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Morning links: Hawks not interested in Bears DE Brown

Post by Eric Williams on March 28, 2010 at 9:38 am with 40 Comments »
March 28, 2010 9:38 am

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Time reports that, contrary to an earlier published report, the Seahawks have talked to the Chicago Bears about moving Rob Sims, but are not interested in trading for Bears defensive end Alex Brown.

Part of the issue could be Brown’s contract. He’s has two years left on his deal, and is due $5 million in 2010. And considering the talented defensive ends in this year’s draft, Seattle might be seeking a solution to the lack of depth along the defensive line in the draft instead of through free agency.

Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times says the Bears are taking a big risk by getting rid of the reliable Brown.

Arizona unrestricted free agent WR/special teams player Sean Morey is expected to sign with Seattle.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune has an interesting take on Alex Brown’s situation in Chicago and how the Bears have continued to draft a defensive end to try and replace Brown since the team drafted the University of Florida product in 2002.

Here’s a Q&A with Georgia Tech’s Derrick Morgan from Pro Football Weekly.

More from Pro Football Weekly: A team source tells them that the Seahawks believe Charlie Whitehurst is the total package.

Rob Rang talks draft with ESPN’s John Clayton in this audio link.

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  1. My wish list:
    Eric Berry or Trent Williams at 6
    Trent Williams, Derrick Morgan, or Everson Griffen at 14

    If we don’t pick up a DE before the draft, it seems likely we might draft one in the first round. But I’d rather have Berry and Williams.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    My wish list (with the understanding it is flexible based on what moves they make prior to the draft):

    #6 – Williams / Okung
    #14 – Morgan / Spiller

  3. I thought Okung was the best OT in this year’s draft? Is Trent Williams moving up for some reason.

  4. Likin’ Berry & Williams also, Stevos…. I believe we can ” fill in ” pretty decently after that with PC’s knowledge of players in the draft…. Would really like a decent draft pick for Sims… Obviously need additional O line help…. and a strong add at the DL after that…….

  5. Audible… I believe there is an assumption Okung is gone when we draft…

  6. Dukeshire says:

    I actually meant to put that the other way around.

  7. Macabrevity says:

    I’m a little nervous about drafting a DE in the first round. Those guys rarely pay dividends in the first few seasons, and when you dump a big paycheck on a guy, and he can’t shoulder the load right away, it pretty much destroys him. Drafting a guy a bit later and developing him is the way to go.

    With a guy like Tapp, just ready to bust out, we had someone who had every bit as much potential to breakout in 2010 as any of the top DEs in this draft. A rookie DE will take another few years to develop most likely, so I guys pass rush next season is not part of the plan.

  8. #6 Williams
    #14 Trade down as far as we can and still get one of the top 3 edge rushing DE’s.

    I don’t like taking Spiller that early because the average life span of a running back in the league is so short. Spiller is only 195lbs and his game is predicated on speed. That combination has “short career” written all over it. Let’s take guys that can be productive for 7-10 yrs with our high picks. Take the kid from Tennessee or Blount in the 4th to help out our RB’s.

  9. Morgan will be gone by #14,Berry will be gone by#6
    By Wish list
    Morgan/Trent Williams #6
    Trade down at #14
    Charles Brown/Taylor Mays
    #60 Demarylus Thomas/Arrelious Benn

  10. Dukeshire says:

    For a team that is in need of better DE play, and little else, signing a FA might be a better plan. As you point out, DE generally take time to develop. However, this is a team that is a some years away from contention, so an investment in a supremely talented end is a wise move, IMO. And in Morgan’s case, not many people would argue that Tapp has ever had his talent or potential. (Not even me and I’m a big Tapp supporter). I look at a situation like Houston taking Mario Williams. What he lacked in production his rookie year, he has made up for tenfold and will continue to, for years to come. (I make this comparison simply as a matter of philosophy, not comparing the two players.)

  11. Is anyone hearing anything about the WR from Georgia Tech, Demaryius Thomas?

  12. Dukeshire says:

    jjsnix – Perhaps a valid concern regarding Spiller, and with Carroll wanting a bigger back he’s not likely in the cards. The idea of watching Spiller as a Seahawk may be more selfish than wise on my part. He’s so crazy fun. That said, I noted in another thread that at 60, I believe they would target Hardesty (“the kid from Tennessee”) or Gehart, should either be there. Neither will be there in the 4th, IMO and I would pass on Blount with extreme prejudice. If he can’t manage to get himself into shape for the combine or Oregon’s pro day (or show up), I’m not interested.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    If his foot is 100%, he’d be an interesting pick at 60 too, if perhaps a reach. He’s the kind of player that makes me really with they had a third. Maybe without being able to participate in the combine or pro day or individual workouts, he’ll fall all the way to the 4th… not likely, but we can wish.

