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LB Heygood suffers torn Achilles

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 5, 2010 at 7:04 pm with 15 Comments »
August 5, 2010 7:04 pm

Well, linebacker Anthony Heygood didn’t make it through warm-ups this morning. The Seahawks released LS Matt Overton and brought him back on Tuesday, and he suffered a torn Achilles tendon during the morning practice.

He’ll be waived/injured and likely make his way to the injured reserve list. So a sad day for Heygood.

Heygood was part of a long list of players who did not practice this afternoon, as the bumps and bruises begin to pile up now that we are at Day 6 of Camp.

LB Aaron Curry (headaches), DE Lawrence Jackson, DT Kevin Vickerson, RB Louis Rankin, LB Joe Pawelek and S Kam Chanceller all did not fully participate in practice today.

CB Walter Thurmond, RB Leon Washington, WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh, C Ben Hamilton, Ray Willis and LB Lofa Tatupu are on the training camp maintenance program and did not fully participate in practice this afternoon.

Former University of Washington basketball player Spencer Hawes attended practice this afternoon. We also had several national football writers in the house today, including Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports, Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated, Jarrett Bell of USA Today and Steve Wyche of the NFL Network, so be on the look out for their perspective pieces on the Seahawks.

Back to practice, I thought backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst played the best he’s been so far during training camp. He made several nice throws on the run today, moved around well in the pocket and looked poised during two-minute drills. It appears things are finally clicking for him and the game is slowing down.

Running back Justin Forsett continues to look explosive running the ball. Forsett said after his wedding he went back to his hometown of Dallas and worked with Michael Johnson at his performance center to work on his technique.

“I wanted to work on my long-range speed,” Forsett said. “And make sure when I break out I can finish it off. I want to be able to finish plays, whether it’s breaking it with speed or running over people or making people miss – anything that’s going to get me to the next level and take my game to the next level. Every day I want to be better than the day before, and I want to get better than last year.”

One thing Forsett has done is taken several hard licks in camp, including the two collisions with Aaron Curry last week. But each time he gets up, keeps running and never says a word.

“These safeties and corners are coming down on me pretty tough right now,” he said. “But it’s only going to make me better and make them better, and I’ll take it and get up and keep working.”

Forsett said he lost a couple pounds, from 198 last year down to 195 this season. He also talked about working with offensive line coach and zone blocking guru Alex Gibbs.

“He’s real big on the little things,” Forsett said. “Making sure my shoulders are parallel of the line of scrimmage on certain things so I can see the whole field. And the cutbacks are going to be there in the zone scheme, and to make sure that we don’t miss those.

“It’s been good, though. I love the way he coaches. He makes everybody excited around him, and I’m excited to learn from him.”

Some tidbits

* TE Cameron Morrah made some nice plays in the passing game today. He had back-to-back plays during one drive where Whitehurst found him for long gains, one on a delayed bootleg and the other a crossing route.

* Deon Butler and Golden Tate worked as a tandem on kickoff return today.

* Leroy Hill had a couple nice plays rushing the passer today.

* Deion Branch made a nice, diving catch on a seam route from Matt Hasselbeck during 7-on-7.

* Kennard Cox made a nice interception off a deflected pass intended for Julius Jones.

Notes from practice
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  1. “* Leroy Hill had a couple nice plays rushing the passer today.”

    Has Hill been rushing the passer much in practice? Has he been lining up at one position or have they been moving him around (perhaps to put him into position to rush the passer more often based on match-ups?). I’m sorry if some of this is well known to some of you… it’s gonna take a few days to get back up to speed.

    In a side note, the Cowboys stadium is obnoxiously gigantic.

  2. vichawkfan says:

    Forsett just hit my fantasy radar again.

  3. HawksKD says:

    What I saw –
    started with butler and Tate fielding kickoffs. Although butler is obviously faster, Tate seems to catch the ball in stride and is anywhere from 50%-70% speed when he catches it as opposed to standing there and waiting for it. Tate’s timing is impeccable and I think he should play a big part in out return game.

