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Does McNabb trade pave way for Hawks to take Clausen?

Post by Eric Williams on April 4, 2010 at 5:49 pm with 49 Comments »
April 4, 2010 5:50 pm

After several days of speculation, the Washington Redskins pulled off the blockbuster trade of the offseason within its division, landing Philadelphia quarterback Donovan McNabb for the team’s second round pick in this year’s draft, No. 37 overall, and a third or fourth round pick in 2011.

Washington appeared hot and heavy for Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen in this year’s draft, but now after bringing in McNabb the Redskins appear set at quarterback, with Jason Campbell and Rex Grossman still in the fold.

So now it appears the possibility of Seattle drafting a quarterback early has increased. Both general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll said the Charlie Whitehurst trade did not eliminate the possibility of drafting a quarterback early. Seattle holds the No. 6 and No. 14 overall picks in the draft. And with Washington at No. 4 overall out of the quarterback running, the Seahawks would be next in line in terms of teams still looking for a quarterback of the future.

“Heck no,” Carroll told the Mike Mayock of the NFL Network after Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford’s pro day. “When you look at a guy like this (Bradford), he has a chance to make you for a long time. And I don’t know if we’ll ever get a chance at him, but we’d love the opportunity.”

Carroll knows Clausen intimately, recruiting the California native since he was a freshman in high school, so if anybody knows the Notre Dame product’s upside, it’s Carroll.

The Seahawks appear to have so many other needs that it would seem likely they would pass on taking a quarterback in the first round. However, if Seattle deems Clausen a potential franchise quarterback, they might take a shot at him at No. 6.

Clausen visited Washington over the weekend, and is scheduled to meet with Cleveland next.

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  1. Wow. Even w/all the speculation – still can’t quite believe they traded McNabb. End of an era there.

  2. BrianBlades says:

    Unbelievable. This makes the draft order completely different. Wow!

  3. freedom_X says:

    And trading McNabb to a division rival – Philadephia’s top brass must be really convinced McNabb is finished, or they are really, really arrogant. I tend to think the latter…

    Clausen is the most pro-ready QB, but he doesn’t seem to have NFL leadership qualities to me. Carroll probably knows him as well as anyone this side of Charlie Weis, but Clausen is the anti-Tebow – most polished and pro ready in terms of skills, but sorely lacking in so-called “leadership qualities.” He’s spoiled and pampered, always has been.

    Clausen reminds me a lot of Jeff George – huge talent and passing ability. Personality made it hard for George to be a winning QB.

  4. This could be good if a team that’s drafting below our #6 really really wants Clausen … and they know we’ll take him if they don’t trade with us.

  5. BrianBlades says:

    I agree that it could be good for trading down…possibly with the Bills at #9.

    freedom_x: do you base your “no leadership” tag on Clausen on anything other than recycled NFL talking points, or do you have some kind of inside information? If you are just parroting the talking heads, spare us. If you have something substantive, do share….

  6. OK, I’ll connect the dots for those of you who haven’t figured it out. No one other than Mel Kiper thinks Clausen is a franchise quarterback. No one.

  7. BenderHawkFan says:

    I don’t know that much about Clausen in terms of leadership. I’ve watched film on him though. But my concern with him is with the way he has carried himself in interviews. I might be mistaken, but I’m guessing that is what Freedomx was talking about–spoiled and pampered are accurate labels that come to mind for me as well. And…ahem…douchebag.

    I’m all for drafting a QB in the later rounds. I like the idea of trading down to someone who likes him though, fo sho.

  8. STL’s largest need is QB, Bradford’s #1.
    DET’s got slightly less need at DT than OG & SS. Likely Suh or McCoy still goes there.
    TB’s largest need is DT, so either McCoy or Suh.
    DC’s largest need is OT, so Okung likely goes to Skins.
    KC’s largest needs are equally OT, TE, ILB, & SS. T.Williams likely to KC.
    SEA’s largest needs are equally OT & CB, and the next largest needs are DE & FS. FS Berry is the #4 ranked player while Bulaga is the #10. Berry, like Curry was, fills a large need and is the BPA at the pick.

