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Monday Morning QB live chat transcipt

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 16, 2010 at 10:09 am with 42 Comments »
August 16, 2010 11:10 am

Join us for a recap of Saturday’s game against Tennessee.

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  1. A live chat started over 10 minutes ago and it says “live” but I can’t get in.

    Maybe that’s a hint.

  2. Duke – to your point on what if CW tanks next week and MH does well. What we saw on Saturday was the same thing we saw over the past 2 years. If this was an aberration, everyone would be crazy to go by one preseason game.

    But at the 2008 season opener and 2009 season opener and this training camp, everyone says MH is fine, he’s back, he’s going to do great, etc.

    And he looks the same everytime! Why not cut the losses now?

  3. Duke – He did show great command but the TD was all on the poor play of the CB who was caught flat footed. As bad as Tru played a year ago he would not have allowed such a play to score.

    Overall Whitehurst has looked good but I’ve just reached the second half just now. I was playing shuffle board watching the game live the other night.

    Tate looked terrible. The punt over his head was just awful.

  4. You can’t have all of the spectacular plays that Tate has been having in this training camp (and going against good players; like a healthy Tru, Thomas, Wilson, etc.) and then be labled as bad just because he didn’t look spectacular in his first pre-season game. There’s a pattern and he’ll be fine.

    I’m still definitely a supporter of Matt Hasselbeck as our QB and if all of the people who are at every practice all clearly state that Matt looks so much better than CW, then that carries plenty of credibility. I won’t say that I’m not worried about Matt, but I am still definitely in his corner. If we go 10-6 and win a game in the play-offs, then I’m going to be leading the charge to get him resigned. If we’re 2-4 around the bye and he’s playing like he did the last month of last season, then it’ll be Weirdbeard time and I’ll be fine with it.

    And this might become a broken record with me — but I am a Weirdbeard supporter too. I simply don’t believe his time is now though.

    Go Hawks!

  5. It would just suck to be out of playoff contention at Halloween again. Not saying Whitehurst is the answer because it is way too early to say that, but why bang our heads on the wall for the third year in row?

  6. nighthawk2 says:

    Here’s a nauseating possibility: Sando is reporting that Jim Mora has been signed by FOX Sports to commentary for the 2010 season, and as the USA Today link below shows, he’s going to be paired in a troika with Dick Stockton and Charles Davis. As Sando points out in his story, Stockton worked 6 of 8 Seattle games and 4 in a row in one stretch last season. Which would seem to indicate we get Mora for those if Stockton again gets the Seahawks beat. Which means Mora will be on the field interviewing Pete Carroll, his staff (the DC and DL coach are Mora holdovers) and players. I’ll stick with the KIRO radio broadcasts for those games.

  7. nighthawk2 says:

    BobbyK, which is the more important baromometer, practice or games? Hasselbeck stunk in the series he was out there Saturday night. He started the game, got to play with the starters in the o-line and “skill” positions for several series. Whitehurst look great with the backup guys. The only thing that determines whether Whitehurst wouldn’t look as good next week would be if he started the game and looked bad.

  8. It would provide us some entertainment in the event the season goes bad early again….

  9. nighthawk – it’s more important to play well in games, we both know that… but not when you use a couple of plays from one pre-season game to make your final conclusion. You don’t judge Albert Pujols for going 0-4 on Opening Day. When Dan Marino was coming back from his Achilles injury, he had a terrible pre-season (meaningless games) and then outdueled Bledsoe in the opener and went on to a good season. You can’t take a sample size that small and jump to a conclusion. I know Matt looked jumpy, but it’s a new season and I’m going to give him a little more time. Besides, he needs to throw to the good WRs (not crappy Branch) and have the good RB going for him, too. Time will tell.

  10. BrianBlades says:

    I don’t think anyone has decided that CW is the started, but if you weren’t impressed (and a bit surprised) by his performance and poise, you are rooting for he Hasselbeck-nostalgia-train instead of the Seattle Seahawks.

    As I said to the Hasselbeck loyalist here at work: if CW had performed like Hasselbeck, it would be the end of his career and more hand-wringing that the new leaders got smoked by the Chargers. If Hasselbeck had performed like CW, it’d be the second coming of…er, Hasselbeck. I’d like to see that, but it ain’t gonna happen folks. What’s wrong with him can’t be fixed. Also, his veteran status is his trump card, but he plays like a rookie.

