we looking at another wasted Ruskell pick? The sample size is still small, but I’m starting to have my doubts. I’m hoping Leroy Hill can get back out on field soon…I think the defense needs another thumper out there.

  11. pabs – didn’t see the Milloy/Hutch play. I spent a chunk of the game just watching the interaction on the sidelines and stuff like that so I definitely missed a few things. I’m hoping NFLN has a replay to watch this week.

    Defensive Observations (offensive on previous blog post):

    1. Red Bryant is so much better than I ever imagined. I’m not going to go crazy and predict 8 sacks and a Pro Bowl berth, but this guy is a player. He stuffs the run and can get pressure too. I’m not saying a lot of sacks, but some pressure and that’s more than we get from some positions.

    The best surprise with respect to Red was his attitude. He was pretty firely and intense coming off on the sidelines. I would say he was the player, from the naked eye, who had the most passion for what he was doing. The was happy, mad, intense, etc. It was great to watch a football player coming off the field with some fire in his belly. Sometimes, as a fan, I get frustrated watching some guys, seemingly, go through the motions but big Red clearly played with fire last night. That’s the fun stuff to see that always doesn’t show up on t.v.

    2. Lofa is the heart and soul of this defense (nothing like stating the obvious). He’s not Patrick Willis good with his skills (nobody is) but he’s equally important to his defense than Willis is to San Francisco. He kind of had an aura around him last night. So many people would come up and talk to him and he commanded respect without him ever having to “command” respect.

    3. Although Earl Thomas has had his rookie bumps in the road the first two weeks of pre-season, I think many of us have still been happy with what we see on t.v. with respect to his potential. Like I said about Mike Williams on the last page, he’s so much faster, quicker, etc. than I thought he’d be (and I expected him to be fast/quick). I don’t know that he’s going to be able to lay out guys like Fitz the way he did the miniscule Harvin last night, but it’s nice to see him have a game like last night. It’s one thing to have potential, but it’s another thing to see actual glimpses of it in more meaningful games (can’t wait for the San Francisco game on Sept. 12!).

    4. Brandon Mebane has a huge booty. I love that guy (not referring to his booty).

    5. Trufant is back. He was so much quicker and faster than the Trufant that played in Minnesota last season. Great to see! I know this is something we can all tell from t.v. but it’s really great to notice it in person too.

    Injuries — I think Curry left the field about a series before some more of the starters got out. He was unwrapping the tape from his hand or wrist and kept flexing his hand (with a little bit of pain). He ended up having ice on his wrist and elbow for about 10-20 minutes. Vickerson seemed to get dinged up a few times. The trainers seemed to be looking at him for quite awhile and he did some wincing in pain. I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on because I think it was a situation where the Vikings were close to scoring and I wanted to see the plays. But Vickerson clearly did get dinged up in the game whether or not Mr. Happy would admit to it or not.

    ***Will Herring, as noted last year, plays with fire and passion. Great to see players like that.

    ***I don’t know this for sure, but I assume Mr. Happy’s kid does something on the Seahawks sidelines. He came over before the game (I must have been standing by some of his friends from when he was a kid, as Mr. Happy was an assistant in Minnesota when he probably was going to school here). The funny part was that this kid looks almost exactly like Mr. Happy — just younger. It was pretty funny. Very weird if it’s not his kid though.

    ***I sat next to a guy who had the green Super Bowl towel from Detroit and he roomed next to Julius Jones at Notre Dame (one of the years or something). He said Jones was a good dude. Needless to say, he’s also a Tate and Carlson guy.

    ***I wouldn’t want to meet Norton or Vickerson in a back alley if they were mad at me. Talk about a couple of scary looking guys.

  12. bayareahawkfan says:

    People. Relax a little.

    This team – as currently constituted + performing – is not going to the Superbowl. We have a ton of potential thanks to our talent infusion and great coaches, and through the year we should develop and possibly become a formidable team, but we’re at phase 1 of a near total rebuild. We have several rungs to pass through before we get to that point, so please calibrate your expectations accordingly.

