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Some impressions from UW Pro Day

Post by Eric Williams on March 10, 2010 at 2:22 pm with 31 Comments »
March 10, 2010 2:22 pm

I couldn’t attend UW’s pro day this morning because I’m covering the state basketball tournament at the Tacoma Dome for our paper, but Dave Boling did attend, providing these observations from today’s workout.

Some familiar faces among the NFL talent evaluators on hand in the UW weight room and the Dempsey Center: Former Seahawks general managers Randy Mueller (Chargers) and Bob Ferguson (Colts); former Hawks assistant and UW head coach Keith Gilbertson (Browns); and almost the entire current Seahawks’ staff including head coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider. It was interesting to see Carroll introduce himself and have a brief chat with UW quarterback Jake Locker, who was on hand as an observer, but who passed on the NFL this time around in favor of returning for his senior season.

No question, the two most obvious talents were linebacker Donald Butler and defensive end Daniel Te’o-Nesheim. Butler measured 6-foot and 7/8 inch and 235 pounds. He had the best vertical of 35.5 inches. He did not bench press since he was so impressive at the scouting combine, having a linebacker-best of 35 reps of 225 pounds.

Although the athletes weren’t given their times, and nothing official was announced, one scout told me that Te’o-Nesheim had run in the 4.63-4.66 range for the 40. That’s impressive considering he measured 6-3 ½ and 267. Butler also was clocked in what he thought was somewhere in the “4.6s.” He said he had hoped to dip into the 4.5s.

Interestingly, when coaches broke the players down into individual skill drills, Te’o-Nesheim was tested as a pass rusher, but also in the linebacker drills. One scout said that he thought his speed and pass-rush ability might make him a real candidate to play outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense.

A scout suggested that Butler looked like maybe a 4th or 5th round prospect, but Te’o-Nesheim might be moving upward in a lot of evaluators’ eyes.

Husky coach Steve Sarkisian talked briefly afterward about his athletes, particularly the two prime prospects. He cited both Butler and Te’o-Nesheim for being loaded with intangibles such as intelligence and high-effort.

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  1. wabubba67 says:

    Pete Carroll: “So Jake, I’m thinking that if things go as planned this year that we might have a real shot at getting you next year.”

    Jake Locker: “Would love to stay in Seattle…but I don’t have much control with that decision.”

    PC: “Don’t worry about it Jake…I do!”

  2. bigmike04 says:

    I hope Jake Locker doesnt become a seahawks period, the guy is frankly not that good of QB and fit better with team that willing to run the wildcat offensive because Locker is not a true QB just more of Michael Vick Clone.

  3. ryanryan says:

    locker is gutsy, tough and a natural leader who puts his talentless team on his shoulders every week and makes a whole town believe there’s an outside chance of a win because of him and him alone. the seahawks should be so lucky.

  4. nidhighe says:

    bigmike04, if only it was that easy to tell who will be a good pro player.


  5. seahawklovertoo says:

    I hope my “conspiracy theory” comes true : Sark and PC conspire to kick Locker out of the UW program right after the draft is done….. by then , all the teams that need a QB have taken one ,or two. Locker comes out in the supplemental draft. We bid first and third for him and by this October he is a Seahawk and starts in the last three games of 2010.

  6. Danielle, you little sweet tart…do you need to sign your posts every time so we know you’re a girl. For goodness sake…it really doesn’t matter.

  7. “You little sweet tart”?????

    What kinds of sites are you interacting on??

    I thought this forum was for Hawks football interactions…how someone choses to sign or not sign their post it their choice.

    Totally inappropriate response!!!

    Note to Danielle….Keep posting since women are fans too and have insight and opinions as valuable as any. Not all male football fanatics so easily objectify women.

  8. jc50- well spoken, in regard to your comment about sweet tart.

  9. jc50 – well spoke, in regard to your comment about sweet tar.

  10. bigmike…i think what any rational person, at this point, sees in jake locker is a true qb with mobility. not a white michael vick. thats more like the guy down in florida.

  11. Another day with no FA final deals for the Hawks…..
    and offensive linemen are available…..

    Smoke & mirrors…. Smoke & mirrors…

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Sorry if this has been posted already, haven’t been around much today. Looks like the ‘Hawks will get a 7th for Wallace in the ’11 draft (perhaps 6th depending on playing time).

  13. tp10super10 says:

    bigmike04…everything you said about Jake Locker not being “good” is pretty ignorant and honestly..when every reader comes into this article and reads your post 100% of them are going to assume you lack all football evaluation skills.

