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Hasselbeck’s days in Seattle numbered?

Post by Eric Williams on March 17, 2010 at 4:34 pm with 55 Comments »
March 17, 2010 5:21 pm

Now that the Seahawks have apparently got their quarterback of the future in San Diego restricted free agent Charlie Whitehurst, the clock appears to be ticking on Matt Hasselbeck’s future in Seattle.

Hasselbeck is entering the final year of his contract, and will make $5.75 million in 2010. Both Pete Carroll and John Schneider have voiced their support for Hasselbeck since arriving in Seattle in January. However, Hasselbeck will be 35 in September and is coming off one of his worst seasons as a pro, where he threw as many touchdowns (17) as interceptions.

Hasselbeck has had trouble staying healthy the past two seasons, and by releasing Deon Grant, trading Darryl Tapp and now trading for Whitehurst, Carroll and Schneider have shown that they are not afraid to make bold moves in order to change the makeup of this team. Trading Hasselbeck may be another move in that process.

Further, by trading Hasselbeck the team clears the way to begin playing Whitehurst now and accelerating his development process by getting him on the field early.

Whitehurst has limited experience in the regular season, so the Seahawks need to see how he will react as a leader on the field. With someone like Hasselbeck still on the team – Hasselbeck has a big personality and has been an accomplished quarterback in the league – it might be hard for someone like Whitehurst to flourish and assert himself with Hasselbeck still around.

Seattle also had to give up some valuable picks to secure Whitehurst, and might be looking at moving Hasselbeck as a way to get more picks in this year’s draft, which is considered one of the more talent-rich drafts in recent memory.

Teams like Washington, Buffalo, Jacksonville and St. Louis are still looking for quarterbacks and might be willing to deal for someone with the pedigree of Hasselbeck.

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  1. nighthawk2 says:

    I don’t see Washington being a likely destination, with Shanahan’s supposed committment to Jason Campbell. If they traded Campbell and drafted Clausen at 4, then yeah, whole different ballgame. Would Carroll trade him within the division? Possible I guess, since he’s only got a year left on the contract, and St. Louis might like to give Bradford a year to learn (and keep the shoulder from getting pounded while they rebuild their line). Buffalo won’t be running a WCO under Chan Gailey will they? All Jacksonville requires from a QB is to not lose the game while they feed the ball to Maurice Jones-Drew, so would they want Hasselbeck (in a non-WCO) for a year? Now if Favre called it quits, which is unlikely, Minnesota would come into the picture.

  2. With Whitehurst or Hasselbeck at QB, if you look at the projected starters based on who they have now, you realize there aren’t enough draft picks. Still much to do in free agency.

    TE Carlson

    WR Houshmanzedah, Branch

    RB Jones

    LT Locklear

    LG Sims

    C Unger

    RG Spencer

    RT Willis

    DE Kerney, Jackson

    LB Curry, Tatupu, Hill

    safety Babineaux, Adams

    Corner Trufant, Wilson

    See any holes there?

  3. I still don’t get why Holmgren didn’t do this deal. Either Holmgren didn’t want to give up a mid round pick (3-5) or the Seahawks simply didn’t want to do the deal.

  4. freedom_X says:

    I question, for lack of a better term, the “character” of this front office. Seems slimy to tell people that they believe strongly in certain players, only to ship them off ASAP. Why not just say nothing, or offer some non-commital statement?

    Given that (at least in the Northwest) Carroll was already viewed as a bit of a confidence man due to USC’s success (and transgressions) – it seems like this just reinforces that image.

    How do players feel about being told they’re key parts of the team and that the front office is happy with them, only to see them get dumped? For all his other failings, Ruskell didn’t do that!

    If I’m a player, and Hasselbeck gets dumped, I have a tough time believing anything Carroll says (contrasted to a Wakamatsu in Mariner land, who has the trust and confidence of his players because he calls it like it is.)

