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Rang on combine: Will Hawks find future QB in Indy?

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 24, 2010 at 11:35 am with 34 Comments »
February 24, 2010 11:35 am
Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen (Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

No matter what Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider decide to do in getting the Seahawks franchise back to respectability, draft experts agree the first decision they have to make is what direction to go at quarterback.

Both Carroll and Schneider have said they believe the team can win with 34-year-old quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, as long as they make a diligent effort to surround him with playmakers and protect him up front, something Seattle failed to consistently do over the past two seasons.

However, it remains to be seen if Carroll and Schneider will stay true to their word when April’s draft comes around and Seattle’s has a chance to select a franchise quarterback to groom for the future with two, first-round picks at No. 6 and No. 14.

Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford or Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen would be the likely candidates if Seattle chose to pick a QB in the first round. Neither will throw this week because of injuries (Bradford is still recovering from shoulder surgery, while Clausen is nursing a toe injury), but the combine offers an opportunity to get measurables on both athletes and more importantly, perform an in-depth interview with both.

With this possibly being Seattle’s only chance to get a top-flight quarterback this high in the draft in the next, couple years, Rob Rang, senior draft analyst for, says the Seahawks’ brass has to weigh the QB decision carefully.

“It’s just going to depend on their individual grades of the players obviously,” Rang said. “The quarterback position is of course the most important position on the field. And if they believe that either of those guys is a future franchise-caliber quarterback, I think that absolutely has to be a consideration.

“I still believe Matt Hasselbeck can be a quality, starting quarterback who can win for you in the NFL, but at the same time he hasn’t been able to stay healthy the last, couple years. And he’s getting older and potentially more prone to injury. It’s certainly not the other way around. And so I do think that the quarterback position has to be a strong consideration for Seattle. With the new regime in town, they don’t have any allegiance to Matt Hasselbeck, so I do think that it’s a strong possibility that Seattle will look at the quarterback position.”

Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford

Rang said he likes Bradford over Clausen. Although Carroll now has a chance to get the Notre Dame product in Clausen after losing the California native to the Fighting Irish in the college recruiting battle. Bradford likely will go to Washington at No. 4. Rang believes Bradford is the better quarterback, but still is a risky pick because of the injuries he’s suffered in college.

“I personally think Sam Bradford is the better of the two, but because he the long, lanky build he has, and because he’s struggled a little bit with durability … I just think it’s a risky pick,” Rang said. “If you take him at No. 6, then you’ve got to build this line around him, just because if you’re taking him at six I would think he’s going to be the No. 2 quarterback jumping ahead of Seneca Wallace because of the amount of money you’re going to be guaranteeing him. And with Matt Hasselbeck being as injury prone as he has been the last couple years, he would be only one hit away from being on the field, and I think you would see Seattle struggling to a 2-14-type season next year.”

If the Seahawks choose to pass on a quarterback in the first round and fill other needs like offensive tackle and defensive line, they still can get a quarterback later in the draft like University of Texas product Colt McCoy, Tony Pike out of Cincinnati, Oklahoma State’s Zac Robinson or Oregon State’s Sean Canfield to compete for a spot in training camp and potentially develop into the quarterback of the future.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I think the real question isn’t whether they can win with Hasselbeck, but for how long. This isn’t a team that will be prepared to contend for championships for a few seasons so looking say, 3 years down the road and beyond, will Matt still be able to win games for you, at 37 years old? If they feel he can, then they have the luxury of passing on either one in the first, and can continue with developing Teel or a flier in a later round. If not however, I don’t see how they can pass on one, should the opportunity present itself.

  2. Soggybuc says:

    I’ll agree that Qb should be a consideration but I dont see it as as a pressing “need” that we have to spend a front end first round pick on.

    With out a good line and playmakers you could draft the second coming of Elway and he’d still suck.

  3. freedom_X says:

    Any word of what the new regime thinks of Mike Teel? Does he have a future? Has anyone on the staff commented on what they think of his potential?

  4. footballscaa says:

    So the Hawks could draft a hurt QB, or stay with the hurt QB they already have? That’s great. Unless the Hawks can draft or trade for 22 quality players, it’s 6-10 at best this season.

