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Morning links: Believe nothing during draft period

Post by Eric Williams on April 8, 2010 at 9:10 am with 24 Comments »
April 8, 2010 11:00 am

Our own Dave Boling offers some sage advice in his column today about the silly season during draft time, when general managers put on their poker faces to try and hide what players they are truly interested in.


“Here’s what speculation and scuttlebutt you should believe coming out of the National Football League this time of year: Nothing.

Believe nothing about what player your favorite team will take in the NFL draft until the names actually are called later this month.

Former Seahawks president Tim Ruskell used to call the annual pre-draft flurry of subterfuge and misinformation a high-stakes game of Liars’ Poker.

Fair enough, even though at times it looks more like Blind Man’s Bluff.”

Boling talks Seahawks with KJR’s Elise Woodward in this audio link.

With Donovan McNabb now in Washington, Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen is taking a deep plunge down the draft board.

Peter Schrager of Fox Sports has Clausen going to Buffalo at No. 9 overall.

Sport Illustrated’s Don Banks has Clausen falling all the way to Minnesota at No. 30.

Rob Rang, senior draft analyst for, lists Utah safety Robert Johnson as one of five players moving up the draft board. At 6-2, 203 pounds, Rang said Johnson, who was not invited to the NFL scouting combine, turned in some fast times in the short shuttle and 3-cone drills. Johnson’s 4.06 second short shuttle and 6.56 second 3-cone times were faster than any safety’s times in Indianapolis. He also finished with 13 interceptions during his three seasons in Utah. The Seahawks are one of a half dozen teams visited with Seattle this week.

Check out Johnson put in some work in the video below.

Rang talks draft with ESPN 710 Seattle’s Kevin Calabro in this audio link. Rang currently has Seattle selecting Iowa offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga at No. 6 and DE Derrick Morgan at No. 14. Rang has Clausen going to Buffalo at No. 9 overall.

Matt Waldman of talks NFL Draft with KJR’s Elise Woodward in this audio link.

Gil Brandt, personnel guru for the NFL Network, gives us his top 100 prospects in this year’s draft.

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  1. Funny Clayton said on Colabro yesterday that Bulaga is more of an NFL RT than LT. I still am convinced that the Hawks select Eric Berry at #6.

  2. Bulaga’s arms are to short for a left tackle.He’s a right tackle,or guard.
    Those guys should know what they are talking about, not standing around scatching there Okoley

  3. Eric –
    “The Seahawks are one of a half dozen teaa visited with Seattle this week”?

    Not sure what that means.

  4. jibo1-

    I agree with you completely. A bunch of fake tans and bad hairdos picking players based on who knows what. They should do a stat of all the mock drafts over the last 5-10 years and determine who makes the most accurate mock’s and use just that one as the template. Considering PC has been in contact with his “mentor” Monte Kiffin about extensive details on Eric Berry, it seems like he’s going to be the guy. Don’t know why everybody but Mike Mayock (the best draft guru out there IMO) from the NFL Network is the only person to really pick up on that. Watch the show “Path to the Draft” on the NFL Network for the straight scoop on what’s going on.

  5. It’s a little different with Rob Rang…he has been pretty accurate at predicitng our draft choices in past years.

  6. zombiehooliganfc says:

    Hey Eric,

    I may have missed this, but has anyone done a breakdown of the o-lines Gibbs has coached before? The thing that I remember about his lines are that they don’t seem “traditional”, meaning they wouldn’t automatically need an early drafted LT because they are looking for different tools and skill sets. Just a thought, but just as good of a thought as anyone else.

    The other side of me says players like Spiller and Berry are sports cars and people draft them because picking a lineman is like buying a minivan. I want the Hawks to draft two OL in the first round, but the radio talk yesterday of Berry sounded so nice. So I may be talking myself into thinking Gibbs can do more with less so go ahead and buy a couple of sports cars.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    zombiehooliganfc – Yes. His lines have been dissected here (and elsewhere) ad nauseum. If you go back through Eric’s posts, you should get plenty of information.

  8. bigsmooth says:

    Wow impressive clip from Robert Johnson. How was he not even invited to the combine?

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Audible – Last year Rang had the ‘Hawks taking Crabtree. Do you know who he has predicted correctly for the ‘Hawks prior to that?

  10. Soggybuc says:

    Would not be unhappy to have that Johnson kid on the roster at all.

  11. I thought he predicted Curry, Carlson, Tatupu, and LoJack among others.

  12. I think that most of the mock drafts and ‘draft experts’ are b.s., but I think Rob Rang is a knowledgable insider.

    I have Rob Rang’s mock saved from 5 days before last years draft, and he picked 7 out of the first 8 picks correctly. The only pick he missed was Oakland (who he said would take crabtree, and they picked Heyward-Bey, go figure).