  5. nighthawk2 says:

    Right now, I can believe we’d have a bunch of undrafted free agents signed up right after the draft. Is there a limit on how many can be signed? There’s also the issue compensatory picks. I don’t if we would be alloted any (or when that allocation is done, but it must be soon) for last season, but next year we’ll get one for Burleson at least.

  6. subtlesquire says:

    I think the speculation that Whitehurst was brought in to supplant Hasselbeck is possible but very unlikely, at least for this season. In your earlier post you said giving Whitehurst a 2 yr/10 mil. contract was putting all the teams eggs in Whitehurst’s basket. I don’t see it that way. If he was given a 5 yr. contract, then that holds water but I would suggest this move paints a big neon sign that reads, “Tim Tebow”.

    They want someone game ready to back up Hasselbeck for 2 years while Tebow develops. Seneca was game ready but not the player they wanted if Hasselbeck goes down. As he’s missed 11 games in the past 2 seasons they probably assume Whitehurst will get quite a bit of playing time in this coming season and possibly start the next .

  7. nighthawk2 says:

    freedom_X, that sort of thing is done all the time by both teams and players, from what I’ve seen. Players do that in free agency, like Nate Burleson just did. “I really want to stay in Seattle” but as soon as Detroit waived the money at him, he split. Did he come back to the Seahawks and say “will you match this?” even knowing they wouldn’t? Nope. The FO was saying how much they viewed Deion Branch as part of their plans, but all of us, fans and bloggers alike, where saying we thought it was a ploy to enhance trade value for any team that wanted him but was just waiting for us to cut him. It’s all part of the business, I suppose.

  8. faderoute_88 says:

    Drafting Tebow in the late 2nd wouldnt surprise me at all. Hes one of those guys I would never bet against.

    I havent been sold on any of these QB’s in the draft. I dont mind the Whitehurst move. If he plays like a turd then it sucks but I dont think it was grand larceny at all. They are sold on him and if we are to have faith in him then we should at least give them the benefit of the doubt until the show they dont deserve it. If Matt has a great year , he gets a one year deal and we stop talking about it. Not a bad investment.

    As far as Tapp goes… You can be as high on a player as you want to be but if someone offers you a good pick and an equal player albeit older you do that deal in a heartbeat. Also…Nick Reed is Daryl Tapp, except younger and he actually makes plays. Tapp was not going to ever be a difference maker.

  9. faderoute_88 says:

    Still praying for Berry too btw

  10. I know football is a business and there are two sides to every story. However, an organization needs to understand that how you treat people is how you will be viewed around the league, too. Just because you have a beautiful practice facility, doesn’t mean you have a first class organization. I’m not talking about overpaying to keep a vet who is clearly on the downside of his career (which you can confuse in a bit with what I’m about to say). But how you handle the process is extremely important.

    Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy have already spoken very highly of Hasselbeck and how he’s their QB. I agree 100% with what freedom_x said about “character.” If they do a 180 on this and dump Matt, I call bullsh!t. It’s okay to show a proven warrior the door if you honestly feel his time is done, but it’s not okay to dump him 10 minutes after you have made it public that he’s your guy.

    If Matt sticks around and they get rid of him after the season, after he’s had a sup-par year, that’s okay with me. If we’re 4-7 I’m even okay with Matt going to the bench and giving Whitehurst some much needed game experience so his era can begin.

    Actually, if we have horsesh!t Jim-Bop, horsesh!t Jill-Joe, Unger, horsesh!t Jim-Jop, and horsesh!t Billy-Bob “protecting” Matt again this year, then I hope they get rid of Matt so he doesn’t have to go through another year of that crap. Let their new Goldenboy play behind a sh!t OL and see how “good” he looks.

  11. BobbyAyala says:

    blah blah blah whine whine whine, transgressions, mr. happy, confidence man, yadda yadda yadda, PLEASE!

    Seattle championships = 0.

    Screw playing by the nice northwesterner rules anymore.


