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TNT draft preview: Defensive backs to consider

Post by Eric Williams on April 18, 2010 at 8:38 am with 65 Comments »
April 18, 2010 8:38 am
Taylor Mays, USC (AP file photo)

Today is the first day Rob Rang, senior draft analyst with, evaluates this year’s draft with an eye toward players the Seahawks might consider at each position for each draft round.

Seattle’s struggles defending the pass for the past, two seasons certainly has new head coach Pete Carroll taking a hard look at the back end of the defense. Defensive co-captain Deon Grant has been released, along with his $4 million salary for 2010, leaving Seattle with only two safeties currently on the roster with practice squad player Jamar Adams and first-year starter Jordan Babineaux. So Seattle likely will be looking to add a young safety to the mix.

Could Carroll be considering a certain safety and Seattle native from his past?

And with veteran cornerback Marcus Trufant finishing with a league-high seven pass interference penalties after coming off the PUP list last year, the Seahawks likely will consider adding a young cornerback to the team to create more depth. Josh Wilson and Kelly Jennings continue to improve, and UW product Roy Lewis could be a diamond in the rough, but all three are smaller corners that struggle against the Larry Fitzgeralds and Anquan Boldins in the league.

Rob Rang, senior draft analyst,

Rob Rang’s defensive backs to consider

Round Pick Name

1 (6) Eric Berry, 6-0, 211, Tennessee

Rob’s rationale: A natural, instinctive player with experience throughout the secondary. An Ed Reed clone. Highlights

1 (14) Earl Thomas, 5-10, 202, Texas

Rob’s rationale: Intercepted eight passes last year at free safety. Athletic enough to consider at CB. Highlights

2 (60) Morgan Burnett, 6-2, 209, Georgia Tech

Rob’s rationale: Athletic, rangy centerfielder overshadowed at G-Tech, but a solid 2nd round value. Highlights

4 (104, 127) Myron Lewis, 6-2, 203, Vanderbilt

Rob’s rationale: Three-year starting CB in the SEC has the size Carroll likes. Might fit best in NFL at FS. Combine workout

5 (133,139) A.J. Jefferson, 6-0, 192, Fresno State

Rob’s rationale: Rare athleticism with good size at CB. Talented kick returner, with 3 TDs over his career. Combine workout

Robert Johnson, 6-2, 203, Utah

Rob’s rationale: Lanky centerfielder with big play ability (13 INTs). Surprise non-invite to Combine. Highlights

7 (245) Jon Amaya, 6-1, 203, Nevada

Rob’s rationale: Former walk-on who developed into a star. Likely will remain at FS in the NFL, but has starting CB experience. Combine workout

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Is that Rang’s high school yearbook photo? In any case, it’s curious that Seattle’s corner’s are singled out but the list is comprised primarily of safeties. And are these players that Seattle is likely to convert? Because if we’re talking corners in mid / late rounds, consider Chris Cook, Walter Thurmond or Kevin Thomas.

  2. Where’s Nate Allen fit in?I’ve got him a second round pick.

  3. I don’t think Nate Allen will be available with the #60 pick. We may have gotten him at #40 though.

    One thing to consider: if we don’t get a safety in the draft (or two) Oshiomogho Atogwe will be available on June 1 if he hasn’t signed a long term contract with the Rams by that date. We could sign him June 1 and turnn a weak free safety position into a strength if we don’t add a guy like Berry in the 1st round.

  4. Does anyone think Eric Berry is “the next Ed Reed”?

  5. I never thought I would ever want to see a safety drafted at 6. But after watching the steelers with Polumalu and without him, Eric Berry doesn’t seem like such a bad idea for the Seahawks if he’s available.

    But only if both Williams and Okung are gone at 6. I won’t mind if we end up being a team with average safeties and an all-pro left tackle.

  6. Williams as an all-pro Left Tackle? That’s lofty expectations for someone who regularly got beat against college opponents.

    Williams is a project with great measurables. But combine hype won’t mean a damn thing against elite NFL pass rushers.

    I’m confident he can be okay in the run game, but not in pass protection. At least not right away.

    Also, I don’t think Berry is good value at #6. The separation between Berry and the rest of the safety class isn’t great enough to warrant the investment, imo..

