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Morning Links: Cruising the mock drafts

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 10, 2010 at 11:29 am with 73 Comments »
February 10, 2010 11:32 am

With a little over two months left until this year’s draft in April, I thought we should take a look at who some of the top draft experts have Seattle taking right now with the team’s two, first-round draft picks.

Rob Rang of has Seattle taking Georgia Tech defensive end Derrick Morgan at No. 6 Clemson RB C.J. Spiller at No. 14, while his co-worker Chad Reuter has the Seahawks selecting OSU WR Dez Bryant at No. 6 and Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga at No. 14.

ESPN’s Todd McShay has Seattle taking Bulaga at No. 6 and Spiller at 14, while Mel Kiper Jr. has the Seahawks selecting Morgan at No. 6 and Spiller at 14.

Pete Fiutak of has the Seahawks selecting Okung at No. 6 and Spiller at No. 14.

And former NFL player Cory Chavous at has the Seahawks taking Rutgers OT Anthony Davis at No. 6 and DE Everson Griffin from USC at No. 14.

New offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates played option quarterback at Rice. His former coach with the Owls, Ken Hatfield, had this to say about Bates. “He was an extremely intelligent player,” Hatfield said of his former QB. “He had a great mind for football. And he was a great competitor. He wanted to win every drill, every play. He just had a great love for the game.”

Matt Hasselbeck talks with KJR’s Mitch Levy about meeting with the new coaching staff and the Walter Jones rumors in this audio link.

Greg Johns of discusses some of the top offensive line prospects the Seahawks might be taking a look at, and how the addition of Alex Gibbs as offensive line coach might affect that decision.

Wes Bunting of the National Football Post ranks Russell Okung as his top offensive tackle prospect and fellow OSU product Dez Bryant as his top receiver prospect.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    A combination of one of those would make me happy. Right now I’m leaning toward Anthony Davis and Spiller. (Have I mentioned yet this week how much I dislike mock drafts? They are only slightly more important than “bracketology”, although I love college basketball) Anyway…

  2. Most of the Mock Drafts have us taking everything but O linemen for the first 3 picks.
    If we do not either get some FA O linemen or at least draft one in the first 3 picks. My feeling is expect what we had the last 2 years, and ignoring the biggest need in the on the team for “best” available is just plain stupid. Get the best guy for what we need and we need the Big Ugglies on both lines. Without a good line the rest of the offense will continue to suck until the issue is taken care of. If we draft a QB or RB or WR without strengthing the O line they will suck and we will call them busts.
    As far as Im concerned 2 of the first three should be linemen one O and D are ok, the other pick get a RB or Safety

  3. Oldbutslow says:

    One of the side benefits of taking a left tackle early, is that if he is not as good as expected, he may still be of value somewhere else in the line. Not many other positions have fallback options.

    Mock drafts in general are entertaining, but rarely helpful. They give some idea of what players are highly regarded, but the draft is a crap shoot, at best. There is enjoyment in trying to project what the team will do, but listening to what some knownothing blogger has to say is not worth much.

  4. If Jones really does retire, that should leave the Hawks with no option but to draft a tackle. Especiall if they are going to implement zone blocking. A better RB would definitely help. I don’t think Forsett could be an everydown back and Julius Jones just plain sucks. They need somebody to stop the run also.

  5. sugashack says:

    My take would be in order of availability (and don’t crucify me for it):

    Bradford (no succession plan at this spot)
    Berry (need position and best talent in draft IMHO)
    Davis/Okung (no strong opinion on which I’d prefer)

    and depending on that pick

    Dez Bryant (I’d be tempted to move him ahead of Spiller. Game changer)

    It’s all about point of attach on both sides so spending those picks on OL and DL (one of each or two of one) would be fine by me as well.

  6. footballscaa says:

    They need a RB. If it’s the first round or the 8th, they need a RB. How many DL men have the Hawks drafted with their 1st pick? How many were actually good?

