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Hawks have not confirmed Jones retirement

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 8, 2010 at 9:34 am with 59 Comments »
February 8, 2010 9:34 am

Well, Walter Jones appears headed toward retirement, according to his latest tweet on Sunday.

Although the latest news appears a little more conclusive than his previous announcement during the season, it still seems a bit odd that he would choose to make this announcement on Super Bowl Sunday.

Neither the Seahawks or Jones agent, Roosevelt Barnes, have confirmed that Jones, 36, is indeed retiring.

However, on one front the timing does make some sense, after Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll made it a point to address the issue of whether or not Jones will return during a radio interview last week on KJR.

“One of the big issues is Walter Jones, and his ability to return or not return,” said Carroll, when asked about things his team needed to do to get better in 2010. “He has been a great player in this organization for years. And not having him available last year made a difference. And right now we don’t know how he’s going to be able to recuperate, with his injury and all.

“I talked to Walter and he’s doing everything he can and we’ll see in time where he stands. But that’s an issue. And there’s a little bit of a ripple effect, moving guys around to fill that left tackle spot. It’s a skill position in the NFL, and one that’s really critical. So we have to see what we can do there.”

Of course, we’ve been down this road before. Early last season Jones implied through his twitter account that he might be contemplating retirement. However, after spending the season on the injured reserve list and training down in Florida, Jones indicated at the end of the season that he was hopeful he could return to the field this year.

Money also will play a factor in whether Jones returns this season. He’s due $7.3 million in 2010, and Carroll needs to determine if Jones can come back and play at a high level again at left tackle, or if the team needs to continue and experiment with Sean Locklear at that position or draft someone to groom as the left tackle of the future.

Locklear is due to make $4.85 million in 2010.

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  1. The way Lock played last year, I wonder if a one-legged Big Walt might still be better? Something was way wrong with Lock besides just playing outta position.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, the Lock “experiment” at left tackle does not need to be continued. The results are in; he simply must resume his place on the right side. Walt has hinted and teased a few times the past year but this was by far his most direct comments regarding retirement.

  3. I am ready to move on and get some closure on Walt being done. He will be hard to replace, but at least his pending retirement makes it clear that LT is a HUGE need for the Hawks in this draft. I think it is safe to say that Lock can’t get it done on the left side and that his future is back at RT.

  4. sugashack says:

    My only hope is that if Walt retires that we don’t reach for a LT if Okung another top flight prospect (we’ll see after combine) isn’t available. We did this a lot under TR (see Kelly Jennings), reaching for players at need positions. My take is to take the best player available at 6 (I’m seeing Eric Berry in many mocks and that would be killer) and then pick up a LT at 14 as there are guys like Trent Williams and Bulaga should be around. To be honest, if we can get Okung at 6, I wouldn’t be against going after Bulaga or Iupati at 14 as well although it could be argued we should be looking at d-line instead.

  5. Using twitter to announce a retirement seems a bit weird. He’s messed with people on twitter before. We’ll see. What I wouldn’t give for one more year of watching him play though. Pipe dream, I know.

    The odds of the Seahawks winning Super Bowl XLV are 45-1.

  6. Will Reggie Bush be a Seahawk in 2010? It doesn’t look like the Saints are going to bring him back at the salary he’s scheduled to make ($6.5 or $7 million) and the natural connection to Mr. Happy makes one wonder. He’s not an every down back (he and J-Force could combine to be a full time player though), but he certainly creates mismatch problems. If it remains a capless year, I would have no problem with this scenario. What does anyone else think? It obvsiously depends on money (how long and how much) but his talent on the field would be a welcomed addition.

  7. Like any true Seahawks fan, I’ve appreciated everything Walt has done for us. That said, it’d time to turn the page on that chapter.

    As for the draft, I completely agree with sugashack. Based on availability, I think we should go:

    #6 Okung
    #14 Mays (maybe Spiller)
    #40 Brown


    #6 Berry
    #14 Bulaga
    #40 Dwyer

    I also think we should try to take the best OG available in mid rounds and take a shot at the best D-lineman or CB as well, depending on how those first couple of rounds play out.

    Lastly, I would love to pick up Bush for the reasons BobbyK laid out and/or trade Branch and whatever else it would take to get a guy like Marshall. Branch has spent most of his time injured and when he’s not, you clearly see him giving up interceptions instead of even attempting to fight for those balls. That just doesn’t cut it.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Why would the Saints cut Bush, especially if it remains capless? I would like to have him, but despite reading this scenario from many different people, it just doesn’t seem likely, to me.

    And please no on Taylor Mays.

