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Hawks sign OG Chester Pitts

Post by Eric Williams on July 29, 2010 at 12:06 pm with 39 Comments »
July 29, 2010 12:08 pm

The Seattle Seahawks announced today that they have signed free agent offensive guard Chester Pitts. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

The former Houston Texan played for current Seahawks offensive line coach Alex Gibbs, starting all 114 games for the Texans after being drafted in the second round (50th overall) of the 2002 NFL Draft.

Pitts suffered a knee injury two games into the 2009 season that required microfracture knee surgery. Pitts attended San Diego State, where he walked-on to the football team in 1998.

Pitts will likely compete for a starting job at right guard with second-year player Max Unger, but also provides much-needed depth along the offensive line for the Seahawks.

The Seahawks also released defensive end Robert Henderson and linebacker Anthony Heygood.

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  1. I am surprised but happy about signing Pitts. I thought he would sign with a team where he had a chance to earn a starting job, I guess that opportunity was not available. He improves our depth and provides an insurance policy for Hamilton, Spencer, and Unger. I think most fans want to see Unger move to center, play Pitts at right guard, and move Spencer to the bench, but we’ll see how it shakes out.

    Really surprised Heygood was cut. He was a player highlighted by coach Norton during the off season program.

  2. snydro22 says:

    Heygood drew comparisons to Curry from Norton earlier in the offseason..

    This move gives us a lot more security along the O-line heading into training camp.. Great pick-up.. The knee injury is scary, but if he passed medical then all we can do is cross our fingers that it holds up at this point..

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Interesting. I really like it from a depth standpoint, if his knee’s right.

    Heygood just lost the numbers battle. There really isn’t anywhere for him on the roster, at this point.

  4. zombiehooliganfc says:


    Right? I mean we really love guards here, don’t we? I mean Hutch was the entire reason for Seahawks success, so having an extra guard must only mean the Hawks are set for greatness.


  5. badcat63 says:

    Good insurance pick-up. Good experience teaching ZBS to younger players. Nice.


  6. zombiehooliganfc –

    Don’t forget to give the proper respect to Walter Jones…
    Jones and Hutch.

  7. williambryan says:

    i’m surprised with these cuts. I would have thought some WR’s would be gone first

  8. Dukeshire says:

    It’s easier to trim the roster around the most stable unit first, I believe.

  9. longco44 says:

    This is not going to be the year of the Seahawks. I have a feeling the Hawks will finish either 2nd to the 49ers, or 3rd to the 49ers and the Cardinals. This is the 49ers year to contend. Hawks will probably be at best an 8-8 team, but my figures have them more around the 6 or 7 win area.

    You all talked this hype last year about how good the Hawks would be, and it appeared to be tougher than nails to pull out the wins they did get!!!

  10. Hoo-Ray Hoo-Ray

    Pitts will be a 3YR starter at RG.
    Hamilton is a1YR deal.
    Unger will be the starting LG next year.

    LT Okung,Willis,Wrotto
    LG Hamilton,Unger,Byers
    C Spencer,Vallos,Martinez
    RG Pitts,Gibson,Erickson
    RT Locklear,Toledo,Phillips

  11. williambryan says:

    it will be interesting to see if Unger can hold onto the starting spot. It seems like the national people are expecting Pitts to start. I think its probably 50-50. I would think Gibbs would favor Pitts with there experience together. Also Pitts was supposed to visit other teams so for him to sign so soon might say that he is expecting to start or at least have the chance to start.

  12. kinger12 says:

    I would prefer Unger at Center and make Spencer a guard. So right now if I had my way.

    But we need more depth regardless on the line – Pitts and Locklear have had injury issues recently. Then we have Willis, Wrotto and Vallos and then a bunch of other untested guys behind them. It still feels like are one injury away from being completely busted again or playing magic roundabout with the O line. Which is not the ride that Hass needs this late in his career….

  13. I don’t expect Ray Willis to make the team. He does not move well enough for a lineman in the ZBS. Pitts played tackle in his first four years in the league before moving to guard. He could backup both positions.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    We’ll see how it plays out. I’m actually excited to watch the o line this preseason now. A lot of great battles. My instinct is that both Wrotto and Willis are in a bit of trouble.

    longco44 – We’re only 2 days from camp opening after an action packed and exciting off season. Of course there is optimism. That said, I haven’t read where any sincere expectations are for a miraculous one year turn around. Now, if any, is the time for wild expectations. Reality will come before too long.

  15. chrisj122 says:

    I’m optomistic about this season, but at the same time i’m also realistic. Therefore I would be happy with an 8-8 season.