    But more than a week or two before the draft, its anybody’s guess. I have a feeling PC and Scheider will offer up plenty of trades on draft day and who knows what picks we will end up with.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo / Audible – The only mock from last year of his I was able to find was from the end on January. And as often as they change, that’s most likely not his most accurate. (In fact, I know it’s not) Going back further, I’d have to see it with my own eyes (no disrespect intended Audible) that he got Lofa and Carlson correct. If he’s hitting second round picks, I’ll back off my criticism.

  14. I look for the Hawks to call in myron rolle , who ran a 4.54 40 yd. yesterday, for an individual workout next week!

  15. I really don’t bother with reading the mocks…but I do sometimes listen to Rob Rang’s pre draft audio clips, and he mentioned those guys as possible picks, which to me is pretty darn good.

  16. Osbrey-

    I’m down with Myron Rolle, they blow him up on “Path to the Draft” (NFL Network). The guy is a Rhodes Scholar for crying out loud. It would be nice to have a player on the team who could virtually re-write the Wonderlic test. He’s a corner too, and that’s one position we have needed help at for years now. The only decent one that is on the roster is Josh Wilson IMO, and a smart corner like Rolle would be a huge asset. Mayock (draft wiz / guru, NFL Network) has him going in the 2nd only because he didn’t play a lot of football last season, to go to Oxford to get some brainpower built up. That’s the one thing holding him back in the league is his seriousness about football, but according to him he is serious. He said he could become a brain surgeon after that. Sound familiar? Paging Dr. Doornink, Dr. Dan Doornink.

  17. seahawklovertoo says:

    In this awesome draft Suh stands above the rest not just as a man among boys but, more like a giant among man. Then, maybe ten players are there somewhat “must have” ; each one could have been #1 in another year. the next 100 are all more or,less all equal…
    I’ve always said ( BobbyK 2) it should be prerogative to “bite the bullet financially” and trade up with the Lions or TB and make sure we get the chance to draft Suh. Then trade down with our #14 as many times as we can make it worth it ( I’d prefer TWO 2nd rounders,plus a third or fourth rounder) . If a team have Suh, then that team would not need for rookies like Berry , Mays ETC. We could have our safeties like Rob Johnson and Myron Rolle in the 4th & 5th round.
    I wish PC put some extra effort on signing Alex Brown. If Brown is good enough for the Saints, then he should be more than adequate for us, no matter his age….

  18. langfordhawk says:

    We are asked to believe nothing at this time of year.
    And yet, I’m not sure if I should believe that or not……

  19. chuck_easton says:

    Rule #1:

    Every GM and Head Coach is lying this time of year.

    Rule #2:

    How do you confirm Rule #1? Their lips are moving.

    Rule #3:

    The fans just want something to believe this time of year.

    Rule #4:

    I believe I’ll have another drink.

    Feel free to add to the basic rules as you see fit.

  20. snydro81 says:

    Rule #5:

    Holmgren is the king of trying to mislead (remember the Daniel Graham vs. Jerramy Stevens fiasco a few years back?) So look for other GM’s to take note and attempt to jump Cleveland to grab Clausen. This could bode very, very well for us.

    If we can snag a 2nd, or even an early 3rd and move from #6 to #9, we could essentially add a valuable pick without really giving anything up. Most likely the player we target at #6 will still be there at #9.

    Now, if we can use pick #60 to bring in either Marshall or Gaither, and then make a trade down in the first to acquire another 2nd rounder, I will consider it a huge success.

  21. adamtoth says:

    Man, those clips of Robert Johnson were great. He made a lot of sharp plays. I’d have no problem with us drafting that guy.

    That clip when he was on one side of the field, the pass was thrown clear to the other side, he crossed the field, chased down the receiver from behind, tackled him, and caused a fumble too – that was just awesome.

    Seems like a real playmaker, I hope we get him. Thanks for posting Eric.

  22. No way Suh slips past the Bucs at 3. the Hawks would have to trade up, and that would cost them #6 and #14 and I don’t think 1 player is worth both of our #1’s.

  23. There’s no way the Lions or Bucs would expect our #6 AND #14 to trade up for Suh. They would throw something back our way (maybe their 2nd rounder, if they wanted to move down and save some money).

    While Rang has done a good job at picking guys like LoJack that was also with a different regime. He knew of the Ruskell character requirements and things like that, which made his picks closer to reality, whereas you get these national idiots who knew nothing of Ruskell only looking at 4 year major college players who met the character stuff. They would have us picking juniors or smaller college guys or criminals, something Ruskell never would have done with an early round pick. Moving forward with a new and unpredictable regime (at least at this time), I think Rang is as clueless as everyone else as to who the Seahawks will take (and that’s certainly not meant to be a slap at Rang… it’s just that this regime doesn’t exactly have much of a track record together to make it easier to guess on who we’ll take).

  24. Yes, I would have to say I’m just as impressed as everyone else on Robert Johnson. Looks like a true diamond-in-the-rough type of player. I was pretty sold on drafting Berry at #6, but in light of this footage, I’d say go for the value pick later on Johnson and save that early pick for another playmaker.

    Thanks Eric!

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