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Morning links: Franchise tag period starts today

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 11, 2010 at 11:07 am with 56 Comments »
February 11, 2010 12:00 pm
Joe Barrentine/TNT

Teams can begin adding franchise tags to their own players that are entering free agency that they want to keep in the fold. However, I would be surprised if the Seattle Seahawks franchised anyone during the two-week window.

Wide receiver Nate Burleson and kicker Olindo Mare I think would be the only likely candidates. But I don’t think the Seahawks will franchise Burleson at a price tag of $9,521,000 for receivers.

Burleson made $3.25 million last season, and was due to make the same this year, but took a player option in his contract that made him a free agent.

Mare would cost Seattle $2,814,000 as a kicker. He made 21 straight field goals last season and proved to be an effective kicker in the rain and wind at Qwest Field. But Mare turns 37 in June.

Mare made $1.5 million last season.

Another player Seattle could consider franchising is defensive lineman Cory Redding, who made $2 million last season. The tag for defensive tackles is $7 million

The deadline for applying the franchise tag is Feb. 25.

Both Burleson and Mare have said they would like to remain in Seattle, while Redding has indicated he’s open to testing the waters.

Check out the full list of franchise tags for each position here.

According to two separate reports, the Seahawks added to long snappers Pat McDonald and Mark Overton of Western Washington University to the team’s roster.

McDonald is a three-year veteran of the Canadian Football League, who had tryouts with the New Orleans Saints in 2007 and the Carolina Panthers last season.

Overton had a cup of coffee with the Seahawks in 2007. The Seahawks used long snappers Kevin Houser and Jeff Robinson last season, but neither is under contract for this year. The Seahawks have not confirmed the signings.

Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post says to expect more trades this season as teams try to get creative in order to add new talent.

The new Seahawks coaching staff took a tour of Qwest Field this week.

Charles Davis and Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network discuss the top receivers coming out in this year’s draft, which includes two sleepers n Jordan Shipley of Texas and Dexter McCluster out of Ole Miss.

Former Seahawks offensive coordinator Gil Haskell joins Mike Holmgren in Cleveland as his senior advisor and right-hand man.

It looks like the Rams are staying put. According to this report from Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Rams owners Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez have entered into a signed agreement to sell their 60 percent interest in the team to Shahid Khan. According to the report, Khan is the president of Flex-N-Gate Corp., an auto-parts manufacturer based in Urbana, Ill. Khan has lived in the Champaign-Urbana area for more than 40 years, and likely would work to keep the Rams in St. Louis.

If the sale goes through, it appears Jacksonville, Minnesota and Buffalo become the next targets Los Angeles will pursue to bring a team back out West.

This is good news for St. Louis Rams fans. Unlike Howard Schultz with the departed Sonics, at least the Rams ownership group was patient enough to wait for an ownership group willing to keep the Rams in St. Louis.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I’m not sure which would be more egregious, tagging Burleson for $9.5 or Redding for $7. Both are grossly out of line with performance. That said, I’d like for them to be able to sign Nate to a reasonable, long term deal, I’d like him to remain a Seahawk. I see Redding, if not one and done, 2 and done.

  2. seahawklovertoo says:

    I do feel that Redding wants to go South to his native Texas or somewhere warmer…. He may stay b/c of PC and the new “regime” and the belief our Seahawks are back on winning track. I don’t think he played last year to his full
    potential, and can be much better player if he puts his heart into the game. He was pretty awesome in college and his rookie year at the Lions. I’d like us to keep him but, not for $7 mil.
    Besides, neither Texans or, the ‘Girls need him or, would pay him that much.

  3. Soggybuc says:

    While all the draft speculation is great fun and gives us junkies something to do. I really think this will be the beginning of trying to figure out the Hawks real strategy going into the year.
    If they pass on tagging like Eric belives it will signal that they are going to pool the money and keep all options open. of course going into the capless year it’s hard to predict because all of the usual models teams operate on are out the window.

    My bet is that they are going to go less with the win now mantra and more with the just improve now attitude. basically taking 2 years to turn the roster around to thier liking.

    Keep this mind if we start seeing them making moves in FA and the draft that do not appear to address what we see as the most glaring fixes. Rome was’nt built in a day and niether is a SB winner. sure it’s possible with agressive moves to go from dud to stud in a single off season but show me were the these great turn arounds have resulted in the real prize.