    Having said that though, I would like to see the Hawks make a run in the playoffs while Hasselbeck still has the physical capabilities to get it done. Once Hasselbeck is no longer a viable option at Quaterback, then we will be truely in rebuild mode. I see Whitehurst as no more than replacement for Hasselbeck until we get the next franchise quarterback. Who knows maybe I’m wrong. There was a time when I wasn’t sold on Hasselbeck either, now he’s one of my favorite Hawks of all time

  16. yellaman says:

    This was a much needed signing. I’m not sold on spencer @ center and would like to see unger play center. Locklear & Willis should be fighting for the RT position. Spencer / hamilton/ pitts should be fighting for LG & RG positions and find a viable backup for Okung. Things to watch for in preseason

  17. Dukeshire says:

    IMO, this should be approached with skepticism. A veteran lineman coming off micro-fracture is a road we’ve been down before. Pitts is anything but a lock to make this team. I hope Carroll is approaching this signing as though anything they get out of him is a bonus. He’s not even a year removed yet. Younger players that have undergone less intricate procedures that play less physical positions, often take 2 season to return to 100%. That said, I revert back to my original feeling, that I like the signing for depth, if the knee is right. Like Snydro said, all we can do is cross our fingers at this point.

  18. Soggybuc says:

    Hopefully CP being about 7 years younger than Walt at the time of te surgery will help. not that 7 years makes much differance in healing ability but that Walt had 7 more years of abusing his knee than CP had.

  19. chuck_easton says:

    I’m sorry but guys need to get off the idea that unger is going to replace Spencer at center. If the team thought Unger was the better center he’d be there already. Unger is likely in a fight to hold on to the starting RG spot.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Actually, Walt (who’s only 36 now) was 34 at the time. Pitts who just turned 31, had his last year. So we’re only talking 4 years. But your point about playing those additional games and seasons and carrying that weight and the stress that places on joints, is spot on. Pitts does have that in his favor, in relation to Big Walt.

  21. williambryan says:

    I agree Chuck, I think for one, the criticism of spencer is overdone. He’s obviously not a pro bowler but he’s not that bad. I know Unger was a rookie last year but he seemed to get manhandled a lot. I think if there is one thing we as fans can count on this year is that Gibbs will coach up the line and put the best unit out there. His reputation and credibility is at least a little at stake here and he won’t want to fail. He got his left tackle, he got his veteran to mentor his new left tackle and he wants Spencer at center and he wanted to bring in Pitts (These are assumptions as I haven’t talked to Gibbs obviously but they are merited) I think if Unger was the best bet at center then he would be there right now and he’s not. What more do we need to know? I’m trusting one of the best line coaches ever on this one. I think the line will be Okung, Hamilton, Spencer, Pitts, and Locklear.

    Also about the microfracture surgery, Jones was able to run and maneuver at the start of training camp last year, but he still had pain and couldn’t take pain medicine because of his kidney condition (all well documented) otherwise we could have seen him make it back last year. Oline do not need to have the knees of high flying athletes, I think Pitts will be healthy enough to start right away and will in fact be starting. I guess we will find out soon enough.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Allow me to amend what I said earlier today about the Hill case being all but dismissed, a new investigation is under way. If any of these new charges are true, Hill will be going to jail, no two ways around it. This has taken a sudden turn for the worse. Let’s hope none of this is true, for everyone’s sake.

    In part: “The new affidavit accuses Hill of “witness tampering, witness intimidation and violation of the existing no contact order.”

  23. rramstad says:

    Duke, I’m afraid you are right about Hill.

    The whole thing with his girlfriend mysteriously indicating a lack of willingness to prosecute was a bit fishy. It does happen with great frequency that women decide they don’t want to testify against a boyfriend or husband, but it’s unusual for the victim to disappear from work, refuse to take phone calls, that sort of thing. Generally they are pretty honest about not wanting to hurt the man in the situation, not wanting him to go to jail, they want to get back together with them, and that sort of thing, and there’s no point in hiding those sorts of motivations from anyone… you’d take the call from the prosecutor, say those things, they’ve heard them a million times, and the case is closed. If you are hiding from the prosecutor and the court system, that’s a bit weird.

    The Tacoma News Tribune believes J.P. Losman is “far closer to being a game-ready productive quarterback” than Charlie Whitehurst.

    Eric – sounded like the TNT bunch was undecided just the other night at the meetup. Pulled this from the early chat.

    6:05 Ian Swenson: Ron asked if Whitehurst was a good pickup.

    Eric responded that it provides good competition and motivation for Hass and it’s good protection for Hass’ health.

    Boling disagrees. He says Losman is the better QB between the two. Whitehurst still has the potential, but hasn’t shown it yet.
    So Eric, one question remains to be answered … who is da TNT man? .. you or Boling ;)

    These linemen in the discussion have all signed one year 2M dollar contracts Make that 2.42M for Spencer. Hamilton (3,34M) and Pitts (4,38M) had both been paid extremely well in 2009 for only having been Guards.
    pay scale

    Oddly enough, J.P. Losman came aboard for a pittance, 630G. Of coarse his last NFL (not for long) Bills outing ended with a 62 QB rate but had an 85 in 2006. I’m still incedulous of third string $5M backups.

  25. ruminator1 says:

    excite: huh???