  9. BrianBlades says:

    Bender – with all due respect, that is kind of my point.

    Recycled talking points that can’t be pointed to an actual source what used to be called lazy journalism…and now can also be called “know it all message board posters”.

    One “expert”, in this case McShay, makes a smear, and then lazy “journalists” pick it up and run with it (rather than doing any research themselves), now we have the added twist of message board posters jumping on the train.

    Maybe Clausen is a douche, but where I come from you only call a person that if you have an example or examples of it, otherwise you are the douche.

    I’d love to hear some examples or even evidence that “douches” are terrible quarterbacks for that matter.

  10. Makes you wonder…. if Clausen is now our first pick, do we trade Hass once the choice is made? How does all this impact trading Sims??? Can we afford to lose him with all the other needs we have??? Even if he’s not a perfect fit??? Whew, this is a bit bizarre…

  11. Devinc253 says:

    Ive watched Clausen there is no way in hell I’d waste either 1st rounder on it.
    Id like us to get Derrick Morgan DE , Eric Berry S or Cj spiller. Playmakers that would have an immediate impact.
    Look at the last Qb hawks in 1st rnd and he was also from Notre Dame.. Rick Mirer..
    We dont need that again, too much risk

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Seattle’s not drafting Clausen. Next…

    pdway – I agree, I still think it’s weird too.

  13. Pat_riot says:

    God.. I certainly hope not..

  14. BenderHawkFan says:


    With all due respect in return, I don’t think my point was in agreement with yours at all.

    I’m not taking anything McShay, Kiper, or anyone else has said about Clausen as the end-all-be-all. What I’m saying is that I watched him speak and he spoke as if he was a spoiled 12 yo kid. I’m making assumptions about him based on my own observations and nothing else.

    I don’t consider myself a ‘know-it-all-blog-poster’ just because I based my opinion on personal observations. I also don’t think it takes much ‘research’ to regognize someone as a douchebag. ‘Where I’m from’ you can tell a heck of a lot about somebody by how they talk and carry themselves.

    That broad paintbrush must have cost a fortune…

  15. BenderHawkFan says:

    Oh, and douchebag-ness is’nt a great leadership quality (ie. nfl quarterback). In fact, douchebags are much more successful at positions other than qb…based on my extensive ‘research.’

    Would you care for a bibliography so you can double check for plagiarism?

  16. “Seattle’s not drafting Clausen. Next…”

    I agree. They picked up Whitehurst – that’s their draft pick on a QB this year, they figure he’s as or more ready than anyone they could’ve reached in the draft this year. If he turns out to be less than they expected, well, it’s only a 2-year deal, and they’ll have a 1st round pick to spend next year on a QB.

    Still wondering if the Marshall thing is going to happen. As many holes as we have, signing him could make this year much more interesting. I have no doubt we’ll be mediocre, but the division is really wide open now with all the hits Arizona has taken to its roster.

  17. The12thMan says:

    “I’d love to hear some examples or even evidence that “douches” are terrible quarterbacks for that matter.”

    Jeff George was brought up earlier. Just a few other examples that are off the top of my head: Ryan Leaf, Michael Vick, Cade McNown, and Rex Grossman.

  18. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    I wouldn’t mind trading down from #6 with maybe the Bills for their 2nd and 3rd. Go BPA at #14 and Colt McCoy with the Bills 2nd rounder. Clausen and Mccoy are about at the same level IMO and McCoy comes with a smaller price tag. Plus chances are other than Clausen nobody else will remain who is worth spening the #6 overall pick on.

  19. twocolorcrayon says:

    For those Clausen haters, just give this a read

  20. hawkdawg says:

    Jeff George had a huge gun for an arm. Clausen does not share that attribute. But George had other problems. The evidence that Clausen shares those problems at this point in his career seems pretty weak to me.

