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Hawks preseason schedule released

Post by Eric Williams on March 31, 2010 at 12:12 pm with 39 Comments »
March 31, 2010 12:22 pm

The league released the preseason schedule today, and the Seahawks will face Tennessee and Green Bay at home, Minnesota and Oakland on the road.

Seattle usually plays a steady diet of AFC West teams during the exhibition season to cut down on travel, but likely only plays Oakland this year because the Seahawks play the AFC West during the regular season. Dates for the games have not been announced.

The regular season schedule is expected to be announced in mid-April, but Seattle’s opponents are already locked in.

The Seahawks will host Arizona, San Francisco, St. Louis, Atlanta, Carolina, San Diego, Kansas City and the New York Giants. Seattle will travel to Arizona, San Francisco, St. Louis, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Oakland, Denver and Chicago.

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  1. BORNHAWK says:

    I know this is totally off the subject, but do you all think that we gained some fans from LA when Carroll was hired and if so do you think that will help us get more reconition throughout the country, I mean alot of people think we are in Canada and forget about us. I feel alot of what happened in the Super Bowl was because we don’t have the market value as say Pittsburg and that if the fans in LA are following the Seahawks maybe we get a little noteriaty. What do you think?

  2. rramstad says:

    You’ve got a lot of topics there, Bornhawk.

    There are probably people in LA that are pissed that Pete left USC, so they are unlikely to suddenly become fans… but that said, I do think that people all over the country are curious to see what happens here. Pete coached in Boston and New York (Patriots and Jets) and obviously also Los Angeles. These are all HUGE markets and the fan bases in Boston and New York are fairly rabid. I know they’ll want to see what happens when Pete gets his third shot to run an NFL team.

    I think it’s a bit of a leap to lump in SBXL in with all of this, but yes, I did feel like the media and the majority of fans wanted the Steelers to “win” and so they had some advantages, and the Seahawks didn’t play well enough to overcome them (and the crappy officiating). It can’t hurt for us to have a bit more prominence, but the best way to get notoriety is to start winning playoff games on the road…

  3. No nationally televised games for the Seahawks during the preseason….yeah, big surprise there. lol

  4. It’s always well appreciated when they come to Minnesota, even if it’s only the pre-season. I’ll take what I can get.

  5. That’s a tough regular season schedule.

  6. chrisj122 says:

    Maybe this time when me play Minnesota we can get more that 4 yards rushing! If we can’t run the ball again, it’s going to be a very long season. It gets old when the only thing worth looking forward to is the draft.

  7. This is going to be a much more interesting and fun year for many, many different reasons. We;re going to have so many new players and so many young guys flying around, plus the coaching is going to be a lot better.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, rebuilding, as long as it’s not a perpetual thing like the Lions, can be an exciting time. There will be plenty of growing pains, but when you begin to see the whole process come together, as we began to in ’01-’02, it really rejuvenates you as a fan. It’s an awkward time now, simply because we haven’t gained trust in the current leadership. But as we begin to see signs of progress, knowing that contention isn’t far behind, it really makes you appreciate the wins. Let’s hope it gets here sooner than later.

  9. chrisj122 says:

    I do tend to agree with you that this season will be better than last. I’m optomistic for the simple fact that we no longer have worst OC ever in Knapp.

  10. chrisj122 says:

    As a fan, last season was very frustrating but what really burned me was at times it felt like at times certain players weren’t giving their best. Not saying they weren’t, thats just how it felt at times last season. I don’t remember ever having that feeling before, even in the early 90’s when we really sucked. I truely hope at the very least this coaching staff can motivate these players.

  11. I vote for throwback jerseys for the AFC West games

  12. I’m optomistic for a 3-13 seaeson and drafting Locker April after next.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    For those at a TV, NFL network is airing the 1988 49er season retrospective. That was the year the Walsh began the transition from Montana to Young. We can learn a lot from this for the upcoming seasons.

  14. I’m pretty sure this team will try a little bit harder than what we saw last year. As, touchy-feely as Carroll may seem to be, it’s pretty obvious he’ll show you the door if he thinks you’re not pulling your weight.

  15. MattandCindy says:

    This is from the ESPN website’s NFC West Blog…today….

    “Eric D. Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune says the Seahawks might be better off drafting a big back late than investing an early choice for C.J. Spiller.”

    Eric, you really have to tell us. Is that exactly what you said, or is ESPN once again twisting words??? Is that the quote, or did they ASSUME this is what you meant. I ,of course, read the article on bigger backs you did…but I didn’t especially see that quote.

    C’mon………….tell us.

  16. Eric likes big backs that look good in sweater vests…It’s about fashion, not football with Eric. Just ask Ryan. We have an ask but don’t tell policy around here…so shhhhh!