    Do all of us a favor. Scan over the history of college football and find a 21 year old college QB who ran an option offense for 2 years before making a switch to a pro style offense who had a 59% completion percentage on 395 attempts, 2,800 yards, 21 TD’s in the air and 28 total TD’s, who touched the ball on nearly 600 plays and only turned the ball over 11 times (all INT’s down from 15 his Fresh fumbles on 112 rushes which includes sacks) and the best and most telling stat of all..7.3 ypc.

    So bigmike04..since you throuw your nonsensical opinion out without obviously doing a seconds worth of research or knowing anything about Jake Locker or the UW Football team, you might not know what 7.3 ypc means in the development of a QB. Who, in your masterfull opinion, would you want the Seahawks to get to run a pro style offense? Let’s go over some number of guys who I would assume someone, such as yourself, would want and focus on the yards per completion…

    Sam Bradford: 9.8 ypc in a spread offense who attempted 483 passes (from 2008)
    Colt McCoy: 7.5 ypc on 470 attempts..again..spread offense
    Jimmy Clausen: 7.4 ypc on 440 attempts…this is pretty acurate for a pro style offense ND ran.

    This is just from this years draft of available QB (you don’t want to start looking at Tebow, Snead, Brown, Pike, etc.). These are the “best” and at very least most accomplished QB’s of the past 2 seasons in NCAA. Locker’s stat growth, especially in ypc and comp % is right in line with the above QB’s and we should only expect more in his senior year.

    Yards per completion is a really nice gauge for how a QB is growing in an offense. Take Lockers first 2 years..Running an option/ball contain offense his ypc was only 6.3 and 5.5 (before broken thumb). In just one year in a new USC Pro Style offense he jumped up to 7.3 along with the MAJOR improvemnt in completion % from 47% to 59% in just 2 years.

    If Michael Vick is your best comparassion to Jake Locker then you might be less informed than you already made yourself out to be. Michael Vick’s highest completioin percentage in the NFL was 56.4% and his highest in college wsa 54%..not only that, but Vick’s Junior year he averaged only 123 yards per game along with 11.4 rushes per game and 61 rushing ypg. Locker’s Junior year?? He averaged 32.3 ypg rushing on only 8.6 rushes per game WHILE averaging 233 ypg passing. Vick is 5’11 210lbs…Locker is 6’3 235. These players are about as opposite physically and stat wise as you can possibly get.

    I’m getting tired of proving you wrong. Opinions are opinions, but if you would have said something like, Locker is getting better and he’s a good player, but I don’t think he fits well with an NFL team and I wouldn’t want him with the least that comes across like you’re not a complete moron. All the “he’s not that good” and “Locker is not a true QB just more of Michael Vick clone” again, just makes you sound dumb. The fact that he has accomplished what he has with crap talent around him, changing offenses and the entire coaching staff, coming off an injury, and pressure of a 0-12 season is impressive enough. The fact that he is only 21 and has another year to not only soak up the offense, but actually has some talent around him should only make him better.

  14. tp10super10…on point. It’s irritating to read ignorant or uninformed comments, but unfortunately not every fan takes as much time to research before forming opinions. Locker has the potential to be a franchise QB at the next level, but we’ll have to wait and see because QB is one of the hardest positions to project. As Seahawk and Husky fans, we all want to see him in a Seahawk uniform, but only time will tell.

    On that note…I don’t know if we can nab Locker during next year’s draft. Either the Huskies would have to fail miserably (dropping his draft stock), or the Seahawks would have to give us another clunker of a season. He’s not exactly an unknown prospect anymore. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the front office traded up to make sure they got him. He’d be perfect because Sarkisian and Carrol run essentially the same offense, so he could play immediately or within a year if Hasselbeck proves he can still be effective next season. Either way, Locker would drastically shorten the rebuilding process.

  15. snydro81 says:

    Audible, that was pretty creepy.

    Sorry Danielle, he doesn’t speak for the rest of us.

  16. A seventh round pick for Seneca? This was obviously a roster space move.

    Tart? Seahawks/singles bar site?

    I wonder if Marcus Trufants brother will be available in the 2011 draft.

    wabubba67, that was funny and maybe a bit too true.

  17. Nice break down Super10, Lock is a stud, I can’t wait for next season with Polk and all those young recievers coming back. Go Dawgs. I would love to see Locker in blue, mabybe it can happen, but we would probably have to give up a lot to get that first pick to get him.