  26. I think Hill killed her. That or she was serious when she said she didn’t want to press charges. It’s one or the other. No other possibilities.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    This –

    “Hill’s alleged victim girlfriend has now disappeared. She failed to show up for a court trial today, quit going to work, and has not returned repeated calls to police and prosecutors.”

    is troubling. If she didn’t want to press, or wanted to drop charges, all she would have to do is tell the DA that. Or better yet, have her attorney do it for her. But it sure looks like she’s hiding. Quite going to work? Not good. Again, I really hope these is all much to do about nothing.

  28. yankinta says:

    We’ll see if this signing is worth it enough to give our compensatory 4th round pick next year.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    What does that mean? If anything, this minimizes the possibility of comp picks next year.

  30. chuck_easton says:


    I see this a different way. The lady is probably feeling pressure from multiple sources. He obviously has the DA pushing her to testify. She may regret the whole incident and wants to get back with Hill. She may even be getting pressure from family and friends telling her everything from she’s an idiot for not testifying to she’s an idiot for walking away from her millionaire boyfriend. Her response is to just pretend it isn’t happening and hoping it will go away.

    Yours or my scenario are both probable. I’m just hoping for the Seahawks,as I don’t care about hill one way or the other, that I’m right

  31. Dukeshire says:

    May very well be. I don’t presume to know anything other than she’s hiding. From who or what? I can only speculate.

  32. nighthawk2 says:

    When did the blog turn into a Law & Order: SVU scriptwriters workshop?

    As for Pitts, I agree with Dukeshire that it was a year ago everyone was planning great things because a lineman coming of microfracture knee surgery was expected to be a starter and play at his former level when I said it wasn’t going to happen. I’ll say it here too, I don’t think Pitts will be a starter without a new rash of injuries forcing it, and I don’t think he’ll play at his old level (not this year anyway). And Spencer still sucks. He sucked last year, he sucked the years before, and he’ll suck this year.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    “When did the blog turn into a Law & Order: SVU scriptwriters workshop?”

    At precisely the moment Hill began dragging his women down staircases then intimidating them with further violence (allegedly…) should they choose to cooperate with authorities.

  34. I want to see the medical report.

    You guys who are skeptical about whether this guys returns from a microfractured knee to contribute anything this year are absolutely right. Pitts is a long-shot. I’m also a little skeptical about whether Hamilton can start 16 games healthy. We could end up with a big hole at LOG once again.

  35. Thanks again for the negativity… and we could be going into the playoff game against the Bears with CB’s off the street only to be beaten cause TR wouldn’t ante up to a LG.

    Walter Jones made some 9M yankin our chain .. Pitts need perform cause as I’ve posted above he made a fortune before injury. 1 yr 2M is a lot to pay for a potential backup after releasing Rob Sims who was slated to make 1.8M. And I don’t care what you say, Sims stepped up last year. But the plan must be beyond backup for Pitts. Lord knows the bench has plenty of experienced backups.

    Knapp and his coat tail FB. What a joke that whole FO on down to the coaching staff became. Even that mouthy Mora attitude of late has me boiling. I had reluctantly been in his corner.

  36. snydro22 says:

    At this point, even if she were to testify, Hill’s defense team can drag her credibility through the mud..

    But most likely, she will refuse to testify, end up the defendant in her own case (filing a false police report) and Hill will walk..

    I’m not sure who is filing the continuances in this case, but if it is Hill he would be wise to proceed as quickly as possible..


    Dick Wolf

    P.S. Never talk to cops, and never waive your right to a speedy trial.. If everyone just followed these two simple rules, conviction rates would drop dramatically – ultimately creating chaos lol..

  37. Dukeshire says:

    Yes. Or as Dr. Hunter Thompson said, “An innocent man can get away with anything.”

  38. ruminator1 says:

    i will restrain myself re one comment above. however, on the Hill issue, my understanding is that the continuance was from the prosecutor so they could find out more as to why she wasn’t around and not cooperating. i look with some alarm at the issue of phone records. on the other hand, as a couple of people have hinted, if Hill is guilty of either the assault (esp considering his status in GA) or contributiing to her silence, that is very serious stuff and he deserves what he gets and i guess we will have to live with the results of that (almost certainly in either of those cases, no longer a member of the seahawks. at least that is what i’d expect. what a mess.

  39. You’re right excile, the 2M is a lot to pay for Pitts after Rob Sims was signed at only 1.8M. But I think Alex Gibbs watched tape of Sims and said this guy is a man-blocking OG and not quick enough for our ZBS. I still expect Pitts’ knee may never allow him to get on the field, but if he does, then he will be worth the investment.

    If Pitts gets healthy enough, he’s a critical backup for 2010. If Spencer goes down injured, Pitts could step in to start at ROG while Unger moves to C. If Hamilton goes down injured, Pitts can step in at LOG. Gibbs likely decided that support is worth $2M.

    And, again if the knee fully recovers, Pitts would be a likely starter in 2011 over Hamilton, who will turn 33 next year.

    Isn’t it great to see major $ investment in our O line once again? How many years have the hardcores here been screaming for that? ;-)

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