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Morning links: Hawks vs. Titans reaction

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 15, 2010 at 8:45 am with 40 Comments »
August 15, 2010 9:15 am

Here’s some links to check out this morning. I’ll offer my thoughts on the game in a post a little later today.

Here’s my game story from Saturday, noting both the starrting offense and defense struggled.

Backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst took a step in proving Seahawks’ brass made the right decision in trading for him.

Our own Dave Boling offers his thoughts on the first half of play. Boling give offensive tackle Russell Okung a thumbs up for his play.

Gregg Bell of the Associated Press writes that, as expected, head coach Pete Carroll was lively in his Seattle debut.

Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune writes about Carroll’s debut.

Clare Farnsworth of reviews the game here.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times attempts to locate former Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth.

Greg Johns of gives defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson and defensive end Chris Clemons a thumbs up for their performance on Saturday.

Check out highlights from Saturday’s game here.

Morning links
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  1. BobbyAyala says:

    The biggest thing I saw Saturday was the body language of the defense.

    Thurmond and Chancellor really stood out as the type of athlete Carroll covets and then the subsequent attitude and play he gets out of such players.

    Big. Hard. Agressive.

    That defense was smacking people in the mouth, and it’s great to see that the secondary is now full of shotguns waiting to go off, rather than a collection of Bee-bee guns, waiting to bounce off of ball carriers.

    Qwest Field + Agressive Defense = Super Bowl

  2. Glad to read about Super Bowl expectations! I’m tired of the 5-11 analogies. Even if it turns out to be a 5-11 season, it’s more fun to be positive now than miserable in expectations for an entire year (I really expect at least 10-6). We have some holes, but so does almost everyone else. AZs QB sucks. They lost more than they gained at other positions. SFs secondary sucks. The Rams plain old suck. Why not us?

  3. Dukeshire says:

    After last night, to me it’s clear they are a couple years away form getting all the pieces. But there were some really great things to take away. Not the least of which was CW’s play. I can see what made them reach out to get him.

  4. BobbyAyala says:

    In football, more than any other sport, coaching is so very, very important.

    The same football player can give 100 percent for a coach he likes, and dog it for the a coach he hates.

    Last season, the Hawks were full of players who did not want to play for the coaching staff.

    The year before it was Injuries Anonymous around here, but last year, you had a knucklehead OC with a dogcrap track record that no one wanted to play for, and you got a team that wanted the coaches gone.

    The talent level on this team is way, way, way better than 5-11. There’s no reason to think, if the QB play is good, that Seattle won’t win the West.

    Alex Smith is garbage.

    Matt Leinart is garbage.

    St Louise isn’t even in the discussion.

    We have the AFC West this year, 3 out of those 4 are winnable, 4 out of 6 West victories, there’s 7 wins.

    Say you get 1 out of 4 from the NFC South, there’s 8. That leaves the Giants and Bears.

    Win one of those and you’re at 9 wins.

    It’s possible, it’s very possible, IF the QB play is good.

  5. Since I had no possible way to watch the Titans game, what part of the defense played best, was it the run defense or the pass defense? I heard the defense played bad on the Titans opening drive but picked it up later, is that true?

    Also, Carroll said at the press conference “I learned a few things that I needed to know” I’m quite interested in what exactly this is, could it be about the quarterbacks? The running back situations perhaps? I still believe in Matt, and I’ll wait to judge him until games actually count, but the way he apparently played Saturday did not seem promising.

  6. variable575 says:

    Dukeshire says:
    August 15, 2010 at 9:04 am

    “By the way; can Seattle please loose the dark blue pants? It is a simply awful look. Either go white pants or the same blue of their jerseys.”

    -ditto. I don’t know what’s worse, the green jerseys(which I kinda liked–4 one game) or the dark blue pants. please go back to the uniform in which we dominated the division in!

  7. variable575 says:

    a lot of people are hot on CW right now.

    Yes, CW stepped up into the pocket and delivered a few nice ones, but for the most part he still looked like he was moving around with bricks tied to his feet when dropping back.

    Against STARTING units he’s going to have to feel the pressure more and move around–something he has never done well and wasn’t forced to do last night. coverage will be better and rushing the passer will be better with the #’s. Again, way to early to get hot on CW.

  8. variable575 says:

    one thing to consider.