  7. seahawklovertoo says:

    I may be one of very few that thinks we got a lot (at least quite some) value in Frye and Gibson as offensive lineman.
    This is my (latest—adjusted b/c of the new coaches)”dream” draft scenario : if we can’t have Suh ,of course, then we trade our #4 with NE for their #42 & #54 + Safety Patric Chung (never less than 3rd team all-American, very intelligent and hard hitter ) OR trade it with NE for next years Raiders 1st rounder ( to make sure we will take QB Locker) + Pat Chung.
    #14 Morgan or,Spiller ( SF may take Spiller before our turn and trade Gore)
    #40 Bulaga or Chuck Brown
    #42 Iupati (if still there) or USC WR Williams (if Jets don’t take him @29)or, WR Aurellius Benn ( good hands + awesome ST returner)
    #54 OG Mike Johnson ( Alabama) (if we didn’t get Iupati)
    Fourth Rd : Rhodes Scholar Safety Myron Rolle (FSU)
    Fifth Rd : OG John Jerry (unless we grab Iupati or Johnson) or RB Blount
    Sixth Rd : the BPA @ DT
    This way we will have the best BPA @ DE (or, Spiller & Blount) plus the smartest hard hitting pair of safeties in NFL & two great OL rookies and a WR.

  8. seahawklovertoo says:

    #6 (still living in the past)

  9. langfordhawk says:

    I crave a Safety with the impact of our ol’ pal Kenny Easley.
    I have my fingers crossed that Berry drops to us at 6, or E Thomas at 14 or even Nate Allen at 40.

  10. In 05 the Seahawks rode their O line all the way to the Super Bowl. It was the best O line in the NFL that season.

    In 06 and 07 their O line was below average. In 08 and 09 it was a total train wreck, the worst in the NFL. Thank you Mr. Ruskell.

    Gibbs may be a good O line coach but he is not a magician. He can’t make chicken salad out of chicken feathers.

    The same year the Rams took Pace with the first pick in the draft, the Hawks chose Walter Jones with the third pick in the first round. Was that too high for a left tackle? No way.

    I watched Iowa play four times this past season and Brian Bulaga is amazing. He has quick feet and great balance. He not only did not give up a sack in those four games, his man never got close to the QB. I’m not saying Bulaga is another Walter. Threre may never be another Walter but Bulaga can protect the QBs blind side.

  11. seahawklovertoo says:

    Sorry to all Berry fans …I know Monty Kiffin is proclaiming Berry is the best safety this year. I watched plenty SEC and ACC games this year and never saw Berry do anything to justify top 20 pick.
    Taylor Mays was far,far worse. He is a dud and to smart. I know he is from Seattle…. I’d take smart and hard hitting safeties like Chung and Rolle any time.

  12. wabubba67 says:

    Take two out of these three OL with our picks #6 and #14 and our offensive line will be young and nasty again:

    Okung, Bulaga, Lupati

    Playmakers don’t make a difference if they are first not given an opportunity (time and space) to make those plays.

  13. jacob green very good, jeff bryant very good, tez very very good, tubbs good went to superbowl with him, I beginning to think we should draft a d lineman first it is the strength off this draft class. lawrence jackson was a late 1st round pick and he seems to be one of our only true future defensive starters. I dont know who to pick but we should take lineman with at least our first two picks how bout one ot and one dt in that order or the other way around it doesnt matter. Please no running back in the first 4 picks and no special teamers please. oh and no one named smidths

  14. langfordhawk says:

    what’s your take on Nate Allen and Earl Thomas?

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Those are some very good players, but they are hardly a failsafe for success. The success of the teams they have all been a part of is mixed; 2-14 with Tez. 13-3 with Tubbs. And everything in between. That said, after LT, they need a DT as badly as any other (RB, Safety, Corner, Future QB, WR)

  16. hawkforever21 says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if Walt was “Walt” for one more season?! It would make this draft so much more interesting.

    If we could sign either Jahri Evans or Bobbie Williams at Guard, and Jammal Brown at OT…then I would love to end up with Berry, and Spiller, or McCoy or Morgan with our two 1st rounders.

    I say if Berry falls to us at 6, that we take him…… if we haven’t addressed the O-line in FA, then we take an OT at 14, if we address this before the draft, then we can go best player available with our 2nd 1st rounder. So many “needs”….DT, DE, QB, RB, WR, etc., etc.

  17. It looks like Mike Johnson’s stock has fallen a bit and he’ll be available in the 3rd round. I’d love to move down from #6 or #14 and add a 3rd rounder to draft him. He’s going to be a damn solid guard in the NFL, whether it’s in a smash mouth attack or an Alex Gibbs ZBS. He’s tough, athletic (moved to LT when Andre Smith got suspended last year), and the best OL on the college team that won the National Championship. Does anyone really think Mark Ingram won the Heisman all by himself? I think he has the potential to play in a couple of Pro Bowls. Not a Hutch by any means, but a good, solid player. He and Unger could spend 10 years together, side by side, and develop that chemistry that OLs need.