    Reading the live chat, I’m still agog that Eric is saying rookie “never played as a pro” Tate and legendary bust M. Williams gave CW an advantage over Hasselbeck. I don’t put Eric in the hasselbeck apologist boat, but that seems a bit of a stretch!

    To make the point, if Hasselbeck had been stuck with the rookie and the former bust trying one last time, well…we all know what the folks would say.

    I’m rooting for the best players, this week it was CW, hands down.

  11. Are there many Seattle media members not in the Hasselbeck boat or have said anything negative about his abilities to function as an NFL QB? I don’t know of any.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    excile – The TD was irrelevant. It was everything that lead up to the reception on CW’s part that I was impressed by. It’s the process that is most important at the moment, not the product. That will change soon enough, but for now that’s exactly what we want to see from Whitehurst.

    pabuwal – The 2008 season opener, Hass was coming off a pro bowl year. Regardless, you may be right. And I want to see CW with the 1s as well. But with all the changes around him, I haven’t seen nearly enough to make the change just yet. I have my concerns about him of course, but I won’t pull Hass until I see more this preseason.

    nighthawk2 – That’s not happening. I listened to a Mora interview with Softy last week (I have no idea why… but in any case) and he said he was with Stockton for the first 6 games and laid out his first 4 games and non were Seattle. They won’t put him on Seattle and he wouldn’t agree to it anyway. That the dear lord.

  13. Duke – in the 2008 preseason they shut him down because of a back problem. They said it was fine and no big deal before the season opened. He missed a large chunk of the season and played poorly otherwise. He wasn’t fine and hasn’t been fine since even though they tell us every year he’s ready to be the old MH.

  14. chuck_easton says:

    OK, I’ll be the voice of reason here…well I’ll give it my best try.

    Hasselbeck: Looked too much like the Matt of 2008/2009 but we’ll give him a do-over at least until next week.

    Whitehurst: After hearing ad nauseum for several weeks how we got fleeced in the trade and how bad he supposedely looked in camp his play may have appeared to put him in the second coming of Joe Montana range by comparision.

    Time will tell. I’m betting that Matt doesn’t look as bad as we all seem to think he did this week and I’m betting Charlie shows he is a solid #2 but he ain’t no Joe Montana/Joe Naimath/Tom Brady/Payton Manning redux.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, during the Minn game, I’m well aware. What was confusing to me, was what you were saying exactly. Was he not healthy to start last season until Pat Willis busted his ribs in week 2? Look, I’m not going to be painted into a corner here. I get it. You want CW now and until you don’t like him anymore. That’s fine. What I am saying, is that the specifics of Hass’ injuries and how that has effected his play are unique to both, ’08 and ’09. He may be done as a result, but I’m not declaring such things after 1 quarter of a preseason game. This does not mean I am blindly defending him. I’ve taken up for both CW and Matt here since Saturday because declarations after such a small sample size are not something I’m prepared to do.

  16. For the record, I have been questioning Matt lately. He needs to step up.

    For the record, for the 293,493,490,484th time… I will root for Weirdbeard and want the best player to play.

    If we only have a couple wins a few months into the season and Matt hasn’t played well — then I’ll be clamoring for Weirdbeard. If Matt leads us to a division title and plays well in the process — then I’ll be clamoring to resign him. It’s not hard to figure out — I want what’s best for the Seattle Seahawks.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    chuck_easton – You’ll be the voice of reason? Good luck. I’ve been trying to do exactly that only to knocked by both developing CW and Hass camps. QB controversies are ugly but after only 3 preseason quarters, that’s what some are pushing for. It will all sort itself out.

    I can’t believe there isn’t more outrage that JJ is started over Forsett. Could there be anything more clearcut?

  18. freedom_X says:

    The bottom line is that this is a new staff and an new regime with no loyalty to Hasselbeck. People can’t play the tired old “Ruskell/Leiweke/D.B.Cooper doesn’t want to admit he made a mistake” card anymore if someone you don’t like gets the starting job.