    My guess is that PC would never have taken this job if the Vulcan criterea was get us to the conferance championship in 2010 or else and he was given the lattitude to ramp it up for a legit run.

    2010= Install the system and coaches. get to .500 at least and get the fan base back.

    2011= Refine it and make a playoff run. clarify the puzzle

    2012= Go for it for real!!!

  4. Burleson has the worst hands of any receiver on our team. Giving him 9 million would make me puke!

  5. wabubba67 says:

    Don’t worry bhamfan….he would just drop the check.

  6. lmao – wabubba67.

    Can’t see us tagging either. Burleson has never lived up to expectations as anything but a returner.

    Redding did not play himself into a new contract.

    Mare – I would like him back for say $1 mill per year. At some point you have to get younger, but not necasserily at K or P if they can still get it done!

  7. If this is really an upcapped year Seattle and the other teams will take advantage by dropping the overpaid players who still have huge signing bonuses coming.

    I looked at the UFA list and didn’t see any O linemen who could help Seattle. There were some good ones who were RFAs but the Hawks need to keep their draft picks.

    I agree that Seattle doesn’t have anyone who merits the franchise tag this year.

  8. vichawkfan says:

    sign Mare….dude is clutch and touchbacks o plenty. Teams never give a crap about kickers until they have a weak one.

  9. At least we don’t have someone like V. Wilfork who said the Franchise tag would be an insult since it’s only ok money.

    since when is 7 mil okay money. if you can’t be financially secure on that for a long time you are an idiot!!

    Some of these guys are so out of touch with the normal guys out there it is rediculus!!

    It will only take me 93 years to make that much money at my current salary. I am okay with them making big bucks since the league generates such huge amounts of money but when guys say things like that it drives me nuts!!!!

  10. seahawklovertoo says:

    vhf, how true that is.

  11. bigmike04 says:

    I dont think Seahawks will franchise anyone because in my opion Nate is not worth the 9 mill and Redding didnt play last year like a guy worth 7mil and well kickers came come cheap.

    Thought with NFL uncertin on the un cap season in 2010 and impending Lock out/ Strike in 2011 is not certain yet, I dont know how that going to effect all team with no cap this season and possiblity player go on strike in 2011.

  12. Mr Williams, Mr Williams!
    Have you heard anything about how Kevin Houser is doing? Did his injury effectively end his career, or does his recouperation time (no play allowed time) go past when the Hawks will need a LS? Also, does anybody know about how far the snap goes for a punt? For a FG a snap is between 7-8 yds? How fast do these new snappers get the ball back to the punter and holder? Are they faster than Houser and Robinson?

    Tags: I’d previously read that the CBA-less uncapped offseason would allow two FTs plus a TT. Lombardi seems to be saying there’s only one additional TT? Assuming there are 3 tags allowed, if a team uses both their FTs and their TT now, and a CBA somehow gets agreed to before the March deadline, do the extra tags have to come off when the new CBA is signed? I know that a team can decide to remove a tag designation if they want to (eg Hill), so why not tag as many as possible now, wait for trading to die-down and then remove them like TR did last season?

    RFAs: The way it used to be, the RFA’s current team had “right of first refusal” over their contract at some set tender amount, based on years in the league, and the current team could sign the RFA at that set amount, or match another team’s higher offer. At a higher tender rate (like 110% of that players previous salary), the current team got both “right of first refusal” and rights to a draft pick from the same round (or better) from the signing club. The new club had to give their draft pick in that (or a higher) round to the old club if they wanted to sign the RFA. At a higher tender, the current club had both “right of first refusal”; and rights to a 2nd round draft pick from the signing club. At the next higher tender, the current club had both “right of first refusal”; and rights to a first round draft pick from the signing club. At the highest tender, the current club had both “right of first refusal”; and rights to both a first- and third round draft pick from the signing club.

    2008 tender amounts were:
    Tender amount Compensation required
    $2.562 million First- and third-round
    $2.017 million First-round
    $1.417 million Second-round
    $927,000 Determined by RFA’s original draft status (see below)

    RFAs can’t be traded until after they’ve signed their one year tenders, and other teams can’t poach them unless they go untendered, so once they’re tendered the ball’s in the RFAs court. Since there’s no current CBA the two extended RFA years means teams RFAs get offered the 1-yr tenders by their team and not contract extensions, but like Lombardi said, those players won’t sign their tenders until late in the trading period, waiting for some team to bid the highest offer they would likely ever get. Are tendered RFA agents allowed to talk to other teams before they sign? Meanwhile, losing Spencer, Tapp or Sims (or Laury, or Ryan) can be made very improbable, by tendering them at the rate that would require a 1st or 2nd round draft pick be returned by the team with a higher contract offer for the player. Do you have the 2010 tender amounts, or have they changed?

