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Morning links: Q & A with Carroll

Post by Eric Williams on June 28, 2010 at 6:55 am with 36 Comments »
June 28, 2010 6:55 am

Jim Moore of had a 45-minute sit down with Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, attempting to peel off some of the layers of Seattle’s newest head coach. It’s an interesting read, offering yet another perspective on Carroll as a person.

As always, Moore does a nice job of unearthing some nuggets of information with his sometimes offbeat but poignant questions.

Here’s an excerpt, with Moore asking Carroll about his sleep patterns:

How much sleep do you get on an average night?

“Sleep is overrated generally. I don’t sleep that well and don’t sleep that long. I value it, but it’s just not for me, though I know it’s a good thing to be rested and not sleep-deprived.

“I operate better at night than I do in the morning. My mind works better the later I go. I almost have to wait sometimes to do stuff. Creative things happen better for me later at night. I probably get about five hours a night.

“I stay up late because something might happen. If I stay up a little longer, a movie might come on or whatever, something good might happen, a phone call, I just don’t want to shut it down. It’s the same mentality as a sophomore in college. I’m afraid I might miss something, and I’m still that way.”

Dan Graziano of NFL Fanhouse talks with Seahawks running back Leon Washington about his return to the field.

League commissioner Roger Goodell tells rookies to respects the game and the fans who follow it at the rookie symposium in Southern California.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times has more on Goodell. The league commissioner says 14 teams will be doing testing on different type of pads.

Vic Carucci of he NFL Network picks San Francisco to win the NFC West.

Houston Texans offensive tackle Eric Winston takes over Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback this week, offering five ways he would change the NFL, and also picking San Francisco to come out of the NFC West.

Ed Thompson of Fox Sports reports in his Seven Points feature that journeyman quarterback and UW product Mark Brunell is prepared to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy after earning over $50 million in his NFL career.

Nate Davis of USA Today offers 10 reasons he’ll take Football over Futbol any day of the week. The World Cup has been fun to watch, but I would have to agree with Davis here. It’s June, so it’s not like we have a choice to watch anything else.

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  1. Mr. Happy is definitely unique.

  2. wabubba67 says:

    Creative things happen at night for me, too! Especially between the hours of 12-3.

  3. Oh good, early east coast games look promising. (eye roll)

    BUT,,,,Sunday Night and Monday Night Football on the east coast someday may be a snap! :)

  4. Dukeshire says:

    That as one of the more interesting pieces on Carroll I’ve read. Fly casting on Lake Washington at 9 p.m.? That’s pretty cool if not classic ADD. He definitely uses football as a coping mechanism, but he seems to have struck something resembling balance so he doesn’t flame out. I’ll just leave it as he’s a very colorful guy. My initial reservations had been washed away months ago, and I’m very glad he’s here. (Hopefully I’ll be saying that 3+ years from now.)

    Peter King can make his vacation permanent, for all I care. The guest pieces have been far more interesting than anything King churns out. Another good one by Winston.

  5. Goodell: “We’re going to focus a lot on equipment. At least 14 teams are going to be testing some new kinds of pads. Hip, thigh, knee pads, and pads in the ribcage and shoulder area. What they’re designed to do is perform at a high level but also make the guys safer.”

    Mr Williams: Are the Hawks one of those 14 teams? Has anybody come up with QB pads that’ll better protect Matt’s ribs? I know the best thing is a set of healthy receivers and some better blocking, but the last thing I’m looking forward to is seeing CW or Losman playing in regular season.

  6. Once Spiller’s contract is finalized, the Bills might entertain moving Lynch in earnest. This is an interesting point to consider.

    An interesting point indeed. Hawks had little success on third down this past season. The prior year with Duckett they saw far greater success. Imagine the difference a pro bowl RB like Lynch would make. Leon Washington is a great return man. Force may be a premiere back and at 5-8 190 is an apt blocker. We already know that either Washington or Forsett make for a great change of pace. Now throw Lynch in the mix inspired by his Cal buddy, Justin. At worst we would no longer have Julius Jones as the starter

    On another FA note: The road to the SB goes through pass happy NO or likely GB. Of the playoff teams the only NFC team with a pounding run game was the Vikings who also had a dominate passing game. Dallas added rookie WR Dez Bryant along side Austin and Witten. Kelly Jennings gets out muscled by 5-11 GB Greg Jennings (most other WR’s), Wilson is a savvy 5-9 but no match for WR‘s 6-2 220. Lacking injured TE Daniels Houston’s Andre Johnson scorched the Hawks for 193 yards on 11 rec.