  12. Washington Redskin Championships under Snyder = 0

  13. “Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy have already spoken very highly of Hasselbeck and how he’s their QB. I agree 100% with what freedom_x said about “character.” If they do a 180 on this and dump Matt, I call bullsh!t. It’s okay to show a proven warrior the door if you honestly feel his time is done, but it’s not okay to dump him 10 minutes after you have made it public that he’s your guy.”

    Totally agree. They could very rightfully have said something, like, “we are keeping all options open” blah, blah, blah, but by affirmatively stating that they were going with Hass, they would come off pretty crappy in dumping him now.

    And, I don’t think they will – not this year at least. For one thing – there if very limited upside, they’re not going to get much of anything in the way of a draft pick for him, and yeah, maybe it will slow Whitehurst’s development, but they can certainly put him in the game if it’s best for the team.

    I said it in an earlier post – but I think it’s a 2-yr deal so that Whitehurst can sit this year (unless things go quickly into the toilet), and start next year, and see if he merits a longer term deal. That said, if Matt is healthy and plays great (the kurt waner scenario), you keep him on one-year deals.

    At least I hope that’s how it plays out.

  14. chrisj122 says:

    Its apparent the new regime is cleaning house and I’m okay with that. If they blow up the OL and draft a bunch of young studs at those positions and the team has to endure growing pains i’m okay with that as well. However if they let Matt go this season I will be highly upset, Matt has to much to offer even if he is in the decline of his career. Let him play one more year tudor CW or who ever his successor is gonna be.

    If Matt goes I’m gonna retract all the positive happy things i have said about the new regime.

  15. And btw, worth noting, that if Hass plays decently in the first several games, and say a contending team suffers a QB injury, the value we could get for Hass would be higher.

    Ah, bums me out to write that . . .I’ll miss the guy if he goes. End of an era.

  16. wowthetntisbad says:

    I love how this town can’t let people go. Didn’t we all watch the M’s crash to earth after failing to get rid of sentimental players? Don’t say it mattered, either, because attendance dropped even with those fan favorites. Teams need to win or move towards winning. I pay out the butt for season tickets, I feel robbed the last two seasons, I finally feel like the team is trying again. Fragileback did a fine job here, if you can ignore the excuses and fake injuries completed pass and knocked to the ground he pops right up, intercepted and falls to the ground, limps around for a day), but it’s time to move on.

  17. I would only take Hasselbeck over the following teams starters:


    That’s 5. I basically think Hasselbeck is a bottom 5 QB and apparently so does the new regime.

    What other teams would you guys add to this list?

  18. freedom_X says:

    Sorry, you can’t pay off players in the NFL. They already get paid. And if you break the rules, unlike the NCAA, the NFL enforces everything.

    Even outlaw franchises have unity at least on their own team. I guess that’s one way to promote unity – have all the players believe the front office is slime, and being united against it. Not sure that’s the best model.

    Even breaking the rules is one thing – but being two-faced? No one, even a renegade, respects that or thrives with that. That’s not pushing the bounds, that’s being a weasel. And we’re talking about the players here, not the fans.

    If Carroll and co. are two-faced weasels – what kind of free agent does that org attract? Only guys that have no other options, or are in it purely for a paycheck, nothing more. AKA the Raiders.

    There’s a great “transgression” based org for you.

  19. chrisj122 says:

    Hasselbeck is warrior and always has been if he’s had any fault it trying to hard and forcing turnovers. I still say one more year.

  20. BenderHawkFan says:

    Meh, if CW plays well who gives a rats bum. Nobody will think… ‘Oh man, if they only wouldn’t have screwed Hasselbeck over all those years ago.’

    No, If Whitehurst plays well, all is forgiven. It’s all about the W’s— except for maybe some sappy NW sports fans.

  21. chuck_easton says:


    I’d add SF to that list. I’d take Hasselbeck over Alex Smith, David Carr, and Davis any day.

    That’s at least one more to your list.