  13. Mare is the only 1 of the 3 I’d even remotely consider tagging, & wtf haven’t we already extended him?????? Oh………. that’s right him & Timmay didn’t quite see eye to eye…………..

  14. I’m sure Coutu is available. LOL. To think Forsett was released at the time Coutu was kept is crazy.

  15. How about this for a draft scenario – it know it’s all speculation.

    Trade our 14th pick in the 1st round to the Saints for their 32nd pick and Reggie Bush.

    We then trade our 32nd pick and Deion Branch to the Bronco’s for Brandon Marshall and their 3rd round pick. We could swap our 6th pick in round 1 for the Bronco’s 10th pick if the deal needed sweetening.

    All of a sudden we have at least 1 pick in every round and also have the playmakers on the team so we can concentrate on fixing the OL and DL – with maybe a DB thrown in for good luck?

  16. chuck_easton says:

    Why trade the #14 pick for Reggie Bush? He is due 8 million in salary this season. NO is either going to ask him to take a pay cut or they will likely release him.

    If he’s released Seattle can try to pick him up as a UFA if they want him.

    This is the year that alot of high/overpriced veterans (Branch, Kearney Tomlinson in SD) are going to be shown the door because there is no CAP hit to release them.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Exactly, Chuck. Those players would likely be cut anyway, but without cap ramifications that extend the length of their respective contracts, it’s a perfect time for teams to purge overpriced / under-performing players.

  18. There’s a million scenarios for this particular off-season with all of the uncertainties revolving around the collective bargaining agreement.

    One scenario involves the New York Yankee$.

    There are going to be some players who are going to get released because they should. They are underproductive and I don’t think they have much left in the tank. Think Kerney, Patrick.

    But some are going to get released and they do have a bit left in the tank. Not much, but a good year in them anyway. Like, perhaps, our own Grant, Deon. He’s still solid and I think he has another okay year in him.

    With this being a capless year, I’m starting to think more and more that you can buy a team in 2010. You can offer 1 year contracts (as this year is almost guaranteed to be capless) to quality players and pay them much more than anyone else would pay them. You can give $18 million to Peppers for 1 year if you want. Nobody else will (at least I don’t think). So if a team is serious about a charge in ’10 and have plenty of money to spend, they can make it happen. There’s also talk about some vets getting released like Charles Grant (due $4 million in ’10) from New Orleans. I saw this on PFT yesterday. He may be 31, but he has gas left for another run, and if he’s under a 1 year contract, paying him doesn’t destroy any cap space (plus he’ll have that “I’ll show you” attitude of being released and playing for one more contract from someone). He’s still a solid player, better than most of our DL, anyways. There’s going to be a lot of guys like that. It would be nice to be able to trade down a few times (doesn’t even have to be with either 1st round picks) in the upcoming draft and pick up extra picks in the 2011/2012 drafts. That way, when these 1 year contracts are up, we’re going to have extra picks to replace them and get young. This is a scenario that could happen because A. Paul Allen is loaded, B. We have a QB who is built for now and not 5 years from now. Plus, teams are always more willing to trade future picks away, as opposed to picks that particular year. We could have the best of both worlds… We can make a run in 2010 with the right FAs, yet we could add more picks for 2011/2012 and get extremely young and have an unfair advantage in those drafts of having extra picks in various rounds. I like it when my teams have unfair advantages. Just like the Steeler fans liked the unfair officiating advantage in SB XL.

  19. For some reason I just don’t see the Saints releasing Bush. Even though his numbers don’t translate – he still has trade value and I think they will hang onto him. He’s on a Superbowl winning team – it’s in his best interests to resign long term rather than get cut!

    Obviously, any trade scenario would be dependant on him restructuring his contract.

    I have a feeling that Carroll and Schneider will be as aggressive as they can be in free agency this year – which may mean they pull the trigger on a Bush trade before the team decide to release him.

    Lets hope your right and we pick him up without losing a high draft pick though!