    Doesn’t mean we should draft him. In fact, I think it is unlikely we’ll draft him after Whitehurst. But it’s not clear he won’t be a good NFL quarterback.

    I’d love to have Aaron Rodgers right now, and he dropped like a stone because team after team found things wrong with him.

  21. Seahawks have very little need of a QB.

  22. No matter how much I despise Tennessee and Lane Kiffin… I would love to See Eric Berry come to Seattle. He is one helluva player. I think he will be a better FS than Ed Reed. I really think that this guy is worth the top ten pick. IF not pick up CJ Spiller. Either way don’t go after a QB who couldn’t get it done in College. I think that kid from Northern Michigan… whats his name LeFavour or something? He would be a better fit than Clausen, even Colt McCoy would be good. but dont waste this pick on a kid whos only option was throwing the ball up in a prayer and hoping Golden Tate would come down with it.

  23. I could see another potential trade with Denver. Denver trade their 10th and Marshall for our 6th so that they jump ahead of Buffalo and pick up Clausen. Denver certainly have a need on their roster at QB.

    Do they still have Orton on their roster?

  24. Now the Redskins have their quarterback, they most likely won’t select a guy with their first pick. What if the Rams DO NOT take Sam Bradford, Lions and Bucs have their guys, Kansas got Cassel, is there any chance that Bradford falls to #6? And IF he do, do you take him? I think quarterback is one of the positions we can more or less ignore, but can we pass up on a guy like Bradford, who (probably) would have been a top 10 pick last year.

  25. Forgot to finish my post…
    Or, if Rams do not take Bradford (Probably not a big possibility) then we would be in a position where Buffalo, Jacksonville or Broncos (the only teams that are in real need of a QB in my mind) would all want our pick so bad, that they may “overpay”. That could be a dream scenario, but again I don’t think Rams will pass up on a potential franchise QB.

  26. I have a feeling that, five years from now, Colt McCoy will be considered the best QB from this draft.

    LT is the Hawks biggest need and there are four (Okung, Bulaga, Trent Williams and Charlie Brown) that could get it done. Problem is, none of them will be there at #60. I hope PC doesn’t go for glitz and glitter rather than build a foundation.

  27. How many years does McNabb have left, plus, doesn’t he only have one year left on his contract. I think the Skins will still draft a QB and hopefully it is Clausen so the Hawks don’t get tempted too. On the otherhand like some people already mentioned that if another team above wants Clausen we could trade down, I just don’t want the hawks to do something stupid like draft him themselves.

  28. Bradford or Clausen could learn a lot watching McNabb.

  29. Clausen would be awesome. The #1 QB of the draft. We already passed on Sanchez so don’t let another one slip throegh our fingers. I guess Hass would be traded, to bad, but we need draft choices. I doubt if we can get a #4 but it would help.

  30. Speaking as a fan of McNabb, I think he has maybe 3 or 4 years left in the tank, if he stays healthy of course, so I think Washington got a pretty good deal right there. Maybe they’ll take a chance with a QB later in the draft Zac Robinson and Jarret Brown has some potential IMO, players I wouldn’t mind coming to Hawks as developmental prospects, if the new organization does not believe in Teel, which seems to be the case so far.

  31. wowthetntisbad says:

    Pro ath-a-letes are douches, in general. They are pampared babies that get free passes because they can pass or catch the foosball. Who cares if someone is a douche? Just play well, I’d rather watch a team of jerks that win than a bunch of Christian soldiers that lose with class any time. We are not pals with the players, they don’t care what we think (until they are old and washed up, that is), so forget the douche stuff and focus on the play.

  32. wowthetntisbad says:

    oceanic – you will never be a scout. McCoy the best QB five years from now and what exactly will those two QB’s learn from McNabb? How to throw up in the biggest games of your life and then blame it on the flu? Or how to skip a ball to open receivers? He isn’t the worst QB alive, but he was very overrated. And before anyone gives me garbage about how he got them as far as he did I would like to say that he is only one player of many that added to their victories, football is the ultimate team sport, no one player is going to make you win.