  7. snydro – you and I seem to feel the same way about Williams.

    pabs – I have no opinion of Berry, I did not see enough of him to form one. But I have read over and over that he’s not a hitter (supposedly great in coverage though). Polamalu is small, but a vicious hitter too.

  8. If the choice is Berry at #6 or Thomas at #14 then I’d take Thomas any day, I’ve always liked Thomas more than Berry, I think both of them are pretty equal and Thomas would therefore have better value at #14, not sure if he will be there though.

  9. chuck_easton says:

    As we all seem to have our favorites and such I am going to do the shotgun approach here. I’m happy with any of the following being taken in the first round. I’ll sort of list them in my order of who I prefer but I would be happy with any of the below:

    Ogung – OT
    Williams – OT
    Bulaga – OT
    Morgan – DE
    Berry – S
    Thomas – S
    CJ Spiller – RB

    If any 2 of those 7 end up on our roster after Thursday night I’ll consider this a solid 1st round draft for PC and Schneider.

  10. We need to get someone to play Safety – by letting Grant go (only off-season move I’ve been against), we’ve made it an absoute position of need in this draft. So, if we do go O-Line and D-line with our 1st round picks – then #60 pretty much has to be spent on a safety.

  11. I don’t think big hitters at Safety are that important in this new pass happy NFL where the SB teams had poor running games.

    Ed Reed isn’t a big hitter but he strikes incredible fear in the opposing offense.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – I for one think the Ed Reed comparisons have merit. Whether his production, or influence on opposing teams’ game plan measures up to Reed is a tall order but it’s a fair comparison. Even though he’s not a physical as Polamalu, he has the tools to be just as important to whichever defense he goes to, IMO. It’s a really great time in the league for safeties, both strong and free that all have different “styles”.

  13. HawkfaninMT says:

    While I know it isn’t exactly draft talk, What about the prospects of bringing Atogwe into the fold?

    Has this been discussed much here and I missed it?

    I would be ecstatic to see Atogwe and Johnson(6th round) in our backfield at almost no draft cost…

    Would improve our secondary, while hurting the Rams… Win-Win

  14. superduk says:

    I don’t know if I would call him the next Ed Reed, but Berry is really good. As someone who lives in SEC country, I have seen Berry play a lot. He is not the type of safety that will be the 8th man in the box. That doesn’t mean he can’t tackle, but he is the guy you let rove centerfield. He is fast enough to run with just about any wide-out and big enough to go up for the ball and take it away. Once he has the ball, he is looking to take it to the house. This part of his game cannot be understated. He plays the ball better than any safety I have seen in a good long while. When the ball is in the air, you feel like he has as much of a chance to come down with it as the receiver does (if not more).

    It would be so nice to stop seeing opposing receivers running through the secondary with both the safety and corner in chase.

  15. variable575 says:

    Interesting article that I read and thought appropriate to post considering how I’ve thought that drafting Derrick Morgan is a wasted pick for us(in the 1st rnd) due to the investments we’ve already made in the last 4 yrs. Two 1 round picks in 3 yrs on any position is bad management.

    Derrick Morgan doesn’t even stand to be an Elite Pass Rusher, just a good all around DE. According to an article I read online from either ESPN or

  16. Dukeshire says:

    I too have found an interesting article, only about this year’s RB class and how “beat up” some of them are.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    variable575 – That chart is a bit odd to me. The drop off for DE from the 1st to the 2nd rates in the top half of their list yet they suggest waiting. Perhaps if they explained (or “burdened us with the math”) as to how they assigned their value, I would give that list a bit more credence.

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  19. seahawklovertoo says:

    Superduk, where is SEC country do you live? I spent 8 years in those parts.

  20. Soggybuc says:

    Not sure if Berry or thomas are going to available for us and mays will be long gone before 60. I watched that video of robert Johnson twice and would’nt be unhappy if the “reached” and took him in the fourth before someone else can.

    Great speed, both recovery and oh S%^#, seems to be a natural ball hawk that that instinctively plays the pass ahead of the hit *couch..Hamlin* if you dont have a true shut down corner. seems you need to have at least one slam the door safety.

    BTW. any one planning on hitting the hawks draft party at the cactus moon in Everett on thursday?