  20. Dukeshire says:

    A team that is mostly complete can add a high profile UFA to fill in the gap(s) this year. Even a team that is close and willing to leverage the future by conceding draft picks for a RFA, will have some options. But in no way is this off-season set up for a team like the Seahawks to buy a “one year wonder.” A team on the rebuild is more far more restricted regarding FA acquisition this year, than if there were a cap in place. It’s not even close.

  21. I don’t know if I like the idea of “Buying a Superbowl”, that is the one reason why I hate the Yankee’s soooo bad. I don’t think I want that for this team.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Aside from players that get cut, there won’t be a lot of FA movement this year.

  23. What an odd time, from a cap standpoint, for PC & crew to come in…. like Z with the M’s, he has a long way to go and it will be very interesting how the direction is managed…. the only hint we have so far is the verbage relating to not being afraid to go younger…. how creative can the Hawks get? One area might be by moving Seneca Wallace… a name that hasn’t come up in conversation… Is he truly worth a roster spot at his salary if we’re looking to go younger? If we draft a QB, doesn’t that press the issue?

  24. chuck_easton says:

    Isn’t Wallace a UFA this year?

  25. If this truly becomes a no cap year, then I say dump all you can with over-priced players. There are very few players on this team that you can say you “need” to keep or would be more expensive or risky to replace. When would there ever be a better time to be able to do such a large revamp of a roster and not eat cap space??

    How can a drastic revamp produce any worst results than we have seen for the last two seasons?

  26. Dukeshire says:

    I believe he has one year left after his ’07 extension.

  27. footballscaa says:

    Nate Burleson???? They need to get rid of him. There’s not a player on that team that needs to be franchised. Unless they want to hit Walter Jones with it again, so he can skip training camp. Franchise a kicker? You don’t label a player just to do it, you do it because you have to. There are no players worthy.

  28. I would keep both Burleson and Redding if I could. Each guy filled a unique role on the team and played his heart out. That said, this is not the year to overpay them. If either one stays, they need to accept a reasonable contract.

    I think there will be no franchise tags this year. No big FA signings either. There won’t be many FAs available, those available will be overpriced, and besides, the Seahawks are not a team that will suddenly start competing because of a couple of high-priced FAs.

    This year will be about the draft and signing young-and-hungry unknown free agents. If the Seahawks win in 2010 they will have to win ugly while learning to execute new schemes. That’s how rebuilding looks.

    The players we had last year could have played much better than they did. Until those problems are solved, paying big $ for a few new key players won’t solve the team’s problems.

    Coach Carroll gets this, and I’m convinced he will focus more on getting our existing starters to perform at a higher level, and he will worry little about adding a new star or two.

  29. Not so sure we will retain Redding, but keeping Burleson is a desire from a Hass standpoint…
    I continue to feel we can be very competitive if we can lock in a physically capable OLT, that changes things immediatly on the OL in several ways… moves Locklear to RT and ends the silly games there…. draft the pass rusher we need to combine with the proper use of Curry, a defensive back and an OG… four starting, yes, starting positions coupled with good coaching… I can’t believe the team attitude will ever sink to the ‘Mora year’… Don’t forget, also, you can get burned now and then with youth, but that enthusiasim is very often electric….. I still believe in the talent of the Hawks… (come get me Bobby!… hee hee…).. ‘Smart Coaching’ is soooo key… The unknown/uncontrollable factor, of course, is the injury scenario… we can only hope/expect it will be better than the last two years…. We keep having to play with 70-75% of our starters… while others are playing with more… 2-3 starting players mean a lot… sometimes it’s only one that means the difference….

  30. Chuck… I believe Duke is correct…. It was part of my thought process… If not, my bad….
    I believe it’s agreeable that Wallace may have some value, but at this point, he’s not the impact we need to win with situations where Hass isn’t available…. We all saw his “Red Zone” abilities this past season… part of that is coaching/play calling, for sure, but it wasn’t pretty….
    Game time, youth experience, etc …. might be just what the Dr ordered for a team wanting to groom a successor… The serious ‘successor’ process needs to start, probably is a year late…..

  31. chuck_easton says:

    I’ll always defer to Duke’s knowledge about contracts and such. I knew it was either this year or next.

  32. Ok Eric….. What’s YOUR thoughts???? We know you may have some restrictions, but you have a “deeper” access to players, and especially now, coaches…. we’re just learning about them….
    Help us???

  33. I’m with YOU Chuck! Sometimes I wonder if Duke works in the Hawks front office!!! LOL!!! Like yourself, he’s a great part of this blog…. Hopefully neither of you ever go away….

