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Report: Knapp joins Texans as QB coach

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 26, 2010 at 3:53 pm with 15 Comments »
January 26, 2010 4:10 pm

Looks like former Seahawks offensive coordinator Greg Knapp has landed on his feet. According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the Houston Texans have hired Knapp as the team’s quarterback coach.

Just like Knapp, Houston head coach Gary Kubiak has ties to Denver and former Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan. Kubiak hired new offensive coordinator Rick Dennison away from Denver a few weeks ago after former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan left to join his father and become the offensive coordinator for Washington.

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  1. It seems the ticket to getting a QB coaching job in the NFL is to be a bad OC for the Seahawks or Gophers in 2010.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Well, he probably won’t be calling plays so that should free him up to ruin only one position, rather than a entire unit. Good luck Schaub.

  3. princeaden says:

    BobbyK- I understand and agree with your dislike for Knapp. But, it sounds to me like you are equally displeased and unimpressed with the Jed Fisch hiring. Is this true? What do you know about him that you don’t like?

  4. I went to the Gopher-Illinois game this fall and I really wasn’t impressed with the play calling, nor was I impressed with the way he flipped out on his QB during the game. Sure, the Gopher QB play was nothing to write home about, which makes it tough on any OC… but that was something along the likes of Mora/Mare or Mora/Spencer (saw crap like that on local news stuff too about him from other games… he didn’t do it publicly, that I know of, but you saw it “publicly” on the side-lines… I don’t think he’s built up the Holmy resume to get away with it when he’d do it). Definitely not impressed with our QB coach from that perspective. I have a friend I work with and he’s a Gopher season ticket holder and goes to every home game and some road ones too. He was making fun of me for “taking” him. Like I said, I only went to 1 game and only saw parts of 3-4 others, but, again, not impressed. His response was that he never seemed to have a plan. One thing he told me (I am no Gopher football expert, but he follows them like we do the Seahawks so I’ll take what he says pretty good) and he said he never had a vision of what he wanted his offense to look like. For example, the Cal game seemed that the Gophers planned trick plays as a focal and never established anything else in other games. Kind of a jack of all trades master of none scenario. I could easily be wrong about him and hope I am… and like Duke said, it’s not like he’s going to be calling the plays (or there would have been no use getting rid of Knapp) so we shouldn’t have to worry about him screwing things up too badly. In his defense, it’s not like the Gopher offense had much talent to work with either, especially after Eric Decker got hurt. But how he handled the failures is what bothered me.

  5. great… knapper’s gonna ruin my home-state team (screw the cowboys)…

    yes, screw the cowboys! knapper, go get a job in dallas!


  6. variable575 says:

    Great quote from a mock draft writer: I especially like the part that mentions what it takes to win in the NFL–not exactly rocket science.

    “# Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
    JAN. 19 UPDATE: If the Rams take Jimmy Clausen, there’s no doubt that the Lions will select Ndamukong Suh. If Suh is off the board, this pick will be Gerald McCoy. That’s how much misguided faith Detroit’s coaching staff has in the venerable Jeff Backus.

    Speaking of Suh, he won’t be playing in the Senior Bowl. However, look for extensive, daily Senior Bowl coverage next week.

    JAN. 12 UPDATE: If I were calling the shots in Detroit, this pick would be Russell Okung – even over Suh. To win in this league, you need to (in order): have a quarterback, protect your quarterback and get to the other quarterback. Detroit cannot do the second thing on that list. Last year, I berated the Lions for not drafting Michael Oher or William Beatty, so I can’t say I’m surprised that Matthew Stafford suffered an injury. Beatty has shown some promise with the Giants, while Oher has been prolific at both left and right tackle this year.

    Unfortunately for Detroit fans, the team still likes Jeff Backus, even though he allowed eight sacks this year. Jim Schwartz recently expressed his frustration that Backus was not voted to the Pro Bowl.

    You’re kidding, right?

    Hey, if the Lions want Matthew Stafford to bust because he takes too many sacks and develops the Marc Bulger “I’ve been sacked so many times that I’m just going to heave the ball into triple coverage to avoid getting hit again” syndrome, that’s their problem. Good luck, Detroit. I just hope enough Lions fans can see past all of the lies that the coaching staff is feeding them.”

    here’s the link;

  7. freedom_X says:

    The walterfootball article is interesting, but it raises questions to me. Not necessarily against the writer of the article, whom I don’t know, but generally.

