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Morning links: OG Pitts still a possibility in Seattle

Post by Eric Williams on May 8, 2010 at 9:50 am with 62 Comments »
May 8, 2010 9:50 am
Houston Texans free agent OG Chester Pitts (Paul Spinelli / Associated Press)

Houston Texans free agent offensive guard Chester Pitts, still rehabbing from season-ending microfracture knee surgery that cut short his 2009 season, says the Seahawks are the frontrunners for his services.

The possibility of Pitts joining the team at right guard would continue Seattle’s upgrade along the offensive line.

Pitts said he should be ready to join a team by the end of June.

“The knee is doing great,” Pitts told reporter David Dalati. “It’s structurally sound. Because I had to be off of it for nine weeks, it’s kind of a deep hole you climb in to. It takes time to get it back strong. But I’d say it’s about eighty five percent right now.”

ESPN’s Mike Sando calculates the NFC West quarterback’s production per dollar. Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck comes in at about $1.15 million per win.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that the team’s selection of Earl Thomas in the draft puts Jordan Babineaux in his more natural position of playing in the box.

Mike Funke of wonders if Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll can get it done in his return to the league.

Sports Illustrated’s Michael McMann writes that the pre-draft question process needs reform after after revelations that front office executives asked draft prospects questions like if they were straight or gay, or if their mother was a prostitute.

NFL agent Jack Bechta discusses the benefits and pitfalls of players participating in social media like Facebook and Twitter.

New Seattle Seahawks quarterback Mike Reilly talks to Ian Furness of KJR 950 about joining the team in this audio link.

Canfan from the comments section passes along this interesting link to a study from Pro Football Focus that shows running back Justin Forsett as the most elusive back in the league.

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  1. I wonder what would happen at Center if we signed Pitts? People know how I feel about Spencer (and Sims before he was traded) so I won’t go there. If he’s fine, I’m all for it (competition). He’d be another guy who has experience in this exact offensive line scheme. And people shouldn’t forget about Ben Hamilton and his concussions. The NFL has put the hammer down on those and Hamilton missed a good chunk of a season a few years back because of those problems. One good knock to the head and Hamilton’s career could easily be over. We don’t want to get stuck with a lack of quality depth. I know microfracture and 30 some year old OL don’t go too well but when it’s a low risk, high reward situation, you take the risk.

  2. MattandCindy says:

    Okung, Hamilton, Spencer, Pitts or Unger, Locklear

    Who would have guessed that last year?

  3. EyeAmBaldman says:

    IF, and that’s a big one, Pitts is healthy and he would come in at RG, then the assumption would be that Unger would slide over to Center and battle with Spencer. Of course, that’s just my guess. Unger could always compete with Pitts for the RG spot, but chances are Pitts would be there to help tutor Unger, right? Hmm…really makes for interesting competition and questions for the future of players like Unger. Perhaps Unger is NOT suited for the ZBS? Anyone have insight on this?

  4. snydro81 says:

    I would see Pitts coming in to provide depth, initially.

    Microfracture is a tricky thing, as we all know. I think he’d play a limited amount of snaps all through camp and preseason games and be depth in case of injury around mid-season. He’d also provide some competition throughout the year and help our linemen learn the system.

    Coming off this injury, he’s not someone we can lean on and expect to maintain continuity. But, he’d be a great insurance policy around week 5 or 6 when Spencer undoubtedly goes down with an injury – forcing Unger to C and plugging in Pitts at RG..

  5. Dukeshire says:

    There are a lot of positives; has worked with Gibbs and knows the system, adds depth, versatile. But the thought of relying on another lineman coming off micro fracture surgery is not a promising prospect. But, if the price is right and they aren’t relying on him to start until his health is proven in game situations, hard to see them passing.

  6. Hey, but maybe it’s not on a “weight-bearing portion of the bone” ala Walter Jones-LOL. I remember preaching doomsday when there was the belief that Walt would get back to form, and I was right it never happened. Players coming back from microfracture knee surgery is a pipe dream and big time role of the dice, but hey for the league minimum, who cares.

