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Rang: Williams leap frogs Okung as top-rated OT in draft

Post by Eric Williams on April 11, 2010 at 10:07 am with 58 Comments »
April 11, 2010 10:07 am

In the past week more draft analysts have the Seattle Seahawks selecting an offensive tackle with the team’s No. 6 overall pick. And Rob Rang, senior draft analyst with, was one of the first to jump on the board with that thought process.

Initially, because of new Seahawks offensive line coach Alex Gibbs and his history of creating solid offensive line play without high draft picks, draft analysts had Seattle passing on an offensive lineman in the first round. But now as we get closer to the draft, an offensive lineman for the Seahawks at No. 6 appears to be more of a reality for a couple reasons.

Several of the top-rated prospects in this year’s draft are offensive tackles, so that talent level justifies selecting an offensive lineman that early in the draft. Seattle has an obvious need on the offensive line. And the Seahawks get more value for the lucrative salary they will be paying a player this high in the draft by selecting an offensive tackle, considered one of the cornerstone positions in the league along with quarterback, defensive end and cornerback.

“I think certainly offensive tackle,” Rang said about Seattle’s possibilities at No. 6. “When they made the trade for Charlie Whitehurst and gave up that No. 40 overall pick and dropped all the way down to No. 60, what that did is that completely changed the talent and caliber of offensive tackles that were going to be available on the board at the top of the second round.

“I had championed this idea of taking an offensive tackle because of the Alex Gibbs’ factor in the second or third round, just because there are still players at that point that fit his system, but once you drop from 40 to 60, you’re losing out on the players like Charles Brown from USC and Rodger Saffold from Indiana, players I thought could come in and be immediate contributors, you’ve lost out on those guys. So if the Seahawks are going to take an offensive lineman it has to be in the first round.”

It now makes sense that Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is spending more time with Oklahoma State offensive tackle Russell Okung, as Rang reports that Oklahoma offensive tackle Trent Williams has passed Okung as the top-rated tackle, and Williams now could be selected by the Redskins at No. 4 because he’s a better fit for Washington’s zone blocking scheme. The Redskins run a similar offense to Seattle. Seahawks offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates mentored under Washington head coach Mike Shanahan at Denver.

Rang currently has Seattle selecting Iowa tackle Bryan Bulaga at No. 6 and Georgia Tech defensive end Derrick Morgan at No. 14 overall. Rang has Okung going to Washington at No. 4 and Williams going to Kansas City at No. 5 overall.

As far as the No. 14 pick, Rang believes that defensive end and safety should be a consideration, with defensive ends Morgan and South Florida’ Jason Pierre-Paul, and safeties Eric Berry of Tennessee and Earl Thomas of Texas considerations for Seattle at that spot in the draft.

Rang didn’t rule out Seattle taking Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen in the first round, but thinks more likely the Seahawks will take a developmental quarterback in the later rounds.

Clemson running back C.J. Spiller has been a popular pick for Seattle in several mock drafts, but Rang believes because of Gibbs’ history of producing 1,000-yard rushers in his offense without players taken in the first round, Seattle might push down at running back.

“That’s where the depth at running back is at with this year’s class as well,” Rang said about the talent at running back in this year’s draft class. “So that’s certainly a position where I think Seattle is going to be looking in the middle rounds, and perhaps find their infusion of talent at that spot. Ben Tate from Auburn and Montario Hardesty from Tennessee, those are two players I think fit very nicely in their system if they’re looking for a power back to already complement what they have in Julius Jones and Justin Forsett.”

Rang also talked about the team’s shift in focus in terms of the types of players Seattle is looking at, now that Tim Ruskell is gone and John Schneider is leading the charge in terms of talent evaluation.

“The biggest thing has been more of a focus on the players that have the ‘prototypical combination of size and speed,’” Rang said. “The trade for Charlie Whitehurst is a great example of that. This is a kid who is 6-5, 230 pounds with a strong arm. I think you’re going to see more of a focus on cornerback quite honestly, even though I don’t necessarily think that’s going to be a high pick. I would expect the club to take a cornerback somewhere in this draft, and I would be very surprised if he’s not at least 5-11, and quite possibly more in that 6-foot, 6-1 area.”