  17. MattandCindy says:


    Sweater vests is a problem, not a joke. Everyday, over 213, 000 Americans decide that what they are seeing in the mirror is ok…..even hip. But, it’s not ok.
    It’s not hip, cool, schmoove, or trendy. Sweater vests is a slippery slope. First, it’s today. Then, maybe the next day….why not? It’s cool. Next thing you know…… is at your door. He’ll tell you that you look great……..but he won’t tell you that your “trendy” little sweater vest is actually killing you. It’ll spread from you, to the next guy, and the next guy, and before you know it………people aren’t black, white, asian, or hispanic.

    We’ll all be different shades of Carlton.

  18. MattandCindy: That’s pretty much what I said on needing a big back instead of C.J. Spiller. With all of Seattle’s needs, Spiller might be a luxury the Seahawks just can’t afford that early in the draft.

    There’s not really much more that I can add to the sweater vest thing that hasn’t already been said by Ryan Divish. My wardrobe, much like my life, is a work in progress.

    And yes, Audible. Big backs rocking sweater vests are a good thing. But I only say that because I was a big back rocking a sweater vest back in the day.

  19. MattandCindy says:

    Thanks Eric. I will accept your sweater vest…but I do so with a certain measure of apprehensiveness.


  20. Matt,

    Be honest. Cindy is looking over your shoulder and about to smack you upsdie the head. By the way, does she have a sister or a desperate girlfriend?

  21. It looks like the new regime is trying to make-up a past mistake (and be secret about it). I have heard that the Vikings are supposedly looking to move up into the draft and have had discussions with the Seahawks about swapping 1st round picks (the #14 pick, actually, while the Vikings pick at #30) and swapping Hutch for Sims. The Vikings are supposedly interested in either S Earl Thomas or ILB Rolando McClain but it’d have to be a draft day trade because they don’t want to trade up now and all of a sudden get to draft day and have their player not there. This could help explain why we haven’t signed Hamilton or Pitts to play LG. And, to a lesser extent, it could be a reason there hasn’t been the rumored trade for Smiley from Miami. Hey, if we get Hutch back (please, yes) nobody can complain about our OL being terrible because we don’t have him anymore!

  22. seahawklovertoo says:

    Very funny Fools Day try BK. Ha,ha,ha

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Sure they did.

  24. At least it’s a conditional fifth round pick.

  25. I would agree with Eric, considering all the needs we have, and considering that Force and JJ are decent backs, we can’t afford to spend a first rounder on a speed RB like Spiller.

  26. I like that we play both Minnesota and Green Bay in the preseason. Pete Carroll gets to see what serious NFL teams look like in August. Those games will be a good wake-up call and a good measure of where our new team is development-wise.

    Both those teams will probably crush us, but that’s what learning looks like sometimes.

  27. Can’t fool anyone!!!

  28. Happy April fools day Audible! ;)

  29. Hutch for Sims… Bobby, pass me some of what you’re drinking please…


    So why don’t we sign him to a new deal? When it looked like a trade for Sims was going to go down – the Bears fans all seemed pretty bummed to lose this guy. So he’s not worth $5M/yr – he’s still probably a useful guy for us.

  31. pdway –
    Sure that’s not an April Fools joke? If Hawks signed A.Brown, would they replace (lost) Cory Redding with him, or is that now LoJac’s position? Does P.Kerney have any chance of playing this season? Hawks also have a good shot at getting D.Morgan at rd 1 – #14 in the Draft.

    About not taking Spiller – could L.Blount still be there at the top of rd 7 #213?

  32. Hey, fellas. I’m just reporting what I read. Matt was originally a 6th rounder, so a conditional fifth round pick is a pretty darn good deal!

  33. pdway,

    TR would have fallen for that trade. Now, it sounds like we can have Alex Brown for free, if we want him, and still pick up a high 4th rounder from Detroit for Sims. Score two points for Snarroll!

  34. Dukeshire says:

    klm008 – He could be, but why would one want him. He’s one dimensional, was out of shape at the SR Bowl, and failed to show for his scheduled day at one of the 2 Oregon pro days. I’ll pass.

  35. SF has been rebuilding for awhile – they have far fewer holes than Hawks right now and could afford to take Spiller at 13 – even though it’s not a major need.

  36. footballscaa says:

    In the wake of MH being traded, Whitehurst has been installed as the starter. The Hawks are tatooing plays on his eyelids now.

  37. Duke –
    Guess you mean L.Blount 6-1/241, 4.70-40. He has issues, and because of them Blount has dropped to (well- if you look at NFLDraftScout’s overall rankings) the 7th round, where the Hawks maybe could take him. I thought the “Runaway Beertruck” O.Schmitt 6-2/247, 4.73-40, would solve short yardage plays (sans Duckett), but Knapp never let him carry the rock – and never heard why – or why not. Knapp preferred Griffith who may, or may not, be coming back(?) At least Holmgren let him carry the ball 5 times. JJ and JF showed they can run inside zone with Hawks ’09 OL, and it would be good to get a speedy RB who could successfully run outside zone, but it still doesn’t solve short yardage. Last season, week 6 vs AZ, Hawks went zero (0) for 11 on 3rd down conversions. This team isn’t going anywhere until it can make more 1st downs. If O.Schmitt can’t do it, maybe L.Blount can.

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