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Morning links: Kennedy up for Hall of Fame

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 6, 2010 at 9:30 am with 18 Comments »
February 6, 2010 9:36 am

The voting for the Pro Football Hall of Fame is taking place this morning, with an announcement expected at 2 p.m. Pacific Time.

This year’s list of 15 finalists include two shoo-ins, with receiver Jerry Rice and running back Emmitt Smith likely making the final five.

The rest of the list includes receivers Tim Brown and Cris Carter, coach Don Coryell, running back Roger Craig, center Dermontti Dawson, defensive end Richard Dent, offensive lineman Russ Grimm, linebacker Charles Haley, linebacker Rickey Jackson, defensive tackle John Randle, receiver Andre Reed, tight end Shannon Sharpe and former Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy.

Kennedy made the final 15 for the second straight season, and is in Miami as a guest of the New Orleans Saints, where he served as a scout for a short time after his playing career was over.

Kennedy failed to make the final 10 last year.

The two nominees of the Seniors Committee, Dick LeBeau and Floyd Little, also will be voted on today. Nominees need 80 percent of the vote from the 44-member panel to get in.

Former TNT writer, ESPN’s Mike Sando will represent Kennedy today.

Will Lewis continues his ascension up the ranks of the Seahawks management chain. The Seahawks promoted Lewis to vice president/football operations. Lewis had previously held the title of pro personnel director.

Pro scout Tag Ribary was promoted to director of pro personnel, and the team hired Trent Kirchner, a pro scout for the Carolina Panthers who served as a communications intern for the Seahawks in 2000, as assistant director of pro personnel.

Mike Holmgren talked with KJR’s Mitch Levy about his transition to his new job as head of football operations of the Cleveland Browns and why it didn’t work out in Seattle in this audio link.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talked to KJR’s Mike Gastineau about the work he’s put in the first month on the job and the future of Walter Jones in this audio link.

Seahawks offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates joined KJR’s Dick Fain to talk about the change offensively in this audio link.

Seahawks running backs coach Sherman Smith talks to KJR’s Ian Furness about his return to the organization in this audio link.

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  1. I’t would seem as though the Seahawks and Mr. Allen would be throwing more resources behind getting Tez into the hall. Sporting News is owned by Allen isn’t it? Tez should be on the cover every time HOF voting comes around! Other teams do a great job of shamelessly promoting their HOF candidates. Why should we be any different.

    Cortez Kennedy is one of the top 5 linemen to ever play the game. The fact that he is not in the HOF is a byproduct of how the Seahawks are viewed by the rest of the NFL community and should be taken as a slap in the face.

    I’ve emailed every NFL writer that I can find an address for. I hope it has some impact.

  2. SharkHawk says:

    The fact that Dan Dierdorf is in the hall makes it a joke that guys like Kennedy and Easley aren’t. Same goes for Lynn Swann. Neither one of those turkeys deserves to be there, and they are there purely because of promotion (as jjsnix suggests).

    It’s time for people to speak up for Cortez. I respect the fact that Mike Sando has gone to bat for the Tez as has John Clayton and others. Keep the thing rolling. If he doesn’t make it this year, then I will be making a website strictly for that purpose and hope you will all help to make it the best it can be. I am going to start a movement if I can, and I’d appreciate any help I can get. The Tez belongs there as much or more than any defensive lineman to ever play the game.

    I plan on getting some ex-NFL’ers involved if needed. Merlin Olsen is an old family friend. I will do my best to get a quote from him. That should help! :)

  3. I look at guys who have made the Hall of Fame the past few years and want to puke. I grew up thinking that only the best of the best made it. Not true.

    When Jim Rice and Andre Tippett are making the Hall, something is wrong. Don’t get me wrong, Rice and Tippett had fine careers in their respective sport and deservedly made some All Star and Pro Bowl games. They were good. They were more than good, they were very good. However, they are not Hall of Fame good. Hall of Fame good is Greg Maddux, Randy Johnson, Tony Gwynn, Ricky Henderson or Joe Montana, Reggie White, Lawrence Taylor and Ronnie Lott. At least that’s what HOF is to me.

    I followed the Seahawks as much as anyone in the 1990s and Tez was great. During his defensive MVP year, he was as good as anyone I have ever seen for a season.

