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Carroll: Okung has high-ankle sprain, OT Pitts taken off PUP list

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August 24, 2010 6:09 pm

Well, we had a pretty newsy presser with Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll after practice, so let’s get to it.

Carroll said that left tackle Russell Okung suffered a high-ankle sprain, but remains day-to-day and the team is hopeful he will return in time to play in the regular-season opener against San Francisco on Sept. 12.

But for now, the Seahawks will go with Mansfield Wrotto as Okung’s replacement.

You don’t usually hear high-ankle sprain and “day-to-day” in the same sentence. High-ankles are usually 4-to-8 weeks in terms rehabilitation from the injury.

But it also depends on the severity of the injury. Josh Wilson missed two weeks last year and returned to play in game 5 against Jacksonville, while left tackle Sean Locklear took eight weeks to return from his high-ankle sprain, missing six games in the process.

Ex-Hawks offensive guard Rob Sims also had a high-ankle sprain early in the season and missed two games.

“It’s not the worst one we’ve ever seen,” Carroll said about Okung’s injury. “It’s kind of a moderate one. That’s why we hold out hope that maybe he can get back quickly from it. But those can be difficult. We’ll have to see how it goes for him.”

Carroll also said the team will take offensive lineman Chester Pitts off the active PUP list, and he will begin practice tomorrow at left tackle. Pitts had been working with the training staff with his helmet on, on another field while the rest of the team went through drills.

Carroll said Pitts had been diligent in his rehab from microfracture knee surgery. He does not expect Pitts to play this week. Part of the plan in signing Pitts was his versatility in playing both guard and tackle, Carroll said.

“I don’t think it’s important this week,” Carroll said about Pitts playing against Minnesota. “I think that’s too ambitious right now. I’d like to get him some practice snaps this week if we can before the week’s out. Now that he’s off the PUP he can start working with the football team officially, and that’s important, just he can start hearing the snap count and getting out of the huddle.”

Carroll said Locklear is not an option at left tackle and will stay on the right side. And Carroll did not rule out the possibility of making a move to improve the depth at tackle. Ray Willis also is out with a chronic knee issue and likely will not be available for the first chunk of the regular season.

WR Jones in the fold: Recent pickup Brandon Jones worked with the team today and also stayed behind to catch more passes off the JUGS machine.

“He caught the ball real well for the most part,” Carroll said. “This is a guy who’s done a lot of stuff. He’s been a punt returner in the research that we did. We saw him make a lot of nice plays, a variety of plays. Catching the ball over the middle, and catching the ball in traffic, which is nice.

“His punt returning decision making was a little bold for us. But he did handle the ball well. I don’t particularly like guys trying to go 98 (yards) with them. He tried that a couple times with his punt returns. But I was excited about his versatility as a receiver.”

OG Gibson gets a shot: We also had some changes in depth today. Mike Gibson apparently has moved ahead of Ben Hamilton at left guard. I did see Gibson take some snaps with the first unit during the game on Saturday, but thought it was more related to Ben Hamilton being dinged up. But apparently that’s not the case.

Gibson worked some with the ones today, and Hamilton worked at center with the second unit. Gibson also worked at left guard with the second unit.

“There’s a good chance Mike is going to start this week,” Carroll said. “We’ll see how he does there. It’s a competition. We want to see what Mike can do.”

RB Washington to start: Carroll confirmed that Leon Washington will start this week’s game against Minnesota, as the competition at running back continues.

“We need to let him have a game to know he’s going to be the starter. But the rest of the rotation, I don’t have that nailed for you yet. But all the guys are going to play.”

DE Reed has knee surgery: Defensive end Nick Reed has arthroscopic surgery on his right knee today and will be out a few weeks, Carroll said.

“He was going to keep going, and we had to just about chain him up and take him in there,” Carroll said about Reed. “But he got worked on today and it was a good cleanup. And he should be back in a few weeks.”

With Reed gone, rookie Dexter Davis worked mostly with the defensive ends today. Carroll said improving his team’s pass rush remains a point of emphasis.

“It’s a tryout camp really at rusher and we’re trying to see what combination is best for us,” Carroll said. “And we still don’t know yet.”

Injury update: Carroll said defensive tackle Kentwan Balmer suffered a leg contusion in his upper ankle area during Saturday’s game. Balmer did not practice. Linebacker Leroy Hill was out at practice this week with his helmet but did not practice. But Carroll still says he is still a few weeks out. LB David Hawthorne was a late arrival for practice after having an MRI done. Carroll had not had a chance to talk to Hawthorne before he talked to reporters, so we do not know the extent of the injury. TE Cameron Morrah also did not practice today. TE Chris Baker (hamstring) is almost ready to return to the team and has a chance to make it back for Saturday. S Kevin Ellison also did not practice today.

Boeing Classic primer: Champions Tour pros Scott Simpson and Michael Allen stopped by Seahawks headquarters today to take part in the team’s annual closest to the pin contest. The Boeing Classic Champions Tour event takes place this week at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge. Olindo Mare, who won the event last year, was the only player to participate. He finished in second, knocking a wedge 6 feet, 2 inches away, while Allen was first at 3 feet, 2 inches and Simpson was third at 8 feet, 2 inches.

Notes from practice
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I presume Heater did not practice, but did he go through any individual drills or
    merely a spectator?

    Pitts at LT? Here’s hoping for the best, but that seems ambitious.

    Goodness sakes injuries are deflating.

  2. snydro22 says:

    Why wouldn’t other guys participate? Is it worth holding an “annual” competition if only one player participates? Can you elaborate?

