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UPDATE: Kerney not retiring

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 29, 2010 at 1:37 pm with 35 Comments »
January 29, 2010 1:37 pm

Seahawks defensive end Patrick Kerney remains on the team’s roster and has not filed retirement paperwork with the league. And according to this report from KING 5 Sports, Kerney did not have a retirement party last week and does not plan on retiring, contrary to this report from

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  1. Maybe Kerney knows he’s done in the NFL but if he “retired” then he would owe back some of his signing bonus. Rather, he’s waiting for the inevitable, getting cut. Everyone pretty much knows the Seahawks aren’t going to keep him at that salary around, especially with the new regime.

  2. bird_spit says:

    I would start Kerney if I were the new regime. If PK is healthy, there is no one better on this team to get to the passer. Kerney also has the speed to pursue most runners. We don’t have another DE with his skills. I’d play him if he is healthy, and let him compete through the pre-season, and decide before the reg season begins.

  3. I just don’t see where his production comes anywhere close to his salary. He’s getting paid like he’s a stud, and he’s nowhere near that level moving forward.

  4. tippi_tai says:

    Patrick Kerney gave the Seahawks all he had. I thank him for that. I enjoyed watching Kerney and wish him well in life after football.

    Thanks for the good times PK!

  5. The Seahawks need to do like the Bucs did and pull the bandage off with all the players 30+. No need to keep fooling ourselves here.

  6. Kerney can still play if his salary makes sense – I agree that he’s not worth his contract right now – but if he’s healthy he’s the best DE on our roster.

    You guys saw that Warner officially retired, yes? That does change things pretty drastically for AZ. We really do play in one mediocre division . . .not that I’m complaining.

  7. Peyton Manning was born on 3/24/76.

    Matt Hasselbeck on 11/25/75.

    Basically, Hasselbeck is 4 months older than Manning. I wonder how many Seahawk fans, who hate Hasselbeck, would want to dump Manning if they were Colts fans?

    Nevermind that Manning actually has more talent than Hasselbeck, on offense AND defense. That’s not the point. In anarchy, you hate and want to overthrow the current regime without looking at all the facts. All you have on your mind is blood. Worry about the rest later.

    In no way am I saying Matt Hasselbeck is as good as Peyton Manning, but Matt wouldn’t be so washed up if he had a supporting cast.

    Heck, Kerry Collins, the statue himself, led Tennessee to the #1 seed in the AFC in 2008 and he was born in 1972. He was quite a bit older than Matt will be in 2010.

    Manning may be way over Matt’s league, but Kerry Collins isn’t. Collins simply had a good/great team around him in ’08, which is what any QB wants/ needs (he sucked this past year though).

    Nevermind that Warner is 38 years old, Favre is 40 years old, and nevermind that Tom Brady is less than 2 years younger than Matt.

    McNabb may be 1 year younger than Hasselbeck, but when you have a group of stud offensive players like DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin to build yourself around, you definitely look younger than others who have terrible talent.

    And for the arm strength haters, Matt Hasselbeck has a cannon compared to the 2008 version of Chad Pennington. By the way, that’s the Chad Pennington who led his team to a division title over the 11-5 New England Patriots in ’08.

    Hasselbeck has more arm strength than the 2006 Jeff Garcia (the one who led Philly to the conference semi-finals), the 2007 Jeff Garcia (the one who led the Bucs to the division title), or the 2008 Jeff Garcia (the one who played okay, even though Gruden benched in for a bit thank to the pissing match of him wanting an extention, even though he’s OVER 5 — FIVE — years OLDER than Hasselbeck).

    People will believe what they want to believe, so be it. Time for the Hasselbeck haters to point out that the Seahawks don’t have talent (put him on the Vikings and they win at least 10-11-12 games next year… oops… I forgot, Hasselbeck sucks) to wait around to get better (even thought they think the coaching is going to be so much better)… And are the same people who think Mark Sanchez dominates with the “talent” on the Lions if they would have taken him #1 overall. Maybe they never would have said that, because stats are only convenient if they benefit you and how you want them to come out, like I have done because I’m a supporter of 3 more productive years of Matt Hasselbeck.