  14. My guess is if the Hawks don’t trade down in the first round they will target Berry/Clauson at #6 and trade for Marshall or draft Mays or a RB at #14.

    At #60, they take an offensive tackle.

  15. MattandCindy says:

    jjsnix & Duke-

    Thomas is climbing charts….”a big, physical WR. Lacks top end speed, but makes up for that with a vicious nature.”
    I like the word vicious in describing a WR…but 60 might be a stretch like you said, Duke.
    Check out this highlight video.

    P.S.- I’ll admit that the music makes him look a little better than he is…but he still looks like a beast.

  16. I really like Morgan. I’ve heard of his pass rushing skills compared to a freakish Kearse when he came out of college (not a bad compliment). I know DEs are paid to rush the passer, but to be an all around standout you’ve got to be able to play the run, too. And Morgan does this as well.

    If I hear one more person say Bulaga owned him in the bowl game, I’m gonna scream. It’s pretty tough to “own” someone when they didn’t line up in front of each other for a majority of the game. And if not getting sacks in one game is a reason not to draft someone, then it’s stupid for Suh to be a 1st round draft pick because he didn’t have a sack in every game this past year either. Besides, that Iowa game plan was brilliant and the GaTech defense was on its heals all night. Once you establish the run game, it’s tough for defenders to pin their ears back and get to the QB. But Morgan did his part playing run defense pretty well and getting penetration, but his teammates didn’t nearly play the run like he did on that night. But, still, we’re going to get comments on this blog in the next three weeks talking about how someone doesn’t want Morgan because that one Iowa tackle owned him in their bowl game. LOL.

    None of us want a bust, but if Morgan “busts” in one area… he still has a chance to be good. If he busts as a run defender, he’s still got the pass rush skills to make up for it (and that’s what people want anyways). But if he’s a bust as a pass rusher, he’s got the skill set to be a run stuffing DE. I know that’s not what we want, but it could be worse (we could get a bust that sucks all around).

    If we draft Okung/Iupati in the first round, I certainly won’t be broken hearted. Granted, I’d rather draft Iupati at 16-20 (which means we traded down and got an extra pick or two). But if we end up with names like Bulaga, Morgan, Price, or Spiller instead, I won’t be sad. And if Suh would slide to #6 I’d probably have a heart attack and keel over (but it’d be a good thing).

  17. MattandCindy says:


    Does anyone think that Everson Griffen is worth a #14? He’s got talent, can come off the edge…but I just don’t think that he’s worth a top 20. I like the fact that he’s USC and Petey knows all. I just don’t want it to turn into the Seattle Trojans for the next few years.


  18. Dukeshire says:

    IMO, if they were determined to take a DE at 14 and Morgan, Pierre-Paul and even Dunlop were gone then, perhaps. What I’m saying is that at #14, he would be an extreme reach. But, as you say, Carroll knows him and if he’s sold…

  19. chuck_easton says:


    If Griffen sneaks into the first round he’ll go in the late 20’s. Most Mocks have him in the early 2nd round. Some have moved him into the 1st but he’s usually round 25-30 in the ones that have him in the 1st.

    #14 is definitely way to high for him.

  20. Duke:

    Good point about Blount. He’s officially off the board. I would, however, love to see either Gerhart or Hardesty in the Seahawk’s backfield. Both are big punishing runners with speed.

    JJSNIX’s new official wish list:

    #6 Williams- Because of his athleticism he may actually be a better fit for us than Okung. I personally think Okung is a knee injury waiting to happen. He has extraordinarily long legs. Looks a bit like a giraffe when he moves.
    #14 Trade back as far as we can and still draft Morgan, Graham or Pierre-Paul. My preference is Graham. I think he’s a Dwight Freeney clone. There is a question as to whether or not Morgan has elite closing speed. He’s not going to get any faster at the next level but the people he’s playing against will.
    #60 Hardesty or Gerhart- Hardesty gets the slight edge here because he has a little more tread left on the tires.