  18. If they get Dez Bryant I’d be pissed. I’d rather see them trade Branch and Denvers 1st rounder back to them for Brandon Marshall.

  19. seahawklovertoo says:

    LangfordHawk, Allen,I am not so informed about him. Thomas-YES but, he’ll be gone in the first. Yet, I wouldn’t take him with the 6th or 14th. Rolle will be there in late second-early third round. I saw Rolle many times in ’08 before he went to study at Oxford,England.
    My wish list is just a wish list. NE may not want to trade and if the trade doesn’t include their rookie safety Pat Chung, then they better give their 1st round pick as well.
    If we can’t have Suh, then I don’t want anyone else with our #6; after Suh and (maybe) G.McCoy there aren’t any other DTs worth being picked that high .If Dunlap didn’t have issues….maybe. His absence from the game vs. Alabama in SEC championship game was the difference between winning and losing.
    In my dream draft , if we don’t need to take OG John Jerry in the fifth round , then I’d love love to have Gator DE Cunningham. He was outdone by Dunlap but, still solid player on their “D” line.

  20. seahawklovertoo says:

    Amen to that,BobbyK

  21. I think we need two OT’s and a DE with are first three picks unless some ish happens in FA where we get a quality player in one of those positions, in that case I would think a RB or S would be our next concern.

  22. I ment OL (G and a T)

  23. hawkforever21 says:

    If we can’t get Suh, Berry or McCoy………then there’s a lot of different options that would work……including trading down to pick up more draft picks.
    If Bates and Gibbs are as good as advertised, then maybe just maybe we don’t need 1st round picks spent here. Maybe just a little better coaching and a free agent or two.

    My absolute dream scenario would be to somehow, someway pick up Suh and Berry in this draft……ain’t gonna happen…….but if there was some way to trade draft picks (maybe even this year’s and next year’s) and players (like Branch, Kerney, Grant, Hawthorne, Jennings, Trufant, etc.) to move up and at least end up with Berry and McCoy…..well that would be a nice start to the Carroll regime.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Nate Allen is bigger than Thomas and is considered a more finished product. Thomas is only 2 years removed from high school and would likely continue to fill out his 5’10” (listed) height. Allen is not the hardest hitter in the field and while a great athlete, has been clocked 4.5. Thomas is faster and has better coverage skills but not the stoutest run stopper. As his body matures, that may change. He could be converted to a corner, potentially. If it’s my choice, I take Thomas, no question. Allen is a more prototypical SS, should be solid, if not unspectacular and should be available in third or second if he blows up the combine.

  25. seahawklovertoo says:

    I think/hope that we may do a deal with the Saints that includes our #6 for one of their RFA + #32 or, maybe #6 for two RFA offensive lineman. Knowing Benson, as well as how much people in Louisiana revere their LSU Tigers, I am 100% sure they’d take Gators’ CB Haden b/c of the way he “shut-down” their pass game in their loss vs. the Gators.
    I’d go for it in a heart-beat. Anyone else likes this as well? Seriously, a trade with the Saints is a real possibility.
    Another possible trade is with Holmy : our #14 for two second rounders and a third round pick. I think he’d snach Dez Bryant before the Donkies get him.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    With due respect, a “trade with the Saints is a real possibility” is pure conjecture on your part. I simply don’t see why they’d be interested in letting FA’s sign elsewhere for draft picks. They are already a young team that just won the Super Bowl heading into a capless year. This is a perfect situation for them. Until there is something of substance to base all this speculation on, I’ll remain convinced they are in no hurry to break up the most popular team in franchise history.

  27. seahawklovertoo says:

    Capless year is great for owners like Allen. Benson, on the other hand is the bottom three NFL owners and nowhere near PA in wealth. In all reality, he has no business owning an NFL team—but, he does b/c of the city & state subsidies.
    On top of that is is the cheapest and list classy rich man in the southern USA. So, considering all that, I am sure he will pull a ” Huizenga” stunt vs. having a team to repeat as SB Champs.

  28. seahawklovertoo says:


  29. As much as I loathe the idea of trading a draft pick for a player at this stage in our rebuilding, the #14 and Branch to Denver for Marshall isn’t a bad idea…
    …IF that #14 pick would turn into Dez White (and only Dez White).

    White has character flaws, same for Marshall. And since Marshall is a proven Pro Bowler AND extremely YOUNG… I wouldn’t mind taking a chance on him over an unknown rookie in Dez White (no matter how talented he supposedly is).