  8. pdway:That does change things pretty drastically for AZ. We really do play in one mediocre division . . .not that I’m complaining.

    You want your team to play in a mediocre division?

    Anyway, Arizona was a mediocre team to begin with. They have no running game and they have a lousy defense. They just happened to look good in those areas when they played Jim Mora’s Seahawks.

    I don’t think your going to see a lot of change in the Cardinals at all unless they finally get around to strengthening some of those weaknesses. I think Matt Leinart is going to step right in there and start heaving the ball around just like Kurt Warner did and I expect they will have a very strong aerial attack. Of course Leinart doesn’t have Warners whiskers but he does have experience now and he’s a lot more mature than he was. He’s got a very strong passing offense surrounding him. He’s not going to have any problem making it go.

  9. Did anyone listen to Hugh Millen talk about the coaching tree of Norv Turner and Mike Martz with regard to Kurt Warner and the signature rroute that is an 18 yard slant or inseam where the WR doesn’t square off the route, but rounds it and hits it at full speed, while the quarterback does a 7 foot drop and basically launches it.

    I would love to run an offense like this. Do you think Hasselbeck is capable of running the Rams style(of yesteryear) of offense?

  10. I don’t think Hasselbeck can run it but BobbyK certainly thinks he can.

  11. I wrote a song for Patrick Kerney. It goes like this:

    Quit playing games with my heart,
    My heart,
    My heart,
    I should have known from the start.

  12. I wrote a song for Patrick Kerney.

    It goes like this:

    Quit playing games with my heart,
    My heart,
    My heart,
    I should have known from the start.

  13. I think part of the Kaerany decision (& a few other vets) will be based on whether Carroll’s focus is to win in 2010 (especially with Warner retiring) or if he prefers to go into rebuilding mode.

    The Hawks still look pretty good on paper (other then the O line), but we’ve also had 2 awful seasons in a row.

    If we go into rebuilding mode, the 49’rs should get the division by default. Who’d have predicted any of the last 2 years in the NFC West……….

  14. per john clayton: jeff ulbrich hired as assistant spec. teams coach-could be a good hire in many ways: tough, ex player, knows how to beat the cardinals, knows all the niners tendencies, knows all of our tendencies (good & bad).

  15. moo, I’m thinking the key to our being competitive will be our ability to stay healthy… I have to think our coaching has been upgraded, One, perhaps two changes are likely on the offensive line and at least one key addition will happen in the DL to generate a pass rush… basic area’s, but hurtin’ area’s for us. Gotta stay healthy though.

  16. Kerneys performance has been falling since ’07. He played more games then the previous 2 years, but Tapp, Reed, Redding & LoJac outperformed PK this last season. Hawks need more pressure from their DL.

  17. piperfeltcher says:

    Kerney is do $5 mill next year so not really that much money if he is healthy.

  18. No, pabuwal, I don’t think Matt can make that throw like the 38 year old Kurt Warner.

    After what I saw from Matt the last month of the season, I really don’t know what to think of him for sure moving forward. I was trying to generate a discussion about this.

    On one hand, if you would have asked me who was a better QB 2 years ago, I would have said Matt over Warner in a heartbeat. Now, I think everyone would say Warner, even though Matt is about 4 years younger. Heck, at this point, I would say Warner and I never envisioned myself saying that.

    I don’t know how much of having the sh!t kicked out of you on a weekly basis had to do with Matt’s decline? We know it obviously had some, but how much? We also know injuries played a factor, like his bum shoulder which zapped him of some of his arm “strength.” After he has an off-season to heal, how much of that arm strength will return? We know it’ll be some, but how much? It needs to be more than “just a little.” The Matt Hasselbeck who was flinging the ball around in pre-season games with the velocity he had, needs to be the one for ’10, not the one throwing some wounded ducks at the end of ’09.

