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Morning links: Sims happy to be in ‘football town’

Post by Eric Williams on April 7, 2010 at 10:23 am with 73 Comments »
April 8, 2010 4:01 pm

Former Seattle Seahawk Rob Sims took a light-hearted shot at Seattle during his press conference with the Detroit Lions on Tuesday.


“This is a football town,” Sims said, when asked about returning to the Midwest. Sims played at Ohio State. “Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit. I mean, that’s football. Football and cars. This is more of what I’m accustomed to. Out there (in Seattle) the stars are Bill Gates and Paul Allen and the people that run Boeing. This here is what being in the NFL is supposed to be about, (standing) up here at the mic talking to reporters and stuff. In Seattle, it’s not like that. It’s drinking coffee, sittin’ down and chit-chatting. This is a change, but it’s a change that I’ve been looking forward to.”

I talked with KJR’s Ian Furness about the impact of the Sims’ trade on the Seahawks in this audio link.

Although unlikely, Michael Lombardi says that Washington is still in play for Denver restricted free agent receiver Brandon Marshall in this video link.

Clare Farnsworth of previews this year’s quarterback class here and here.

Vic Carucci of the NFL Network reviews the different ways the Donovan Mcnabb trade to Washington could affect the upcoming draft and NFL schedule., ran by former NFL safety Corey Chavous, has Seattle selecting Oklahoma OT Trent Williams at No. 6 and DE Derrick Morgan at No. 14.

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  1. I wonder if Sims wore his mink coat to that press conference?!

  2. Eric, can you add the photo of Sims in his mink coat to this thread?

  3. Sims gave me some inspiration-The Football Cafe, where you can sit down and chit-chat with friends and love ones and watch football on the flat screens. :). Sims is an idiot.

  4. I’ve always liked Sims, but when a player talks like that about his former team, I loose every little grain of respect I might have had before.

  5. bigmike04 says:

    for people who lost little respect about sims comment get real, I think sims is actuality is right, back east people are bigger sport fans than west coast people because west coast people treat sport like dinner event where back east their live and die with their team, here no so much because people are willing to jump off the ship once thing goes down hill.

  6. HugeMellons says:

    Sims wasn’t that far off the mark in terms of the volume of Seattlites who treat sports like cancer, but that doesn’t apply to the real fans.

    You won’t find more passionate NFL fans anywhere else in the country, it doesn’t matter that we’re surrounded by the Nick Licata’s of the world.

    However, all of that is moot when it comes to a no-talent @ss-clown like Rob freakin’ Sims.

    Dude, you were garbage at Ohio State, you were garbage in Seattle and you’ll be garbage in Detroit. Wearing the distinction of a Tim Ruskell draft choice is like Tiger Woods sipping from a “World’s Greatest Dad” coffee mug.

  7. Always a low class move to badmouth your former team and city. And so unnecessary. Good riddance.

  8. Offseason Transactions so far:

    QB Charlie Whitehurst (Chargers)
    TE Chris Baker (Patriots)
    WR Ruvell Martin (Rams)
    WR Sean Morey (Cardinals)
    RB Quinton Ganther (Redskins)
    DE Robert Henderson (Lions)
    LB/DE Chris Clemons (Eagles)
    LB Matt McCoy (Buccaneers)

    OG Rob Sims
    TE John Owens
    WR Nate Burleson
    RB Xavier Omon
    RB Tyler Roehl
    DE Darryl Tapp
    DL Cory Redding
    DL Marlon Favorite
    DL Derek Walker
    LS Matthew Overton
    DE Lance Laury
    SS Deon Grant

    Still FAs:
    C Chris Spencer – RFA
    WR Ben Obomanu – RFA
    FB Justin Griffith – UFA
    LT Damion McIntosh – UFA
    LS Kevin Houser – UFA

    Is DD Lewis a FA?

  9. Oops, forgot to Add DE/LB Ricky Foley

  10. Eric,

    Got a question. Even if players don’t quite fit the scheme that’s being implemented, should we get rid of starting-quality players when we probably won’t be able to replace them with better talent (any time soon)?

