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Minicamp observations

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on June 22, 2010 at 6:13 pm with 12 Comments »
June 22, 2010 6:15 pm

Okay, got the print story filed. Earlier posts covered most of the newsy stuff. Now … some of what jumped out from the sidelines.

With Jones and Forsett absent (romance), Quinton Ganther kept getting more looks. The guy just really seems to make a lot of plays. He runs low and looks to have pretty good acceleration for a guy 5-9, 220. He could be a darkhorse back there.

Of the injured guys returning, I was most struck by how good Leon Washington seemed to be moving around. He spent early time taking handoffs and just getting his feet under him, but then was going through the steps for pitch plays, which required him to plant and cut up-field. He was doing it at what looked like pretty close to full speed. It seems that would be a real test for a guy coming off multiple leg fractures. Carroll said they’d be careful with him the first couple weeks of training camp, but then added that he thought all those guys — Housh, Branch, Washington, Thurmond — would be ready to at least be eased back into action when camp started.

Carroll’s biggest surprise from the off-season has been Red Bryant, who was starting at DE opposite Chris Cleamons. He said that he thought Bryant’s size and quickness gave him some special qualities. Don’t scoff. Those of us who watched him in the past might wonder if this is over-estimating his potential. But he HAS looked different. He looks quicker and far more confident. It might be that it all just clicked in for him. But here’s a fact: The guy is very big, very strong and pretty ornery, too.

Kelly Jennings was with the ones on defense, with Josh Wilson coming on in the nickel. The linebackers were Curry, Hawthorne and Herring, with Hill going with the twos.

Of our earlier discussion of Chris Spencer … Carroll called him one of the stars of the off-season. I recall Jim Mora saying that last year. Will be interesting. Seemed like Okung made a couple rookie flinches when Hasselbeck went into his tricky cadence designed to draw the defensive offsides.

At quarterback, Whitehurst had a pretty nice series in a two-minute session, but he threw two picks in the Red Zone, too. For my money, and I think I’ve seen every OTA session that has been open to us, I think JP Losman is far closer to being a game-ready productive quarterback than Whitehurst.  Losman really has a big-time arm on him, and an awful lot of experience.

I think one of the surprise guys on defense could be Kevin Vickerson, the guy they picked up from Tennessee. He is huge and he plays with a great deal of force. There’s a “pop” in his punch.

Got no real answer to where Babineaux was other than some vague suggestions that it wasn’t related to the signing of Kevin Ellison and it wasn’t something illegal … at least the best I could translate. Will follow tomorrow.

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  1. Great stuff! Thanks!

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Dave, thanks and nice job today.

    Jennings with the ones. Hate to hear he’s replaced WIlson opposite Tru, but if he’s earned it…

    I don’t scoff at Red looking “quick”. That was to be one of his strengths out of A&M, quick off the snap. If he can really step up and fill the LDE spot, their run D becomes so much stronger. The left side in the under is vulnerable to the run and his size would be an incredible boost there. And if Vickerson can be serviceable behind Cole, the move makes even more sense.

    Again, encouraging news about Washington. I really expected him to be on the PUP list to start the season, but if he 100% by Sept 13th that would be a great boost to the offense.

    And lastly, I’m not terribly surprised about Losman. That’s why they brought him in; should Matt go down, they need someone whose game ready in the event CW isn’t.

  3. freedom_X says:

    But, if CW actually is beaten out by Losman, then the Seattle brain trust pulled a big boner. That would be a huge miscalculation on their part, given that conventional wisdom questioned the price they paid for Whitehurst.

    Wasn’t Losman considered a “gamer” (played much better on game day than he showed in practice?) Isn’t Whitehurst the opposite (didn’t look so hot in his limited action, but looks great in practice?)

  4. williambryan says:

    Awesome stuff, I was wondering if you, Mr. Boling, would give us your version of a roster breakdown, something Eric has done and bloggers past. With your proficiency in the “trenches” of the team, I would be interested to see how you think both lines will look by opening day. I know there are no pads yet… mainly I wonder how Red’s move to end will affect the DT rotation. Does this mean Terrill is more likely to make the team? It would also be nice to compare your breakdown of the roster to one from Eric. Thanks for the greeat stuff guys.

  5. williambryan says:

    at first the thought of Losman looking better than Whitehurst is sscary considering the investments for whitehurst. However, Whitehurst just hasn’t had the opportunity to “face live bullets” as they say. Hasselbeck has had those opportunities and lets not forget how he started his young career (good pre-seasons, had the opportunity to start and got benched and came back as a pro bowl QB). I think for the Whitehurst experiment to ever work, he will have to see a lot of regular season work this year, which looks like it will only happen if Hass gets another injury. Hopefully if CW gets that opportunity, he can play at a .500 level and come back next year with a lot of experienced gain and the team will be better for it in the long run. I am getting a little ahead of everything now but I don’t want to everyone to write off Whitehurst yet.

  6. Dave Boling says:

    Couple reminders re. Losman, etc., it’s all early returns from a minicamp. Branch looked good in an early minicamp before going down again, so we have to be careful with projections there, too.

    So much is unknown this time of year. For instance, in commenting on how athletic McCoy looks, we have to remember that we don’t yet know what’s in his head and in his heart. We’ve seen one particularly physically gifted tight end around here who didn’t have the right stuff going on in either place and it left him falling far below his potential.

    On the topic of tight ends, Carlson made a catch so remarkable that Carroll ran up to him and proclaimed him the “best low-ball catcher in the league.” Part of the reason is the guy is absolutely fearless about selling out to get the reception … even in unpadded minicamps.

    Not sure if I’ll do a roster breakdown, per se, but we’re working out how I can contribute more regularly on the blog. Eric does such a great job with the news, the links and the technology. We think my most productive contributions are assessments and commentary based on the perspective of 30 years of coverage. Now that I’ve got the system figured out a little bit, I plan logging such entries.

  7. Great! Looking forward to more of your analogy!

  8. chuck_easton says:

    I’ve said before, this is Branch’s time of year. He’ll be impressive enough to take one of the WR roster spots at final cuts. It won’t be until he’s assured of making the team that that nasty pimple will appear on his forehead which will cause him to miss 5 to 7 games but never be injured enough to have to go on the IR. It’ll just mean he won’t be available on gameday because it hurts too much to put on his helmet.

    This coming from someone who has been a Branch supporter and who actually had the brilliant idea to draft him on to my fantasy team last year because he couldn’t POSSIBLY go another year with all the injuries.

    I can only think what some of the Branch antagonists are feeling right about now.

  9. Great day of blogging Mr. Boling, enjoyed it very much.

  10. vichawkfan says:

    anything to report on how Okung is developing?

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Here’s Ricky Foley’s On The Fringe segment. I had no idea he was as inexperienced as he was. PLayed less than 20 games in his life when the Ravens signed him as an UDFA. Pretty good stuff.

  12. hardens_quickly says:

    Looks like Babineaux may be at a joint NFL/NFLPA Broadcast Boot Camp as he was part of a roundtable discussion with Ross Tucker of

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