  9. IBGoofy says:

    Given a return by Walt or not, we clearly need to address the OLT position if the correct player is available…. trade up, trade down, whatever…. Walt was clearly having conditioning probs also… to plan/expect he would make it through a new season is a dream our last GM & HC had…. PC will not allow that to happen… The reality is that it would be awesome for Walt to return, give it his best as he always has, but we draft his replacement in a year we are in position to do so… or…. grab the correct free agent, knowing what we are getting at the pro level……. If we go the FA route, we open the posibilities up on a huge basis….
    Bobby…. I like the Bush & J-Force combo playing for “Mr Happy” also!!! LOL!

  10. Thanks to the best football player i have ever seen play. Mr. Walter Jones is first on my list which includes Reggie White, Jerry Rice and Payton Manning.

  11. Time to move on Walter…enjoy your millions and still be able to walk…

  12. rgbuckl says:

    The Saints could let Bush go because Thomas was their feature back and makes a ton less than Bush. They also have Bell who did well too.

    As for draft scenarios, I do like Berry WAY more than Mays, but their styles are totally different too. I’m also impressed by Nate Allen.

    My dream Seahawks draft would follow addressing the DE position through FA with someone like Kampman, then going:

    #6 Berry
    # 14 Spiller
    # 40 Brown

    If they were all there…

  13. Audible says:

    If we pick up Bush, we wouldn’t need a player like spiller. I think it’s plausible that Bush could be heading to Seattle because we can afford to pay him a large salary and he’ll probably refuse to restructure his contract in NO.

  14. oceanic says:

    If the Seahawks don’t take Okung or Bulaga in the first round I swear I will give my grandma a wet willy.

    Seattle will continue using the zone blocking scheme I hate. I would much rather have bigger O linemen and use tighter splits.

    Unger is about the only O lineman I want the Hawks to keep. Maybe McIntosh at RT. Taking a QB, RB or WR in the first two rounds doesn’t make sense. If the O line isn’t improved in a big way the QB won’t have time to throw and the RB won’t have a hole to run through

    I don’t see any UFA O linemen if free agency so it will have to be done with the draft.

    If the Hawks switch to a 3-4 defenst there are two nose tackles (Wilfork and Shaun Rogers) that would be difference makers. Of course, both could be tagged.

  15. 2010 Offseason Free Agent News Feed:

    Seahawks announce retirement of OT Walter Jones – The following moves on 2/8

    Found this on Walterfootball.

  16. nighthawk2 says:

    I’ve been saying his career is done since he had the microfracture surgery, and apparently most fans feel that way. Retirement is the best thing Walt could do for himself, rather than continuously going through the grind of a rehab to NFL levels.

    Bush is under contract until 2012, in an uncapped year I’m not sure how his salary affects the team unless the owner doesn’t want to pay it. I can see no reason for bringing Bush here, nor for drafting Spiller. To me they’re the same player Forsett is, the same skill set and size. Don’t understand why everyone is so down on Forsett, he was the only offense we had last season.

    A trade down scenario that may be plausible if Sam Bradford’s shoulder checks out and he’s there at 6 exists. Buffalo is drafting 9th, and they’re supposedly unhappy with Trent Edwards (I don’t know why, seems like a good QB stuck with crap for receivers and a mediocre o-line). I’m guessing right now that it goes: Rams–Suh, Lions–McCoy, Bucs–Derreck Morgan, Skins–Clausen, Chiefs–Okung. Cleveland is drafting 7th and it’s something of an open secret they’d like a guy to replace Brady Quinn. So maybe Bradford becomes a hot commodity in that case, and Buffalo wants him before Cleveland takes him. The Bills moving up from 9th to 6th, according the NFL points chart I found, would require them giving up their 3rd and 6th picks. 6th is worth 1600 points, 9th is 1350, a 250 point difference. Buffalo’s 3rd round pick (72nd rather than 73rd because the Skins forfeited their 3rd round pick by taking a player in the 2009 Supplemental Draft) is worth 225 points, their 6th round pick (169) is worth 24 points. Besides recouping a 3rd round pick two spots below our original pick Ruskell traded away last year and another 6th, it would allow Leiweke a chance to stiff Holmgren out of a quarterback, which it sounds like ol’ Tod would like to do. I’m guessing that Shanahan takes Clausen at 4 (I know, there’s a lot of Clausen haters here that don’t think he’s worth the 4th pick but I think he’s the best QB in this draft, and especially for a WCO team), so Bradford is available at 6, but this scenario could be plausible if Bradford is taken by Washington and Clausen is there at 6.