    I’d probably throw in Washington. I think 2010 Hasselbeck (not 2005-2007 Hasselbeck) is better than 2010 Jason Campbell. So there’s another.

    I think I’d also give the edge to Hasselbeck over any combination of Leinhart/Anderson that Arizona may trott out this season.

    So there’s three more teams for your list.

  22. Is anyone on board for trading Hass for a 1st round draft choice this year? A 2nd rounder? A 3rd rounder? I doubt anyone would be complaining if we found a trading partner who would trade a 1st day draft choice for Hass.

    It’s all about value and we sure as hell won’t be hearing grumbling about character and integrity and business ethics, blah, blah, blah.

    They hired Carroll and Schneider to turn this team around, which is exactly what they intend to do. They have one free year to get CW up to speed and see what he’s got. If that experiement fails, they’ll have to go shopping again for a QB, and they’ll have time to do it because Allen is not going to expect a playoff team next year.

    That being said, brace yourselves for Hass either getting benched in favor of CW or an outright trade, which is what I think will happen? At this point, Hass and CW have taken the same number of snaps in this offense. They’re not going to sacrifice CW development just because Hass is better at the start.

    They may keep Hass because PA can afford to pay him. But, if some team out there offers enough value (in C and S’s opinion) then he’s going to be outta here. You can bet on that.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Matt’s days were already numbered regardless. His health has always been a bit of an issue, not just the past two seasons. Since ’03 he’s only started all 16 games 3 times. 3, in 7 seasons. He’s got a lot of miles on his 35 years. Whether they drafted his eventual replacement or traded for him, this day was coming. I don’t think they part ways this season however. Not just for the reason Bobby mentioned but he’s the only QB on the roster who’s thrown a regular season pass. Not to mention the competition will be great for all involved. But don’t forget, Schneider was apart of drafting Rodgers to replace Favre and pushed for the switch once he was there. It will be a sad day when Matt leaves. But that day was coming sooner that later before today, anyhow.

  24. BenderHawkFan says:

    You’re not getting a 1st rounder for Hass, but if you could, hell yes.

  25. “That’s 5. I basically think Hasselbeck is a bottom 5 QB and apparently so does the new regime.

    What other teams would you guys add to this list?”

    how many times are you going to post this same exact question? I can remember reading this at least two other times this off-season.

    It feels sort of moot now. Looks like your wish is coming sooner rather than later.

  26. BenderHawkFan,

    See that’s exactly my point. Does anyone have a strong enough sense of business ethics that they wouldn’t pull the trigger on a 3, 2, or 1st round pick because Carroll said Hasselbeck is a good QB? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    It’s irrelevant whether or not you think it’s possible…anything is possible, just ask Al Davis. But, if you’re willing to accept a higher pick, then it’s all just relative how much less you would accept.

    Also consider, a trade would not necessarily be bad for Hass. In fact, some fans may be more disappointed that he would. If he goes to the Vikings, he has a chance to win a championship! Also, keep in mind that he’s a class guy and a top professional…he’s not going to walk away with hurt feelings. So, quit with the we owe him something arguments because he’s paid in full and will live his entire life and do things most of us can only dream about.

    Our FO is going to do what they think is best for this team.

  27. nighthawk2 says:

    BobbyK, aren’t you also BobbyAyala? A bit of schizophrenia going on there?

    “Matt’s days were already numbered regardless.”

    Exactly. He’s 35, threw as many interceptions as touchdowns last year, and gets happy feet. Bottom line, this is a business, for both the management and the players. They both do what they think is in their own best interest, they both spout insincere b.s. to make themselves or their positions look better. Nobody is guaranteed anything, if you produce you get on the roster and on the field. Don’t produce, you’re history. Like Jerry Glanville once said, the NFL stands for “Not For Long”.

