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Milloy on Thomas: ‘He responded today’

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 28, 2010 at 11:20 pm with 9 Comments »
August 28, 2010 11:20 pm

Only two injuries to report. Tight end Anthony McCoy has a sprained ankle and defensive tackle Jonathan Lewis has a broken thumb.

The defensive players were pleased overall with how they played, particularly with the three turnovers.

And they were on the field a lot – Minnesota finished with a 37:08 to 22:52 advantage in time of possession.

Part of that was the conservative play calling, which left Seattle in a lot of third and longs. Seattle’s offense was 2 of 15 on third down conversions.

“We kind of had to reinvent ourselves this week in terms of what we were doing protection wise,” said quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said. “Maybe we could have overcome that a little better, handled that a little better.”

But Carroll was content overall with his team’s performance, especially in a hostile environment, playing on the road for the first time against the likes of Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen.

“The ball was loose tonight, so really pleased with that,” Carroll said. “I thought on this night, you know with us banged up on the offensive line a bit, the plan was to keep the quarterback from getting hit and for the most part we did. We had one play that got away from us, but Matt Handled it fine.”

On the Earl Thomas interception, the ball was deflected by cornerback Josh Wilson as Favre tried to hit Bernard Berrian on a slant route. Thomas said as soon as he gathered it in he felt like he was going to score.

Lawyer Milloy said it was important for Thomas to play well after struggling in the first, two games.

“I like the way he responded today,” Milloy said. “He kept it simple. You don’t have to go out there and make every play. In this league quarterbacks are good enough to find when you’re out of position and things like that. And today he did that, and he worked on it really, really hard this week. And you see the results.”

Thomas said he’s getting more comfortable on the field, which is allowing him to make more plays.

“It’s just all about getting my feet wet and seeing what I can do,” Thomas said. “And Lawyer does a good job of calming me down when I’m out there. We go through a lot of situations before the game, and it just comes with playing a lot. You’re going to get comfortable out there, and that’s what is happening right now.”

Carroll said Thomas’ play was an example of what the Seahawks saw on film when they scouted him.

“We drafted him because he’s a playmaker,” Carroll said. “He was the best playmaker in the country, and a guy we were extremely excited about being able to do big things, and sure enough that was an amazing play. He played much better tonight than he did last weekend. And I’m happy for him. He wants to be great, and he’s really working hard to get that done.”

Linebacker Lofa Tatupu came through the game okay. As usual, I thought the defense just played with more intensity and crisper with Tatupu on the field. And they made more plays.

“They got some yards on us, but when you get turnovers things happen for you,” Tatupu said. “And I think we’ve been able to do that week in and week out.

“When you’ve got a quarterback, good receivers, good running back, yards are going to happen. And they’ve got a great O-line too, so were not naïve to think we’re going to pitch a shutout in yards, too. But you make it hard on those guys by playing smart football, being where you’re supposed to be and getting off the field with turnover opportunities.”

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  1. Good stuff Eric, thanks.

    Its still amazing to me that a multi-million dollar franchise like the Seahawks can’t come up with anything better than that cheap blue plastic Oh Boy Oberto banner they tack up behind the coach after every game.

  2. Part of that was the conservative play calling, which left Seattle in a lot of third and longs.

    Funny you mention that, while I was watching the game I was wondering what had happened to last week’s superior play calling.

  3. I am impressed with Mike Williams. I think maybe he should start opposite of Houshmandzadeh.

  4. yeah, by comparison housh almost makes williams look fast

  5. I ended up giving a couple of guys my original tickets and some undisclosed cash for the opportunity to sit in the first row on the 45 yard line behind the Seahawks bench (a bit closer to the offensive than defensive side). It was only about 10 seats from where I sat for the Vikings game last regular season (1st row directly behind the offensive line – between the 35-40 yard line).

    Some observations:

    Mike Williams is a stud. If he can keep his head screwed on straight he’s going to be a good/great player. I know we knew some of this already, but seeing the guy in person — I was impressed. I was surprised how he took the Weirdbeard throw in the first game of the pre-season and took it to the house on his own. He looked quicker/faster than I thought and after seeing him in person last night: Wow. I knew he is big, but he’s bigger, faster, and quicker than I thought. I look at him compared to Housh and, again, he’s bigger, faster, quicker, etc. I would say he easily led the team in interacting with teammates on the sidelines too. He was always talking to someone (usually, it seemed, about football) and he seemed like a genuinely good guy. This surprised me too, because I have always thought of him in a different light. Again, if he can keep his head screwed on straight, we have a special player with Mike Williams. He’s not the plodding possession WR that I thought he was when we originally took the chance on him.