  11. Oops – Eric, what’s the new LSs name?

  12. Detroit is a football town? The only thing worse than driving a Ford Escape is watching Lions “Football”.

  13. bigmike04 it might be true, I don’t know about that because I don’t live in the states. But even if it’s the truth, there is absolutely no reason to go into the media and take a shot at your old team like this, let alone the team that drafted you, believed in you and gave you a shot at the pros, to me that’s just disrespectful.

  14. That picture just makes me laugh, with or without his comments this week.

  15. Detroit is a dump, not a “football town.” The Super Bowl sucked there and it wasn’t just b/c we lost. The Lions suck. And Sims will definitely fit right in. Good riddance.

  16. HugeMellons says:

    “back east people are bigger sport fans than west coast people because west coast people treat sport like dinner event where back east their live and die with their team, here no so much because people are willing to jump off the ship once thing goes down hill.”

    This is nothing but stereotypical drivel.

    Do you know how easy it is to be an East Coast sports fan?

    Do you know how hard it is to be a Seattle sports fan?

    One gets all the wins, all the breaks, all the coverage, all the bias, the other gets screwed out of everything yet always comes back for more.

    One has the life of a king, the other the peasant, yet the peasant is there every single season, filling up the Kingdome, or the Key or the Safe or Qwest, we’ve never been apathetic in Seattle, never, not once, and we still had our 40-year-old franchise ripped away because of that stereotypical drivel.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    If Sims prefers the quality of life in Detroit over Seattle, that’s all you need to know about him. That said, I’d be a little bitter too if my team had locked me out of the training facility and jettisoned me to one of the worst run franchises in the league (historically). By the way Sims; nice backhanded shot at the guy who made you a millionaire. Have fun…

  18. Eric –
    Does Walt count as a loss yet?

  19. Eric –
    Does Kerney count as a loss yet?

  20. HugeMellons says:

    Rob Sims aspires to be Floyd Womack.

  21. Sazqwatch says:

    HugeMellons: “However, all of that is moot when it comes to a no-talent @ss-clown like Rob freakin’ Sims.
    Dude, you were garbage at Ohio State, you were garbage in Seattle and you’ll be garbage in Detroit. Wearing the distinction of a Tim Ruskell draft choice is like Tiger Woods sipping from a “World’s Greatest Dad” coffee mug. ”

    OUCH!! ROFL.

  22. Ha ha ha! Detroit Lion’s? Joke of the NFL. That’s why he had to go. He loves to be in a “Football Town” not necessarily a good team. He left the Hawks for 1 of only 3 teams that have less wins than the Hawks in the last 2 years. Oh and 1 winning season (9 – 7 in 2000)In the last 10 years. Since then, they’ve had 7 seasons of 5 or less wins and finished last or 2nd to last in the entire NFC 5 times. That is a prestigious town for some football there. They are also the only team in the NFL that signs players that aren’t good enough to be Seahawks. That’s pretty bad. Enjoy being a loser there too.

  23. Sazqwatch says:

    Detroit is a true dump of a city if I’ve ever seen one (Yes, I’ve been there.) It’s actually worse than Cleveland (sorry Cleveland.) I truly feel sorry for Ndamukong Suh.

    Ha ha…It says a lot about a frachise, when they relesh the cast-offs from other non-winning teams. Way to go Detroit!

  24. Sazqwatch says:

    Funny how all three cities Sims mentions are arm pits. Detroit, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to any of those cities… (Well, I guess I would send my ex-wife.)

  25. HA. That was a good shot by Sims. A tough shot, but accurate. Seattle is a lightweight sports town and the people on this blog are among the handful of real heavyweight sports fans in this town. Our town isn’t like Detroit, Cleveland, or Pittsburgh, and Sims has every right to say something to endear himself to his new team. Nothing wrong with that.