    In such a scenario Cleveland then probably takes Berry, Oakland at 8 does something stupid again (Mays, overrated Carlos Dunlap) and we could be looking at cornerback Joe Haden (Jr–Florida) or C.J. Spiller. It’s also possible, whether or not the above scenario took place, that Miami could want to move up to take the best inside linebacker in the draft, Rolando McClain, ahead of Denver who has some needs on defense. A coin flip decides whether Denver or Jacksonville pick 10th and the other 11th, so if Denver has the 10th pick, 9th becomes a target if the Phins want to move up. Tuna has only once taken a WR in the 1st round since he got personnel control of a team in 97 with the Jets, and 6 times has taken a LB in the 1st round (Keyshawn Johnson was drafted in 96). The 12th pick is 1200 points, 150 less than the 9th pick. Miami’s 3rd round is worth 210 points, too many, and their 4th pick is worth 78 points. So a team at 9 would have to take the Phins 2011 3rd round or this year’s 4th and next year’s 4th. Problem, next year the Dolphins’ draft position may well be lower, affecting point value, so there’s that to consider. Probably such a trade would involve Miami’s 2011 3rd round, and even if there’s a lockout for 2011, I’ve read that a draft will still take place, possibly in February with the guaranteed money way down from previous years.

    In any event, we should not take a tackle at 6 in my view. I’m unconvinced Okung is the best left tackle for our team either, coming from a spread offense. I’d prefer a guy like Bulaga or Charles Brown who’ve played in a WCO, but Brown concerns me as to whether his frame is maxed out, and he’s barely 300 pounds as it is.

  17. Actually, Buffalo had two very good WRs last year. Lee Evans is very good and even though TO is a moron, he’s still good. Trent Edwards is a lot like Hasselbeck and Jason Campbell… he plays behind a crappy offensive line. Pretty tough to make throws from your back or running for your life. I would absolutely, 100% support trading the #6 pick to Buffalo for Edwards (sit behind Matt for a year) and their #9 pick. If they want Bradford (lots of “what ifs”), I bet they would give up a QB they don’t want to move up a few spots to get the one they do.

    The Saints are going to be spending plenty of money this off-season on some key FAs and they have already made clear that Brees is going to be getting an extention. They have a cheap owner and they aren’t going to want to be paying so many people that much money. If your Paul Allen and you don’t care about money and own the Saints — there’s no way you’d let Reggie Bush go for monetary reasons. But they don’t have PA, they have a guy who is going to want to cut some corners on payroll and from all the signals they have been giving, I would be shocked if Bush played for the Saints in ’10 with the exact contract number he’s slated at.

  18. Let me clarify, he won’t be cheap when it comes to extending Brees, but he’s going to want to save some money in other areas. Even though he missed a good deal of time last year, Jammal Brown is going to cost plenty of money. 29 year old, athletic LTs with Pro Bowls on their resume don’t come cheaply. Same for some others. Some will get paid, but they aren’t going to be willing to spend as much as they can on so many positions, even with an uncapped year looking like a probability.

  19. Just a thought about a rich owner buying a team for 2010.

    No cap. But signing anyone to a long term deal this off-season may have severe cap ramifications in 2011 and beyond (if they cap comes back, which many presume will).

    A guy like PA could sign some of the big money FAs to 1 year contracts. Why the hell would a player want to sign a 1 year deal? Well, a guy like PA could give them more money in this one year than he’d make in a couple or three years if he signed somewhere else. It’s a lot of money, potentially, but you could buy a team if you had the resources and were willing to spend it to “buy” a team. I don’t support signing Peppers to a long term deal, but if PA wanted to buy the best of the best to give Matt one last run… he could. Why would some player want to sign a 5 year deal for $50 (much not guaranteed) when he could sign a 1 year deal for $15 or $20 million (guaranteed) and then he FA again next year looking to cash in. I know it’s an unlikely sceanrio and there are some flaws with this (like a core guy making a lot less and wondering where their love is too), but it’s off-season time and we’re bored and we need things to think about no matter how dumb the ideas may be.

  20. nighthawk2 says:

    I’m not impressed by Lee Evans, and his stats are not exactly eye popping. T.O. should retire. They drafted James Hardy and he’s done nothing but get injured. Bills would be smart to keep Edwards for insurance even if they draft a QB in the 1st round, they’ve got little or nothing behind him. Wouldn’t mind having him here, if that happened then it would almost certainly mean that Seneca Wallace is traded. Cleveland could be a spot for Wallace, or Philly if they do actually part ways with Vick and there’s any validity to the McNabb trade rumors, they’d want a veteran behind Kolb.

