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Report: Hawks will not sign offer sheet for Marshall today

Post by Eric Williams on March 6, 2010 at 12:32 pm with 33 Comments »
March 6, 2010 12:33 pm

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting the Seahawks will not sign an offer sheet for Denver Broncos restricted free agent receiver Brandon Marshall today, and characterizes the meeting between Marshall and the Seahawks today as more of an information gathering session for both sides in what will be a longer process.

Also, according to Schefter’s report, former New England Patriot’s tight end Chris Baker and New Orleans free agent running back Mike Bell are expected to visit Seattle in the near future.

And’s Mike Florio is reporting that Detroit free agent cornerback Will James will visit Seattle next week.

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  1. I read that the Hawks are targeting the following O linemen in the draft:

    OT Charles Brown, OT Jason Fox, OG Mitch Petrus, OG Zane Beadles, OG Marshall Newhouse. Newhouse was a tackle but projects as a guard.

    After watching Sims, Spencer and Unger get tossed around like Raggedy Andy dolls last season, Beadles seems like a perfect fit. His scouting says he is too easily shed and gets overwhelmed at times.

    Actually, the scouting reports on Fox and Petrus weren’t that bad.

    I really can’t understand why PC would want to bring a spouse beater like Brandon Marshall into the Seattle community.

  2. edstang45 says:

    Good News atleast for now. Hopefully we can get Marshall in terms that help us, rather than selling out. Outlook for the future could take the turn for the better if our guys can work out a trade and keep our top 3 picks, gain a 3rd somehow. How is denver fixed for LB’s and DB’s, maybe a combo of one or two of the Heater, and Jennings, Lucas, Bryant , Kearney or some Salmon and throw away a later round next year?? depends on how bad Denver wants to dump Marshall.

  3. Oldbutslow says:

    A good test of the horse trading ability of our front office. Denver wants to be rid of him, so there should be some room to chip away at their demands.

  4. I’d like to see us get Marshall, but NOT for a 1st round pick.

  5. Now the haggling begins! No way are they getting our #6 for Marshall. Probably not the #14 either.

  6. I just hope some team doesn’t swoop in and get in on the bidding. Right now, I don’t want to say we have them where we want them, but it’s looking good. However, if someone else emerges, we’re going to be bidding against them and that’s where we may end up giving them a #1 if we have to (which none of us want).

  7. edstang45 says:

    I agrre with BobbyK, having said that i’d rather see another team get him rather than selling out our top picks.

  8. chuck_easton says:

    Is Lucas still under contract? I thought he only signed a one year deal.

  9. edstang45 says:

    But I’m also thinking this show there is going to be a difference with this Duo than with the Ruskell bunch. Are we beginning to see talent at work??

  10. chuck – I thought that very thing with respect to Lucas?

    Sando just gave an interesting scenario when comparing the Marshall situation with Cromartie. He’s talented (like Marshall), carries excess off-field baggage (like Marshall) and they were willing to trade him for a draft choice next season.

    Maybe we could trade a conditional #2 next year that would turn into a #1 if basic things happen in ’10 (provided we are going to upgrade the team through FA/draft to get to the point where we can realistically win the division). And from there, we could do a draft day trade to pick up the missing Marshall pick next year (so we have 7 picks in 7 rounds again next year). Maybe trading down with our #6 or #14 to a spot towards the end of the first round AND to pick-up a 1st rounder next year, too. Just a thought. As we’ve said many times, I don’t mind trading a pick for Marshall, but I’d like to get a pick back as well.

  11. OCHawkFan says:

    Awesome. This was a test for PC and Schneider. Ruskel consistently overpaid for free agents. He had no clear strategy or vision for this team.

    We’ll see what PC and Schneider do in the draft, but I like their restraint. Mike Bell would be a great pickup for us at RB. He’s familiar with the ZBS and would prob come at a good price. On the fence abt Aaron Kampman, but I say we go for it at the right price. Trade Wallace, trade Branch, trade down in the draft with our first rounders..this is a deep draft,.we could pick up some really good value!

  12. nighthawk2 says:

    “I’d like to see us get Marshall, but NOT for a 1st round pick.”

    Amen. Maybe this new regime isn’t quite as short-sighted as I thought. Maybe. I still have little faith considering that Carroll kept two of Jim Moron’s staff and brought in Frisch and Kippy Brown. Yawn.

    I never saw Unger get tossed around like a rag doll last year. Sims and Spencer in their careers, yeah. They suck. Fox had surgery at the end of last season on his knee, and also missed Miami’s last game of the season due to irregular heartbeat. Beadles got tossed around like rag doll in the Senior Bowl practices, I’d say no to either of them. Newhouse is looking good.

    What I want is Berry at 6, (or Spiller or Morgan if Berry is gone) and Bulaga at 14, and a guard, say Mike Johnson, at 40. Unless we trade down a few spots from 6, and recoup a 3rd, then look at guard in the 3rd and take a FS or RB in the 2nd.