As far as players Seattle might be keeping on in the later rounds to fulfill needs on the back end of the defense, Rang provided a couple names to keep an eye on.

Nate Allen, safety, South Florida: “If you’re looking for a safety in the second to third-round area, perhaps Nate Allen makes some sense,” Rang said.

Robert Johnson, safety, Utah: “A rangy center fielder. … He had 13 interceptions in his last, three years with Utah. So he’s a player that certainly makes some sense,” Rang said.

Myron Lewis, corner/safety, Vanderbilt: “He’s a player that I think has the athletic ability and the ball skills the Seahawks are looking for as well,” Rang said.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    So, Rang currently has Seattle officially taking Bulaga and Morgan, but don’t be surprised if the take any one of 5 other name listed. Thanks, Rob. All bases covered.

  2. Eric , Who’s a better fit at #14 Bulaga,or Charles Brown?Take Morgan at #6 then try to find someone to work with at #14.To drop down an then pick up Bulaga or Brown.

  3. MattandCindy says:


    IMO, I think Charles Brown at #14 is wayyyyyy to early. He’s not really one of the top 5 OT’s in this draft, and one of those five will still be there at #14. Brown is more of a mid 2nd to early 3rd round prospect.
    Derrick Morgan at #6 is a little to early as well. He’s definately the top DE in this draft, but there are too many better players at there position to take with the first 8-10 picks.

    I think it’s looking like OT or Safety (Berry if he’s there) at #6, and DE or OT at #14. What we do with one pick should clear up what we do with the other. But, then again, it’s just spec until Petey makes it so.

    It shouldn’t be tough to drop down with our #14 if we want to. But I wouldn’t expect Bulaga to be there. Charles Brown definately, but not Brian Bulaga. Any wheelin’ and dealin’ will be kept quiet until draft day.

    P.S.- Next time you have a question like that you can just enter it into Dukeshire’s Cyborg Football CPU brain. He’s a crazy smart robot.

  4. It’s like all of the idiot linemen being behind Oher last year but then after the season is over and no games are played some players all of a sudden get better than others.

  5. BobbyK,

    What the heck did you just say? I can’t make heads or tales of the point you’re making…btw, this is the first time in thousands of posts I’ve read from you that I”m sitting here scratching my head.

  6. I think Brown is really underrated, and to me he is the third best tackle in the draft. Okung and Trent Williams are the best, but I really believe Brown is third, especially for the system we are using. I’m no pro scout though, that’s just my opinion on Brown.

  7. What if the cut blocking system gets banned or Gibbs retires in one or two years? Then Seattle is stuck with an undersized O line that can’t drive block. At least Bulaga and Okung would still be effective.

    Bobby, about Oher. You were spot on last year at this time.

  8. I wouldn’t call Brown undersized, if it was him you talked about, he’s weighs about the same as Okung, and I think he could put on a few pounds, bulk up a bit, and still be effective.

  9. zombiehooliganfc says:

    It is ugly to draft linemen but that is where we need to be. It may sound crazy but I’d love two of the first three paicks we make to be o-linemen. This merry-go-round of linemen we have now is pathetic and we always talk about if they were this or that, how about we have a line we don’t think of and ignore again? That would be nice. It takes guts to draft linemen because they don’t sell tickets, but we’re doing okay on that front, so get a bunch of big uglies.

  10. Oher fell because they questioned his intelligence.
    Scoring a 19 on the Wonderlic wasn’t all that bad
    2009 Offensive tackles: None of the tackles were too far off the acceptable mark. *1-6 Andre Smith of Alabama scored 17, which is borderline. Faring much better was Arizona’s *2-39 Eben Britton with 31. Others: *1-8 Eugene Monroe of Virginia had 24, *1-2 Jason Smith of Baylor 23 and *1-23 Michael Oher of Mississippi 19.
    * drafted, round – selected overall

    Unable to find 2010 LT scores but here are the Top quarterback prospects
    Sam Bradford, Oklahoma 36
    Colt McCoy, Texas 25
    Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame 23
    Tebow 22
    Dukeshire, TNT ??