  18. BenderHawkFan says:

    from rotoworld:

    Comcast Sports Net Philadelphia reports the Seahawks are interested only in Kevin Kolb, not Donovan McNabb.

    ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio had reported the Seahawks were calling “non-stop” on the Philly quarterbacks, though it appears they’re only interested in the younger of the two. The Eagles are reportedly holding out for two first-round picks for Kolb. Seattle does have an extra first-round pick this season, but it’s hard to picture them parting with both picks. The Eagles’ asking price for McNabb is said to be a first-round pick “plus something else.”

    Two 1st rd picks for Kolb? Bahahahahahahaha. I like Kolb, but that’s laughable.

  19. Wow you can tell we all want a winning team again it’s getting heated in here. I think what makes this offseason hard for us the fans is the Hawks are taking a page from New England. There is not a lot of news coming from the hawks like in years past. It Seems things are more internal and no ones leaking anything which I think is good. Also we all know we need players and with nothing in the first 6 days of FA is hard. However I do think Seattles doing it right. FA is alot like buying property or land. When buying you alway want to have the upper hand or walk away. I think us as fan really want change now and waiting is hard. All this QB trade talk coming out of Philly is BS too

  20. Why do I feel that Bradford and Clausen are not going to pan out. What Qb’s have come out of a spread and have been successful? On Clausen, Im seeing him cash the check and then checking out, just a gut feeling I get from him, it’s hard to explain.

  21. Get some OL and DL, wait on the QB’s. We’ve ingnored these positions for to long.

  22. Nice break down super10, Locker is a stud. Can’t wait for next season with Polk and all the young recievers coming back. Hawks would be lucky if they could finagnle a way to pick up Locker next draft, but it will cost them an arm and a leg probably.

  23. If we really want Brandon Marshall:

    We can wait until after the draft and give up our ’11 #1 pick. The Vikings pulled the same thing with Jared Allen two years ago except the Chiefs knew they were going to sign him to an offer sheet after the draft, so they caved and traded for a #1 and some other stuff just prior to the draft.

    Knowing we were going to get Marshall (by giving up #1 in ’11), we could use either our #6, 14 or 2nd rounder to move down for more picks. And if we could use one of the first rounders to pick of a few picks later in the draft, we could offer our #2 to some team for their ’11 #1.

    Basically, we wouldn’t lose draft picks this year or next year AND we’d have Marshall.

  24. vichawkfan says:

    PC knows Clausen more than any other pro-personal guy in the league. If we take or pass on him, there’s good thought into it.

    Haven’t heard a peep about any other BM visits to other teams.

  25. chuck_easton says:

    There are no other visits by BM to other teams. That is what is so frustrating.

    Denver has taken the stance that they WON’T trade him to us. They only want us to sign him to an offer sheet which they won’t match and then they get our #6 pick.

    I say they can take that and put it where their mother never washed. Let them deal with a disgruntled BM for another season and then Seattle can make a run at him next season when he’s a UFA if they want him.

    Or Denver can come to their senses and realize they’d better take whatever they can get now, but it won’t be our #6.

  26. vichawkfan says:

    Chuck – agreed. It’s posturing at it’s finest though. They would be stupid to expose him to another team’s offer sheet tender, that is BELOW the 14th pick.

    A scenario I tossed around – to Denver : Hass/Branch and 4th round pick, we get BM and a 3rd. Draft Clausen and Spiller in the 1st. Now we have our own young triplets, Clasuen/Spiller/Marshall…offensively set at the skill positions.

    Sign Derek Anderson to a 2 year deal. Anderson played great the year he knew he was warming the seat for Quinn, no pressure QB and can gun it around and hand off to Spiller on the one-cut and go ZBS Gibbs installs.

    Never going to happen, but I think if we take Clausen at 6 – there’s good faith in him by PC…. reading more scouting reports on Clausen and he seems to be a good fit. Walterfootball loves the guy.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    vichawkfan – “PC knows Clausen more than any other pro-personal guy in the league.” Charlie Weis? Not that K.C. is going to take a QB in the first, just as a point of reference.

  28. All skill positions set, now watch them do nothing until we get a good line. At least I don’t think the Hawks fans will cheer when Anderson goes down again.

  29. What are skill positions going to do when there are no holes or time to throw, I guess it will be flies up to Marshall everytime. At least the Hawks fans won’t cheer when Anderson goes down again, well, I think they won’t. I am down to try and get Marshall, but we need OL with our picks. It’s a broken record, but I’m goin’ to keep sayin’ it.

  30. The first post didn’t pop up right away, sorry about the double talk.

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