    So that was a good shot by Sims. Now, I can’t wait until we play Detroit because I have one extra reason to enjoy seeing Brandon Mebane plow Sims into the astroturf.

  26. monmornQB says:

    Maybe Sims just didn’t read all the comments about his poor blocking. There is lots of football talk around here but when you play the way Sims did it’s not nice. Does he think his under performing will go unnoticed in a “football town’?

  27. Sazqwatch says:

    Well, saying bad stuff about your old team/city isn’t EVER cool. Didn’t hear Burleson do it. Seneca was traded and he didn’t. Sim’s has sour grapes obviously.

    The “problem” with the Seattle area is that it is such a great place to live and there are so many other things to do than just concentrate on sport teams. The contrast of that is exactly why the pit cities of the East have such rabid fan bases…nothing else to do but drink and “root, root root for the home team. If they don’t win it’s a drag…”, but so what because we’re all to numb to care.

  28. olsonc says:
    April 7, 2010 at 10:50 am
    Sims gave me some inspiration-The Football Cafe, where you can sit down and chit-chat with friends and love ones and watch football on the flat screens. . Sims is an idiot.

    These blogs blasted Sims from day one. Last year he was far and away the only good Seahawk lineman. olsonc you are an idiot, moron, dunce, and any other that cannot be. STFU

    Duke, your o’line is… spot on? How ’bout givin safety a shot. At SS should we use… well how bout Jamar Adams. And at FS,,, hummmmn, could it be, well lets see, choices… BIG FLOP BABS!!!

    DE is a ? DT as well…
    OL doesn’t have a LT
    WR’s need a #1
    TE, LB are tight
    RB/FB, as I see it, r not top priority.
    QB has been addressed, hehe Lightfoot snicker.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    excile – I don’t know if it’s spot on but whatever the configuration, if won’t instill confidence. As for safety; Babs at SS, Adams at FS, I think a flip of what you have. Does it really matter? lol. Babs is a liability and not sure what they have in Adams yet.

  30. KLM008: D.D. Lewis is a free agent. Patrick McDonald is the long snapper currently on the roster. I don’t think you can count Kerney or Jones as a loss because they are still on the roster.
    Ocho: I think you’ve already have seen the answer to your question with the team moving Darryl Tapp and Rob Sims on. This is a long -term building process, and the team is looking long term on the moves they are currently making. So they are willing to give up a little on talent in order to find guys that fit the scheme.

  31. So Carroll is given a choice between Clausen and Berry? What is the call as you see it. I think he goes Clausen and does a total rebuild in the Carroll name… you, others

  32. yankinta says:

    Would we trade Albert Haynesworth for our 2nd round pick this year and next year’s 2nd round pick?? He made a huge impact for Redskins last year, even with his injuries….

    Redskins was 10th overall in Defense last year because of Haynesworth, and Andre Carter and Brian Orakpo each had 11-sack seasons, taking advantage of the blocking attention given to Haynesworth.

    Haynesworth could be had for the next three seasons for $16.2 million…..

  33. Kind of funny but when my sister lived in Detroit she told me that the people that live in Michigan care about two teams and that’s it:

    1. Detroit Red Wings

    2. Michigan Wolverine Football

    Other than that she said Detroit was a city in which “every other building was either boarded up or burned to the ground” and when she went out at night you have to bring a person with you. Her reasoning was this:

    “One person walks forward, and the other walks next to you backwards. That way you can cover your front and your a**.”

    Those are direct quotes. Another thing Simms, if this wasn’t a football city then how can our stadium lead the league in false start penalties? Yeah Simms is a complete moron, to even say that statement. I guess any team that would of traded for him would be a football city.

  34. OCHawkFan says:

    Seattle is a lightweight sports town? Didnt we consistently have the loudest stadium in the league? We approved the building of two new sports stadiums (ie Qwest and Safeco). We consistently sell out all of our home games.

    Sims is an idiot. Probably explains why he couldnt figure out the ZBS. Adios buddy, good riddance!