  11. vichawkfan says:

    Okung doesn’t play with a hand down in his stance – is that considered not cool in the pro’s?

  12. Dukeshire says:

    excile – A bunch of us did a couple of those tests about a month ago. Audible, Bobby etc… If I recall, I had a 32.5, which is rather poor considering how basic some of those questions are. There were some good scores by a few here.

  13. Guess I missed that but 32.5 is better than I would have done. I do know that because the test is timed it is best to come back to the time consuming questions.

    and Dr. Steve Young only scored a 33 on his way to the Hall o Fame

  14. seahawklovertoo says:

    Duke cheated on that test ! He already had the answers.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    I thought it was open book.

  16. seahawklovertoo says:

    Just kiddin’ Duke ! I would never say anything bad about you (fingers crossed behind my back) now that I know you’re from Portland. That is my ” home town” too and I love anything and everything about it.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Well, like I mentioned before, I’d love to get together with whose ever in the Portland area and watch the first round on the 22nd. If your (or anyone’s) up for it, let me know.

    And yeah, Portland is a awesome city. I knew you were good people!

  18. I haven’t seen many people that would agree that Brown isn’t one of the top 5 OTs in the draft. For a LT, I have him behind Okung with a big “?” Next to Williams. Yes, ahead of Bulaga – in large part to an extra 3″ on the arms. Brown is consistent and tested in an offense like Seattle will run (duh). If we drop down too far from 14, Brown will be gone. There are 4 teams drafting behind us in the 1st round that need LTs, and one of them would snatch him up. But if we draft two OL in our 1st three picks I’ll be LIVID. We only need 1 starter, and I expect us to look hard at Tony Washington in the 4th Rd.

    And Bobby – I got what you meant. Last year guys passed Oher without doing anything on the field. Big mistake. Now some are putting Williams ahead of Okung based on non-game activities. A BIG mistake. Okung is the class, here.

  19. Mattandcindy, Are 2rd round pick is late #28 I believe.We don’t have a 3rd round pick.If Okung,Williams,Davis are gone who’s left?

  20. snydro81 says:

    I want Anthony Davis for the same reasons BobbyK wanted Michael Oher last year.

    Davis dominated all year. Trent Williams was a turnstile.

  21. HeliJoe86 says:

    Hey Duke, Im down in Bend but may be in Portland for the draft weekend. If I am I may have to take you up on that offer. I will be there with people who don’t care about the draft, I can’t understand them.

  22. BenderHawkFan says:

    Nice! I’m from Bend as well. Cheers to fellow Oregonians!

  23. BenderHawkFan says:

    PS, draft get-together would be fun!

  24. HeliJoe86 says:

    Yes it would!, if I stick around Bend ill let you know.

  25. snydro81 says:


    Actually, Okung has some SERIOUS issues on tape. So does Williams though.

    Really, just based on game play, Anthony Davis is the best LT prospect in this draft, hands down.

    Bulaga would probably grade out above Okung as well. Well, maybe. He would grade out above Williams FOR SURE. 3″ of arm length didn’t seem to keep Bulaga from knocking defenders on their backs in college.

    That said, the arm length thing really bothers me and I really don’t want Bulaga.

    On the other hand, the weight/work ethic issues really DON’T bother me and I really want Anthony Davis at #6. Until I see him get beat on the field, my mind is made up.

    I made the mistake last year of listening to hype and arguing with BobbyK about his desire to draft Oher at #4. I won’t do that again.

    Anthony Davis or bust!

  26. MattandCindy says:


    The #28 pick is in the FIRST round. Our 2nd round pick is #60 overall. Now I’m scratching MY head…

    I’ve seen a majority of mock draft sites and blogs not having Charles Brown as one of the top 5 OT prospects. He may be under-rated, but not top 5 IMO. This draft is deep with OT talent (Okung, Williams, Bulaga, Campbell, Davis, etc.) especially guys who’ll fit our scheme. Here’s a few second/third round guys that I’m sure Gibbs could shape into monsters…

    Rodger Saffold OT Indiana 6-5 316
    Vladimir Ducasse OT Massachusetts 6-5 332
    Jared Veldheer OT Hillsdale 6-8 312

    And I’ll definately agree with dhawk12 on Tony Washington, 3rd/4th round sleeper with a huge upside.

