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Rob Rang talks Senior Bowl

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 27, 2010 at 1:33 pm with 27 Comments »
January 27, 2010 7:37 pm

I talked with Rob Rang, senior analyst with, who is in attendance at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama about some of the guys who have stood out this week, and he provided me with a few names.

Rang also said the Tim Tebow show is even more of a spectacle than he anticipated with the game being held in SEC country, and that every move – bad or good – of Tebow is under the microscope.

“I expected a circus but it’s been even bigger that that,” Rang said. “We’re in the state of Alabama and he has his own cheering section. There’s more No. 15 jerseys than any Auburn or Alabama jerseys. He enters the field and he’s like a rook star. It’s nuts. …. Every single thing that he does is so analyzed. If he throws a very nice pass, it’s great. It he throws a poor pass, then it’s horrible. I mean everything is exaggerated.”

Rang went to say that although Tebow struggled on Monday, he’s continued to improve.

Rang said several small schools guys have shown themselves well, including Central Michigan quarterback Dan LeFevour, WR Andre Roberts from the Citadel and WR Taylor Price from the University of Ohio.

Rang also mentioned defensive linemen Austen Lane from Murray State and Alex Carrington from Arkansas State as players to watch.

Rang on LeFevour: “I characterized him before the season as a little bit of a poor man’s Tim Tebow. He is a very similar prospect to Tebow, he just doesn’t have the elongated throwing motion. He’s a guy throughout his career in the MAC has not only been a very dangerous passer, but also as a runner. The concern I have is I don’t know that he has quite enough arm strength to be successful in every system, and his accuracy is very inconsistent. He can throw four balls in a row that are very good, and then a couple wobblers.”

Rang on Roberts: “He’s caught the ball pretty well, and might run the best routes of anybody here, and that certainly was not expected from a receiver coming from such a small school.”

Rang on Price:
“We saw what happened with the rookie wide receiver for the Chicago Bears Johnny Knox, and that’s what this kid is. He’s a pure speed guy. He’s a guy who can make people miss in space, so I think he’s got an opportunity here if he works out as well as expected, and some people are expecting him to run a 4.3 (40-yard time).”

Rang said that Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and defensive line coach Dan Quinn focused on the defensive line position group during the North practice this morning.

“That’s very rare to see a position coach and a head coach go off on their own and study one group by themselves, so I was very intrigued to see that,” Rang said.

Rang went on to say the Seahawks are well represented, with as large as contingent of coaching staff and scouts of any team in the league in Mobile to watch the practices.

“It’s very obvious they are doing their due diligence,” he said.

Here is Rang’s Day 2 report on the Senior Bowl.

Bucky Brooks of says OG Mike Iupati of Idaho and Tennessee DT Dan Williams have been impressive, while S Taylor Mays has struggled so far this week.

Pat Kirwan of adds OT Vladimir Ducasse, LT, UMass and Boise State CB Kyle Wilson as players who have looked good.

Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel checks in with new Seahawks GM John Schneider.

Rob Rang Analysis
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  1. OCHawkFan says:

    Latest mock draft..

    We bettter not draft Taylor Mays at #6. Hopefully Carrol will repeat the mantra I’ve been saying the past two drafts….O-Line, O-Line, O-Line. I dont care if all of our 1st round picks go to the O-Line…just fix it!

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Mock drafts and power rankings; I can’t think of two more useless things in the world sports. Neither one mean anything at all.

  3. adamtoth says:

    Refreshing to see an attention to detail by our coaching staff.

  4. Duke – you are a 100% right… but those things (mock drafts) are so damn fun:)

    Wait – you’re wrong on 1 thing… Bill Leavy officiating a Super Bowl is more worthless…

  5. chuck_easton says:


    That is Bill “better not show his face in any dark alley in Seattle” Leavy to you!


    The only mock draft I ever care about is Rob Rang’s. He seems to do his homework especially where the Seahawks are concerned. Every other talking head who probably couldn’t find Seattle on a map if you limited to the search to just the Pacific North West will spout off whatever they think everyone else is saying.

    But then I’m not so sure I like Rang’s latest Mock either. He has us taking the DL Derrick Morgan at #6 and and C.J. Spiller at #14.