  34. Dukeshire says:

    Lol, I sure wish I did. I think the Wallace question is a good one. If they draft a QB I too think that would spell the end for Seneca. It’s hard to imagine they would outright cut him, he’s going to (only) make $1.5 mil in ’10, so you’ve got to believe he’s on the block. If they don’t draft Hass’ future replacement, he finishes the string, but they would surely lose him in FA next year. It’s an interesting dilemma.

  35. seahawklovertoo says:

    I want to say : let him go ( Wallace)….but, my faith in PC tells me he will be used ( and trusted) properly this year.No more the “Troika of Morons” (Ruskell/Mora/Krapp) Man, I sooooo hope an NOT wrong on PC and his coaches……

  36. Dukeshire says:

    I read about Ricky Foley this morning and had a different sense of the signing than Mr. Morgan. Foley was tied for tops in the CFL last year with 12 sacks as an undersized (6′ 245) DE. I don’t see this in any way as a hint they are considering a move to 3-4. I see a highly productive player that was a FA and could be signed relatively (I imagine) cheaply. He will certainly be asked to play special teams. Anything they can get out of him is great, with minimal risk or investment. He worked out for other teams in the league before signing with Seattle, as well. And he was awarded the CFL’s top Canadian award. I’m not sure what that is exactly, but I presume is something along the lines of a MVP, that’s voted on by head coaches and media.

  37. Sure been awhile since we’ve had anyone get any accolades for special teams play… actually could be argued that our special teams have been less than adequate…

  38. vichawkfan says:

    I live in Vancouver and watched Foley play here for the Lions….this is a too little too late signing. They should have moved on Cam Wake who signed with the Fins last season. Dude made Foley look like high-school.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    You’re the second person I’ve heard say that about Foley. I’ve never seen him play, so I’ll take to word of those who have. If nothing else, it’s another body to take some punishment during camp, for the o line.

  40. SharkHawk says:

    Thanks for keeping things running and doing such a great job during the offseason Eric. It is a totally seamless thing. We all appreciate it. It’s like we all used to say…. just put up a post every couple of days maximum and let us discuss it. This is a classic example. Great topic and a nice discussion followed.


  41. Vic…. Do you recall if Foley played on special teams???? Got an impression????

  42. SharkHawk says:

    The top canadian award is their MVP for a guy who is a native of Canada. Ben Cahoon earned it a few times as a receiver for Montreal, but he never got a chance in the NFL because they said he was “too small”. The funny thing is that he was bigger than Deion Branch. He also could bench 400 pounds and had glue for hands.

    I never will understand the NFL’s reluctance to go after Canadian talent. I get the feeling that part of it is that the NFL has made an unofficial “hands-off” policy so that the CFL doesn’t turn into the NFL’s minor league. The NFL doesn’t want to pay them… they want their audience too much. It’s stupid, because the cross-promotion/co-branding of an NFL Canada as a minor league (rather than the mess that was WLAF and NFL Europe) just makes so darn muched sense. Way too much sense for Tagliabue and apparently Goodell as well. I guess they don’t want to share their pennies with the Canadian owners, and would rather they went broke on their own and then started their OWN league with the NFL owning it. It will happen. Just watch.

  43. vichawkfan says:

    IB – he probably did….CFL stars aren’t immune to ST duty – but he’d be making tackles around the 40yrd line, not heading down with a ton of steam. He’s a decent player, I think he put up 13 or so sacks….now Cam Wake was doing 22+ for 2 years….same competition.

  44. vichawkfan says:

    oh right, last season TR was looking for pass rushers….2 hrs up the I-5 Wake was looking like LTaylor….opps, missed that one. Parcells is 3000 miles across NAmerica and steals him for a song.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    Foley had 12 sacks and 51 tackles. The Dolphins got Wake for $4.9 mil over 4 years. In 2 seasons Wake had 16 and 23 sacks, respectively. I also read that the Saints, Rams, Bills and Vikings were interested before Miami signed him. It is surprising that Ruskell didn’t bring him in for a workout, at least, a year ago.

  46. It just makes common sense to look everywhere, for every upgrade you can possibly gather….. I have to think Ruskell had a set of blinders on or a very inadequate staff…. or both… (thx Vic for the comeback…)

  47. Dukeshire says:

    I think that’s a fair criticism. Ruskell’s draft history is overwhelmingly comprised of seniors from major conference schools. I’m hoping that trend is now a thing of the past. There are great players to be had outside of the PAC 10, SEC, Big 10 and Big 12, you’ve just got to go find them.

