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Whitehurst press conference: Hasselbeck still the starter

Post by Eric Williams on March 18, 2010 at 3:11 pm with 87 Comments »
March 18, 2010 3:11 pm

The Seattle Seahawks introduced new quarterback Charlie Whitehurst to the local media this afternoon. Whitehurst sat front and center, flanked by head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider.

Carroll made it clear early on that Matt Hasselbeck remains the starter in Seattle. However, Whitehurst will be expected to push for the starting job.

“Let the games begin,” Carroll said. “Matt’s obviously our guy that we’ve been excited about for a good while, and we’re pumped to have him. Charlie’s going to fit into this competition and take it as far as he can. And we have big expectations for him for the long haul.”

Schneider said the first time he saw Whitehurst was as college quarterback at Clemson in 2005, where Whitehurst threw well in bad weather for a workout in front of NFL scouts. Schneider said Whithurst’s performance stuck with him, and he considered him a player with a lot of potential.

“I just was extremely impressed and had a hard time getting him out of my mind,” Schneider said.

Schneider went on to say as the Seahawks scouting and coaching staff evaluated tape on Whitehurst, they viewed him as a young quarterback who had been coached well under Norv Turner at San Diego who they believe is ready to blossom and compete.

“As we see him fitting in he’s athletic,” Carroll said. “He’s got the mobility that we love. He’s got a big arm. He’s hungry to play. He’s been waiting for his turn. And that attitude he brings, as well as the athleticism and his throwing ability makes him a guy that we’re really pumped up about.”

Whitehurst said the decision between Seattle and Arizona was made plain when he took his trip here.

“The decision was easy for me,” Whitehurst said. “When I came and visited here. To get around coach (Carroll) and the people in this building, I think something special is going on here, and I really want to be a part of it.”

Some tidbits:

* Schneider said bringing Whitehurst on board does not mean Seattle will not select a quarterback in the first round.

* Schheider also said the deal does not hamper the team’s ability to make other moves in free agency, so Seattle going out and getting Denver restricted free agent receiver Brandon Marshall remains a distinct possibility.

* Carroll was asked how the difference in scheme affected the Seahwks’ evaluation. San Diego runs more of a vertical passing game, while Seattle’s offense will require Whitehurst to move around more, with more plays based off of play-action.

Carroll said the team took that into consideration, but liked the fact that they were able to see Whitehurst showcase his arm in the vertical passing game, throwing deep balls and deep comebacks.

* Whitehurst said Hasselbeck was the first person he contacted when it became apparent that he would be headed to Seattle, and the two have talked since.

* Whitehurst and Schneider were born at the same hospital, St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay, Wis. Whitehurst’s father, David Whitehurst, played for the Packers from 1976 to 1983, while Schneider is a Wisconsin native.

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  1. Did Trent Dilfer get a Press Conference when he was brought in to “backup” Hasselbeck?

  2. Eric – You’re doing a great job – Thanx!

  3. Interesting that so far all of the trades have involved a connection with Green Bay…former coaches, players, etc.

  4. “…but liked the fact that they were able to see Whitehurst showcase his arm in the vertical passing game, throwing deep balls and deep comebacks.”

    Wonder where they saw that?

  5. dilfer and hasselbeck both arrived in 2001.

  6. Tarcat88 says:

    I’m not buying in to the “sky is falling” routine that many posters are selling. I think Carroll and Schneider know what they are doing. We should at least take a wait and see approach to what this guy can do in our offense before calling the season a lost cause.

  7. Thats right, but if I recall, Hasselbeck got the press conference and Dilfer got the press release. Dilfer was a fairly accomplished, big name QB at the time and all he got was the press release while the little known Hasselbeck got the press conference treatment.

  8. I like it. Mr. Happy’s statement made me very happy. I guess we’re a happy family (unless Suh falls to #6 and we pass on him).

    Matt is the QB. Plain and simple. If he sucks, he’s out. That’s fair. That’s life. But any conspiracy can be shot down that if Matt sucks… Whitehurst is also going to have to throw to the same WRs and have the same crappy OL…

    Now, it’s up to Mr. Happy to make me even more happy and get some protection for the QBs and some playmakers, too.