    O.J. Atogwe would have been an answer. Hawks ranked 10th against the run, 27th against the pass. Teams in the division would not have been able to turn Atogwe into a detriment against the run. Even so, change up the D, put Milloy in. Hawks have unloaded a majority of the higher salary players. We could have, (LOL) even in a cap year, afforded Atogwe. He isn’t a diva, high profile, high risk. No draft picks involved as was needed in the Whitehurst trade. Allen has plenty of cash and I say it would have been spending it wisely.

  7. KLM008: I’m not sure if the Hawks are one of the 14 teams, but I’ll check into it.

  8. chuck_easton says:


    My read of the Atogwe is that he wasn’t really interested in going anywhere but St. Louis. He was just using the threat of going somewhere else to increase the signing price, which he did. He got St. Louis to up their offer from 1.25 to 5 million a year.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    “O.J. Atogwe would have been an answer.” He’s a safety and unlikely to be the “answer” to covering the bigger receivers, especially from the SS position. He’s coming of two offseason surgeries (right shoulder, hernia) would have been changing positions and would have cost (approx.) $6 million a year. Sounds a little like a Deon Grant 2.0 (if not more talented) to me. It’s not surprising to me that Carroll wants to see what they have in Chancellor before committing to a high priced FA.

    Few corners are a match for bigger WRs. That’s why talented and skilled big receivers are in such high demand. Players like Fitz and A Johnson get their numbers regardless who covers them. The most effective way to slow down the best receivers in the game (and passing team’s in general) is to get to the QB. So if Schneider is to break character and sign a high priced FA, IMO it would be someone that would improve the pass rush (DE) not someone on the back end. (I’m not diminishing the importance of safety play, on any level, here.)

  10. I don’t recall your (ChuckE) stance on Deon Grant the FS signed by TR to play SS at 6 yr 30M. Grant was to make, after a restructure, 17M over the next 3 yrs had he not been released. Knowing how you (chuckE) tend to back everything the Hawk FO does I gather you saw the signing as a move in the right direction. And one who would argue it was not a strength of schedule issue that made the pass D a positive issue in 07 but the addition of Grant/Russell.

    In any event, why would you question overpaying for Atogwe in an UNCAPPED year? He has dominance over Grant available at the time because he had been beaten out of his position. Atogwe is still young and LEGIT. Well worth the monetary investment. Day one he would make Grant look minor league.

  11. Duke – DE? They passed up on two in the draft. Atogwe would have come with injury risk but now that all of the high profile FA’s are gone and they ain’t spent a dime… Walter Jones and his 9M are no more.. why not spend. What the heck are they saving for? a rainy day in Seattle.Ha Ha.

    Chancellor? They have a rookie that has never played an NFL down and wasn’t highly ranked in his class. Profile stated he is lacking in coverage skills. Slow footed but packs a wallup. A LB mentallity. Boulware sound familiar.

  12. ruminator1 says:

    it really is academic: atogwe had no real interest in coming here. all the talk about a visit (denied by seattle) was just contract posturing. assuming he is healed and not injury prone, he is a very good player. he could have added something here. but he was never coming here. i could think of a lot of players who aren’t coming here that would make us better and are worth the money.

  13. ruminator1 says:

    on leon washington: can someone clarify for me the rod-in-leg issue? how can that effect his ability to recover and produce? how susceptible to re-injury and serious injury does that make him. where exactly is this rod? do you know of any other players who have had something like that inserted and went on to be productive runners? i know he is running and apparently making cuts. so there must be some reasonable hope.
    on lynch: he returned to camp and seems to be welcomed by other players, but he also seems ready to play wherever.

  14. So.. what is academic? The signing of a third string QB for 5M. No other FA but a return man, Washington, traded for in the draft that just so happens to mirror Forsett. A change of pace RB who is already on the team. FA is over. They have unloaded nearly all (Branch excluded) of the overpriced TR baggage. The pursuit of Atogwe would have made sense. Duke – trying to place the SS in the box is not required of the Carroll 4-3 under or 3-4 look alike. Just as Grant prospered in the Tampa 2 at SS, Atogwe would in the UNDER.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    excile – Whether the team passed up DEs in the draft is irrelevant. We are talking about FA here. There is not one thing about the players they selected in the draft I would change. I mentioned DE here because it is now arguably the position of greatest need. And please bear in mind, it takes longer than one off season to rebuild a team.

    It’s not so much that they are saving (I love how willing people are to spend other people’s money). But more the fact whether or not there is value in signing a particular player and the approach Schneider has taken in building a team. (He prefers to build through the draft.)

