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TNT draft preview: QBs to consider

Post by Eric Williams on April 22, 2010 at 10:39 am with 45 Comments »
April 22, 2010 10:40 am
Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen (AP file photo)

Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider has said the team’s move to get Charlie Whitehurst from San Diego does not mean they will not take a quarterback early in today’s draft.

But a look at Seattle’s success with first-round quarterbacks might have Schneider thinking twice about making that move.

The Seahawks have had little success in grooming quarterbacks selected in the first round. Seattle selected Dan McGwire 16th overall in 1991, a prototypical, pocket passer from San Diego State. At 6-foot-8, 245 pounds, McGwire was thought to be the franchise quarterback Seattle coveted, but he lasted only four seasons in Seattle and later ended up in Miami, where he played for one more season.

McGwire, the brother of baseball slugger Mark McGwire, only started five games, throwing two touchdowns and six interceptions in his short career.

Rick Mirer was drafted two years later No. 2 overall in 1993 after New England took Drew Bledsoe with the No. 1 overall pick. The Notre Dame product played four seasons with Seattle, and also bounced around the league with stops in Chicago, the New York Jets, San Francisco and Oakland. He had a 24-44 career record, throwing 50 touchdowns and 76 interceptions.

The Seahawks also traded for the rights of St. Louis Cardinals first round pick Kelly Stouffer in 1988. The Colorado State product was drafted sixth overall in 1987, but sat out the entire 1987 season in a contract dispute with the Cardinals. Stouffer got a chance to start when Dave Krieg suffered a separated shoulder in 1988 and backup Jeff Kemp struggled. He was solid in spot duty, going 3-3 that season, but his career later fizzled and he was out of the league by 1992. He finished with seven touchdowns and 19 interceptions.

If Seattle goes quarterback in the first round, the logical choice would be Notre Dame product Jimmy Clausen. He passes the eye test on the field, but there are still questions about his leadership ability.

Rob Rang’s Quarterbacks to consider

Round Pick Name

1 (6, 14) Jimmy Clausen, 6-3, 222, Notre Dame

Rob’s rationale: A legitimate young QB to groom behind Hasselbeck and Whitehurst. Unlikely to be the 6th pick, but watch out if still available at No. 14. Highlights.

2 (60) Tim Tebow, 6-3, 236, Florida

Rob’s rationale: Seattle’s interest is legitimate. If he’s on the board at No. 60 (and they haven’t already taken Clausen), Tebow very easily could be the pick. Highlights.

4 (104, 127) Dan LeFevour, 6-3, 230, Central Michigan

Rob’s rationale: The MAC’s version of Tim Tebow, LeFevour threw for 102 touchdowns against only 36 interceptions in four years as the starter and was impressive at the Senior Bowl. Highlights

5 (133,139) Jonathan Crompton, 6-3, 222, Tennessee

Rob’s rationale: Among the country’s worst starting QBs in 2008, Crompton blossomed in one year under former Carroll assistant coach, Lane Kiffin in 2009. Highlights.

6 (176) Jevan Snead, 6-3, 219, Mississippi

Rob’s rationale: Stunned scouts with the decision to leave school early after a disastrous 2009 campaign, but has tools worthy of development. Highlights

7 (245) Matt Nichols, 6-2, 219, Eastern Washington

Rob’s rationale: A two-time Big Sky Offensive MVP, Nichols impressed at the East-West Shrine and is worthy of late round consideration.

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  1. If we draft Clausen, I’ll vomit.

    By the way, is it wrong to hope Deion Sanders suffers a stroke that leaves him unable to speak? I hate to wish that on anyone, but it would definitely improve the quality of life for the rest of us..

  2. I don’t care what people say about Tebow, I love him and I want him, luckily that probably won’t happen.

  3. BenderHawkFan says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but my sense is that most of us arent TOTALLY against drafting Clausen or Tebow. The issue (for me at least) is drafting them as early as the experts think they will be drafted.

    Tebow in the 2nd round? F no.

  4. Suh at #6 is my biggest dream. Clausen at #6 is my worst nightmare. Please, no.

  5. Big Gator fan here and I’ve watched a lot of Tebow. taking him at 60 would be a great move. He’s not the kind of person who is going to regress at the NFL level sure he’ll need some seasoning before bieng ready to start but he’s far more upside than not.
    Not to mention he’ll be able to keep it in his pants around young college girls and will never be found passed out in his car somewhere.

  6. Clausen at #6 or a Rothlesburger trade?

  7. chuck_easton says:

    No way to a trade for Benny boy at any level.

    I still say if Seattle makes that trade with Pittsburg I am officially ending my love of the Seahawks that has gone on since 1976.

    I can’t root for any team that would have someone of that questionable character on their team. My mother and Sister still live in the Seattle area.

    Also there are too many Universities within driving distance of VMAC.

  8. wabubba67 says:

    Absolutely NO quarterbacks taken in this year’s draft, please! This team, literally, has bigger things to worry about…namely the OL and DL. Two badass offensive lineman would be great at #6 and #14…..Okung/Iupatti would make a fine tandem on the left side for years to come. That, or trade down.

