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Draft expert Mayock talks Hawks draft

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February 23, 2010 12:20 pm

NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock talked to reporters this morning via teleconference as the league announced its exclusive coverage they will have during the NFL scouting combine this week.

Overall, Mayock believes this year’s draft is the deepest in the eight years that he’s seen on the defensive side of the ball. Mayock says the draft is deep in talent at defensive tackle, cornerback and safety, and that you could get a quality player in the third and fourth round.

On offense, Mayock believes it’s a bad year for quarterbacks and interior offensive linemen, but he really likes the tight ends, running backs and wide receivers, with what he said is tremendous depth at all three of those positions.

Mayock says he believes four offensive tackles could go in the top 9 in Bryan Bulaga of Iowa, Russell Okung of Oklahoma State, Rutgers’ Anthony Davis and Oklahoma’s Trent Williams, and Seattle should be in the mix for one of those four.

As far as the Seahawks are concerned, Mayock believes they will take one of those tackles, perhaps Bulaga, with the No. 6 pick, and then perhaps take a defensive end like Derrick Morgan out of Georgia Tech at No. 14.

“I think they’re going to end up taking a left tackle with their pick at six, and I think that they need to,” Mayock said. “When you come back around at 14, then you’ve got to ask yourself a couple questions: How long is Hasselbeck going to play? If Clausen is available, are you looking at Clausen? I think a defensive end makes an awful lot of sense there.”

But he also believes head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider need to take a long, hard look at whether or not to select one of the two franchise quarterbacks available at the top of the draft board in Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford or Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen, if either is available with either of Seattle’s top draft picks.

“Especially with a new regime, with Carroll and Schneider, you’ve got to sit there and close the door and say, ‘OK, if one of these two guys – or both of these guys – are franchise quarterbacks, and they’re sitting there at six or 14, do we pull trigger at either level for a quarterback? And that’s the first decision those two guys have to make with the door closed.”

Like Rob Rang, senior analyst with, Mayock believes Carroll has a leg up in terms of evaluating players in the draft from his time spent as the head coach at USC.

“I think what he has is a head start over most of the other head coaches in the NFL,” Mayock said. “He comes out of the college ranks and he knows his team, and he knows the Pac-10 intimately. Most of the head coaches around the league don’t get involved in the draft until the season is over, and then they get brought up to speed by their GMs, so yeah I think his knowledge of past draft picks, and how well or how poorly they did in the draft, and this year’s class will help.”

You can listen to Mayock talk about the Seahawks draft prospects here.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I value Maylock’s opinion head and shoulders above McShay or Kiper or most everyone else. He was really great at the SR Bowl practices this year. That said, the one thing I take exception to here is the notion that Seattle is in need of a DE over DT. The ‘Hawks have Terrill, Bryant and Cole; it is a near crisis situation there. DE is no where near as dire.

  2. Bradford and Clausen are not franchise quarterbacks and certainly not worth a first round pick. Especially given the needs of the Hawks and the players likely available to them in the first round. I am still in favor of trading down with the #6 pick…….unless……there is a no-doubt, sure-fire player for that slot.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    I wish there was such a thing as a sure fire no-doubt player, but they don’t exist. You make the best decisions you can, but there are so many variables, anything can happen.

    You don’t think Clausen or Bradford are even 1st round worthy? Wow.

  4. freedom_X says:

    I’d guess Mayock’s DE theory comes from Seattle’s dire need to get a decent pass rush. Unless Curry can become that so-called “elephant” pass rusher lineman/LB hybrid, they desperately need more QB pressure than they had last year, and they need it from the front-four especially.

  5. I am excited about Mr. Happy having coached some of these players (and coached against some). The odds say we’re going to end up with a bust and a good player with our #1 picks… but we really, really, really need to hit the jackpot with both if we’re going to get back to contention anytime soon. And that goes for having a good, overall draft, too. Not just the 1st round.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Can’t dispute that and it is a need, no question. But relying on those 3 to man NT effectively in the under, on the center’s strong side shoulder, is asking a lot. Unless Bryant takes a significant step forward, I fear that teams will run all over them. As anemic as the pass rush is, I still feel DT is a disaster waiting to happen.

