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Final: Vikings 24, Seahawks 13

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 28, 2010 at 8:04 pm with 20 Comments »
August 28, 2010 8:04 pm
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Not a bad performance by Seattle. Other than two touchdowns late against Seattle’s backups, the defense held Minnesota to 10 points.

The highlight of Seattle’s play defensively was Earl Thomas’ 86-yard interception for a score

Matt Hasselbeck finished the game unscathed, going 9 for 17 for 126 yards.

Seattle again struggled running the ball, finishing with just 44 yards on the ground.

Check out the full stats here, and I’ll be back with updates from the locker room.

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  1. Hawks were once again bad on offense, the defense looked pretty good against the Vikings especially being on the field forever. This is game #3 into the preseason and the offense doesn’t look like it is ready to compete and next week’s game the offense starters will only be in for a very short time. It is not looking for the Hawks as much as I want them to be competitive.

  2. It could have been a lot worse. It looked like our offense was really limited to its play calling since they were so worried about protecting Hasselbeck. Our running game continues to struggle, but our defense did show some signs of improvement. Even Curry made some plays tonight, and that Thomas sure stepped up. Clemons also made some nice plays. Overall, I was pleased with their performance. But we still have a long ways to go.

    I’m still on the fence about Whitehurst. He looked great during the first game, but the last two he has struggled. He has been in this league awhile now and I think he sure look better than he does by this point.

  3. I think we will have to wait and see on Whitehurst, yeah he has been in the league for a few years now but in games that are meaningless. The one thing I do like about Whitehurst over Hasslebeck is that CW has alot more zip on the ball and I bet CW can throw the ball over 40 yards where Matt I haven’t seen ever do that.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    I too thought the defense played a nice game. Especially considering they were on the field for 20 minutes in the first half. Very active up front. I was especially impressed with the Clemons, Mebane, Cole, Bryant front.

    I also thought the corners played their best game tonight. They played a tight press for the most part and it was very effective. The exception to the secondary were the safeties. Thomas is going to be great. He plays more physical than I thought. (Great hit on Harvin) Milloy had a nice game in run support but does give up a bit in pass. He played too soft, I thought and they paid for it with some deeper completions over the middle.

    Overall, there is a lot to be excited about on D.

    The offense was painful. Conservative plan to protect Hass, combined with poor execution leads to 3 first half first downs. Awful.

  5. raymaines says:

    I love the SeaHawks, I really do, but they just aren’t a first rate team.

    Thus far they have played three really good teams and have looked pretty good and pretty bad at times, so I’m interested to see next weeks game. I think the ‘Hawks should look great against the sub-par Raiders – at least for the first quarter.

    Then they have 10 days off and play the ’49ers at home in the season opener. That game will tell a lot more about how the season will go then the entire pre-season.

  6. scottftlc says:

    The offense just doesn’t seem to be clicking yet. You just have to hope…and maybe look to a few playmakers and wide bodies in the next draft. But the defense has a bit of a big play oooolala factor. There may be a few surprises from that outfit this year. This isn’t the year to look for miracles…look for that a year or two on.

  7. I agree the Hawks are not a playoff calibar team but give them 1-2 years to get the right personal and then see how it unfolds. I think alot of us diehard Hawks fans want instant turn around but realistic it will not happen this year. What I am looking for this year is that the team is giving everything they have and not quit each game. Get better each game and develope the young players. I want the Hawks to be 14-2 but I think a 6-10 or 7-9 record is not a far fetch being their schedule is one of the weekest as well. That would be great if they came out and beat down SF the first week.

  8. williambryan says:

    i dont think the raiders are sub par anymore, i think they will be pretty competitive this year. anyway, first string defense was really impressive all the way around. I loved the physical play of the secondary, the corners were all over the wr’s for the most part and the safeties were flying around making plays and playing really physical. Milloy is a bad man. and tatupu does bring a confidence to the rest of the D i think. AP had the one real nice run and other than that there wasn’t to much to be concerned about. there were too many 3rd down conversions but i think this may be a little bit of a “bend dont break” defense so that may happen. One thing that stood out to me was Babineaux. I thought he looked not good at all from my vantage point. Given, I obviously dont know his responsibilities, but I thought he was a bit of a liability tonight. I think tonight must have been somewhat of an audition for him since we didnt see Chancellor or Ellison to much, and if that’s the case, i will be surprised if he makes the 53 man team this year.

    Whitehurst had a lot of good balls (the perfect throw to Tate on that first go route and the last one to Butler at the back of the endzone) and a lot of balls that were too high. an up and down performance hust like last week. However, i still really like what he brings with his athletic ability (moving and thowing) and his intangibles (the way he commands the huddle by getting down and being very animated and the way he interacts with his teammates, he is always quick to congratulate his WR’s and communicate with them. I also noticed that as soon as Hass left the field CW was quick to get in his ear and talk things over with him). The stuff that he needs at this point can only come with experience and I hope he gets that this season. I dont think we will lose anymore games with CW then we would with Hasslebeck.

  9. This game left me with 2 major concerns:

    1. Lack of any real running game. While the line’s pass blocking was much better then I expected the running game was largely non existent. And while all 3 backs were ineffective, has their ever been a more over rated rb then Julius Jones? Barring injury to Forsett &/or Washington I really hope Jones is not on the opening day roster.

