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Second annual Seahawks mock draft

Post by Eric Williams on April 21, 2010 at 9:58 pm with 43 Comments »
April 22, 2010 5:58 am

Back by popular demand, we offer our second annual Seahawks mock draft, our attempt to predict who the Seahawks will select with the team’s nine picks.

Last year we had 24 contests, with Schlede from Denmark taking home first prize by getting two picks overall correct, Aaron Curry in the first round and Nick Reed in the seventh round.

I just got one correct last year, Aaron Curry in the first round.

That said, here’s my attempt to predict who Seattle might select beginning on Thursday. Post your own mock draft in the comments section down below or email me at, and I’ll throw them on an excel spreadsheet and announce the winner on Monday. Again, one per customer please.

Seahawks 2010 Draft

First round (sixth overall) – OT Russell Okung, 6-5, 307, Oklahoma State
Comment: He’s the most talented offensive tackle and can come in and play right away. Trent Williams might have more potential, but Okung is the better player right now.

First round (14th overall) – S Taylor Mays, 6-3, 230, USC
Comment: The Seahawks might trade down to get him, but Mays is an athletic freak and Carroll will find a way to best use him in Seattle’s defensive system.

Second round (60th overall)
– DE Tyson Alualu, 6-3, 295, California
Comment: The Seahawks might have to trade up in the second to get him, but Alualu offers the versatility to play both strong-side end and tackle.

Fourth round (104th overall)
– RB Anthony Dixon, 6-1, 233, Mississippi State
Comment: A hard runner who fills Seattle’s need for a short-yardage back.

Fourth round (127th overall) – OT Selvish Capers, 6-4, 308, West Virginia
Comment: A converted tight end, he should be a good fit in zone blocking scheme.

Fifth round (133rd overall)
– OG Zane Beadles, 6-5, 310, Utah
Comment: Comes from zone blocking background, and likely will move inside to guard after playing tackle in college.

Fifth round (139th overall) – QB John Skelton, 6-5, 243, Fordham
Comment: The Seahawks get their developmental quarterback here.

Sixth round (176th overall) – S Robert Johnson, 6-2, 200, Utah
Comment: Offers playmaking ability in the back end of the defense.

Seventh Round (245th overall)
– WR Duke Calhoun, 6-5, 205, Memphis
Comment: Preston reportedly visited with Seattle and I’m a Memphis grad, so I’m giving him a nod here.

Mock drafts
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  1. freedom_X says:

    My one concern with the reasoning for Taylor Mays is, if Carroll couldn’t get the most out of him in 4 years at USC, at the college level, how’s he going to get more out of him in the pros?

  2. williambryan says:

    I think there are going to be a whole bunch of trades by the Hawks, so i will make a few picks with that assumption.
    I think the Hawks drop back a few slots with each of their first round picks and pick up an extra second rounder
    Early round 1: Spiller
    Late round 1: Brown (OT)
    Round 2: Tebow
    Round 2: Houston (DT Texas)
    Round 4: LeGarrette Blount
    Round 4: Rolle (DB FSU)
    Round 5: Johnson (FS Utah)
    Round 5: Teo-Nesheim (UW)
    Round 6: this pick gets traded away
    Round 7: Alfred (C WSU)

  3. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    * Round 1, Pick# 6 – Eric Berry, S, Tenn.
    * Round 1, Pick# 24 – Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan
    Trade with Eagles ,who grab , Earl Thomas,with the 14th, and send this pick and the second round pick #37 overall
    * Round 2, Pick# 5 – Charles Brown, OT, USC
    * Round 2, Pick# 28 – Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, CB , Indiana,(PA)
    Burleson gone, this pick gives the Hawks a threat on KR/PR plus defensive backfield help.
    * Round 4, Pick# 6 – Ben Tate, RB, Auburn
    Big value if Tate is still available here
    * Round 4, Pick# 29 – John Skelton, QB , Fordham
    Could be starting by week 10
    * Round 5, Pick# 2 – Jeff Owens, DT , Georgia
    * Round 5, Pick# 6 – Joe Webb, WR, UAB
    * Round 6, Pick# 6 – Charlie Tanner, OG, Texas
    * Round 7, Pick# 32 – Andrew Tyshovnytsky, OT, Fordham
    Comp. Pick…. nothing wrong having a 317 lb OT that had a 4.91 (40) in a ZBS


    I think he has a shot of making the team, sure would upgrade the talent on that team, lol.

    My mock will be posted later.