    I fully expect that Whitehurst will get at least 1 start in the preseason, and that Carroll will try out Forsett and any other viable starting RB candidate in the starting lineup at least once in preseason as well. The point is to evaluate different players in different situations. If there are two close candidates, I’m sure preseason games will be used to help evaluate the opening day roster, in addition to practice.

    Thus, if Hasselbeck wins the starting job, it’ll be due to the fact Carroll thinks he’s the better candidate. And if he loses, then it’s because he thinks he’s worse. Preseason numbers will only have a real impact if Hasselbeck really stinks up the joint or gets hurt. Hasselbeck’s experience will always push things in his favor unless the preseason and practice numbers are massively skewed in favor of Whitehurst. That’s the nature of the QB position. Others, such as RB, are a lot closer and more likely to change.

    There are at least 20 other preseason QB heroes in the league right now, but 20 teams aren’t changing their QB’s on opening day.

  19. Duke – Last year in the STL game and in the SF game before he got hurt, the passes didn’t have zip. I don’t think he ever looked right last year, even when he lit up the Rams and Jags and I certainly don’t think the Willis hit had anything to do with his arm strength last year.

  20. I need to make a correction in my above comment. Thurmond let the punt go over his head.

    Hass play Summary
    Hasselbeck first toss to Branch had no chance because Branch doesn’t create any separation. Followed by a first down completion to Branch. Then on first JJ stuffed right by Babin. Second down incomplete to TE Baker on screen. Third long incomplete attempt to TE Carlson. Punt

    Hass 2nd drive began with a sack by Babin leaving a second down and 17. After JJ dive right Hawks are left in a third and long 14. Shotgun dump pass to JJ dropped, incomplete. Questionable play call. Punt into the EZ.

    Hass Drive 3 quick slant for 10 yards to Housh. JJ 4 yards left tackle excellent effort. Second and 6 JJ again tries off left tackle for no gain. Shotgun draw to JJ for a first down. Shotgun once again to Branch tipped incomplete. Toss left to Housh for a couple leaving 3rd and 8. Shotgun pass swatted away by Jason Jones. Field Goal.

    Hardly enough game to evaluate Hasselbecks upcoming season from.

    Duke – and the INT was irrelevant as well?
    Whitehurst was clicking in this game against the Titans – SECOND TEAM.
    Finding Butler on 4th and 2 was great generalship. Wish he had flattened that pass out. On stride the speedster Butler likely scores.

  21. Did anyone watch the game?
    The first 3+ series + the O line stunk it up and seemed out of rythm, they missed blocks and seemed out of place, but then they to seemed to start to come together towards 1/2 time.
    MH looked bad because like last year he had people all over him due to poor blocking. Not very many QB’s do well when they don’t have time.

    CW looked good but he does have that nasty habit of staring down the receiver. Which might be Ok against 2nd and 3rd stringers and rookies.

    The RB’s also didn’t look so good those first series either, but as the game went on and the line gained some continuity the RB’s looked better too.
    Hmmm maybe the line is kinda important in this little game we call football.

    Like others have said after 1 small part of a preseason game we can’t determine how anyone’s going to play just yet.

    I don’t really care if we win all 4 preseason or loose all 4 of them as long as this team starts to gel. Backups play 3/4 of these games.

    Thought we were going to be rolling the QB out more this year with this offense? Only happened 3 or 4 times.
    Maybe the coaches are keeping the bag of tricks secret.

    The Defense also didn’t look so good early either, the LBs were leaving huge holes in the middle of the field, DB’s leaving too much space between them and the receivers. Why no griping about them?

    Last year we won in preseason and everyone thought it was the start of another Super Bowl season. With all of the changes in the past few months it’ll take some time for everyone to learn the new system then time to get to know the guy next to them.
    After the first game all I can see is that the TEAM needs work, a lot of it.

    Don’t Cown Any One King Yet!!

  22. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – Okay, so now the argument is his arm strength. CW has a significantly stronger arm. Matt’s arm strength has declined, there is no question about that. We agree.

    excile – You can’t be serious. Who cares if it was the Titans “SECOND TEAM”? Recognition of what they were doing and his adjustment to that is what counts. Hopefully he’ll get the chance soon to show that against teams’ ones. He can only play against who Carroll put him against.

