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Morning links: Carroll and khakis

Post by Eric Williams on June 24, 2010 at 8:19 am with 20 Comments »
June 24, 2010 8:19 am

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll (Ted Warren/AP).

Selena Roberts of Sports Illustrated pens this in-depth profile on Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

Roberts’ article details the reasons behind Carroll’s positive approach, the speculation of him living with a USC grad student and goes back down memory lane, taking a look at Carroll’s struggles at New England and with the New York Jets. It’s definitely worth a read.

Here’s an excerpt:

At 58, with a healthy head of gray hair, Carroll seems ageless as he preaches his pumped-and-jacked gospel in the camp-counselor wear that has come to define him: hoodie pullover, khakis, tin whistle. Over the years the hue of the hoodies has changed, but the pants haven’t. A Seahawks staffer keeps 20 pressed pairs of khakis in Carroll’s locker. “I think of them as the ultimate utility pant,” Carroll says. “You can work out in them, coach in them and look like you kind of tried around the office.”

In my story today, receiver Deion Branch says he will be ready for training camp at the end of July.

Our own Dave Boling details Red Bryant’s transition to defensive end.

ESPN’s Mike Sando says Seattle’s 2005 team was the Seahawks best team ever.

More Sando: As we’ve mentioned previously here, defensive end is one of the glaring weaknesses for the Hawks.

Safety Jordan Babineaux was not at the minicamp this week because he was attending the fourth annual Broadcast Boot Camp, a three-day workshop for current and former NFL players to learn the broadcast business. Babineaux is part of this roundtable discussion of NFL players on the potential of an 18-game season and other issues in this article by Russ Tucker of Sports Illustrated.

Matt Hasselbeck talks with KJR’s Ian Furness about the end of the offseason in this audio link.

Aaron Curry talks with Furness in this audio link.

Seahawks general manager John Schneider joined ESPN Seattle’s Brock Huard and Mike Salk in this audio link.

Check out Golden Tate’s outfit from a recent charity event. Think pink.

Morning links
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  1. Sando seems to mix in the 2006 and 2007 seasons under “Honorable Mention.”

  2. zombiehooliganfc says:

    You can also show condos to future recruits parents in them, buy players cars in them, talk to boosters about envelopes full of cash in them, talk to students agents in them…many, many, many things one can do in khakis!

  3. zombiehooliganfc says:

    …oh, and when NCAA investigators are snooping around, you can look like at least you tried to run a clean program or act completely ignorant in khakis, too.

  4. zoombie – those are things PC didn’t do, but good to know how versatile khakis are!

  5. Good call klm008 ! ;-)

  6. snydro22 says:

    “You can work out in them, coach in them and look like you kind of tried around the office.” – Pete Carroll.

    Too funny. Not as funny as Colin Cole on Brock and Salk yesterday, but close.

    This blog reminds of wal-mart, without the labor law issues and anti-union sentiment. It’s by far the best place for one-stop Seahawks shopping. Everyone should click on at least three banners per day, even if they don’t buy anything.


    I still think that Carroll owes an explanation as to why he released White, not that I think he’s a great player or anything. What we’ve been told, which is not much, just doesn’t seem to add up all the way. So far, my general sense is that Carroll is a bit disingenuous. Maybe I’m in the minority here…

  8. Dukeshire says:

    I rarely, that is RARELY, read Bleacher Report. But of course the one time I do, they offer this steamy pile of dung. Never again. I pass my misery along in hopes that I can convince others to never again read them as well.

  9. snydro22 says:

    First off – Carroll doesn’t owe White anything. White is a grown man, and an employee of the Seattle Seahawks. He was told at some point what was expected and he failed to meet those requirements. This isn’t patty-cake, this is a billion dollar industry.

    Second – White is obviously bitter. I don’t buy anything he says one bit. The Q13 video claiming he was out partying the night before missing a team meeting speaks volumes to his credibility. He knows why he was released.

    Third – Carroll’s hand was forced because he can’t let it appear to those on the team who are truly trying hard and giving their best effort that he is playing favorites and doesn’t hold everyone to the same standards.


    The bottom line is, White blew it. He wasn’t going to be a part of this team. He was given a brilliant opportunity by a great organization and a coach who knows him and he couldn’t pull it together. He had a sense of entitlement and it came back to bite him.

    So, don’t be feeling sorry for LenDale White. He is not a victim. And admitting to a media outlet a week after he got released that he smokes pot – in a league with a strict substance abuse policy – makes me question his intelligence and ability to make sound choices.

    LenDale is gone, he is bitter, and he most likely will never be a factor in the NFL again. Time to turn the page and ignore the clown.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Ocho – Lendale, facing a positive drug test, reportedly late for meetings and abusive to staff still claims he doesn’t know why they cut him? Schneider made his statement and that’s all I need to hear. Lendale strikes me as very immature. I don’t think Carroll owes him anything more, other than the opportunity to make this team. (And I presume it was a genuine one he did give him.)

  11. snydro22 says:

    If you listen to that interview with LenDale, a few things stand out. Mostly, how immature he is. But also he contradicts himself quite a bit.

