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Carroll: Losman strengthens quarterback position

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May 24, 2010 2:35 pm

The Seattle Seahawks liked J.P. Losman better than Mike Teel and Mike Reilly. That’s essentially the reason Pete Carroll gave for the team signing Losman last week and releasing the other two quarterbacks. Carroll believes that Losman gives Seattle more depth and experience at the position, and also will make things more competitive for both Matt Hasselbeck, and in particular Charlie Whitehurst.

“He’s got a terrific arm,” Carroll said. “In his workout when we saw him, there was just no question that he had really good control of the football. His accuracy was there and he has fantastic strength in his arm.

“Our guys had evaluated him coming out (of college) and really liked him. We know that he’s had a lot of play time that gives him some background. And we think he gives us a chance to be more competitive. And I already talked to Charlie about feeling the push from J.P., and that’s how this goes.”

Carroll wasted no time getting Losman involved, throwing him into team drills. After a couple handoffs, Losman’s first throw was deflected at the line of scrimmage by defensive tackle Robert Henderson. But he did manage a couple short completions during team drills, quickly recognizing the blitz and dumping the ball off. Losman also showed a strong arm and solid accuracy during one-on-one drills. He stayed out and worked on his footwork after practice.

For his part, Losman said he was just focused on getting comfortable with the offense on the field and getting the playbook down.

“The last thing to come is the sharpness and the pass efficiency,” Losman said. “But right now you’re just trying to complete some balls. But as the practice goes on very quickly here, you want to look a little bit sharper.”

Carroll said the team is open to adding a fourth quarterback, and will wait and see how the evolution of the roster goes.

Listen to Losman talk about his opportunity in Seattle here.

[wpaudio url="" text="MP3: Losman audio"]

Golden Tate made the play of the day this morning during team drills. With the play breaking down and quarterback Charlie Whitehurst scrambling and looking for a play, he heaved a ball 50 yards down the middle of the field to Tate, who was blanketed by defensive backs Kam Chancellor, James Brindley and Marcus Brown. However, Tate beat them all on the jump ball to cleanly come down with the ball.

Tate followed that nice effort up two plays later with a nice catch on a 15-yard in route.

“I think it’s something I learned in baseball,” Tate said about his ability to high-point a ball. “We’re always taught to catch the ball at its highest point. I catching a small ball, a little white ball in the air, but I’m just trying to high-point the ball. I’m not the typical, 6-3, 6-4 guy, so I can’t stay on the ground and expect to make a great play.”

Tate says he’s trying learn all of the receiver positions on offense, but is focusing on the Z or flanker position right now, which is a little different from college where he played X or split end at Notre Dame.

And although he made a couple mistakes in practice on running the wrong routes, Tate said he feels more comfortable on the field because he got a chance to study the playbook while at home in Tennessee after the post-draft minicamp. Tate said he had his mother test him on the playbook using flash cards.

“I think the speed is slowly starting to slow down, or I’m starting to catch up with it,” Tate said.

A couple of the same players remain out. T.J. Houshmandzadeh did not practice again, as he recovers from surgery for sports hernia. And Deion Branch remains out after having a clean-up knee surgery. Running back Leon Washington also continues to watch from the sidelines. And defensive end Kevin Vickerson has a sore groin that has kept him out.

However, running back LenDale White was back in action after attending to personal matters back in Tennessee.

Right tackle Sean Locklear also did not practice today, with Ray Willis filling his spot. Carroll said he did not know what Locklear wasn’t practicing today.

Carroll also addressed the roster churn today. Since the Seahawks hired general manager John Schneider, the team has made 55 roster transactions in the name of competition.

“We’re just trying to get as much information as we can and be really competitive and allow for a real competitive environment here by bringing guys in,” Carroll said. “I think it’s been good for us so far. We’ve had some guys come in here. We’ve looked at guys and then brought guys back, so we’re going to keep working it and continue to find ways to help the team.”

So is there a point when the continued roster churns becomes a distraction to building cohesion for the upcoming season?