    Finding Butler was great “generalship”? What does this mean? He had to put air under it because he had to get it over Mouton. If he “flattened” that ball it either hits Mouton in the back or he leads Butler too much. It was a beautiful throw, IMO.

    May I please recommend that you and pabuwal argue directly? You tow are clearly the heads of the CW / Hass camp. I’m simply trying to put things into perspective after watching 3 combined quarters of one preseason game in which they played.

  23. You are simply amazing Duke. You call an INT recognition. I was only pointing out that with the good of the TD there was the bad of the INT thrown also to Williams in the same general part of the field.

    As far as grouping me with pabuwal. $#@% you! … pal . Where did I jump all over either of the QB’s. Hasselbeck had the worst QB rating in the NFL. I hope for improvement but never have I posted excuses.

    As far as the pass to Butler. Marino hit Clayton or Duper continually on stride with similar sideline passes for TD. I could name many more QB’s that score 6 on that but your right… have your opine.

  24. Although we’d obvsiously rather see encouraging results in the pre-season; that’s still what it is (or Nick Reed would have had more sacks last year than Elvis Dumervil or Jared Allen). I doubt the Colts panicked too much when they lost their pre-season opener in ’09 or when the finished the pre-season 1-3. I think we’re reading into things too much right now and we need a few more weeks to really get a better grasp. For example, Lock has been too good of a RT to think he’s outright terrible there. He should be fine. Am I a bit concerned from the horrible effort from him on Saturady? Yes. But he should be fine. He has too many years of being good there to all of a sudden suck to make me think, in the first pre-season game, that he should jump off a cliff (or retire or get cut, etc.).

  25. I’m not in the CW camp as much as I am in the “I don’t want to go 5-11 watching a 35 year old QB barely function…..again” camp. Three years in a row is way too long for the same stuff over and over again.

    If Hasselbeck had the arm strength he had 3 years ago (which was merely average), I would be in the Hasselbeck camp, no question. To me, the issue has always been the deterioration in his physical abilities the past few years.

  26. If the season begins and it becomes clear we are well on our way to a 4-12 or 5-11 season again… then you’re right, we need to let Weirdbeard play and develop with an eye towards 2011. But I’m not ready to give up my 10-6 expectations after a meaningless pre-season game.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    excile – “You are simply amazing Duke. You call an INT recognition.” Where / when did I say that? I challenge you to go find the example.

    All I was saying about you and pabuwal is that he finds fault with Hass and you find fault with CW. I didn’t realize you had such a problem with him. But at least we can agree that CW’s not Marino.

    pabuwal – I hear you and neither do I.

  28. BobbyAyala says:

    “You can’t take a sample size that small and jump to a conclusion.”

    How many overthrows.

    How many interceptions.

    How many sacks.

    How many losses are enough of a “sample size” for you to say, okay, yes, the 35 year old is no longer capable of playing at a high level?

    He’s done.

    Shut it down.

    Move on.

    Save us the delay of “rebuilding” and start the future NOW!

  29. “If Hasselbeck had the arm strength he had 3 years ago (which was merely average), I would be in the Hasselbeck camp, no question. To me, the issue has always been the deterioration in his physical abilities the past few years.”

    OK – but here’s the thing – don’t you think Carroll and his coaches will be in a position to know if he’s still got the tools to succeed or not? It’s not like Carroll, a) has any longstanding loyalty to Hass, or, b) has to win the division this year or get fired. So, it stands to reason, that he’s going to play the better guy. It’s a few drives in one pre-season game – let’s see how things play out over the pre-season and early season – if Hass is subpar during that stretch, I’ll likely be in favor of giving Whitehurst a shot too.

  30. BobbyAyala says:


    Yeah, you’re not biased.

    How about Hopehurst?

    That sounds a lot more accurate.

  31. bird_spit says:

    The simple answer BobbyA is when we are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, the Charlie Clipboard Jesus era will begin. Not before then would I ever argue for Matts era to end.

    That said, if some organization such as M. Vikings want to give up a 2rd round future draft choice, I would be happy to part ways with the best, statistically, QB to play in our great city. I suspect that will not happen, so I believe the best shot of winning this year, and developing our QB of the future, is for MH to play for us this year.