    Purely speculation; but I think this move makes is more likely that we ultimately get Marshall. Besides the obvious, improve the OL, there’s no better way to get the QB to be successful than to acquire a big WR with hands of glue and a sprinkling of big play ability.

    I assume no questions were asked of Big Walt?

  9. exactly – hasselbeck was a guy that holmy wanted since his days in… where? GREEN BAY.


    dilfer wasn’t all that accomplished, as i recall. he was the quarterback of a ravens team whose defense won the super bowl (ray lews was the super bowl mvp, right?), and was promptly released at season’s end. as i recall, there’s a story about dilfer going back to baltimore for the presentation of the super bowl rings, and a lot of people (team, FO) were very surprised he returned considering how he was treated.

    wasn’t he also kind of a punk when he was with tampa? didn’t they hate him, there?

  10. nighthawk2 says:

    How do all the trades involve Green Bay? Is that some reference to Holmgren, who hasn’t had a “connection” to Green Bay in 12 years, being in Cleveland? Or the fact that Charlie Whitehurst’s father played for the Packers and so he was born there? That’s some “connection”. The Ruvell Martin signing is more of a connection, and he didn’t play in Green Bay last year.

  11. nighthawk – packers conspiracy to have all their dirty fingers and toes in other teams’ business?

    no, wait, i’m sorry, that’s belicheat and the cheatriots.

  12. Different decade, different coaching staff, different front office. Who cares if Dilfer got a press conference, a press release, or pressed slacks? This team is doing a good job of assuring that there is no confusion or quarterback controversy in March.

  13. For years we were treated to the pleasure of Mike Holmgren as a straight shooter in a very intelligent, diplomatic way. Then we were treated to Jim Mora who was a straight shooter in a very hotheaded, stupid kind of way.

    Now we have a situation where the new regime is more like NE and Philadelphia, where they aren’t straight shooters and we have to read between the lines to figure out the deal.

    I almost read this as Whitehurst comes in as the starter and Hasselbeck has to show hard that he has the 2003-2005 magic left. If it’s even, Whitehurst wins.

  14. “Matt is the QB. Plain and simple. If he sucks, he’s out. That’s fair. That’s life. But any conspiracy can be shot down that if Matt sucks… Whitehurst is also going to have to throw to the same WRs and have the same crappy OL…”

    Yeah, I agree. It puts more pressure on Matt to perform, b/c now there’s a guy behind him who seem to be a more legit heir apparent than Seneca ever was – and that’s fine. That’s fair, as you say.

    And, as for Whitehurst, i can still see why he makes this move – he’s now backing up not only a guy who’s 35 and won’t be around forever (unlike P. Rivers), but, let’s face it, also a guy who has a recent history of getting hurt, and so there’s a very good chance that Whitehurst sees the field in ’10, no matter how well Hass plays.

    The money isn’t so crazy – and so i’m good with this trade. And also happy that we can use both of those #1’s on non-QB players.

    Feels like a LT and a S (or DE), are the likely picks as of now, right?

    Though, damn, we also need a WR if the Marshall thing doesn’t happen . . .

  15. new england and philly win games and are perennial contenders.

  16. “I almost read this as Whitehurst comes in as the starter and Hasselbeck has to show hard that he has the 2003-2005 magic left. If it’s even, Whitehurst wins.”

    Hmm, I think probably Matt has the job going into camp – but if Whitehurst kicks butt in practice (he’ll obviously get plenty of reps), and in pre-season (where he’ll probably get the majority of the playing time), then Matt will be on a shorter leash than he has been for the last 7-8 seasons – and as big a fan of his as I am, I think i’m ok with that – just as long as he gets a chance to perform.

    But we need to replace Nate – got to have some decent targets for him to throw to . . .

  17. Get a haircut, hippie. :-)

    So, Schneider’s had a man-crush on Whitehurst for FIVE YEARS?

    I still think we gave up too much value to elevate this guy from SD 3rd string (with 0 NFL regular season passes) to Seattle 2nd string. We could have had some serviceable backup FA for nothing.

    I’m calling BS on Schneider’s comment that this doesn’t mean they won’t select a first-round QB. Ridiculous.


  18. pdway – who wins if they are farily even?

