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Morning links: Checking out the mock drafts

Post by Eric Williams on March 23, 2010 at 11:29 am with 25 Comments »
March 23, 2010 11:36 am

We’ve got a month left before April’s draft, so now is a good time to peruse the mock drafts and see where who they have Seattle taking at No. 6 and No. 14.

Of course, the best way to do this is to check out the Fox Sports’ Mock Draft Muncher, which compiles the top mock draft from around the country.

According to The Muncher, Seattle is likely to select QB Jimmy Clausen at No. 6 and RB C.J. Spiller at No. 14. At this point, I believe the Seahawks might pass on Clausen at No. 6 and take either Spiller or a defensive end like Derrick Morgan at No. 6, and then draft the other position at No. 14. I don’t think they take an offensive lineman in the first round.

Rob Rang, senior analyst for, has Seattle selecting Clausen at No. 6 and Morgan at No. 14, while his colleague Chad Reuter has the Seahawks selecting OT Russell Okung at No 6 and Spiller at No. 14.

Don’t like those picks? Well, you can do a mock draft of your own using ESPN’s draft machine.

ESPN’s John Clayton points to the Seahawks recent trade for Charlie Whitehurst as evidence of the dearth of quality quarterbacks in the NFL.

Kevin Calabro and Jim Moore of ESPN 710 Seattle talk with John Clayton and Seahawks wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh in this audio link.

I talked with KJR’s Ian Furness about the Seahawks’ recent moves in this audio link.

Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini tells Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that another deal could be in the works. The Browns have five selections in the first 87 picks, and are rumored to be interested in Seahawks restricted free agent Rob Sims.

It looks like Seattle might have one less team to compete with for Brandon Marshall’s services, as Miami head coach Tony Sparano said his team is not interested in Marshall or Terrell Owens.

Former Seahawk Isaiah Mustafa is the bare-chested guy being used in the recent Old Spice ads.

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  1. Look out Mustafa, Charlie Whitehurst is in the house!

  2. If a team takes the best player available in the first round and if LT Bulaga owned DE Morgan when they went head to head, why take Morgan over Bulaga?

    I sort of understand bringing in Whitehurst. PC want to throw deep and CW not only has a strong arm, he is also mobile.

    How many starters will the Hawks lose from last season? Lucas, Griffith, McIntosh, Redding, Burleson, Tapp, Sims? Hmmmm.

  3. CDHawkFan says:

    If the Hawks don’t take a OL in the first round, then which team ever would? So OL only go in the first round if what? And I don’t care to hear about value, or BA, or charts, its an area of need, why not address it early, I bet TR looks at it differently now.

    We’ve pick up some role players with our high picks over the last 4-5 years (Spencer, KJ, LoJak), I wish some of those role players where on the OL. We have mostly back-up talent starting in front of our RB and Matt. 3 and out puts our D in a bad and demoralizing situations.

    Address the OL, put some drives together. The best way of addressing the need for a S, or DT, DE, CB, is to keep them off the field.

    Screw Free Agency, they are usually 1 and done….at best.

    Draft OT, OG, then maybe a S in the 2nd.

    This is the same crap I said 12 months ago.

  4. JazBadAzz says:

    I think the whitehurst deal was a bluff type deal so that teams would not leap frog us to take a QB in the 1st rd. It’s a steep price to pay but anyone could see that we needed to draft a QB after trading Wallace and Hasslebeck injuries.

    Now our hands aren’t tied behind our backs so much. Maybe Cleveland and Buffalo will not leap frog us now.

  5. nighthawk2 says:

    Eric, I know you’re only saying you don’t think that the Seahawks will take a left tackle in the 1st round, not saying that they shouldn’t, but what makes you think they won’t? I’d be interested in knowing, because in my view left offensive tackle is far and away the biggest need on this team, and we’re in a very good position to get one. If we don’t get a left tackle, and a good one early, in my opinion we’re screwed. Again. It would be the height of irresponisibility of the new regime ignored that position again.

    I don’t see Clausen as being there at 6. If he’s there at 5, Cleveland will move up two spots with Kansas City, which would only cost them a 3rd round pick points-wise, and take Clausen. Holmgren doesn’t want Delhomme to be his starter, and Wallace was brought in because he knows Holmgren’s offense. I’ve read that Notre Dame under Weiss ran a version of the WCO and Clausen’s learning curve would bound to be less than other QB’s for it.

    Never really thought Miami would be interested in Marshall, he’s not Tuna’s kind of guy. He gives prima donna’s their walking papers, he doesn’t bring them in.

    Geez, I just post the Clayton link in a post on the Mora radio article, and here it is already here.

  6. piperfeltcher says:

    Cleveland will not take a QB they are paying Delhomme $7 mill a season so he is there starter. The reason I do not see the Hawks taking a O-lineman in the 1st round is that the zone blocking system we are running requires smaller quicker players and since only a few teams are running this system a player who fits it perfectly would most likely be considered a 2-3rd round pick as most teams would consider him to small.

  7. The Seahawks need a safety and Atogwe is a UFA quality safety. So why hasn’t a deal been done?

    My guess, either he doesn’t want to come to Seattle or he is asking for way too much.

  8. nighthawk2 says:

    Delhomme getting $7 million (in the first year) doesn’t preclude them taking Clausen. Delhomme is 35, and just finished a year with 8 TD’s to 18 INT’s, and if he starts off like that in preseason, let alone the regular season, he’s not going to be starting long. My point isn’t really who starts, it’s weather Holmgren sees this as the chance to get his franchise quarterback, because Delhomme and Wallace aren’t it.