  21. seahawklovertoo says:

    seahawklovertoo says:
    APRIL 17, 2010 AT 6:34 PM
    NOT under the influence of magic mushrooms !!! LOL
    We will trade our #14 & #60 plus Hill (+) to Tampa for #3. We will trage with the Eagles our #6 for their : #24,#37&#70 and MAYBE a sixth/seventh.
    So, this is it:
    #3 Suh
    #24 Charles Brown OT (USC)
    #37 Tim Tebow
    #70 Mike Johnson OG ( Alabama)
    #104 Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB ( Indi of Pa)
    #127 Myron Rolle safety (FSU)
    # 133 Trindon Holliday RB/WR/KR (LSU)
    #139 Zane Beadles OT (Utah)
    #176 Robert Johnson safety (Utah)
    #245 Daniel Te’o Nesheim DE (UW)
    Undrafted invitations to: OT James Williams (Har)
    OT Levi Horn (Mon)
    OG Alex Parsons (USC)
    CB Kevin Thomas (USC)
    Tebow and Holliday will/can do the short yardage runs, plus a legit RB will be picked-up after the draft for next years pick/player trade ( LanDale White?)
    If nothing else, this is my wish list and I’m sticking with it.

  22. seahawklovertoo says:

    seahawklovertoo says:
    APRIL 17, 2010 AT 6:34 PM
    NOT under the influence of magic mushrooms !!! LOL
    We will trade our #14 & #60 plus Hill (+) to Tampa for #3. We will trade with the Eagles our #6 for their : #24,#37&#70 and MAYBE a sixth/seventh.
    So, this is it:
    #3 Suh
    #24 Charles Brown OT (USC)
    #37 Tim Tebow
    #70 Mike Johnson OG ( Alabama)
    #104 Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB ( Indi of Pa)
    #127 Myron Rolle safety (FSU)
    # 133 Trindon Holliday RB/WR/KR (LSU)
    #139 Zane Beadles OT (Utah)
    #176 Robert Johnson safety (Utah)
    #245 Daniel Te’o Nesheim DE (UW) Invitations to undrafted prospects: OT James Williams (Har)
    OT Levi Horn (Mon)
    OG Alex Parsons (USC)
    CB Kevin Thomas (USC)
    Tebow and Holliday will/can do the short yardage runs, plus a legit RB will be picked-up after the draft for next years pick/player trade ( LanDale White?)
    If nothing else, this is my wish list and I’m sticking with it.

  23. Just because we took an above average run stuffing DE and below average pass rushing DE (same player) in the 1st round two years ago does NOT mean we ignore Derrick Morgan in 4 days!!!


    Mr. Happy has already made it clear that “LoJack” is going to be his strong side run stuffing DE (i.e. ‘No Glory’). He’s going to “bulk up” and seal the strong side.

    This means we need a pass rushing DE, especially with Tapp not on the roster anymore. This means Morgan is a perfect target for us!!! And the thing about Morgan being the ‘elephant’ is that he has uncanny ability to stuff the run. Normally those guys are pass rushers and that’s about it. With Morgan, he’s a stud pass rusher who can/will also seal the run. What more can we want?

    Duke — when do you think we’re going to get the next comment about how Bulaga “owned” Morgan in the bowl game?

  24. Macabrevity says:

    Taking a DE (Morgan) just because he’s the highest rated player at that position is not justified unless the guy truly looks like a game-changer. Even when they’re supposed can’t-miss prospects, DE’s tend to take a while to develop. We just sent Tapp packing, and he was a guy who has put in his time, and was starting to look like he was on the cusp of a break-out season. Why send a guy like that out, only to draft another who needs to be developed for 3 or 4 years before we know if he’ll work out.

    Take a look at DE’s drafted in the 1st round, and tell me that’s a hit/miss rate that you really want to risk?

    Sure, there’s a risk with all positions, but DE pays out at a particularly low percentage. Much much lower than OT, a position with a success-to-bust ratio that is staggeringly high.

    I feel like a pass-rusher can be developed just as easily from within the team, and we should use our enviable position in this draft to bring in true game-changers. It’s a mix between BPA and team fit that we need, and not just going for position of need.

  25. We need the best available player on the LOS. I don’t care if it’s an offensive tackle/guard or a defensive end/tackle with at least one of our 1st round picks.

    “Even when they’re supposed can’t-miss prospects, DE’s tend to take a while to develop…” So, you’re saying that we are ready to win the Super Bowl this upcoming year and should take the best fit for NOW? In the right scenario of trade downs (and picking up players) I may agree, but right now I disagree.