    From there sprinkle in an interior offensive lineman or two, a safety and receiver with size and we’re set.

  21. BobbyK:

    I don’t get the love affair with Iupati. He had a lot of great press leading up to the Senior Bowl but I watched him play during that game and he could have had holding called on him on almost every play. And that was primarily on the interior.

    Every Mock Draft I’ve seen still has him going in the first round but the guy just doesn’t impress me that much.

  22. Iupati will be the third (1. Kramer, 2. Schlereth) great NFL guard from the Vandals. Too bad he doesn’t fit the Hawks zone blocking system. There is no way he gets drafted by Seattle.

  23. I don’t think Iupati is a likely target for the Seahawks. He’s a big powerful guy but he’s not a quick agile type Alex Gibbs recruits for the ZBS.

    Here is a nice article some of you may not have seen on Gibbs’ system:

  24. Great Link Stevos. Love the video. Thanks.

  25. seahawklovertoo says:

    I still say trade up with the Lions or, TB ( looks like Glazers are going bankrupt (they will have to sell either the Bucs or Manchester United + there is not enough time to sell M.U. to save the Bucs; and probably will not be able to afford to pay the money that third pick over all will demand) for our #6 (or, #14 ) plus a player(s)( Hill +?) and take Suh. I’d be OK with McCoy as well. We need DTs —not DEs as Duke said once (or twice).
    I hope we would trade down with our “leftover” 1st rounder. If we could trade down the pick we would use on Spiller, we could get three players later on : (RB/WR/returner McCluster from OleMiss; an big RB like Gerhard or Hardesty and KR/RB/WR Trendon Holiday from LSU or, an LOT since Trindon Holiday may be there for us in the fourth round ; this three players would do more for us and cost us much less than Spiller. I’ d use our #60 on OG Mike Johnson from Alabama. We could pick up our little guys (DTs and safeties) in FA and later rounds. We could give the Donkies Branch , a 4th rounder now and a one next year or another player for Marshall.
    Why not wait for Alex Brown to get cut by the Bears and bring him to Renton for a little “show-and-tell” like we did with Marshall.
    If we have to draft an DE in the first round, I’d rather take Everson Griffen than anyone else : besides playing for PC again, he would ( I hope) be some kind of positive influence on LoJack and bring him out of his “hibernation”.
    If we could “swing” this, then this year we would own NFC West. This is NOT cool-aide talk but, a real possibility.

  26. seahawklovertoo says:

    Sorry my post is confusing (as usual). I am trying to cram some info, possibilities and my hopes/ideas into as little time and space as possible. I am sure the intelligent readers will understand what I am saying anyway.

  27. The way you select a bust on the OL or DL is by picking a “workout warrior” with a lot of “average tape.”

    I think both Trent Williams and Pierre Paul fall in this category?

  28. We passed on Josh Beekman and took Mansfield Wrotto because Timmay! decided Wrotto had more upside with his skills whereas Beekman had limited upside but you knew he’d be solid.

  29. pabuwal, John Pierre Paul is a player with limited experience and maybe a risky “workout warrior” type. But I’m not sure its fair to dismiss Trent Williams as anything less than a proven player. He dominated at RT in 2008 and dominated at LT in 2009 in his first season at the position. Williams registered 369 knockdowns and 36 blocks that resulted in touchdowns in his final two seasons. He may yet have a lot of technique to learn after only one season at LT, but I can’t help thinking Williams moves as well as any OT I’ve watched.

  30. Tarcat88 says:

    Williams is the athletic type OT Gibbs uses. We could plug him in the LT spot and not have to worry about it for a long time. This draft will be pretty entertaining for us as there are so many possibilities. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us trade down from 14 to grab extra picks.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    Here is a terrific article on John Schneider. Seems very down to earth and humble and very motivated. All football. All the time. Very cool.–guides-Schneider-s-career-path-to-Seahawks–GM-post

  32. I know it would be a “dream-come-true” if the Hawks drafted Suh, but last night I actually dreamt that the Seahawks traded up to get him, haha. I don’t normally get on message boards to talk about my dreams of the previous night, but this got me thinking…

    It seemed pretty unrealistic to trade up to grab Suh when he was the “consensus” #1 pick. But now he isn’t even the consensus #1 DT.