  3. I was thinking that both Unger and Hamilton looked a bit rough in the games. May want to see if Mawae can play some Guard.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    snydro22 – Good question. Babs is a player and there have to be others.

  5. When was the last time that Hill wasn’t out for any length of time?

  6. I’d love to know what nighthawk is thinking — we’re going to put a 30-something out at LT who is coming off microfracture surgery.

  7. yellaman says:

    here we go again with injuries. I would like to know what team in league history has had this many injuries in a 3 yr span. (its never been done)This seems ridiculous to me. Ever since we’ve moved into the VMAC this team has been hit by large number of injuries and its 3 yrs in a row can not be a coinscidence. Is the VMAC to cushy of a place that guys are being pampered or something? That’s all we ever get to talk about on this blog is who is hurt and who is available to play. This team has not been healthy quite frankly since the superbowl team and it can’t be blamed on players getting to old. We have young players getting hurt so something is not right in Hawk land

  8. I think the 2010 Boston Red Sox can relate (now they only need a few more years of this).

  9. Snydro: Babs was out there and had his clubs and everything, but did not take part in the final competition. I think Mare won the player’s portion and then took on the pros. We were talking to Carroll earlier so I came in late.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK – Lol, I bet he’s really impressed. On the bright side, he was a picture of health prior and does have 5 years on Walt. Ugh…

    The next time Hill a full 16 games will be the first. In fact, since 2006 he’s played in fewer games each season than the one before. Sadly.

  11. I don’t think our injury situation is anything to worry about yet. A few guys nicked but this is nothing compared to all the serious injuries in 2008 or 2009.

    O line of Wrotto-Gibson on the left side could make Hass a bit queazy this week against Minnesota. I’m expecting a TE lined up next to Wrotto, and expecting Carroll to give Hass a few running plays and a maybe a few 3 and 5-step drops before he sends Matt to go sit on the bench and lets Whitehust and Losman take the hits.

  12. ruminator1 says:

    fantasy rosters complete today for my 8 team league. of 16 QBs, 24 RBs, 24 receivers,16 TEs, 16 Ks, only 1 Seahawk selected.

  13. I can’t believe this sh#%! We finally look like were about to turn the corner from the past two seasons and Bam, injuries. It’s like there is some critter there in Lake Washington the crawls up on shore and plants injury bugs in the VMAC and that especially target the Left Tackles. Actually, It could be the revenge of Hutchinson and Dumbskull on Seahawk World, I don’t know. I Really hope this spooky stuff ends soon.

    Note to all coaches if the Vikings start hurting us soon, please take out all the starters. Thanks concerned Seahawks fans of the future.

  14. Thanks again to all the bloggers who shed some light on the options one has on following the Seahawks in extraSeatac areas. I finally broke down and packaged up an official NFL online package that for a Benjamin with over 20 games (including preseason) that you can watch, listen to and rewatch; is pretty much worth it. Thanks again.

  15. IdahoHawk says:

    All these injuries and Matts/Branch name not mentioned once. ODD

  16. chuck_easton says:

    Of course Branch hasn’t had an injury yet. The final roster hasn’t been announced so he’s still fighting for that guaranteed 2010 paycheck.

    And after seeing him run around in the first two pre-season games I’m actually starting to hope and think this might be the year that he…nope not gonna say it…don’t want to get my hopes up…also don’t want to jinx anything…

    Matt will stay healthy just as long as the O-line can keep him from taking hits.

    I know that the 3rd pre-season game is the one where traditionally the starters play well into the 3rd quarter, but given the O-line situation maybe the team should take this weekend to “take a long look” at Whitebeard and Losman and just let Matthew sit out.

  17. I agree. It seems like a bad decision to throw Matt out there with the line in its current form.

  18. I’d let Matt play the first series with our OL and here’s how it will go:
    1st down: Run for -2 yards.
    2nd down: Run for 1 yard.
    3rd down: Screen to Leon (may as well throw a screen, they are designed to let the DL get to the QB, and since the Viking line will get to Matt with our OL anyways… this is the way to go): 6 yards.
    4th down: Punt

    Next series: Weirdbeard.

  19. Just to help keep everyone from giving up hope…

    Mike Gibson (left tackle #53) blocking for Justin Forsett at Cal:

  20. yellaman says:

    I’m fed up with injuries. I know its part of the game but all the offensive line injuries that this team has gone through has got to end at some point. REALLY I’m expected someone else to get hurt this week in minnesota on the O-line and when that happens all hell is going to break loose. I just hope I’m wrong but odds are in my favor with this team and injuries

  21. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo, that video fired me up! Thanks…

  22. bird_spit says:

    While watching Coach Carroll’s presser, I could not help but think how positive he is keeping with this OL issue. Can you imagine how Mora would have presented that news. All I can think is that Mora would have provided that blank stare and would have made a 1/2 ass attempt at putting a positive spin on it. At least with Carroll you have a sense that they will get a solution to the OL depth issues they are facing. Mora/Ruskell would not have provided the confidence to the fans that they would know what to do in this situation.

  23. BrianBlades says:

    bird_spit says:

    “Mora…blank stare…ass”


  24. kinger12 says:

    we should send out a priest to exorcise the demons out of VMAC! and whatever else lets throw in a smudging too and see if we cant banish the bad spirits… this injury crap has got to stop we have far more problems than any other team in the league.

  25. snydro22 says:

    Guys, this is the NFL.

    As far as injuries go, we are doing better than most teams.

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