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Morning links: Wrotto takes the spotlight

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 25, 2010 at 9:09 am with 33 Comments »
August 25, 2010 9:09 am

Here are a few links to start your morning.

In My story today, Head coach Pete Carroll said he likes Mansfield Wrotto’s versatility, but don’t expect Seattle to open up the playbook against Minnesota’s defensive front.

Clare Farnsworth of profiles Wrotto.

KJR’s Dave “Softy” Mahler talks with linebacker Aaron Curry in this audio link.

ESPN 710 Seattle’s Brock Huard offers his opinion on Seattle’s performance against Green Bay.

Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel talks with Seahawks punter Jon Ryan, who said he holds no grudges for Green Bay releasing him years earlier.

Eli Kaberon of Pro Football Weekly interviews Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon, who says the Seahawks have a chance to contend in the NFC West.

John Boyle of the Everett Herald reports that receiver Deion Branch is not frustrated by his disappointing tenure so far with the Seahawks.

I joined the Two Live Stews for a Seahawks preview in this audio link. The conversation begins about halfway in.

The Seahawks could look to Denver for offensive tackle help. The Broncos unexpectedly released offensive tackle Tyler Polumbus on Tuesday.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that according to sources Chargers restricted free agent Vincent Jackson is receiving financial backing by his agents with the understanding that he will pay him back once he inks a high-dollar deal, which would allow him to sit out this season.

Morning links
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Well, Wrotto will obviously be tested this weekend, but if he can handle himself against J Allen, that would be the single most positive thing for their o line since April 22nd when they drafted Okung.

  2. Carlsonkid says:

    Polumbus seems a natural fit ; knows the zone blocking scheme and worked with Bates previously . Was working with the starters in Denver earlier and has started regular season games before . Get him in here and sign him .

    What happens if – God forbid – something happens to Wrotto in Minnesota , which frankly isn’t that hard to fathom considering the individual he’s lining up against ?!

  3. “Deion Branch is not frustrated by his disappointing tenure so far with the Seahawks?” Guess it must be all that money. Then again, if I got that kind of money without performing, I’d feel pretty guilty. Of course, that’s just me.

    Wrotto was a pleasant surprise last week. Also, after reading your story of the switch at LG, I went back and watch the game footage again. In the opening drive, you see Ben Hamilton getting his butt kicked, then Mike Gibson came in and we scored. There’s noticeably a huge difference.

  4. I actually thought the Seahawks OL played well in pass protection after Okung and Hamilton left and this was against the Packers starters on the DL.

  5. bird_spit says:

    Whatever happened to Hamilton is Coach 1 and Gibbs is coach 2? That is how Gibb’s characterized the acquisition of Hamilton, referring to the development of Okung. Guess coach 1 got fired, and they are moving him to be the developmental coach for the non-starters?

  6. I don’t know if it’s realistic to expect Curry to be a big sack guy all of a sudden. This may be worth reading for folks interested in the Hawks pass rush:

  7. So who’s going to be protecting Matt on opening day, f_ckin’ scary man. Like everyone else, when will this sh_t stop, damn. Next year we need to trade up for Locker, we might not have to because of are line, O and D, and then just start drafting and aquiring linemen, just start stock piling them for real.

  8. chuck_easton says:

    Only way Seattle gets into the Locker sweepstakes (assuming he has a 2010 year to match his 2009) is if the teams ahead of us don’t need a franchise QB.

    No matter how bad things look now there is very little likelihood we finish with a worse record than the following teams:

    St. Louis

    We have an excellent chance of finishing ahead of


    Realistically I can see Seattle drafting out of the top 10 next year and that’s if we finish with what many would consider a bad year.

  9. azhawkman says:

    Locker is so way overrated. Pat Forde says it better than I can: “Quarterback A has a 9-20 record as a collegian, and he’s never been to a bowl game. He has thrown 36 touchdown passes and 26 interceptions in 816 attempts. His total offensive production — running and passing combined — is 6,928 yards with one season of eligibility remaining. His career completion rate is 53 percent. His best single-season rating in pass efficiency is 130.”

    I know that’s probably gonna start a riot in all the Husky fans but please name me one successful NFL quarterback that was a top draft pick and had that kind of college resume? The QB draft class coming up is extremely thin, thus the raving about Locker…stay away from drafting a QB high in 2011.

  10. The legacy of Darrell Jackson remains, Wrotto was taken with the fourth round draft pick we got for D-Jack. Where is DJack now? On the couch….