    Regardless, I don’t support the trade. We need to build through the draft. The only trade-up scenario I support is to get Suh if it won’t cost an arm and a leg, but then I’d want to trade down with the remaining pick(s) and replenish what we had to give up in getting Suh, so we can actually still get younger in the process.

  30. Why am I calling Dez Bryant, Dez “White?” Derrr…

  31. I don’t know jack about college talent, but i do know that our # priority in EVERYTHING has GOT to be the offensive line.

  32. seahawklovertoo says:

    Moo, I understand that very well. One thing that has changed is the fact that our coaches will run the ZBS again and for that reason and that reason only we don’t need to draft an offensive lineman with our 6th and 14th pick. We can get those in second round or, later b/c those lineman are NOT valued as much as normal sized tackles and guards. I’ve known of Okung(OSU) and Trent Williams
    (OU)for a long time but, they are not necessary type for the ZBS. I don’t care much about that system but, I am just a afn.
    I guess Bulaga ( Iowa) or, Charles Brown (USC) are better suited for ZBS and one of these two will be there @ #40 for us to pick.. So, picking an offensive lineman to fit our needs at #6 and #14 would be a huge rich. That is why I’d love to trade our #6 (and maybe our #14 as well) for more bodies. There will be plenty quality rookie players even in the 3rd. round.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    seahawklovertoo – The capless year isn’t about whose got the biggest wallet. To sign those RFA it will cost draft picks as compensation. And as far as “the least classy man rich man is the southern USA”, what does that have to do with anything? Winning is good for business and they are winners. The capless year is great for teams in the Saints situation. Sorry SL2, but the Saints are in a position that will make it very difficult to plunder their FAs this offseason.

  34. hawkforever21 says:

    With Wes Welker’s injury, and Tom Brady’s love for Deion Branch (i.e. calling Hasselbeck after the trade and telling him that he’s getting himself a great receiver, great team player, etc.)……I wonder if there’s any chance we could trade Branch back to New England for a 4th rounder or somewhere in that range.
    Probably not since most people believe Branch will just be cut….but certainly worth the phone call. Maybe Belichick feels even just a little guilty for getting Ruskell to give up a 1st rounder for Branch!!!!! Not bloody likely!

  35. Although our greatest needs for long term success are along the lines.

    I just don’t think the draft will fall that way! There will be pressure on Carroll to turn this thing around quickly ( even though I doubt he would be fired after 1 year like Mora). We need a minimum of a 7-9 or 8-8 season.
    Never the less, the NFL is about winning and to do that, you need game breakers.

    I agree that our needs must be met with the best OL or DL with one of our top 3 picks.

    But just consider how much a game breaking rookie at RB/WR/ST/CB/S would pick up our team. Every team in the league carries a few players they wish could be upgraded. But the successful ones have a game changing teammate that comes up with a big play at least once a game!

    Of course the trick is, finding the game changer? You have to balance risk with reward.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    Not earth shattering, but the ‘Hawks signed Matt Overton, long snapper. I guess this means we won’t see anymore of Kelly Jennings on the line.

  37. chuck_easton says:

    While seahawklovertoo’s trade scenarios are pure speculation and somewhat far reaching I think there is merit to the idea. More than one NFL analyst has said that due to the FA restrictions brought on by the no CBA capless year we are likely going to see more trades and less FA signings this off season.

    I also tend to agree with Dukeshire. Why would NE want to give up Chung? I know seahawklovertoo thinks highly of him since he talks about him almost as much as Bobby talks about OL but what’s in it for NE?

    Also why would the Saints trade their OL that are RFA’s and can be tendered at a reasonable price? Yes the Seahawks could make a better offer than the tender offered by the Saints but that just gives NO the opportunity to match the offer or, at least, get some of our 1st or 2nd round draft picks in compensation.

  38. Who cares what kind of scheme we are running, we need OL. The last two years we’ve needed OL. I can’t believe there are people out there who are oblivious to this. How much longer will it be till people understand that you cannot be successful without a line, another 5 – 11 season or two. Please address this hawks.

  39. hawkforever21 says:

    OL for sure……..but it would be nice to somehow take care of that in Free Agency. Picking up guys that Gibbs and Bates “know” will fit their schemes.

    Then use the draft for defensive help…….specifically Safety, and DE and DT!!

    It would be very interesting if the Hawks were able to get Berry AND Mays. Two different kinds of player…….both loaded with talent. One more “polished” than the other. Berry at SS and Taylor at FS. Maybe we stop giving up all those 3rd and longs!