  21. I think Seneca is a UFA.

    Not that Lee Evans is Jerry Rice, but I’d take him over any of our WRs.

  22. No way of telling how the draft will turn out. Pete Caroll may take the QB or as Night hawk has pointed out the endless trade possibilities. I still look for a MLB to be traded. As for Branch, he will be picked up when he is released. Sando points to Denver or NE as likely suitors. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants if by the Pat’s after giving up a 1st or in layman’s terms – LG Ben Grubbs.

    Now for a little information on Bush

    Running Back – Age – Free Agency Year – Cap Value
    Pierre Thomas — 24 ——- 2010 (RFA) ——– $ 467,258
    Reggie Bush —- 24 ——- 2012 ————- $ 12,089,940
    Mike Bell ——- 26 ——- 2010 —————— $ 540,590

    Contract Information for Reggie Bush

    7/29/2006: Signed a six-year, $52.5 million contract. The deal contains $26.31 million guaranteed, including a $12.5 million option bonus in the second year and $9.5 million in incentives. 2009: $2.585 million (+ $4 million roster bonus), 2010: $8 million, 2011: $11.8 million, 2012: Free Agent.
    ~ Cap charges: $12 million (2009), $13.5 million (2010). ~

    Player ————– Att – Yds – Avg – TD – Lg
    Pierre Thomas —- 147 – 793 – 5.4 — 6 — 34t
    Mike Bell ———- 172 – 654 – 3.8 — 5 — 35
    Reggie Bush ——– 70 — 390 – 5.6 — 5 — 55
    Justin Forsett —— 114 – 619 – 5.4 — 4 — 35
    Darren McFadden – 104 – 357 – 3.4 — 1 — 28

    The simple version: DYAR means a running back with more total value. DVOA means a running back with more value per play.

    Running Back – DYAR – NFL Rank – DVOA – NFL Rank
    Pierre Thomas — 220 ——– 5 ——– 25.9% ——– 1
    Justin Forsett —- 122 ——– 19 ——- 18.4% ——– 4
    Thomas Jones — 103 ——– 23 ——- -1.1% ——– 32
    D.McFadden —— 87 ——– 48 ——- -30.7% ——- 49

    RUSHING, OTHERS: 20-99 rushes (Bush had 70)
    Reggie Bush —– 103 ——— ? ——- 30.6% ——– ?

    2008 P.Thomas 161 Rk 11, R.Bush -2 Rk 41
    Sift through the Bush years here:

    Spiller has been compared to Reggie Bush and at #6 the contracts will be similar. Lts have a look at 2008 #4 draft selection:
    Contract Information for Darren McFadden

    6/5/2008: Signed a six-year, $60 million contract. The deal contains $26 million guaranteed, including a $6.4 million “log” bonus. 2009: $3,281,250 (+ $5 million roster bonus), 2010: $3,937,500, 2011: $4,593,750, 2012: $5.25 million, 2013: $660,000, 2014: Free Agent

    Not much bang for the buck but no skin off my raw hide wallet. Pierre Thomas was undrafted and a restricted free agent.

  23. williambryan says:

    I know it’s easy to hate on branch, as I don’t really want him back either, but when he is on the field he is a hustle guy. Remember the play he made at KC a few years ago? Where on a INTERCEPTION, he chased down the defender, stripped the ball, and recovered it all while falling out of bounds? that was pretty awesome. and the game he had vs. NE was awesome as well, but two good moments out of his time as a seahawks are obviously not enough. But I just wanted to say he isn’t a guy who will not fight for a ball.

  24. rgbuckl says:

    If Branch had a couple of those over his career, that’s great, but even the Sports Announcers commented on his lack of fighting for those this season and showed plays late in the season showing almost no effort at all. I don’t know if he just gave up by then, but since he’s never been worth his contract, it’s time to move on for him too.

    I’d love to see us get a guy like Marshall and he’d be playing for one of his former coaches.

  25. Hey everyone remember “Well it’s not on a weight bearing part of the knee” BAhahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Now that the regular season is over I look forward to the most active offseason In resent seahawk history. Dont get to worked up if we part ways with many faces that we have enjoyed over the last few years deion branch being one of them. This team needs a culture change that involves getting bigger,younger,and more explosive players that love the game as much as the million$ that come with it. It must be great to be involved in player personal but trying to figure out which players want the money and which ones want to work hard just for the sake of improving must be very hard. This is something we have not been good at for quite awhile. IMO Reggie Bush would not be a good addition for the seahawks he has many skills but has been outplayed by a undrafted player who makes far less money. I guess Bush could be the next Marshall Faulk of the Rams but we are not close to talent level that ram team had. On a unrelated note i am still confused why justin forrset was ever cut off this team and why on earth he was not starting this season. I guess what i am thinking is that we need more players like justin and less players like deion branch.