    I don’t think that Tez was great enough for a prolonged period of time to be in the Hall of Fame though. That’s just me.

    However, when you’re letting in guys like Andre Tippett and Harry Carson, there’s no way in hell Tez should be left behind in favor of them. If players like them are in the Hall of Fame, Tez should too. Period.

    You can bet Tez would be in the HOF if he played for the Giants though.

  4. Soggybuc says:

    Great take Bobby and agree 100% on that.

    Just finished listening to the Smith, Bates and Caroll interviews provided by our wonderfull host. call me ignorant call me a moron and call me optimistic but holy hell i cant see a reason why this staff will fail to do great things .

    winning starts with attitude and this regime has it in bucketloads.

  5. pabuwal says:

    If Tez somehow gets in, that would mean the 1997 Seahawks started 4 current or future HoF players.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Baseball and Football HOF really have different criteria. Baseball’s reliant so much more on the era. That’s how a guy like Rice gets in.

    For Tez, I hope he makes it but he won’t. Like Bobby said, Seattle’s not the place to for a career like his to get the recognition he deserves.

  7. SharkHawk says:

    Tez was an 8 time pro bowler. Guess who else was? No doubter Joe Montana. Yes they played different positions, but if we are getting into the criteria that determines whether a guy is a hall of famer or not, I think that should weigh heavily into it. LT and Ronnie Lott were 10 time pro bowlers. What do you want?

    Tez made it 8 times in Seattle. In Seattle. I will repeat that… he made it 8 times into the pro bowl playing in Seattle.

    Swann made a massive 3 Pro Bowls. Dierdorf made 6.

    Tez was on the all decade team of the 90’s having made the pro bowl each season in the decade aside from 90 (his rookie year, and few rookies do) and 97. Other than that… he was the most dominant defensive lineman of an entire decade.

    I really don’t understand your assertion Bobby that he wasn’t a great enough player for a long enough stretch of time. An entire decade isn’t considered enough in an NFL career to be considered for a hall of fame slot? Come on. Jim Kelly was never even the best QB in the league for more than one year at a time. Thurman Thomas wasn’t ever the best running back in the league at any point in his career. Tez was arguably the most consistently great defensive tackle in the league for a run of 9 straight seasons. He had a stretch of 3 straight 1st team all NFL’s from 92-94, and if the team had been better and more exposed then that number would have jumped significantly. Even working under the handicap of playing on a poor team with almost no media coverage he still collected accolades like nobody else.

    If he doesn’t get in, then there is something seriously wrong. The media that watched him at the time realized how great the guy was. Why are they forgetting now when it comes time to vote? Because they don’t want Cowboys fans to be mad at them for putting him in over Charles Haley or something? There is no good reason why he isn’t already in the hall of fame. None.

  8. SharkHawk says:

    Well there you go…. Rickey freaking Jackson made the top 5 along with Russ Grimm. But Cortez didn’t. Screw the NFL and every media member who has his head so far up his butt that he can’t see straight. Fools.

  9. pabuwal says:

    Cortez did make the Top 10 which he didn’t do last year. Haley, Carter and Tim Brown did not make the final 10.

    Cortez should have made the HoF over Randle. Randle never played the run. Cortez did. Of course these are big popularity contests anyways.

  10. Although it’s not Tez’s fault he played on a bad team in the 80s, don’t you think that Joe Montana has earned a bit more respect by his post-season performances? Four Super Bowl trophies, three Super Bowl MVP’s, and in the game he wasn’t MVP he led a late/long drive to win the game, and zero INTs in the big game. And if we want to blame him for playing alongside great talent in San Fran, lets not forget that he took a Chiefs team to the AFC Championship Game, too. He made them so much better. I’m certainly not taking anything away from Tez, but comparing his career to Joe Montana’s just because they both played in the same number of Pro Bowls seems a bit absurd.

    I agree about the Ricky Jackson analysis though. He doesn’t deserve to hold Tez’s jock strap. And some with some of the other clowns who are in Canton over Tez.