    Softy Mahler, whom I very seldom agree with on anything, made one good point today, he said that the new regime is “trimming the fat, cutting out the deadwood”, and well they should. This franchise is stocked with 5 years of Tim Ruskell’s deadwood. I don’t consider Wallace (drafted by MH), Tapp or Grant deadwood (but he was overpaid). But look at the failed 1st round picks on this team like Spencer, Kelly Jennings, Deion Branch (trade for a 1st round pick) and yes, Lawrence Jackson; guys like Sims and Wrotto and Willis, Damion MacIntosh, Ben Obomanu, Cory Redding, Red Bryant… the failed free agent signings like Julius Jones. Drafted Deion Butler too high, Owen Schmitt, etc etc. If we need to blow this thing up and get rid of the deadwood, then blow it up.

  28. “Buffalo, Cleveland, Oakland, KC, STL”

    “What other teams would you guys add to this list? ”

    Based on last years performance alone, forgetting about broken ribs, no effective pass-pro, et al, I’d take Matt over the following QBs who played at least 25% of their team’s snaps: Matthew Stafford, JaMarcus Russell, Mark Sanchez, Derek Anderson, Daunte Culpepper, Brady Quinn, Kyle Boller, Josh Freeman, Marc Bulger, Matt Moore, Jake Delhomme, Matt Cassel, Shaun Hill, Kerry Collins, Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jason Campbell, and Bruce Gradkowski.

    But the reason to keep Matt isn’t last year’s performance, nor his ’05 performance. It’s because he has some familiarity with J.Bates style of WCO, while Whitehurst is only conversant with the Norv Turner Offense, which is fundamentally different from what Bates is gonna play this year.

  29. JohnnyBG says:

    Eric, you’re seeing this all wrong. The Seahawks haven’t invested big cap dollars and/or a high draft pick. They have invested basically zero cap dollars and a relatively low cap pick for the opportunity to see if Whitehurst will be good. They don’t have to cut Hasselbeck. That would be high risk. They can draft or acquire more potential QBs. They can play Hasselbeck and let Whitehurst battle it out in preseason and fill in time with whomever else they get. Why should they bank everything on Whitehurst as if they invested hugely in him? That would be stupid.

  30. freedom_X says:

    For the “front office character” doesn’t matter crowd:

    I’m not expressing myself clearly enough. I don’t care about the impact on the fans. There’s enough evidence that that fans won’t care if there are drug addicts and child molesters on the team, as long as they win. That’s clear enough.

    I’m talking about the *players* (i.e. potential employees.)

    You’re looking for a job and you have options to choose from. You talk to your network of friends.

    They say about company #1 – good company to work for, management tells you the truth, you know where you stand, they pay pretty good.

    They say about company #2 – management is weasely, they tell you one thing and do another, you’re never sure where you really stand. They lie to you a lot. But they pay pretty good and have a really nice break room and cafeteria, with a view of the lake.

    OK, which company do you choose? You think a NFL player is that different from you?

    Personally, there’s a difference between the magnitude of the “we like Deon Branch” or “we’d like to keep Nate Burleson” comments versus “we really believe in and think is a key part of our team.” Does anyone really think the latter comment increased the trade value of those players?

  31. oh christ we signed quentin gainther too.

  32. So far, it seems to be the Kiss Of Death for PC to say he likes a specific player…………

  33. freedom_X says:

    ugh radeon can you read? Or is your cat typing your thoughts in for you?

    How many times do i have to write “I’m not talking about the fans?” I know fans like you don’t care if the player is a drug addict. I ALREADY WROTE THAT. I’M TALKING ABOUT PLAYERS WHO SEATTLE MIGHT WANT TO COME PLAY FOR THEM. MY ARGUMENT DOESN’T CARE DIDDLY SQUAT ABOUT WHAT THE FANS THINK.

    I hope your cat can read CAPS.

  34. SeahawkFan12 says:

    PULLLLLEEEEEEZ! What a Bull$hit proposition. Hasselbeck is the better QB…BY A LONG WAY. Whitehust is a ‘nice’ backup. Draft one if you want, but “Chuckie D” is NOT the heir apparent to our franchise QB.