  9. I wouldn’t worry about BR because:

    1. Carroll, Scneider, and company do not want to explain to their wives, moms, and sisters why they sold out to bring him in.

    2. Nobody is going to pay what Pittsburgh is asking, except possibly the Raiders, and they can just blame it on Al Davis’s Alzheimers or whatever.

    3. There is a good chance BR peaked and will now just go downhill after all this.

    4. There is a good chance he’s going to get in more trouble because of his obvious drinking problems.

    BR needs rehab not publicity.

  10. Bradford to STL @ 1,
    Clausen to MIN @ 30,
    Tebow to CLE @ 38,
    McCoy to IND @ 63,
    LeFevour to BUF @ 107,
    Crompton to NYJ @ 124,
    Skelton to JAX @ 143,
    J.Brown to CAR @ 175,
    L.Brown to PIT @ 188,
    Robinson to NE @ 205,
    Snead to CIN @ 228,
    Kafka to AZ @ 233,
    Canfield to SEA UDFA?

  11. I love the nfl draft. Hope we get the right deals so we can trade down in first and still get a top ranked o t and saftey. The corner from florida would be a nice choice. go hawks ! The next 3 days are huge for this teams future. Poor choices could set us back 4 to 5 years, choose well and we can be back on top in 2011.

  12. BrianBlades says:

    I don’t think that the Hawks will take him, but I bet Clausen will be the best pro QB out of this year’s crop. I base that on nothing other than a feeling of course.

  13. I really don’t think they go QB this year, only because next year’s QB class is a better class then this one. If they do, I don’t think its Clausen, I think the Raiders take him at #8. Jamarcus Russel is done, even Al Davis has to know that. If that doesn’t happen because the Raiders go OL, then he probably won’t make it past Buffalo. If the Hawks go QB then it would be in a later round. The guy is going to compete with Mike Teal for a spot on the practice squad because the Hawks don’t need 4 QBs on the active roster, when they need to keep depth at other positions. Next season when we definitely will have 2 QBs (bye Matt) on the roster and a better class to choose from, then I think the Hawks get their franchise QB.

  14. Audible-

    (From Kevin Calabro)

    Top three reasons why the Hawks DON’T trade for Roethlesberger:

    1. He’s a Steeler
    2. He’s a Steeler
    3. He’s a BUM!

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Michael Irvin said that when you get picked, shake hands with him and pray you never have to see him again. lol.

  16. Watch how long it takes a college QB to make his reads. Mirer, slow. P Manning, fast.

    Not sure where to watch the draft, the NFL channel or ESPN.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    There’s no question there. ESPN is virtually unwatchable. They have Gruden but I’ll take the NFL Network every time. Rich Eisen v Chris Berman. ‘Nuff said.

  18. Mike Mayock will hopefully be there too, and Jamie Dukes? Personally I love NFL Network (Rich Eisen + Mike Mayock = instant win) think I’ll have the field pass too when the season starts. We don’t really get that many Seahawks games in Denmark, and can’t watch JustinTV for some crappy reason.

  19. IMO, no QB in the first round. after that, we’ll see……………….

  20. We’re about 4 hours away from the Seahawks actually being on the clock.

  21. rotoworld reported the Hawks are working the phone lines hard to find trading partners for both of our 1st round picks.

    Man, I hope we end up with extra picks and can secure a trade with New Orleans for a certain Left Tackle. I want to end up with Brown AND more picks than we have now. I’m not too greedy, am I? I firmly believe it’s doable though.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    The TV hype is like the Super Bowl. Gone forever are the days of rolling out of bed on a Saturday morning and boom, daft.

  23. They even took Brock & Salk off the radio for Clayton’s draft coverage. Not complaining, I love the Professor. There is a lot of hype on the draft, but its making me excited. The NFL is a hype machine these days. They had a three hour schedule release show the other day. Now that’s a little ridiculous.

    On the NFL Network vs. ESPN debate my answer is NFL Network all the way! Mayock is the s**t and he knows his s**t, Eisen is great, and their girls are cuter.

  24. I love the new prime time attention the draft is getting, and the hype that goes along with it is a lot of fun.

  25. Would anyone on here trade both of our #1s this year for two #1s, two #2s, and two #3s next year? That would give us three #1s, three #2s, and two #3s???

  26. I’m just hoping for a lot of maneuvering, add some picks and making the draft a little bit more interesting. Also, it starts at 1:30 AM here, so it’s a long day for me, probably going to skip school tomorrow. It actually does feel like waiting to open your presents at Christmas eve when you were a little boy.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    rollo73 – “… and their girls are cuter” Agreed 100%.

  28. boucherm says:

    I’ve been trying to hold judgement, but I hate the draft day change. Draft Saturday was maybe my favorite day of the year.
    Of the 3 dudes I’d usually watch with one can’t make it because of work and one will be late.
    The excitement of trades being made before it resumes tomorrow is the biggest addition to me, but it’s not enough.

    I’d also be way more excited about this draft if we still had pick 40. Seems like we could get one of these high-end guys that slips (like maybe Carlos Dunlap) or flip it for a 1st round next year, like we did with Denver last year.