    Matt doesn’t recall every hit he took in the past during a game when he’s dropping back–just one hit. One hit caused him to possibly lose confidence and focus in the pocket. Something that is there on the mental “back burner” that just won’t go away.

    I wonder what hit it was that might have done it for Matt. Maybe it was two.

    Willis breaking his ribs or the hit he took in the pocket by Adrian Wilson a few years ago when Holy Schmitt failed to pick up a blitzing AW running right passed him.

  9. The blue on blue makes us look like an ugly USFL team. The blue on dark blue makes us look even uglier. Why can’t we just have blue jerseys and white pants? I guess ugly is in. Maybe we can get the retro jerseys for one of our home games? Then we can actually have a bit of classic class.

  10. Things to watch for in the Green Bay game:

    1. Can Matt stay in the pocket, look calm, and not try his best Shaun Alexander fetal position game? I’ve been one of his biggest supporters, but he needs to step up his game.

    2. Can Charlie step and throw more often? I like the athleticism and strong arm, but I don’t want to see balls off his back foot when stepping and throwing is the proper thing to do. Although he did check down a few times, I also want to see him looking around the field more often and not locking into one guy as often as he did last night.

    3. Can Okung keep us drinking his kool aid (it’s vodka, 7-up, mountain dew, and 7-up, by the way, less dew than 7-up though)?

    4. Is Locklear going to step up and actually play like a man or is he going to continue is decline? If he got to go against me, he’d look like a Pro Bowler, but he’s has to go against fellow professionals and they are the ones making him look like he’s washed up (and he’s too young to be washed up). Ray Willis may not have the best skill set, but at least he can man up and whip some ass once in awhile.

    5. There are more… but this is what I’m most interested in.

  11. take out one of the 7-ups and replace w/OJ.

  12. Bobby – Your point number 2 makes the point on WHY Hasselbeck can not be any kind of effective NFL QB anymore.

    Joe Toledo played RT while Whitehurst was in the game and he was awful – constantly beaten. Their was constant pressure in Whitehurst’s face. But because he is able to make an accurate throw off his backfoot, he can make blitzing defenses pay HARD. And he did just that.

    Hasselbeck can not make accurate downfield throws in “awkward positions.” He can not make them on the run or off the backfoot. Realizing this, he simply curls up in the fetal position and then everyone talks about how bad his OL is.

  13. I’m more excited for the Green Bay game than I was for last nights game!

    Is anyone else on this blog going to go to the August 28 game in Minneapolis? I’m sure not, but you never know.

  14. BobbyK : “Can Matt stay in the pocket, look calm?”
    Only once the O line takes its next steps together. Left Tackle is no longer the problem, but the whole line was uncoordinated in their first game in Gibb’s system. I think Matt will be calm just as soon as he has a real NFL O line blocking for him, not before. The Seahawks are completely starting over with new O line scheme, new D scheme, everything. There was no reason to expect the Seahawks would be anything but uncoordinated yesterday.

    Once the blocking is there, I still think Hasselbeck has accuracy and timing in his throws that is superior to most QBs, even if he’s probably lost some arm strength.

    There is generally a big step of improvement from preseason game 1 to preseason game 2, and game 3. On the bright side, I saw improvement in the O line play just from the 1st quarter (when they were making fools of themselves) to the second quarter (when they were beginning to pull it together). The coaches now are watching the film and they know what to work on. I think they’ll improve quickly

  15. I know you were jumping up and down when you saw that one Duke. But who wasn’t beating Ryan Mouton last night?

  16. williambryan says:

    Bobby, I think the dark blue pants are ugly but the blue jerseys with white pants is even worse. They need to go back to the matching color pants (seahawk blue) it is a streamlined and faster look, more intimidating.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    The Butler play? That was fun, sure. You mean that wasn’t Darrelle Revis? Like I said, positive but baby steps. (Took me a minute to figure out what you were referring to. Cross thread posts have me confused. A little hung this morning. lol)

  18. nighthawk2 says:

    BobbyK, you really think 10-6 based on one preseason game? We are always told not to make to much of preseason games, especially the first one. Turn that around to 6-10 and it’s more realisitic, fun or not. From what you saw in theree craptastic possessions by the offense when Hasselbeck was out there and how gawd-awful the starting D was on that opening possession when Chris Johnson and Vince Young were in that they’re going to go 10-6 and win the division? You really think it’s fair to say Arizona’s QB suck after one preseason game against a good team? Or that Smith sucks after one preseason game against a good team (both on the road)? Then Carr must be the starter because he went 9/11 for 98 yards and a TD.