    This link has some interesting takes (from other sources like Adam Schefter, and regarding Delhomme vs. Wallace and taking a QB in the draft.

  9. nighthawk2 says:

    S/B “whether” Holmgren sees… not “weather”.

  10. QB_Sneak says:

    According to the Muncher, Eric Berry doesn’t go in the 1st round.
    The Muncher is stupid.

  11. nighthawk2 says:

    That’s not what The Muncher is saying. It lists the most popular picks for each team out of a certain number of mock drafts. Then it shows the next popular picks for that team to the right. Berry is predicted to go to Tampa Bay at #3 eight times, to go to KC at #5 ten times, to Seattle at #6 six times, to Cleveland at #7 twelve times.

  12. My mock pick… We trade the #6 (and possibly a later) pick to Baltimore for Gaither and their #25. Then we flip the #25 pick to the Broncos for Marshall. With one pick (#6) we turn it into two players; one a young, quality LT that we desparately need and the other a playmaker that we also need. And then at #14 we could add Spiller and at #60 Mike Johnson, the LG from Alabama. Boom. Offense is ready to rock again. With the neglect that the offense has received the last half decade, I’m not too worried about not taking any defense players in the first couple of rounds (although I’d love to add a S and DL).

  13. nighthawk2 says:

    If Gaither is that good, why would they trade him? We’d still need a right guard too.

  14. seahawklovertoo says:

    Hear !! Hear BK !!

  15. nighthawk – Because they have someone better to play LT (Michael Oher) and they don’t want to tie up that much money into the OL (me and you would, b/c we understand the importance of that unit, but Balt won’t). That’s why they didn’t resign Jason Brown last year at $7 million and let him leave in FA… they didn’t want to pay that much for a Center. They are going to have to eventually pay your boy, Ben Grubbs, too… so they can’t and won’t afford to tie that much into one unit. And by only tendering Gaither at the 1st round level, it was an indication they would be willing to deal him.

  16. I see Pitts is coming for a vist pretty soon. He’d likely be our new LG.

  17. nighthawk2 says:

    I hope not, because of the microfracture surgery. I’d rather have Hamilton.

  18. nighthawk2 says:

    Grubbs….aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhh! I’m still sick over the missed chance to grab him in 2007. But the way Ruskell didn’t value guards we’d probably have passed over him anyway.

  19. cyberized says:

    When I first looked at Whitehurst – I thought of Charlie Manson! Hee Hee!

  20. nighthawk – I completely agree!!!

  21. “Smoke & Mirrors”!

    Pretty awesome job of the new group to generate the lowest “predictability” of the top twelve drafting positions…. and even those 10 selectors’ I have to guess are on a shaky basis…. LOL!!! This time of year, that’s the best position when you’re not one or two…. show no absolute tendencies….

    NightHawk…. Thx for the link… It was fun to look through….

  22. Based on Schneiders history, I’m thinking the Hawks will trade down with the 14th pick for a later first and a second or maybe two seconds. They are stockpiling picks. They already have added a fourth and a seventh, and will get more if the rumors for Sims holds up. This is a deep draft, and there will be lots of good NFL players in the mid rounds.

  23. oceanic says:
    If a team takes the best player available in the first round and if LT Bulaga owned DE Morgan when they went head to head, why take Morgan over Bulaga?

    I sort of understand bringing in Whitehurst. PC want to throw deep and CW not only has a strong arm, he is also mobile.

    How many starters will the Hawks lose from last season? Lucas, Griffith, McIntosh, Redding, Burleson, Tapp, Sims? Hmmmm.

    Last Friday on 710, Pete specifically said that we won’t be taking BPA, they will draft on need. We need a DE, and doesn’t Bulaga project as a guard? We need one of those. But, yeah, I understand what you’re saying. I did see intense pursuit by Morgan in that game.

  24. BobbyK, ya gotta help me here…

    You’ve referenced “Mr Beater” Marshall again as an expected and wanted addition to the Hawks…. There are a lot of us out here that don’t want him here because of what he is off the field of play…. To expect even the amount documented to be accurate, we can clearly expect there is much more that has been hidden or not reported…. I have huge respect and admiration with what you bring to our blog here…. “EXCEPT” your apparent admiration for Beater’s addition here… In one hand, I see someone’s mom, wife or daughter’s life in jeopardy, in the other I see “possibly” making our football team more competitive…. maybe… after spending $10M …. ? EVERY DAY “a toss” between the two…

    Someon’es life vs a possible sunday football win???? Reward them?

    Pls help…. I don’t understand your position…. Yeah, you go off on tangents off and on, but this just doesn’t sound like you…..

  25. the draft muncher is a good place to link to different mock drafts, but it is not a “predictor” of anything since the guys writing the mock drafts influence each other. Counting how many copycat mocks there are does not equal a better prediction. I usually read Rang and Ourlad and ignore the others.

    I think the Jimmy Claussen predictions will die down now that Whitehurst is signed in Seattle. Considering that they were willing to overpay for Whitehurst with pick #40, that says to me they didn’t like any of the QBs available in the draft before 40.

    As for no offensive linemen in the first round? I know Alex Gibbs doesn’t demand his teams draft top flight O lineman, but the Seahawks have a glaring need at LT. I would not discount the chances of the Seahawks taking a great LT prospect like Okung, Trent Williams, or Anthony Davis in the first found. If they cannot get one of those three, I’d rather see them trade one of the first round picks down to draft an LT in the 2nd or 3rd round.

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