    I wonder if he is still there at #3, how much would it take to move up 3 spots to get him? I know the difference in “points” is 600 according to the draft value chart, but I’m not sure how much I buy into that, especially when a team is trying to trade out of a top 5 contract. Granted, they’d be trading into a top 6 contract…

    Any proposals? Or is this just wishful thinking, and trading up is the last thing this team should be thinking of doing right now?

  33. If anyone wonders who the consensus #1 DT is they should just go back and watch the Nebraska-Oklahoma game from this past season. If anything, Suh went up against the tougher OL too.

  34. seahawklovertoo says:

    Things change quickly. If Bradford does not flop today on his pro day, then the Lambs will take him. I did suggest we deal with Detroit in order to get Suh , but it is real possibility they will draft Okung to protect the 70 mill young QB. Then, considering Glazer’s financial situation , TB might be willing to trade with us if we want Suh…… If 1 and 2 are NOT DTs, that means one of them (probably McCoy)will be there at #6 !
    I have always liked Trent Williams despite the fact he is a hated Sooner. He is by far the best versatile offensive lineman in this draft ( top 2 or 3 @ OLT, the best ROT and second best @ ROG — if not the best at that position).
    If we can’t take an DT with our 6 , I’d like to see us taking Williams there simply b/c of his athleticism and versatility.

  35. seahawklovertoo says:

    I know BK and some others like Bulaga to be our LOT for many years to come ; right now he is one of the best…. but, his thyroid condition has caused him to miss three games last season and will never go away. If one googles his health problem will understand better what I will type now.
    I believe he will retire before he plays out his first contract. His thyroid problem will be the reason; every play he will participate in will sap his energy to the point that he may expire by his early fifties. It is simple : the less he stresses his body, the longer he lives. He will get paid, he will play for 2, 3 or maybe 4 years and he will walk away from the game. and, I wouldn’t blame him for a second. What would you do?

  36. Looks like I was confusing Bruce Campbell and Trent WIlliams when I used the term “workout warrior.”

  37. The best season Bobby Engram ever had was the season after he found out about his thyroid condition.

  38. nighthawk2 says:

    Trent Williams=bust at left tackle. I don’t understand all this “draft riser” b.s. on this guy, or most guys. You have four seasons of tape to look at of him struggling at left tackle at Oklahoma. Brian Orakpo ate his lunch in the 2008 season. This guy was projected as a right tackle or interior lineman before the combine. Now all of a sudden he’s the 2nd best tackle on the board and could go to Washington 4th overall? What a stupid bunch of scouts and GM’s. If you want to waste a pick on a workout warrior, go ahead, but it only sets your franchise back years.

  39. Agree w/ basing decisions on the combine, look at actual game tape, then draw your opinions. Combine workouts aren’t realistic measurements of an athletes abilities when it comes game time.

  40. Just for the exercise, I ran through my own 7-round mock using CBS’s (NFLDraftScout – Rang’s outfit) summaries of team needs and prospects rankings, both by position (first number, e.g: “FS-1″) and overall (2nd number, e.g.: “/4″). It’s a really good exercise to see how things might shake out.

    6. SEA (Needs 10-OT/CB, 9-DE/FS, 8-QB/RB/WR/OG, 7-DT) Eric Berry, FS-1/4
    14. SEA (Needs 10-OT/CB, 9-DE, 8-QB/RB/WR/OG, 7-DT) Derrick Morgan, DE-1/9
    60 & 104 traded to DEN for B.Marshall
    127. SEA (Needs 10-OT/CB, 8-QB/RB/OG, 7-DT) Selvish Capers, OT-11/126
    139. SEA (Needs 10-CB, 8-QB/RB/OG, 7-DT) Walter McFadden, CB-16/118
    176. SEA (Needs 8-QB/RB/OG, 7-DT) Brandon Carter, OG-9/197
    213. SEA (Needs 8-QB/RB, 7-DT) LeGarrette Blount, RB-14/204
    245. SEA (Needs 8-QB, 7-DT) Mike Kafka, QB-12/221

    That left DT as the major remaining need, and the draft didn’t seem to have a shortage of DTs, based on current team needs. After the draft, the following might be available as UDFAs:
    Brandon Deaderick, DT-21/233
    Vince Oghobaase, DT-22/238
    Travis Ivey, DT-23/246
    Malcolm Sheppard, DT-24/262

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