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A few minutes with DE Nick Reed

Post by Eric Williams on June 14, 2010 at 12:30 pm with 17 Comments »
June 14, 2010 12:30 pm
Defensive end Nick Reed celebrates a 79-yard fumble return for a score against Jacksonville.

Someone who should benefit from the Seattle Seahawks defensive changes is defensive end Nick Reed. Right now the second-year player out of University of Oregon product is working with the second unit at the newly created Leo position, or weak-side defensive end, behind Chris Clemons.

“We have a new staff, but it’s the same defensive line coach (Dan Quinn) and defensive coordinator (Gus Bradley), so the transition isn’t as big,” Reed said. “We’re changing some things up, but as far as just comfort with the schedule and the system and how things go, I feel a lot better.

The Seahawks are looking to get quicker off the edge of the defense in order to generate a more consistent pass rush, and Reed’s size (6-1, 245 pounds), high motor and pass rush ability fits what they are looking for out of the Leo position.

“I really like it,” Reed said about the position change. “I think it’s going to give me a better opportunity to get on the field more for this team, and I’m very excited about that. They’re not throwing everything at us at once. They are putting it in slowly so we’re getting comfortable with everything. I think it’s a good spot for me.

“To be honest it’s not a lot different. There’s a couple, different variations, but it’s the same position with a few tweaks here and there.”

Nick Reed works with defensive line coach Dan Quinn.

Another thing that works in Reed’s favor is his ability to make explosive plays while he’s on the field. Reed earned a roster spot last year by creating explosive plays during the preseason, finishing with 14 tackles, four sacks, two pass deflections and an interception.

In limited action during the regular season, Reed finished with 17 tackles, a sack and two pass deflections and a fumble recovery returned for a 79-yard score against Jacksonville.

Reed also was one of the top special teams players for the Seahawks.

Reed understands it will take a similar effort to continue to earn more time on the field.

“I don’t like to get caught up in like, ‘Today I’m going to get these kind of stats.’” He said. “You’ve just got to go out and lay your butt on the line every day. But I think that was a big factor in helping me make the team last year, and I think it will be important this year again.”

The key for Reed getting on the field more will be his ability to be stout against the run. In order for Seattle’s switch to the Leo position to be effective, the player working in that spot has to be able to play the run as well so the Seahawks can run the defensive alignment in early downs and not just in passing situations.

“That’s kind of been my thing all along, is that I need to show them that I can play the run,” Reed said. “You don’t know whether it’s going to be a run or pass, so you want to be in all the time so that you can be in for those passes. So I want to show them that I can play the run so that I can get on the field more often, and be there for all of the passes.

“To get more playing time you have to show them you belong on the field, and that comes with production and consistency. So I just try and be consistent every day.”

Here’s a look at some of the plays Reed made in is first preseason game last year against San Diego.

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  1. For those that suggest Nick Reed to too small, I say take a look at Robert Mathis with the Colts. Mathis killed us in the game last year, and he has 63 sacks over the past seven seasons. Nick Reed is two pounds heavier than Robert Mathis. If the kid can prove he can be an every down player, he could be a difference maker for us.

  2. I know I was on a bit of a rampage on the previous thread about a situational role as the leo or elephant with respect to Hill… but I’m really hoping Nick Reed can take this position and fly with it. We absolutely must have more pressure than what we have on paper right now (that’s why they play the games) if we’re going to have a Super season.

  3. devisscher says:

    That game vs the Jags was pretty awesome. One of the few fun moments of the last 2 years

  4. Tompage – good point. But the Seahawk offense needs to do a better job of scoring points for our defenders to play up to their potential. Manning usually gets guys like Mathis a lead to play with and then those guys can pin their ears back and rush when the know the opponents are going to throw the ball. That’s a lot easier than what our defense could do last year. Mathis, as a Seahawk last year, would have most likely looked average and undersized, but on the Colts he looked like a stud.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Agreed 100%. You know those stories about mothers who are able to lift cars in order to save their babies? Nick Reed is like that, on every play. His measurables and talent actually get in his way and create a greater challenge for him (not unlike Forsett). The one person who should benefit the most from the switch to the under is Reed. Even more than Mebane, IMO. This quote right here –

    “That’s kind of been my thing all along, is that I need to show them that I can play the run,” Reed said. “You don’t know whether it’s going to be a run or pass, so you want to be in all the time so that you can be in for those passes. So I want to show them that I can play the run so that I can get on the field more often, and be there for all of the passes. –

    fires me up to no end. The fans what you in there as well, Nick Reed.