  19. Don’t know about that. PC is all about competition, especially at QB. Maybe CW can also be seen as a potential ‘bridge’ btw Hass and some drafted ‘future franchise’ QB (Bradford or Clausen). If CW turns out to be S.Young JS & PC won’t know that until after the draft. It’s very possible they draft a QB.

  20. nighthawk2 says:

    If Whitehurst is the starter and has a pretty good season, it’ll be intersting to see the people bashing the trade right now saying what a sweet move it was.

    I like Whithurst’s look, reminds me of Aaron Rodgers.

    For the Dilfer haters, the Ravens were a whopping 5-4 in 2000 when he was named the starting QB over a bozo named, I think, Anthony Wright. They went 6-1 the rest of the season and won the Super Bowl. They don’t even get a sniff of the playoffs without Trent Dilfer.

    I agree that we’re not taking a QB in the 1st round. I’ll also say after moving down to 60th the fantasy about trading with Denver for Lawrence Phillips Jr is dead too. Thank God.

  21. I like the idea of Hass competing with Whitehurst for the starting job. Hass is my favorite player and I hope he gets the opportunity to retire as a Seahawk.

  22. chrisj122 says:

    I feel much better about this move now, (as if the big brass at the v-mac care). Knowing Matt will probably stay put for this year is a big sigh of relief.

    and I agree there is no way they use a first round pick on a QB, good thing last time we picked a first round QB of Norte Dame his name was Rick Mier.

  23. IT was Tony Banks Dilfer replaced on the Ravens. You have bad memories of Anthony Wright as a Seahawks fan. We all do.

  24. oh, i didn’t hate dilfer at all. he played well that year, but the D won the big game, not dilfer.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    “if Whitehurst is the starter and has a pretty good season, it’ll be intersting to see the people bashing the trade right now saying what a sweet move it was.” – You know that’s going to happen.

    He has a beard. I have a beard. I imagine this is how bald people felt when Matt was brought aboard. Lol. Despite the multiple voice mails and texts I’ve received over the past 24 hours that go along the line os “What the hell is Seattle doing…?”, I’m excited. I’m looking forward to the first series of volunteer camps followed by OTAs and read the reports about how he looked. Say what you will, this is a ballsy front office. I like it. Man, I cannot wait for the draft.

  26. Matt’s the starting QB. CW’s the backup. Teel had better college career stats than CW, but they don’t know as much about him as they do CW – which isn’t much. Seeing a QB have ‘swagger’ in a college game does not automatically guarantee NFL success. The only time CW’s performed reg season (end of ’06) he didn’t throw the ball. He ran for -1 yds, then ran for 14 yds, TD. He may be S.Young, but nobody can know that until he plays in some more NFL games.

    QB is the commodity that PC/JS & crew will be judged most critically on. If they get a good QB for the Hawks future they get a gold star. If they fail, they can get chopped. There’s alotta pressure on them to get that one particular position right. That’s why they might just try to get the best fitting QB they can in this draft.

  27. BobbyAyala says:

    Happy trails, Matthew.

    This kid can play ball.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    This is interesting from Schneider, in reference to giving up draft position and a pick (next year) – “I wouldn’t say it was difficult. Obviously we value draft choices, but we would consider Charlie part of our draft class.” – That right there tells me there is no way they select a QB early in this draft, perhaps in the 6th or 7th. And when you consider his acquisition in those terms, the move make more sense, to me at least.

  29. nighthawk2 says:

    BobbyK, when Suh can play left offensive tackle, and at a level worth being a top 10 draft pick there, then he’ll become relevent to the Seahawks 1st round discussions. Until then he and McCoy are a complete, total, absolute, irrevocable, without doubt, irrelevence to any possibility of the Seahawks 1st round picks. DT is about 14th on the list of our immediate needs which are, in my view, 1) LEFT OFFENSIVE TACKLE, 2)LEFT OFFENSIVE TACKLE, 3) LEFT OFFENSIVE TACKLE, 4) guard, 5) the other guard, 6) free safety, 7) strong safety, 8) pass rushing defensive end, 9) another pass rushing defensive end, 10) a #1 wide receiver, 11) right offensive tackle, 12) big complementary back to Forsett, 13) LEFT OFFENSIVE TACKLE, 14) defensive tackle. Did I mention that our biggest need, bar none, is LEFT OFFENSIVE TACKLE?

