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Morning links: Hasselbeck Unplugged

Post by Eric Williams on May 5, 2010 at 11:41 am with 28 Comments »
May 5, 2010 11:45 am

First off, I want to thank Josh Wilson again for joining us for this morning’s chat. Hopefully you had an opportunity to sit in and check it out or ask questions. We’ll try to get a player every couple months to participate in the online chats.

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck appeared on the Jim Rome show on Tuesday. Hasselbeck was frank in talking about the quarterback competition with Charlie Whitehurst, and said the team is buying into new coach Pete Carroll’s philosophy in part because of al the struggles the organization has gone through in the last two year.

Our own Dave Boling writes about the LenDale White reclamation project.

Kevin Calabro and Jim Moore of ESPN 710 Seattle talk with Seahawks receiver Mike Williams about his comeback to the league in this audio link.

Pat Kirwan of the NFL Network discusses the rookies making impacts across the league at minicamps. He includes Russell Okung, Earl Thomas and Golden Tate with Seattle.

Jack McCallum of Sports Illustrated has an in-depth piece on Ben Roethlisberger.

Warren Moon makes this Fox Sports top 10 list of NFL all-time free agents.

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  1. peahawk says:

    He seemed pretty annoyed by the line of questions. I don’t think he’s that thrilled about the media projecting “Charlie” as a threat to him. Pretty much summed it when he said Favre and Green didn’t worry about the others in camp and he’s not either.

    It was also funny (strange) he mentioned all the QBs by name when he talked about the QBs meeting room but not their coach. Almost seemed to not be able think of his name.

  2. He is probably annoyed becuase it is Rome, who has got to be the most egotistical, no knowledge moron out there!!!!

  3. tp10super10 says:

    Don’t mind me..was just passing through looking for any comments from BobbyK talking about how fat and out of shape LenDale White is. Pretty sure he was so wide he couldn’t even fit in this collumn, right Bobby? Its too bad we are gettting him when he is such a fat slob and unmotivated. Not only that, but we wasted 8 whole draft spots in the 6th round to get him. Damn it all.

    When a RB is out of shape and still runs for 1,900 yards and 22 TD’s in his 2 full seasons and you get him for dropping 8 spots in the 2nd to last round of the draft and he shows up to camp after losing 31 lbs, it’s time to realize that the option is worth the risk/reward.

    Just having different players with different skill sets opens up so many more options for this team..more than they’ve had in 3 years. I know we won the Division in 2007, but how the did it with Mo Morris, Nate Burleson, Deion Branch, Bobby Engram, and Marcus Pollard is a miracle. At the time it made sense..but looking back…my goodness…let alone a playoff win and a 14-0 lead in GB (I’m going to forget I brought this up)…

    Doesn’t it seem like, at the very least, this team will be more entertaining? In all likelyhood with the sudden youth on this team (thank God) it’s a 5-8 win team, but at least I won’t have to turn to Red Zone Channel in the 3rd quarter because all the WR’s stopped running routes (I’m lookin at you TJ…although I would have quit on that piece of crap team as well).

  4. BobbyK says:

    I never said the LenWhale trade was bad. Dropping 6 spots in the a couple of rounds and picking up Vickerson in the deal also was a steal. I loved the trade. But, hey, go ahead and be a liar and put words into my mouth about what a bad trade I think it was. Sure, I thought it was bad when I thought we traded a 4th round pick straight up for him, but after the smoke cleared, it was clear to see that it was a great trade.

    I have also made it clear that I think LenWhale will have a good year in ’10. He’s motivated and this is his chance for a big payday. It’s now or never for him if he wants that big contract and I have said in the past that I think he’s going to be a great addition for ’10. You’re exactly right about being low risk, high reward. If you weren’t so busy being a liar, you would have seen that’s what I’ve been saying all along too.

    And just because I call him LenWhale, doesn’t mean I’m rooting against the guy. I think it’s funny. And I really don’t care if you think it’s funny or not. I don’t mean it in a “I hate LenWhale” manner so I could care less what you think (or would rather lie about).

  5. BobbyK says:

    BobbyK says:
    April 24, 2010 at 7:25 am
    Please tell me we didn’t get LenWhale straight up for that pick!

    BobbyK says:
    April 24, 2010 at 7:26 am
    Okay, breathe, if we got their 4th, their 6th, AND LenWhale… then I’m perfectly okay with this…

    What are the specifics?

    BobbyK says:
    April 24, 2010 at 7:31 am
    Although I am no fan of LenWhale… this is a good trade…

    BobbyK says:
    April 24, 2010 at 7:36 am
    So far, so good!!!