    Where’s the LT that we, the fans, desperately want?

  6. stigmata says:

    Given the preferences Alex Gibbs has stated for his O-linemen, we may not see that 1st-round LT. The 1st-round guys tend to be the big, behemoth types, whereas Gibbs likes to find strong, but small, agile, fast, and intelligent linemen for his scheme. Often, those types of linemen don’t get picked in the 1st, and should be available later in the draft. If the Seahawks braintrust adheres to those preferences, I would imagine we will see a DE and either a QB or RB with our 1st-round choices, with the O-line addressed in the later rounds.

    It should be interesting to see what kinds of things we hear from Carrol and Co. over the next few weeks as they work through their roster evaluation.

  7. williambryan says:

    Mock drafts are worthless to a point but they are also helpful for those who don’t follow college football as closely as we follow the nfl, Hawks especially. before reading these mocks, I might be able to guess 5- to players that will be drafted in the first round, where as the mocks will guess about 25-28 first round picks right. They might not match the player to the pick of the team well, but they do recognize a consensus of the 30 highest rated (Not the best, see Tom Brady, Matt Hasselbeck) players in the draft.

  8. Rang has been pretty accurate.

  9. OutSydeDog says:

    So, if the type OL we want can be had later, why not trade our top 2 picks to pick up 4 more picks in the second and third, shoot…get 5 picks and we can draft a whole new

    GO HAWKS!!!

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Just to clarify; I believe listing what team will take what player really serves no purpose, other than the fun of projections. It’s the analysis of each player and what skills they have or what potential they have, is what useful. Rob is one of the best in the business at breaking down and articulating college players’ potential and how that may translate to the NFL. It’s just the mock draft aspect that serves no purpose. But no draft analysis is considered complete without it anymore.

  11. stigmata says:

    “OutSydeDog says:

    So, if the type OL we want can be had later, why not trade our top 2 picks to pick up 4 more picks in the second and third, shoot…get 5 picks and we can draft a whole new”

    Hey, if we could find the right trading partner, I’m all for us trading down. If we gave New England our #14 pick and our 5th rounder, we could get their #22 pick and their last 2nd rounder (they have 3 2nd round picks, so they might be an attractive trading partner).

    But with so much talent available through the third round, I don’t imagine we’re going to see a lot of teams wanting to move up in this draft.

  12. CDHawkFan says:

    Most of us wanted Ruskell gone and they did, most of us wanted Mora gone and they did. Whether it was obvious or not, the wisdom of crowds/fans seemed to match up to what P Allen did for us fans, the players, organization, etc.

    Most of us want OL help, and I think we will get it in the first few rounds. We will say ‘I told you so’ or ‘I saw it coming’ or ‘it was so obvious’.

    That did not happen last year, some wanted a WR, some OL, some Curry, but most didn’t get the the Curry bandwagon until a few days before the draft, they were sold on the eve of the draft since that was how it was projected to fall out.

    I hope we don’t lose the desire for OL help this year, the best we can get. Don’t get suckered in by best available player, or can’t miss, or best player since… Fill the holes with guys that can make them. I told you so, I see it coming, it seems so obvious.

  13. superduk says:

    Mock drafts are fascinating for many reasons.

    For sports fans that root for bad teams, it is a way to take your mind off the previous season and begin to hope for a better next season.

    Also, many sports fans are tunnel-visioned. Mock drafts give them a cliff’s notes version, if you will, of the best available college players. I live in the SEC and have seen a lot of games involving players in the south. (Chad Jones would be a great pick at 40, Dexter McCluster is going to surprise folks that think he is a WR, and folks need to avoid Cody.) I don’t know the PAC 10 very well or even the WAC. So, some of these mock drafts encourage me to spend some time looking up players and trying to learn more.

    I also find if interesting to see what “impartial” observers think about certain teams. When they discuss the needs of the Seahawks, does it sound like they know what they are talking about?

    As far as things being pointless, I suppose taking the time to blog about it would be more pointless.

