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Morning links: Hawks interested in Kolb, not McNabb

Post by Eric Williams on March 11, 2010 at 9:54 am with 34 Comments »
March 11, 2010 9:54 am

According to this report from, the Seahawks have contacted the Philadelphia Eagles about Kevin Kolb, but not Donovan McNabb.

Here’s an excerpt:

A source in Seattle has informed Comcast SportsNet that the Seahawks have contacted the Eagles about Kevin Kolb, contradicting a report that the team has asked about Donovan McNabb as well.

When asked if the Eagles had anything to add to the report, the team responded “No.”

Asked about the possibility of acquiring McNabb, the Seattle source said it would leave the Seahawks in the same position they’re in with veteran Matt Hasselbeck – but wouldn’t elaborate further.

The Seahawks want to get younger at quarterback, so going after someone like McNabb never made any sense. And the Eagles appear unwilling to give up a young and productive quarterback like Kolb

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer notes that any team would have to give up a first-round pick to get McNabb or Kolb from Cleveland.

More Cabot: The Seahawks get a seventh-round pick in 2011 in return for sending the Browns Seneca Wallace, and that pick could improve to a sixth rounder based on his performance.

Mike Florio of suggests the Seahawks do an end around to secure the services of Brandon Marshall, having the San Diego Chargers sign an offer sheet for the Denver Broncos free agent receiver, and then swapping the No. 14 overall pick with the Chargers for Marshall.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post says the silence in Seattle may mean a deal for Marshall is unlikely.

Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports argues that because of the importance of the quarterback position in the NFL someone will take an early flyer on Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow in April’s draft.

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  1. I’m fine with Kevin Kolb as our future QB. Not Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford…..thank god.

    Having said that I think Matt still has 2-3 productive years left in him. Please give us DT (Price or McCoy) and OT with our first 2 picks…..

  2. Don’t really have an opinion on Kolb, haven’t seen enough of him – but obviously it would make more sense than the McNabb rumor, which was likely a complete nothing all along.

    I’m in the camp that still thinks Matt has something left – the line play, esp the pass blocking was so bad, so much of the time, that it was really tough to gauge what he can do. But we’ve got a new coach and GM, and I’ll have some faith in them, and their decision-making abilities, personnel-wise until proven otherwise. As a fan, I really hope #8 gets another season to show what he’s got – it would be a pretty sad moment if he gets traded elsewhere. If we were to pick up Kolb, you’ve got to believe it would be to start him this season, whereas any rookie QB we pick up in the draft, would be more suited to sit for a year or two.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    I agree with Eric. It seems unlikely that the Eagles would part with Kolb. That situation strikes me a bit like the Packers with Rodgers / Favre. (Of course, Favre’s “retirement” threats vs. McNabb being traded or leave in FA) Kolb would appear to be the heir apparent in Philly. In fact, I think it’s far more likely they are interested in moving McNabb than Kolb. I think the biggest thing we can learn from these inquiries is that Seattle is looking for Matt’s successor, in earnest. It would appear that they prefer to not have to use a high pick on him, but to me, it looks more and more likely that’s what they are prepared to do unless a deal like this can be made.

  4. vichawkfan says:

    A scenario I tossed around – to Denver : Hass/Branch and 4th round pick, we get BM and a 3rd. Draft Clausen and Spiller in the 1st. Now we have our own young triplets, Clasuen/Spiller/Marshall…offensively set at the skill positions.

    Sign Derek Anderson to a 2 year deal. Anderson played great the year he knew he was warming the seat for Quinn, no pressure QB and can gun it around and hand off to Spiller on the one-cut and go ZBS Gibbs installs.

    Never going to happen, but I think if we take Clausen at 6 – there’s good faith in him by PC…. reading more scouting reports on Clausen and he seems to be a good fit. Walterfootball loves the guy.

    Read more:

  5. vichawkfan, Stop this nonsense….. No to Clausen, No to Spiller….Yes to BM (via creative trade to pick up extra picks). DT and OT is far more important plus Clausen will be a bust, mark my word.

  6. vichawkfan says:

    keep an open mind yankinta….Clausen is much more polished and talented than Sanchez was last season coming out. QB is the most important position on the field….

  7. raymaines says:

    C.J. Spiller is 5’10” and 185lbs. He’s a situational back and we have about two too many of those guys already.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    On a sad note, Merlin Olsen died today. I’m sure most of us remember him as NBC analyst (or like my mom, as a part of Little House on the Prairie) rather than a part of one of the greatest defensive lines in NFL history, the Rams “Fearsome Foursome”. Consider; he is still the Rams all-time leading tackler and went to 14 pro bowls in 15 seasons. No one has gone to more, only Bruce Matthews has gone to as many in 19 seasons. He was an all-time great.