  7. williambryan says:

    Unger is perfectly suited for the zone scheme in general, as the Ducks are a very zone team, they just run it out of the spread instead of a traditional pro offense. I think it is pretty clear the staff likes Spencer at Center. there was enough film of Unger at center last year for the staff to decide if he was the right fit going forward and they obviously dont feel that way. I think it is just more competition for the whole line and building depth for WHEN the injuries happen. I think we will see Okung, Hamilton, Spencer at there current spots for sure (unless injury intervenes) and the right side is up for grabs. It could either be Unger or Pitts or maybe even Willis at RG and either Willis or Lock at RT. I guess you have to throw Gibson in the conversation, and Wrotto and everyone really, because of the philosophy of the staff. If the USC undrafted rookie they brought in plays the best in training camp, he will start over Unger or whoever. I bet it wont be settled until the end of training camp. As Seahawks fans, i think we have to rethink everything we thought we knew about this team, because things are a lot different than we’ve been used to for the last decade.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Pitts has 2 things going for him that Walt did not; 1- Age. He’s 6 years younger and that’s a lot fewer miles. 2- He doesn’t appear (that I’m aware) to have any allergies or the same intolerance to main medications that Walt had. I would think the odds are stacked against him. but he’s in a better position than Walt, at least.

  9. Tompage says:

    Nice post Eric. I find the word out of Houston that Chester Pitts thinks the Seahawks are the most likely landing place for him is fascinating. If Pitts is healthy, he is likely a starter at right guard which puts Max Unger out of a starting position. I guess they could have Unger compete with Spencer for a starting position at center, but the coaches have been very complimentary of Spencer’s play so far. I think the fans would like to see Spencer go, but the coaches have not said that. It will be interesting to see if the Seahawks make a move for Pitts once he is healthy enough to sign with someone.

  10. oceanic says:

    Okung, Hamilton, Spencer, Unger and Locklear make the team for sure. The other four, take your pick from Mike Gibson, Steve Vallos, Mansfield Wrotto, Ray Willis, Jeff Byers and maybe Joe Toledo.

  11. longco44 says:

    and if you were suspicious, all that shi**** is fictitious, I blow kisses

  12. seahawklovertoo says:

    I think there will be a major trade in the near future .A package of Spencer, Branch or, TJ “no chemistry with Hass” Housh, and LeRoy Hill for somebody like Elvis Dumerville or Heinsworth. Either way — a “D” lineman.

  13. BobbyK says:

    I don’t see where any of those guys have trade value though. Hill is overpaid and he’s going to get a suspension from the NFL. That can’t be too appealing to other teams. Branch has had 87 knee surgeries the past few years. For a guy who relies on speed/quickness, that’s a red flag. Housh is another overpaid Ruskell Special for what his production is in real life. And I’m not commenting on Spencer because it’s clear how I feel about him. I’d love to trade all of them for Elvis, but McDaniels can’t be that crazy, can he?

  14. IBGoofy says:

    The Pitts deal is still not final of course, but I’m all for it… A key line injury, even for just a game or two, is VERY significant to us…….. and… he fits the ‘competition’ mode… obviously experienced…. What’s not to like except he might not be at 100%, then it prob won’t happen in the first place….

    William, like your statement:

    “As Seahawks fans, I think we have to rethink everything we thought we knew about this team, because things are a lot different than we’ve been used to for the last decade.”

    Tricky injury, but I lean toward’s what athlete’s actually ‘say’ about themselves, they’re generally strongly motivated to meet the goals they set for themselves… June’s a pretty optomistic goal, but …. His addition could bring an xtra win somewhere along the line…. Yadda, yadda…… ;-)

  15. Sounds good, & my vote is for Unger at center, Spencer to the bench.

  16. Audible says:

    Well, I’ve been thinking a bit about Spencer. We all know he has the physical talent to be a stud, but he’s just hasn’t lived up to his billing.

    This is his sixth season, so he’s been around for quite awhile, but he has had three coaches in three years.

    Perhaps, Gibbs can work with him because they have another option in Unger, but still have a lot of praise for Spencer.

    Since it looks like we have no choice, I’m going to root for Spencer this year. If the light somehow goes because of Gibbs and company, we’ll have a solid Center for many more years, with nice depth with Unger. Go Spencer!

    Bring on Pitts for the right price. He can help Unger and really provide some talent and depth for this OL. Even though we’re much improved, it won’t take much for us to start seeing flashbacks of ’09.