“All of that is going on at the same time,” Carroll said. “We have a number of guys here that we feel really good about, and that we’re trying to really take as far as we can in the system. But we think we have to remain open minded to the competitive aspect of bringing guys in here, one to keep the message strong, and two to keep looking to see if we can find somebody.

“I think in a new program it’s really important to do this, and so we’re going to keep doing it. And there’s no deadline when we’re going to try and get everybody comfortable and settled. I don’t think that’s necessary here. Everybody here knows that this is a very competitive environment, and they’re going to have to battle day in, day out. And that’s the whole idea.”
Some tidbits:

* Along with Tate, wide receiver Deon Butler had a good day catching the ball, making several plays in one-on-one and team drills.

* You would think that the guys have full pads on at times. Wide receiver Mike Williams and linebacker Matt McCoy had an ugly collision on a slant route that left both players woozy. But both continued to practice.

* Julius Jones had a good day running the ball, and seems to be doing a better job reading the zone running plays.

* Offensive tackle Joe Toledo pancaked linebacker Kevin Dixon on a wide screen to Ben Obomanu.

* Cornerback Chris Richards made a nice interception on a Matt Hasselbeck ball intended to Deon Butler on an out route.

* Nose tackle Colin Cole continues to look strong at the point of attack on running plays.

* Washington head coach Steve Sarkisan was at practice today, and talked at length to former USC players Mike Williams and LenDale white after practice

Notes from practice
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  1. This staff seems to love athletic QBs who have strong arms with bringing in Whitehurst and Losman. I have never seen Locker play, but I wonder how high they will be on him next off-season if things don’t turn out well with respect to our own QB situation in ’10.

    When I think of great QBs, the guys who come to mind are Marino, Manning, Brady, Montana… these guys aren’t the stereotypical athletes with cannons. But then you get Elway and Steve Young to show athletic freaks can be great too. Still, I think it evens out that non-stereotypical athletic freaks have made the better QBs throughout history. Just like I think Matt Hasselbeck has the worst skills of our QBs but has made a better pro than Whitehurst or Losman ever will. Just an opinion and I’d love for Charlie to develop into a multiple Super Bowl winning QB (as long as it’s with the Seahawks).

  2. pabuwal says:

    There is plenty of game film to evaluate on Losman. This guy looks great in practice, but melts in games. Kind of like Whitehurst. Its a sackorama with these guys. No pocket presence = no NFL future.

    A broken down Hasselbeck is 5x better than these guys ever will be. I stopped the Hasselbeck bashing months ago and now I am just hoping beyond hope that he can recapture his 2002-2005 magic, other wise the 1992-1994 nightmare will continue.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, Bates and Carroll have a very specific profile they look for in QBs and mobility is certainly one of them. The ability to roll out and away from pressure. I just hope it doesn’t come down to relying on Losman at any time this season.

    And yes, there are a number of different QB “profiles” that have had success in the NFL. It’s what you do with their skills and what tools you give them to be successful, that counts. But the MOntana, Young, Garcia mold, seems to be closer to what Carroll is looking for than the Marino / Manning type. Horses for courses…

    Has the been a practice / OTA or mini-camp where Tate hasn’t done something spectacular? Seem like every time I read about him he’s putting on a show. Awesome!

  4. You have no idea how thankful I am that you “stopped the Hasselbeck bashing months ago.” LOL. But if he is properly protected with an ample supporting cast, I’ll bash right there with you if he makes some of the stupid mistakes he made last year. I give him a free pass, like the final drive of the Tennessee game, because he was ruined by that point with confidence, protection, etc. The only way he’s going to get that back, which I think he will, is by having a decent running game and dropping back to pass and actually realizing he isn’t going to get killed every time (and seeing on film that his protection has dramatically improved). I know there was more than a few bad passes last year when he actually did have time, but when you’re so used to getting killed, you’re just in “get rid of the ball at all costs” mode that you made bad plays/throws. Matt needs to step up in ’10 and I think he will. I actually think he’s going to have such a good year that it’s going to be hard for the FO to let him walk.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    How do we know Whitehurst melts in games, yet? That may be right, but with only 2 appearances in the regular season, that seems a bit premature.