  27. Tony Dungy said last year that he didn’t want to cut Forsett. They simply had too many other injury problems and needed to open space on the 53 man roster for other needs. That being said, you’re right, I don’t know how the heck we cut him last year and kept a player like Coutu around instead. We got lucky Indy had the injury bug and we were able to get him back. I’m looking forward to seeing J-Force as 1/2 of our RB situation next season. He’s earned that right and he’ll, most importantly, do well.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    Agreed. He has earned it. He has played above expectations every opportunity has has been given.

    I don’t think this will be as active an offseason as some. The capless year will make FA movement a bit prohibitive. I will be surprised however, if we didn’t see a trade or two, most likely for draft picks I would think. I wouldn’t expect much activity until we get closer to the draft.

  29. seahawklovertoo says:

    I just can’t see R. Bush being the right person for the Seahawks or Seattle,PC or no PC. He (and his Kardashian fiance) crave spotlight and partying.I also don’t want J.Peppers.
    If PC has to have “his” RB, I’d rather go for UFA LenDale White. I’d give big money to UFA DE Seymour or/and Will Smith and that way solve our DL problem, even though I believe this coaching staff will get a lot more production out of LoJack and Lofa.

  30. Seymour will be franchised, and Smith will be restricted. Unless we’re willing to give up at least a first rounder and a lot of money, neither will become Seahawks.

  31. seahawklovertoo says:

    Plus, we mat get Kerney to restructure his contract…. I’d trade Hill for pick(s) and
    let Branch and Seneca go.

  32. seahawklovertoo says:


  33. seahawklovertoo says:

    The web site I was looking at had Smith unrestricted….

  34. seahawklovertoo says:

    Its KFFL website. They have Spears from the “Girls” unrestricted as well.

  35. sl2 – They must be using the old criteria of the uncapped year. There’s plenty of guys, like Smith, would have become unrestricted if there weren’t this CBA problem.

    How lucky are the Saints this off-season? They are going to get to keep guys they no-way could have kept all of before this CBA stuff. No way they could have afforded to restructure Brees, keep Evans, Brown, AND Smith (and there’s more, but these are the huge ones). These guys would command big bucks in FA and now they are going to be forced to sign their 1 year restricted tender for much, much less than they would have hit in the open market. Same for the Chargers, this really benefits them and keeping many of their core pieces too. And then there’s teams like us who have Sims and Spencer that are going to be restricted. Wow (sarcasm).

  36. seahawklovertoo says:
  37. nighthawk2 says:
    February 8, 2010 at 3:08 pm
    “Tuna has only once taken a WR in the 1st round since he got personnel control of a team in 97 with the Jets, and 6 times has taken a LB in the 1st round (Keyshawn Johnson was drafted in 96).”

    You took this from Walters mock write up on the Dolphins. LOL Lets have a little fun with ‘ol Walter. I’ve already sent an email in the past on the phrase coined by Parcels when Robert Kraft drafted Terry Glenn. “If they want you to cook the dinner, at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries.” Input disputes on player personnel decisions forced Parcels to leave the Patriots. In any event he was only HC when both Mark Ingram and Terry Glenn were drafted. Also, if I’m not mistaken, even with the additional HC selections only 5 LB’s were drafted. But here is the #12 Miami Dolphin write up and then the Draft History of Parcels below:

    12. Miami Dolphins: Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama
    I’ve seen a receiver mocked to the Dolphins, but I just can’t imagine Bill Parcells spending a No. 1 pick on a wideout. It could happen, but except for one occasion (Terry Glenn, 1996), Parcells has always waited on taking receivers.

    (Note: If I get one more e-mail saying, “Your stupid, Parcels drafted Keshawn Johnson!” I’m going to debacle myself. Keyshawn was drafted in 1996. Parcells joined the Jets in 1997.)

    Conversely, Parcells has spent a whopping six first-round selections on linebackers. And inside linebacker is a huge need for the Dolphins; Channing Crowder is banged up far too often, while Akin Ayodele needs to be upgraded.

    It’s safe to say that Miami would be thrilled if the Broncos eschew Rolando McClain in favor of Dez Bryant.