  7. faderoute_88 says:

    I think we need to pray for Eric Berry to be there at six. and address the T/G/DE/RB (whichever we cant get help with in free agency) at fourteen.

    He is the type of playmaker we need in the secondary… hopefully Carroll”s insight helps us pick up some help for the OL in the 2nd/4th /5th round and we can use the first round picks on playmakers.

    I also think that we”ll be involved in trying to trade for picks or to trade down slightly. Im pretty sure they want that pick back in the 3rd

    For me, outside of a very few players we have no one that I would call a difference maker on either side of the ball… but some with the potential too.

    It will be interesting to see how they address the concerns…. truly depends on what if anything they do in Free Agency.

    Lots of work to do… Schneider has a good eye for talent though.

  8. With all the “brain-trust” in player research and evaluations and now both of the “experts” claiming that Pete Carroll and his staff have the inside track on college players…..yes, I expect a sure-fire selection at #6. The only thing that should happen to affect that is injury, which obviously cannot be controlled. Otherwise, it is just a miss on the part of those making the selection decision, whether it is the Seahawks or any other team. It has been shown to be a fact that whenever their is a failed first round pick, that everyone chimes in with who should have been taken instead. So, there is no forgiveness involved in screw-ups with picks. My feeling is that much more can be accomplished by trading down some with the 6th pick.

    Someone is likely to give up a number 1 pick for Bradford and/or Clausen. Certainly the Hawks do not have such a luxury this year. With Bradford, he has demonstrated zero durability, never making it through a complete season without injury and that was in college. I see him as an ongoing IR or oft-injured player, a very good college QB that will become a career back-up. The list is very long on those types of guys, even Heisman Trophy winners (where is Clausen’s older brother these days?) Bradford had an NFL caliber line, especially his junior and Heisman year and so he rarely had to operate out of pressure. Every QB in the NFL has amazing stats in games they have no pressure, even late-rounders. He has not shown in college an ability to do well without great protection. Bradford will not hold up in the NFL, if he could/can then he has a future. That is a big “if.” Clausen shows some promise, but will take time to develop. Having a QB in development would be great for the Seahawks, but giving up a first or even second round pick this year for one would be a waste. Far too many other needs to fill, not the least of which is o-line….the guys that help make all those QB’s look good….and stay healthy.

  9. vichawkfan says:

    Mayock hasn’t said too much about Berry. I haven’t seen any Tenn games to form any opinion, but if Mayock labels him best safety in X amount of years I think he’s worth 6th. QB pressure can come from a d-line or great safety play.

  10. So what teams need QB’s:

    Washington – they pick before us so that doesn’t help unless they take one of the 2 and then they other teams will panic a little bit.

    Oakland – the pick at 8 and might wait it out

    Carolina – already traded #1 to SF

    So it seems to me that one or both of those guys would be there at 6 and possible 14 if Oakland or Washington go a different direction

    Caronlina doesn’t have what it takes to get up now that they don’t have a #1 anyway.

    Chicago is probably crying after trading the world for Cutler.

    Could Denver still be looking for a QB or are they happy with Orton.

    So the QB dilema could be a big one. Now I will reserve judgment about who is ready for the NFL and who isn’t. I thought Sanchez would be AWFUL, well he had bad games but he was GREAT in others so . . . .

  11. faderoute_88 says:

    Every board I see Berry going 3/4/5. I pray he slides down to 6.

    If not I would be good with a new LT and LG, say Okung and Iupati, that alongside Unger could anchor the line for the next ten years or so, then we could go fix the D the rest of the draft…

    However Casey Wiegman was just released in Denver… he has roots, perhaps he is brought in to play C, with Unger going to RG for a year or two. Gonna be an interesting couple months.