  6. pabuwal says:

    BobbyK – Let’s hope we can recapture the old Hasselbeck and get the Seahawks back on track. Otherwise, I think it’s going to be a long few years as I don’t see any capable replacement on the horizon. I don’t really buy a veteran QB losing confidence as the reason for struggling, but if that’s all it is – than it’s much more fixable than the reasons I have suspected.

    Duke – I find it hard to believe a guy that looks so bad in preseason can look ok in the regular season. I saw David Greene when I watched him in preseason.

    Sometimes its ok for a QB to take a lot of sacks (eg Krieg) if they can move the team down the field and put up decent passing numbers. It’s passable if a QB has weak numbers but doesn’t take sacks or turn the ball over.

    Whitehurst takes a lot of sacks, fumbles the ball quite a bit and has weak passing numbers. But I hear he looks good in practice!

  7. Dukeshire says:

    I have to see how those sacks come. I simply refuse to believe that if he’s the second coming or David Greene, they would have traded for him. Perhaps, but I have more faith, based on how Carroll / Schneider handled the draft and restraint they have shown in other areas of FA, that they are better judges of ability than that. That said, neither am I convinced he’ll ever be as good as Matt. I know you have said you’ve seen him play a bit in preseason, but I’m reserving judgement until I see it with my own eyes.

  8. bird_spit says:

    Hey – lets hope this year Hamilton and all of the OL has Hass’s back. As in when Darnell Docket approaches, they knock his head off. That incident was pathetic last year. I am pretty darn sure that would have never happened when Hutch and Walter had his back.

  9. surelyyoujest says:

    My own take on the Losman acquisition, is that they haven’t quite seen what they want in CW. Teel can develop if they are comfortable with CW….if not, they need someone who they’re comfortable can take the ball if needed THIS YEAR. It’s possible that Teel is gone because CW isn’t showing. Pure speculation on my part of course.

    The other point I’d make is not to judge CW or Losman on early returns in their careers. Matt didn’t exactly play lights out in his first couple of years as a Seahawk. Everyone wanted Dilfer in there. But then the light goes on and voila, a Pro-bowl and Superbowl. Rich Gannon is another guy that comes to mind. Mixed returns at KC, but then gets to Oakland and lights it up. It’s getting their mind right as much as the physical tools. Time will tell.

  10. I remember when Jim Plunkett was a loser. He got killed in NE. I’m too young to remember him getting killed in NE, but remember hearing about it. And then he got to Oakland, eventually played for them, and then ended up winning a couple of Super Bowls after he had much better surrounding talent. He needed that confidence back of having a running game and surrounding talent. I’m not saying the Hawks have a roster of Pro Bowlers, but I expect improvement and I think we’ll see it with Hasselbeck too. I know I’ve said before that I think confidence is so important for any athlete. If Matt starts dropping back and is actually confident that he’ll be amply protected, is confident that if he throws a ball that the receiver will catch it, etc. I have a feeling we’ll see a different, better Matt Hasselbeck. If any NBA player misses 5 free throws in a row, you know they are going to press more on the 6th try, which will hurt their odds of making it. If a pitcher misses the strike zone with 8 straight pitches, he’s going to be aiming more and not throwing the way he’s supposed to, which won’t help his odds of getting the hitter out, or if you’re a batter and you’re 0-10, I know for a fact that it tenses you up a bit and that certainly doesn’t increase your chances of getting a hit. But if you’ve hit a bunch of shots in a row, you’re going to be confident (i.e. better performance) when you shoot the ball, or if you’re throwing a 2 hit shutout in the 6th inning, you’re going to be rocking and firing, and will be confident with your performance, or if you’re on a hot streak at the plate, you’re loose, confident, and the odds of hitting the ball hard dramatically increase.