  5. 1. Williams Okalhoma
    1. Morgan Tech
    3. Gerhart Stanford
    4. Rolle FSU
    4. Capers W. Virginia
    5. Te’o-Nesheim UW
    5. Beadles Utah
    6. Roberts Citadel
    7. Nichols Eastern

    Doubt I’ll get any right, but I’d like this draft.

  6. zombiehooliganfc says:

    1. Williams Okalhoma
    1. Morgan Tech
    3. Gerhart Stanford
    4. Rolle FSU
    4. Capers W. Virginia
    5. Te’o-Nesheim UW
    5. Beadles Utah
    6. Roberts Citadel
    7. Nichols Eastern

    Doubt I’ll get any right, but I’d like this draft.

  7. It doesn’t make any sense to include trades in a competition like this and I’ll be surprised if it’s gonna be accepted.

  8. Round 1: Eric Berry (Safety)
    Round 1: Charles Brown (Left Tackle)
    Round 2: Corey Wooton(Defensive End)
    Round 4: Anthony Dixon (Running back)
    Round 4: Mike Johnson (Guard)
    Round 5: Robert Johnson (Safety)
    Round 5: D’Anthony Smith (Defensive Tackle)
    Round 6: Nolan Carroll (Cornerback)
    Round 7: Trindon Holliday (Returnman/Receiver)

    But there is a billion trillion options, if I hit even one of those guys I’ll be amazed.

  9. hefferous says:

    round 1: Russell Okung
    round 1: Earl Thomas
    round 2: Eric Decker
    round 4: Zane Beadles
    round 4: Myron Lewis
    round 5: Hall Davis
    round 5: Lagarette Blount
    round 6: Arthur Jones
    round 7: Kyle Bosworth

  10. HawkfaninMT says:

    Round 1- Okung (OkSt)
    Round 1- Thomas (Texas)
    Round 2- Houston (Texas)
    Round4- Blount (Oregon)
    Round 4- Ford (Clemson)
    Round 5- Beadles (Utah)
    Round 5- Newhouse (TCU)
    Round 6- Daniels (Cinncinati)
    Round 7- Thomas (USC)

  11. Dukeshire says:

    round 1: R. Okung
    round 1: D. Morgan
    round 2: B. Lafell
    round 4: J. Starks
    round 4: L. Asante
    round 5: Z. Beadles
    round 5: B. Burney
    round 6: D. Brooks
    round 7: E. Udofia

  12. KelsoHawk says:

    Round 1: C.J. Spiller (RB)
    Round 1: Earl Thomas (S)
    Round 2: Tate (RB)
    Round 4: Beadles (OL)
    Round 4: Mike Johnson (OL)
    Round 5: Jacoby Ford (WR/KR)
    Round 6: Kafka (QB)
    Round 7: Selvie (DL) This may be too late for this guy.

  13. azhawkman says:

    Round 1: Williams (OT) – OU
    Round 1: Spiller (RB) – Clemson
    Round 2: Wooton (DE) – Northwestern
    Round 4: Lewis (DB) – Vanderbilt
    Round 4: Skelton (QB) – Fordham
    Round 5: Beadles (OL) – Utah
    Round 5: Johnson (FS) – Utah
    Round 6: Barnes (WR) – Bowling Green
    Round 7: Tyshovnytsky (OT) – Fordham

    I think those meet a good portion of the needs this team has. I still think there’s a great chance of the Hawks trading down to pick up some extra picks but I won’t attempt to guess where or with what team. Probably not #6 but maybe the #14.

  14. I don’t have us taking an LT early b/c I’m hoping Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy are smart enough to add Gaither or Brown with extra picks acquired in a trade down:

    1 – Spiller, RB, Clemson
    1 – Morgan, DE, GaTech
    2 – Allen, FS, S. Florida
    4 – M. Johnson, OG, Alabama
    4 – Capers, OT, W. Va.
    5 – Decker, WR, Minnesota
    5 – M. Williams, WR, Syracuse
    6 – Crompton, QB, Tennessee
    7 – Knips, OT, SDSU

  15. 1: DT Gerald McCoy (Oklahoma)
    1: OT Brian Bulaga (Iowa)
    2: S Nate Allen (South Florida)
    4: OT Jared Veldheer (Hillsdale)
    4: DE Carlos Dunlap (Florida)
    5: RB LeGarrett Blount (Oregon)
    5: OG Mike Johnson (‘Bama)
    6: S Myron Rolle (Florida St.)
    7: QB Matt Nichols (Eastern Wash.)