    What I saw last night, if we’re basing the season on the first weekend of preseason games:

    Hasselbeck looks more and more like he’s done, the last two years and then last night. Three possessions and he sucked. Still forcing things, still getting balls batted down, still getting happy feet. Looks to me like that thermometer all turkies come with has popped up the red stick indicating “done”.

    Charlie Whitehurst was the best quarterback on the field. If Williams hadn’t stopped on his route there wouldnt’ have been an interception, and he had three dropped passes (Branch, Jones and I forget the third guy). So Sando and others here as well that are bashing him have some crow to eat, especially with all the props for Losman.

    I’ve said it since the moment we signed him that Julius Jones sucks, and he proved it again last night. He sucked the last two years, he sucked last night, and he’ll suck this season. It’s one of the constants of the universe, like the sun rising in the morning or Republicans voting no on anything that helps the poor and the working class. Forsett outplayed him (a given) and Ganther outplayed him.

    Chris Spencer: see above.

    Most of the receivers blow. Mike Williams had a great TD play, his only catch of the night. Ran crappy routes and broke off a route that caused Whitehurst’s interception. Branch dropped a pass and was 2 for 14, with 10 coming on one catch. Houshmandzadeh was his usual underwhelming self, 2 for 12 with 10 coming on one play. Butler was 2 for 39 with 36 coming on one play. Obamano was 2 for 36 with 23 on one play (which means the other was 13, not bad). Morrah outplayed Baker (who was held on the first series, is Leavy around to apologize for that one not being called?) and McCoy (who had 1 catch, a 4 yard TD). Baker had one catch for 4 yards. Tate 2 for 5 and Martin 2 for 6. Plus Tate didn’t even return punts all night, Thurmond took over.

    And the run game? Ganther was 11 for 36, 13 coming on one play so 10 for 23, 2.3 ypc otherwise. Rankin 3 for 21 with 15 coming on one play so 2 for 6, 3.0 ypc otherwise. Forsett was 7 for 17 with 13 coming on one play, so 6 for 4, less than 1 ypc, otherwise. Jones was 5 for 13 with 6 coming on one play, so 4 for 7, 1.7 ypc otherwise. But at least Forsett caught a pass, and turned it into a 30 yard gain. Schmitt was his usual non-factor. I’ll be waiting anxiously to see Leon Washington perform.

    The defense stunk on the first possession Tennesse had, the only one Chris Johnson was in on. They were continually susceptible to the draw play the whole game. Once Johnson, Young and starting o-line members were out, the defense looked like gang busters. That’s not encouraging. I don’t expect better on the road, at Green Bay, against Aaron Rodgers next week, unless Rodgers plays one series. Trufant is once again giving way too much cushion.

    The rookies: Thomas looked great chasing down Javon Ringer after a 46 yard run. Chancellor looked great making an interception at the end of the game against Rusty Smith, a rookie from, I think, Florida Atlantic, playing with guys who also won’t be on the final roster, while scrambling. Thurmond was very impressive, especially with that big brace on. Tate has a long way to go on route running. Okung looked good for the short time he was out there. McCoy was so-so.

    The white pants are what was supposed to go with the home jersey’s, but Holmgren let his guys decide to look like a college team with the all-blue. They’re not the only NFL team that does that, but they all look like crap. And I liked the USFL, hell, I liked the XFL.

    The o-line depth: it blows chunks. Toledo was gawd-awful, as was Wrotto and Willis. Byers at center looked pretty good (anybody looks better than Spencer).

  19. Stevos… Excellant call on the offensive line play, Qtr 1 compared to Qtr 2…. What I saw was a superior Seattle team in the 2nd & 3rd qtrs…. Both offense & defense…. If you look back at the 1st qtr, the excellant drive the Titans generated was as a result of creating so much space behind the line of scrimmage, taking our coverage outside or deep, opening the middle…. knowing we would rush the line hard….. We’ve been notorious for the lack of close coverage, take a look…. that changed pretty quickly…. as did the game…. (Yes, Lock is a concern)….

    Also, if you have the game on tape, pay attention to the playcalling early on….
    to me, it explains a lot of why Hass looked sub par…. Things changed, but it took awhile for even that to take effect…. some confidence was broken…. but it came back….

