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Morning links: Lions in the hunt for OG Sims

Post by Eric Williams on March 31, 2010 at 8:29 am with 39 Comments »
March 31, 2010 8:29 am

According to Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network, the Detroit Lions are seriously considering a trade for Seahawks offensive lineman Rob Sims. The Seattle restricted free agent has been tendered as a fourth round level, and the team reportedly is not interested in bringing him back.

Other teams remain interested in Sims, including Chicago, but Seattle reportedly was not interested in making a trade for Chicago defensive end Alex Brown.

If Sims winds up in Detroit, he would be joining several former Seahawks already on the roster, including recent unrestricted free agent signing Nate Burleson, linebacker Julius Peterson, running back Maurice Morris, tight end Will Heller, safety Marquand Manuel and cornerback Kevin Hobbs.

Art Thiel of wonders aloud about the Seahawks moves so far this offseason.

Tennessee safety Eric Berry, expected to be a top 10 draft pick, is scheduled to visit with five teams in the next week, but Seattle isn’t one of them.

Greg Johns of notes that in light of the Seahawks signing special teams standout Sean Morey, neither Seattle or Arizona has particularly distinguished themselves in punt or kickoff coverage recently.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll says he was impressed with Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford’s workout in this video. Carroll also attended Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant’s workout in Texas and met with Oklahoma State offensive lineman Russell Okung this week.

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  1. vichawkfan says:

    Lions 4th round 100th pick might as well be a 3rd…..couldn’t ask for better. Sign the offer sheet with the Lions Sims!!

  2. Picking up the #100 for Sims will make my day!

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Ditto. Not to mention having 3 4th round picks.

  4. drmossguy says:

    I am obviously not a professional talent evaluator… but I don’t understand the interest. Do they just need someone who can fog a mirror? Maybe they have something for him which will allow him to excel… who knows. I personally do not remember Rob Sims ever looking like a good offensive lineman for any stretch of time.

  5. chuck_easton says:


    Sims was probably the most consistant OL we had last year (of course the best of the worst is still not good). He’s big, strong, and fits the proto-typical OG makeup that the NFL wants. Consensus is he just doesn’t ‘fit’ the OL blocking style the Seahawks want to use and would be better suited to a power running/pass happy team.

    Shhhh on the actual playing ability until he’s gone. Let them find that out once he’s there and not here.

  6. Yeah, Chuck I totally agree…

    Sims got ripped off last year by not getting selected to the pro bowl. And, I can’t believe they’re only asking for a 4th round tender. We all know the dude is a stud…some “lucky” team out there is going to get a real steal on this deal ;-)

  7. Audible:

    Simms didn’t get ripped off for not making the Pro Bowl, but Jon Ryan sure did! Hahahaha!

    Get rid of that guy for that pick and package two of those three fourth rounders up to move into the third. Or get 3 picks in the fourth to complement the two in the first, and that move from 40 to 60 won’t look so bad after all. That is if this regime can draft better than the last one that is.

    I’m glad to hear that Berry is not going to visit the Hawks. That makes me think that O-Line will be a priority at 6.

    Oh, and a big HECK NO on Spiller at 14. I say go for another O-Linemen at that spot and Whitehorse, excuse me Whitehurst will look like a stud out there. Actually Matt would look like a stud out there.

  8. ChrisHolmes says:

    Guess who was picked 9 spots ahead of Sims in the 2007 draft?

  9. Yes, and Willis, Jennings and our #6 for they #2 if they want :)

  10. seahawklovertoo says:

    rollo73, ditto from me on Spiller (but, we could do a lot worse by taking some others at #14). I’d rather trade down for more picks : taking Dexter McCluster (OleMiss) and LSUs’ “Atomic Mouse” Trendon Holiday will produce more scores for a lot less money than Spiller.
    As for Simms, I’d be reeeeeeaaaaally happy if he goes to D-troit. or, we could trade him + JJ + #6 for theirs #2 and draft Suh. In that case I’d be so happy, I would cart-wheel myself right into a hospital bed.LOL
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Suh till April 22nd.

  11. There is a 0% chance they would ever take a deal like that.

  12. Chris, that was the 2006 draft we got Sims…. 9 spots up was “The Beater”..

  13. In that 2006 draft, did you notice there were ~SIX~ pro bowler’s from that round four! That’s a lot…. !

  14. Macabrevity says:

    Yet another difficult to comprehend move by the new front office. As with all the moves, we’ll have to wait to see if they work out, but none of what I’ve seen so far looks like there has been much thought put into it.

    It all reminds me of the film Major League, when the owner decides she wants to move the team – but she needs to lose a ton of games first. Maybe the Hawks are on their way to Los Angeles, but to pave the way, they need to subvert value along with their fan base.

    I really haven’t seen one move I like, and yes, I understand it’s too early to tell. But at this point, I can say I’m skeptical at best.

  15. Wow it’s been awhile since I posted in here, almost a year I think :O Had some problems signing in, but it’s all fixed now!!