  17. seahawklovertoo says:

    The Donkies need a center , an veteran WR besides Royal and a pro-bowl LB…
    We need Elvis and we can pay him. Sounds reasonable to me; LOL I don’t think I am that biased, NO? Not me….
    I can dream about my fathers day present , right?

  18. maddog12 says:

    I am very skeptical about Pitts coming back.

    Has anyone heard of a guy making it back to O’line play after the surgery?

    I hope Pitts makes it back. He has been an asset to the Texans. But I would not bet on it.

  19. longco44 says:

    Elvis Dumervils middle name is Kool… Probably what his parents smoke…

  20. longco44 says:

    But looking at his records and career stats he looks like a decent ball player!

  21. snydro81 says:

    Dumervil is a beast. No way the Broncos would ever trade him. He’s probably the most talented guy on their 53 man roster, and they know it.

    Why not shoot for Freeney? Or Jared Allen? Or Lamar Woodley? Dumervil is in the same category. He might be the best DE in the league. Get that thought out of your head. It’s about the 20th time you’ve suggested it.

  22. Yeah, a lot of people don’t know how good Dummervil is, very underrated player.

    But this offseason has been a huge leap in the right direction, if Pitts can recover he would be a very valuable player towards the end/ next season.

  23. oceanic says:

    Locklear has missed mutiple games the past four seasons, Spencer the past three seasons. Spencer is covered with Unger and maybe Vallos and I guess Willis covers Locklear. Not sure if Byers plays guard or center.

  24. BobbyK says:

    In case anybody is wondering, it’s 126 days and a little over 7 hours until we open the season at home vs. the 49ers.

  25. BobbyK says:

    Now it’s 126 days and under 7 hours.

  26. HawkfaninMT says:

    Really? That is just too long…

    I would love to sign Pitts. I am not sure he would start over Unger though. Another “Hamilton Mentor” style signing, except for this time for the right side of the line sounds great to me!

    Also he would be great insurance should the injury bug stirke anywhere along the line

  27. klm008 says:

    “Elephant” RDE: Chris Clemons, Nick Reed, Ricky Foley, and Dexter Davis
    LDE: Lawrence Jackson, Robert Henderson, E.J. Wilson, Rob Rose, (and Red Bryant?)

    There’s maybe a little more than a dozen NFL sacks last season between them. Yes, it would be a good thing to pick up a DE who can actually pressure the QB. Dumerville is a 3-4 OLB, so I guess he’s being considered as a candidate (hereinabove) for SEA’s RDE. Guess we may as well consider Lamarr Woodley, Tamba Hali, Demarcus Ware, and James Harrison too(?)

    Hawks can maybe get some pressure from the RDE’s they’ve already got, but maybe not from their LDEs, or what about switching between those 4-3 under elephants and playing a Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Andre Carter, Ray Edwards, or Jared Allen at RDE occasionally?

    Question: What if Grandpa Favre actually doesn’t play this season? Would MIN be willing to trade either Ray Edwards or Jared Allen for Hasselbeck? Could CW skipper this team for the season?

  28. klm008 says:

    oceanic –
    Byers plays center – counting Unger Hawks list 5 centers on their current roster: Spencer, Byers, Vallos, and Adrian Martinez (rookie from Colorado State). Probably only two remain at the start of the season.

  29. klm008 says:

    Maybe three + PS.

  30. Audible says:


    C’mon, man.. no need to get all emotional. This is a family website.

  31. Audible says:

    Hey Eric, the Report Comment button doesn’t seem to be working for me.

  32. Audible: I got it, thanks.

    Seahawklovertoo: Take a chill pill, please.

  33. chuck_easton says:

    First off, we are getting way ahead of ourselves here. It was Pitts himself who said Seattle was the frontrunner. In his mind based on where he thinks he fits and where he thinks there is a need.

    Nothing about if Seattle still has an interest in him. He was here pre signing of Hamilton and drafting of Okung.

    Also, whether we fans like it or understand what they see, the team appears to have embraced the concept of Spencer being the starting Center. They had the option of Spencer or Unger at Center and have chosen Spencer.