  5. Maybe our next QB could come Via trade, Hass came from a trade, I like schawb and cassle both came from trades I think. lets explore and see if any more matts are availabe. Drafting a qb with a high pick is so risky and maybe a guy who has been working for a few years is a better way to go, I can not take another Ric mirer situation. I know its boring and will take some time to pan out but I hope our draft goes something like this, #6 best left tackle avalible Trade down and down again and pick Idaho Guard Lupina with second pick. Use Extra picks and others to improve secondary and d-line. I know we need playmakers to but right now i feel building a core is whats needed. go hawks Please football gods send us a young, smart, sturdy, big aggressive safety. a 20 year old kenny easley with good doctors at the ready would be my choice.

  6. area51hawkfan says:

    You know what I hate…. ok well, dislike about all of these experts opinions about who needs this, that and the other…. We’re talking about Matt Hasselbeck here, he’s one tough mother!!! And Pete Carroll has said that Matt’s the guy, and I think it will be for 2-3 more years at least. Annnnddd, why pay a rookie, A ROOKIE QB all that money that this years 1st round draft class will command is not smart. There is not a QB in this draft that you can say “he’s the man, we have to have him at 6 or 14!!”
    I think that the Hawks draft a QB in the 2nd to 4th rounds. Good solid QB’s that can be groomed under Matt for these next 2-3 years and get a feel for the offense and learn from one of the smartest QB’s in the league… Guys like LeFever, Pike, Robinson, and the QB from Oregon State. Bradford and Clausen from all of the reports just don’t wow many scouts or GM’s. The tell tale sign of how this will go starts with who the crappy Rams pick….. They of all teams in the top 5 to 10 need a QB. If they take Suh, then I think the Redskins will take Bradford and the Hawks will be smart and take that OT that they need regardless of Matt is still taking snaps or if it’s someone else. It all starts at the line…… COME ON MAN! OT OT OT OT OT OT with pick 6, then at 14 take whatever, HB Spiller, DE, DT CB..

  7. Before free agency, the Hawks draft needs:

    O line, CB, S, D line, WR, RB, QB, in that order. QB, in the first round? I hope not.

  8. WTraveler says:

    Matt is the guy for the next couple years–period. BUT, they will not get another draft this high for a while and when a franchise QB is available, grab him and groom him for a couple years. If Matt goes down use Seneca, then the drafted QB, Sam Bradford in mop up or blow out situations as part of the learning process. Hass sure didn’t come out of college and take over the starting position. Very few QBs do. And some of them are rushed and ruined.

  9. scottsch111 says:

    I’d like to hear what the new management thinks of Teel, too. I know very little of him, but remember thinking he could be similar to Hasselbeck in being a lower-round pick from a smaller school who wasn’t a big name but has the physical tools and mental makeup to potentially succeed.

  10. nighthawk2 says:

    This is a really weak quarterback class in my view. I like Clausen quite a bit, but the thought of Bradford makes me ill. Snead has a rocket arm, but needs a lot work, especially with decision making. Lefevour has a big arm, but guys like Pike, Canfield and McCoy are career backups with noodle arms (like Bradford’s). And I think McCoy can only succeed in some goofy offense that runs the shotgun, like the Chiefs. Next year won’t be much better, and please spare me the Jake Locker hype. Zac Robinson might hold some promise this year though.

    Several teams solved their QB problems via trades in the past. Favre to Green Bay, Schaub to Houston, Hasselbeck coming here. Maybe we can get lucky and find our future guy that way, although no one jumps to mind.

  11. hawkforever21 says:

    I’d be ecstatic if we ended up with any two of the following….

    Suh, Berry, McCoy, Okung, Haden, JPP, Iupati, and Spiller…..maybe Dez Bryant.

    Hopefully we can take care of some positions in free agency, and draft two of the above players.

    I think next year is the year for us to get our QB of the future. Several people have mentioned that we won’t be in this position (drafting high, and having two picks), but it’s quite possible that next season we are drafting in the top 10 again.

    I also believe that if some things fall into place…………for example, our new trainer keeps our players on the field for more games, our new OC and O-Line coaches teach our guys a better Zone Blocking System, Pete Carroll attracts some good young talent to Seattle, and uses his knowledge of the college game, to pick us up some gems in later rounds…….that it is quite possible to “contend” again……as early as this year.