    Eric, Thought it was slim pickings today…? Great work.

  6. SeanCarney says:

    I for one am not worried about runs to the weakside, especially if Hill is starting. Because Mebane should take care of most of those plays, my only concern is losing Mebane (shudder). If that happened our whole defense would be entirely f*cked.

  7. LDE-Jackson, Bryant, Wilson, Henderson

    RDE-Clemons, Reed, Davis, Foley

    One tech-Cole, Bryant, Vickerson

    Three tech-Mebane, Terrill

    Anyone at three behind Terrill?

  8. snydro22 says:

    Aww, look.. BobbyAyala bought a neon jersey..

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Did anyone else notice how it was Whitehurst that Reed was harassing in the above highlight? 2 sacks and an int. Lol.

  10. bird_spit says:

    To CW defense, his LT was made to look really bad by Nick Reed. Nick was an animal in that game, and all but solidified his chances all in one game.

    Did you notice that CW was rushed in the throws in the video, to the point that he was throwing behind his receivers.

    What is the typical advancement of a DE from rookie to year 2? Can we expect Nick Reed to be vastly improved. If so, I want a NR jersey. He is the Man to watch on that line.

  11. snydro22 says:

    I actually thought Whitehurst looked pretty good on some of those rushed passes. Other than the one he threw flat-footed right into Reed’s hands.

    With a better offensive line in front of him (I’m praying our 1st string is better than San Diego’s 3rd string this season) I think there’s hope for Mr. Whitehurst being the future.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, the LT was abused. CW stepped up nicely and made a couple good throws under pressure. (Said floater to Reed aside)

  13. Is it called the “Pac-11″ now?

  14. variable575 says:

    snydro says-

    “With a better offensive line in front of him (I’m praying our 1st string is better than San Diego’s 3rd string this season) I think there’s hope for Mr. Whitehurst being the future.”

    yeeeaah right, and that’s why he’s competing for second string now(and will most likely lose)against J.P.. For someone who launches baseless attacks on people for what they post concerning the hawks, id expect or assume your post to be a little less devoid of intelligence. no surprise though. cue “dukeshire” to offer up a post in your defense. which might even spring an otherwise neutral bobbyk into action as well. good day fellas.

  15. “Another thing that works in Reed’s favor …”

    With all due respect to Nick, the main thing that is working in Nick Reed’s favor right now is that everyone is practicing in shorts, no pads, no hitting. ;-)

    Playing in shorts, small speed guys look unstoppable and offensive linemen look ridiculous. Unfortunately, when the 49ers come to town on Sept 12, they will come in pads and ready to hit, block, and hold. That won’t work in Nick Reed’s favor. I’m not down on Nick Reed, I love the guy. But let’s not get too excited about how guys look while playing in shorts.

  16. Does anyone else remember the years when we had Grant Wistrom lined up at RDE and we played the Rams (Orlando Pace)? It was rather commical (so long as you weren’t a Seahawk fan). He would take a step or two and then he’d be in the exact same spot for hours and hours waiting for the QB to get rid of the ball. It was really pointless for him even to be on the field in passing situations because you knew that nothing positive was going to come of it. In reality, it made so much more sense to have a faster/quicker guy at RDE and even if you knew that person had no chance to get to the QB – you could at least fake it and drop him into coverage so something positive could come of it – or have the faster guy there and overload and attack (not even Walt or Pace in their primes could take on two guys like that at once). With us having quicker guys off the edge in pass rush situations it’ll give Mr. Happy more options to attack weaknesses and have the element of surprise, rather than the old days of knowing full well there was no way in hell Wistrom would do anything productive against Orlando Pace and yet we kept sending the lamb to slaughter and Pace would toy with him for 3 hours per day.

    By no means do I think Wistrom sucked. I loved his run defense. He was an elite DE run defender but only so-so at getting to the QB and that’s what his position needs most. But those Sundays against the Rams (Pace) were brutal.

  17. snydro22 says:


    Should eventually be the Pac-12 with Utah coming over as well.

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