    Carroll does require the SS to play in the box. He is required to play in coverage as well, of course, but to state otherwise is to acknowledge you don’t fully understand the “under”, with due respect. Which, is exactly why they drafted Kam Chancellor to play SS. Again, with due respect, your scouting report on Chancellor is incorrect or at least myopic. He played corner and FS Tech. Most reports that surfaced that says he’s not ideal to cover in the NFL are with respect to FS, not SS. Is he Earl Thomas? Of course not. But he will be a great fit in this scheme.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    ruminator1 – re. Leon Washington; take this for what it’s worth, but I found this really engaging (and if accurate, very encouraging). But it’s a fun read regardless that may answer some of your questions.

  17. chuck_easton says:


    I’m not saying that Atogwe wouldn’t have been good to look at. The fact is he never had a visit scheduled to come here. He wanted to go back to St. Louis and his agent did a great job of scaring the Rams into upping their offer.

    I have never taken a position on Grant so I have no idea WHERE you are coming up with that other than I didn’t agree with your assessment of Atogwe so you want to take issue.

    I challenge to you to find ANYWHERE in my past posts where I said the signing of Grant was a good move. You simply want to fight because I said that Atogwe didn’t want to come here.

    IF he had actually paid a visit, and IF the team had low balled him or decided not to make an offer than your rant would have some power to it. Facts are facts. He never had a visit scheduled to come here. The team was just used as leverage.

  18. ruminator1 says:

    well you are right, it was interesting and even a little funny. but not funny was the following:

    You shoulda asked him about Thurmond too.

    I actually did, but it wasn’t as cool as this one. He shrugged and said “well he’s young and he’ll have great care, but shit that’s a rough injury.”

  19. ruminator1 says:

    academic is discussing something that is over and was never going to happen for seattle. i think it is silly to criticise management for not going after Atogwe. he was not interested in Seattle,he was maniplating the negotiation process. again, you might as well criticise them for not picking up any of the FA’s that signed elsewhere but might have fit here. i also don’t think washington mirrors forsett. and finally, no way are these guys done adding people to the mix. there are other ways besides free agency. this does not mean they will pull off a miracle and put a championship team on the field. i was a believer (i.e. i hoped like hell) last year. in retrospect, a foolish attitude. is it different this year? it is hard to deny the enthusiasm. i do think the team will be more accountable for failure and lack of effort. Turning loose 1/2 of a roster suggests they mean business. if they get a banger in at running back and if the OL can move people, i am hopeful. i like the speed at LB, i think the draft was damn good. so wait and see. why knock them now?

  20. ruminator1 says:

    as for the similarities of forsett and washington, i never saw JF do this:

  21. ruminator1 says:

    turn the sound down but here is what washington was:

  22. chuck_easton says:

    And excile, I do NOT blindly agree with everything the FO does. Case in point.

    1) I can’t for the life of me understand why Branch is not only still here, he’s being talked about as the potential #1 WR.
    2) I still don’t get the Spencer at Center thing.
    3) I would have held on to Grant for one more season.
    4) I’m not ready to buy into the whole Whitehurst idea just yet, but I’ll give Charlie a chance to show he’s a bust before I label the move dumb.
    6) Julius Jones…not only still here but looking for all purposes he’s going to be the #1 back? nuff said.

  23. longco44 says:

    Sleep or no sleep. I couldn’t give a rats ass about how much sleep people get during the night, or day for that matter. He’s getting paid to win games. So that whole conversation about sleep really was a stupid topic to touch on. Jesus Christ!

  24. longco44 says:

    Holy Jesus.. Do you guys actually read some of this crap you post on here? And the times you post things!? I don’t care if people dislike what I write, or dislike me for that matter.. But do any of you have lives outside of Football? My god… It seems as if your on here 24-7. Thats F-in pathetic.. I suppose I have not much of a life either if Im wasting my breath commenting.. So do as you please.. Football is what it is, no matter how much ya’ll talk it up or talk it down… You have no insight on what Pete Caroll and the Hawks do or how they play. Ahh, damn.. Gotta pee..