    Now look at Hass, and what he did last year. He injured himself in the Niners game running for a TD.

    Yes I agree that we do need an O-Line overhaul, however, can anybody completely blame the line for Hass, or can they start to blame Hass himself.

    He is a great QB, and the best one the Hawks have ever had. He also has a tendency to make bad decisions, try to carry the team on his back, he’s slow, and doesn’t have the quickest release. How many times have we seen him make those bad reads that lead to interceptions.

    I love Hass, I think he’s the ultimate “gamer”, and he took us to the Super Bowl. With that O-Line even Alexander looked good, think about that. The fact of the matter is he is 34 and going into the last year of his contract and PC wants to get younger at that position, and frankly I don’t blame him.

    HASS IS NOT THE QB HE ONCE WAS, AND TO ACTUALLY BELIEVE HE HAS A FEW MORE SEASONS LEFT IS WISHFUL THINKING. The NFL is a business and it should be ran that way. If it were the Holmgren era we could go off emotion and keep Hass around because we liked him and believed in him like Koren Robinson, Sean Alexander, and Jerramy Stevens, and look what that got us. LET’S FACE IT HE’S A GONER.

  10. seahawklovertoo says:

    VHF , I like your idea (minus the Clausen part) but, if McDonky agrees to it, someone in Denver will insist on drafting rookie safety Myron Rolle to practice his brain-surgeon skills on Donkies FO and their coaches. LOL

  11. rollo73, I agree with you for the most part but Hass still deserves one last shot with an average OL.

    vichawkfan, are you saying Clausen will be better than Sanchez? I strongly disagree. Sanchez is an average NFL QB at best. Clausen will be below average. Look at what he did with above average OL with ND last year.

    I’d say wait one year, if Hass can’t play anymore, we’ll suck and will have another top pick in 2011 draft and go get Jake Locker (move up via trade if we have to).

    But for this year, OT and DT is a must. We have so many needs and this will be the right start to fix them.

  12. Let Hass play one more year, if it works cool, if not, don’t resign him. Right now, pick up a vet for back up and consentrate on the lines, both sides. We are not a playmaker(s) away. The Hawks are in a transition state, lets rebuild this team properly, next year we can consentrate on the skill positions.

  13. I would think that after two years of not having a line, people would figure out that maybe we should try to build one, everyone’s scene the results of the last two years, do we need to do this again.

  14. wow TruBlu could your spelling be any worse?

  15. Dukeshire says:

    yankinta – Why do you feel it’s either OT / DT or QB and not all three? Matt will be 35 in September, regardless what kind of line he has in front of him, his days in the league are numbered.

    TruBlu – The simple fact that they hired Gibbs is a clear indication, to me in any case, that they are very serious about reconstructing the o line.

  16. Kolb (pronounced “Cobb”) hasn’t shown much to date. His overall performance last season (163 snaps) was equal to that of SW, Rex Grossman, Brian St Pierre, Matt Leinart, Marc Bulger, and Kellen Clemens.

    In other words, he’s almost an average QB.

  17. “to secure the services of Brandon Marshall, having the San Diego Chargers sign an offer sheet for the Denver Broncos free agent receiver, and then swapping the No. 14 overall pick with the Chargers for Marshall.” What’s wrong with that?

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Kim – One problem with those comparisons is the sample size. St. Pierre took 6 snaps. How is that relevant? In addition Stafford was last on that list, so he’s the worst QB in the league? I don’t think so. I’m not sure that is reasonable to conclude that he’s a below average QB based solely on that chart. Bit it certainly encourages discussion, so that’s a good thing.

  19. How is Kolb relevant? He took the equivalent of 2 games snaps. What it says is that for the time they were in they performed – overall – equally.

  20. wabubba67 says:

    I’ve seen Kolb play a couple of times (picked him up on my fantasy team when McNabb was hurt), and the kid looks like a VERY good, young QB to me. The only thing that I question with him is his ability to throw a nice, deep ball (love Hasselbeck, but he had the same issue). Has anyone seen enough of Kolb to either confirm or refute that assessment? If he is accurate with the deep pass, I would be enthusiastic about this possible acquisition.

    I am not thrilled with the prospect of giving up a #1 pick plus another high pick next year (a #2 has been mentioned in the press). This team has too many other pressing needs, and I still think that Hasselbeck is capable of playing at a high level with an adequate OL. However, if PC is convinced that Kolb is that good we could do A LOT worse.