    OL – was working in the far corner like always. They looked pretty lazy to start but they ended up working their tails off and practicing taking on 2 defenders with another linemen finally coming in to pick up the second guy. Unger seemed to have some pop that he didn’t have last year and seemed to do pretty well. Didn’t see much of locklear (although he did play) which is a good thing because I was looking for those getting beat. Again the pressure seemed to be coming mostly on the backside which consisted of Phillips and wrotto at LT not sure at guard. Again Toledo impressed me at 2nd team RT I hope he sticks. The line looked a bit better today providing some nice holes for the RB. However pass pro is still struggling … Cough okung hurry cough. Not saying he’s the answer but obviously what we have now is not..

    Ricky Foley seemed to be the man terrorizing the back end getting past his man 3 times in a row rushing off that Leo position. He was practicing drills with some fire! Showing speed and power which translated during scrimmage. Perhaps this
    years nick reed.

    secondary played well today. Trufant looks back to his old self. When guarding the likes of Mike Williams truf was in his hip pocket at all times forcing Matt to throw high in hopes mike can make a play. When covering Kole Heckendorf..Well let’s just leave it at that.. He was covered . Trufant looks good.
    I think RCB is Joshs to lose. But Kelly is making a very hard push for it. Wilson is just so instinctual and versitile. One play he sniffed out a dump off pass to carlson and the next he battled out a jump ball with mike williams pulling his arm away for an incompletion as they came down.

    Earl Thomas looked very quick and very lost. I’ve heard that’s how he played in college. Looks lost but always makes the play. Sighting of Jamar Adams today. Forgot about him. I think everyone else will eventually also..

    Leroy Hill – I think hill had a wake up call when he was asked to stay away because of his legal issues. He appears as though he is fighting for his job. Easily the player of the day. Leroy was bursting through blocks making his way to he qb. He had some very nice pass deflections even one ending up as an interception. Covering Julius in the flat and carlson deep. Sorry for the people drinking on the Heater Kool aid but Leroy is playing on another level right now.

    Just as Eric said Charlie whitehurst had an excellent afternoon. It seems as much as Matt has established himself as #1 Charlie has established himself as #2. No need to worry though. All the reports are true. Matt is looking very very sharp. He hits everyone. Backfield, wideouts, slots, TE. He’s ready to rock for this season. One play you need to get used to. If you see Carson running up the seam. You better believe hass is gonna hit him. Double coverage or not. Hass said carlson will have a big year…. It’s gonna happen.

    Julius broke through with some nice runs. Forsett didn’t seem to find the same space as Julius. He was more apt to force the hole than find it. Which is something he can do despite his size. He still clearly has the best hands out of the backfield making numerous catches…. As per the story above.. Yes forsett actually does seem faster.

    Btw our new 3tech Pitcock I watched him a few times and he seems to have a pretty low center of gravity. He gets very squatty and appears to handle a double team well. The drill I watched was Dline men practicing with dlinemen though. So they could just be getting him acclimated too.

    I didn’t see any recievers really separate themselves from the bunch. They were all thrown too pretty evenly which speaks volumes for both hass and whitehurst. I didn’t see much of Ruvell today which was dissappointing. He looked very good during that first practice…

    Well i won’t be to anymore practices until the last one. We’ll see what develops in a couple weeks.

  4. The news is much appreciated though. Thanks.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Eric and Hawks, great stuff today and much appreciated.

    Bobby, Leroy is only now beginning to work with the first unit. Carroll has been pretty conservative with the veterans, giving them plenty of time off as camp wears on. He has a “maintenance plan”. So as they move Heater to the middle, Leroy has gotten more time at Will. In addition, they do seem to bring the LBs far more than previously. Either Curry at “RDE” when they move into a “3-4 hybrid” type front (Herring moves into the Sam). In any case, they do seem to be working at bringing the Will as part of the rush / blitz. Which is a good thing considering their DEs are an unproven pass rush commodity. It also plays into their “4-3 with 3-4 principles”. In 3-4s the LBs tend to bring the pressure as the DL occupies the o line. (as I’m sure you know) And with Bryant, Cole / Vickerson and Mebane, that seems to be something they are looking at.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Feel awful for Heygood. Tough break.