    Big relief for us ALL is the play of CW! One game does not a season make, but at least we all can stop holding our breath on the possibilities… we ‘saw’ some good things are possible… If Hass can elevate us to a position of challenging…. CW appears to have possibilities to keep us there… Like I mentioned above, ‘playcalling’ will be so very important…

    This brings up another huge item I believe will actually make us better in game 2, 3, etc… I saw good ‘ingame’ coaching decisions… If you’ve been an athlete, you know there are teammates that ‘step up’ another level in game situations, regardless how good they are in practice… some find a way to excel even more…. If you have good coaching, they will recognize this… Because we have such a new mix of players, I have to guess that as good as they are, our coaching group has some surprises…. and, changes will follow…

    My BIG question is: On the late game interception by Kam Chancellor, who was the intended receiver outside of him??? There was no one within 20 yds of him! LOL!

  20. williambryan says:

    I was wondering about that interception too. I loved Chancellors play all game (all he was in for anyway) but there was definitely not a reciever close to him which makes you wonder why he was there in the first place? I realize it was probably some sort of zone coverage, but it was kind of a funny situation though. And I’m glad it happened as hopefully it will help him make the team and i’m sure if he does there will be some helmets flying on special teams this season

  21. Dukeshire says:

    Nighthawk cuts right to the heart of the matter. However, 2 things; They kicked it away from both Tate and Thurmond 3 times. And Thurmond inexplicably let his best chance to return one, sail over his head on the 24 yard line. Their lines were almost identical.

    Willis didn’t actually play last night.

  22. Carlsonkid says:

    I was impressed with several of the backups , who I thought really stood out . Cameron Morrah had a very god game , and I initially thought there was no way he’d make the roster this year with McCoy coming in from USC , but obviously he’s not going to go quietly . Ganther had several nice moves , although overall I wasn’t that impressed with the running game . J.Jones looked terrible as usual …

    Vickerson looked really good against his old team , and I have some hope for a pass rush after watching Clemons play . Big Red made his presence known and I was really skeptical of his move to end , but that seems to be a success so far . There were several good inside bull-rushes from the tackle position – Mebane had a good game .

    Overall a good start , but still lots to work on , one of them definitely being the running game . They have to find a way to get that thing going this year . Hopefully Washington ads a lot to that once he’s ready to go .

  23. ruminator1 says:

    they say the coaching decisions impact 3 games a yr. heard that recently

  24. ruminator1 says:

    i mean the results. i thyink it swas on the brock huard show

  25. ruminator1 says:

    bobbyk what are you smoking? did you happen to watch the SF game today? i think the hawks will be very fortunate if they beat them. i also think it is way too early to be projecting 10 wins from this team. not saying it is impossible, but we haven’t seen anything so far that would warrant that record.
    reading tennessee blogs, i get the sense that they think their partial #1’s were pretty dominant, esp their defense. they pride themselves on that defense

  26. Bobby,
    I am glad I am not the only one to notice that Charlie locked on to his target from the snap. I didn’t see him work through his reads but maybe once. Even on the pass to the RB out of the backfield he locked on as soon as the running back got even with him. He has a strong enough arm to put the ball in there and beat a couple DB’s, but he could be really good if he could look off a defender first. I hope Hass helps him with this. In my oppinion, going through his options is one of Hass’s best abilities(when he has time).

  27. Dukeshire says:

    He did. On the 4th and 2 to Butler for example and his first pass, the playaction to Ganther, he looked downfield first before checking down. Although he did lock on more often than not. But you’re right, he’ll have to work on it.

  28. Duke, I thought those looks were pre-designed look-offs. They happened way too fast. Kolb did the same thing the night before. Obviously I don’t know for sure.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Like I said before, I presume the Butler one was. But the first playaction he seemed to give a genuine look downfield. But as you said, we don’t know for certain.

    On that 4th and 2, just a quick look, long enough to hold the safety is all it takes. That said, I acknowledge that may not be the best example of him going through his progressions, but to Jays point of looking off a defender, they are decent examples.

  30. BobbyAyala says:

    “From what you saw in theree craptastic possessions by the offense when Hasselbeck was out there and how gawd-awful the starting D”

    Gotta stop you right there Night.

    The starting D wasn’t on the field, both Lofa and Leroy were missing and the biggest play of TEnn’s open drive was a dump off for 35 in which the second level was completely out of position.