    That was a classic case of the public being up in arms over something they didn’t understand. How could we trade Darrell to a division rival, he will come back to bite us. Jackson never hurt us as a 49er. How could we get so little for a starting caliber receiver? Because the talent experts knew he had nothing left in the tank. Sometimes we need to be a little more balanced when evaluating trades.

  11. bayareahawkfan says:

    To close out the thread about where to watch games online, DirecTV finally makes a forward-thinking move and opens up Sunday Ticket online to those who don’t subscribe to DirecTV:

    Now if only this cost less than $350.00, we might have a solution…

  12. chuck_easton says:

    For those wondering what happened to the Vincent Jackson trade talks, it is being reported in Minnesota that they too attempted to talk with Jackson.

    the Vikes have a bigger need than Seattle given the Rice and Harvin injury issues. Jackson and his people told them the same thing. $50 million, 5 years, $30 million guaranteed. Minnesota went and made a trade with the Dolphins for a different WR.

    Jackson is not an option because he and his agent have a VERY inflated opinion of his value. Good thing his agent is loaning him money with the agreement that Jackson will pay it back once he breaks the bank. Looks like Jackson will be having the same seat I will for NFL games this year. Tuckus firmly planted on his living room couch.

  13. BobbyAyala says:

    azhawkfan — Pat Forde doesn’t take into account how crappy Washington football has been, Locker will blow up at the combine, not to mention this season, with a decent team around him.

    But it doesn’t matter, the Seahawks already have their QB of the future.

    Chuck — Actually, I’ve got it on good authority and Jackson watches football from an inflatable oxygen chamber with built in NFL Sunday Ticket.

  14. kurtthekraut says:

    ” We’ll Never Make It “,….” WERE DOOMED “!

  15. Mansfield Flippin’ Wrotto against Jared Allen. Ouch.

  16. Wrotto needs to get in a fight (and win) on Saturday. Show people he’s a beast and get a reputation. Not in a real game, but show us what he’s made of in a meaningless game. He’ll get the fans on his side if he get chippy too. Mora was right last year when he said we needed more “dirtbags.” We don’t need an average player going through the motions, but we could use an average player if they get nasty and mean on the field.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    If Wrotto gets whipped on Saturday, it won’t be from lack of intensity on his part. He’ll give it everything he has, I’m sure of that. I don’t think we have to worry about any of Gibbs’ boys lying down.

  18. freedom_X says:

    We don’t necessarily need an O-lineman that’s drawing multiple 15 yard penalties a game. Think “Ritchie Incognito.”

    Though I’d rather see them hold or dive for the legs than let the D-end get a clean shot at the QB’s blindside.

  19. Tom – This is a PUBLIC Announcement

    Those same talent experts TRADED a #1 for Branch… Exited (most anyway-fingering Tom) a playoff/SB contender in the shape of the 2009 Hawks!

    The 2007 Hawks could have used a healthy D-Jack against the Packers having Branch hurt his self on the first play.

    Why was Djack traded?
    Because Branch was to be the heir / Contract dispute
    Who ended up taking that spot?
    Engram…. who was also dissed in contract

    Randy Moss couldn’t save the Raiders, nor Djack the 9ers
    Hass/ Djack numbers/stats = Zorn/Largent

    Wrotto looked good against backup Brandon Chillar but 3 of 4 starting Lbers were not playing and 3 of 4 DB’s. Should Wrotto become a future starter, wonderful. But that doesn’t fill the void at WR felt in 07 and substantially in 08. Also, the #1 used in the Branch trade would have landed guard Ben Grubbs. But enough of the what ifs. I’m satisfied that those you call “talent experts” were FIRED!
    On a positive… Okung wasn’t hobbled like Dallas WR Dez Bryant who recently suffered a high ankle sprain. The injury occurred on the games first play when Okung and Hamilton had their feet tangled. Both went down . Okung winced standing up but on the next play made a cut block showing no sign of injury. He remained in on third down but Branch dropped a chain mover. Hawks punted and Okung did not return

  20. I don’t care if we get a 15-yard penalty in a meaningless pre-season game. I simply want a player who plays with an attitude no matter who the coach is. I don’t want Incognito stupidity when it comes to the regular season, but I want someone not afraid to play like a badass. There is one exception, if Matt gets the Dockett treatment this year and the ref doesn’t see it and an OL does, I want that player to grab Dockett by the facemask and try to take his head off. And if it’s Dockett, I don’t care if a broken neck is a result. If you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned and Dockett deserves a burning for his classless chokejob. If it’s an important situation in the game/season, I want a cool head to prevail and then remember that and take a cheap shot the following season. Enough of the pansies who walk to the sidelines with their heads down (as observed personally in Minnesota last year; exception Ray Willis) and tails between their legs.

    excile – good point about the Okung high ankle sprain. A definite reason for optimism. But the D-Jack trade also had something to do with the lack of cartilage in his knee too (yes, Branch was brought in and Jackson had the contract dispute as well).