  35. heck yeah freedom X! a team goes 0-16, but gee golly they were sure friendly doing it! who cares about W or L, football toughness, football ability, just as long as we have nice people on the field!

  36. also since when did arguments have the ability to care? it’s a verb not a noun LOL

  37. BobbyAyala says:

    Freedom X and Bobby K,

    Daniel Snyder? Really? Signing Matt McCoy, Chris Baker and Charlie Whitehurst weeks into free agency is really throwing millions away on first-day free agents that don’t pan out.

    Pete Carroll at USC is a God, not unlike Mr. Don James, who also coached a player that thought way too much of himself and decided to take a few favors.

    How is Billy Joe any different than Reggie Bush?

    How do you see Don James if in fact Pete Carroll is the devil?

    Admit it, both of you are Northwest to the core (and Husker in one of your cases) and you can’t stand it that Pete freaking Carroll, the man you’ve despised for years is now leading your football team.

    Just get it out in the open now so that we all know why you really bash every move this regime makes. Just admit it.

    Then, GET OVER IT!!!

    Get on board, baby, because we’re headed back to the promised land with or without you.

  38. SeahawkFan12 says:

    BobbyA needs meds. Badly….

  39. MattandCindy says:

    “If he dies………he dies.”

    -Ivan Drago
    Rocky VI

  40. BobbyA – I could care less about USC.

    Oh, wait, according to nighthawk… we are one and the same… derrr…

    I truly hate all Florida schools, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas. The rest, I don’t really care too much. Not much of a fan of Tennessee either, but actually (almost) feel bad for them for having Moron Kiffin in their program for a year. Not big on Ohio State either, but, again, I don’t care.

    The Pac 10… I could care less…

  41. Also, BobbyA… who have the Redskins signed this first week or two? Peppers?

  42. BobbyAyala says:

    Fair enough, after playing the role of sacrificial lamb to Miami the last time you were on the big stage, I’d have my reticals pointed at Florida as well.

    The point is, you’ve led the charge of Pete hatred since the hire, and I don’t understand why.

    Considering his pedigree and passion, I’d think anyone who rooted for a team headed by Jim Mora and Greg Knapp would jump at the opportunity to throw his support behind a proven winner.

    Yet, it’s all hate.

    I don’t get it.

    I don’t support it.

    I think it’s cynicism at its finest.

  43. freedom_X says:

    radeon, let me know when your cat is availble for IM. Of the two of you, he’s the only one who can hold a coherent observation.

    BobbyA, I’m not sure where you get the idea that I have been consistently posting anti-Carroll opinions – I hardly have posted at all in the last 2 months. I think the only anti-Carroll statement I’ve made prior to this is a snide remark about USC’s violations (same one I repeated today.)

    Are you saying Carroll is above criticism? Or he won’t make any mistakes? Or if he does, I (or anyone you proclaim as a “Northwester” has no business commenting on it?)

    Attack that reasoning behind my arguments. That’s fine. But if you think you’ve made a point by just stereotyping your opponents, I doubt many people will accept that (especially if the stereotype doesn’t fit.)

    Of course, that only applies in cases where SOMEoNE isn’t delegating a 4-legged friend to read the blog for them.

  44. BobbyAyala says:

    Dude, you throw out Snyder as a comparison, you know exactly what you’re saying. Don’t fence sit, my friend.

  45. BobbyAyala says:

    Dude, freedom, so now you’re back-tracking? Come on, man, stand behind that hate and give a reason for it.

    All I’m saying is, I was sitting in McMahon munching on a dorm grilled cheese when Holmgren was hired, and the sentiment then was, “Wow, we have a winner here, it’s time to put our faith in him and see what he can do.”

    It was open minds and hearts all across the pacific northwest.

    Here we are a decade later with another proven winner putting his stamp on the team, and all the flavor I get from the lifelongs is that “we hate this guy, he’s a cheat and a fraud and he’s going to make our 5-11 team worse!”