    6-10 is not even an option with this coaching staff.

    The Hawks will go 9-7.

    That’s the stone cold lock of the season.

  31. ruminator … He’s been beaten up a lot, but Dennis Erickson had great begining game plans… (the rest I’ll leave alone…)… but what happened quickly, was he would get beat ‘during’ the game on the coaching side, I don’t know if it was him, or his coaches….. But, it was predictable… He was beaten during the games….
    Game time adjustment’s are so expected & huge….. For me, I was so very satisfied with the In-game adjustment’s yesterday…. (by the way, I liked the Holmgren era adjustment’s, though they were way more conservative than most of us wanted…) …
    Our coaching is very likely to win more than the three you mention (an average?)… We saw in pre-season that lots of solid subtle changes were made during the game… not to mention (especially on the D Line) lots of things were tried…. That was good….

    errrr, ummm, THAT was GOOD coaching….. ;-0

  32. nighthawk – I have been saying 10-6 (expect/hope) for a few months so you don’t need to put words into my mouth and say I’m predicting that based off of 1 pre-season game. I’m probably wrong, certainly in the minority, but an opinion is an opinion. It’s not like I’m telling anyone who doesn’t agree with me that they are stupid.

  33. Yes. The Butler play was fun to watch.

  34. ruminator1 says:

    IBGoofy–u might be right, i’m just wary of putting much stock in the 1st exhibition game. on coaching adjustments during the game, i think that is expected since most exhibition games do not have a game plan. but granted, they did m,ake some adjustments and i liked the reference to “the scheme” when PC complemented CW,.
    bobbyayala–a few very key members of the tennessee D were also missing and those that remained handled our first unit very handily
    Bobbyk–no not at all stupid, i just think we don’t know enough to make such predictions. i guess i would say that even if later on we went 10-6.

  35. bird_spit says:

    First impressions of the first team..not that would matter going forward, but for the information we have from the first 3 series (lol) I’d predict we get taken to the wood shed. We might have a 4 win season.

    That said, these guys are professionals, and I would expect them to correct the mistakes that were made. I would love to be the little birdie in the corner when Gibb’s meets with his OL. I’d expect Gibbs will be happy to break film down and get it corrected. OL was a glaring disaster. Someone needs to pull Matt aside and whisper in his ear to step his game up, or we will see Charlie way before Matt is injured.

    As the master (Mike Holmgren) would say about now. The defense should be a head of the Offense this early in the preseason. The O will get it together. I will predict a hard fought battle with the 9ers, but a hawk win. Thankyou 12th man! Hawks will lead the division for at least the first week.

  36. Okay I was at the game and have not been able to find a replay to watch

    But I never remember constant pressure on Whitehurst. That said I highly fear that we are in serious trouble this year. Hence the reason Schneider is at UW practices watching.

    I think we are going to struggle in many areas this year. I do NOT think that we will be very good at all with Whitehurst or Hassleback playing.

    We will be drafting very high again next year.

    Twice I saw Unger watch as 2 guys ran right past him one of them totally blasting forsett right as he got the ball. Unger was out 2 plays later. considence – I think not.

  37. williambryan says:

    BobbyAyala, about the starting D thing, Leroy Hill is no longer a starter on this team (unless it happens through injury) The Heater has taken that spot and I’m not even sure if Hill would come in before Herring at this point.

    And as for BobbyK’s predictions, he doesn’t obviously know what will happen anymore than any of the “experts” do. we can take any of the playoff predictions from espn guys or guys, pft guys(what does florio have against PC anyway? I dont get it) and they might get 50% of there projections right if they are lucky. that’s why they play the games right? The seahawks could easily be a 10-6 team. they could easily be 5-11. they could be 12-4. who knows? no one. but it’s not right to call out anyones predictions because it’s just a prediction, it doesn’t mean anything. For the record I too think this is a 10-6 team. maybe 9-7 but either way i think they will win the nfc west.

  38. williambryan says:

    with my last post not withstanding, i wouldn’t mind drafting high next year if it costs us this year. I would love to see Jake Locker here (assuming he continues to impress at UW)

  39. Well
    According to roroworld we now have Balmer from the 9ers on our DL.
    They are saying a late round pick is probably the exchange rate. Not a bad pick up for a 1st rounder.

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