  35. zombiehooliganfc says:

    Detroit, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Cars and football? Pittsburgh, sure. Cleveland, sure. Detroit? Really? What a flipping reach. Detroit is a dump that cares so much about football it collectively chooses not to attend games. Seattle is a football town. Dawgs and Hawks. Only soccer moms and families love the M’s, the Sonics left, and the Sounders are a fringe team in a minor league. What a dope.

  36. Excile I completely agree. Donovan Mcnabb going to the skins altered the entire draft.

    I think the seahawks will go with Clausen. I am actually warming to the idea of him here. There is no chance in hell that Carrol put all his eggs in one basket and will let whitehurst define his tenure here. Carrol WILL draft another qb in this draft to compete for a spot. I think that if clausen falls to 6, he will be hard to resist. The aquisition of CW was a low gamble despite of what it was made out to be in the media. This is NOT a franchise move for Carrol but rather a stopgap in case Matt is hurt. I think CW is simply a bridge to our next QB in case they take a little longer to develop. If we get clausen (which was a very low possibiliy at the time of aquiring cw) we get a guy that doesn’t need the extra time to develop and we can keep CW to maintain the back up role considering he is only making back up money.

    Previous the Mcnabb trade I was actually hoping they were targeting Johnathon Skelton in the later rounds. Big frame, strong arm, decent accuracy.

  37. Tell us how you really feel longco? LOL

    IMcNabb is 34…how does he eliminate the need for WASH to draft their franchise QB of the future? They’re in the same boat with him as we are with Hasselbeck.

  38. HawksKD-

    Traditionally when a team signs a QB in the offseason they don’t turn around and draft one in the first round. Judging by what Alex Gibb’s says, it doesn’t look like they are getting a franchise tackle there either. So you better put your name on a waiting list for an Eric Berry jersey. Look for them to trade that 14 either into the 20’s or out of the first alltogether to pick up that elusive 3rd rounder and perhaps another 2nd rounder. If they keep that 14 I would guess it would either be Spiller (no) or Dez Bryant (no, reach, puke my brains out). I still don’t rule out the possibility of then getting Brandon Marshall either. The O Line will get it’s due in this draft, it just won’t be when every person wants it to be, in the first round.

  39. HugeMellons says:

    Softy announced today that he’s officially on the conspiracy theory bandwagon. Mr. Mahler claims the Seahawks are currently dumping talent in an attempt to attain the No. 1 pick and the rights to Jake Locker.

    Anyone else buy it?

  40. nidhighe says:

    “These blogs blasted Sims from day one. Last year he was far and away the only good Seahawk lineman”

    No, he just sucked less than the other guys who sucked. That’s not quite the same thing as good.


  41. Dukeshire says:

    HugeMellons – No. Softy is a moron.

  42. HugeMellons: No, I don’t buy one word of it. Softy will say anything to get people to listen to his crappy radio show.

    excile: “between Clausen and Berry?” Not even close. Berry.

    But I would rather have Okung or Trent Williams. If either guy is on the board at #6, he will do fine as Walter’s replacement at LT.

  43. Ha, Duke beat me to it.

  44. The difference between McNabb and Hasselbeck is the talent that they have played with the last few years (as in overall ability as a QB, not individual strengths/weaknesses). McNabb has had good players to work with so it looks like he’s still good. Hasselbeck has been surrounded, overall, by sh!t. Bother are older, both have had injuries lately, etc. but life is a bit easier when you have a decent OL and playmakers like DeSean Jackson to throw to. Not to mention a RB like Westbrook (not the ’09 version). Basically, both aren’t what they were earlier in the decade, but they can succeed if they have talent to work with.

  45. Tarcat88 says:

    There is no way any coach, or GM, would make their team worse so they could have a higher draft pick a year later. Anyone that would suggest that would have to be clueless about being a part of any team sport. Moron is fairly accurate.

