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A case for Tebow as a Hawk

Post by Eric Williams on March 2, 2010 at 12:05 pm with 54 Comments »
March 2, 2010 12:05 pm
Florida QB Tim Tebow (Bill Haber/AP)

Today in his regular appearance on KJR 950-AM with Mitch Levy, SI’s Peter King voiced what I had been mulling over in my mind for the past, few weeks – could the Seattle Seahawks be interested in Florida quarterback Tim Tebow?

King made an interesting case for Tebow heading to the Pacific Northwest.

ESPN’s Mike Sando argues that Seattle would have little interest in Tebow because he probably would require a second or third-round pick, and the Seahawks have too many other needs to take that much of a risk on a developmental quarterback that high in the draft. And I tend to agree.

However, King brings up some interesting points as to why the Seahawks might be a good fit for Tebow.

* Tebow needs a couple “red-shirt” years to develop, and there would be no pressure for him to play early with a quality, veteran quarterback like Matt Hasselbeck already in the fold.

* Hasselbeck is probably one of the best quarterbacks to learn from. Hasselbeck won’t feel threatened by Tebow possibly taking his job, and he would be a good mentor for a young quarterback working on his mechanics and learning the game like Tebow.

* You can’t get any farther from Florida in the NFL than Seattle, so Tebow could finally escape the fish bowl of Gainesville. Seattle is a place where Tebow would actually play second fiddle to Jake Locker.

* St. Louis Rams general manager said something that struck me at the combine this week:

“I’ve come full circle. If you don’t have the intangibles to play that position. . . .To me the physical skills are almost the easy part now for these kids. There’s so much that goes into being a quarterback in the NFL. The work ethic that you have to have. The leadership. The time that you put in. The media scrutiny. If you can’t handle all that stuff, you’re going to have a hard time performing on the field.”

Following along those lines, besides perhaps Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford, I don’t think a quarterback in the draft has the intangibles that Tebow has. He’s led his teams to two national titles and won the Heisman Trophy, so you know he’s a winner. He’s going to come in and work hard. He’s a team guy. And he’s a guy that other players will follow, which I think might be the most important characteristic for a quarterback. And he’s a gamer that will rise to the level of play at the end of the game.

The only thing I would question is what kind of teaching Tebow will get everyday at practice. In the past the Seahawks have had excellent coaching at the quarterback position with Mike Holmgren and Jim Zorn, so I’m interested to see how new Hawks QB coach Jedd Fisch will do, but his resume looks good.

Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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  1. chrisj122 says:

    No, no no no no no no no, not Tebow! I don’t think the Hawks should take any quaterbacks until the way later rounds and certainly not Tim Tebow. Both offensive and defensive lines need to much help to focus on a quarterback early in the draft. The only quaterback i would consider would be Sean Canfield from OSU but i wouldn’t pick him until the 4th round. Please Hawks don’t use an early pick on a quarterback, PLEASE!

  2. I don’t think it is a wise choice to draft a QB who is currently learning how to throw, when there may be better QB’s to pick from. I have this sneaky suspision that the Hawks take Bradford or Clausen at no. 6 if they are available and get Buluga at 14. I just have this feeling when I read between the lines of what PC and Schneider are saying. Give either of those two QB’s a year behind Hass and they will start when Hass isn’t re-signed at the end of the season. I don’t think PC can pass on Everson Griffen in the 2nd round unless he is off the board, and in that case I have a feeling he goes with Best out of Cal to give us the 1-2 Cal punch out of the backfield. If PC goes with Griffen, then he could form his all USC Defense with Tatupu, LoJack (who he can get to play and play well), and Griffen. The only thing standing in the way of that would be a great corner or safety instead, because PC has been talking a lot about Tapp lately. Like I said these are all just suspisions.

  3. bigsmooth says:

    If Heisman Trophies and National Championships equaled a great NFL career there would have been far less busts at the QB position. He’s a gamer that will rise to the level of play at the end of a game? Really, except that he has never done that passing the ball since junior high.

  4. bigsmooth says:

    Also, if you are going to take a project QB, why not a guy like Zac Robinson out of Ok State? He pretty much equaled Tebow at the combine plus he threw the ball like a Male.