  16. round 1: Okung OT-Oklahoma
    round 1: Graham DE/LB – Michigan
    round 2: Hardesty RB – Tennessee
    round 4: Robert Johnson Safety – Utah
    round 4: Crompton QB – Tennessee
    round 5 Selvish Capers OT – WV
    round 5 Kevin Thomas CB – USC
    round 6 Kyle Williams WR – ASU (as a return man)
    round 7 Dorian Brooks OG – James Madison

  17. chuck_easton says:

    Round 1 #6 WIlliams OT OU
    Round 1 #14 Morgan DE GT
    Round 2 #60 Williams, D RB USC
    Round 4 #104 Lewis, Myron CB/FS Vanderbilt
    Round 5 #133 Beadle OT Utah
    Round 5 #139 WIlliams, Mike WR Syracus
    Round 6 # 176 Skelton, QB Fordham
    Round 7 #245 Bosworth LB UCLA

    Best part would be the team would go into camp with 5 guys with the last name Williams.

  18. chuck_easton says:

    Missed one in the 4th ad LB Butler Washington

  19. In a no-trade scenario:

    1. Trent Williams
    1. Earl Thomas
    2. Myron Rolle
    4. Ben Tate
    4. Robert Johnson
    5. Zane Beadles
    5. J. Skelton
    6. Chris Campbell
    7. Bosworth (LB)

  20. subtlesquire says:

    1 R. Okung (OT)
    1 T. Mays (S)
    2 J. Best (RB)
    4 JD Walton (C)
    4 C. Peters (DT)
    5 S. Lauvao (G)
    5 M Rolle (S)
    6 R. Alem (DE)
    7 AJ Jefferson (CB)

  21. 1-1 STL needs 1.0-QB, 0.8-WR/TE/CB, 0.7-DE, 0.6-RB/OT/DT/SS, 0.5-OLB/FS, 0.4-OG/C
    Bradford, QB1, (WF 1.0) PW=4.27 (best pick based on position need and player rank)

    1-2 DET needs 0.8-SS, 0.7-RB/DT, 0.6-CB, 0.5-WR/DE, 0.4-OT/OG/C/OLB, 0.3-TE/ILB/FS/K/P
    Suh, DT1, (WF=0.7) PW=3.45 (best pick based on position need and player rank)

    1-3 TB needs 1.0-DT, 0.8-DE/FS/CB, 0.7-WR, 0.6-SS, 0.5-OG, 0.4-OLB/ILB/K, 0.3-TE/OT/C/P
    McCoy, DT2, (WF=1.0) PW=3.61

    1-4 DC needs 1.0-OT, 0.8-OG, 0.7-FS, 0.6-RB/WR, 0.5-CB/K, 0.3-QB/C/DE/OLB/SS
    Okung, OT1, (WF=1.0) PW=2.79
    Williams, OT2, (WF=1.0) 2.63
    Berry, FS1 (WF=0.7) 2.07
    Who do the Skins pick if not Okung? Not Clausen (with McNabb), Williams?

    1-5 KC needs 0.7-TE/OT/ILB/SS, 0.6-WR/DT, 0.5-C/FS/CB, 0.4-OG/OLB, 0.3-QB/DE
    Williams, OT2, (WF=0.7) PW=1.84 (Okung here if Williams gone)
    Bulaga, OT3 (WF=0.7) 1.49
    Berry, FS1 (WF=0.5) 1.48

    1-6 SEA needs 1.0-OT/CB, 0.9-DE/FS, 0.8-RB/WR/OG, 0.7-DT, 0.6-SS, 0.5-C, 0.3-QB/TE
    [Okung, OT1, (WF=1.0) 2.79]
    Berry, FS1 (WF=0.9) PW=2.66
    [Williams, OT2, (WF=1.0) 2.63]
    Haden, CB1, (WF=1.0) 2.30
    Bulaga, OT3, (WF=1.0) 2.14
    Morgan, DE1, (WF=0.9) 2.00
    Spiller, RB1, (WF=0.8) 1.97
    If Okung is there (which he probably shouldn’t) take him, otherwise Berry.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    klm008 – You realize that the mock is for the Seahawks only, right? ;)

  23. Nothing is in a vacuum.

  24. devisscher says:

    First round (sixth overall) – Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

    First round (14th overall) – Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

    Second round (60th overall) – Nate Allen, FS, South Florida

    Fourth round (104th overall) – Ed Wang, OT, Virginia Tech

    Fourth round (127th overall) – Darrell Stuckey, SS, Kansas

    Fifth round (133rd overall) – Kyle Calloway, OT, Iowa

    Fifth round (139th overall) – Ciron Black, G/OT, LSU

    Sixth round (176th overall) – Corey Peters, DT, Kentucky

    Seventh Round (245th overall) – Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky

