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Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Aug. 17, 2010 at 5:18 am with 18 Comments »
August 17, 2010 12:41 pm

Okay, Ray Willis was not expected to be a starter. But news that his knee injury will sideline him at least past the start of the regular season has to send chilling flashbacks to fans who watched injuries cripple the offensive line last season.

Although Willis has been banged up, he started 16 games at right tackle last season as five players got starts at left tackle after Walter Jones’ demise.

Where’s this leave the line? Okay, if the unraveling goes no further. But last season has to leave fans suspicious. Left guard Ben Hamilton turns 33 tomorrow. Center Chris Spencer has missed seven games the last two seasons. Veteran free agent Chester Pitts has the look of a guy who can play tackle, but he is not healthy enough for practice yet.

The import/export firm of Schneider & Carroll has been active in the upgrading of overall roster depth. The offensive line may be in need of critical attention at this point. But finding healthy and available offensive linemen who can help much at this point? A real challenge.

— Rookie Walter Thurmond came up with an impressive interception on the sideline in Monday’s practice. Thurmond is coming back from a “trifecta” knee injury, in which all three ligaments were damaged, and still wears a brace that looks very clunky on a cornerback.

But he continues to look like a guy who brings a thump when he tackles, and has the instincts for big plays. Carroll again cited him after Monday’s practice.
He can’t be 100 percent in terms of speed, but he’s still making himself visible.

— On one play in a team session Monday, Red Bryant appeared to manhandle guard Max Unger. Bryant has been one of the camp surprises at defensive end. Sometimes a player can catch somebody off balance and get a takedown that looks more impressive than it actually is. Maybe this was the case on Monday, but Unger plays with pretty good balance, and it seemed like another good example of how strong Bryant is … especially now that he’s playing lower and with a massive infusion of confidence.

— Ben Obomanu has been a little bit of a forgotten man in the receivers corps with addition of Mike Williams, the drafting of Golden Tate and the return of Deion Branch. After Saturday’s two catches for 36 yards, Obomanu had another good practice Monday.

They opened last season with four active-roster receivers (Burleson, Houshmandzadeh, Butler and Obomanu) with Branch injured.

How many do they keep this time around? Butler’s having a nice camp. Tate’s a given. Branch has earned coach’s raves. Williams has been impressive and could take a great deal of pressure of Carlson for Red Zone receptions. Housh has been dinged but is proven. Ruvell Martin has special-teams skills, too, as does Obomanu.

You make the call …

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  1. tylakewalker says:

    Eric, How does Ruvell Martin compare to Obomanu. I get the impression Ruvell has bettter hands. How do they compare on speed, route running, run after the catch and run blocking ? I would like to see what Ruvell can do given some minutes.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    As much as I like Obo, Martin has the size Carroll seems to be enamored with so I think he’s got a leg up. But if Obo makes any more catches like he did over the middle in the 2nd half Saturday night, it will be very difficult to cut him. It really is a classic camp battle.

    The Willis injury is a blow. Not only for depth but it would have been nice to see him push Lock for a starting job. And with due respect Dave, it isn’t simply last years’ injuries across the line that have people nervous, we’re dealing with 2 full seasons of decimation up front. Not good.

  3. yellaman says:

    Lets start talking number of players who will make this team. I know there are still 3 preseason games but …..

    Based on the numbers WR that will be kept are Housh, Tate, Williams, Butler, Martin and unfortunately Branch (Not my favorite move) but I would like to see Obomanu make this team but that would give us 7 WRs and that is just too many. (6/7)

    The TE postion looks like 4 will make the team with Carlson, Baker, McCoy & Morrah (4)

    The RB position is Jones, Forsett, Washington & Ganther-(can Play FB) (4)
    FB- Schmidt (1)

    O-Line- Okung, Locklear, Unger, Spencer, Hamilton, Gibson, Pitts (PUP), Vallos, Wrotto (playing RT) & Willis (PUP) (10)

    QB- Hasselbeck, Whitehurst, & Losman (3)

    That’s 29 players on offensive side of the ball which is 2 players too many when we problably keep 23 players on the defensive side….

    Safety (4)- Thomas, Milloy, Babs, Chancellor
    CB (4)- Trufant, Wilson , Jennings, Thurmond,
    LB (6)- Tatupu, Hill, Curry, Hawthorne, Herring, Davis (can play DE)
    DE (4)- Clemons, Bryant, Balmer, ????? ( 4th TBD)
    DT (5)- Mebane, Cole, Vickerson, Wilson, Terrill

    total 23 defense players

    Mora K
    Ryan P
    ???? LS

    total 53 players

  4. What Obo did on ST last year really impressed me (not talking about his return game — but making tackles and forcing things). Those are little things that often go overlooked.