  29. Audible-

    If the CBA goes down with a rookie salary cap like the NBA then I would pull the trigger on that one in a second. Otherwise no, because its a slim chance that we are going to be watching NFL football come September of 2011.

  30. boucherm says:

    Sorry-that last sounded whiny. I’m still super excited for the draft.

  31. The12thMan says:

    I am praying to see a report before the draft that the Seattle Seahawks have traded pick #14 to the Baltimore Ravens for Jared Gaither, the Raven’s 2nd round pick (#57), and the Raven’s 5th round pick (too lazy to look up the number). FYI, #14 to #57 is a difference of 750 points which equates right between a #22 & a #23 1st round pick.

    If we can get a trade like this done before the draft we will have so much more freedom to take best player available at every pick since our #1 glaring need will be filled.

    Bobby I think I am obsessing over Gaither just as much as you but I am totally not with you on Brown. He is coming off of injuries and will now be on the downside of his career. I’d actually prefer Charles Brown to N.O.’s Brown.

  32. The12thMan says:

    Also, for anyone still not in favor of trading for Gaither: Please keep in mind (unless they are 1 in a million like Uncle Walt) that any LT we take in this draft is going to struggle for most of their first year, that’s just reality. So if we draft Okung, Williams, etc., and start them next year then Matt might be running for his life even more than he was last year. I seriously doubt any rookie LT will perform even as “well” as Locklear and others performed at LT last year. So marinate on that a bit and then join Bobby and I (and any others wishing for Gaither) in a Carl Jung type collective unconscious, power of thought, wish for Gaither. Thank you and enjoy your Round One tonight, the start of a new Seahawks era.

  33. I’m with you in Gaither. If he’s good enough for BobbyK, he’s good enough for me.

    Rob Rang has us taking Clausen in his last minute mock draft this afternoon. Hope he’s wrong on that one!

  34. Dukeshire says:

    boucherm – Not at all. When I fist heard about the switch to 3 days, two of which were in the afternoon, I was terribly disappointed. Draft weekend was one of the best of the year, so I understand. I have to admit that now it’s here, and I’m watching all the non stop gibberish and pre draft hype, I’m all in. Next year; I take a 4 day weekend.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    It’s far easier for me to say who I do not want Seattle to draft, right now. Clausen is on a short list of those who I hope they pass on. I just can’t see any way they take a 1st round QB after giving a 3rd, moving down 20 spots in the 2nd this year and $8 million for Whitehurst. No chance.

  36. Dream scenerio; Okung w/the 6th, trade down a couple and pick up Peirre-Paul and thaen get the best RB and OG available w/the next two. Go Hawks. A trade for Gaither would be acceptible, depending on which pick we give up, I would go with Berry for the first pick and pick up a DE later.

  37. Dukeshire says: is streaming the media center and war room live from VMAC while airing the audio from their first game ever against the Cards, 9.12.76. Incredible. For those of you not around to listen to Wayne Cody, mute the TV and go listen. He’s as much a part of Seahawk’s history and Zorn, Largent and Raible (who by the way are all playing in this game). Whose ever idea this was deserves kudos.

  38. zombiehooliganfc says:

    Where is all the news? I keep refreshing here and ESPN hoping for trade news and “latest” info. I just hope they don’t take Clausen or Spiller. I’d also love them to get Gerhart.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    I see Rang and Sando sitting next to one another. I’ve been looking for Eric but haven’t seen him yet.

  40. boucherm says:

    T Williams, Okung or Berry at 6 and I’m happy, less so but still ok w/ D Morgan at 6.
    At 14 I expect a trade down, hopefully remaining in the 19-25 range and get C Dunlap, T Mays maybe.
    If we pick at 14 I’d love Morgan or E Thomas, A Davis or Bulaga if no T at 6. I’d be happy with Iupati, Haden, Spiller or D Bryant.
    2nd round RB.

  41. It is pretty well known that Baltimore would accept a late 1st or an early 2nd for Gaither. They have had that feeler out. I don’t want to trade either pick (as I’ve said) for Gaither… I want the Seahawks to screw the system and trade down and down and down until that #14 (or #6) becomes a late 1st that we can trade straight up for Gaither. In the process, we will have added a bunch of 3rd/4th rounders so we can add a lot of youth in the process. And I want that 3rd rounder back that we lost going into 2011. Gaither won’t be Walt, but we certainly won’t confuse him with Locklear either! Come on Mr. Happy and Bo Duke… Make Me Proud!!!

  42. Iupati is big, mean, quick and powerful. I realize he doesn’t fit the cut block scheme but I wonder how he would do at defense tackle. Iupati next to Mebane. Aw, probably too late for him to switch.

  43. boucherm says:

    oceanic–we’ll never know. He’s a first round guard, if he changes position it’s to Offensive Tackle.
    I read an interview w/ him where he said he always wanted to play D-line, but coaches kept him at guard.

  44. I hope he doesn’t end up in our division. Facing him twice a year…….

  45. Brown is better than Gaither, but older.

    Gaither will cost an EARLY 2nd rounder. The Brown asking price could probably be had with a later 2nd rounder.

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