  5. Shoot me now. Please.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    I agree with virtually everything you said, however, I believe his issues at QB extend beyond an adjustment to his delivery and footwork. His play in the SR Bowl was alarming. He tucks and runs when there are open receivers. The 5, 6 yards he gets in college will not be there with the speed of LBs in the NFL. That’s instinct and it will be far more difficult to break him of that while still allowing him to use his athleticism. Also, I question the arm. Not that Bradford has a cannon, but the ball come out heavy from Tebow (or so it appears on tv) so now he’s asked to develop not just arm strength but touch and feel in addition to a new delivery. Overall, I question whether the “intangibles” can make up for physical limitations. I actually think he’ll be a quality starter in the NFL at some point, but I want more than that. Bradford has a far greater chance for greatness and far less risk (yes, including the shoulder. Drew Brees…) associated, in my opinion. I don’t see Tebow leaving the second maybe a first round pick, and his value would be a 4th for me to be on board with the ‘Hawks drafting him.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    “I agree with virtually everything you said,..” everything Eric said… Not the other reactionary takes. Just to clarify.

  8. What difference does it make who plays QB when they play behind the Hawks O line? Fix the O line first then worry about QB.

    Taking a QB now would be like ordering an expensive dessert when you can’t afford anything but mac and cheese for a main dish.

  9. chrisj122 says:

    I like how Peter King qotes the G.M. of the Rams
    “I’ve come full circle. If you don’t have the intangibles to play that position. . . .To me the physical skills are almost the easy part now for these kids. There’s so much that goes into being a quarterback in the NFL. The work ethic that you have to have. The leadership. The time that you put in. The media scrutiny. If you can’t handle all that stuff, you’re going to have a hard time performing on the field.”
    How well has this philosophy worked out for the rams thus far? This is like taking advice from a homeless person on how to get a job.

  10. Jedd Fisch does not nutrue QBs. He berates them. That’s not what a developmental project needs. I like our overall coaching staff, but I hate our QB coach. He’s a failed offensive coordinator from Minnesota and the offensive problems were always someone else’s fault. It was never the coaches. That’s all I need to know. There aren’t many kind words about him from this state. One of my buddies has Gopher season tickets and he was thrilled that he’s gone. Too bad for us, he’s in Seattle.

  11. Pat_riot says:

    Draft Tebow in the 3rd round (after we trade the no. 6 pick for a couple/few lower picks) as our next RB, never EVER EVER as a QB though!

  12. wabubba67 says:

    Tim Tebow will make David Greene seem like a stroke of genius….we should work on completely rebuilding with young players (yes, that means trading Hasselbeck to Cleveland), get brutes on the OL/DL, and compete for the top pick next year (when we can grab Locker).

  13. Bobby….I don’t know a darn thing about Jedd Fisch’s coaching style, but he sure as heck gets results….
    Why the thumbs down on him????

    His results:

  14. SharkHawk says:

    Tebow was clearly the best college player in the last few years. No doubt about it. We’ve seen this before though, with both Charlie Ward, and before him Tommie Frazier. They were both by FAR the best players in the college game. Nobody else came close.

    Frazier could take over a game like nobody else… yet where was his NFL career? Sure he had the blood clot issue, but even before that the talk was that he’d NEVER get an NFL shot. We saw it happen with Warren Moon too. Warren’s issue was probably way more to do with race than anybody would admit, but they talked that he didn’t have the “skillset” just as they do with Tebow.

    Ultimately the guy is a winner. Does that mean he’ll win in the NFL? Maybe… maybe not. But it won’t be due to lack of effort. QB’s are so risky anyway. I don’t see a problem taking a risk on a guy who has at least one thing going for him… the leadership factor. Also he is a super hard worker, and a good guy. I don’t agree with his political views, but I respect the heck out of him for having views and standing up for them. Would you rather have a shrinking violet at QB with a great throwing motion?

    This dude is the anti-Jeff George. He is totally worth a post-first round gamble. George was a 1st pick! Leaf was a second! Mirer was a second! You’re telling me you could get Tebow in maybe the third and you’d maybe pass? No way. Not me. Even if it is just a guy to stand on the sidelines and provide a good practice/scout QB who can come in and run some different sets like wildcat or decoy. Go for it. He’s a winner.

  15. Amen Oceanic

  16. I knew this topic would go over like a fart in church!

  17. His “results” include being in Baltimore during the days their offense was bad. Remember when everyone talked about if Baltimore only had an offense to go with that defense? He was a piece of the offensive staff for part of those years. Yes, they improved when they got McNair though.

    And before that he was with the lowly Texans?

    I do like the Shanahan connection, but he was the Gopher OC this past season and I was, again, less than impressed.

    I hope our QBs succeed in spite of him, b/c they will have to.

  18. I don’t think anything can make David Greene look like a stroke of genius.

    I’ll take Tebow if he’s there after our 4th round pick, but that’s it.