  30. vichawkfan says:

    $20 says Matt has a crack about his hair within 2 weeks…..

  31. Yep, OL is biggest need, by far. Matt does deserve one last shot with a decent OL. If he gets hurt or fails, Charlie is the man.

  32. nighthawk – If Suh is there at #6 that doesn’t mean we can’t take a LT at #14.

  33. The one thing some people seem to fail to understand about Whitehurst… there is a chance he can develop into something special. We simply don’t know. There is upside.

    If we would have gone with some retread for back-up, we’d know what we had (a retread) and that’s not what we want… future starter at QB…

    Nobody will care about a 3rd round pick in ’11 (and swapping spots in the 2nd in ’10) if Whitehurst becomes a 5-10 year starter. There are plenty of QBs who play, and play well, into their late 30s.

  34. “* Schneider said bringing Whitehurst on board does not mean Seattle will not select a quarterback in the first round.”

  35. I was happy when we sent Seneca to Cleveland and I’m stoked about this move. I’ve been saying this for a long time. You absolutely must have backups in key positions who have upside! Seneca never had upside, which is exactly why we’re in this position right now. Seneca took up that important back-up spot to Hass for several years and in so doing, guaranteed we’d have QB issues sooner or later.

    What a waste to draft a guy like Seneca who is never going to be on another team’s radar as a potential starter. All those years and all of those reps and coaching could have been invested in a player who had starter potential. Instead, now we’re trading for that guy after dumping off our former back-up for a 7th round pick to the only team who would even give us that.

    That was my biggest gripe with Holmgren.

    Now, look at where we’re going. We have a wiley veteran, a potential heir, and we’ll have a young raw talent by the time the draft arrives. I’d bet our 3rd string QB has the skills and raw talent that could eventually make him a success in this league.

  36. nidhighe says:

    >>>I still think we gave up too much value to elevate this guy from SD 3rd string (with 0 NFL regular season passes) to Seattle 2nd string.<<<

    How many regular season passes did Hass have when we traded for him to be our starter? 29.

    Time will tell if this move was good or bad. It's too early to judge it now.


  37. MattandCindy says:

    I think Charlie will thrive here. Anybody who looks like Carlito is gonna make it happen. I’m sure T.J. is already calling him 20 times a day to let him know he’s open.

    Seriously though….what’s taking so long on Branch getting the boot??? I can’t imagine there is a huge market for an undersized, over-hyped, “no one else was open so I got to be the M.V.P.” receiver…..but he’s wasting money and space. He’ll make Whitehurst worse just by being on the sideline, let alone the field.

  38. ok, so this is starting to make sense. deal with the QB issue in FA, trade denver their 14th pick back for marshall, which they’ll likely use to select golden tate (or dez bryant if still available), sign Atogwe to an offer sheet and bring him in alongside babineaux, then use the draft to bulk up both lines, and we look good.

  39. Question 1: If “Schneider said bringing Whitehurst on board does not mean Seattle will not select a quarterback in the first round” is deceptive by intent, that they actually don’t have any intention of selecting a 1st rd QB no matter who falls to 6 (or 14), are they hoping to get another team (BUF?) to trade up to #6 to take one of the QBs if one of them is there?

    Question 2: What rules govern the acquisition of UDFAs? If a college player gets in trouble, gets suspended for his entire senior year, drops out of college, etc., can that player be an eligible FA? If it’s the CBA that governs, what if there isn’t one?

  40. I wondered the same thing klm008. What if a player were to not enter the draft, then just join the team he wanted anyway?

  41. maddog12 says:

    What happened to best player available in the draft? Should our need out way this philosophy? Not from what I have read for years from supposed experts. Just pray BPA and need intersect.

    If Suh and Okung were there at 6 (neither probably will) but if they were… I’d go with Suh and go with a LT at 14. Then I’d get fired because all the top rated LOT talent would be gone in a run from 7-13.

    We’ll if CW can’t be our QB of the future he could go out for the local production of JC Superstar. Dude looks like he needs a hair cut. Maybe with 5mil. he will be able to afford one.

  42. PC said Seattle could still select a QB in the first round and trade for Brandon Marshall. The only thing I heard about the O line was Gibbs saying he could fix it with late round picks. I hope all that is a smoke screen.