    As I’ve said before, Morgan has 2 things going for him, where most DEs only have 1. He can stuff the run. He can rush the passer. If he turns out to be a bust at one, he can still be good at the other. Granted, none of want another LoJack (run stuffer), but it could be worse… Many others have been 1 trick ponies…

    I’ve been saying the same thing for months with respect to Morgan that this guy recently said. I haven’t changed my mind either:

  26. Michael Lombardi:
    “USC offensive tackle Charles Brown is a hot commodity right now and is moving up. He might make it into the top 15.”

    — National football post.

    Sounds good to me, he names Seattle as the obvious team he could go to.

  27. Soggybuc makes a really good point that has also been bothering me a lot lately. None of those big name Safeties are going to be there at #60 & Chad Jones sucks (I’ve watched every highlight reel on him). I’ve seen some mocks with Robert Johnson going to the Cards ahead of our first pick in the 4th round. So, do we reach for him in the 2nd round? Looks like he may be worth it. He may have snuck into the first round had he been invited to the combine. His numbers were better than all the other Safeties.

  28. I sure hope Seahawks’ management know this. Do they read this blog? I hope so…

  29. Macabrevity says:

    Bobby K…you’re missing my point. Having the #6 pick in the draft is a chance to get a player who will change our franchise for the next 10 years.

    We can get a serviceable DE later on, or might even have one coming up (Reed maybe?) .

    The #6 pick should bring in a once-in-a-decade talent like Eric Berry, OR a LT, which is a position that no team can live without. If we don’t have blindside protection, we’re nothing more than a 4 or 5 win team.

    Derrick Morgan is a guy who might be able to help our club. It’s impossible to say with any certainty, but we need to do more than just add a cog with this upcoming pick.

    I could live with the Morgan pick more if it was our #14, but I wouldn’t agree with it. Brandon Graham is twice the pass rusher that Morgan is. He owned a guy (Bulaga) who made Morgan look like a girl on the field. I think there’s no way Morgan will have a better career than Graham (barring injury).

  30. superduk says:

    I have not watched a lot of USC games so someone help me out here. In the hybrid 4-3 that was used quite frequently by Carroll at USC, is the “elephant” position manned by a linebacker or a defensive end? If it is manned by a speed rusher only (regardless of it being a LB or DE), then does that mean they typically only go with one true DE? If that is the case, I am not sure Morgan makes a lot of sense. Would he challenge Jackson for his spot or simply be put into a rotation with him? Then again, I don’t know how often this defense was used. Was it more of an obvious passing down type of thing?

    Either way, I would hope they spend a 1st rounder on someone that is going to be on the field more often (LT, S).

  31. Dukeshire says:

    Besides Suh, is there a once in a decade player in this draft? Personally, I don’t think so, not even Eric Berry as good as he may be. And if Suh, McCoy, Bulaga and Okung are gone. a lot of people think, myself included, the next best player for Seattle is Morgan. And yes, that included Trent Williams. An argument could be made that he may fall to 14 based on other teams’ needs but I question the rational in risking that. Above all else, I don’t see how he slides past Jax at 10. To address Macabrevity’s belief that Morgan is merely serviceable, I disagree. I believe he is significantly better that that. I do agree with him when he says that Seattle needs to do a lot more that add a “cog”. Morgan has the talent to be a cornerstone player, IMO. And comparing Graham to Morgan is comparing players that are going to play in different schemes in the NFL so I’m not sure how relative they are. Maybe Sergio Kindle is a better comparison. Players that will likely both play the edge in a 3-4 not weakside in a 4-3.

    BobbyK says:
    APRIL 18, 2010 AT 8:19 PM

    Duke — when do you think we’re going to get the next comment about how Bulaga “owned” Morgan in the bowl game?

    Macabrevity says:
    APRIL 19, 2010 AT 3:58 AM

    …He owned a guy (Bulaga) who made Morgan look like a girl on the field.