    It’s borderline hilarious to me all the criticisms of the defensive performance from last night I’m seeing here. We held the Vikings’ 1’s to 10 points, with two goal line stands, actually got pressure on the QB, and made a ton of plays in the secondary.

    Did you not see the (mostly first string) D’s performance in the last 2 games? Against mostly 2’s and 3’s? Where they were steamrolled with little trouble?

    There are two standards: a “good defense”, and a “good performance for this defense”. It’s silly to apply the former, in my opinion, at this stage of the (pre)-season. We know the answer. They are not a good defense.

    Not yet.

    Could they be? Absolutely! They might even be very good this year! But peeing in the soup because they aren’t a good defense now just guarantees salty soup for the rest of the season, and will deny you the pleasure of watching guys like Thomas grow, or watching Curry develop.

    So, mb23oly, you’re concerned the D was pushed around and while they created some turnovers, and that can’t be counted on every game? Me too. But give the defense time to come together. It’s the third game of the preseason with a new scheme, coaching staff, and several new starters. They haven’t all played together for a whole game yet.

    A little optimism, people. There’s plenty of time to dwell on the negative yet if that turns out to be warranted. 17 – 20 weeks, in fact.

  13. Carlsonkid says:

    I’m absolutely shocked at how well Wrotto and the rest of the left side kept Allen off Hass ! I thought for sure he’d be running for his life most of the game ; I think I heard that Allen finished with one tackle and no sacks . I have some cautious optimism about our O-line this year .

    That was the most fire and spirit I’ve seen out of our defense in a year ! Lofa coming back sure makes a huge difference , although I agree with mb23oly ; Curry just looks lost out there . I’m not ready to label him a bust draft pick by any means just yet , but he has got to start showing something soon . He’s out of position way to much ; he gets caught up in a block and can’t seem to shed or he takes bad angles . He’s still learning though and Tatupu being back should help him . Norton needs to keep working with him and hopefully he’ll come around . Curry has all the physical tools to be a top tier linebacker in the league , he just needs to get his head in the game .

  14. The Milloy pancake on Hutch was on the 4th and goal stuff. On the Hutch/Lofa play, it looked like the RB knocked Hutch over. Hutch looked very clumsy out there.

    This Hasselbeck led offense looks like its good for 13 pts a game. But the alternatives are far worse. The surrounding talent doesn’t help a game manager type QB. Hasselbeck needs a big time playmaker WR, something he didn’t need in years past.

  15. A number of you are mentioning Curry’s inability to make plays. I have put this guy in the bust category because he looked clueless last year, and he still looks clueless. But we can’t blame Tim Ruskell on this one because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, thought that Curry was the best LB to come out of the draft in over 10 years. The whole NFL missed on this guy, and we were unfortunate to pick him and pay the big bucks.

    Some guys just can’t make that transition to the NFL. Curry looks like he is going to be one of them. I hope I am wrong and that he does become a beast. But I don’t think so. I feel that LB is a position that someone who is really good should be able to make an immediate impact for the team. Curry has yet to do that.

  16. I’ve heard that every year Gibbs takes over a team that the running game in the second half of the season dramatically improves from its first half numbers. I don’t have any stats to back this up and am too lazy too check it out myself, but I’m going to be guardedly optimistic about this unit (maybe not, but I’m trying to have a feel good day, so humor me). Even under the Solari ZBS they were run blocking pretty well by the last month (not that we can afford to wait until week 12 to run the ball). We’ll see but I’m certainly not willing to count out this season yet. I’m jacked to win the division (not scared of SF even though they have looked good — Alex Smith) and see what the play-offs have in store. Look at it this way — crazy things happen (like AZ 2 years ago). We could win the Wild Card at Qwest, win one on the road, have a Wild Card team beat the #1 seed (like Philly did at the #1 Giants), and then host the NFC Championship Game. Boom. By that time a team is playing with so much confidence that they think they actually can win it all. I’m ready for 2010!!! Bring it on!!!