    (I know though, we still need to address OL and DL somehow)

  40. Having Berry and Mays at SS and FS is like having a car with no gas. Almost pointless. The OL will remain terrible, so the offense won’t score (and will remain with no real playmakers since the first rounders will be used on two Ss). The D will always be playing from behind, and will generate little to no pressure when opponents do actually pass it, which will make the Ss cover longer (which noone can) and they’ll look bad when they are giving up completions. Everyone will be mad and talking about our lack of line play and being void of any legit playmakers on offense, not to mention we need Matt’s eventual replacement.

  41. hawkforever21 says:

    Agreed Bobby, that’s why I said if they could take care of the O-line in free agency. As Holmgren said once, if he could do it over again, he would use FA for his players on offense, and use the draft for his defense. As defense is more reactionary, but offense needs to be more seasoned……or something to that effect.

    So although I’m not sure how much they’ll have left in cap room (assuming there is any cap next season), they should have a decent amount especially if Walt retires, and several players are either cut, not re-signed or re-do their contracts. So if we could pick up an OT, G, and some type of DE or DT to put some pressure on opposing QB’s…….then and only then am I saying it could be something special to have Berry and Mays roaming the backfield for the next several years. (plus if we can’t get one of the above in FA, we still have our 2nd round pick).

  42. Because of Ruskell’s drafts, we are able to restrict the likes Rob Sims, Darryl Tapp, and Chris (f’ing) Spencer, while a team like the Saints, as Duke said, can restrict a Pro Bowl talent at LT, can restrict the best RG in the NFL, etc. Or the Chargers can restrict a 26 year old 2-time Pro Bowl LT, a young stud WR, a former NFL sack leader, their franchise player from this past season, etc. We really picked the wrong year to be so crappy and in such horsecrap shape compared to some others. While Tapp might not be bad, he’s certainly no legit Pro Bowl talent like others get to keep around after their 4th/5th years. It’s ironic that Leonard Weaver is a restricted free agent.

  43. I don’t know of much available talent in FA with respect to the OL if there’s a capless year.

  44. chucko24 says:

    OK We neeed to have a quick reality check. If anyone out there doesnt GET THIS you are just not trying. Ready???? Walter Jones IS DONE!! HE WILL NEVER BE THE WALT OF OLD AND HE WILL NEVER PLAY FOR THE HAWKS AGAIN. Why did he tweet the day after the Superbowl he was done??? Because he watched that game like all of us and realised he can never play at that level again and its best to hang em up. With all due respect to a great career, he looked average AT BEST the last couple of years. He is done and HE knows it. SO my fellow Hawk fans, lets get out of la-la land . Put down the Pipe. Back off the microbrews. Big walt is DONE and its better to have some closure and move on. We need a new left tackle, need to move Locklear back to where he was comfortable and revamp this to be a young, athletic and agressive line!!!! WALT IS DONE. If im wrong I will eat my sneaker:) But if he knows it, why dont we???

    GO HAWKS…First 3 picks on OL, DL/DE, Safety. And then RB CB OL QB WR DL/DE in no particular order. PS Walt is due like 7 Million this year…That aint happening! See you in the HOF big Walt!

  45. For everyone calling for drafting offensive lineman in the first round, I would agree that could be a good pick IF the right guy happens to be there at #14, but I think its worth revisiting langfordhawk’s post from yesterday:

    “langfordhawk says:
    “look at the 2 Superbowl teams, the highest drafted lineman was a 2nd (Stinchcomb). After that, there are three 4th rounders (Diem, Evans, Bushrod) two 5th rnd (Nicks, Goodwin), a 6th rnd (LT Charlie Johnson) and 3 undrafted free agents (Saturday, Lilja, DeVan). These are arguably the 2 best offences in football… and 9 out of 10 offensive linemen came in the 4th round or higher.”

    drafting offensive linemen in 1st and 2nd round the best offensive lines.

    … unless there happens to be a Jones or a Hutchinson available.

  46. I’m starting to like the idea of drafting Dez Bryant more and more.

    If we can believe pre-combine mock drafts, it looks like the three “can’t miss” prospects (Suh, McCoy, Berry) will be gone by #6. When I look for potential impact players for the Seahawks likely to be left at 6, I see Bryant and maybe Clausen. But Clausen is probably a couple of years of development away from starting. Dez Bryant might be a guy that can make Hasselbeck look young again next year.