  11. bird_spit – right on. Maybe the OL didn’t see it happen to Hass last year, but with all of the technology, there’s a way of telling you’re players that there’s a dirty shot here or there. I don’t condone dirty play, but that Dockett example was a situation where there needed to be retaliation. If one of our OL would have seen that, they should have grabbed his facemask and tried ripping his head from his helmet. Or the defense should have made sure Kurt Warner got a 15 yard cheap shot to send the appropriate message. Most things should be overlooked for the sake of the game (win/loss, field position, etc.) but taking out the throat, by your opponent, of your starting QB is unnacceptable and warrants and an eye for an eye approach.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    bird_spit – Yes that was pathetic. That is an instant reason to go. And if you’re not down with fighting, then the very next opportunity, you run a play right at Dockett and you teach him the lesson right then. Whether it costs him the rest of the game or season; tough. And if you remember, after the game in Seattle, Dockett was bumping his gums about how he looked in Matt’s eyes and could see he was afraid, didn’t want any part of him, etc… That was also the game where McFadden pulled Housh down by his facemask on that beautiful 40 yard completion down the far sideline. I thoroughly agree about Hamilton. It’s hard to imagine an old schooler like Gibbs would allow that to go unpunished either.

  13. oceanic says:

    The off season is the time to sell season tickets so don’t expect to hear anything negative between now and when reg season starts. Every injury is minor, every catch is great.

    From late July, early Aug in 07: Kelly Jennings has terrific hands. Kerney is a nightmare to block. Atkins is quick. Brian Russell is assignment correct, will call DB plays. Jordan Kent healthy, quick. Caught ball, blew by corner.

    Willis showing good technique at guard. Holmgren says Seahawks need to play Leonard Weaver more.

    Most fans know not to get too excited about what is printed about the Hawks this time of year.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Lol, all very true.

  15. IBGoofy says:

    High School…. My best friend (also defensive QB), a year in front of me, was all county as a soph & Jr (NYS), but was taken out by a late illegit hit in our second game of his Sr yr… Cost him a scholarship… The hit was made by a JR all county LB…
    The following season, championship game (actually one game before the end of the season), We played them again…. we made it a point to hit that dude every play as often & hard as possible… but legit…. He did not play the 2nd qtr, started the 3rd and played about half the third… not at all in the fourth…. No video’s back in those days, darn it…. My best friend was off to college, so never saw the game…
    We took the championship despite some officiating that was like the Hawks n Steelers Super Bowl…. Sometimes some things should happen for a reason….

    There’s a secondary aspect to my post… so many of us have commented to this… There are Athlete’s and there are Athlete’s… Some just really never change from practice….. some accept challenge and some just accell to another level when in competition… I especially like the word I borrowed from PC… ‘competition’… with real athletes, it means a higher level of performance….

  16. Strengthens ~ Losman?
    The Raiders felt Charlie Frye was a better QB. Frye was the first QB to start a regular season (2007 Browns) and then be traded – to the Seahawks for a 6th. Frye saw limited action in 2008 before being cut by the Hawks. He and Losman were then picked up by the Raiders in 2009 with Frye a top the depth chart. Meaning – our new third string QB couldn’t beat out our old third string that had been cut.

    Marc Bulger is still a FA. I wonder if they have pursued him. He could legitimately unseat Hasselbeck as the starter. Both Hass and Bulger have seen their share of line woes these past few years but prior to LT Orlando Pace going down Marc Bulger QB rating was better than 90%. That is exceptional. Should the FO be able to land him for the 4-5 mill being shelled out to CW they should do so IMO.

  17. chuck_easton says:


    You answered your own question there. Bulger wants a chance to start. You even think he may be able to unseat Hasselbeck (I beg to differ).

    The team is invested in Hasselbeck as the starter and Whitehurst as the heir apparent. They are not going to bring in Bulger to upset those plans.