    BobbyK says:
    April 24, 2010 at 7:50 am
    If ever there was a season for LenWhale to be motivated, this is it. I hope we’re not the team to sign him to a long term contract though.

    BobbyK says:
    April 24, 2010 at 9:23 am
    J.J. is gone. For sure. I honestly love our 3-headed monster of LenWhale, Washington, and Forsett.

    BobbyK says:
    April 24, 2010 at 10:33 am
    klm – that’s my Q about Henderson too.

    I think we have 3 very capable RBs. Each can do certain things well. Even though Washington/Forsett are smallish, they aren’t the same type of player either.

  6. BobbyK says:

    tp10super10 says – I have no problem with people not agreeing with me. In fact, I like it, as it forces me to expand my horizons. My biggest problem that I absolutely despise it when people lie about me.

    Those are comments posted after the trade was made with respect to LenWhale. I haven’t been a fan of his, but I think he’s going to be good for us, and that’s all I really care about.

  7. BobbyK says:

    And after this, I’m done.

    This photo has obviously been messed with, as we all know LenWhale really doesn’t look like this. But in theory, I think this is dang funny to represent some of his past about being out of shape.

    Just because I think this is funny it doesn’t mean I’m going to root against him in Seattle. That should be common sense.

  8. bird_spit says:

    BobbyK – Off topic. I enjoy your posts, as you tend to agree with what I am thinking. I just dont convey my thoughts as well as you do.

    I have always wondered though, what in the hell keeps you in the midwest? Seattle is a great place. You should take a good look around while you are out here in the Fall. We have some great stuff todo in the NW. Even the housing has gotten more affordable. I true fan of the Seahawks deserves to be located as close to the source as possible in my thinking.

    ex-midwesterner, bird_spit

  9. BobbyK says:

    I did enjoy the 4 days in ’05 (Seahawks 13, Cowboys 10) and I know I’m going to have a great time again for the opener vs. San Fran on Sept 12 (staying for 4 days, going to a Mariners game too).

  10. oceanic says:

    I was just reading about what an amazing defense the Seahawks had in 1984.

    They played a 3-4 and their starting three combined for 34 sacks. Jeff Bryant, 14, Jacob Green 13, Joe Nash 7.

    That defense forced 63 turnovers. They had 38 ints with 7 of them ran back for TDs.

    If a team has 325 yards in interception returns in a season that isn’t bad. Seattle had 325 int return yards in one game. Kenny Easley led Seattle that year with 10 picks. Wow.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    So many of those numbers were at the time or are still league records. They also had 3 shutouts. That season got off to such an awful start too with Warner tearing up his knee at home against the Browns in the opener.

  12. oceanic says:

    I realize it is way to early to make projections about the Hawks but it looks to me like they have made significant upgrades at four positions, LT, LG, RB and FS. Any other positions?

  13. Dukeshire says:

    I think both safety positions have been upgraded, actually. And I would tentatively put WR is there as well with Golden Tate and presuming M. Williams can fulfill even a modicum of his potential.

  14. snydro81 says:

    I would consider QB upgraded as a result of the LT and LG positions being upgraded, but that may be reaching..

    TE has been significantly upgraded.

    I would add RG and RT to the list, with Locklear and Unger at those spots now.

    The positions up in the air are CB and D-line (scary) but that is just on paper. Who knows how much scheme and health will affect those positions this year.

    It’s funny, because right now, our pass rush could literally either be our biggest strength or our biggest weakness on defense. Depends so much on how it all comes together this fall. I know one thing, though. If Carroll can maximize his talent along the d-line, the CB position will look amazing compared to last year.

  15. Doesn’t it seem like every position has been upgraded?

    STs has some coverage speed again.

    Offense: OL looks close to set. Hawks even have WRs who can both catch and run-block and have some playmaker WRs – stronger, RB looks scary good – (does JJ even make the team?) – better, and TE has talent in depth (keep 4?) Improved. With multiple TE sets, how often does O.Schmitt get to see the field? Wierdbeard improves the backup QB – plus Hasselbeck maybe keeps upright with the improved OL – and Mike Reilly and Teel competing for the 3rd spot – got depth. They’re working smarter together than last season at this time. Of course they have so many players right now it might look confusing . . . but they’re working together with purpose.

    Defense: Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Milloy, Babs & Adams is in no way a shabby set of safeties, and Tru, Wilson, Jennings, and Thurmond seems like a really good set of CBs. I’m hoping the LBs new coach helps make an improvement in Curry’s performance – that Curry learns his role well enough now that he can play instictively during games, and that Hill gets his stuff together. Hawks should be very good at LB.