    Housh doesn’t like Matt. I think we’ve known there was friction between the two. Matt doesn’t seem overly confident in his slow mega bucks possession WR and I don’t think Housh has earned as much confidence as Housh thinks he should be given with respect to throws coming in his direction. Anyways, case in point from last night — the game is close to starting and Matt is slapping hands with some players getting ready to take the field (I think it was just before the opening kick-off). Matt walks up to Housh. Housh has plenty of time and does see Matt. Matt’s arm is up to give him a high-5. Housh just kind of keeps walking, mostly looking in another diection (yet CLEARLY sees Matt walking up to him) and kind of walks his shoulder into Matt’s high five to acklnowledge him just a little bit. After seeing that, I’m totally turned off on Housh. Last night just confirmed for me what I’ve been suspecting about him and it’s not good (and I’m sure I could still be wrong). At least if he thinks he’s as good as he thinks he is, he would actually make a play downfield and score and occassional big play for a TD (which he’s never done). Instead, he’s going to continue to whine about this or that and run his 2 yard routes because he sucks too much to run any further and think he’s the man when he makes a catch (and, yes, I’m overrexaggerating on the 2 yard route thing, but you get the idea).

    Matt threw with more velocity last night than he did against the Vikings in the regular season last year. You could tell it just when he was warming up and playing catch too. I’m not saying he’s got a cannon but he was obviously hurting by the middle of the regular season last year.

    Leon Washington is so much quicker/faster than the rest of our backs.

    Owen Schmitt must have had family from West Virginia at the game. There were a heck of a lot of Seahawks #35 jerseys. Most Seahawk jerseys last night were #89 though.

    Offensive Line: There was more talking/interaction last night than the regular season game last year. Gibbs only went psycho a couple of times. Gibson got an earful in one of those cases.

    There was more intensity from Locklear last night than there was in the regular season last year. He also communicated with others more. Last year he was basically a bump on a log and last night he was more into it. He certainly wasn’t a talker but it was nice to see that he seemed to care more.

    I remember Eric mentioning in training camp how Unger has come out of his shell this year and he definitely had more of a swagger last night. Not a lot, but like Locklear, he was more outgoing and talkative (about line play), etc.

    Chris Spencer actually acted like a center last night! He actually talked to his guards, had interactions with Gibbs, etc. Last year he didn’t say hardly a dang thing the whole game. Like the rest of the OL last year, they got their butts whipped on the field and settled into their cocoons when the defense was on the field. Much better last night.

    Besides the chew out, Gibson probably got more individual coaching then the rest of the guys combined (understandably so after being in the interior and just getting inserted).

    J. Jones spent time on the trainers table in the 2nd half. He seemed to tweak his ankle a bit and they taped it back up.

    I’ll hit the defense in a bit or later today.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Lol, yeah, except Williams is really slow too. Boy, he’s got great hands though. I’m really impressed with him as well.

  7. edstang45 says:

    I’d like to know when Aaron Curry is going to show up. seems like he does alot of watching others tackling, haven’t seen an impact from him, they rarely use him to rush the QB, I see him falling back and alot of times he looks confused, and/or lethargic. Although he did break up one pass last night. I’m a bit dissapointed, I’ve been a big Curry guy. Hoping he was going to be a beast, a big disrupting force, pounding the ball carrier, huge hits, fast on the attack. I envisioned a guy the other OC had to game plan for. We still don’t have that guy maybe he will show up but I’m getting skeptical

  8. I’m very skeptical of Curry the outside linebacker. I have been for awhile. But I am 100% sold on Curry the double digit sack guy by 2011 if they move him to where I think he should have been since the day Mr. Happy got the job — Curry the Elephant. The talent is there to get up field and kill the QB. He just needs more coaching at rushing the passer. We all complain that we suck at getting to the QB and yet Curry isn’t doing what he’s best at which is getting to the QB (which is ironic since he wasn’t used that way in college). I hope he’s set to be unleashed in the season opener and that some of what he’s doing now is a disguise. I don’t know, but that’s what I hope. I know we have Clemons and he’s been looking okay, but I want Curry down and getting after the QB. I think he can be special if he does.

    Duke – I hope you didn’t read this (because I think you’ve probably read it in some variation about 50 times before).

  9. yellaman says:

    Curry is not LT (lawrence Taylor) Maybe we expected to much of this guy being he was selected #4, but ruskell did draft him so maybe it was a reach for this team to expect him to be the next LT. I’m disappointed with his play and thought the carroll led coaching staff would get more production but the season hasn’t started so I’m going to wait and see before passing judgment. But everybody is happy witht the defense’s performance but my complaint is with 3rd down conversions. Some of the reason for the time diparity was the defense inability to get off the field on 3rd and long. I mean that is a reoccurring theme with this team. I know they got pressure on the QB- Favre but look at the stats and see that Minnesota was doing pretty good on 3rd downs saturday

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