  25. Safeties
    Prob’ly keep 4, with 6 now on roster: Earl Thomas, Lawyer Milloy, Kam Chancellor, Jordan Babineaux, Jamar Adams, James Brindley.
    JS got & cut Kevin Ellison so he’s still looking to improve SS. Ball-Hawk Thomas is better’n anybody Hawks’ve had back @ FS inna while. Milloy teaches him up. Kam also learns from Milloy, and grows into Hawks future SS. Milloy played more FS than SS last season, spelling FS Babs way more than SS Grant. Babs may improve just because the Ump isn’t back there blocking/screening for the TE/WR/RB, but Babs was much better vs the run than in coverage in ’09, so maybe he moves to SS? Adams showed flashes in his 1st preseason, don’t know what happened, he was sounding like he was gonna be a future answer at SS – but never saw the field in ’09 (injured?) Don’t know Brindley, maybe PS.
    Before Ellison, JS was s’posed to be interested in STL’s FS O.J. Atogwe, 5-11/203, but no visit. Atogwe stats:
    ’07 v run: 3rd of 75 S’s, v pass: 9th (26.9 NFL QBR), rushing passer: 48th, 4th overall.
    ’08 v run: 78th of 83 S’s, v pass: 23rd (72.8 NFL QBR), rushing passer: 23rd, 54th overall.
    ’09 v run: 68th of 88 S’s, v pass: 33rd (59.2 NFL QBR), rushing passer: 2nd, 32nd overall.
    Kindova steep dropoff by OJ (except for pass-rushing), but injuries & playing for STL, drop was almost expected. Last year almost everyone play better vs the run than OJ (incl Babs, Grant, & Milloy). Maybe OJ rebounds in ’10(?) Last year, though he only played 290 snaps, Milloy played every game and ranked 21st overall among safeties, and also performed slightly better than OJ in coverage.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    ruminator1 – Had to stop that highlight video early on, those still photos weaved in were ridiculous. But in any case, yes Washington is exciting and a playmaker. But size aside, I’m not sure many people have been comparing Forsett and Washington. Similar skills but different running styles, to be sure. Forse can really run between the tackles and Leon is more of an outside player. It’s going to be fun to see them compliment each other.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    ruminator1 – Apologies. I see what you were now referring to.

    “…Washington, traded for in the draft that just so happens to mirror Forsett. A change of pace RB who is already on the team.” – excile

  28. ruminator1 says:

    yes, i was just reacting. i think they are both elusive but to me a sound washington is a force–for 10-15 carries and some passes. not putting jf down when i say that..
    and even though they weave the highlights in there they are exciting and i love that he likes to hit people. he blocks and seeks people out.

    longco sort of answers his own question. i mean i wonder the same thing sometimes but then there is the buzz that has always been there with football. i think as well that many folks who contribute here do have lives full of kids and jobs and other interests. i know I do. but sometimes i grant it is too much. of course what is too much? i teach and play bridge and get very active with politics… a lot. far more time spent on those things.. someone could critique those concentrations too.

    and in some ways this blog is informative and not the rave that many other blogs are. in some ways. i mean there are certainly stupid and redundant things said here. but read a political blog sometime and compare.

  29. Duke & ruminator1 –
    Does Washington project as an outside zone runner? I read he was hurt on a zone run, just assumed it was inside.

  30. snydro22 says:

    Duke, did you get my email?

  31. ruminator1 says:

    washington both an inside and an outside runner. look at the collection of runs on that video

  32. I watched the videos, but I don’t see NYJ’s OL ZBing like I’d expected. There didn’t seem to be any definate movement of the OL to the right or left. Also watched Leon’s injury, which was called a ‘zone’ run, still didn’t look like the OL was ZBing. If Leon is still fast enough to get to the outside, and Gibbs can get some improvement in the OL’s ZBing performance, then JS & PC solved a major problem of Hawks ’09 run game, lack of RBs with enough speed to make outside zone runs. That’s a big improvement.

  33. A lot has been written about Hawks not having a power or short yardage back. JJ (5-10/208), JF (5-8/194), and LW (5-8/195) are all too small to ‘move the pile’. Ganther (5-9/214) and Rankin (6-1/205) are not appreciably bigger. So, why can’t Owen Schmitt (6-2/247) or Ryan Powdrell (5-11/254) make the ‘power’ runs?

  34. PC isn’t satisfied with any position on the Hawks but he seems especially concerned with RB and WR. I think he will add to both of those positions before training camp starts.

  35. PC isn’t satisfied with any position on the Hawks but he seems especially concerned with RB and WR. I think he will add to both of those positions before training camp starts

    I tend to agree – which is why I wouldn’t be suprized to see the hawks put in a 4th or 5th round claim in Unga or whatever his name is from BYU in the supplemental draft.

    I don’t see them doing a top 3 pick, but I wouldn’t at all mind a 4th and would be thrilled if we put in a 5th and got him!!

  36. Also here was a fun little read – that wipes some salt in the old wounds!!!

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