  18. ruminator1 says:

    losman played for some bad teams. it is very hard to judge how he will do. for sure the comments by pabuwal are a little harsh. losman was alternate all pro one year, for example. sackorama? fumbleitis? are you saying he fumbled proportionately more than other Buffalo q’s? also, coming to Oakland at the end of a season (after having UFL same season) also, if whitehurst hasn’t played many real games, how can you say he will fumble a lot or take a lot of sacks? what we have to go on with him is largely preseason. oops sorry, i see Dukeshire has already said that. finally, IF hass has the year we all hope he has, at least some of the credit will have to go to this coaching staff and its competitive philosophy (which includes both CW and Los) as well as improved protection. Whitehurst and Losman might benefit from those things as well.

  19. ruminator1 says:

    sorry, coming to Oakland late in the season with very few opportunities–hard to base much on such a brief time

  20. Teams are invested in QB’s all the time and how often does a number 1 fizzle. Recent, JaMarcus Russell was a sure fire… Bust! Quinn, Carr and on. Should I give you an exact % of the chance Whitehurst will not be a bust or a 100% that Bulger would be a top flight QB behind a decent o-line. Tate = Holt, Housh = Bruce, Carlson is a better TE. Speaking of TE’s Bulger ran with two.

    I agree that landing Bulger would seem far off but he has been off the NFL radar up until now, surprisingly. That Whitehurst money might be just enough to bring him in for a little one year competition. CW eh

  21. ruminator1 says:

    realtime fantasy sports- Quarterbacks
    # 1 Drew Brees

    # 2 Aaron Rodgers

    # 3 Peyton Manning

    # 4 Tom Brady

    # 5 Philip Rivers

    # 6 Matt Schaub

    # 7 Jay Cutler

    # 8 Tony Romo

    # 9 Brett Favre

    # 10 Eli Manning

    # 11 Matt Ryan

    # 12 Kevin Kolb

    # 13 Donovan McNabb

    # 14 Joe Flacco

    # 15 Matt Cassel

    # 16 Chad Henne

    # 17 Matt Leinart

    # 18 Carson Palmer

    # 19 Kyle Orton

    # 20 Ben Roethlisberger

    # 21 Alex Smith

    # 22 David Garrard

    # 23 Matt Hasselbeck

    # 24 Mark Sanchez

    # 25 Jason Campbell

    # 26 Matthew Stafford

    # 27 Vince Young

    # 28 Josh Freeman

    # 29 Matt Moore

    # 30 Sam Bradford

    # 31 Jake Delhomme

    # 32 Seneca Wallace

    # 33 Jimmy Clausen

    # 34 Charlie Whitehurst

    # 35 Derek Anderson

    # 36 Ryan Fitzpatrick

    # 37 Michael Vick

    # 38 Bruce Gradkowski

    # 39 Brady Quinn

    # 40 Dennis Dixon

    # 41 Tarvaris Jackson

    # 42 Trent Edwards

    # 43 Byron Leftwich

    # 44 Colt McCoy

    # 45 Marc Bulger

    # 46 Tim Tebow

    # 47 Chad Pennington

    # 48 Kerry Collins

    # 49 David Carr

    # 50 Chris Redman
    #84 JP Losman
    #97 Mike Teel

  22. ruminator1 says:

    excile–losman picked up by Oakland very late in the season after completing UFL season. got in one game, threw 1 passs

  23. ruminator1 says:

    whitehurst–no fumbles, no sacks in regular games.

  24. nighthawk2 says:

    I’ve seen Losman play, and unless his season in the UFL turned him into Johnny Unitas I think this is a bad move (and I’m old enough to have seen Plunkett play in college).

  25. ruminator1 says:

    i saw plunket play in college too. and losman in the pros. i guess there must be other qualifications for expertise including those of the coaching staff.. his 2006 stats suggest possibilities.
    2006 16 games 269 comp. 430 attmpts 3051 yds 19td’s 14 interceptions. i am not saying he will be great or even that he will play; i am only saying he is an upgrade at this stage on teel from the perspectives of experience and mobility. i believe he throws a harder ball and is very accurate. except that one yr, he hasn’t been very good. but if hass goes down and whitehurst doesn’t perform or is injured, he is a better 3rd option…temporarily

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