  21. Interesting read on the Vincent Jackson situation:

    Apparantly SD will ONLY let VJ’s agents talk to Seattle. Question is why? Do they feel they fleeced us that badly on Whitehurst? Or do they think there is no way in hell the Hawks will pay wheat VJ is asking? or……..?

  22. Dukeshire says:

    It doesn’t look like the Chargers are serious about wanting to trade him. That, and Seattle may be the only team they would be willing to deal him to that has asked permission. In either case, I’m glad it doesn’t appear to be happening. At this point in the teams’ rebuild, they’ve got bigger fish to fry than receiver, IMO.

  23. chuck_easton says:


    I think it’s the latter. They know that Seattle isn’t desperate enough to give Jackson $50 million, 5 years, with $30 million guaranteed.

    Some team out there (Washington comes to mind) just might.

    And I don’t think Seattle was fleeced on Whitehurst. Giving up a 3rd rounder next year is not a high price to pay to improve this year’s backup situation over Wallace and get a potential longterm replacement for Matt.

    To get Matt the team gave up a 3rd rounder and swapped 1st round picks (not 2nd round picks like for Whitehurst).

  24. BobbyK-That is speculation on your part. He played in the playoffs with the bad knee taking us to a SB. Returned to form in 2006 season starting 13 games. He then passed physicals for two seperate teams, 9ers & Bronco.
    I think it was more of the 9ers suck and Brandon Marshal had just a tad bit more skilz.

    Jackson made the knee an issue during training camp but there was also the contract dispute. Prior management made verbal promises that TR would not keep. I have no doubts that Hass/Djack would have hooked up for another 1,000+ season in 2007. Engram would have remained an option.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Eric, any word on Hawthorne? I see he was in attendance but did not participate. And how much work did Pitts get in? Thanks

  26. Duke/chuck/pabs, etc. – do you remember the bone on bone or knee concerns with respect to D-Jack as being part of the reason they were willing to deal him in the division?

  27. Dukeshire says:

    I think they called it chronic arthritis.

  28. freedom_X says:

    I think the contract issues were by far the main reason Darrell Jackson was traded, and it was in-division because that was the only decent offer.

    I’ve always said that Holmgren offenses inflate receiver numbers. I don’t know of any receivers that did better after Holmgren/Seattle cut them loose (other than fringe prospects that managed to find permanent roster spots elsewhere.) Every established receiver Seattle cut loose in the Holmgren era showed huge dropoffs after they left (think Jackson, Derrick Mayes, Sean Dawkins, etc.)

    Rather a damning observation on the career of Deion Branch, really.

  29. The contract and injury issues were a big problem with D-Jack. He had a knee and turf toe problem that just seemed to linger. I remember Ruskell didn’t want to give him a big contract because of concerns about the knee.

  30. just like ya member Hass won the pro bowl QB comp couple year back?

    excuse yourself

  31. chuck_easton says:

    DJacks knee was not only an issue here in Seattle it was the primary reason he only lasted two more years in the league after leaving. When healthy he was a good to slightly above average wr.

    Seattle wouldn’t give him the long term contract due to the fact that he had no cartilage left in his knees. No surgery can fix that

  32. BS…

    surgery?Please elaborate…

  33. chuck_easton says:


    There is no way to replace the cartilage in the knee once it is gone. The only surgery that is being attempted is Microfracture surgery which is a process of causing small breaks in the bone. The hope is that the scar tissue built up around the microfractures will act as a replacement for the lost cartilage.

    We all know the success of that surgery on Pro atheletes.

    And you can’t call BS. Look at the facts. DJack went to SF and lasted one season. He then went to Denver and didn’t even make it through one season.

    He’s out of the league more due to his chronic knee problems than anything else.

    Even in his final seasons in Seattle when he wasn’t ruled out of games he couldn’t practice during the week due to the constant swelling in his knee. He would just show up for games on Sunday. This was actually sited by Joe Jurivisious as one of the reasons he left Seattle. He got frustrated with DJack not practicing all week and then showing up on Sunday and expecting to play.

    And before you claim that is not correct, look it up…

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