    I don’t think WR is as big a need as OL, DL, S, QB are, but picking at #6 demands picking a guy who will make an big impact. Bryant could be the guy.

  47. d’oh. my post above was supposed to say:

    “drafting offensive linemen in 1st and 2nd round (Does Not Equal) the best offensive lines … unless there happens to be a Jones or a Hutchinson available.”

  48. Dukeshire says:

    Right now, I still like Anthony Davis and CJ Spiller if it broke that way. But again, I’m sure between now and April my opinion will change. I’m not sure how much longer they can wait to take Hass’ replacement so that may influence how I see things as well.

  49. You would need to go back to the SB XL to find a team with two first round on their offensive line. Seahawks had LT Walter Jones and LG Steve Hutchinson. But it was the mid line of the Steelers that saw three first rounds; LG Allen Faneca, C Jeff Hartings and RG Kendall Simmons. LT Marvel Smith was a second and RT Max Starks was a third and only remaining starter on last years SB winner.

    Replayed the Indy game once again. Spencer looked very good before the cast from thumb injury. Cannot say the same about the Tackles but the mid line was solid. Starting LT Locklear was out.

    The defensive line was horrific. Redding inside was blown over. Cole and Mebane looked respectable as did Terrill. Having Kerney at right end proved futile but LE Low Jack was solid against the rush and pressured the pass consistently. Def end Tapp is high motor but completely ineffective ( team had no sack , few pressures) this game as was Kerney. Overall, to be competitive we need to get to the quarterback. Those DT ‘s will be gone before our #6.and that may be to high to pick one of the DE’s. That said, we may get lucky and land Morgan #14.

    At #6, if we do indeed pick here (expect a rush for QB or other), S Berry ,WR Bryant or CB Haden.

  50. After the last few drafts I don’t care who the Seahawks get. As long as they produce! Everyone keeps saying that Suh and Berry are “can’t miss” guys. Well, we got the “can’t miss” guy last year and he certainly didn’t have the impact we were expecting. I know that he has strong potential, but Curry played more like a 3rd or 4th rounder last year and not the 4th overall pick.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    That game was a complete cluster f… on defense. The scheme, it sit back and play 2 deep zone was just awful. I agree about Jackson, he did play a good game, as I recall.

    I disagree with taking a WR in the first, at this point. Rebuilding a team with WRs reminds me of the plan followed by Matt Millen and the Detroit Lions. Yes, they will need play-makers at receiver but that is a position that should be added to a strong nucleus, not an attempt at a foundation.

  52. Mr Williams:
    I have a feeling like that most every NFL team: coaches, players, front office pro personnel and scout-types, and fans, are mostly sitting around staring to their mind’s direction of the NFLPA/Owners meetings. Watching and waiting to see or hear if there’s gonna be a new CBA come March. Sounds are being made like the players union are not gonna approve percentage of revenue reduction, regardless of Goodell’s “probability of players salary increasing” and expect a lock out (walk-out) in 2011. But that’s what you’ld kinda expect to hear from them during negotiations, no? What if they reach agreement at the 11th hour (which had better be soon)?

    Teams are doing double duty, planning as if there’s gonna be a cap and also as if 2010’s gonna be uncapped. Teams have to put in the effort to plan both ways (put in twice the effort as usual), or else teams that do will have an advantage over teams who’re unwilling (or unable) to invest twice their effort knowing that half that effort will be worthless.

    Hawks just shook up it’s pro-personnel dept – what does that mean for the ongoing scouting process, and what about the scouting that’s been done to date? Ruston Webster must have been doing something during his time as interim GM. What did he have the pro-personnel dept doing? It’s great (and most important) that JS & PC can communicate, but it’s also very important that JS, RW & John Idzik quickly communicate the work that they’ve been doing to date and learn the nuances of their roles (esp efficiently scouting the heck out of draft and FA prospects).

    I also wonder how much help PC can give towards their efforts, of if he’s over his head already trying to figure out the floors and ceilings of his current players, how they fit his schemes (or if the schemes may be tweaked to fit the players) and which players stay and which go? You’ld think he’s got to get the team’s needs right first before the scouts can narrow their focus on competing alternative players who show promise of performance improvements needed to make PC’s schemes work at the NFL level. Do the new pro-personnel men help PC review current borderline performance players with suggested available replacement players who could potentially improve performance?

    Starting in the hole, I have the feeling that this time, right now, determines how well the Hawks will do next season.