    But that is a lot of “ifs”.

  12. I’d rather take the worst ranked punter or long snapper in the nation than use the #6 or #14 pick on Jimmy Clausen.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Night – I couldn’t agree more about Locker. Nice player but some of the early mocks that had him going first overall were unbelievable. I watched Snead several times this year and was really unimpressed. I couldn’t help but be reminded of Cutler (the Bears version) when I watched him. Of the others you listed Lefevour is the one I liked best (maybe because Central covered time and time again, hehe) Size, accuracy, good decisions. I would disagree that he has a “big arm” though. Nothing eye popping, from the games I watched but certainly stronger that McCoy, Pike or Bradford.

  14. area51hawkfan says:

    BobbyK: That is funny…. I feel the same way.

    Crappy year of QB’s in my mind. Shoot you know what, it just might be one of the best if everyone’s wrong…. he hee he hee he!!! Kidding!!!

    One thing I have not heard from anyone is maybe getting a QB to groom from the mighty Hamilton Tiger Cats of the CFL… I think they have been revaged lately from NFL teams this year. DE Foley being one of them. What in the world?? The CFL??? Well can’t be any worse than the Arena League or NFL Europe for finding budding future stars. Or how about that new UFL??

    No matter how you slice it drafting talent is never an exact science and I feel only QB’s from winning programs always, and I mean ALWAYS have the competitive advantage in the long run. Regardless of arm strength & height(examples Montana, Penington, Gannon, Kreig, Brees) Brees being one guy who made himself a stronger armed passer. No one gave him a chance to be anything more than a back up in this league, and now look at him. So my dark horse for the Hawks is them taking Lefever in the 2nd or 3rd round.

    A strong, rocket arm is great. But who are going to throw to if you can’t get the pass off? Protection, protection, protection…… Talent always shines on those willing to work hard and have extreme motivation… Draft status is is overrated. You can either play or you can’t. Jamarcus Russell… can’t & Ryan Leaf…. can’t, Rick Mirer can’t….. Steve Walsh…. can’t Tim Couch can’t….. Players fault??? Coaches fault??? GM’s fault???? Yes, yes & yes!

    Here’s an idea, cut the amount of money these young guys make coming out and let them EARN a starting spot and or the BIG contracts. Until you’re successful in the NFL, then you’re previous successes mean nothing…. Period.

  15. seahawklovertoo says:

    Todd McShay mentioned a couple weeks ago something about a “sleeper” QB out of EWU (don’t remember the name), that impressed him at the Senior Bowl.
    I don’t care about any of this so-called “gurus” (Kiper, etc),if they knew that much
    about players and NFL, someone somewhere would have hired them to a high decision making position … but, I am curious about this QB, anyone knows much about him?
    Other than that, I always liked QB Dan LeFevour and , after Pike flopped in the Bowl game against the Gators he is the only QB I like this year.

  16. I bet Mora never would have put the franchise tag on Mare.

    It’ll be nice having another season of touchbacks though.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Posted that before I forgot to add that he wasn’t invited to the combine, unfortunately.

  18. Perhaps the better question is whether they think Bradford or Clausen is really so much better than McCoy, Pike, Robinson, et al.

    Who knows, if they think Tebow’s work on his delivery is going well, perhaps they’ll take a flyer on him. He’s certainly got more durability than Bradford and more leadership skills than Clausen.

  19. What I mean is, why take a QB in the first round if you don’t think they’re that much better than the ones you expect to be available in the second?

  20. OutSydeDog says:

    I for one…NEVER want to see the Seahawks use a #1 on a QB again. Every one of them has been a waste. I too, want to find out what Pete thinks of Teel. I’m all for picking a QB from round 2 down, or trading for the guy they want, to sit and learn until his time comes.

    I think Matt has a few years left in the tank, and with the help of some talent around him, I believe he can take us back to the big one.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  21. Dukeshire says:

    What? Dan McGwire? Rick Mirer? Coughing up a first for Kelly Stouffer? (Whose agent, by the way, was friends with Ken Behring and helped negotiate the sale of the team from the Nordstroms) What could possibly go wrong…? (On second thought, never get old Matt!)