  11. “90s”

  12. SharkHawk – This is what you need to do; Find some kind of clever marketing tool to get people talking about Tez. Maybe some kind of beer commercial. And then people will take notice and realize that he was an 8x Pro Bowler and a guy like John Randle made less. But Randle had the face paint. He had that commercial where he chased that chicken around with the little #4 on it. People took notice. Like pabuwal said, it’s a popularity contest. Me and you know that Cortez Kennedy is better than plenty of players who were voted in, but it’s based on the media (which is sad, because it’s supposed to be based on their play on the field). Once we come up with some clever gimmick that can go national, people will talk about the all decade Tez and wonder why in the hell he isn’t in yet. Tez was a bit like Barry Sanders in that he went about his business in a quiet manner. But unlike Sanders, Tez didn’t play a glamor position where he could score TDs on the highlight reels. Instead, he clogged the run and got push up the middle and when he got a sack he didn’t jump around like a mad man, he just went back to the huddle. Those things aren’t on the 10:00 news.

  13. SharkHawk says:

    Bobby, you seemed to have misunderstood my point about Montana. Yes Montana was a no doubter. But when media types start saying that Tez didn’t have the numbers or years, then I have some ammo going back. The numbers show that Tez DOES have the credentials, because his numbers of Pro Bowls match up with the most surefire lock hall of famer ever in Montana. Using Montana’s numbers as a tool for getting Tez some recognition is much different than me saying that somehow Tez was a superior player to Joe Montana or even close.

    As I said… they played different positions. They didn’t have the same type of careers for a myriad of reasons, but when we start talking comparable statistics then Tez matches up with many hall of famers and surpasses many more without a doubt.

  14. You’re right.

    Now, we need to come up with some gimmick commercial or publicity stunt that will get people understanding how good he was and how he was better than John Randle, who just went in ahead of Tez. You and I (and most Hawk fans) know who is better, but those damn “experts” need to pull their heads out of their @$$e$.

  15. pabuwal says:

    It would have been something if we could have said the 1997 Seahawks started 4 Hall of Famers, none of which were over the hill at that point.

  16. This year’s15 finalists (for final 5) include coach Don Coryell and 14 players:
    Pro Football Reference (PFR) ranks coaches:
    Coryell ranks 43rd of 151 in W-L%, 31st in games over .500, 32nd in number of playoff games, 69th in playoff W-L%, and 87% in avg Div rank. Don’t know if ‘Air Coryell’ makes it this time?
    PFR also gives players an AV number (= approximate value. This is PFR’s attempt to put a number on each player-season since 1950 to compare across years and positions.)
    AV 250 WR Jerry Rice
    AV 169 RB Emmitt Smith
    AV 155 LB Rickey Jackson
    AV 145 WR Tim Brown
    AV 139 DT John Randle
    AV 135 WR Cris Carter
    AV 134 TE Shannon Sharpe
    AV 132 WR Andre Reed
    AV 122 DE Richard Dent
    AV 120 DT Cortez Kennedy
    AV 113 RB Roger Craig
    AV 106 C Dermontti Dawson
    AV 102 DE/LB Charles Haley
    AV 75 T/G Russ Grimm

    If PFR’s numbers are generally accepted, then I won’t expect Tez to make the HoF this year. If the numbers are not generally accepted then I’m still not hopeful that Tez makes it because he played in south Alaska.

  17. 2010 Hall of Fame class:
    Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Russ Grimm, Rickey Jackson, Dick LeBeau, Floyd Little and John Randle.

    Where the heck did Dick LeBeau and Floyd Little come from? Awful shame that Grimm made it before Tez.

  18. SharkHawk says:

    PFR’s numbers are a good attempt at valuing players, but the problem with any number when it comes to football is that it is the ultimate team sport. If you surround a guy with clowns, then he will never look as good as he should.

    Cortez Kennedy never had the supporting cast as a guy like Richard Dent who played on perhaps the most dominating defense ever.

    Dent was an impressive player. I just don’t think he was a totally dominant one. Tez was. I think if you had put Jacob Green on that Bears defense he would have had a very similar career to Dent. He may have put up even better numbers. Does Dent belong in the hall? Well I guess so if you’re going by the numbers and such. He was a better player than quite a few guys that are in the hall of fame. But his “value” is skewed by having the stat advantage that a defensive end will get over a defensive tackle, and having the benefit of so many greats around him that he wasn’t triple teamed every play.

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