  53. seahawklovertoo says:

    excile, that is why I’d trade #6 ( if nothing else, then for next years 1st +a player ( safety Pat Chung) WASSUP chuck_easton ? or 1st + a pick this year)
    If we must keep our 6, the only player I’d take is Haden. I am afraid of Dez Bryant connection to” neon” Deon (may turn into another Crabtree) and I’d never take Berry with 6 or 14

  54. seahawklovertoo says:

    chuck_easton and everyone else, I like Chung and Myron Rolle b/c of their brains and fearlessness. (that is why I’d stay away from Mays—not much “upstairs”).
    A QB, MLB and the Safeties have to be (street) SMART and VERY intelligent. The smarter—the better. Same for WRs CBs but, they must be really fast too. ETC

  55. Who cares how many OL’s were first rounders, we need to rebuild are line, plain and simple. A playmaker would be nice, but how many games is a playmaker going to win by himself, how many times can a playmaker be the difference in a game if he is on a shitty team. Focus on the foundation, than worry about a playmaker when we are ready to compete. If you want to go to a game or sit by a TV and wait for one exiting play a game then root to get a play maker, if you want to win, wish for the essentials first.

  56. MonteCarlo says:

    Why go after CJ Spiller when we can go after Reggie Bush instead. I mean it make sense right?

  57. chuck_easton says:


    I’m not disagreeing with your call for Chung. If NE was willing to make that deal I’d be right there with you saying ‘HECK YEAH…”

    I’m just wondering what we have to offer them in return and why they might want to do it.

    Other than that I like the ‘outside the box’ thinking.

  58. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – you are correct. This was brought up earlier this season and I shot it down, like you now, then. Chung is a great young safety, and I was hoping he’d somehow make his way the the ‘Hawks last year. But he didn’t, that ship has sailed. He is an important part of a very young defense they are building in NE. They are not parting ways with him, s. safety is set in NE for the next several years.

  59. I don’t watch for one big play. But I do know that a playmaker – even if it’s a break out special teamer can win games by himself. An OLineman cannot do that!

    It’s nice having an upright QB, don’t get me wrong. But Hass or a rookie can not be relied upon to be much more than serviceable next year, even without getting sacked – if we have no talent at RB or WR we possibly will not score any points regardless.

    That’s what it comes down to in my eyes.

    I would have no problems if the top 3 players on our board when we pick are OLinemen and that’s who we pick.
    I just find it hard to hear everyone say they would pick mediocre OLinemen ahead of a possible star at another position just because we need players along the lines.

    We need an influx of talented players everywhere, not just on the Line!

  60. Here we go again,Every year the same old thing who will we take in the first round.For me I say #6 the OT from Idaho,or DT PSU Jason Odrick .One of them at #6 the other at #14.Call me nuts but thats the way I see it.

  61. seahawklovertoo says:

    Chuck_Easton&Duke I posted this yesterday. If we don’t need OG John Jerry in the fifth rd. then we could take DE Cunningham (Gators). FEBRUARY 10, 2010 AT 2:05 PM
    I may be one of very few that thinks we got a lot (at least quite some) value in Frye and Gibson as offensive lineman.
    This is my (latest—adjusted b/c of the new coaches)”dream” draft scenario : if we can’t have Suh ,of course, then we trade our #4 with NE for their #42 & #54 + Safety Patric Chung (never less than 3rd team all-American, very intelligent and hard hitter ) OR trade it with NE for next years Raiders 1st rounder ( to make sure we will take QB Locker) + Pat Chung.
    #14 Morgan or,Spiller ( SF may take Spiller before our turn and trade Gore)
    #40 Bulaga or Chuck Brown
    #42 Iupati (if still there) or USC WR Williams (if Jets don’t take him @29)or, WR Aurellius Benn ( good hands + awesome ST returner)
    #54 OG Mike Johnson ( Alabama) (if we didn’t get Iupati)
    Fourth Rd : Rhodes Scholar Safety Myron Rolle (FSU)
    Fifth Rd : OG John Jerry (unless we grab Iupati or Johnson) or RB Blount
    Sixth Rd : the BPA @ DT
    This way we will have the best BPA @ DE (or, Spiller & Blount) plus the smartest hard hitting pair of safeties in NFL & two great OL rookies and a WR.