  19. vichawkfan says:

    if Tony Pike is taken, get Tebow….4th

  20. edstang45 says:

    No Tebow please!!!
    After watching the combine, (dont laugh) #6 Okung or Bulaga if their gone then Bruce Campbell, #14 Lupati, then #40 Dwyer. I would think after having so much success with Jones hutch and and Tobeck Getting back to having a o-line featuring Okung/Bulaga, Lupati and Unger with Sims??, Locklear then it would be possible that Forsett and whoever, (maybe Jones) could develope into something atleast middle of the road, Matt would be back to his upright self, Get by with what we have for Defense (or FA’S) If all goes to crap then OL would have one year under their belts and Locker could be a possibility next year. But I would think having a OL for the next 10-12 years would be worth it!! Am I alone here?

  21. edstang45 says:

    Gosh I forgot Dwyer Dwyer/Forsett this could be a excellent RB combo behind the alex gibbs taught OL

  22. The truth be known I don’t know a thing about Tebow. I can’t help but wonder though, has the National Sports Media packaged him and sold his Kool Aid.
    I seem to remember Holmgren making a point that his Mechanics are awful.I know that Quarterbacks can and often are HUGE busts. Hmmmm so I guess you could say they tend to be Triple D’s. I hope the Hawks find a good replacement for Hasselbeck in the later rounds. Let’s fix the Offensive line first.

  23. seahawklovertoo says:

    I AM stuck at the airport so, this is what I found out :
    QB Tim Tebow, 40 dash-4th fastest QB
    vertical jump-1st among QBs
    broad jump-2nd among QBs
    3 cone drill-6th best OVER ALL
    20 yard shuttle-1st among QBs
    60 yard shuttle- 13th best OVER ALL
    This kid is an athlete no matter what his haters say.

  24. freedom_X says:

    Tebow may have many positive intangibles, but the most important one is the ability to mentally read and process defenses. There are a lot of great citizen/hard working/inspirational leader types that can’t react to NFL defenses, and thus failed at NFL QB.

    If someone is convinced Tebow can master an NFL passing game mentally, then it’s a good risk for that person. But I don’t think there’s much evidence of that from his body of work so far. It’s why I’m not impressed by QB’s from spread offenses. In that offense Tebow makes one read, if he’s covered then he either dumps off or runs with the ball – regardless of how much time he actually has. Jake Locker is being trained to do that, which is why he’s got a much brighter outlook than Tebow. How much do you want to spend on someone who hasn’t show that intangible?

  25. freedom_X says:

    I mean, Jake Locker is being trained to read defenses and go through progressive reads, unlike Tebow. This is what NFL QB’s do.

  26. seahawklovertoo says:

    Tennesee RB Hardesty : 40 yards dash- 6th among RBs
    bench press-6th among RBs
    vertical jump-1st among RBs
    broad jump-1st among RBs
    3 cone drill-4th among RBs
    20 yards shuttle-3rd among RBs
    60 yards shuttle-3rd among RBs
    Not bad,huh?

  27. seahawklovertoo says:

    This is unbelievable ! LSUs Trindon Holliday special teams/RB/WR :
    40 yards dash-2nd OVER ALL
    bench press-3rd among special team players
    vertical jump-4th OVER ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    broad jump- 1st spec team
    3 cone drill-2nd OVER ALL !!!!!!!!!!
    20 yards shuttle-1st spec team
    60 yards shuttle-6th OVER ALL
    This little man is super human for his size. I’d love to have him !

  28. seahawklovertoo says:

    This is unbelievable ! LSUs Trindon Holliday special teams/RB/WR :
    40 yards dash-2nd OVER ALL
    bench press-3rd among special team players
    vertical jump-4th OVER ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    broad jump- 1st spec team
    3 cone drill-2nd OVER ALL !!!!!!!!!!
    20 yards shuttle-1st spec team
    60 yards shuttle-6th OVER ALL
    This little man is super human for his size. I’d love to have him in Seahawks uniform !

  29. seahawklovertoo says:

    ups, sorry for double posting

  30. Sure, a quarterback needs to be a leader and a hard worker. And I do see those things in Tebow.

    However, intelligence is probably the most important intangible, and Tebow doesn’t strike me as the sharpest tool in the shed.

    …And don’t tell me he’s an Academic All-American if he is, because that doesn’t mean anything.

    Tebow seems like a great kid, a hard worker, and a perhaps a leader. But without that intelligent, hyper-disciplined, computer-processing mind, he won’t inspire.

    To be a great quarterback in the NFL, you have to be one unique dude. Don’t think Tebow is that guy.

  31. vichawkfan says:

    pwhitt – totally agree.