  32. BobbyAyala says:

    “…you are rooting for he Hasselbeck-nostalgia-train instead of the Seattle Seahawks.”

  33. BobbyAyala says:

    “Not before then would I ever argue for Matts era to end.”

    Love watching crappy football huh?

    So pathetic.

    Seattle fans.

    Nostalgia over wins.

    BTW, Hasselbeck got you nothing.

    Blame Bill Leavey all you want, at the end of the day, Hasselbeck is Dave Kreig is Jim Zorn is Warren Moon is Mark Maguire’s brother is the Notre Dame bust.

    All of them have won the same number of Super Bowls.

    This isn’t about your connection to your funny Lexus commercials, this is about not rolling out a geriatric who hasn’t been an NFL QB in three seasons.

    I suppose we’re going to need a season a la Jake Delhomme’s 2009 for some stubborn Lexus owners to hand over the keys to the real QB.

  34. BobbyAyala says:

    Here you go, Hasselbeck lovers, a little reality via A Bronx Tale.

    Get a little more NY in you, please:

    “You think if your father couldn’t pay his rent that Mickey Mantle would care? Would Mickey Mantle pay your rent? Mickey Mantle makes $200,000 a year–he don’t care about you, why care about him? Nobody cares.”

  35. Weirdbeard doesn’t mean I don’t like him. I was jacked seeing him perform well. We all know we’re going to need another franchise QB soon, so why would any real fan root against him? Grow up and quit acting like a drunk, fool, or 3 year old.

  36. i like this blog to troll on but dont like it when it turns to attacks
    it has nothing to do with the hawks
    bobbyk your right about not acting dumb but then dont do it like you just did it just bring you down to that level you know better
    go hawks no matter who play what position

  37. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyA – I don’t get it. Because it may be time for a change at QB, that devalues all the success he’s had here?

    “BTW, Hasselbeck got you nothing.” Whatever.

  38. Okay, BobbyA, sorry for the final comment I made (that DukieO pointed out – who is DukieO? No offense.).

    But I’m confused. You agree with me (or I agree with you) that this is a team who should end up with a winning record; but you think Matt is terrible?

  39. pdway – By the same token, I can’t figure out why Forsett isn’t the starter. But I don’t expect Carroll to take as long as Mora or Holmgren did to make changes.

  40. dirtbiker_joey says:

    Ok guys, the solution here is obvious. We need to start MH and CW! I say rotate them, MH gets the 1st & 3rd quarters, CW gets 2nd & 4th. The following week we can reverse the quarters. QB by committee, lots of teams do it with RBs. Then we’ll all be happy. Maybe we could even pull JJ and run some wildcat with them both in there! I’m going down to Renton tomorrow and I’m going to tell them about my idea.

  41. ruminator1 says:

    i see 49’ers signed westbrook. i would rather him than JJ. watcing the game at a shopping mall, a guy standing next to me told me JJ was the brother of M jones-drew (or is it drew-jones? sorry sleepy time). anyway duke i really don’t think you need to worry about JJ starting. i think they are having him prove himself. if he can, great. if he can’t, no way will he start. also, JF will be getting more carries, but he will be kept on edge. also not a bad idea.

    i really hate the bad mouthing of hass. he might be done, but we do not have adequate info to say that right now IMO. for those of you who like PC and what he has done and the attitude he brings, maybe wait and see what he thinks about hass over the next few weekxs. i would be willing to bet if pressed now he would say hass is the qb , that CW played well and shows promise, and that he said all along that competition would be the theme.

    and i do not think we have enough to say CW is ready to replace him or that losman is out of it. BTW, i listened to an interview with butler and he praised CW for making an adjustment call on that pass. that is encouraging. i think both backups are learning what they have and what is there for them.
    finally, preseason is vanilla time. no way are we going to see a sophisticated offense.

    oops one more thing. mora is not a bad guy. his former players didn’t think so both here and in atlanta. he knows football, i would welcome his comments and insights. personally i think he got a bum deal. he might not have been able to turn this around. to me, that isn’t as clear as it is to others. but once they made the decision they did, PC is exactly what they needed. now if we start to lose early in the season, the hass critics will flare. for sure, you can just imagine how rah rah feels when you are losing. so the current magic is due for some blows. but right now? love it.

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