  62. seahawklovertoo says:

    If I am right on the spot, then we will have our much needed Off.lineman (Bulaga or Brown + plus a slight reach for OG Mike Johnson), DE Morgan (?) and Cunninghan) and two fantastic safeties( Chung and Rolle); plus a RB( Spiller (?) or Blount ,or both) and an excellent WR in Benn.
    Trading our 6 makes the most sense to me. If we keep it, then the only one that we could use without any drastic reaching will be CB Haden (Gators).Suh,McCoy Berry,Okung and one Qb will be gone in the top five.Spiller won’t be there at #14.
    I’d really like to see us trading down on both first round picks. This draft is deeeeeeeeep.

  63. seahawklovertoo says:

    Duke, to explain why we should go after Saints RFA is b/c I don’t think Benson will want to pay the money they deserve ( plus, there may be some “butter” under the table that he will go for). Dudes, I DO know Benson. He got himself into the NFL history ; his ego, bragging rites and New Orleans ” immortality” are achieved. All he cares now is money in HIS pocket. I bet anyone here that he could give his LT from the IR (forgot his name),OG Jahri Evans and maybe even RB Bush for a free ( PA owned) Charter Communications/ Louisiana franchise (that Charter doesn’t have access to anyway but, Benson could easily get a license to operate ) for our #6 and an unconditional draft pick in year 5050.LOL
    I am telling You : we can have a cake and eat it too. Benson is G-R-E-E-D-Y sob.

  64. seahawklovertoo says:

    Besides, those three can easily be replaced by the players they have now and well NOT be missed . The Saints are LOADED with ( young) talent except at DBs
    That is why they’d “kill’ for Haden.

  65. seahawklovertoo says:

    OK, am I the top shelf GM material ,or what?
    I want to hear three fart salute ( must be “straight” to do this) and a hand clap.

  66. Dukeshire says:

    No, sorry but no, not top shelf GM. You seem to be forgetting that to sign one of those RFA from NO, it will cost draft picks as compensation. That right there devalues any draft scenario you have drawn up. And about those scenarios; NE is not going to part with Chung. They have no reason to. Draft choices only allow them to reload another safety into a spot they already have filled. That’s not a step forward for them. And every owner in the league is a greedy S.O.B.. How do you think they got rich enough to own an NFL team?

    I will say, I like your enthusiasm. And the Saints may in fact cut Reggie Bush and that would allow the ‘Hawks a shot at signing him. But the other stuff is a little far reaching for the circumstances surrounding the teams involved and the league heading into this off season. But again, your thinking outside the box, so that’s good.

  67. seahawklovertoo says:

    I said : Benson can be dealt with in an un-orthodox way. Now, I don’t know if NFL commish has to approve every transaction or not. I don’t know if money can “play” or must be all in swapping players and picks….
    As for the “compliment” , I have never “been in the box”. I’ve always been different : fearless and innovative. If there is a problem—I will solve it. That is why I am where I am and am paid as much.
    Now, if you don’t want to fart for me—that is your loss ! LOL !!!!! or, you are jealous.
    Got better draft ideas?

  68. Dukeshire says:

    It has nothing to do with “swapping” players and picks. This is what the compensation comes down to as determined by the CBA. This is why poaching players from the Saints, which you think is a given, is not going to happen.

    Veterans with 3 accrued seasons:

    3.043 – 1st & 3rd round compensation*
    2.396 – 1st round compensation*
    1.684 – 2nd round compensation*
    1.101 – original round compensation*
    1.101 – right of first refusal

    Veterans with 4 accrued seasons:

    3.168 – 1st & 3rd round compensation*
    2.521 – 1st round compensation*
    1.759 – 2nd round compensation*
    1.176 – original round compensation*
    1.176 – right of first refusal

    Veterans with 5 accrued seasons:

    3.268 – 1st & 3rd round compensation*
    2.621 – 1st round compensation*
    1.809 – 2nd round compensation*
    1.226 – original round compensation*
    1.226 – right of first refusal

    * or 110% of the previous year’s pay (whichever is higher)

  69. Although a lot of people seem enamored with the drafts top talent, I don’t see anyone that looks worth a premium #6 pick other than Suh, McCoy, and Berry.

    I still like the idea of trading down from #6. Maybe even trading down from #14 too. The second round will be deep in talent, and with all the needs we have, the more picks the better.

    Does everyone realize that our #6 pick is equal in value to THREE picks starting at #16? (first, second, and third round picks at #16, 48, 80 = same value as #6) Let some other team gamble and overpay for one guy at #6.

  70. Duke – and the 1&2 accrued seasons EFRA?

  71. Dukeshire says:

    Players need 3 accrued seasons to qualify as RFA.

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