  43. He’ll probably clean up in Seattle. That look is popular down here in San Diego among a lot of the young surfer guys.

  44. Since when did Barry Gibbs start playing football???

  45. OutSydeDog says:

    So what you’re saying is CW will soon look like Paul Bunyun? His picture reminded me of Barry Gibb. Just hope he has what it takes.

  46. freedom_X says:

    If someone like Bradford slips to Seattle, a person they really like, they’ll take him. Whitehurst means they don’t need to gamble on a QB prospect they’re not sold on. And they have to keep some doubt in people’s minds, so other teams can’t assume Seattle will do certain things and not deal Seattle into any trade action.

    For example, if Bradford slipped, someone might think they just need to trade to #7 to get him, if Seattle announces they aren’t drafting a QB. Keeping that uncertainty means those guys will need to at least talk to Seattle.

    Same with the linemen. With so many holes on the team, Seattle I’m certain will take the top rated players on their board at #6 and #14, no matter what position they play. There is no reason for them to draft for need, they have so many needs best player available and need should coincide.

  47. hawkdawg says:

    Talent, talent, talent. If McCoy or Suh are there at 6, you have to pick them if you think they are better players than Okung. DT and OT are both positions of great need. The fact that OT may in fact be a position of greater need does NOT in and of itself endow Okung with #6 talent. If your board says McCoy/Suh are better, you pick them. If your board says they are even, then you can go either way, depending on what you think your greater need is.

  48. I agree about the best player available theory, but most players need to develop on their own. They have a so-so rookie year (some better than others). They improve from year 1 to year 2 (looking forward to Unger at C this year). And they make their final big leap from year 2 to year 3 (usually, but, obviously, not in every case… QB development is the exception as their timetables are all out of whack and I’m not even going to address it here).

    However, offensive linemen don’t just need to improve from year to year in their early years, but they need to work together more closely than any other positions. Yes, a QB and WR need reps together, but I believe the OL gelling is even more important. So, even though I advocate BPA… I think OL needs to be addressed sooner, rather than later. We need big uglies up front who can work together. We have one young stud with Unger, but it sure would be nice to get at least a few guys who will work together for a decade.

  49. BobbyAyala says:

    Big bark for the Dawgs. Congrats from Seahawkville.

  50. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, that was a great game.

    As Schneider said, he considers Whitehurst apart of this draft class, it would then make little sense that they’d select a QB in the first. Especially considering all the needs of this team. It’s highly unlikely either Bradford or Clausen will be there at 6 anyway, but for the sake of conversation, I think that saying QB is still on the table in the first is pure posturing. (Trades not withstanding)

  51. Pabuwal –

    Tricky to answer that question – b/c I think if Matt is playing his best, I can’t see
    CW coming and being that good – but if Matt isn’t at that level – and it’s even, then yeah, I could see them giving CW a shot – esp if we’re talking about something like a 2-8 ugly start.

    But I think Hass starts the season, I’d be really surprised if that wasn’t the case.

    (and the Barry Gibb comments are pretty hilarious)

  52. I don’t know about posturing, though. I was reading that Carroll is known for being really when it comes to quarterbacks and he’s always working on adding depth and talent. I could see him pulling the trigger on a player like Bradford, which would sure give us a great lineup 1,2,3.

  53. …Carroll is known for being really greedy when it comes to QBs…

  54. Yeah, it’s giong to be funny to hear Hass’s reaction to C-dub. It’s like going from Captain Picard to Chubaka. May the force be with us.

  55. hawkforever21 says:

    I know we don’t know ALL of the details, but it just seems odd that Seattle would swap 20+ spots in the 2nd round AND throw in a 3rd round from 2011 AND pay him 5 million per year AND only sign him for two years?? Also, when there seemed to be little to no competition for him.
    Now maybe the Cardinals were wiling to give up more, and the deal was pretty much in place before Arizona turned to Anderson……but it just seems odd.

    I hope he’s got the goods…..but Schneider saying he remembered him from 5 years ago, and he stuck with him these last few years, all while he sat on San Diego’s sideline, not even as the backup? Cuh-razy!!

    Hopefully it works out.