  25. 1/6 FS Eric Berry – Tennessee
    1/14 OT Charles Brown – USC
    2/60 DE Alex Carrington – Arkansas St
    4/104 RB Joe Mcknight – USC
    4/127 OG Marshall Newhouse – TCU
    5/133 S Major Wright – Florida
    5/139 WR Joe Webb – UAB
    6/176 CB Nolan Carroll – Maryland
    7/245 OT Matt Kopa – Stanford

    (Above is what I think will happen)
    Below is what I HOPE will happen:
    1/6 OT Trent Willams – Oklahoma
    1/24 (trade from Philadelphia) DE Everson Griffen – USC
    2/55 (trade from Philadelphia) S Chad Jones – LSU

  26. squiggy12 says:

    1: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee
    1: Charles Brown, OT, USC
    2: Lamarr Houston, DT, Texas
    4: Myron Lewis, DB, Vanderbilt
    4: Jermaine Cunningham, DE, Florida
    5: Anthony Dixon, RB, Mississippi State
    5: QB Jevan Snead, QB, Ole Miss.
    6: Shelley Smith, OG, Colorado State
    7: Stephen Williams, WR, Toledo

  27. EyeAmBaldman says:

    1: Charles Brown OT USC
    1: Chad Jones S LSU
    2: Tyson Alualu DE Cal
    4: Montario Hardesty RB Tennessee
    4: Carlton Mitchell WR South Florida
    5: Dan Lefevour QB Central Michigan
    5: Kevin Haslam OL Rutgers
    6: Corey Peters DT Kentucky
    6: Kevin Thomas DB USC
    7: Eric Olsen OL ND

    I doubt this is how it will go, but I just don’t think the 1st round is going to be as predictable as all the so-called experts think. But again, what do I know? I’m just in this for the prize!

  28. tp10super10 says:

    I’m gonna give it a go…assuming there are no trades, but we all know what assuming does!!

    #6- Russell Okung, OT OK St.
    #14- Derrick Morgan, DE GA Tech
    #60- Montario Hardesty, RB Tennessee
    #104- Mike Johnson, OG Alabama
    #127- Jeromy Miles, S UMass
    #133- Daniel Te’o Neshiem
    #139- Myron Lewis, CB Vanderbilt
    #176- Jarrett Brown, QB West Virginia
    #245- Shay Hodge, WR Ole Miss

    Seems like I picked a player at every single need position, and odds are good we get more players at one position, but I like the idea that they will spread it around a bit. In Okung, Morgan, and Hardesty you not only get 3 starters, but you get 3 players that fit your scheme PERFECTLY. Hardesty is being slept on a bit, but this is a 5’11 225lbs RB who ripped the combine up. 4.49 40, 3rd amonst RB’s, he was 3rd in reps, 1st in vert AND 1st in broad jump..a total athlete perfect for the ZBS who had 1,300 and 13TD’s last year in a pro style offense. I kind of have a “thing” for him now…but he’s a steal at #60 in my mind.

    So 3 starters in 2 rounds…let’s get depth. Mike Johnson never got an A minus in high school and has played every position on the OLine at Alabama.. best suited at Guard, he is a smart/versitile player who will start someday (and to quote Pro Footbal Weekly’s draft guide, “(Johnson is) Best suited as a short area, zone blocking” player. Sounds about right.

    Jeromy Miles is a bit of a sleeper..a transfer from the Naval Academy, but check this… 6’2 215lbs, 4.46 40, 35.5″ vert, and his senior year stats? 104 tackles, five tackles for loss, three picks, two breakups, two forced fumbles, and two fumble recoveries. Yes please.

    Te’o Neshiem would be a good story, and he is a serious motor guy who might not fit the scheme, but he fills a need and never stops. Being the all time sack leader at UW says something with the great DLinemen they’ve had. Myron Lewis, another smart, smart player..2 time Academic All American who has GREAT size for a CB..6’2 203 with a 4.51 40 and 10 career INT’s in 3 seasons and Vandy.

    Brown is a developmental guy, but has a great arm. His stock has been falling a bit after a really nice Senior Bowl..he just hasn’t had the reps. Hodge is an underachiever but has talent and is a great route runner.

    We’ll see…only 4 1/2 hours to go and I am happier each minute that I took the next 2 days off just for the Draft!!!

    Go Hawks!

    PS..I drafted that many SEC guys?? Total accident!