    2. The time of possession differential was awful, the score didn’t reflect just how much we were outplayed.

  10. ruminator1 says:

    loved the energy and hard hits. mike w looked great. running not good, though JF had one good run and LW very quick. JJ confirmed that he is a 3rd option at best. i doubt he will make the final squad. not impressed with babs or with Milloy, though i like the latter;s attitude. curry more restrained and i think more effective. i think we saw the real CW tonight, up and down. obviously, having the huge investment and having CW perform ok in practice and in one game, the staff has decided there is no longer any competition between JP and CW. to bad as i’d like to see what JP can do with the ist or second units.
    mebane and wrotto played well. thomas, a player. he will bring it every play, which means mistakes somehow, but also great plays. i think tate has lost some confidence. it was nice to see him go up and get one. branch runs his routes well and had the nice catch. i think he can contribute. as for housh, i wish we could disassociate him, angie, the prime broadcast team (they are horrible!!! except mack strong. i’d love him to pair with dave wyman. and though i am not religious, i’d maybe say a prayer of thanks to get rid of raible’s “mathewisms.”

    finally, agree with williambryan on the raiders–not an easy opponent any longer

  11. The starting D was better than I expected. With Mebane and Lofa back tonight, we got to see our D for the first time this year. Bryant and Clemons at DEs are a work in progress, but they are quickly getting it together. A few more games and we may have a decent D line. This D can become good if Lofa, Mebane, and Tru all stay healthy.

    We have not seen the starting offense yet, so there is no point in criticizing. What we saw tonight with Wrotto and a TE tag-teaming the opponent’s DE is not the offensive alignment we will have once Okung is back. Carlson was almost completely removed from the game plan, and there is no way to run block with the alignments they fielded tonight. It may be a few weeks before we get to find out whether we have a running game.

    Overall, they went on the road and played against Brett Favre and they didn’t choke. Good job.

  12. seatowntp says:

    Okay, not directly related to the game. . .

    I forced to watch the game on delay on NFL Network. It was announced, in part, by Mike Mayock. That idiot! What a homer! At one point I just muted the volume. He should change his name to Mike (after being subjected to me you will need) Maalox. Was anyone else subjected to his ignorance?

  13. The reality is, don’t forget how bad the results would have been if that Minn receiver had caught the ball as he should have and Thomas would not have had the TD interception… Remember, our offense didn’t have a TD…. We were totally outplayed in this game…

  14. D was okay, but gave up far too many conversions, especially on third and long. I am surprised Hasselbeck didn’t get sacked more, but he was under pressure a lot and did a surprisingly good job of getting rid of the ball quickly and made a few nice medium-deep throws.

    One thing that worries me about Whitehurst is that he runs backward frantically when there is pressure and throws off his back foot. He has already thrown a couple INTs in the preseason this way.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    I actually thought CW looks far more poised in the pocket than Hass. He overthrew several receivers but only once did I see him throw totally flat-footed (on a 3rd and long comeback to Butler as the pocket collapsed around him, that came up woefully short.) Bates did a nice job of protecting Matt, but I have to say that his internal clock is very fast. He had more time that he believed, several times.

    As for being outplayed, I do hope that is mostly directed to the offense. They had 3 first downs and 9 minutes of possession in the first half. The stress that puts on a defense is incredible. In short, if you don’t control the clock you don’t win games.

  16. williambryan – you mentioned Weirdbeard and the overthrows. It was funny because when he was warming up at varioius times on the sidelines he dang near overthrew Losman or the various WRs playing catch with him in several different times. And we’re only talking about playing catch from about 10 yards away on the sidelines. He’d shake his head like he couldn’t believe he almost threw the ball over their heads from 10 yards away or shake his arm like he was trying to tell it to “behave.” lol

  17. One big positive, we got away with no mjr injuries to mjr players…. seems like a rarity for us….. another offensive line injury would hurt a lot…

  18. bayareahawkfan says:

    Seatownp, I have to completely agree with you:

    “I forced to watch the game on delay on NFL Network. It was announced, in part, by Mike Mayock. That idiot! What a homer! At one point I just muted the volume. He should change his name to Mike (after being subjected to me you will need) Maalox. Was anyone else subjected to his ignorance?”

    Mayock and his play by play guy were just gushing over everything the Vikings were doing (which is fine, it is pre-season and that’s sort of the point of these broadcasts, but to the point that they were ignoring, not talking about, or writing off good plays by the Hawks as anomalies. It was sort of absurd. I also just muted it after a while.

    I could only stand to hear owner’s son Mike Wilf sell his concept drawings of a new stadium during **plays where the starters from both teams were still in** so many times before I got disgusted.

    Mayock did allow two positive comments that I heard: one on defending the trade for Whitehurst as being perfectly worthwhile, value-wise, and the other singing Clipboard Jesus’s praises on that perfect go route throw to Tate.

    Finally, I thought this was a great game, much better played than I expected. The defense is a work in progress, but much much better with Lofa and Mebane. Goofy, your suggestion that Earl’s pick wouldn’t have happened if “the receiver caught the ball like he should have” ignores Pistol’s strong physical play on the slant, that caused the ball to pop up in the air in the first place.

    Also, don’t forget that Earl would have had a second pick in the first quarter if he’d secured the ball before looking downfield for his run-back. Tru’s int, and actually Walter Thurmond’s coverage on Javon Walker that ended in a touchdown was also very heartening. He had great physical position on a big, once great receiver, and was playing the ball. Walker just took it away. But that bodes well for the future.

    Also, hitting Favre early was awesome, Clemons’ stunts, Curry making a play in coverage to deflect a ball (!), and Earl’s bell-ringing of fat boy Harvin.

    I can’t tell you how relieved this performance by the D made me. As Duke pointed out, they are left out to dry by the ineffective offense, so it’s even more of an accomplishment, imho, what they did against a good Minny team in Minny.

    The O is a work in progress, and I doubt we have a running game by September 12th, but I believe in Bates’ ability to scheme us some points. If we can get big plays on defense to go along with that, maybe injure a Niner or two, we could still make magic happen and shock the NFL :).

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