  46. bigmike04 says:

    longco44 says:
    April 7, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    shut your damn mouth you fuc$%(# homo

    are you really that big of moron longco44 because it seem like i hit nerve spot when I know i am right, let face it any team on West coast are not big sport fans, sure you might got some big ones but come on everyone west coast treat sport event like it some sort of party event, so why dont you sit down and just shut up.,

  47. nidhighe says:

    longco, you always resort to slurs like “homo” when someone disagrees with you? Classy. Perhaps we should trade you to Detroit.


  48. OCHawkFan says:

    Another Hasselbeck rumor…

    I dont see this happening as we apparently could’ve gotten a 3rd round pick out of CLE for him. I’d like to keep him around this year to mentor Whitehurst, then he’ll prob walk in FA.

  49. OCHawkFan-

    Has Fannation ever posted anything that was correct?

  50. subtlesquire says:

    Stevos says:
    HA. That was a good shot by Sims. A tough shot, but accurate. Seattle is a lightweight sports town and the people on this blog are among the handful of real heavyweight sports fans in this town.

    Right, Stevos. If it weren’t for the regular contributors here, there would be no 12th man. The NFL passed the never used anymore “noise” rule because it was so difficult for opposing teams to snap the ball while the “handful of real heavyweight sports fans” were making so much noise banging their key boards. I’ve lived on both coasts and I’ll take the average Seahawk fan over any other in the country.

    I hope Sims enjoys the 12th man in Detroit.

  51. OCHawkFan says:

    rollo – as I alluded to, its all speculation. They did quote their source in the St Paul Pioneer Press so its not totally without basis.

    I think theres less than a 10% chance of this actually happening. However, given the new regimine in the FO, I wouldnt count it out.

  52. nighthawk2 says:

    I read Sims comments on Sando’s NFC West blog on ESPN before I saw them here. Sour grapes might be putting it mildly. Detroit is a football town? The last time they won a championship was the year Sputnik was launched. The Redwings own that toilet of a city, no one else is close; not the Tigers, not the Pistons and damn sure not the Lions. He’s badmouthing Paul Allen? The Lions are owned by a family that ran an anti-semetic newspaper called The Dearborn Independent, and used to put a collection of articles from that paper in a book form called The International Jew in every Ford car they sold. Henry Ford employed a bunch of goons as “private security contractors” who machine gunned striking auto workers outside the gates of the plant who had the audacity to want to unionize. This is the franchise that hired Matt Millen as GM and kept him for 8 years as he ran the team into the ground, and he’d still there if W.C. Ford’s son hadn’t forced his hand. This is the city that sets itself on fire every year the night before Halloween (called Devil’s Night, how nice). I did a search for “Detroit crime statistics” and saw this link, check out their rates compared to the national average. Yeah, enjoy that happy atmosphere Rob, and that great owner they have. Rob Sims sucked, I nicknamed him (and his twin, Chris Spencer) “Turnstile” for the amount of whiffs on blocks he made (or should I say attempted to make). As far as I’m concerned, Max Unger was our best lineman last season.

    As for quarterback, I for one would love to have Clausen here. As far as I’m concerned he’s the only quarterback worthy of drafting in the 1st round. I don’t see it happening though. One reason I don’t is because of the Whitehurst trade, but then again, as has been pointed out, we didn’t give up much for Whitehurst (media and fan hysteria notwithstanding) and he’s not making starter money (yet). Another reason is bigger needs at other positions. My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that Carroll and Schneider are floating rumors (with the comments about getting Charlie not meaning we won’t take a QB in the 1st round) to stimulate trade interest. If Clausen is there at 6, and say Buffalo really wants him, they could trade us a 3rd round pick to move up 3 spots, presuming Cleveland isn’t interested. If they were interested they might trade a 3rd to move up 2 spots with KC when the Chiefs are on the clock. It’s hard to believe that Mike Holmgren really wants to start the season with Jake Delhomme, the $7 Million Dollar Man, as his starting quarterback, and he’s seen enough of Seneca Wallace to know that he’s just a spot starter and not a 16 game starter. Perhaps the Browns trade for Jason Campbell, who spent two years learning the offense Holmgren is installing with the Browns, under Holmgren’s former QB coach Jim Zorn. Seems like the most logical place for Campbell to go and Cleveland has a boatload of draft picks. If that were to happen, I could see the Bills moving up 3 spots even though Cleveland wouldn’t be a player for Clausen in that case, because they wouldn’t know if we really wanted him, and who knows what the heck Weird Al Davis is going to do. Nothing Davis does would suprise me, nothing at all.