    He says Carroll never hugged him, then says Carroll hugged him the day before he was released. He says Seattle wasn’t the right place for him, and that he has never had a good relationship with Carroll, but that he still doesn’t know why he was cut and was surprised because Carroll is his former college coach.

    He sounds bitter that Carroll didn’t give him enough attention, even after he broke the rushing record and his grandma died. Awww.. Poor little thug.

    He also brags about going on a “drive” with Snoop Dogg (assumptions are safe) after finding out he got released.

    Then he rips USC, Pete Carroll, Reggie Bush, the assistant coaches (minus Kiffin, McNair and Sark) and the athletic director. You know, all those people who gave his stupid a** a free ride through college?

    Imagine we cut an 8th grader. This is the reaction I would expect.

  12. Being a Seahawk fan is a rolllar coaster ride. When Ruskell resigned, that was a high. Then Mora was fired, even higher. I was thinking Shanahan or Cowher. Nope, Carroll. That was a downer. So PC sends a seaplane to woo Brandon Marshall who wore out his welcom in Denver. Down lower. Then seems to overpay the Chargers for Whitehurst. A little lower. Then lets go of starters and replaces them in free agency with backups and I’m thinking Seattle will be lucky to win two games, and thats with playing the Rams twice.

    Then PC refuses to overpay the Broncos for Marshall. Good move. Then he releases possible the best RB on the team because of a bad attitude. Another good move.

    What finally got me on the PC bandwagon was when I realized he had a plan. When you look strictly at the players gained and lost, maybe the personnel isn’t all that much better but they are better suited to what PC is doing.

    Bringing in Chris Baker to free Carlson of his blocking duties so he can be more of a receiver. An actual plan on the O line. Not only a plan for the D line but willing to move players around to fit the plan, such as Red to LDE.

    A very good draft. I would have preferred a couple more O linemen but I have to admit, Okung best LT in the draft and a huge need. Thomas, excellent FS and another huge need. Tate, best player available at #60 and will contribute this season. Chancellor a bargain at #133 and McCoy a steal at #185. Bring on the Niners Sept 12 and lets see what happens.

  13. “I still think that Carroll owes an explanation as to why he released White, not that I think he’s a great player or anything. What we’ve been told, which is not much, just doesn’t seem to add up all the way.”

    I actually Carroll and Schneider are taking the high road here – almost anything that they could say re the cut, take your pick of 1) he wasn’t good enough, or, 2) he had a bad attitude, was always late, etc., is going to reduce Lendale’s chances of making another team. It’s only his lack of maturity (and smarts) that cause him to make public statements asking for a reason.

    I mean, if he ever stops to contemplate it, why does he think they cut him? It’s not because he’s supertalented w/a great team attitude . . ..

  14. I meant to the fans, not to White.

  15. Fair points, by the way, I wasn’t aware of the things you guys mentioned.

  16. snydro22 says:

    Ocho – as to whether or not Pete Carroll is a bit disingenuous.. I don’t know if someone could successfully argue one way or the other. There seems to be a ton of evidence that he’s an honest, personable and caring guy, and there seems to be a ton that points to the contrary.

    In my honest opinion – and keep in mind that I am optimistic about his chances for success as our coach and president – I would not take everything he says at face value. Let’s put it this way, if he weren’t a football coach, I’m pretty sure he could sell me an ’85 Celica with a bad transmission, and by the time I went back to complain there’d be bars on the doors and the file cabinets emptied.

    The book, the image, the sanctions, the rhetoric – yeah it leaves a little bit of a bad taste. But that first time we execute a beautiful drive and beat a division rival – I think the pallet will be cleansed. He’s the kind of guy who love to root against if you are an opponent – but love to root for when he’s winning you games. Bill Belichick comes to mind in that regard.

  17. snydro22 says:

    Hawks signed DT Jonathan Lewis, released Barrett Moen.

    Lewis has been in the league since ’06, hasn’t done much, bounced around, was with the Seahawks before, now he’s back, but he’ll be gone soon.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    I think the Belichick comparison is an interesting one. On the surface they would seem to be very different, but I don’t think so. While Belichick may come at it from a dour, negative angle (in contrast to Carroll’s enthusiastic, positive approach) there are a lot of similarities. As snydro said, the are each very polarizing. Their past successes are tainted with cheating scandals. Both unreal motivators. Each has a very deep knowledge of football history. Both have a defensive background. Both 58 years old. Belichick took over for Carroll in New England, of course. Both regarded as failures in their first stint as head coach despite each taking their team to the playoffs. (Yes, Belichick took the Browns to the playoffs in ’94)… Yin and Yang of the same coin.

    There may be other similarities, but off the top, they have a lot more in common than most would think at first.

  19. Syndro,

    Totally agree. He is a smooth operator. My point, which i didnt make well, was that the story makes it seem like Carroll was being insincere. But, I do like the moves he’s made since he’s been running the operation.

    That being said, I am no defender of LenDale. It’s obvious that he has had problems with work ethic. Also, he stinks. But it seemed like he had turned it around recently. I had no idea there were rumors of him being abusive towards staff, only that he was supposedly late to meetings (which I wasn’t sure was speculation or fact).

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