  13. I still say Mays at #6,OT at #14,at # 40 a DE.

  14. vichawkfan says:

    BERRY !!!

    Kampman coming to town for a visit or what? Give him a two year deal.

  15. oceanic: “OT Charles Brown, OT Jason Fox, OG Mitch Petrus, OG Zane Beadles, OG Marshall Newhouse. Newhouse was a tackle but projects as a guard.”

    Don’t know where you got it, but it’s what people have been thinking. I hope they also maybe look at LT ZBer Alonzo Durham outta UNR, and there’s sposed to be a good ZBing LT in the draft outta ND, but it doesn’t sound like they’re going for Okung, Bulaga, Campbell, Davis, etc, 1st round #6 OL. Not even #14 OL.

    “Build through the draft, fill needs through FA”. I’m taking the distinction between building and need-filling is that when a position lacks starting quality players that fit the team’s scheme – that position needs building (or rebuilding), and when you’re shorta backups – that’s need-filling.

    TR went FA for offense, draft for D. Offense suffered (crumbled) and the smaller D guys TR drafted couldn’t play 40 min per game (Hawks were worst in NFL in TOP in ’09). So it’s the offense that needs “rebuilding” the most: ZBing LT (Walt’s retired?), ZBing LG (Hawks lose Sims with a 4th round tender?), future QB (if either Clausen or Bradford are there at #6), #1 large split end WR (Dez Bryant #14), starting RB (Spiller #14), and a returner (Spiller?) Since the OL guys you mentioned are not the top guys, that looks like they’re going to try the #40 on one of them.

    Hawks D is also facing rebuilding needs due to age and injury. Patrick Kerney hasn’t had an injury-free season as a Hawk and rumors of his retirement party were believable. Hawks need a starter who can pressure the QB, something they had too little of in ’08 & ’09. Hawks were ranked 30th in pass defense in both ’08 & ’09. Hawks secondary needs starters at both safety and CB.

    Looks like Hawks’re gonna havta take a few years to get the pieces.

  16. edstang45 says:

    Okung/Baluga #6 Lupati #14and Dwyer #40

  17. chuck_easton says:


    First off it’s Iupati (with an i at the front of his name) not Lupati and Bulaga not Baluga. Second of all Iupati is a guard. They need a LT and either a DL or Safety.

    If Berry is there at #6 he’ll be taken. If Clausen is there at #14 it is likely to be him. If Clausen is gone it would likely be a DE or DT at #14. I don’t see them taking any LT unless Okung or Bulaga is still on the board at #6.

  18. If Mr. Happy stars Curry at the “Elephant” this upcoming season, I think we have a chance to have a pretty good defense.

    I could easily be wrong, but I think Curry would be great at that position. If he’s basically a RDE who plays more outside than a normal end (as the Elephant does) and drops back into coverage in various schemes, I think he can/will develop into a stud who has the potential for 10-12 sacks next season. I think he’s the key to the defense in that role (if Mr. Happy so chooses to use him like that, but I think he will, even though I have nothing to base this on and could easily be wrong).

    I think Jackson fits well as a strong side end. Mr. Happy has said he’s going to bulk him up a bit and be more of an anchor on that side (no more Kerney).

    I don’t know where this leaves Tapp, but you can assume he’s going to be on the field when we need to get after the QB (Jackson would most likely hit the sidelines in those situations). Maybe Tapp ends up as the Elephant, and Curry takes over on the strong side (where he’ll be at LB if Tapp is the featured Elephant) for Jackson in pass rush situations? I don’t know, and I don’t think any of us know either. But it’s fun to speculate.

    I know Mebane is a stud and Cole is serviceable. But we do need one more, good DT. We’d really be screwed if Mebane went down (think Frank Gore and the first 49ers game this past season).

    We all know our LBs are good so I won’t go there.

    I mentioned earlier today that I think our top three CBs are fine and I mean it.

    If Grant isn’t cut in any purging of salary, I think he’s still serviceable at SS. He may not be a stud, but he isn’t bad.

    Free Safety is an obvious hole.

    Basically, I think we’re a DT/FS away from having a good defense IF – IF – IF the offense can play it’s part and put up some points. This defense would have a chance to be really good IMO if we could be playing with a 10-3 or 21-13 type of lead where it’s easier to actually “get after it” instead of being demoralized by trailing 7-0 or 14-3 and coming onto the field after the offense has generated another 3-and-out.

    A lot of my good feeling about our defense is under the assumption that Curry can crank it up and be a good pass rusher like I think he can/will be (or, to my surprise, Tapp becomes the Elephant and registers double digit sack numbers, which I know he can but certainly wouldn’t bet on it… that’s too much kool-aid although not impossible)… and with the assumption that the OL improves and a guy like Brandon Marshall can make plays like he has for the Broncos.

    Basically, on paper, I like our defense in it’s current form except at FS and one more DT. Obviously, I’d like to add depth like a CB/DE but on the surface I think we have a chance to be good if the offense can get it going a bit, too.