  21. yankinta says:

    Dukeshire, I agree that we need QB but not willing to trade up to get one. SB will be gone. Not a believer in JC at all, he couldn’t win at ND with above average team (with NFL talent) around him. I’d rather wait till 2011 and trade up to get JL, (if Hass is done, we’ll suck and will have another high draft pick in 2011).

    klm008, We can most likely trade our 14th overall pick to Denver for BM + their 2nd or 3rd pick this year + their 2nd or 3rd pick in 2011. Less messy, don’t have to include a third team.

  22. Well, I hope Gibbs is a maricle worker, especially if the Hawks decide to wait until the later rounds to address the lines which a lot of people seem or hope for to happen. Sorry about the spelling, didn’t realize I was being graded.

  23. I’m so sick of people looking at sack numbers and thinking that is the barometer for an offensive line. If we want to look at hard number and avoid common sense, what about setting 2 franchise lows in yards rushing in a game? That’s pretty pathetic, isn’t it? Good thing that running game has nothing to do with the passing game. Or something.

    Opponents complained about how fast Matt gets rid of the ball. If Aaron Rogers or Matt Schaub played behind our OL and held onto the ball as long as they do… it’s realistic to assume they would have gotten sacked 70 times this past season. But, no, lets be ignorant fools and not take external factors into consideration and look at the hard stats.

    This isn’t like baseball when you go up against a pitcher all by yourself. Sure, you may get better or worse pitches depending if you have Albert Pujols or a Pitcher hitting behind you, but the fact is that you are one-on-one with the pitcher (until the ball is put in play). A QB is never one-on-one like that. He needs a line to protect him and WRs to catch his passes (never mind keeping defenses honest with a running game).

    I know the running game improved that last month, but any athlete knows that if you get the sh!t knocked out of you 1,000 times in a row, you’re probably going to be a little gun shy (i.e. lacking confidence — which affects your performance, even if you were given a running game for 4 games with bad WRs especially after Burleson was lost).

    Kevin Kolb looked great in Philly the couple of games he started, but that same player will look like crap with WRs that suck and an OL who is a lot worse. Maybe our OL can “improve” to the level of the unit that Gibbs coached last year in Houston… then instead of only having the worst OL in the NFL, we can “improve” to only having one of the worst OLs in the NFL. But, hey, at least it won’t be the worst!!!

  24. vichawkfan says:

    Spiller is actually 197 lbs and runs 4.3….so not a little scat back. Thinking to wait on a QB next draft, and pray it’s Locker would be insane. Are you telling me that Sanchez had less talent around him in USC than JC did last season in ND? Wow….can’t disagree more.

  25. vichawkfan says:

    take it for what it’s worth…an opinion on Clausen

  26. chuck_easton says:


    Only problem with your ‘trade” scenario is that Denver has said outright they won’t trade Marshall.

    They will only accept someone signing him to an offer sheet, they likely won’t match and then they get whatever 1st round draft choice belongs to that team (not one that team got from another team). So Denver is going to wait for Seattle to sign Marshall and then take our 6th.

    Denver has said they WON’T trade Marshall for our 14th. They want the #6 straight up or they’ll just keep him.

    I say let them have him.

  27. seahawklovertoo says:

    On Marshall, Seahawks should consider an offer sheet end run

    Posted by Mike Florio on March 11, 2010 9:14 AM ET
    After word emerged that the Seahawks were interested in receiver Brandon Marshall, multiple reports surfaced that the Broncos will consider nothing less than that to which they’re entitled under the rules of restricted free agency — the Seahawks’ first-round draft pick, the sixth overall selection in the 2010 draft.

    Even though the Seahawks also have the 14th overall pick, which they acquired last year from the Broncos for the second-round pick that became cornerback Alphonso Smith, the Broncos apparently aren’t interested in talking trade. Instead, Denver wants the Seahawks to sign Marshall to an offer sheet — at which time the Broncos would have seven days to decide whether to match or to accept Seattle’s pick in round one, the sixth overall pick in the draft.

    So what should the Seahawks do? As we suggested in a recent item at, they should offer the 14th overall pick to any team that is able to finagle Marshall for a selection in the bottom half of round one.

    More specifically, the Seahawks should offer the opportunity to the Chargers, who hold the 28th pick in the first round.

    The steps are simple. San Diego would sign Marshall to an offer sheet containing terms to which the Seahawks know Marshall will agree. (A poison pill should be included to ensure that the Broncos won’t match the offer; arguably, a poison pill must be included to head off an eventual accusation of collusion from the NFLPA.)