    Bobby – He slid it in on you under the cover of darkness. ;)

  32. I was over at my sister’s house yesterday waiting for dinner and found myself browsing the internet, and got involved with googline “Alex Gibbs zone blocking”. I read a lot of articles and ended up watching a lot of short videos on it. I guess you could say that I “got into it” a little bit. With that being said I don’t really think the Hawks are going to draft an OL in the first round. If they do it will be the one who has the highest wonderlic score. It seems to be pretty simple when broken down. At the LOS the OL breaks off into automatic double teams, and when another defender steps into the zone, an OL will break off and cover them, This creates the big lane for the one-cut RB to run through. I like how Gibbs has specific rules for his running backs to. No negative plays, no “dancing” behind the LOS, you have to wait at the LOS for the hole, and you have to run straight through the hole and can juke when out of the “lane”. Sounds like they need to draft an OL with the highest wonderlic score. Seems like. That being said I look for them to go with Berry at #6 and Spiller at #14 if he’s available. That’s the way I’m leaning.

    BTW I hope that the Hawks read the mockery draft on this blog from last Saturday, so that when they see who Dukeshire selected they will know what NOT to do.

  33. My biggest worry about Gibbs is his age and his history of only sticking around a few years and then leaving. He was in Atlanta for a few years and then, boom, gone. He was in Houston for a couple of years and, now, gone. If Mike Solari, one of the best OL coaches in the NFL, can’t turn water into wine, I don’t know who else can? If Gibbs can turn it into wine, good, but when he leaves a year or two down the road, who is going to turn the water into wine when nobody else has been able to do it? I say draft a good OL regardless. If he’s good enough to be good in one scheme, he’ll be good enough for others. Basically, get a well rounded offensive lineman because we all know Gibbs won’t be coaching that player for that persons entire career in Seattle and we can’t keep using duct tape to fix our OL. We need legitimate reinforcements.

  34. I wouldn’t mind drafting Berry and Spiller, they are playmakers and game changers, and as much as we desperately needs help on both lines, we also desperately need some playmakers on both sides of the ball. Both Spiller and Berry should be able to get some significant time on the field this year and get the opportunity to make big plays.

  35. Life would be so much easier if we could just have two extra picks after our #6 and #14 then we could draft Berry, Morgan, Brown, and Spiller. That’d be cool.

    Back to reality…

  36. BenderHawkFan says:

    Tebow…on a wishlist? And at #37?


  37. Dukeshire says:

    Someone else pointed this out a couple of day ago but it’s absolutely true; the further away we get from last season the more popular the “flashy playmakers” become. The memory of how inept the very basic fundamentals were begin to fade into mere health concerns, or better coaching. 4 months ago the idea that the ‘Hawks wouldn’t address the o line and the pass rush were met with absolute distain.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    rollo73 – I’m just here to help, anyway possible.

  39. Macabrevity says:


    Actually, a lot of analysts see Graham as a 4-3 rush end only. Take a look at walterfootball’s pretty in depth analysis.

    I’m prepared to agree with him on this one.

    As for Suh being the only once-in-a-decade player in this draft, I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. Berry is the real deal, and capable of transforming the way the position is played. He’s a cover safety, with great ball instincts, and he’s a punishing hitter as well.

  40. variable575 says:


    Why don’t you try specifically countering the fact that Bulaga dropped Derrick “Harvey” Morgan’s pants. Rather, all you can muster are replies like the one below that don’t even address a legitimate post that brings to question a player like “Derrick “Harvey” Morgen.

    bobbyK says:
    APRIL 18, 2010 AT 8:19 PM

    Duke — when do you think we’re going to get the next comment about how Bulaga “owned” Morgan in the bowl game?

    Macabrevity says:
    APRIL 19, 2010 AT 3:58 AM

    …He owned a guy (Bulaga) who made Morgan look like a girl on the field.

    Bobby – He slid it in on you under the cover of darkness. ;)

  41. So you are saying that Berry is better than Suh? Berry is good but not THAT good.

  42. Macabrevity says:

    JacDG you misread my post. Try again.

  43. variable575 says:


    There comes a time when you have to address other positions in the draft (other than DE) regardless of the results of previous efforts. Taking Derrick “Harvey” Morgan is overkill. Again,

    since 2006 we’ve taken a DE in the 7th rnd, 4th, 2nd, and a 1st rnd. To take another DE in the 1st rnd(at pick6 ) in a 3 yr span is a horrible move. Here’s to hoping we don’t pick up morgan.

    I’m hoping and starting to believe, the more I debate this, that PC will not pull the trigger on Morgan even if the chance presents itself. We’ll see.