  14. My “favorite” mock drafts are from people who don’t understand what each team really needs. There’s no way I could sit down today and put together a semi-accurate mock draft based on each team and what they need (unless I searched all other team blogs, like this one, and read what their fans are clamoring for). I know Seahawk team needs. Since I’m from the state, I know Viking team needs. But to think most of us know what every team needs is silly. My favorite mock about a month ago had us taking Rolando McClain in the 1st round. He’s a LB from Alabama. A LB!!! If they tried taking another LB, even if he was the BPA like Curry supposedly was last year, I think the fans would have every right to overthrow the regime. Heck, I think it’d be our duty. What would people do if this was our first round:
    1(6) Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama
    1(14) Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri
    I don’t want it to happen, obviously (unless both are Canton bound), but it’d ALMOST be funny…

  15. But, yeah, if Bill Leavy were officiating, it really wouldn’t matter if we take all LBs the next 10 years with every pick.

  16. OCHawkFan says:

    You’re right, Mock’s are mostly worthless. However, they do provide 1) good material for debate 2) player analysis 3) also, gives us a good idea of which national sportswriters actually know anything about the Hawks.

    For instance, based on how this Mock fell I would’ve picked Okung at #6 and either Iupati or Morgan at #14. My second round pick wouldve been either Dexter McCluster or Jhavid Best. This gives us three starters for next year and solidifies O line along with providing the playmaker we need.

  17. I keep hearing this is not the best year for the offensive line draft picks…. There’s another factor no one is referencing……. Free Agency… If we go with the defensive side early in the draft, that may not be all so bad…. I’m of the feeling we will trade down one of our top picks…. Going younger appears the direction…. If our coaching holds up to the standard we’re expecting, that’s a direction hard to argue….

  18. rramstad says:

    If this is an uncapped year, there will be no free agency, or at least, the pickings will be very slim. Draft picks will be like gold…

  19. I’m kinda hazy on who the RFAs will be, and it sounds like if JS & PC are wanting youth, everyone who will be a simple UFA will be too old(?)

    If no cap, then Leonard Weaver is gonna be RFA. Didn’t he leave to go to PHI as a UFA? There are lists of RFAs (who would be UFAs with a cap) but there appear to be holes in who’s listed as RFA. Where a player is 28 YO but listed as UFA, even if there’s no cap. Then there are players who are like 30+ YO and listed as RFA? Those who aren’t RFA still have to go through the filter of each team getting 2 FTs (plus a TT if any team wants to use it). Need to look at which round RFA players were taken at, and if Hawks FO are interested, trade back for more and more picks, and use a #32 pick in the 1st rd to get an RFA player taken in the top of the 1st round. Why can’t pick trades be accomplished before the draft?

  20. klm,

    “use a #32 pick in the 1st rd to get an RFA player taken in the top of the 1st round.”

    I like how you think, man! Hopefully, that’s the type of imagination we’re going to have with Carroll and Schneider!

  21. I thought BobbyK (or someone) had a couple of names for our OLT position as FA’s…. Under 30 as I recall… If we’re to have one or two other rookie linemen, sure would be a coup to get an experienced starter at OLT, might have to pay a premium… point is, if no glaring prospects in one of our two top picks, as bad as we need OL help, if it’s not clearly there, we shouldn’t stretch for talent there… Our ‘D’ needs some help too… I can’t imagine going into the new season without OL help of some sort, one new starter for sure, most probable two…. Would be pretty risky to start two rookies though… How it all plays out in PC’s thoughts will be interesting for sure…

  22. piperfeltcher says:

    I think we go OT with our 2nd round pick and go after Brown from USC. Carroll knows him he is a smaller more athletic LT who would fit what we are trying to do. ! good thing is a lot of tackles were taken high last year so not a lot of teams will be looking to draft another one. Personally I really like Spiller and hope he is there at #14 and would love Berry at #6 but doubt he is there. No way Mays go’s in the top 10.

  23. I”m really glad that Schneider and Gibbs will step in and be the voice of reason when it comes to Mays. I really don’t want to waste a top pick on one of Carrroll’s old players unless it’s going to be a great value for us, and I have not been hearing great things about Mays.

    Can anyone make a case for us drafting him? If so, when?

  24. Radio interview with Mike Holmgren. It is interesting and funny, specially at the end.

  25. thx for the link CYR… I liked it also….

  26. tcross12 says:

    take blount if he is there in the 4th

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