    The offer sheet would include a provision that defers for five days or after the deal becomes effective the payment of any money, so that the Chargers never have to actually cut a check to Marshall.

    Then, after the offer sheet isn’t matched and Marshall becomes a Charger and the 28th overall pick flows from San Diego to Denver, the Chargers would send Marshall to Seattle for the 14th overall pick.

    There would be no salary cap consequences, since there is no salary cap. (Also, we vaguely recall similar sign-and-trade arrangements from past years featuring structures that allow the deals to be made without a cap hit to the team that signs the player to the contract and then trades him.)

    We’re aware of no impediment to such a transaction. Though there’s technically a bit of collusion at work, it’s the kind of collusion that the NFLPA should welcome, since it ultimately encourages player movement. In the end, the Chargers get Marshall out of the division, they move from No. 28 to No. 14 in round one, and the Chargers have the satisfaction of sticking it to an arch rival.

    We know it sounds too good to be true, and we’re in the process of asking around to see if any portion of the CBA prevents such a transaction. But it strikes us as a simple and easy way to get around Denver’s apparent refusal to take the 14th overall pick for Marshall — and the mere possibility of such a move might be all the Seahawks need to soften up the Broncos to take pick No. 14 instead of pick No. 6.

  28. QB Kolb’s ’09 Performance:
    Week 1 PHI 38-10 @ CAR: Kolb played after McNabb got hurt in the 3rd qtr, 28 of 69 snaps, ran twice, passed 14 times (0 TDs, 0 ints), handed off 12 plays – Kolb didn’t do much blocking. Overall and passing, Kolb’s performance was nearly average. Without pressure from the defense, Kolb threw 10 times (one was dropped), completed 7 passes (70 C%) for 23 yds (2.3 yds/att), scrambled once for 5 yds and kneeled down once for -1 yd, for an NFL QB rating of 72.9 (no pressure). Under pressure, Kolb had 3 drop-backs, threw an incomplete and got sacked twice, for a QB rating of 39.6 (plays under pressure – but no blitzes). Kolb managed the game after McNabb had won it.

    Week 2 PHI 22-48 vs NO: Kolb started, played 76 of 77 snaps (Westbrook took a direct snap), Kolb didn’t run, passed 54 times, handed off 22 plays – Kolb doesn’t block much. Overall and passing, Kolb’s performance was slightly below average. Under no pressure from the defense, Kolb threw 34 times (one was dropped), completed 24 passes (70.6 C%) for 352 yds (10.4 yds/att), 1 TD, 2 ints, for an NFL QB rating of 89.3 (no pressure). Under pressure, Kolb had 19 drop-backs, threw 17 times, completed 7 passes (41.2 C%) for 39 yds (again 2.3 yds/att) 1 TD, 1 int, and got sacked twice, for an NFL QB rating of 44 (plays under pressure). NO blitzed Kolb 16 times. At least one of the blitzes got picked up (no pressure). Kolb threw 15 times vs blitzes with 8 completions (53.3C%) for 135 yds (9 yds/att), 1 TD, 2 ints, and got sacked once for a 66.7 NFL QB rating.

    Week 3 PHI 34-14 vs KC: Kolb started, played 50 of 64 snaps (Vick played QB 10 downs and Garcia played QB 4 snaps @ end of game), Kolb ran once for 1 yd, passed 35 times (2 TDs, 0 ints, 0 sks), handed off 14 times. Overall and passing, Kolb’s performance was slightly above average. Without pressure from the defense, Kolb threw 32 times (one was dropped), completed 22 passes (68.8 C%) for 308 yds (9.6 yds/att), 2 TDs, 0 picks, for an NFL QB rating of 120.3 (no pressure). Under pressure, Kolb had 2 passes and both were completed for 19 yds (9.5 yds/att), no TDs, picks, or sacks, for an NFL QB rating of 95.7 (plays under pressure). KC blitzed Kolb 15 times, and all but 2 got picked up. While being blitzed, Kolb threw 15 times with 10 completions (66.7 C%) for 137 yds (9.1 yds/att) for an NFL QB Rating of 95.7. Kolb was neither hit nor sacked by KC, never had to throw the ball away, but 2 of his passes were batted. Kolb looked great, but so have most QBs on good offensive teams vs KC, except OAK (1W-1L), DC (Lost), BUF (Won), CLE (Won), and DEN (home Loss – without B.Marshal).

    Week 4 PHI 33-14 vs TB: (3rd home game) Kolb took one snap – handed off. McNabb took 33 snaps and Vick took 16.

    Week 13 PHI 34-7 @ ATL: Kolb played but did not start, 8 of 60 snaps, all hand-offs.