    This will be an interesting draft. We are a team desperately in need of some play makers, and desperately in need of some O-Line help…..not to mention safety help and some pass rush help.
    Now maybe the new coaching staff can get more out of our O-line and QB pressure than last year…….but anybody doing a mock draft on us may as well not bother, because we could go Safety, O-Line, D-Line, QB, WR, RB, CB.
    In other words, Berry or Thomas (or Mays), Okung or Bulaga, Iupati, Suh or McCoy, Morgan or Pierre-Paul, Bradford or Clausen, Bryant, Spiller, Haden or trade one of our first rounders for Marshall. Who knows? Kind of exciting, kind of frustrating. Oh well, couldn’t be any worse than last year!!

  56. chuck_easton says:


    To answer your question any potential NFL rookie player who is more than three years from his high school graduation must declare and make himself available for the draft.

    If the player is not selected in the draft then he is free to sign with any team.

    The exception would be a player coming from another pro league, like the CFL or Arena football.

  57. BobbyAyala says:

    Interesting read here:

    Confirms my belief that Tebow is going to be a Hawk.

  58. hawkdawg says:

    Except that Tebow won’t slip to 60 (even though he should). And Dexter McCluster won’t go that high with the 40 he ran at the combine at his size.

  59. Dukeshire says:

    Audible – I don’t know about Carroll’s greediness, but Schneider has a history f drafting a lot of QBs. And I’m not ruling out they may take a QB later. But a trade not withstanding, it would be foolish to now use a first on a one.

  60. Dukeshire says:

    So Tebow’s a gunslinger now, eh? With due respect, if that Ocean’s 11 analogy convinced you Tebow will be a Seahawk, it’s only because you want it to be so. This guy thinks Hasselbeck will mentor Tebow too. The guy has his hands full holding on to his starting spot now, let alone babysitting 2 other QBs. They’re not paying Whitehusrt $10 mil to be a backup either, he’s here to contend as the starter. Carroll said it himself. I’d be more convinced by the argument that Gruden, Bates’ biggest influence as a coach, has a hard on for Tebow and that will influence the draft. Not sold at all.

  61. Yeah, I totally agree with that. I’m wondering if they’re going to pass on the OL alltogether in the 1st and draft heavy OL in later rounds. If that’s the case, then I think it will be BPA defense (DT, DE, or S) and BPA offense (RB or WR). Sure wish we had a couple more 1st day picks. Hopefully, there are some more coming our way before the draft.

  62. Hey, whatever happened to that 3rd rounder we were closing to working out?

  63. pabuwal says:
    For years we were treated to the pleasure of Mike Holmgren as a straight shooter in a very intelligent, diplomatic way. Then we were treated to Jim Mora who was a straight shooter in a very hotheaded, stupid kind of way.

    Now we have a situation where the new regime is more like NE and Philadelphia, where they aren’t straight shooters and we have to read between the lines to figure out the deal.

    I almost read this as Whitehurst comes in as the starter and Hasselbeck has to show hard that he has the 2003-2005 magic left. If it’s even, Whitehurst wins.

    I remember last year, when Barkley, the QB went down before the UW vs USC game, they had a kid who was a soph, or Junior, Eric Carp? Anyways, Pete Carroll never endorsed him to be the starter that week, and kept talking about how they would really try to see if Barkley could go. This guy was the starter going into spring ball, but got hurt, so Barkley took his place. No one mentioned anything about it, but before Carroll took the job here, that kid transferred.

    The bottom line? Win, compete. Seneca Wallace never was a threat to Matt, so there was no pressure on either one to get that much better. If you as the coach preach competition; why not start at the top?

    As much as I loved the Big Show, I always hated the fact he would play the same guys regardless, and no one really ever got a shot to unseat a Holmy favorite.

    In real life when you work for a company, they RARELY shoot straight with you, so if the Hawks don’t, who cares, that’s life.

  64. If they pick a qb in the first round after this, my mind is made up: PC & his puppet gm are idiots.

  65. chuck_easton
    “any potential NFL rookie player who is (more?) than three years from his high school graduation must declare and make himself available for the draft.”

    Where d’ya find this rule? NFL Rulebook?