    DL is probably the most exciting part of Hawks defense this coming season. Other teams are gonna be picking up cut players off Hawks DL again this year like last season. If opposing offenses line up with a TE to the right side of their OL, Cole, Red and Vickerson (and maybe Granger) do what they’re asked to do at NT – stuff runs thru both A-gaps from the left shoulder of the center. Mebane and Terrill, at the right 3-tech (LG’s left shoulder), probably don’t have to split double-teams this season as the LT has to deal with the ‘elephant’ RDE. Didn’t Reed already get past Okung once in practice? Hawks have lotsa depth at that elephant position – even without Curry, with Chris Clemons, Ricky Foley, Dexter Davis, and Reed. Does the elephant line up at the right 5-tech? LDEs are also deep – especially if Red Bryant starts playing over there. LoJac, Henderson, (Red) and EJ Wilson line up at the left 5-tech. There’s no disguising the weak spot in the 4-3 under DL – the left B-gap. Cole (Vickerson/Red) has to draw the RG into a double team, if he doesn’t the RG takes out Lofa and the FB gets the SS and Gore goes to the end zone, or the RG pulls and takes out Hawthorne, etc. Has TEN re-signed Haynesworth?

  16. Dukeshire says:

    That’s the main vulnerability of the under and why it’s so important for the Sam to be able to seal the edge. Run support on that side relies as much on that as it does the NT being able to occupy the C / RG. Also why, if Bryant is able to play LDE it will free Curry and help keep people off Lofa.

  17. oceanic says:

    I don’t understand why Seattle try some of these D line stunts last season. Did Mora tell Bradley no or did the Hawks just not have the personnel?

  18. BobbyK says:

    Kerney at LDE could not seal the point of attack. His strength was getting to the passer and he had clearly declined in that area as well. He wasn’t an overly effective player. In ’07 he played his role extremely well, but not last year.

  19. BobbyK says:

    I think the snydro comment is spot on about the QB position being improved this year based on the improved the OL. Also, with the addition of Whitehurst (I’m jealous I wasn’t the guy who thought of “Weirdbeard”) adding competition to everything, I think there will be improvement from the entire team. The only unit that scares me is the DL. I think we have some stout boys at the point of attack (which is good), but we all know we’re going to have to be creative because we just don’t have any DL who is very good at rushing the passer. That is definitely a concern. At least we have reason to be excited again.

  20. TruBlu says:

    DL and C worry me.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    A couple cool links from They both relate to Chris Carlisle’s conditioning and workout program. The second link, while interesting, I find a bit puzzling. It’s hard to imagine that the weight gains that are listed are possible in such a short time. Two questions came to mind; 1- what the hell was the previous training staff having them do? Anything? 2- I workout 3-4 days a week and I haven’t made gains, percentage wise, like that in 3 years. What is he having them do? In any case…

  22. olsonc says:

    It’s called explosive lifting and dynamic lifting. Mebane should have been doing a lot more than 255.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, I almost want to call B.S. on the 255. And what is called dynamic and explosive lifting? What they are doing now? If anyone has specifics on their lifting routines I’d be very interested in reading it. (Not that I’m Joe Muscle, only interested.) And before anyone posts anything, I’ve seen videos and read articles regarding Carlisle’s ideas and none get into specifics, so, there’s that…

  24. snydro81 says:

    No wonder everyone thinks we’re soft. Our best DT was only putting up 255? That has to be horsesh*t because we were doing that in high school.

  25. BobbyK says:

    snydro81 — you should meet us on the night of Sat, Sept. 11, in Seattle for a beer or five (I’d say 10 but I want to be good to go for the Seahawks game on the 12th)…

  26. HawkfaninMT says:


    Cant remember the specifics, but Josh WIlson talked about his lifting splits a bit I think in the chat the other days… May be worth a look back if you are interested.

  27. bird_spit says:

    Any info on the conditioning program would be welcome. I have said all along that the problems of the last two years have pointed to conditioning (and age). And as soon as Carlisle was whispered to be heading this way, I knew things would be much improved.

    The articles and videos I have seen of his program is more about improving the speed of execution. Maybe (just a guess) they are more about proper technique, and improving twitch. But those improvements seem crazy, like maybe that strawberry flavor in the morning smoothie is a cut above the rest. Just kidding! Also I agree, the Mebane press at 255, I remember being there as a freshman in college, and I wasnt huge like a NFL DT.

    That said, I have seen articles on Carlisle where they dont emphasize peak lift strength, so the article seems a little strange.

  28. klm008 says:

    All Mebane has to do to lift more than 255 is stand on his head near the wall and do pushups (straight up and down). In the corner you can do one-hand pushups.

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