    In sum, Kolb had 96 attempts, completed 62 for 741 yds (7.7 yds/att), 4 TDs, 3 ints, was sacked 4 times and had an overall NFL QB rating of 88.9 in ’09. His best passing was over the middle in the 10-19 yd range. Kolb threw the ball away 3 times, was hit as he threw twice, had 3 dropped passes, and had 3 batted passes. Under no pressure his NFL QB rating was 99.8, which dropped to 47.9 when he was under pressure. When blitzed his QB rating went to 73.2.

    For comparison, Seneca Wallace had 119 attempts, completed 77 for 682 yds (5.8 yds/att), 3 TDs, 2 ints, was sacked 9 times and had an overall NFL QB rating of 84.7. Seneca’s best passes were over the middle in the 10-19 yd range. Seneca threw the ball away once, was never hit as he threw, had 6 dropped passes and had 4 batted passes. Under no pressure his NFL QB rating was 100.2, which dropped to 25.9 when he was under pressure. When blitzed his QB rating went to 82.9.

    For ’09, Hasselbeck had 488 attempts, completed 293 for 3029 yds, 17 TDs, 17 ints, was sacked 32 times and had an overall NFL QB rating of 75.1. Matt’s best passing was outside right and middle in the 10-19 yd range. Beyond 19 yds his best passes are to the right. Matt threw the ball away 18 times, was hit as he threw 6 times, had 29 dropped passes, and had 8 batted passes. Under no pressure his NFL QB rating was 80.6, which dropped to 53.3 when he was under pressure. When blitzed his QB rating went to 57.1.

    The only QBs that handle pressure well are Brees, P Manning, J Flacco, C Palmer, and A Rodgers. Their QB rating actually goes up when pressured. They’re also the best QBs in the NFL. Wish Hawks had one. Assuming there’s a progression in the development of QBs, I can see where Kolb could play as well as Hass in his prime in a few years starting – and under good coaching.

  29. Good thing we moved Seneca for NOTHING. His numbers (better than Matt’s) are clearly a reflection on his ability and it had NOTHING to do with the guy calling plays… This trade irritates me more than the Hutch fiasco because IMO Ruskell got blindsided on that one – this one Carroll and Co. did at face value. I know he had little value on the market, but to the Seahawks he gave at a minimum a competent back-up with rare athleticism and options for ways to impact a game. Oh well – I guess one day I will get over it – I’m over the Hutch thing and I’m over the Mirer thing.

  30. yankinta says:

    chuck_easton, of course Denver is going to say they will not trade. You alway ask for a high price even if you know you’ll never get it.

    This is done all the time, unless you’re really stupid, like Tim Ruskell who gave up 1st round pick for Branch, when no one else was gonna do it. Bidding against yourself, what a GM!!!

  31. yankinta says:

    seahawklovertoo, We will not give up any of our 2 first round picks for BM. They can have 2nd pick, take it or leave it. We’re the only buyer and they know this.

  32. chuck_easton says:


    You are missing the point. Denver has flat out said it’s a 1st rounder or they are happy to keep BM.

    Move on.

  33. nighthawk2 says:

    I remember last season when McNabb was injured and all the trepidation about Kolb starting, and the talking heads on the TV roundtables saying this guy sucked and the organization had no faith in him. Then he plays and has a good game or two, and all of sudden he’s now the future. I don’t know if he’s a good or bad QB, but he was a 2nd round pick and he’s done nothing whatsoever to warrant a 1st round pick in a trade.

    7th round or 6th, I think we got fleeced on the Wallace trade. The guy was a 4th round pick who played fairly well in relief of Hasselbeck, spent 6 years learning the WCO, and we give him away for a bag of chips? Reminds me of one of the Rocky movies where his manager asks why he’s got some local business’ name on the back of the robe, and he said they asked him to wear it for advertising purposes. His manager asks what he got out of it, and he says they let him keep the robe. “Shrewd” replies the manager.

  34. nighthawk2, it’s either that you cut him, which means you wont’ get anything back. I’d take something over nothing at all. The current regime does not believe in Seneca and I don’t blame them. He’s reach his ceiling. We need someone with a higher ceiling for our backup QB. We may use him in the future or get better trade value, (i.e Matt C. or Matt S)

    Chuck_eastons, you are missing the point. Denver will trade BM for sure, mark my word on that. BM is afraid for his life (he’s in a war with a gang there) to live in Denver, therefore will cause trouble for the broncos and he already does not get a long with coaching staff there.

    Do you really think they’d keep him, if they have to discipline him (suspend him for games) over and over again? BM has no value for Denver on the field (only trade value).

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