  66. About Gibbs OL requirements:

    Gibbs has a knack for developing players. He’s done well finding guys who exceed expectations. ZB takes special traits. Gibbs hasn’t needed high draft picks to find ‘em. Gibbs coached DEN’s OL ’84-’87 & ’95-’03, ATL’s ’04-’07,& HOU’s ’08-’09. Gibbs also coached OL in IND, KC, OAK & SD. At DEN he was known for taking CLE’s OL UFA castoffs and turning them into one of the best OLs in the league. Ask him.

    Compare ’04 OLs:
    LT W.Jones, 1st-rder (6th pick) in ’97;
    LG S.Hutchinson, 1st-rder (17th pick) in ’01;
    C R.Tobeck, UDFA ATL ’93, UFA to Hawks in ’00;
    RG C.Gray, MIA 5th rder in ’93;
    RT C.Terry, CAR 2nd rder in ’99 (also PC, 4th rder?).

    ATL (under Gibbs):
    LT K.Shaffer, 7th-rder in ’02;
    LG R.Garza, 4th-rder in ’01;
    C T.McClure, 7th-rder in ’99;
    RG K.Forney, 7th-rder in ’01;
    RT T.Weiner picked 2nd-rd by SEA in ’98 – UFA signed by ATL ’04.

    Football Outsiders ranked ’04 ATL’s OL 6th, SEA’s 7th in run blocking. (Pass-pro was something else)

    Even if Okung made it past DET & KC and was there at 6, Hawks’ld likely pick Suh, G.McCoy, or S.Bradford before him if they were there. Maybe even E.Berry. Rutgers ZBing LT A.Davis is very tempting at 14, but who knows if they don’t go with an offensive playmaker like D.Bryant instead.

  67. Dukeshire says:

    Kiim008 – Chuck is right. A player needs to be 3 years removed from high school to be eligible for the NFL draft, it’s part of the CBA. There are no age requirements other than the 3 years.

  68. Since Houston Texan Amobi Okoye had 3 years of college, even though he was still a teen, he was eligible for the draft (and went in the first round). I think Fitz was pretty young when he was drafted too. A guy like Bulaga this year isn’t even old enough to buy a beer.

  69. klm008 says,

    That link says Atlanta under Gibbs was next to last with 49 sacks allowed, while Seattle was #11. That’s an interesting stat but somehow I think there is more to the story. Is there something about Vick’s game that invites more sacks? Surely, we’re not going to sacrifice pass protection for run blocking?!

  70. BrianBlades says:

    - Nighthawk2 on March 18
    “If Whitehurst is the starter and has a pretty good season, it’ll be intersting to see the people bashing the trade right now saying what a sweet move it was”

    March 17, 2010 at 10:44 am
    nighthawk2 says:
    “Sure (Whitehurst) prefers Seattle. We’re now the only team that is interested in him, since his procrastination led to the Cards cutting bait and signing a guy with a track record and at least one good year in the NFL.
    I still don’t understand the fascination with Whitehurst. The guy has sat on a bench for 4 years, hasn’t done jack diddly squat, not even one pass thrown in an NFL game that counted”

    Are you counting yourself there as well, eh Nighthawk2?

    Is there a flag for stupifying hypocrisy?

  71. Matt is the starter…………………. For now.

    What I translate Schenider saying that picking up Whitehurst will not change the fact that they may draft a QB is this:

    – Whitehurst is mainly a stop-gap to fill the void between the departure of Hass (at the end of this season) and the next starter

    – The next QB of the future will more than likely be drafted in the later rounds and developed to start in 2012 when Whitehurst’s becomes a UFA

    – The next QB of the future will have to compete for that role with Mike Teel who wouldn’t see playing time until 2012 (barring injuries)

    – If Whitehurst does well he could be re-signed for a few more years giving the Hawks some great trade value on one or both of the remaining QB’s

    As I have said before I really don’t believe that this is a bad trade at all, considering the future options it leaves the Hawks. The more time that PC and Schneider sit in the Big Daddy Chairs, the more I believe they really know what they are doing. PC really knows how to evaluate talent, say what you want about the difference between a kid coming out of HS to an NFL Pro, but talent is talent. PC knows what he wants and judging by the recent aggressiveness of the team he is a determined to get his guys.

    Bottom line is I am long on these new look Hawks, I really like what is going on here, I have faith that they will draft really well, and am excited about the upcoming season!