  29. My contest entry

    Russell Okung

    Trent Williams

    Charles Brown

    Roger Saffold

    Zane Beadles

    Cord Howard

    Ted Larsen

    John Estes

    Kenny Alford

    Ok, O line early, middle and late.

  30. EyeAmBaldman says:


    That is awesome! LOL

  31. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I doubt I’ll get these right, because I have a terrible, terrible, feeling that we are going to trade down.

    (6) Eric Berry, Safety
    (14) C.J. Spiller, RB
    (60) Charles Brown, OT
    (104) Brandon Grahm, DE
    (127) Marshall Newhouse, OG
    (133) Navorro Bowman, OLB
    (139) Kyle Calloway, OT
    (176) Devin Ross, CB
    (245) Terrence Cody, DT

  32. JMSeaTown says:

    Round 1: R. Okung, OT
    Round 1: D. Morgan, DE
    Round 2: Chad Jones, S
    Round 4: Zane Beadles, OG/OT
    Round 4: L. Blount, RB
    Round 5: Walter McFadden, CB
    Round 5: Kurt Coleman, FS
    Round 6: Charlie Tanner, OG
    Round 7: Kyle Bosworth, LB

  33. oceanic, is that really your mock? or are you just trying to outsmart us all and win this contest? ;)

  34. 1-6: FS1 (Berry)
    1-14: RB1 (Spiller)
    2-60: CB9 (Owusu-Ansah)
    4-104: OT11 (Capers)
    4-127: DE14 (Geathers)
    5-133: WR16 (Cooper)
    5-139: OG6 (Newhouse)
    6-176: SS7 (Stewart)
    7-245: DT24 (Ivey)

  35. chadworth64 says:

    1. OT Trent Williams – OU
    1. DE Derrick Morgan – GT
    2. FS/SS Reshad Jones – Geo
    4. OT/G Zane Beadles – Utah
    4. RB LeGarrette Blount – OU
    5. QB Jonathan Crompton – Tenn
    5. CB/FS Myron Lewis – Van
    6. OT Kyle Jolly – NC
    7. WR David Gettis – BU

    The hawks should trade down the 14 pick to get mays and another pick

  36. Dukeshire says:

    oceanic – Taking the ’81 Bill Walsh approach. I like it.

  37. seahawklovertoo says:

    seahawklovertoo says:
    APRIL 17, 2010 AT 6:34 PM
    NOT under the influence of magic mushrooms !!! LOL
    We will trade our #14 & #60 plus Hill (+) to Tampa for #3. We will trage with the Eagles our #6 for their : #24,#37&#70 and MAYBE a sixth/seventh.
    So, this is it:
    #3 Suh
    #24 Charles Brown OT (USC)
    #37 Tim Tebow
    #70 Mike Johnson OG ( Alabama)
    #104 Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB ( Indi of Pa)
    #127 Myron Rolle safety (FSU)
    # 133 Trindon Holliday RB/WR/KR (LSU)
    #139 Zane Beadles OT (Utah)
    #176 Robert Johnson safety (Utah)
    #245 Daniel Te’o Nesheim DE (UW)
    Undrafted invitations to: OT James Williams (Har)
    OT Levi Horn (Mon)
    OG Alex Parsons (USC)
    CB Kevin Thomas (USC)
    Tebow and Holliday will/can do the short yardage runs, plus a legit RB will be picked-up after the draft for next years pick/player trade ( LanDale White?)
    If nothing else, this is my wish list and I’m sticking with it.
    PS : I think PC likes Tebow a lot. I rather have Gerhart or Hardesty instead.

  38. seahawklovertoo says:

    No trades:
    6-McCoy, 14-Earl Thomas,
    60-Mike Johnson,
    133-Trindon Holliday,
    176-Robert Johnson,
    245-Te’o Nesheim

  39. Stevos, if I had picked to win the contest I would have waited until 12:05 today to post. Oh wait, that’s what I did. Ok, I fess up. You’re right. LOL

    Duke and Eye, After two years of below average O line play then two years of really bad O line play I admit I have tunnel vision.

  40. 1. S. Eric Berry
    1 OT. Charles Brown
    2 DT. Lamarr Houston
    4 DE. Brandon Lang
    4 OG. Mitch Petrus
    5 RB. James Starks
    5 OG. Shawn Lauvau
    6 CB. Kevin Thomas
    7 SS. Jeremiah Weatherspoon

  41. Just thought I’d congradulate hefferous and HawkfaninMT for being the only ones to go 2 for 2 yesterday. Nice work!

    I’m glad they were right and I was wrong.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    Agreed, impressive.

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