    Give the man a chance without all of the “con-man” “mr. happy” “violations” criticism. All of that is based on a past in which you were emotionally on the other side of his success.

    At the very least, even if you think a skunk has entered the din, if the skunk wins freaking football games, them I’m buying my peppy le-pew t-shirt, shutting the hell up and enjoying the ride.

  46. bobby ayala is not without his merits…

  47. … but i’m not originally from these parts, so i may have a different view ;)

  48. Hammajamma says:

    The FO has correctly determined that the future is not now. Thanks for the memories, Matt. I’ll take a 2011 3rd rounder.

  49. With the kind of money they are going to pay Whitehurst, it makes no sense to keep Hass around anymore, so it’s time to make that trade.

    The thing about all of this manuevering is that nobody in the public has any idea what goes on in the front office. What if the Hawks are already getting interest in Hass, and needed to pick somebody up right away? They keep saying that this draft is very deep, but at the QB position I think it is weak, very weak, and by getting their guy outside the draft the Hawks aren’t forced to draft a lackluster QB.

    Also, by getting their QB now I would have to believe that forces them to get their O lineman. I hope that they pick up two O linemen in the first round and make this one of the most boring drafts in Seahawks history.

    Remember when Hass first took the field as a Hawk and was sacked 8 times in one game by the Eagles? Then the line started to gel and he became a Pro Bowl QB. Then after time the line falls apart and look what happens to Hass, he becomes an injury plagued, mediocre QB at best. Remember Matt was booed continuously in his early days, it was the line that made him good and gave him the confidence.

    Who is to say that Whitehurst can’t become a stud with a good line? I believe that it is a little premature to write this guy off, put the pieces in place like they did for Matt and then make your judgements. I am all in favor of this trade, and I love the aggressiveness this team has been showing me. I believe that a lot of the readers that make comments here think that this team is a couple of pieces away from a Super Bowl run. Let’s face it, if they get 9 wins this season that is a major accomplishment.

  50. freedom_X says:

    Backtracking? All I can say is, prove it. Prove I’ve been writing many anti-Carroll comments. Seeing as how I’ve posted maybe twice in the past 2 months (until the recent moves) I’m pretty confident there’s no proof.

    I’m not backing away from anything I said. If the front office keeps saying publicly “we love you, you’re a key player, we believe in you” and then turns around and dumps them 30 days later, I’ll still keep saying the front office is two-faced dealing with the players. And if I think the FO is making bad moves, I’ll still complain.

  51. judycan2 says:

    Rollo and Bobby A….your true 12th man

  52. JohnnyBG says:

    “With the kind of money they are going to pay Whitehurst, it makes no sense to keep Hass around anymore, so it’s time to make that trade.”

    Come on, you guys are smarter than this. A two year contract with 5m in an uncapped year is a big contract? The team isn’t going to trade Hasselbeck. They would be stupid if they did. The Whitehurst contract is about as low risk as you can get for a guy with a chance to be the franchise QB. Who cares how many less mansions Paul Allen can buy?

  53. Bobby Ayala is winning this thread. IMO.

    I want him to join my e-thuggin’ club.

  54. BobbyA — in no way, shape, or form is my calling PC “Mr. Happy” a negative from my end. Are you really too stupid to understand that? It’s a nickname I gave him in reference to a ESPN special I saw a long time ago when he coached the Jets or Pats (don’t remember which). I have plenty of friends who have a nickname and I don’t call them that with the intent to mean anything derogatory. And I haven’t been a hater on him this whole time, so stop making up lies that I have been a hater this entire time (any regular reader knows this isn’t true, so stop fibbing for the occasional reader). I was a bit confused right away and then have warmed up to the idea and I have been warm to him for quite some time now. I’m giving him a chance and want him to do well. I’m rooting for him. If the new regime does something good, I like it. If they do something I don’t like, I’ll voice my reasons why, but that doesn’t mean they have lost all of my support up to this point.

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