    And what of confidence? No matter what any of us do in life, confidence breeds success. All dropping back to pass bred for Matt was a thorough understanding that he was going to get his ass kicked, which in turn led him to hurrying even more than he already did (Matt isn’t an Aaron Rodgers or Matt Schaub… players noted for holding the ball too long and, therefore, taking unecccesary sacks) which led to throws he otherwise probably wouldn’t have made.

    If 3 of the final 4 teams have taught us anything… it’s that you need an offense who can score points, and a lot of them. The Jets are the exception, but they did it with 3 Pro Bowl offensive linemen and a dominant defense. The more I think of it, the more I won’t be surprised if we take 3 offensive players with our first 3 picks. Maybe it will be LT, RB, WR. Maybe it will be QB, RB, OG. Either way, you get the idea. It would suck not to address DL or S, but it’s pretty hard to win in this league if you can’t score points.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Apropos of nothing, Chris Terry is still having troubles…

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Well, I think it goes without saying the offense will be overhauled, from the coaches and scheme to players. I am inclined to think that unless a specific CB or Safety, as Bobby pointed out, falls to them that they have targeted, it will likely be all 3.

  21. Even at $5 mil per year, I don’t think Kerney is worth it. He won’t be as good in ’10 as he was in ’09 because of the age he’s at and his skills are in decline. Unless you’re a QB, K, P, LS… it seems you’re done in your early – mid 30s. Unless you were a super – superstar (Rod Woodson, Junior Seau, etc.) guys who played a long time, but could afford to have diminishing skills, like everyone else, but they were so good to begin with that even when they were declining, they were still better than most.

    That sucks about Chris Terry.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    I’ve got to believe they will ask Kerney to restructure. I would like to know how much of the $10 mil guaranteed money he is still due. In addition to his $4 mil last year, he received a $3 mil roster bonus which is not, of course, part of the $10 total. So my feeling is that the $5.1 he is scheduled to make this season, is less that the actual cap hit.

  23. I agree about the request to restructure also…. particularly after the comments PC made about not being afraid of letting the younger guys on the field. That’s risky in the NFL, but we clearly need some motivation on that DL…

  24. Here is a quote from the most recent issue of TSN that I just read today:

    “…defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin will do wonders for the undisciplined – but talented – USC defense.”

    My take, the Pete Carroll defense (that we are getting) was extremely undisciplined last season. Granted, most at TSN are morons who don’t know anything of substance with individual teams (mainly the smaller market ones). But it did jump out at me when reading this.

  25. BobbyK – you make some good points so lets focus on what we do know for sure about Hasselbeck (objective information).

    * He is going to be 35 this season.
    * He has played poorly 3 of the last 4 years with a QB rating at 76 or under and a YPA in the low 6s and high 5s.
    * He has had significant injuries with including the knee, the hand, the back, the shoulder and the ribs. After each one he lost a part of his skillset. After EJ Henderson’s work, he seems to have lost his ability to make magic happen on the move and after the back injury his arm strength went from NFL average to well below average.

    Given this is the NFL, it is rare for players who had an NFL average arm in their 20s to have that many years of bad stats and injuries and have a career revival after 35. I know Warner is the guy you want to bring up, but he did start at a higher point in terms of passing ability and his numbers (eg Rating, YPA) didn’t suffer during his “bad” years.

    The last several games of this year (after the Houston game) is when the Seahawks had a decent running game and ok pass protection. They moved the ball well in those games until they had to put it in his hands and he became a one man turnover machine.

    I fully expect if Holmgren comes calling with an offer for a 4th round pick or better, Hasselbeck is gone.