  72. Audible –
    Yup, saw that too. That was Mora’s 1st season coaching there (11W-5L). Vick rushed 120 times for 902 yds and TFL for a running QB still equaled a sack in the stats. Was also wondering if Vicks running effected the stats making their OL look better at run blocking than maybe it really was? In ’05 Hawks OL was one spot in run-blkg better than ATL, and still a whole lot better at pass-pro, though ATL improved. ’06 saw SEA’s OL rk 30th in run-blkg and ATL’s was 17th, SEA was 26th in pass-pro while ATL went back to being 31st. ATL was dead last in run-blkg in Gibbs last year there (’07) and improved to 24th in pass-pro. I think Knapp & Vick nearly made ATL the 1st spread offense in the NFL, but after their 1st successful season the rest of the NFL figured them out.

    Was looking for an example of how late the picks were that ATL took their OL at and that Gibbs was able to get those guys run blkg better than Hawks – with 1st rders Walt & Hutch. Wasn’t looking at their pass-pro, Gibbs was brought here to SEA to get Hawks run-blocking to working. I’ll try to find other examples, maybe DEN.

  73. chuck & dukeshire –

    Doesn’t the CBA expire like March 5, 2011? What would keep teams from just picking up and playing CFL, Arena League & college players if the NFLPA walks out?

  74. Is run blocking more about technique and pass blocking more about talent? If that’s the case, perhaps that’s why late rounders do well at run blocking but are not good in pass blocking under Gibbs. Can anyone shed some light on that?

  75. chuck_easton says:


    From what I understand even if there is a lockout/walkout for 2011 the 2011 draft will still take place as it is considered the final part of the season just completed.

    Then the owners have the option of deciding to have a season with replacement players like they did in the 80’s. Any player may cross the line but I don’t think rookies who have just been drafted would take that chance.

  76. Dukeshire says:

    klm008 – If there is a lockout, which is what will happen as it was the owners who opted out of the CBA, there would be no place to play. The league would shut down until a new agreement was reached. If the players went on strike, the league could hire “scabs” to replace them and the CBA with the players union would not apply.

  77. The bottom line in all of this Tapp, Burleson, Seneca, Whitehurst controversy is how many games will the Hawks win in 2010. If they win 9-10 games, PC is smart. If they win 2-4 games, he blew it.

  78. chuck_easton says:


    If he wins in the 6-8 range which is an improvement over 2009 but not quite into the contending for division title where does he fall?

    I would think a 6-8 win season buys him more time, but that season better be followed up with a better season the following (whenever that may be) year.

  79. Seattle became the first team I can remember that signed a tendered player and agreed to trade more than the original tender in exchange.

    Multiple quarterbacks changed hands before the Seahawks signed Whitehurst, and there is no reason to assume Whitehurst has much more potential than Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson. He is older and less experienced than either.

    Some are awarding him credit for having not screwed up in a regular season game, but his preseason stats are markedly worse than Quinn or Anderson’s regular season stats.

  80. Someone on here was describing Brady Quinn to a Ryan Leaf type of guy off the field. Apparently, players don’t like him which is a big problem and especially when it’s your QB.

  81. chuck_easton says:


    The Seahawks only saw quality in two QB’s that are either free agents or could possibly be had in trade.

    1) Kolb from Philly…Philly will consider nothing less that 2 1st rounders for him.

    2) Whitehurst. Seattle got him for a 3rd rounder next year.

    Seattle didn’t want to come near Quinn (and neither would I ) and Anderson is definitely not better than Whitehurst.

    Don’t even mention Michael Vick because he could have been had for a 3rd rounder but given the choice of giving SD a 3 for Whitehurst or Philly a 3 for Vick the right choice was made.

  82. Devinc253 says:

    Hasselbeck cant throw deep,. Never could. They will not win with him.
    Im not saying Whitehurst is the answer. But Hasselbeck definitely is NOT

  83. Devinc253 says:

    Whitehurst may not be the answer.. But Hasselbeck is NOT. We need a QB who can throw more than 20 yards with accuracy. Hasselbeck is horrible and the deep ball. Ive been watchin football my whole life and he is one of the worst Ive ever seen at throwin deep down the sideline

  84. Devinc253 says:


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