  27. Williams over Okung? I’ll laugh all the way to the bank if we end up with Okung after Williams is picked first.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    HeliJoe86 – If you’re out here, I”ll buy the first round.

  29. snydro81 says:

    Santonio Holmes traded for the Jet’s late 5th round pick?

    4 game suspension or not, the Steelers know something we don’t.

  30. Snydro, we must be watching different film. Granted, we are at the mercy of YouTube for the most part, but I did have 2 USC games on disc. While Brown did seem to give up on plays a few times, he was very consistent. I found 9 minutes on Okung, and loved what I saw there. With Davis… either I got a really bad sample, or he has work to do.

    Bulaga is troublesome… yes, he knocked guys down. But my concern is with the next level – he won’t be knocking NFL-quality DEs on their butts. The Freeneys and even Kerneys of the NFL are quicker and stronger than anyone he saw last year… it really is a completely different game at this level, and minor issues in college become huge issues in the pros. That’s also why I wouldn’t touch Mayes in the first round.

    Duke- I have a buddy in PDX. I’ll check and see if he has anything going on draft day.

  31. snydro81 says:


    What clips could you have found that show Anthony Davis getting beat? Please send a link.

    I like Brown, a lot. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in a Hawks uniform next year.

    Okung is a good player with not a lot of upside. He kind of is what he is. Anthony Davis is ALREADY regarded as the best pass-blocker in the draft (and the biggest recruit in the history of Rutgers) and has the athleticism and size to be a dominant, dominant, pro-bowl LT.

    If he had showed up to the combine in great shape and blew everyone away, there would be no debate. He has the tape to back it all up.

  32. Here’s what I’ve seen…


    Davis: (Cinci made him look bad)


    Williams: (He gave up a lot of big hits on his QB in there three games, including missing the block that put Bradford out)

    I’m going to stand by Okung being the class here, Williams having some concerns, Bulaga and Davis looking more like OGs in the NFL, and Brown being the hidden gem. We’ll see…

  33. MattandCindy says:

    Do you ever feel like your talking to yourself? I’m married, so I know all about doing so. Pretty sure that’s what is going on here…just not kewl enough.

  34. CDHawkFan says:

    S Holmes traded for only a 5th round pick, where does that put B Marshall?

    One less team willing to go after him and the ‘cost’ seems to be much lower.

  35. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:


    An off topic question for you

    Do you think the Jets trading a 5th round pick to Pittsburgh for Santonio Holmes could bring down the Bronco’s asking price for Brandon Marshall?

  36. I watched Iowa play four time last year and in those four games Bulaga never let his man get anywhere near the QB.

    I didn’t see the movie ‘Blind Side’ but I read the book. When Oher was 15 he could barely read at a first grade level. He crammed a lot of knowledge in three years of high school after that family took him in. I never thought he was dumb or had a learning disorder. He was just way behind everyone else because he had been living on the street and missing class.

  37. I’m done predicting. Who the hell knows who they are going to pick. Oh wait, PC and Schneider do.

  38. Audible – at the end of the ’08 season, Oher (and A. Smith) were considered the best OL in the upcoming draft. And then no games were played for 4 and some other OL passed them. It made no sense. All of a sudden Jason Smith is better because of 4 months of no football games? Or Eugene Monroe? I didn’t get it, as I don’t understand how Williams can bypass Okung with 1 week to go before the draft (although neither have played in any games in quite some time).

    The first thing I thought of last night when the Santonio Holmes deal was announced is that there’s no way they will come into the BM sweepstakes at the last minute. Parcell’s hated TO and wouldn’t want a WR cancer like that, so even if the Dolphins wanted a big play WR… they aren’t going to want him. Shanny hated him in Denver so I doubt anything happens there (heck, he wanted to get rid of BM about 15 months ago). The Bears don’t have a 1st or 2nd. We basically aren’t going to be bidding against anyone…

    Have a good day… I’m leaving for Opening Day of Target Field!!!