  33. I doubt this changes the draft order. Now Shanahan has a starting caliber QB to mentor the new guy that they draft, so they have the luxary to sit Clauson for a couple of years, if that’s the guy he wants.

    Since it’s likely WASH will still take Clauson, I think this does nothing for our aspirations to trade down.

  34. I don’t think Scharroll will be tempted to take Clausen because that move would make them look silly. We just traded for our next starting QB, which would look like a huge blunder if we used our top pick on another young QB. If they did take Clausen, the only record he’ll set is the shortest career as a Seahawk because we’d turn around and trade him away and probably pick up two number ones in the process. We have a proven veteran and his replacement.

    Don’t forget that Carroll is a defensive minded coach who just made his OC happy with a new QB. They’ll draft defense at #6.

  35. What does it hurt for us to make teams think we are going to draft Clauson.

  36. Nothing…but you gotta bluff before showing your hand if you expect anyone to believe you. Trading for Whitehurst and signing him to a big contract may take a little mystery out of our QB plans.

  37. Clausen? Nooooooooo. Not with guys like Trent Williams and Eric Berry possibly still on the board.

    14 is even too high to take Classen.

    klm008, I think you’re calling it about right:
    1 – Bradford
    2 – Suh
    3 – McCoy
    4 – Okung
    5 – Berry or Williams
    6 – Berry or Williams

    Nothing wrong with that. Its looking good for us at #6.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    Hopefully, they’re focused on other things than subterfuge. Develop a solid draft plan and stick to it. If they want to trade out of 6, then work the deal on the phone, not through the press. Let others mickey mouse around and play useless games, please.

  39. BenderHawkFan says:

    Via Rotoworld:

    Lions acquired OG Rob Sims from the Seahawks in exchange for undisclosed compensation.

    Sims, 26, will likely move into the Lions’ starting lineup immediately at left guard. Though somewhat injury prone, Sims has racked up 31 starts over the last three seasons and is a low-risk acquisition because he’s only under contract through 2010 at a mere $1.101 million. 2009 LGs Manuel Ramirez and Daniel Loper may now be left fighting for one roster spot in Detroit.

  40. Dukeshire says:

    Well, hopefully that will give them 3 fourth round picks.

  41. PC and Schneider are going to build the bizarro 2005 Super Bowl Team in this year’s draft. What I mean by that is this:

    – 2005 Hawks had a great offense and an ok defense. The offense was able to keep the D off the field and gave them plenty of rest, thus never letting the opposing team get into a rythm.

    – The 2010 Hawks build this great defense (PC is a D first coaching stud) by going double D (hahaha) in the first round, highlighted by Eric Berry at 6. Then this D limits the opposing teams to more FGs than TDs and they can score touchdowns. Then the O is given plenty of opportunities to score and preserve leads, and doesn’t have to be the greatest this year, just good enough to get by. The Hawks go 9-7 and make the playoffs by winning the beaten down NFC West, and at least get themselves into the post season tournament. Then with this awesome D they are able to get the offensive weapons they need in future drafts and free agency, and the complete team evolves.

    Does this sound like wishful thinking? I don’t know for sure, but to me it sounds like a reality. Think about this:

    – PC gets LoJack to step up his game by installing a system that he can actually flourish in. PC then lines Curry up on the same side as LoJack but a yard or two over to the side. Now the opposing tackle has to pick either LoJack or Curry to block, and the guard would have to pull to pick up the other blitzing linemen, thus creating a hole for a DT and linebacker to get through. Now the QB has a limited window to throw in and Eric Berry in the backfield to worry about. In this situation, at best you have short drives or three and outs with good field postion for an okay offense.

    Like I said could be wishful thinking, but I would not be opposed to this direction if it was to happen in the very near future.

  42. Detroit had the 2nd pick in round #4. Great value for Sims!

  43. rollo did you seriously just say “the quarterback has “a rookie safety, who has no proven NFL talent” to worry about”?