  7. So Curry has been doing some Elephant stuff in certain situations? Which means he’s going to blitz plenty in those packages, such as coming from the weak side (Elephant) or the strong side? That’s cool with me (if that’s what it is)!

    Still not caught up. Sorry for the “dumb” questions that are pretty standard to those not having lived in a “cave” for over a week.

  8. pabuwal says:

    If Forsett somehow has improved his long speed, then WOW! The Seahawks might have a genuine, home-run playmaker and the first 1000 yard rusher since 2005.

    I always thought Forsett was a poor man’s Ray Rice because he lacked his breakaway speed. But Ray Rice was considered “slow” in college and only seemed to gain his speed after speed training before the NFL Combine.

    So it is entirely possible that instead of having a poor man’s Ray Rice, we simply have Justin Forsett – NFL home-run playmaker.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby, As I understand it, when they move him to RDE / OLB and get him on the line, he’s replacing the Leo position. But at his base position of Sam, he may blitz a bit, a lot of that will depend on how effective Bryant is at LDE. And by all reports he’s been practicing very well there. They seem to be doing what they can to get creative with him, not simply as a pass rusher but as someone who will play in the offensive backfield. Eric may be able to shed more light on this. We’ll have a much clearer idea after next Saturday’s pre season game.

    And if you’ve been wondering why he hasn’t practiced recently, it’s because Forsett gace him a concussion. Saturday afternoon’s practice saw Curry lay out Forsett and a little scrum ensued (Unger taking up for Little Big Man). Then later in drills, Forse picked up Curry in pass pro and rang his bell. I guess it was some collision. Curry’s been out with headaches since.

  10. chuck_easton says:

    And then there was one…

    Reports are that C.J. Spiller will sign with the Bills today. That leaves one 1st rounder unsigned. Never thought I’d see the Seahawks in that position. I am already on the anti Okung bandwagon. If he weren’t so important to the team I’d find myself rooting for him to become the next Andre smith bust 1st round tackle.

  11. HawksKD says:

    A little on J-force –
    from day one Forsett has been running hard and through tackles. While defenders were not allowed to tackle fully, force was still attempting to lower the boom. Some defenders looked to be frustrated with Justin. I don’t believe he is trying to upstage defenders or be chippy. Ever since I’ve seen him he has always been 100% GO all the time…. Every practice. He is the only back to fully sprint out most of his runs after the whistle this year.

    During the first practice I was convinced that I kept mistaking forsetts speed for Leon Washington (they are of similar stature and both roll up their jerseys making it hard to discern 20 from 30). After this last practice it was confirmed that Justin Forsett does indeed look a little faster.

    Unfortunately Forsett seems to be hitting the hole too quickly. Last year he had it perfectly timed when to accelerate and when to let the hole open. It seems like he’s forcing it now similar to what Julius was doing last year. I hope he can find a natural balance with this new speed and his own shiftiness.

  12. If that’s really the case with respect to Curry, I think that’s about perfect.

    Russell Okung is nearing Deion Branch territory. I wonder what Ray Roberts or Ron Mattes are doing these days?

  13. HawksKD says:

    If okung comes to camp in shape ready to rock I have no qualms. If he shows up out of shape looking like Terrence Cody it will take some work to get my respect.

    Sure Walter Jones showed his displeasure by not showing up but he was in Alabama pushing trucks around and maintaining his own program.

    Okung is now approaching crabtree status not Deion. Deion is his own mold.

  14. snydro22 says:

    Hey “that’s not” good..

  15. Hawkfan1951 says:

    I COMPETELY sympathize! I ruptured my Achilles in mid-May and am just now getting back to walking. I was told a tear is wore than a rupture! So expect 6 -8 weeks of “non-weight bearing” time before he can even start PT!

    I’m SO excitied it’s FOOTBALL SEASON again!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

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