    It also would not surprise me if took Spiller or Berry at 6, traded down the 14 and took Charles Brown in the 17-21 range. In fact that would make a lot of sense.

  53. Dukeshire says:

    Great post regarding Detroit and the Fords. Accurate on all counts.

  54. The Seahawks are bringing in a couple of small-school late-round WR prospects:

  55. Nice post, nighthawk.

  56. Hmmm… Perhaps we’re a lock!!! Yadda. Yadda! LOL!!!

    perhaps jjsnix won’t agree…. but when you give up a multiyear proven LG, for virtually some rookie, 2 draft picks “lower than you should”, despite if it is the move you need to make”, Your team may very well qualify for this choice…

    There are many here still awaiting your “clueless” claim here jjsinx… You’ve yet to establish one fact , except bullying your comments, except pointing out the Offensive Line for ‘US Hawks” was not super last year .. duhhh, …. you noted it may be one of the worst… so, Sims, despite a very steller individual year, associated with that line should be given away for a fifth round “hope”… wow!!! He gave up one sack in 2009!. “ONE” you ” A__’ .

    I guess it doesn’t manner what we do individually at our jobs, right??? It’s all about ASSOCIATION! What the group does, labels US, yes? That’s your call .. There’s a lot less people that will agree with you than the oposition to Obama’s Health Care bill where it was clearly opposed by more than 2-1…

    Yes, Sims did not fit going forward, but you do not fit either if ‘giving’ him away for a lot less than his value is what you support….

    We were robbed again! You need to look in your mirror for clueless!

    Pls don’t come on here and rant and rave and belittle…. Give us something supportable, something we can respect with reasonable input….

  57. wabubba67 says:

    The next QB acquired by the Seahawks will be in the 2011 draft as the #1 pick…Jake Locker. In the meantime, Carroll is dumping all marginal and aging talent in order to acquire draft pick and young players that will be here for a long time (in NFL terms, that means 5 years)…hopefully, more than a few of those will be big, mean OL that will prevent Locker from having to learn how to throw from his back.

    We sure as hell will not be the best team in the NFL in 2010…might as well be the worst! Well played Schneider and Carroll, well played!

  58. HawkyHann says:

    Jake Locker is NOT a good QB. He throws like a stupid baseball pitcher. He’s like Tyler Hansborough, great in college, lucky to make a squad in the NFL. I can’t stand the idea of watching his ass on Sundays. Let him go to the Raiders.

  59. The Secret Order of the Seahawks strikes again!. Gotta love the conspiracy theories around here!

  60. tcross12 says:

    this is irrevelant but this guy is the douchiest seahawk fan ever

  61. Goofy:

    I flattered by your appointment to the post of Blog Bully, but I have to admit I hardly feel deserving of the honor. My wife told me that I probably hurt your feelings so I’ll try to be more considerate in this post.

    First let me say that your post was a little hard to follow so I’ll do my best to respond since I’m sure that is what you are looking for.

    I’m not sure if your point is that Sims;

    a) is a bad fit for our scheme (but a good lineman) and should not have been traded. Or;

    b) he should have been traded but we didn’t get enough in return for him. Or;

    c) You really like the way the bubbles in beer make your tongue feel.

    Let me answer the easy one first. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Sims was our best offensive lineman last year. Being the world’s tallest midget doesn’t mean that you’re tall. Being the best lineman on the 2009 Seahawks doesn’t mean that you were good. Combine that with the fact that the new staff does not consider him a good fit for the scheme that they plan to run and his value to the team becomes even more questionable.