  5. Yes, Obo always seems to be overlooked. I expect him to be there on opening day, probably as a Special Teams Captain. And I expect him to be there at WR when someone gets injured.

    I’d like to see there be room to keep Martin around as well. Maybe when Branch goes on IR.

  6. chuck_easton says:


    Willis can’t be PUPed. Once a player has been on an active camp roster they are no longer eligible for PUP. It’s amazing how many people don’t understand how PUP works. Either Willis is on the active roster or he is IR for the season.

  7. Chuck, I guess I’m one of those people who doesn’t understand the PUP rules. silly me. I thought they could put an injured player on PUP anytime before the roster cut-down to 65. The team currently has 80 players on the roster.

  8. There are two different PUP lists, active and… I dunno, inactive? Active is the one where the player is put on before camp and can come off anytime, the other they can come off after week 6. I’m amazed Chuck doesn’t know how this works…

    If Willis looks like he’ll be good to go early they’ll likely keep him active, if not, PUP’d.

  9. chuck_easton says:


    Maybe you should study up on the rules before you comment:


    A player that cannot practice at the start of camp can be put on Active PUP. He counts against the 80 man roster but cannot practice with the team. He can be taken off PUP at any time and put on active Roster.


    A player can be put on Reserve PUP before the final cut down to 53 players. He doesn’t count towards the 53 man roster. A Player on Reserve PUP must miss the first 6 games at which time he can be put on the active roster if he’s healed.


    A Player cannot be put on Reserve PUP unless he was on the Active PUP for training camp and was never activated onto the full 80 man training camp roster.

    SO, I am correct and you, my friend, are wrong. I read rules for a living.

  10. chuck_easton says:
  11. chuck_easton says:

    So, my statement stands. Willis has practiced with the full team so he is Ineligible for PUP.

    Only player right now who would qualify for Reserve PUP and could miss the first 6 games without counting towards the 53 man roster is Pitts and that is only if he is on Active PUP for the rest of camp.

  12. Chuck has it right. I was quoting the rule from the 2007 rule book, but it has changed. Willis will not be eligible for PUP this year.

  13. Carlsonkid says:

    Somehow Obomanu winds up sticking every year despite the competition . I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes the 53 man roster again this year . Martin would really have to show something on ST to beat out Ben I would think , as both are good special teamers but Obo has the added bonus of being a decent receiver .

  14. longco44 says:

    Jesus Christ Chuck Easton… Your comment earler ” It’s amazing how many people don’t understand how PUP works” somehow struck a nerve in me.

    You know, there are people out there that enjoy football for football and may not know or care about all the rules! Holy Christ man, you don’t have to jump all over people because they may not know a particular rule 100% like you seem to know everything.

    If you know this much about football where you feel the need to write comments like this, MAYBE YOUR IN THE WRONG DAMN PROFESSION!

  15. chuck_easton says:

    Sorry longco. I have an issue with rules. It’s why I was a cop and now a lawyer. My first comment came out wrong. What I was trying to get across was that the PUP rule is probably one of the most misunderstood rule and as such people are constantly saying a player should just be PUPed when he gets injured.

  16. So speaking of OL.

    who is our next best OLman right now. (ignoring position)

    If Lock went down or just sucked could someone like Unger move out and play Tackle? I still think Spencer has been a better guard then center but that is just me I guess.

    But that would put Vallos in the game which actually doesn’t scare me.

    All that aside – I think we are going to be in game 5 or 6 before the running game really gets going the way it will. That seems to be the way it works when Gibbs comes in. I can remember in Houston – everyone was bashing him – then the last 9- 10 games of the year all of a sudden huge jumps in line play and increase offense. Lets hope we get that too – but we play well before that as well!

  17. Chuck – as a cop turned lawyer will you defend the guilty as sin?
    Actually, with your knowledge of the rules, I’m curious how you feel about the dealings with Plaxico Burress. Charged in Manhattan for illegal gun possession if found guilty he faced 15 years. His lawyer recommended accepting a plea bargain of 3 months jail but Plaxico refused. Case goes to trial where he now pleads guilty! All righty then … our boy, Plaxico has just taken a 3month jail sentence and converted it into a 3 year prison stay. Burress wife is a lawyer so these aren’t back wood folk making the decisions.

    Now, after a year in prison, Burress applied for and was denied work release. How do you go from a 3 month jail plea bargain to 3 year prison sentence, 1 year served and be turned down for work release?

  18. yellaman says:

    However long Willis is out what I was really was trying to express is we (the hawks)still can’t have 7 WR’s on the roster and keep enough OLIne help and other postion players to the 53 man roster. I’m sorry Chuck I’m not well versed in the rules like you but considering you are a former cop you probably never have broken a rule in your life LOL The cop bit explains so much about your blog entries

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