  39. Who had/has worse off-field issues: SH or BM? Just wondering.

    I prefer BM because he’s got HOF written all over thim, but I still hope the Seahawks don’t offer more than the 60th pick for him.

  40. chuck_easton says:


    I’m not going to complain. If the talking heads have it right then Washington takes Williams and Okung may fall into our laps at #6. If they take Okung we get Williams. If KC doesn’t take Berry and takes Okung or Williams (whoesever left) then Seattle has to choose between Bulaga and Berry. Not a bad choice either way.

  41. I’m watching a replay of last years Broncos/Pats game on the NFL channel. BM is impressive but he is also a high risk to re-offend.

    Seattle wants him. No other team wants him. Denver wants to dump him. Gonna happen. I hope Seattle doesn’t bust their draft to get him.

  42. I think if we were going to overpay for BM, we would have done so weeks ago. I think the message is clear…we want him at the right price. It’s also clear that we’re willing to walk away.

    I wonder if the Santonio Holmes trade is intended to send a clear message to Rothlesburger that the Rooneys aren’t going to tolerate bad behavior on their team.

  43. zombiehooliganfc says:

    Are they not going to tolerate bad behavior or are they not going to tolerate getting caught? Seems they tolerated a lot of bad behavior over the decades, just no one got caught.

  44. It only becomes a problem when players get caught. We all know that there’s far more stuff going on in the NFL than any of us will ever hear about. Some players are just smarter, luckier, or more careful than others. In fact, there might not be an NFL if we really knew everything that goes down on the inside.

  45. seahawklovertoo says:

    I haven’t posted much lately ,so i got to catch up some……he,he. This draft I think KC will surprise people when they take Dez Bryant (who is kind-of down the I-35 from them and they had watched a lot of his play) Berry or, Bulaga. That means one of (Suh, McCoy, Okung or, Williams) will fall to us.
    Dhawk12 , if you like watching Okung, then try to find something from 2008 season. That is the year he did build his reputation as rough , tough and really mean OT ! Last year, most of the games I’ve watched him ( OK St Cowboys ) play , the opposing defenses were really avoiding him so, he didn’t do as much. You have to see the whole game and not just the (pro or con) high-lites. I mean, they’d “bore him to death” without even making any contact and then attack about 1 in 7-10 plays and that is when they might get something done against him. It was ridiculous. What Suh is on the “D” line , that is what Okung is on the OL.

  46. The title was leap frog but failed to include Jimmy Clausen. After his pro day some have him above Bradford. Others already did like QI Sport
    This mock includes video which makes it one I refer to most over the past. I do question their WR top 10 at the moment. Top 25 has Bryant and Tate but #1 is Demaryius Thomas-GT.

    Anyhow, Clausen must now figure in above the 6 pick. This game just isn’t won on DT’s. Jenkins didn’t make a big splash with NYJ and Haynesworth was quite in Wash. From home experience 1-8 Adams and 1-3 Kennedy never reached the playoffs ( goal line testavert). Yet the D cracked the top ten, twice.

    There just has to be movement above us. The NYJ traded up to 5 last year for Sanchez.. The same is bound to happen with JC. This is fun trying to figure out just how far a team would be willing to move up.

    If #9 Buffalo wanted Clausen. No way do they wait and see if he falls to them. Seattle and Cleveland both could select him and are at 6 and 7.

    The end result… ahead of the Seahawks presumably 2 QB’s, 2 DT’s and LT Okung or Williams will be taken. We should have our chance at the other. But, is it wise to let a franchise QB slip away? Heck, we’ve seen Gibbs plug and play LT’s in at Denver (Tony Jones for Gary Zimmerman) and win Championships with John Elway. Should Snydro be correct on Davis he or Bulaga would likely be available at #14. I say “roll the dice” on Clausen. After watching his Hawaii highlights ‘The boy has skillz’. Made all of the throws and he does it from a pro style offense.