  19. I’m starting to wonder if we’ll even be picking #6? If we do get Marshall, I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the transaction would be to trade our #6 for their #10 overall choice.

  20. Correction: Broncos pick #11, not 10.

  21. Never felt this way before, but I wouldn’t be at all upset if we use both first rounds on the offensive line.

  22. BobbyAyala says:

    “I never saw Unger get tossed around like a rag doll last year.”

    Roll back the tape…

    As for Marshall, sign him up. There’s pro bowler, and then there’s freak. Marshall’s a freak.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – We obviously agree about Mebane, but this “But we do need one more, good DT.” to me is an understatement, you are too kind. NT is a huge need for them especially considering the switch to the under scheme.

    And I don’t think there is any question we’ll see Curry and Tapp (assuming they don’t loose him) in the Cushing / Jackson “elephant” role next year. I also think there is an opportunity to see Hill blitz a bit more from the weak side, with the shift to overload the weakside in the under. The thought of it makes me smile. You are beginning to sound like me regarding their defense, Bobby, if I may. lol. I’m very excited about them too.

  24. Max Unger is the poster boy for an interior OL on an Alex Gibbs led unit. It’s nice that Gibbs is getting Unger in year two and with him starting 12 games at RG and 4 at C as a R. He may not have dominated in ’09, and he may have gotten manhandled a time or two in his R season, but he’s the least of our OL worries moving forward.

  25. Duke – we both agree about DT. And, yes, it’d be nice to have a couple more DT, but I was trying not to be too greedy. I’d like to have another one, but I’d like to have another CB too (even though I feel good about that unit 3 deep).

    I bashed Kelly Jennings with the best of them his first 3 years in the league and I find it ironic that I’m sticking my head out and saying he’s a fine 3rd CB. But he is.

    And I’ve even said that Sims doesn’t suck anymore. Maybe I’m having a breakdown?

    But, again, besides DT/FS… that damn offense needs to get things cranked up again so the defense isn’t in such crappy position all the time.

    I look at Sharper in MN two years ago. He was washed up (in a contract year, which you don’t see too often). Sure, he made some plays here and there but his overall body of work wasn’t the greatest. So what changed when he was on the wrong side of 30? Well, he went to a team that scored points like crazy and their defense was allowed to play with the lead, be aggressive, etc. That’s a bigger reason why Sharper was so good in ’09. And we’re going to see the Seahawk defense improve like crazy if the offense can crank things up. Damn, I’m getting pumped again!!! Mr. Happy… don’t let me down!!!

  26. I think of one of the original Elephants, Charles Haley, and I see Curry as so much better. Scary thought.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Better than Charles Haley? That is scary, anything approaching that is something else that makes me smile.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    Charles Haley, I think that’s an interesting comparison. God, he was great. If Curry even approaches that status I will be incredibly happy.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Charles Haley, I think that’s an interesting comparison. God, he was great. If Curry even approaches that status I will be incredibly happy.

  30. BobbyAyala says:

    Not throwing Unger under the bus, but to say he never got worked is just not true. He doesn’t have low center of gravity, and, at times, he got handled pretty noticeably by bigger DT’s.

    That said, he’s a center and played out of position. No worries about Unger going forward, for one, he came in as a rookie, put in 16 games and proved he belonged. Not easy to pick up a new position in a new system as a rookie then be asked to move three quarters through. Showed a lot, for me, but, again, to say he never got worked is hyperbole.

    The thing about getting Marshall that really works for me is the fact that TJ can move in and do what he does best.

    As the accompany to Chad Johnson, he was a beast. With Brandon Marshall demanding attention, TJ should go right back to his 100-catch form.

    The Hawks are sitting pretty right now in terms of negotiations because they appear to be the only suitor. If that remains the case (not likely), they won’t have to give up picks this year.

  31. BobbyAyala says:

    Not throwing Unger under the bus, but to say he never got worked is hyperbolic. Besides Willis, he was the most consistent.

    BM will make TJ so much better.

    TJ w/ Chad Johnson = great.

    TJ w/ Burleson/Branch = yawn.

    TJ w/ Marshall = maybe not great, but much better.

  32. bigmike04 says:

    2 Big Free agent DE are off the market as Peppers sign with Bears and Kapman sign with Jaguars saturday.

    Thought with the uncap year, dont forget that these roookies coming in will be asking for more money then they are worth period, I think NFL should have rookie stanard contract and let them prove themself in order to get the money, as Combine, Wonderlinc or pro day mean jack crap until they get in real live NFL Action game.

  33. edstang45, I would love it if the Hawks got Okung/Bulaga, Iupati and Dwyer but I don’t think it will happen.

    Getting Mays would seem redundant. Seattle already has safties that can’t cover. Much rather have Berry or Thomas.

    I met Baluga. We shared a can of caviar.

    Seattle needs an upgrade at LT and the interior of the line. Unger has promise but needs to get stronger.

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