  44. Dukeshire says:

    variable575 – First off, it wasn’t directed toward you. Why then do you care how I respond? Second; Bobby asked a rhetorical (more or less) question of me that I decided to respond to anyway. The reason it was asked at all? Because it was inevitable that someone would counter what Bobby said by beating that very dead horse, again. For the record, I have never taken a side of that idiotic argument. Perhaps you should concern yourself less with how I respond to another person who has directed something to me specifically.

    Macabrevity – They do say the the Woodley (who is OLB in 3-4) comparisons are obvious (and cliche) despite the fact he may not be as good. They list that being a 4-3 rush end would be a weakness or all he’s capable of. Graham reminds me of Tapp also, similar type player. My point simply is that Graham and Morgan are very different kinds of players despite both being listed as DEs. And I’m not knocking Berry, at all. Let me put it this way; a team can build a defense around Suh. I don’t feel that way about Berry. Suh is the most dominating defensive players I have seen in recent memory. Again, it’s not a knock on Berry. But in the end, that’s part of the fun of these debates, we all have different views.

  45. I did not misread your post, I asked you if you were saying that Berry was better than Suh, hence the question mark.

  46. Macabrevity says:

    JacDG….Berry is a better safety than Suh.

  47. chuck_easton says:


    I don’t think you would find ONE person on here that would say that if Suh were available at #6 we shouldn’t take him. The debate is whether we should trade UP to get him.

    I’m in the stand pat and see what falls to us camp. The team has too many needs to give away draft picks to move up 3-4 spots just to get Suh. Yes, he’s a great player. If this team was one DT away from being a contender again by all means do it.

    As was said, unless Suh can play DT,DE, LT and Safety (and possibly RB) all during the same game we don’t have the luxery of giving up the chance for more bodies to get the one ‘special’ body.

  48. variable575 says:


    Don’t confuse me pointing out lack of fire power (in a post concerning Derrick “Harvey” Morgen) to caring about what or who you post to.

  49. Macabrevity says:


    Suh is admittedly the most dominant defensive force I’ve seen coming out of college since Steve Emtman. He can single-handedly control a game. I’d be ecstatic if somehow he slipped to us – aint gonna happen though. I really respect Mayock, but his opinion that McCoy is somehow better than Suh is just ridiculous in my book. Wouldn’t it be nice if Detroit went OT, and Tampa Bay took McCoy, and Suh somehow slid to us? Wow!

    I’m not a big fan of Morgan at all. I really think nothing separates him from a long line of highly touted potential DE’s coming out of college. There was a Derrick Harvey reference, but it doesn’t stop there. DE’s tend to get drafted higher than need be because they have everything you look for in a DE. I want as player at #6 who will transform our defense, and not just fill a role. Suh can do this. Berry can do this (in my opinion – and Monte Kiffin’s opinion btw). Derrick Morgan never really took over. He just has a decent pass rush repertoire, decent measurables, and doesn’t seem to be a liability vs the run. Not enough reason to blow a #6 on him in my book. I’m holding out for more.

    Now about the Graham vs Morgan debate. I think Graham os more the type of player that we need for our defense, since we already have a slow developing less-than-eye-popping DE in Lo Jack. We need a pass rush specialist, and Graham seems to be that. That’s why I brought him up. Can you compare the two guys? Sure why not? I’ll agree that Morgan might be a different type of end, but I’ll also go on to say that he’s the less flashy type….and that’s not something you need to draft in the top 10. We can get a solid DE in later rounds. That said, I wouldn’t take Graham either, but I’d take him over Morgan.

    My main point was that there are no Mario Williams or Julius Peppers in this draft. So I’m hoping we don’t go strictly positional ( I agree we have a gaping hole at DE) at #6, because it’s a wasted pick, and a wasted opportunity.

    Everything I’m reading says the team is enamored with OT Trent Williams and S Eric Berry. It looks like there will be a lot of unhappy campers in Tacoma if we tap either of those guys as future Hawks.

    If we draft Derrick Morgan at #6 I fear it will be a continuation of this trend of top ten picks blown on DEs:
    2009: #3 Tyson Jackson (KC)
    2008: #2 Chris Long (StL)
    2008: #6 Derrick Harvey (Jax)
    2007: #4 Gaines Adams (TB)
    2007: #6 Jamaal Anderson (Atl)

    There were more DE’s in those drafts that busted just as hard, BUT cost their teams a bit less thanks to being drafted further down in the 1st round. Jarvis Moss? Philip Merling? Aaron Maybin? Robert Ayers? I can go on and on….We can get a DE to come in and struggle with a 4th or 5th round pick no problem.