    Bill Parcels Draft History

    NY Giants HC
    1990 24 Rodney Hampton RB Georgia
    1989 18 Brian Williams C Minnesota
    1988 10 Eric Moore T Indiana
    ~1987 28 Mark Ingram WR Michigan State
    1986 19 Eric Dorsey DE Notre Dame
    1985 19 George Adams RB Kentucky
    x1984 3 Carl Banks LB Michigan State
    1984 27 William Roberts G Ohio State
    1983 10 Terry Kinard DB Clemson

    NE Patriots HC
    ~1996 7 Terry Glenn WR Ohio State
    1995 23 Ty Law CB Michigan
    x1994 4 Willie McGinest OLB USC
    1993 1 Drew Bledsoe QB Washington State

    NY Jets GM
    2000 12 Shaun Ellis DE Tennessee
    NY Jets GM/HC
    1999 No Pick —
    1998 No Pick —
    x1997 8 James Farrior OLB Virginia

    Dal Cowboys HC
    x2006 18 Bobby Carpenter LB Ohio State
    x2005 11 DeMarcus Ware OLB Troy State
    2005 20 Marcus Spears DE Louisiana State
    2004 No Pick —
    2003 5 Terence Newman CB Kansas State

    Mia Dolphins Exec. VP of Football Operations
    2009 25 Vontae Davis DB Illinois
    2008 1 Jake Long T Michigan

  38. This team needs to focus on best football player available. Be it draft.F.A,trade or players on the current roster. the next dozen or more player decisions must produce some future n.f.l stars. If not we will not see improvement on the field. This needs to happen soon because I am still in such a negative funk over so many poor choices. The Edge,JJ,coutu,the SCHMIDTS,Branch,Spencer,That guard we got who didnt play much,Duckett, and losing Weaver. As I write this it seems who ever was evaluating the running backs is not good at there job. Anyway if the offseason is not very active I do look forward to a soon to be changing roster, a ever changing starting lineup that rewards hard work and a desire to improve and a new style of play that does not involve running draws on 3rd and 8 and punting from the 32 yard line. The day we got the edge my next thought was when we got franco even then i watched every play. The world is much faster now and i struggle to watch this team. Whoops i may have had to many beers. Any way go Hawks.

  39. chuck_easton says:

    SIms I think will be tendered so he either sticks around or we get some draft picks back.

    Just because a guy is an RFA (cough, Spencer, cough) doesn’t mean the team has to make a tender offer. An RFA that isn’t offered a qualifying tender becomes a UFA.

    And in some cases (say, oh in the case of someone like, I don’t know, maybe a Spencer) the team has to make him a 1st round qualifying tender because that was his draft position. Better to just let him walk as nobody is going to outbid us for him and the team probably wouldn’t be interested in keeping him for the money a 1st round qualifying tender would cost.

  40. seahawklovertoo says:

    How about WR D.Stallworth ? I don’t really know/follow his career much. Is he #1 or, a #2 type WR? Yes, he run over a bread-winner when “legally” (slightly) over the the DUI limit,but if the society was willing to give him a second chance,
    I am all for taking him if we could use him.
    I am not asking for the moral opinions; just if he could contribute to the Seahawks.

  41. seahawklovertoo says:

    After all,Browns ex-GM Kokinis had signed him to a six year contract just before the accident. Holmy cut him today.

  42. nighthawk2
    “. . . why everyone is so down on Forsett . . .”

    Eric Williams wrote a great article on how Forsett and the OL got the inside zone running play working at the end of the ’09 season .

    “Seahawks struggled overall to consistently get the zone blocking scheme going, specifically the outside zone running plays, Seattle regularly began to hit the inside zone running plays late in the season.

    “Part of the reason for that is the type of running backs the Seahawks have. Justin Forsett is a guy who cannot consistently threaten the edge of a defense because he does not have elite speed, like Tennessee’s Chris Johnson. So it’s hard for him to force defenses to commit to getting to the edge of a defense in order for the offense to get the stretch it needs to create cutback lanes.

    “And Seattle ran the inside zone play well out of multiple formations, . . .”

    Rob Sims: “I think at the end of year we kind of realized, ‘Yeah we can do wide zone, but it’s going to take a little longer than we thought,’” Sims said. “And we realized that maybe this inside zone thing ain’t too bad.”

    “However, both Forsett and Julius Jones were successful running the inside zone plays, and that play became a staple of the team’s offense during the last three games when they had a productive running game, with Seattle averaging 128 yards a contest during that stretch.

    “Another reason for Seattle’s increased production in the running game was the Max Unger and Chris Spencer switching positions. Spencer had trouble getting to the point of attack while handling snapping duties with his off hand, and the switch to Unger allowed the Seahawks to get a quicker, cleaner start at the snap.”