    No matter how much we may wish it there is nothing to indicate Unger would automatically be moved ahead of Spencer at Center or he would already be there. If Pitts were singed it is more likely that he would be brought in to push Unger at RG. We should be asking who we prefer at RG because it is my humble and uneducated opinion that even if Pitts were signed Spencer would still be the Center.

  34. 126 days and about 3 hours… tick-tock…

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Damn, what did I miss? Lol.

    Kim – If I may; short answer is no. I can’t see anyway possible the Vikings would value Hasselbeck over Jared Allen. In addition, the loss of Hass would be more significant to this season than the addition of Allen would be positive, IMO. It’s one of the positions they are willing to see what they have this season and address in earnest next year, as necessary. Can’t fill all the holes in one off season. At least that’s how I see it.

  36. snydro81 says:

    It looks like Pitts has a handful of ass in the picture above ;)

    By the way, Happy Mothers Day to all the moms. And my thoughts are with all the suffering husbands as well..

  37. Yeah, Duke, we must have missed something pretty good.

  38. CamanoIslandJQ says:

    I was under the impression that PC had previously stated that all positions were open to competition, with the best player earning the starter spot. I can understand the disillusionment with Spencer at center based mostly on his injuries and inconsistent play, but I do think Unger, Byers or Vallos could have a shot at starting if they can do well in training camp/pre-season games.

    If Pitts clears his medical by the Hawks and comes cheap enough, why not toss him into the mix at RG? Usually the more bodies fighting for a specific job raises the level of play of all concerned (and we all know the overall team level of play must be raised significantly to achieve success),

    It is my opinion that Hasselbeck will have a great season this year (proving a lot of posters incorrect in saying he’s done) when he has the benefit of the following: (1) Improved play at OLT and the OL in general.
    (2) Relief from the stupid play calls (and system) of the former OC. (3) Having a (hopefully) decent running game to take pressure off the passing game.
    (4) A better WR corps that can actually run routes properly & catch the ball. (5) Avoidance by Hasselback of the freak injuries he has suffered the last 2 seasons because of all of the above. ****GO HAWKS****

  39. snydro81 says:


    I think the competition thing is great, but less so along the offensive line. Especially in the zbs. Continuity carries more weight. I think that is the reason you see Alex Gibbs proclaiming that Okung is his starting LT from day one. Continuity. Get these guys trusting each other and anticipating one another.

    I think competition is still important along the line, but it’s more about creating quality depth in case one of your five starters goes down with an injury or isn’t pulling his weight.

    The bottom line is, Gibbs wins. What he says goes. And rightfully so.

    What I think we’ll see during camp is a ton of guys pushing for backup spots along the line. But I think we’ll basically see the same first string working with each other all through camp, barring injury. I don’t think we’ll see a lot of experimenting with putting different guys at different spots or shuffling players back and forth. I fully expect to see the same five starters working together day in and day out, whenever possible.

    Regarding Hasselbeck, I fully agree. That said, if it proves true that some of the mental mistakes he made last season were NOT a result of things outside of his control, I hope Carroll takes the appropriate actions.

    Seattle seems to be synonymous with holding on to it’s stars for far too long. We’ve seen it for years with both the Seahawks and Mariners. What gives me hope is that Carroll doesn’t have strong ties to any of the past regimes players.

  40. Dukeshire says:

    Hasselbeck has always has a propensity to force throws when things aren’t going well. In addition to being injured (which affects every players’ decision making) there was the adjustment of losing Holmgren. It happens all the time when a QB loses a long time coach. There were a number of things conspiring against both Matt and Seneca to take significant steps backward. I would expect a significant rebound this season, but I am relieved to know that Carroll has begun to look at a future beyond Matt because there is the real possibility that all the hits and injuries he’s absorbed have taken a permanent toll.

  41. fresfan says:

    OK let’s get serious now. What do you think a respectable season is for the Seahawks? We had a great draft. PC seems like a breath of fresh air and optimism abounds. I think 7 & 9 would be a good season with a couple of games that we could have or perhaps should have won were it not for a couple of rookie mistakes. Mistakes may be too simplistic more in the line of lack of experience, perhaps. It is easy to drink the Koolaid now, after all we are undefeated and can see obvious improvement. What do you think, and what will make you feel good?