    Fix the OL….. still praying for Berry however. Ball hawking safety… truly could help our D

  12. What would be really interesting is to see what each teams biggest 2 areas of need are. (it’s about the only thing the Sporting News writes anymore that is decent) I think that will give you a much better idea of what teams might want to move up a few places to scoop a highly desired player.

    Thats part of what I think dealing on draft day takes. Knowing who a good partner would be. Lets hope we have a good handle on that.

  13. One of the first things we need is a 3rd round pick.Maybe thats where Branch comes in.
    Heres what I want.
    OT,DT Jason Odrick,or Cody,RB,WR, OGThat kid from U Mass,Safty,CB,

  14. tcross12 says:

    what about bringing in a guy like Matt Nichols from EWU and see if he can turn into something special

  15. Nice article on Mike Iupati on the Seattle PI site. Imagine Iupati at RG and McIntosh at RT. Then the Hawks could run right.

    I disagree with those who think Forsett is too small to be an every down back. How big was Warrick Dunn and Barry Sanders?

  16. The NFL has changed with respect to a workhorse RB. Most teams have 2 guys. Forsett is every bit good enough to be 1 of our 2 main guys and I hope he’s given that chance in 2010.

  17. I think Iupati would transform our OL from the standpoint of having a guy who wants to kick your ass. We seem to have some decent guys who don’t have that “dirtbag” mentality (that Mora alluded to).

  18. I would love to see Forsett run behind an actual NFL line.

    I hope the Hawks get at least two of these guys: Eric Berry, Bryan Bulaga, Mike Iupati, Jason Pierre-Paul, Maurkice Pouncey.

  19. Yes. I would love to actually have an NFL caliber line, too.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    I would love Iupati to become a Seahawk. He is flat out a bad mother. And yes, Forsett has most definitely earned a spot with Spiller or Matthews or whomever (presuming they select a RB) they pair with him. And from where I sit, it’s not his size that’s so worrisome, it’s that he runs like a man 3″ taller and 30 lbs heavier at his size. He runs hard and not afraid of contact. Love the Little Big Man but would like to see him paired with another quality back behind an improved line.

  21. Palerydr says:

    I’m on board for OL all the way however if 1 of the DT are available at 6 takem. I have followed FB a long time and I have heard many QB’s state they hate pressure from the DT the worst as they can’t step into a throw from a collapsing pocket. If Berry is there and the DT are gone take him as he could provide an occasional coverage sack as well as solidify the back of the defense. If all 3 are gone then take the OT you think is best. At 14 I would be looking at Spiller the RB if hes not there then I would go with Lupati even if you took an OT at 6. I would also try and trade down with this pick and try to add a late 2nd or a 3rd rounder. if you don’t have a DT by pick 40 then I would certainly use it for that purpose. If they draft 2 OL and 1 DT in their first 3 picks and add a third rounder they will get an “A grade” in my book.

  22. McIntosh played LT for many years at KC and when Solari left they tried to move him to RT and he had a worse year than Lock did moving from RT to LT. In ’07 Damion was one of the best run-blkg LTs in the league, but he was so bad playing at RT KC cut him. Wiegman left KC just before Solari did to go to the Broncos and replace T Nalen who was injured. Wiegman is about McIntosh’s age and athleticism. I don’t see A Gibbs bringing him in.

  23. For everyone talking about Berry, Mayock now has Earl Thomas rated ahead of him for what it’s worth.

  24. yankinta says:

    Why is everyone value the opinion of Mayock so much??? Here’s my 2 cents,,,

    1st choice, 6th pick – DT McCoy or Eric Berry or trade down or OT

    with 14th pick – DT price or OT or Earl Thomas, or trade down….

    The key is to come up with DT and OT from our first round picks…..I’d settle for Eric Berry and additional later round picks, otherwise.

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