    If Gibbs can give Hawks a truly superior ZBing OL, then maybe JF & JJ can get the edge to get the outside zone run plays to work, but it would be alot easier with a faster back, like Spiller, or maybe Bush. Especially runs to the left end, where Hawks ran 9% of the time and ranked dead last with a 1.26 ALY average.

  43. Walt, thanks for all the great years……… & yep, Lock is a joke.

  44. Dukeshire says:

    seahawklovertoo – I don’t know that any conversation concerning Stallworth can be devoid of “moral opinions”, but in an effort to comply with your request; In 7 seasons he’s only played in all 16 games 3 times. He’s never had a 1000 yard season, in fact his numbers are very similar to Deion Branch’s. He spent time in the leagues substance abuse program in ’07, 2 years prior to his situation in Miami. He’ll turn 30 midway through next season. He’s a talented receiver, but not someone I think that can be relied on for any extended period of time. He does not strike me as the kind of player that one would bring into a rebuilding situation. A more established environment is ideally more suited. Pass.

  45. I wouldn’t mind trading our #14 to the Saints for their #32 and Jammal Brown. Either way, we’re going to get a young guy, but we’d get a LT out of the deal too. It obviously depends if there’s anyone the Saints would want that high. I don’t want to trade a straight draft pick for a veteran though. Not at all. I want my cake, but I want to eat it too. :)

  46. Dukeshire says:

    Didn’t he spend all of this past season on IR? Injuries aside, his career is off to a great start (2 pro bowls, all rookie team).

  47. Yes. But he had an injury that guys come back 100% from (hernia). I wouldn’t be so excited about him if it was a ripped up knee or something like that.

  48. seahawklovertoo says:

    Thnx Duke

  49. I feel that it is pretty safe to say that we are running the ZBS. (with Gibbs that is what you are running) and if you look at the style of guys he likes, most if not all of the guys listed here as OL pick ups, won’t even be considered.

    I don’t think that you will see much of a splash at all with the OL guys they choose to add (FA or DRAFT) but I don’t care as long as how they get is the “right” guy for the job!!!

    I guess I am not in agreement with some others. I don’t see Forsett and Spiller as the same guy. Speed being the main difference. But they are similar. I am of the belief that you need 3 servicable backs anymore in the NFL to cover injuries and wear and tear on guys. 1 Bruiser, 1 speed, and 1 Best available to fit the need. The only teams that can avoid that are the ones that have a truly elite guy, which there aren’t very many of those anymore

  50. Dukeshire says:

    He has hip and hernia surgeries, but I cannot tell if they are related or not. In any case…

  51. Hi guys, sorry been away so long. Baby girl born last week and she’s been keeping me up all nite!

    Anyway, with all this trade / draft talk. How about…gulp…Shawne Merriman?

    Likely to be a free agent with Shawn Phillips and Larry English on the team. Could be a pass rushing DE in a 4-3, he’s certainly big enough!

    I know he’s an idiot – but he’s someone an offense HAS to game plan for!

    I may be on my own, but that’s a free agent I would like to pick up!

  52. With no new CBA, Merriman is restricted and I’m not willing to give up a 1st rounder for him AND a huge contract. He’s never been the same since he’s had to quit steroids either.