  47. That’s a really good point SL2.

    Once a player proves himself as a shutdown corner, top DE, OL, whatever…then oposing teams game plan to minimize their impact and that can cause the numbers to get skewed.

  48. Or, as in the case with SA, Ruskell gave away his lead blocker. Unable to reach the second level, he whithered into the fetal position 2 yards behind the LOS. lol

  49. $BM$ is a starter, a #1WR – he wouldn’t want to go anywhere where he would play as a backup – nor for backup money. SF, DAL, IND, CIN, DET, BAL, SD, & GB only need WRs for depth – $BM$ doesn’t fit there.

    Jets already had a good cadre of WRs: they re-signed David Clowney, Braylon Edwards, and Brad Smith; and Jerricho Cotchery is back too. They lost Wallace Wright who was their 2nd best WR (to Cotchery) to CAR in FA , and traded Chansi Stucky to CLE during last season, that’s probably why the Santonio Holmes signing – even though he may sit most of next season (suspended), that, and they must not be expecting (wanting?) to land his replacement in the draft. S.Holmes is an excellent WR if you can afford to wait for him to be able to play. Actually, Jets need an RB more urgently, to replace Thomas Jones. (Julius Jones?)

    Teams with biggest needs at WR are STL, BUF, MIA, & CHI. These teams have major holes at the position and can’t afford to wait thru most of one season for one. Cash-strapped STL can get one cheaper than $Big Money$ at the top of the 2nd round, as can BUF. I hope everyone’s right about Parcels not wanting BM, because MIA could deal DEN their pick #12 (or #43), but Damion Williams could be there at 43 for less $$. That leaves CHI, who would have trouble trading any picks until round 3, since #76 is their first. If Ruskell is at CHI, that would also likely be a voice against adding BM.

    SEA and at least a dozen other teams also need starting WRs: TB, DC, KC, CLE, OAK, JAX, DEN, NYG, TEN, ATL, NE, & CAR. PIT might also be added to this list now. DEN doesn’t count – I don’t think McDaniels would make it through the season without an attempted murder charge – and BM’s made it clear he doesn’t want to stay there. CAR got W.Wright and have S.Smith, so their arder should be dampened – S.Smith might take a sock at BM. BM was thrown to 149 times last season when he didn’t play the whole season – S.Smith was thrown at 123 times. NE has a very good roster of receivers too, with Welker, Moss, and Edelman – wouldn’t fit NE’s MO to go after BM for what either BM and DEN are asking. BM would also lose out in the number of passes thrown his way since both Welker and Moss got about the same number of passes thrown at them last season as BM.

    ATL needs a replacement for Michael Jenkins (& Weems, Booker and Finneran) to upgrade performance, but doesn’t want to supplant Roddy White as their #1. Like ATL, TEN has Kenny Britt as their #1 whom they also don’t want to replace, but unlike ATL, Britt is thrown to less than half as many times as DEN threw to BM – not a fit.

    Like SEA – TB, KC, & CLE have needs all over the place (including WR) and are also smaller market teams – but without PA for an owner, so don’t expect them to get very interested in $BM$. Also, don’t expect BM to be as interested in them, as none of them had any WRs with as many as 90 passes thrown at them. JAX is another smaller market team, but Mike Sims-Walker was thrown at 100 times and Tory Holt was targetted 90 times. They need a #2 WR to replace aging Holt, which can be gotten in the 3rd or 4th rounds for less$$. Also, since S.Holmes (an arguably better performing WR) who with similar character concerns was traded for a 5th, these teams can’t afford to take the risk.

    It might only take Shanahan to start showing interest for a bidding war to break out between DC & NYG for BM, but I’d think eventually even Schneider would get reticent about going after players with character concerns. Still, DC needs someone for McNabb to throw to. But NYG has a deep receiver squad – even without Plax, so don’t expect them to initiate anything. And you never really know about OAK(?)

  50. Dukeshire says:

    Looks like Mike Williams will be given a try out as well, this week. That is a pretty long reach.