    Oh as far as the draft, I would love to see a guy such as McCluster picked with our #60, but only if we have drafted a safety, D-lineman or a LT beforehand. Personally I would like Trent Williams or perhaps Derrick Morgan at #6 if Suh, McCoy or Okung isn’t there. Then a playmaker at #14, it could be Earl Thomas or Derrick Morgan if he’s available, maybe even Dez Bryant (even though I don’t like him) But there’s really endless possibilities, can’t wait for the draft!

    Oh and glad to be back ;)

  16. Where’s JacD been?

  17. edstang45 says:

    The one thing I appreciate about PC and our GM is they are patient. their active in looking into guys, but don’t pull a stupid trade just for the sake of making a move. We have lost more than gain but we still have our picks.

    I hope they piss people off though and build our o-line

  18. nighthawk2 says:

    Yeah Major League is a great movie (the first one). The owner patterned on Georgia Frontiere. Will never forget the scene where she gives the GM the list of players she wants. “This one’s dead” he says. She replies “Then scratch him off the list!”

    I read a lot of fans of various teams wanting McCluster, but I’m leery of flavor of the month combine warriors. He’s Darren Sproles’ size without Sproles’ speed and quickness. I’d be very happy with Spiller at 14 if we got a left tackle at 6 (or via a trade for the 2nd rounder). What I’m still wondering about is why are Deion Branch and Julius Jones still on the roster.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Apparently I’m not the only one who doesn’t give merit to anything McShay says.

  20. nighthawk2 says:

    Here’s a link that was posted on the Seahawks Sal site that would seem to indicate that Jared Gaither isn’t the type of offensive tackle that Alex Gibbs wants at all for his scheme. Sounds like Charles Brown or (gulp!) Trent Williams. Then again, he wants veterans:

    “Experience is absolutely crucial. Even in the NFL, I’ll take our draft picks and put them on our scout team for two years before they can play for us, and these are guys we drafted because we think they fit our system!”

  21. nighthawk2 says:

    Duke, that article pretty much sums up what I’ve always thought of McTool as well. “He is who I thought he was!”

  22. Dukeshire says:

    That Gibbs piece is good. It’s from a larger article that is really informative. I posted it here some time ago and will re-post it when I get home, got it on my home computer. I wonder if Gibbs would be in favor of taking someone like Zane Beadles and moving him to tackle?

  23. edstang45 says:

    Nice one nighthawk I haven’t seen that yet very inspiring though.
    Can’t wait for the 22nd. I like this guy Gibbs

    Interesting thought is would they take a O-line guy in the first if they like to let him get coached up before they let him play? Kinda spendy for a practice squad guy.

    I like Bulaga, I would like to check out Charles Brown who did he play for, or do ya have a link

  24. edstang45 says:

    Never mind I got em

    USC’s Charles Brown, Now i’ll go look up Zane Beadles

  25. nighthawk2:

    That was a great Alex Gibbs blog!! After reading that I’m convinced that the Hawks WILL NOT draft a first round O-Linemen.

    My guess is that PC and Schneider go for the home run hitters on offense and defense in the first round, the second rounder is best player available, and the entire 4th round will be O-linemen, especially if he’s just going to shove them on the scout team. Seems like Gibbs knows what he wants, has been around so long and produced such good success that he will take nobodies opinion but his own, and he loves topless bars.

    Not bringing in Berry seems to me to be a smokescreen for the media and they will probably draft him, unless McCoy or Suh seem to slip to 6 which will be a miracle in it’s own right.

    Best guess is they go for best player available at both 1st round picks. My personal opinion on the best player available term is that it’s a player that a team targets the whole time and they just say that so the media and fans will back the heat off of them.

    According to Gibb’s direct quotes an O-Linemen in the first round is not in the cards, which leaves us with playmakers on offense and defense. In my opinion every position on the Hawks right now is a priority except for punter, Jon Ryan is a stud.

  26. After reading what Gibbs wants in his O linemen……

    Center Must be brilliant which eliminates Spencer. No taller than 6’3″ which eliminates Unger. Hmmm. Ok, Vallos starts at center.

    Wrotto and Gibson start at guard.

    Unger starts at left tackle. Locklear hurt too often for Gibbs. I guess Willis starts at right tackle.

    Ok, we all know that won’t be the Hawks starting O line. Gibbs will have to compromise on height, weight, smarts, injury and experience issues and line up the five best guys. Really, Unger at LT?

  27. Pete Carroll loves Monte Kiffin and Kiffin coached Berry last season (and loved him). I think we have our opinion already formed on Berry, so there’s no reason meeting with him.

    That’s a big part of the reason why I believe Gus Bradley is returning this season (Kiffin loves him) and Mr. Happy trusts Kiffin.

  28. seahawklovertoo says:

    Either McCoy or Berry will be there at #6; maybe even Clausen.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK – Agreed.

  30. I agree with BobbK especially after reading the Gibbs piece. Berry will probably be a Hawk unless he gets picked up by them, thus filling the Best Player Available slot, and the fact that Gibbs is a rookie linemen hater.