  22. faderoute_88 says:


    Get a great Tackle and Guard to anchor the left side for the next decade

    If I was sending a list to Santa Schneider/ Carroll I would ask for Berry at #6 and OL at #14 and #40 or a complete OL overhaul at #6 and #14. you can always look QB a little later or pickup a third or late second for a McCoy/ Lefevour etc.

    Doesnt matter who is at QB if we cant keep him upright or run the ball then everything else wont matter

    Claussen is a head case and Bradford has the body of a senior citizen, I’ll pass thanks

  23. seahawklovertoo says:

    Thanks Duke . I think Nickols is worth a look despite the weak opponents and #!8 ranking among the senior QBs.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    There are plenty of busts to be had at tackle as well. Seattle’s ’92 10th overall pick, Ray Roberts ring any bells? And all kidding aside, it absolutely matters who the QB is, it’s not an either / or situation. They have to look to the future with every pick.

  25. Never say never.

    If we’re on the clock and the next Payton Manning is still on the board, we danged well better take him.

    But there’s no such guy in this draft.

    Many first-round bust QB’s were taken despite some well-known concerns. Character concerns. College success as a runner rather than a passer. Etc.

    One thing all of those busts had in common was a lot of pre-draft hype. If you let that hype influence your picks, you’re an idiot. But the fact is, there have been a lot of idiots owning or managing NFL teams. Before you use the examples of Stouffer or McGwire to warn us about first-round QB’s, remember who it was that made those picks.

    As Forrest Gump said, stupid is as stupid does.

    If you’ve done your homework and you sincerely believe the guy is worth a first round pick, take him and don’t waste time second-guessing yourself.

  26. Duke – we should really stop mentioning that name.

    I wonder if he still looks like Buckwheat (minus the hair)?

  27. Dukeshire says:

    “Before you use the examples of Stouffer or McGwire to warn us about first-round QB’s, remember who it was that made those picks.” – That’s a good point, but even good GMs make bad decisions. In the case of McGwire, Flores was the GM under Behring’s ownership so there was every reason to believe they’d screw up that pick. Especially when you consider Knox was lobbying for Favre and hated the McGwire selection. And Rick Mirer was still Behring / Flores brain-trust but with Micky Loomis (now Saints GM) and Randy Mueller (Saints, Dolphins GM) in personnel / executive positions at the time. The Stouffer trade was MIke McCormack. Who had some success with 1st round picks, including; Curt Warner, John L Williams and Tony Woods. So even good personnel people make mistakes. I know this, I’m grateful Ruskell isn’t here to make the decision on the 2 firsts this year.

    Bobby – I promise to never bring his name up again, lol.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    And just to clairify; I’m not warning against taking a QB. Bringing those names up previously was a tounge and cheek response to OutSydeDog not wanting the ‘Hawks to take a first round QB ever again. I’ve been on record, multiple times, as saying that if they like one of those two and they are available, they’ve got to pull the trigger.

  29. It seems like at least half of the productive QB’s in the league last year were NOT First Round picks, and several were pretty stinkin’ old, too.

    None of the QB’s in this class give the Seahawks a better chance of winning games than Seneca Wallace does.

    Clausen IS Rick Mirer.

    The First-Round QB issue is always a high risk-reward proposition. I don’t think this franchise can afford that much risk this year.

  30. Why does this board hate Clausen so much? Questioning his leadership? How does that work considering he had a subpar offense around him yet improved each season in a pro style offense and played consistently well. It probably won’t matter though because by draft day he’ll be the clear cut #1 QB and will be a Ram or a Redskin…

    Bradford on the otherhand… I don’t like QBs made of Glass.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    “None of the QB’s in this class give the Seahawks a better chance of winning games than Seneca Wallace does.” – Having watched Seneca’s regression last season I would argue that most every QB at the combine gives the Seahawks a better chance win than does Seneca. Again, based on last season.

  32. If the potential for a first-round bust scares you, you should have been in favor of keeping the risk-averse Tim Ruskell as our GM.

    ‘Nuff said?

  33. blahbl4hblah says:

    Jake Locker FTW. Pick him up when available, give him a few years under Hasselbeck and be a playoff team.

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