  32. maddog12 says:

    Well I have thought about the intangible thing with Tebow also and I do think he has them. However, I am sure he will be gone by the time we pick in the 4th (don’t worry Bobby).

    I would rather have Bradford over Clausen (I think he is closer to Mirer than Montana). NFL network has rumors going around about McNabb to Rams or Vick to Rams. Either would open the door to Bradford moving down and result in Suh and McCoy being gone.

    Based on PC’s repeated comments on having Qb’s and how you must have a good one to win…. coupled with Gibbs pension for taking later round talent and making them into a good oline, I think we are going to be looking QB first. But then there are trades, move downs and lets not forget move-ups. With two first rounders Hawks could try that maneuver if they fell in love with someone.

    It is very hard to guess what PC is thinking because we have no track record with him or our GM. Free agency has yet to happen and that will change some needs. The possibilities are endless.

  33. If he could hold up? Tebow could be a safety on my team maybe worth a 6th round.He had a impressive combine, good athletic numbers and willing im sure his intangibles would be great for a defense like ours.

  34. Plus Tebow would be great 3rd string Qb and im sure above average special teamer. plus 3rd string rb.

  35. Plus tebow could be great the senacat

  36. jensenseattle says:

    History lesson: DANNY WUERFFEL
    The similarities are _frightening_, especially if your favorite NFL team picks up Tebow (apocalyptic even). If, on the other hand, you’re hoping for a mega-star Florida born-and-bred QB who stayed home, garnered tremendous collegiate accolades while winning a national championship (or two) and a Heisman (or two), and who in all likelihood will (probably soon) devote his life to ministry over football, well… Tebow is your guy. He is not, however, the guy for the Seattle Seahawks.

  37. Congratulations on your evaluation skills to the entire board. You have evaluated the tape, measurables, intangibles, athleticism, etc and deemed that Tim Tebow will suck as an NFL Quarterback. Congrats on that. I say BS…

    Tim Tebow is a beast, he works harder than any player in the nation and his passion for the game is far from a question mark. He plays through injury and will MASTER the offense through hard work and film study. Offenses can be built around talent… it would be a breath of fresh air around here if we loosen the reigns on “pure WCO”. Lets try and not be middle of the pack… average, be “like team x”, “mirror their success…” Lets make other teams want to be Seattle. Bring Tebow on board, groom him to play like Matt Hasselbeck, but when he takes over – work in his game… develop this thing around him… and we could be great – a scary team on the league schedule… dare I say it a tough team that offers a tough challenge to game plan for…

    This isn’t me saying its a sure thing that he succeeds… but I am saying – WE have NO idea if he can do it. Based on his past success and what we absolutely DO know about him is that betting against him is probably a dangerous way to go. His athletisism alone shows he probably possess the ability to be any type of QB you want… he is a talent – a pure talent, he is waiting to be molded, but he’ll work and he has so much talent to start with…

    I’m not a GM and I don’t care about value charts and all that, but if we emerge with Tim Tebow, 2nd, 3rd round, whatever… We have added TALENT, so coaches – get working on getting the best out of it.

  38. Since we don’t know who will be good and who won’t, we should try to trade for every pick in the draft (except Jimmy Clausen). Some of them are bound to be good.

  39. Danny Weurffel was a pocket passer with limited mobility and below average arm strength. He’s nothing like Tebow (although both were surrounded by good talent). They played under different coaches. The only thing they have in common was that they were great QBs for Florida. How and why they were good QBs couldn’t be more different.

  40. Here is how I see this breaking down: Hawks take #6 pick, trade down to get additional second or a third round pick. They need to take a DT & OT with their 2 first round picks. We should not waste a pick on an RB in those rounds. We need to have the line fixed first. A new RB would be a serious injury waiting to happen with our current line. I can see picking Tebow. He clearly has a head for the game and a heart to match. He is a great student and wants to sharpen his skills. One of the reasons so many College 1st round, Heisman studs have been bombs has been attitude (“I am already great-you don’t need to teach me. Think Leaf) and they went to bad teams with crummy lines and got killed. let him sit behind Matt, learn the pro game. My comparison: Joe M. He was not viewed very well comming out of college and he turned out well.

  41. Tebow, or any QB, needs a decent supporting cast. That is something Seattle does not offer at the present time.

    Part of me hopes Favre really retires, Matt gets traded to MN, and leads them next season. Then I’d like to read what all the Hasselbeck haters have to say about how washed up he is.