  42. Canfan says:

    I see Seattle having 7 to 9 wins. A 9-7 season might get them a wild-card berth. For that, they’d have to go at least 7-1 at home. Yes, I’m being optimistic.

  43. snydro81 says:

    I’d think a best case scenario would be 10-6 and worst case probably 6-10..

    I almost never do this, but it is early enough that I think everyone will forget by the time the season rolls around:

    49ers – L

    @Broncos – W

    Chargers – L

    @Rams – W


    @Bears – W

    Cardinals – L

    @Raiders – L

    Giants – W

    @Cardinals – L

    @Saints – L

    Chiefs – W

    Panthers – W

    @49ers – W

    Falcons – W

    @Buccaneers – W

    Rams – W


    I have us ending up at 10-6, with a late run securing us the NFC west. The second half of the schedule is when our commitment to conditioning and competition allows us to pull away from the pack. In many instances, our 2nd team guys may be more prepared to play than our opponents 1st stringers..

  44. Dukeshire says:

    I know this isn’t very sporting of me but I’m not at all concerned with their record this season. Of course I’d like them to win them all. I’d love to see them compete for the division title. My expectations are not result oriented, this season, but rather process. Results will be a by product in ’11 and beyond, for me.

    I want to study the under and how the current roster adapts to it. Curry as the sam and how he performs there and how they incorporate him into the pass rush. Watching the young safeties develop. Watching closely to see if Mebane can play an effective 3 tech, on the weak side. These kinds of things.

    How Okung and the rest of the line develop chemistry and how they adapt to Gibbs’ zbs and improve throughout the season. How the new receivers and rbs and Hass and CW develop their chemistry. And on and on…

    For me, this is a foundation building season for the championships to come. The more wins this season the merrier, but that’s not my main focus for ’10. The half assed effort, indifferent game planning and otherwise careless attitude had better not show it’s head again as it did so often in ’09. If they win 10 games (or any number that would be considered “successful” by most) and display any of those horrific tendencies, I will consider it an abject failure. I’m holding Carroll to his word to “do this better than they have ever been done”, and sometimes that doesn’t reveal itself as wins straight away.

    Snydro – All that said, you have them losing in Oakland?!? Dear dying Christ, that simply cannot be allowed. No. Just… no.

  45. snydro81 says:

    Haha. Thought that one might catch your eye.

    Yes, I do.

    Why? Because something unexplainable happens every year. Is predicting it crazy? Of course, but why not. The Raiders had a decent draft, and some talent, and gave some good teams grief last year WITHOUT Jason Campbell. They might be a team to watch this season.

  46. I agree with snydro when it comes to predicting the season. If the things like Duke talked about turn out well, I can see us going 11-5. If everything doesn’t go the way we want it to (which it won’t) then we could end up 6-10. Probably, we’ll be somewhere in the middle (8-8).

    The the OL gels. If Matt plays like he should. If the D steps up and we get pressure. If… lots of ifs, but it could be a special season. The law of averages tells us not to expect the world, but crazier things have happened.

    I have my sights set on the Super Bowl until we are mathematically eliminated from contention. But at the end of the day, if I can see legitimate improvement in most areas of the team where we compete in most games instead of getting blown out by losers here and there like Mora, I will consider this a successful season.

  47. Like I’ve said many times. This is Pete Carroll’s audition for the rest of the college coaches in the league. He needs to win and win big if any college coaches ever want a shot again after the Nick Saban fiasco.

    That being said, Carroll took on a team with some good talent and certain positions, and low talent in others. The competition and open starting bids are going to bring out the best in the players. I really see us having a very solid offensive line, close to 2007 hasselbeck play, an above average WR corps (assuming Tate does well), a solid secondary, a troublesome D-line, a great trio of linebackers (assuming Hawthorne, Tatupu, and Curry, I really see them trying hawthorne out in hills spot while he’s relaxing in suspension-ville), and hopefully the only way the teams lines go is up.

    Hasselbeck feels more comfortable with Bates because of the Holmgren -> Gruden -> Bates progression. I think Mike Solari was an idiot, as do I feel the same about Gregg Knapp.

    The dolphins went 1-15 to 11-5 in ONE OFFSEASON. We easily had the best draft in the league on paper, and I’m feeling good about the coming months.