  53. Hawks draft needs: LT, DE, RB, CB, and replacement QB who sits 2 yrs.

    ZBing OL Rankings
    Following are zone-blocking team OLs (+DEN) / ’09 record / number of players used at each position in ’09 season / pass-pro rank (PR – from Football Outsiders / from Pro Football Focus), run-blkg – from FO based on adjusted line yards [ALY] – rank (RR), power (pwr) rank, stuffed (stf) rank, 2nd level (2nd) rank, and open field (opn) rank.
    A team with a high ranking in ALY but a low ranking in Open Field Yards is heavily dependent on its offensive line to make the running game work. A team with a low ranking in ALY but a high ranking in Open Field Yards is heavily dependent on its running back breaking long runs to make the running game work.
    Positions, starter, ht/wt, experience/age – pass-blkg rank (PR), and run-blkg rank (RR) from FO / PFF.
    SEA / 05-11 / 14 OL: T:5, G:6, C:3 / PR: 21st/8th, RR: 27th/27th, pwr: 29th, stf: 24th, 2nd: 13th, opn: 18th
    LT: S.Locklear 6-4/308, 7th yr/28 yo – PR: 65th of 129, RR: 16th of 32 / 79th of 129
    LG: R.Sims 6-3/312, 5th yr/26 yo – PR: 2nd of 134, RR: 14th of 32 / 26th of 134
    C: M.Unger 6-5/309, 2nd yr/23 yo – PR: 47th of 56, RR: 14th of 32 / 42nd of 56
    RG: C.Spencer 6-3/312, 6th yr/27 yo – PR: 51st of 134, RR: 14th of 32 / 97th of 134
    RT: R.Willis 6-6/315, 6th yr/27 yo – PR: 24th of 129, RR: 13th of 32 / 120th of 129
    GB / 11-5 / 12 OL: T:5, G:4, C:3 / PR: 30th/23rd, RR: 8th/19th, pwr: 3rd, stf: 4th, 2nd: 26th, opn: 17th
    LT: C.Clifton 6-5/320, 11th yr/33 yo – PR: 18th of 129, RR: 24th of 32 / 119th of 129
    LG: D.Colledge 6-4/308, 5th yr/27 yo – PR: 26th of 134, RR: 1st of 32 / 27th of 134
    C: S.Wells 6-2/300, 7th yr/29 yo – PR: 16th of 56, RR: 1st of 32 / 22nd of 56
    RG: J.Sitton 6-3/322, 3rd yr/23 yo – PR: 5th of 134, RR: 1st of 32 / 16th of 134
    RT: M.Tauscher 6-3/316, 11th yr/32 yo – PR: 27th of 129, RR: 12th of 32 / 120th of 129
    ATL / 9-7 / 11 OL: T:4, G:5, C:2 / PR: 6th/9th, RR: 10th/11th, pwr: 17th, stf: 12th, 2nd: 17th, opn: 10th
    LT: S.Baker 6-5/307, 3rd yr/24 yo – PR: 109th of 129, RR: 21st of 32 / 54th of 129
    LG: J.Blalock 6-4/329, 4th yr/26 yo – PR: 50th of 134, RR: 15th of 32 / 124th of 134
    C: T.McClure 6-1/296, 12th yr/32 yo – PR: 7th of 56, RR: 15th of 32 / 9th of 56
    RG: Q.Ojinnaka 6-5/299, 5th yr/25 yo – PR: 19th of 134, RR: 15th of 32 / 116th of 134
    RT: T.Clabo 6-6/331, 5th yr/28 yo – PR: 16th of 129, RR: 19th of 32 / 73rd of 129
    HOU / 9-7 / 09 OL: T:3, G:5, C:1 / PR: 8th/18th, RR: 15th/18th, pwr: 21st, stf: 26th, 2nd: 18th, opn: 31st
    LT: D.Brown 6-4/315, 3rd yr/24 yo – PR: 117th of 129, RR: 28th of 32 / 27th of 129
    LG: K.Studdard 6-3/302, 4th yr/25 yo – PR: 122nd of 134, RR: 11th of 32 / 120th of 134
    C: C.Meyers 6-4/295, 6th yr/28 yo – PR: 18th of 56, RR: 11th of 32 / 10th of 56
    RG: A.Caldwell 6-3/305, 2nd yr/23 yo – PR: 58th of 134, RR: 11th of 32 / 93rd of 134
    RT: E.Winston 6-5/314, 5th yr/26 yo – PR: 11th of 129, RR: 14th of 32 / 111th of 129
    DEN / 8-8 / 08 OL: T:4, G:3, C:1 / PR: 12th/19th, RR: 6th/22nd, pwr: 27th, stf: 20th, 2nd: 5th, opn: 24th
    LT: R.Clady 6-6/325, 3rd yr/23 yo – PR: 15th of 129, RR: 30th of 32 / 22nd of 129
    LG: R.Hochstein 6-4/305, 10th yr/32 yo – PR: 83rd of 134, RR: 6th of 32 / 47th of 134
    C: C.Wiegmann 6-2/285, 15th yr/36 yo – PR: 26th of 56, RR: 6th of 32 / 20th of 56
    RG: C.Kuper 6-4/303, 5th yr/27 yo – PR: 14th of 134, RR: 6th of 32 / 87th of 134
    RT: T.Polumbus 6-8/300, 3rd yr/24 yo – PR: 108th of 129, RR: 28th of 32 / 69th of 129

  54. Dukeshire says:

    Do you have a link you can provide for that? That makes me dizzy just glancing at it. Thanks.

  55. Yeah BobbyK, forgot about the Roids issue.

    This CBA stuff is really putting a dampener on the excitement for this offseason. Never mind eh.

    For me though, Merriman (without the 1st round pick) would be as good a situational passrusher as we could get with an incentive laden contract!

  56. Dukeshire – This was compiled from Football Outsiders, Pro Football Focus, and the NFL site. It was well ordered enough to be readable when it was in Word, but when it was pasted in here it came out looking as you see. Sure wish I could get a handle on how you guys format your posts here, also add pictures, etc.(?)

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