    In all honesty, I don’t care if we take two QBs in the draft and let them both develop behind Matt. Maybe a 4th and 5th round QB (or 3rd if we can get one in that round). They can have time to develop, yet compete against each other. At the same time, they won’t have the pressure a 1st round pick (and money they make to sit on the bench).

    Before we talk about QBs though, we really do need to address the OL. I don’t buy into all the hype about Gibbs taking crap 6th rounders, per say, and turning the unit into the 1999 Denver Broncos unit. We need at least one stud OL you draft early, that you surround with a bunch of other later round picks. After seeing a relatively horsesh!t offensive line for 4 years now, call me skeptical for thinking our line needs real talent.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    Not sure Minnesota would extend Hasselbeck’s career. Favre was sacked 34 times last year (Hass 32 in two less games). That’s just what were trying to avoid, but your point is taken. There is no debate that surrounding a QB (Matt in this case) with greater talent will improve his effectiveness. And we all agree that the o line needs talent. I just fail to see how this is an either / or situation. Either LT or QB. No, both can and should be addressed early in the draft. (Assuming things don’t break in an unforeseen way) And by early, I am referring to the first 4 picks, which currently is rounds 1-4.

  43. Before getting Tebow, talk to Jon Gruden and see how far he got in learning the spread option and figuring out how to port it over to the NFL. If he’s figured it out, hire him as a consultant (part time – when he’s not busy with broadcast stuff) and have him teach J Bates what it takes to get it to work and see if it can be done with the Hawks. Otherwise, Tebow’s gotta long way to go as a development QB. Maybe he could otherwise see the field as a FB or H-Back or ?

  44. ChrisHolmes says:


    None of those measurements count.

    What do you think Peyton Manning’s numbers are in those drills? Or Tom Brady’s? Or Drew Breese?

    When you’re picking a QB, the only things that count are:

    1. Ability to throw the ball accurately
    2. Ability to read a defense
    3. Ability to make quick decisions
    4. Ability to avoid pass rush when necessary

    I don’t give a rip what his cone time is… it is IRRELEVANT. His job as a QB in the NLF is to DISTRIBUTE THE BALL and avoid turnovers.

    Tebow has as much of a chance of making it in the NFL as a QB as I have. Which is ZERO.

  45. jensenseattle says:

    Tebow can make it in the NFL… as a wildcat option fullback (assuming he adds some bulk). Or maybe a backup safety. The likely outcome, however, is that he’ll become a disappointing/unspectacular starting quarterback somewhere, get shuffled around the league a time or two until his ever-diminishing star power becomes nil, and ultimately wash out of the league by the time he’s 27 opting to serve a greater role in Christain evangelism (e.g. Focus on the Family). Honestly, I hope I’m wrong about Tim Tebow and he shines thru… but I’m not betting on it.

  46. maddog12 says:

    If Bradford and Clausen are gone and Berry and Okung were still there which would we pick if either?

  47. yankinta says:

    I would pick Berry. and get Brian Price with the 14th pick or OT if Brian Price is gone. Then get an OT in the second round.

    I’d be ok with Tebow, if he’s still there in the 4th round (only if a decent CB with size isn’t there) or 5th round….

  48. seahawklovertoo says:
  49. seahawklovertoo says:

    Mr.CH, thanks for your reply. As I stated , I had to much time to “kill” so I tried to be like Duke,or RADEoN,or excile (ETC) for a moment….. I was surprised with the things that he can do —that is it.
    Even though, he can do some thing better than ANY legit RB at the combine.
    If our needs very much fewer … would I take TT? YES, in a heart-beat. And hire Meyer or his “Gators” OC to call the plays for him. To package/use TT as a conventional NFL QB will be a disaster. If the play calling can be adjusted to fit TT, then one can have a great player/winner/competitor. As for your points in what makes a great QB in NFL, I think TT can become more accurate with great coaching and time; same with #2 point; as for making quick decisions and ability to avoid pass-rush he can go and play right now. Intelligent people adjust quicker.It is the “heart” one has or doesn’t . Before i finish this post, I’d like to add that i like TT better than any other QB that showed up at the combine with the exception of Dan LaFevour.

  50. seahawklovertoo says:

    I forgot to say that I like T. Holliday A LOT !!! If I could make decisions on the draft day TWO (and we had a pick in the third round) , I’d take him b/c he won’t be there in the fourth for us to pick.

  51. okung,okung,okung just like i said last week #6=okung please pick okung

  52. nighthawk2 says:

    If the Seahawks wasted a draft pick on Tebow I would wash my hands of them and become a 49er fan. A lousy, overhyped quarterback and a lousy quarterback coach, now there’s a recipe for disaster.

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