    The O-Line getting better made the defense better. If the offense can stay on the field, then the D won’t have to work so hard to get off the field.

    I’m f’in pumped.

  48. Dukeshire says:

    It’s fun to let the success of the draft spill into expectations for the season. And it’s really refreshing to read so many positive comments after the past two seasons.

    I have to say though, that Carroll’s success or failure will unlikely effect other college coaches opportunities in the NFL. Guys like Saban, Erickson and Spurriers’ coaching background is predominantly college and Carroll comes from the pros. That type of history and background will influence what coaches are given opportunities to transition more than how Carroll fares here, IMO.

  49. Does anyone know when the Huskies will announce the start times to their games? They host Syracuse on Sept. 11 and I think it would be fun to watch Locker play, but my flight doesn’t arrive until 2:45. Duke – do you know? A game under the lights would be cool!

  50. Need… more… news…

  51. “The more wins this season the merrier, but that’s not my main focus for ’10”

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Duke.

    I remember with J. Johnson took over the cowboys and completely rearranged the roster, approach to practice, schemes, everything. The Cowboys record over his first four years:
    13-3 super bowl

    I would be fine with that. ;-)

    I want to see a healthy, aggressive, competitive, and well-coached young football team this year. I know the team will still have holes. I know the team will still need future upgrades at DE and QB, for instance. But I am absolutely impressed with how Carroll has put his new staff and roster together.

    Frankly, I expect our team to suck on opening day. I expect to see young players making mistakes and getting beat. But I also expect to see players and coaches working hard. And if they show progress on all fronts by mid-season, then I won’t care what their record is.

  52. chuck_easton says:

    I have said in the past and I stick to it:

    6-10 and competitive and I’ll be OK.

    7-9 and competitivwe and I’ll be happy.

    8-8 I’ll be jumping for joy.

    9-7 (or better) and I’ll be doing cartwheels down my street.

    But this comes with a Caveat. I would love a win on opening day if for nothing else but to shut the 9rs fans up who have developed this attitude that they are the best team ever and are going to have a cake walk to an 11-5 season.

  53. JS & PC are not on one-year tethers. They doesn’t “need” to win this year at all – they just need to be rebuilding this team back into a winner like it once was – or even better.

    Fans “want” SEA to win this year. Winning is the accellerator pedal for fans’ enthusiasm for a team, and enthusiasm for a team has alotta control over fans’ wallets. In a tough economy, it doesn’t take too much losing for most baseball fans (except for Cubs fans) to stop showing up. Football team fans enthusiasm for their team has more mass and momentum than baseball fans – tends to carry them through longer losing seasons. Three years of losing will not unduly damper Hawks fans arder for their team.

    Winning teams are valued higher than losing clubs, so the basic ‘worth’ of a team fluctuates with their fortunes on the field. Seahawks revenues (tix, jerseys, etc) are still going up, it’s just that with their losing seasons the basic ‘$value’ of the franchise has dropped and player costs have increased more than increasing revenues. Like the Trailblazers of a few years ago, Seahawks aren’t making PA any money.

    PA was approached by businessmen to move the Seahawks to LA. Thankfully, PA and Hawks front office brought the team into the shop instead, found out why it wasn’t functioning, and evaluated the systems they were operating in. Then they hired PC & JS and gave them the means to rebuild the team.

    PC & Co have a system they brought for the Hawks to use in the NFL. With JS & Co, they evaluated the old parts and pieces, dumped some, and brought in both new and used replacement parts. PC & Co reassembled the team into the new configurations, and are currently ensuring that they’ve got the right parts and that each part operates properly in it’s new position. Preseason will be the short trial run, the regular season will be the long test to see how well ‘SC’ might perform in the NFL.

    For Hasselbeck’s sake, I’d love the Hawks to go 10-6 in ’10 and take the division, then make a good showing in the playoffs. But for the teams future success, I’d sooner the Hawks performance show just enough to validate PCs new direction, yet still allow Hawks to get the best new parts they still need for ’11.

  54. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – I’m not sure when the times will be announced but Stanford plays UCLA that weekend and I’m sure that will be a nationally televised night game. And USC hosts Virginia so my guess is that will be the FSN NW night game. But that’s just guesswork on my part. I imagine by early / mid August we’ll know for sure.