  44. Hopefully, we got their #4 but the verbiage “trade” concerns me and makes me think we settled for less.

  45. and if pete carroll was so adamant about building the defense, why don’t they grab OJ atogwe off the RFA market? He’s barely tendered, he’s a great player and would be a great addition. Likely better than Berry.

    And how exactly is a great defense going to get good draft picks next year?

  46. Atogwe’s ceiling is about Berry’s floor.

    DET’s pick might be ammo for getting Marshall

  47. nighthawk2 says:

    “OK, I’ll connect the dots for those of you who haven’t figured it out. No one other than Mel Kiper thinks Clausen is a franchise quarterback. No one.”

    If by no one you mean Todd McTool, I mean McShay, then yeah. I haven’t seen anyone else really drinking the Haterade on Clausen. I saw Clausen on Jim Rome is Burning last week, seems like a pretty good kid that can handle all the b.s. like this being thrown at him. Here’s a couple of links from a site that actually interviewed Clausen:

    This is a rebuttal to arguments against Jimmy Clausen:

    This is the interview transcript:

    I would love to have Jimmy Clausen on this team. But I’m sure that Seattle doesn’t draft him, for a couple of reasons:

    1st is that they made the trade for Charlie Whitehurst with the anticipation at the time that Clausen would be gone by the 6th pick, which of course meant he’d go to Washington. After saying how much faith they have in Whitehurst, and enduring all the criticism for it, I don’t they they then draft Clausen, rhetoric aside, and show that they really don’t have the faith in Whitehurst they said they did.

    2nd is that, depending on where Jason Campbell gets traded once he pulls Shanahan’s knife out of his back, Cleveland and Buffalo are now in the mix to draft Clausen. I just don’t beleive for one second that Mike Holmgren wants to go into the season with Jake Delhomme, $7 million man or not, as his starter. He traded for Seneca Wallace because Wallace knows his offense, but he’s not anymore of a long term answer than Delhomme is. Does he take Tebow in the 3rd round as a possible developmental QB? When he can take Jimmy Clausen, in my view a much better QB than Bradford will ever be, in the 1st round? Not only no but hell no. Then there’s the Bills, who have this irrational dislike of their starting QB Trent Edwards (who’s had no receivers worth a crap, and I include overrated Lee Evans, no tight end and a bad offensive line since he’s been there) who could move up for Clausen. If Jimmy is there at 5, and thinks we’re serious about taking him, they’ll move up two spots and it would only cost a 3rd round pick. If the Browns don’t make the trade with KC and think they can get him at 7, Buffalo would offer to move up with us for a 3rd round pick (9th spot in the 3rd). If Holmgren trades for Campbell (he’s had two years learning the WCO from Jim Zorn, so there is a logic there), then the only possibility of Clausen going before 9th is us and perhaps Oakland–a long shot but who knows with Weird Al. I think we’d definately trade down 3 spots with Buffalo unless maybe Detroit takes Okung and Tampa Bay takes McCoy and voila’, Suh is there at 6. Otherwise, yeah, make the deal. Either way, I think someone trades up for Clausen either over us, or with us.

  48. No RADEon that’s not what I said, pretty easy to figure out. Second, a great defense wouldn’t get us good draft picks the following years, in fact I said they could go 9-7 and make the playoffs. If high draft picks year after year is what you’re looking for then root for Oakland. I’d rather have the Hawks pick in the bottom third every year. That would mean they are a winning team. Plus I said it was wishful thinking.

  49. Nighthawk2:
    by No one I mean No One who matters (I.e. NFL teams that need a quarterback and are in a position to draft Clausen).

    In case you haven’t noticed EVERY team at the top of the draft that would “theoretically ” need Clausen has decided to go in another direction. All of you Notre Dame faithful out there can keep pointing toward McShay as the cause for Clausen falling out of favor just like you’re going to blame Ty Willingham for the Irish sucking AGain this year. At some point though someone in that delusional fanbase is going to realize the truth.

    Neither the school or the players are as good as NBC keeps telling you they are!

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