    As far as the compensation that we received for him: We got exactly what he was worth. Value is a function of what someone is willing to pay for something at a particular time. The team placed a 4th round tender on Sims. Any team in the league that thought he was more valuable than a 4th round pick in this years draft had the opportunity to sign him and give up their 4th pick this year, but no one did.

    You can say we got less than we should have until you are blue in the face, but in order to get more someone has to be willing to pay more. And in the case of Rob Sims nobody was beating down the door to get him.

    Hope that clarifies things for you Goofy.

    P.S. if you’d like me to post a bedtime story or two to help get you through the rest of the scary, scary offseason I will.

    Your new BFF,


  62. Thanks for the answer Eric.

  63. “HawkyHann says: Jake Locker is NOT a good QB. He throws like a stupid baseball pitcher. He’s like Tyler Hansborough, great in college, lucky to make a squad in the NFL. I can’t stand the idea of watching his ass on Sundays. Let him go to the Raiders.”

    That “stupid baseball pitcher” you’re talking about completed nearly 60% of his passes last year for 2800 yards and 21 TD’s, only 11 interceptions, and an average quarterback rating of 130. He also added 7 rushing TD’s to bring his total at Washington to 23. All this playing against some of the toughest competition in the nation.

    Will Jake Locker be a successful QB in the NFL? That remains to be seen. However, he could very well be the #1 pick overall next year and will hardly be “lucky to make a squad in the NFL”. Here’s an article on him from just yesterday.

    The Seahawks could do a lot worse than Jake locker..

  64. I will reserve judgement on locker until after this year. However, I would like to say he NEEDED another year under sarkisian.

  65. zombiehooliganfc says:

    I hope the Hawks don’t end up with Locker. Not because I don’t think he would be a fantastic pro, but because he would be expected to be either Tom Brady or bust. The second a snap takes place without him on the field, he’ll be the biggest bust, ever. Sit our his rookie year? Loser. Come in and play as he learns? Loser. I hope he goes somewhere else and rips it up. This is a town that loved both David Krieg and now HBeck, so if there is a generality to tag us as is people that do not know quarterbacking and will like stories more than talent.

  66. Audible-

    That’s a make sense move for the Hawks, a mid-round tackle prospect. It lines up with everything Gibbs has said in the past, and since he got here. Eric Berry is the #6 pick if he is still there, if not, its a crapshoot.

  67. Locker to Hawks in ’11.

  68. rramstad says:

    IBGoofy wrote:

    “There’s a lot less people that will agree with you than the oposition to Obama’s Health Care bill where it was clearly opposed by more than 2-1″

    Actually, if you bother to do any research, you’ll discover that the health care bill as passed was supported by a majority of Americans. A slim majority, but your suggestion that it was passed over objections from 2/3rds of the country is just laughable. Hell, I don’t think you can get 2/3rds of the country to agree on anything…

    Sorry for the politics, but if I see posts like this crap, which are just flat out wrong, I’m going to correct them.

  69. 3-13, Locker’s ours! ;-)

  70. HawkyHann says:

    Locker should have left this year. HIs mistake will cost him millions and hopefully the Seahawks don’t even think about him.I’d rather have Charlie. Locker reminds me of that Kentucky QB, Lorenzen. Backup for Giants, out of football now I thinik. Plus, he is prone to injury the way he plays with a reckless abandon. He’d be a great Raider. He’s fast, and that’s what Al Davis likes/wants. Not smooth, more like a fast fullback, nothing like a young Mike Vick who can juke every person on the field. If he could do that, I’d be more open, maybe..he’s a QB. Just sit in the pocket like Peyton, Philip, Brady. Damnit, I just want a real QB.

    I don’t want another warm and fuzzy story, local boy goes pro…we had that with Luke Ridnour, and I use to yell at him constantly during the games. If they’re going that route, take Taylor Mays. He’s a safer bet.

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