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Report: WR Jones to visit Seattle today

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 19, 2010 at 11:24 am with 32 Comments »
August 19, 2010 11:25 am

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee is reporting that former San Francisco 49ers receiver Brandon Jones will visit the Seattle Seahawks today.

Jones, 27 was recently released by the 49ers. The Seahawks have a tie with San Francisco with front office executive Scot McCloughan, who worked as general manager for the Niners.

At 6-1, 212 pounds, Jones had injury issues with the Niners, only finishing with one catch for 18 yards last year for San Francisco.

McCloughan signed Jones to a five-year, $16 million deal last year as a potential deep threat, but he ended serving mostly as a special teams player.

Seattle currently has 10 receivers on the roster right now.

Jones is the latest former San Francisco player the team has showed interest in after trading for defensive tackle Kentwan Balmer this week, the first player McCloughan drafted while with San Francisco.

Player movement
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  1. I’m hoping that Scot McCloughan isn’t bringing in guys like Balmer and Jones to prove his high profile mistakes weren’t really mistakes. We don’t need to sit through an ego boost with a bunch of stiffs from an Exec’s former team. We did that already and look at the results….

  2. The 49ers are a huge rival, so it doesn’t hurt to invite former 49ers to camp. Like Balmer, Jones will have to earn a spot if he makes the team.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Unless they feel they really need someone to return punts the rest of the way this preseason, I’d be surprised if they signed him. Two stints on IR (’05, ’07) and broke his shoulder last season and has been fighting a hammy this camp. Doesn’t feel like a Carroll / Schneider signing here to me.

  4. Just one word: why?

  5. chuck_easton says:

    I’ll chock this one up to the current pattern of “no stone unturned…no bush unbeaten”.

    Until he’s actually signed and gets put onto the 80 man roster this is just a situation where they are kicking the tires to see how much tread is still left.

  6. dirtbiker_joey says:

    With SF being a division rival and the first opponent of the season, is there any truly useful intelligence the Seahawks staff can mine from Jones? Or, is it something where they’re not really going to install anything beyond their base offense until game planning the week before the actual game? Do NFL teams change their audibles, etc from week-to-week?

  7. Jones couldn’t find the field with OnStar navigation! 4 lackluster years with the Titans and McGloughan signed him to a 5/15 contract. What was he thinking.
    This deal began between Titans GM Reinfeldt (former Hawk VP) and San Fran GM McGloughan (former Hawk FO). Now Jones has been carried over to the Seahwks. If he couldn’t stick with the 9ers I see no chance he makes the Hawk roster.

  8. freedom_X says:

    If Detroit is becoming the SeaLions, Seattle is turning into the NinerHawks.

    I’m surprised we aren’t seeing more Green Bay refugees, especially since Green Bay should have a much stronger roster than the 49ers, and presumably has more surplus talent.

  9. I’m with you Fish…. “WHY?”

  10. I saw some recent rumors that the Seahawks were shopping Housh. I don’t think that is a very good idea, but if they were doing that it opens a roster spot with the wide receiver group. If they are shopping TJ they may be looking for a backup plan at receiver.

  11. Where have you heard these rumors?

    I wonder what we could get?

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Tompage – Do you have any links? I’ve looked briefly but found nothing.

  13. williambryan says:

    This has to be for extra intel on the niners.
    Dirtbiker joey, That is a good question for this team as every team is different and we have no idea what Carroll will do. For instance Bill Belicheck would have his offense almost completely change from week to week depending on how he thought he could best beat his opponents. and during the Holmgren years it was easy to learn some of Hasselbecks hand signals. If he pulled on his collar it seemed to always be a quick slant and if he pulled his hand up his leg it ment a quick hitch (and go, sometimes). I know some other guys noticed this too right? Duke?

  14. Maybe we should start looking for some O lineman?A RT would be nice!

  15. Agreed jibo1- housh can’t get the ball if HASS is on his back. Hopefully once roster cuts are made, there will be some decent O lineman looking for a team.

  16. Our swing tackle going into the season will be Chester Pitts. Chester started at left tackle for his first three years in the league and the past 4 years he was a guard. As long as Pitts comes back I think our O-Line depth is fine

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Tompage – I’d be interested to learn if his micro-fractured knee will allow him to move in pass pro the way that is necessary to still play tackle. He hasn’t gotten any quicker, in other words.

    Any luck with the Housh link?

  18. Chester Pitts is a big ? mark. And all though he played some left tackle he was a much better guard.

    The rumor of a Housh trade .. you have an inside source cause like Duke I’m not finding anything?