  48. PC apparently has the final call, but I’m very excited over the addition of John Schneider. If he looks over his shoulder at “Z” and how Z’s tuning, stretching, etc. the M’s…. JS can do it also with the Hawks, and it appears he’s already started in that direction….. I’m excited with his youth and his drive… the reality is, this position, if done correctly, could vault him sky high…. The ingredients are there…. add a bit here, a bit there and we become respectable again….
    Here’s hoping he leaves no stones unturned… On the field, in PC, he has a coach that can win…. supporting coaches that also can win…. I don’t see John as a ‘sameold’, ‘sameold’ …. prove me right John!!!!

  49. One thing I am remiss with… Though it’s been brought up many times before…. My Bad here…. We have an ownership that also shows it wants to win…. That’s very, very special…. certainly the first criteria when looking for talent… JS & PC must be totally aware and excited with the opportunity and the value of an owner like him…. Paul Allen, though not usually visable, clearly wants some change this year….

  50. It’s important to leave no stones unturned. I hated how Ruskell refused to look at smaller time college players, even though they very well could have been more talented (unless he was looking at undrafted FAs). There were some things I liked about Ruskell, but the talent level is clearly his fault and we all agree it needs to be upgraded.

    But one thing we need to realize is that there is going to be a bust who gets drafted, and there’s going to be a guy who is good who went after our bust. That’s the way it is. I don’t know that the Packer drafts have been so great, as some have said, based on their young talent, but it’s rather they have traded down to get extra picks. They have more chances to get it right with a young guy (and get it wrong, based on crappy 2nd rounders in recent years with the likes of Brian Brohm, Jordy Nelson, and Brandon Jackson… nevermind that AJ Hawk certainly isn’t all that good for a top 5 pick). Many of us would like to trade down early and often, and I think there’s a good chance that happens. We know we’re going to take some busts, but the more picks you have, the better your odds of striking it rich, too.

    I hear a lot about people talking about model franchises like the Colts, Pats, Steelers, etc. Well, if they were so smart, they would have signed Wake (i.e. offered more money than the Dolphins). All of us would like every one of our picks to be good and for us and for our team, and only team, who finds FA gems. We obviously need to get better in those areas (more talent) but we also need to realize there are 31 other teams who are trying to do the same thing.

    Well, maybe not the Bengals, they just look for as many criminals and morons as possible. First, the coke head, and next up Pack Man?

  51. Dukeshire says:

    On the flip side, the Colts, Pats and Steelers may not have been in the market for a situational DE like Miami apparently was. In any case, you’re right about drafting; there will always be busts and missed opportunities. As fans, we often have expectations associated with the round a player is taken that have nothing to do with what a drafting team is expecting out of that player. We’d all like to have pro bowlers taken in every round, but that’s simply not going to happen. That said, successful teams don’t waste many picks. It’s no coincidence that those teams are primarily build through the draft. I’m hoping that is a trend Schneider brings to Seattle.

  52. I wonder what Burleson expects to make in ’10 (and beyond)? He obviously thinks he’s worth (and will get) more than $3.25 million. While I think he’s a decent WR, I don’t know if he’s worth more than that (especially if there was a cap).

  53. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, he strikes me as someone that will be a tough negotiation. I have a feeling he will sign elsewhere, able to get more than what the ‘Hawks are willing to offer. I hope I’m wrong; I like him, he’s a nice player, hometown guy, but I have a feeling he’s going to “hold out” for what I imagine he believes will be his last good chance at a long term, lucrative deal. I hope they’re able to work something out.

  54. nighthawk2 says:

    Jordy Nelson is not a crappy player. I’d like to have him here. He just never gets a chance to play, and I don’t know why. Because Greg Jennings didn’t do jack diddlysquat, Donald Driver is about to become an AARP spokesman and James Jones is…who the hell is James Jones?

    Burleson has done nothnig to warrant big money. If someone else wants to give it to him, it’s OK with. I’m sitll p.o.’d that Ruskell traded that 3rd round pick for him in a tit-for-tat signing figures deal with Minnesota because he was too stupid to Franchise our guard. That 3rd round pick could have gotten us Owen Daniels and solved our TE problem years ago before Carlson.

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