  51. chuck_easton says:

    Bringing in these guys is just part of the 2010 “NO STONE UNTURNED” tour that the Seahawks are currently on.

    Doesn’t cost anything to bring them in. IF any of them impress enough they get signed to a low offer and get invited to camp. IF they impress at camp they may make the opening day roster.

    If none of them impress they got three days of lunch at VMAC out of the deal and a hearty “thanks for coming…see ya some time” from the team.

  52. klm008..really interesting analysis…so your point is that BM signs with Seattle?

  53. The Williams brothers are long shots but what if Carroll and company can get them to live up to their potential?

    We would essentially be adding two young top ten draft choices and paying next to nothing for them. Granted, it probably won’t happen but anything is possible and it’s really fun to think about.

    Can anyone think of success stories that are this outlandish?

    The Williams brothers are long shots but what if Carroll and company can get them to live up to their potential?

    We would essentially be adding two young top ten draft choices and paying next to nothing for them. Granted, it probably won’t happen but anything is possible and it’s really fun to think about.

    Can anyone think of success stories that are this outlandish?

  54. Wow. Just watched Brown, Davis, Bulaga, Williams and Okung clips– all in a row.

    Not one of them could carry Walter’s jock. And that’s Walter as a NFL rookie. None of them had his consistency, not to mention his tools, especially in pass pro. And Walter was a # 6 pick. Very depressing.

    Thought Bulaga’s run blocking was good on the first and second level. He will struggle against speed/quickenss in the pass game. He might make an excellent LG, however.

    Liked Brown’s foot speed. Got out in front nicely on sweeps. But when he got out there, he rarely did anything particularly good. Not a drive blocker, to put it nicely.

    Davis was really pretty bad against Cincinnati. Did not see legitimate signs of a “dominating NFL LT” off that tape. Seems to have the body, and perhaps the physical skills, but unless he was “trippng” during that game is nowhere near where Walter was leaving FSU after one year of major college ball.

    Williams looked better than Davis in the YouTube clip I saw, notwithstanding a couple of whiffs, one of which cost the team its QB. But that is not saying much.

    Okung to me looked a little stiff, and not super strong. Does not move as well as Davis or Williams or Brown.

    Overall, meh. Lower first round to lower second round prospects…..

    Makes me want Berry or trade down and pick up Thomas now.

  55. hawkdawg-

    Do a youtube search and watch the footage of our own Nick Reed using Okung. Pretty awesome, why Reed doesn’t get more playing time is a mystery to me.

    If you get a chance to watch the NFL Network at all they are saying that Bulaga is going to end up playing RT in the NFL, they say he doesn’t have what it takes to become a LT. I have watched tape of all the other prospects lately and it looks like a giant batch of Robert Gallery, nothing.

    It takes a special kind of player to be a Walter Jones, and those guys could very well be once in a lifetime players for a franchise. Who knows if we’ll ever see a LT as good as he is/was again. I remember watching his “workout tape” in his first couple of seasons as a Hawk. It was basically Walt, a brand new Suburban with cement bags in it, his brother-in-law inside sterring, and Walt pushing it across the parking lot of the old Seahawks practice facility. Pretty impressive.

    IMO most of those guys will probably be gone by the time we go at #6. I feel that there is a good chance the Hawks get McCoy there. I don’t really trust the fact that Detroit gets Suh at #2, especially now that they are trying to trade out. Sounds like they need to get a LT to protect the huge investment they put into Stafford, and they don’t see value at #2 for any of those linemen. If they can’t get a deal done I believe they go with a LT. That leaves Suh to the Bucs, then LT, LT and the Hawks at #6 with McCoy still on the board. If they go best player available I believe McCoy wins out over Berry. Gibbs will get his hogs in the later rounds.

    Needless to say this has been one of the most exciting drafts the Hawks have had since they got Springs and Walt. I can’t wait.

  56. hawkdawg says:

    I’d take McCoy over any of those tackles at #6, in a heartbeat. Or at any number, actually.

  57. Well, I don�t know if that�s going to work for me, but definitely worked for you! :) Excellent post!

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