  55. snydro81 says:

    I agree Duke, to an extent, that our record doesn’t matter this season.

    That said, if we finish 2-14, it means we lost to some awful teams (or beat the rams twice lol) and it would be hard to imagine seeing much improvement if we are losing to the Buccaneers towards the end of the year.

    But, this is the NFL. What looks like the easiest schedule on paper right now might very well turn out to be the toughest. You just never know in this league.

    Injuries could create a big exception. If Hass and Whitehurst both go down with injuries and we are trotting out Mike Reilly for the second half of the year, but the rest of the team looks solid, then our record would REALLY be insignificant.

  56. Dukeshire says:

    “But, this is the NFL. What looks like the easiest schedule on paper right now might very well turn out to be the toughest. You just never know in this league.”

    Agree 100%. That’s one reason I really try not to get caught up in predicting records. I get a kick out of all the boobs at ESPN and elsewhere that debate teams’ records this time of year. If any of them had any idea what in hell they were talking about, they should pack it in and move to Vegas. It’s one thing for fans to bat it around, but the “experts”? lol. Whatever Herm Edwards and Mark Schlereth says, goes…

  57. snydro81 says:

    “PA was approached by businessmen to move the Seahawks to LA. Thankfully, PA and Hawks front office brought the team into the shop instead, found out why it wasn’t functioning, and evaluated the systems they were operating in. Then they hired PC & JS and gave them the means to rebuild the team. — klm008″

    Have you got a link?

    I’m not sure the Sounders could fulfill the obligations promised to taxpayers who helped fund Qwest Field, a 67,000 seat stadium built 8 years ago and operated by First and Goal, Paul Allen’s venture..

    In other words, moving the team was never an option. It would never have been allowed to leave by state legislature.

    I could write Paul Allen a letter asking him to move the team to the high school field in Anacortes, a town of 20,000 people – but it isn’t worth noting.

    I actually tend to believe you are just making stuff up. No offense.

  58. ERIC,

    The seahawks will begin OTAs tomorrow, and every tuesday/thursday through mid-June. I am confident we will be hearing some great reports from you… but can you give us some insight on what you expect of Carroll’s OTAs?

    Will you be attending? Is Alex Gibbs expected to be here coaching in all the OTAs? Are the unsigned rookies prevented from participating? I’m looking forward to hearing the news from the practice field!

  59. snydro81 says:

    “Like the Trailblazers of a few years ago, Seahawks aren’t making PA any money. — klm008″

    First off, that’s wrong. Second, it’s a unique situation that is incomparable to any other ownership group in the league.

    Paul Allen basically owns every facet of the operation. Not just the organization, the entire operation.. From concessions to security to ushers to groundskeepers.

    The team still has something like 60,000 season ticket holders and a waiting list several years long. They have sold out 60 consecutive games.

    That’s over 50 million in revenue just based on ticket sales. That doesn’t include any revenue from the NFL or merchandise sales. Have you bought a beer at a Hawks game lately? Paid for stadium parking? A hat or a sweatshirt?

    In other words, the Hawks are still one of the best and most profitable organizations in the country.. A far cry from St. Louis, Jacksonville or Tampa Bay – organizations in real trouble.

    The bottom line is, the Seahawks aren’t the reason Paul Allen is selling his “smaller” of two yachts – the 303 foot Tatoosh – for 172 million.

  60. snydro81 says:


    Rookies cannot participate in OTA’s until AFTER their college graduation ceremonies. Even juniors (or redshirt soph’s)..

  61. Snydro-
    Not making it up!(?) It was reported at the last NFL owners meeting that reps from a group of businessmen who have been trying to bring a franchise to LA tried to talk PA into selling/moving the Hawks there. They failed, but I believe it might have been the impetus for PA to fire Mora and bring in PC – that, and the bad ’09 TRPS (Compares the number of wins per player payroll relative to the rest of the NFL.) Yes, Hawks revenues are up, but expenses are up more, plus the basic value of the franchise was reduced in ’09 – for the first time ever. Don’t have the report at hand about the offer to PA for the Hawks, but describes the Hawks economic situation.

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