  26. But by the final month of the season, he was so used to having the sh!t kicked out of him that even with a decent running game he was, understandably, rushing things too much for his and the teams own good. If you’re a kid and your Dad kicks the crap out of you for 12 straight years, you’re going to be a skeptical about him in the days and months after he has promised never to do it again. You’re going to be scarred. I only hope he can get that confidence back after receiving improved OL play… because if he can’t, you’re right, he won’t be the same and won’t be a productive NFL QB ever again.

    The OL sucked in ’06. Matt had a bad year.

    The run blocking OL sucked in ’07, but the pass protection was good. Walla… Matt had a great year.

    The OL sucked in ’08. Matt had a bad year (when he played).

    The OL sucked in ’09. Yes, it was improved that final month. Matt had a bad year.

    All I know is that if Matt is wearing purple next year, there’s going to be NFL headlines that talk about what a turnaround he’s made and there will be Kurt Warner/Cardinal comparisons made about how he has turned things around when he was left in the junk yard b/c he’s around the age Warner was when he went to AZ. We’ll see…

  27. Dukeshire says:

    For all those points you make about Hass’ recent health and subsequent performance, why then would Holmgren trade for him (draft picks no less)?
    The Browns are not simply a QB away or building for a playoff run in the immediate future. This is a team that will be constructed for long range success. I’m not sure how Hasselbeck fits in to a scenario like that.

  28. What irks me most about the QB situation, with all the reps the backup QB’s have had because of the injuries to Hass, one would think that logically we’d have a backup ready and willing in the wings…. I don’t know of anyone who has confidence in our backups…. Like OLT, it’s a position that can’t ever have less than quality in the game….

  29. vichawkfan says:

    count on Browns packaging Derek Anderson for Matt with an exchange of draft picks somewhere, with Hawks getting a higher rounder. 2nd for a 4th or something like that.

  30. Hass has one major advantage over rookie QBs and most other RFA QBs, he can read defenses at the LOS and re-read within the half second it takes to make the 3-step drop and deliver the ball catchably to where his receivers are supposed to be a tenth of a second before he gets whacked by a DE. It’s not neccessarily Matt’s fault if the WR and him have differing thoughts about where the WR is supposed to go given the kind of coverage they face. It’s supposed to be up to the WR to learn the QB and where he’s gonna throw it in given situations, not the other way around. People say that if PKerney is healthy he’s the best DE on the team, so keep him on roster. MHasselbeck, even when not healthy, is the best QB on the team. Hass would be better than a rookie for 2-3 years until the rookie learns PCs system, to read Ds, and knows what his receivers are thinking and they know his mind.

  31. Zorn hired by Ravens as their QB coach:

    Our QB sure played well under him. Seems like a good hire for them.

    And earther – come on, you know what I mean, I’m only glad for the lack of talent in our division, b/c it means that our team can still have an outside shot at winning the division and making the playoffs – just makes it more interesting, that’s all. If/when we are better – I’d be happy to see our division be a good one, and have lots of good, rivalry-like games. Just not the case in ’10.

  32. Was the offensive line really that bad in 2008 Bobby? I believe you’re leaving out the receiver difficulties in that year. Branch, Burleson and Obomanu were all injured (as was Hass), the other backup receiver’s are all gone now and most were unable to stick with any other team for any time…
    Point is, a QB also needs someone to catch the darn ball… In 2008, we were hurtin’ there…

  33. But the line was terrible too. You’re right about the WRs though. Very pathetic group of healthy players we had that year. Walt was having a great year until Thanksgiving – then it went downhill for him too.

  34. Greg Cosell gave a good breakdown of a coupla plays by P.Manning vs NYJ. It’s good to have WRs. It would also be nice to have a secondary like the Jets.

  35. nighthawk2 says:

    My thoughts on Hasselbeck are that if we can shore up the o-line, he’s going to do just fine for a couple more seasons. In the offense that Carroll will run I don’t think he’ll be required to do anything that’s really beyond his capabilities like a lot of deep throws. With a good run game (which an improved o-line will go a long way towards providing) I think Hasselbeck will a lot more like the old Matt Hasselbeck we got used to seeing.

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