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Hawks sign OG Hamilton

Post by Eric Williams on April 20, 2010 at 3:39 pm with 23 Comments »
April 20, 2010 3:39 pm

It appears the Seattle Seahawks have found their starting left guard for 2010.

The Hawks announced this afternoon the they have signed veteran guard Ben Hamilton.

Hamilton, 32, spent all nine of his years in the NFL in Denver, and is very familiar with the zone blocking scheme, so he should serve as good mentor for Seattle’s younger lineman.

The Seahawks also took a look at Houston guard Chester Pitts before moving on Hamilton.

Hamilton was a fourth-round selection (113th overall) in the 2001 NFL Draft out of the University of Minnesota. He started 80 consecutive games from 2002-06, missing the 2007 season due to concussion symptoms, but returned in 2008 to start all 16 games for the sixth time in his career.

Last year, he played in 15 games with eight starts. Hamilton has started 104 of 111 career games.

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  1. Eric,

    Do you think this means Pitts is totally off the radar?

    Personally, I’m hoping we can somehow dump Spencer for a box of used jocks and can move Unger where he should be and add another guard (and get at least one in the draft too).

  2. variable575 says:

    I’ll second that motion.

  3. yankinta says:

    So this means, we lose the compensatory pick (4th or 5th round) next year….. Hmmm…. hope it’s worth it.

  4. Sept 19… Seahawks at Broncos


  5. Right now it looks like the Sept starting O line, left to right:

    Brown, Hamilton, Spencer, Unger, Locklear


  6. We play the Cards twice in four weeks.

    Bye after week 4.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    The opening to the schedule release show is even more idiotic that I imagined it would be. Hey, the ‘Skins play the Eagles twice!! No s**t. Just tell us who plays when. God I hate ESPN sometimes. I fantasize sometimes that if I were President of ESPN for a day how happy it would make me to fire Trey Wingo.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Here’s the ‘Hawks schedule.

    Screwed on the bye. Again.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – Seattle is in Denver for your weekend. Sorry bro.

  10. That’s the first thing I looked for!!! That would have been such a perfect weekend, too!!!

  11. Dukeshire says:

    I have to say, I’m disappointed. I was planning on coming up for the weekend and hanging out. lol

  12. BobbyK: I don’t think they go after Chester Pitts. I think the choice was between Ben Hamilton and Pitts, and perhaps they had some concerns with Pitts’ microfracture surgery.

  13. variable575 says:

    9ers in wk 1. Could not ask for a better wk 1 opponent for the hawks.

  14. nighthawk2 says:

    It’s about time. Took them this long to figure out that anyone who has microfracture surgery, well their career is over?

    The only reason I would say “ouch” to that offensive line starting group is the presence of Chris Spencer on it. Why is this guy still on the roster? For that matter, why is Julius Jones still on the roster? And I still think they’re going to take T. Williams at 6.

  15. variable575 says:


    I share your sentiment towards the prospect of a starting OL consisting of your list and arrangement. Maybe place Okung or Williams at LT and place Unger back at center and the lineup has a little more appeal. I’d still like to see Gibson in there to.

    Go Matt Nichols!!!

  16. faderoute_88 says:

    I keep reading that we are looking at Spiller at 6. Do you think there is a chance that if all the top tackles are off the board at 14 that we would look at Iupati, who typically plays guard to play tackle at 14? If we dont get one of the top 3 the drop off is signifigant enough, and I think Iupati is a pretty special player.

    If we look at S or RB at 6, and all OT’s are off the board who then become the best options at 60 and can they actually be difference makers. Given Gibbs record with lower picks its reasonable to assume they may go against what the popular thought is.

  17. Guessing Hamilton will not be ‘handed’ the starting job, but a “chance to compete” for it… like others….

    I like the move, as it provides additional early draft flexibility…

  18. Can’t say that I am happy about signing an “old” player who couldn’t consistantly start for a team in the bottom half of the league.!!!!!!

    Have we not learned our lesson? Wahle, et. al. The only thing this helps is the learning curve, not the actual talent of the line!

  19. Macabrevity says:

    This is the first move that has made sense to me. I really like it. Even Ben’s age is not a negative, as we’ll be looking to him to mentor the other O-linemen as they learn the system. I was waiting and wondering why we hadn’t heard anything on this guy. I’m really glad we got him.

    Spencer —–> Out
    Unger —–> back to C.

    Like everyone is saying!!!!

  20. Where do you guys get your ideas that Unger belongs at Center instead of Spencer? According to two of the best OL coaches in football, he does not.

    Last season, coach Solari moved Unger to center as a last resort after Spencer tried playing c for several weeks with a broken hand. If Solari had wanted Unger at center, he would have moved him there the day after Spencer broke his hand. Solari kept Spencer at center as long as he could… for a reason.

    Now that Spencer is healthy again, Alex Gibbs first decision as the new OL coach after getting to know his players was to move Spencer back to center where he belongs.

    So according to two of the best OL coaches in the NFL, Spencer is the best center on the team. Chris Spencer’s only problem has been injuries, not talent or work ethic. He’s played while badly injured and proven his toughness. Provided he stays healthy, Spencer will do a great job leading the zbs this year.

    Unger hasn’t earned the starting c position. Unger is still just learning to become a good OG, give him time to accomplish that before you start awarding him with other jobs he hasn’t earned yet.

  21. Macabrevity says:

    Maybe true, but Spencer hasn’t earned it either…he’s just there by default at this point…and after all those years of doing his best to prove that it’s really too much responsibility for him.

  22. chuck_easton says:

    I’m not going to pretend I’m doing cartwheels over the idea of Spencer starting at Center and Unger at RG. But I’m also not pretending to be an NFL coach.

    If the powers that be feel that the best starting OL lineup is:

    LT (draft), Hamilton, Spencer, Unger, Locklear

    then so be it.

    At the very least this would appear to be the OL going into training camp.

    Who knows how things will look come September 12.

    I stll think this is a situation where they have decided that Unger is the better RG between him and Spencer so Spencer gets Center by default.

  23. snydro81 says:

    I don’t agree with that, Chuck. I think it’s backwards. Center is the more important position in Gibbs’ scheme, so it would make sense to fill that with the best player and move the other guy to RG.

    Stevos is right. Spencer is a tough cookie, playing through injuries and demanding to be on the field. If he can stay healthy, he can be a huge asset for us not only this season, but for years to come.

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