    The only thing that could possibly deter that would be if Clausen is still there. PC is a Gruden like QB salivator and I just can’t see him passing up on him unless he feels like he will be there at 14. If not, they might as well reach and pick up Golden Tate at 14 because he was the only person catching balls at ND.

    My only real question is can PC get LoJack to step up and play? I don’t know what kind of magic pill he fed him at USC but it was good enough to get him drafted that high, some may argue that Timmy reached on that one too. I truly believe that if LoJack stepped up and they gave high motor Nick Reed some downs, we could possibly shore up the DE situation. Which now only leaves the defense with mediocre DTs, and a secondary that isn’t worth a damn.

    The bottom line is everybody can only speculate on who the Hawks are going to draft, and the few people that know reside in the front office. I remember a couple of years ago when they drafted Spencer, and everybody that was I was in the room with said “who?” Hell, I still say that.

  31. seahawklovertoo says:

    BK, I hear You and I think there is very strong possibility to your prediction. Then, we will take Volunteers RB Hardesty with our 60; draft Crompton in the fourth (make him a starter later this year) and rename the team to : Seattle Vols. When we end up in the bottom 10 % for the next 3 years PA will fire him together with Leiweke. Then , PC can use his connections with the LA gangs and put a contract on the Kiffin the Geezer.
    By then, most of us will die from high blood pressure caused strokes or end up bold from pulling our hair sunday after sunday.
    Why else would anyone spend money and time on bringing Crompton for a workout?

  32. SeanCarney says:

    Dukeshire we already have 3 4th round picks we got one for Tapp remember?

  33. R.Sims:
    8th best overall guard in the NFL, (among LG’s and RGs combined), 4th best overall among LGs.

    2nd only to Steve Hutchenson at pass-blocking among guards.
    Tied for 10th at screen-blocking.
    25th at Run-Blocking.

    Sims allowed 1 QB sack, 1 QB hit, and 10 QB pressures, had 2 penalties.

  34. Does anyone who watches Seahawk games really think Rob Sims is an upper class guard in the NFL? By that, meaning one of the best? Top 8? He has improved, yes, but if he were really a top 8 guard in the NFL I’d be upset if we were trying to get rid of him for a 4th-5th round pick. Instead, I’ll consider it a coup if we could get a 4th-5th rounder for him.

    Carney – where did our third 4th round pick come from? Ours. The Tapp trade. Where did the other come from? Or are you assuming we get one in the Sims transaction? Maybe I missed something.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    I may have missed something too, Bobby.

    Sims the 8th best guard in football? Lies, damned lies and statistics.

  36. SeanCarney says:

    I read somewhere (fieldgulls i think) the seahawks dont have a third round pick but they have two forth round picks (pre Tapp trade). Giving us a total of three.

  37. BobbyK-
    “Does anyone who watches Seahawk games really think Rob Sims is an upper class guard in the NFL?”

    Yes. Those who compiled his stats, play-by-play, thru every game of the ’09 season, grading Sims on whether was successful or not in his task on each snap. And those who watched. There’s lotsa prejudices that get carried over onto players because of one incident that festers. He carries a fan-stigma from the one game he played in in ’08, where he tried to perform at RG (outta position) with a torn labrum he got at the beginning of the game (played whole game one-armed). Fans were very critical of his play that game – actually he showed alotta toughness. Another such incident was Hawks ’07 TE Pollard, who lost sight of a pass at the worst time possible, the GB Div playoff game.

    “if he were really a top 8 guard in the NFL I’d be upset if we were trying to get rid of him for a 4th-5th round pick.”

    I would be too if I thought PC would come before the microphone and say “Just kidding” about the A.Gibbs hire. Getting “rid” of Sims is the result – Gibbs doesn’t want the man-blockers us fans’ve become ustta. EG:

    “Seahawks Interested in Maneri
    Thu, 18 Mar 2010 16:46:37 -0700
    Wes Bunting, of the National Football Post, reports the Seattle Seahawks are interested in Temple TE Steve Maneri, but they want to move him to offensive tackle.”

    Maneri is 29th ranked TE by NFLDraftScout, ranked 507th overall. He’s 6-6/275 and runs the 40 in 4.87.

    That Sim’s drawing the interest he is but not more, I’m guessing he was tagged for sale.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    SeanCarney – To date, in the 4th round, Seattle has the 6th pick (104) and the 29th (127). If the Lions sign Sims, then they would have 3 selections.

  39. I thought he was horrible before tearing his labrum in the first game of ’08 so I’m not juding his worthlessness on one game. And, yes, he has improved. Although it’s not saying much, he was our best OL next season. He has improved and that’s great. I admire him for that. I really do. But it doesn’t mean I’m all of a sudden going to think he’s something he’s not (a top 8 NFL guard). Stats show that Doug Williams has more Super Bowl rings than Dan Marino but I’m not going to judge their careers by that and think Williams was better. And if Matt didn’t usually get rid of the ball so quick we all know there would have been more sacks too. And moving forward, with a year under his belt, it’ll be Unger (with or without Sims on the line) who will be our best OL.

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