  19. Change of subject
    Just Started Facebook Yakima Seahawk Fans.
    I know most of you live on the wet side but all are invited if interested.

    Interesting management we have. I like checking out all options, but also dont like having a team of thugs and misfits either. Unless they get us to the Superbowl, hows that for fickle.

  20. chuck_easton says:

    Much of the rumours about tj possibly being on the outs appears to be coming from Sando at ESPN He has made more than one comment about Housh possibly not being a fit on this team. If it where any other writer I’d write it off as just someone fabricating a story. But considering the source it does make me wonder if there might be something there

  21. There’s no way we trade Housh… come on. Who would be left with? Branch? You guys are going to give me a heart attack.

  22. chuck_easton says:


    I wouldn’t have gone there either if Sando didn’t keep bringing it up. I’m not for the idea myself

  23. ruminator1 says:

    i wonder if this is the mysterios source??

    Anyone else think Housh may be gone soon?

    “I just have a gut feeling that Housh may be traded soon. They might think Branch, Williams, Tate, Butler & Obomanu are a solid top-5 and we can fill another need for Housh. Maybe we can trade him for another OL.

    And why bring in Brandon Jones for a look? It seems we have a lot of WR’s right now.

    I have no facts to back this up, I just think it may happen. Besides, it’s been almost 10 hours since Schneider made a roster move, he must be going crazy.”

  24. ruminator1 says:


  25. ruminator1 says:

    to continue in that vein: it may be from Sando: here is another post on the same site, same topic:

    Seems Sando agrees with you:

    Quote:Brandon Jones’ scheduled visit to Seattle seems intriguing if you already wondered how much the Seahawks valued their existing receivers, including veteran T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who hasn’t gotten as many camp reps for a variety of reasons (but who also has $7 million in guaranteed salary for 2010).

    This could get interesting.

  26. ruminator1 says:

    and one final entry same site. this one shows how these rumors can grow.

    would say go for it, if we get to week 6 (trade deadline) and the following happened: Mike Williams becomes a standout on his way to 700+ receiving yards. Deion Branch stays healthy and decides to play. Golden Tate is a candidate for offensive rookie of the year. John Carlson doesn’t drop passes like he did Saturday. Butler plays every regular season game like he did at Husky Stadium and T.J. Houshmandzadeh plays below average.

    Then: I say we trade Housh while we can. He is 32 years old which means he’s in the last couple years of his physical prime. But, he’s still one of the best route runners in the league, he’s got great hands and amazing field awareness (he knows where everyone’s at, especially the DB’s). With that being said, Housh is still marketable. Teams who lack a #1 receiver or preferably a very good #2 would be interested in him.

    Actually, the more I think about this, the more I can see it happening. Just look at how many teams there are without two solid receivers: The Bears, Browns, Bills, Panthers (Smith/Housh combo), Jaguars, Dolphins (Marshall/Housh), Raiders, Steelers (Housh would add depth to Ward & Randel El), Chargers (Jackson/Housh), Buccs (their best receiver is a TE), Rams (wouldnt that be interesting?), Titans, Redskins (Moss/Housh would be a good combo for McNabb).

    So yeah, the more I think about this happening, the more of a possibility I see.

  27. UInless Branch is being released (remember this is a capless year), I don’t really see the point. We appear to be pretty deep at WR, though Butler, Tate & Williams may need another year or 2 to peak.

  28. freedom_X says:

    Is Houshmanzadeh tradeable? Who’s going to take on that contract, even in an uncapped year? Unless the base salary for this year is very low. Then Seattle could trade him, take the “cap hit” (i.e. write off the bonus money, though there’s no actual cap penalty.)

    Now that would be like buying a get-out-of-jail free card with Paul Allen’s money. Seems like Leroy Hill’s a good candidate for that as well – write off the losses for two of the worst contract decisions the old management made (though to be fair with them, I thought the Hill signing was a great move at the time. But I never liked the TJ signing, not at that price.)

  29. I feel like one of the good things about Housh is that he doesn’t rely on speed to make catches, which would mean his ability to productive might drop off less than the typical receiver as he ages. So I don’t really mind that he’s a little bit older, I’d rather have him on my team.

  30. ruminator1 says:

    i see TJ was at camp today. reading some of the blog i have been quoting, quite a few posters argued for a trade. some had interesting points. also, trade rumors have involved mcgahee,( for housh, but also for jennings.)

  31. microbeer says:

    I wonder if TJ would fit back in Cincy. They have the deep threats but no slot guy (maybe shipley). He knows the offense and presumably has a good relationship with Palmer.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    I think they are trying to fit Jordan Shipley into that role.

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