  17. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – I didn’t catch that last night. I’m rewatching it and you’re right; Hutch pulls left and Milloy puts him right on the seat of his pants. The Hutch / Lofa play, no one touched either guy. Hutch did look clumsy on that one.

  18. devisscher says:

    If Curry doesn’t work out, it will be the fault of Tim Ruskell. A 4-3 team doesn’t draft a linebacker 4th overall. Maybe if you just had a perfect season and improved your team via free agency. Otherwise it’s just a wasted pick.

    But since he’s a Seahawk I hope he just gets it and starts kicking ass. As long as there are no salary cap difficulties and he’s on the field because he deserves to be and not because he was picked 4th overall

  19. BobbyAyala says:

    MauMau –

    There’s no controversy, Whitehurst should be the starter, period.

    Matt Hasselbeck will never play in another playoff game in his Seahawks career.

    The longer you wait to ship him off and start over with Whitehurst, the longer you delay the rebuilding process.

  20. Sorry BobbyAyala I don’t aggree with you.
    The only QB controversy is by the fans any way.

    Matt is the Best QB we have so he is the one who should play.
    The past 2 years have been nightmares for injuries first receivers then the O line.
    With all of those problems no QB could perform well. Add injuries, due to poor O line and performance even worse.
    Until we get a steady and decent O line No QB we put on the field will be great.
    For now #8 is the best we have and I say stick with the best.
    When he is not the best then put the best guy in.

    This isnt little league where everyone gets to play, its the NFL

    As for Whitehurst, Id rather draft a QB of the future and groom them, then to putting him and throwing in the towel and deal with a 2 win season.

    CW’s been a pro for how many years? He was a 3rd stringer in San Diego, not like he was even pushing for a starting job. He still telegraphs almost every pass he throws by staring down his chosen receiver. He looked good in 1 preseason game and has progressively looked worse in games, not better. Starters get better as they learn a new system, not worse.

    If he looked better I might jump on the wagon and drink the coolaid too, but just because we paid way too much for him does not warrant throwing the season away for an experiment.

    Just play the best at every position

  21. BobbyAyala says:


    All of your points are correct, and logical, and voiced passionately.

    That said, I don’t care.

    Matt’s done with the Seahawks. The only hope he has left for a title is elsewhere, and, frankly, if we could get a 3rd or better back for him, you pull that trigger in an instant.

    The longer he sticks around, the longer we head in the opposite direction.

    Jesus Hopehurst won’t get better holding the clipboard.

    Pull the trigger, Pistol Pete.

  22. BobbyA
    We aggree to disagree.
    Still Hawks fans
    Isnt it the last year in #8’s contract any way?, so you’ll probably get what you want soon enough.
    If we are going to loose him any way I wouldn’t be against a trade , I would hope for better than a 3rd rounder
    Go Hawks

  23. While I do feel that Matt’s best years are behind him I do not think that CW is the answer at all.

    Anyone who says he has better pocket presence it clearly not watching the games. CW can’t find the pocket EVER. a big part of the reason he is throwing off his back foot is he is ALWAYS back peddling. You will never see him step up in the pocket. He will back peddle to keep the entire defense in front of him.

    Everyone blasts Matt for being shy – well welcome to Charlie as well!! Not once have I seen him step UP in the pocket.

    We need a new QB for the long run but the problem was is that if we don’t have a line to protect him it won’t matter. I believe that one of the reasons that some young QB’s don’t develop is that they learn bad habits since they are getting killed starting day one!!!

    Live with QB – fix the line and right before they become real good then get a new QB!!!! that way hopefully they can both be great at the same time!

  24. BrianBlades says:

    I guess all the fans here are post-2005 and don’t recall Hasselbeck’s struggle and benching. No other QB will be afforded any learning curve time? Good to know.

    Hasselbeck looked okay, but how many points did his offense put up? Oh yeah, there’s that.

    “I didn’t see Hasselbeck throw any balls that looked dangerous” – you didn’t watch the opening possession? Terrible pass that is likely a pick 6 for nine out of ten occurences.

    Hasselbeck has looked better than that first game, so has Branch. I’m not writing CW off, we’ll see what happens in SF.

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