    I think we could find an actual gem in later rounds, like a Daniel Te’o-Nesheim, or even an Alex Daniels who show good pass rushing skills. These guys might bust, it’s true, but the cost is less significant.

  50. Macabrevity you think? I’m not so sure, Suh outclasses Berry in run support, we might need someone to cover because Suh will be playing against the run all the time, so lets draft Taylor Mays I hear he excels at that… lol.

    chuck_easton, this is the Internet, there’s a lot of irrational people here, you never know.

  51. Macabrevity says:

    JacDG…once again, you failed to read my post.

    I don’t think anyone in their right mind would disagree. Berry is definitely a better safety than Suh.

    Suh is a phenomenal athlete it’s true, but he will NOT play safety at the next level. Never, ever. That post was a trap, and you fell right into it my friend.

    I don’t need to explain how you misread my earlier post, but I will clarify that no, I don’t think Berry is a better player at his position than Suh is at his. They are both phenomenal, Suh maybe moreso. That has no bearing on whether or not Berry is a unique and rare player to come along at the safety position.

  52. Dukeshire says:

    Macabrevity – Just so there is no misunderstanding, I understand your point. And I don’t disagree entirely.

  53. Dukeshire says:

    variable575 – If you’re not concerned with what I say, why do you continue to address posts to me? Look, we all get it, you hate Morgan. You dedicated several posts in multiple threads to the subject. Thankfully in 3 days we can put an end to all this nonsense. In the mean time, please go back to pestering Snydro, I can do without it.

  54. Dude it was a joke, sarcasm, I did not mean it, of course Suh could never be a safety, not in a million years, I’m not retarded….

    Let’s put that aside, I do agree with you on both Berry he is a very special player, I think Earl Thomas is almost as good, but still Berry could be that Ed Reed/Darren Sharper time of player for our defense, and I myself have been eying Daniel Te’o-Nesheim.

  55. chuck_easton says:

    It’s interesting to read how many people are becoming very testy, agitated, and defensive as D-Day approaches. Good news is we only have to wait until Thursday night.

    Of course that means that within one minute of Seattle making that pick at #14 (or trading down, or whatever) we will all be one here screaming about who was/wasn’t picked, why did they do that?, what were they thinking?, I blind monkey/squirrel/insert favorite animal here could have done a better job of picking…etc.

    Just the fun of being a football fan!

    Let the games begin. And I don’t mean the football games. That will come soon enough.

  56. Macabrevity says:

    JacDG……ya got me!

  57. Dukeshire says:

    chuck_easton – Isn’t that the truth?

  58. Speaking of Suh being a safety, I miss the old days when coaches were fearless and let their DT’s pound the ball in from the one yard line..


    F*** off! ;)


    I keep going back and forth on Morgan. I’m leaning towards agreeing with you, but the need for a defensive end is whispering sweet nothings in my ears.

  59. seahawklovertoo says:

    Suh ! Suh ! SUUUUUUUUH !

  60. seahawklovertoo says:

    C_E , have you noticed that I haven’t gotten into any beef lately ? This meds are working.

  61. seahawklovertoo says:

    If I wasn’t on meds, I would have said : screuu Berry, Morgan and A.Davis AKA future “bust pack”. Only mental retards would draft/want this three. LOLOLOLOLOL

  62. seahawklovertoo says:

    I pray for one or both Williams WRs to make it to final 53; draft Mike Johnson and
    some good LTs, plus T.Holliday.
    I pray we manage to get Suh, Myron Rolle and Rob Johnson.
    Please, please Dear GOD, make my wish come true and I promise I won’t swear for 48 hours and I’ll be graceful with this losers on this blog. AMEN

  63. snydro81 says:

    Are there meds that will make you shut up?

  64. Macabrevity says:

    While the Morgan debate rages on……why isn’t there any news on a possible move for Osi? Here’s a proven guy that does exactly what we need in Seattle, and there doesn’t seem to be anything happening. I wonder why?

    Maybe 28 is too old for a rebuilding project like ours.

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