    1st, 3 QB’s in the top 10? Think back 2 months ago. Who thought there would be 3 QB’s in the 1st round, let alone in the top 10? What’s changed? Did Sam Bradford strut his stuff in a dazzling bowl game against a top opponent? Did Jimmy Clausen put up unreal numbers in showing the world the brilliance of a Charlie Weis-coached offense? Did Tim Tebow demonstrate his adeptness at mastering the three-step drop and throw on timing?

    No? 2 months ago, everyone thought Jake Locker should turn pro because he was clearly the top choice at QB. I don’t think many people thought he’d have much competition, but according to this mock, he has plenty of top-10 QB company.

    Again, I don’t know the specific thinking of this draft author (he may have always had these guys as top-10 since the beginning of the year) but I certainly can see a “fan projection” coming into play if he hasn’t been consistent in supporting these guys. In other words, a reach – a team needs a player at a certain position, and suddenly Mike Williams becomes the next Jonathan Ogden. Or Joey Harrington is the next Peyton Manning.

    If there weren’t 3 top 10 QB’s 2 months ago, there shouldn’t be now. And there probably shouldn’t be any 4 months from now (“workout wonder” ring a bell?) And the “NFL owners agreeing to let Tim Tebow slide” rumor is ludricous and proof enough you can’t believe what you read on Pro Football Talk.

    Frankly, Matt Stafford didn’t get hurt just because Detroit didn’t draft a tackle. Mark Sanchez got hurt behind a multi-million dollar O-line. Matt Stafford got hurt because he had a weak line, AND he had no running game, AND he had no defense, AND he was a rookie who doesn’t have a great sense yet on when to get rid of the ball. I don’t care if he had Walter Jones in his prime blocking for him, you try to start a rookie QB 16 games on a monumentally bad team, there’s a good chance he gets hurt.

  8. freedom_X says:

    More food for thought on that linked mock draft: There was a comment about how 2nd round QB’s have a 75% bust rate. Since he hasn’t had a chance to develop that theme, I won’t comment on that directly, but it made me think, “what about the 1st round?” So I took a few minutes to:

    1) Gather the 1st round QB’s taken from 2005-1995. (guys taken after that still have a good chance to get much better, and thus, based on the “3 years to evaluate a draft rule”, I cut off the point to 2005. 10 years.

    2) To not be a bust, the player had to be a Pro Bowl player or at least a long term starter (5+ years.) That’s to factor out a guy who’s getting starts because he was a high 1st round pick making big bucks. He’d have to have at least acceptable, if not great, performance to keep his job that long.

    I come up with a 53% bust rate. Here’s my list:


    Overall Name
    3 Steve McNair
    5 Kerry Collins
    1 Peyton Manning
    2 Donovan McNabb
    1 Michael Vick
    1 Carson Palmer
    1 Eli Manning
    4 Philip Rivers
    11 Ben Roethlisberger
    24 Aaron Rodgers


    Overall Name
    26 Jim Druckenmiller
    2 Ryan Leaf
    1 Tim Couch
    18 Chad Pennington
    1 David Carr
    3 Joey Harrington
    7 Byron Leftwich
    19 Kyle Boller
    22 Rex Grossman
    22 J.P. Losman
    1 Alex Smith
    25 Jason Campbell

  9. Drafted by NYJ in ’00, Chad Pennington (CP) took over for VinnyT. after a 1-4 start in ’02. CP got them to 9-7 and an AFC East division championship. Injured in ’03 and out alot of the season NYJ finished 6-10. ’04, another injury, and CP got the NYJ to 10-6 and a wildcard playoff game. ’05 was spent in surgery and CP took a pay cut. ’06 CP started all 16 reg season games and won CPOY, 10-6 earned a playoff game vs NE. ’07 CP had more injuries and NYJ didn’t go to playoffs. ’08 NYJ hired Favre and CP went to MIA, a team that went 1-15 in ’07. CP finished second in MVP voting to Peyton Manning that year. In ’09 CP reinjured his shoulder, Chad Henne took over and CP was IR’d. CP is currently the NFL’s all-time leader in career completion percentage with a 66.1 C%. Bust?

  10. sugashack says:

    I can’t believe they think Tebow is a Top 10 pick, regardless of their ticket draw reasoning. You know what draws fans? Winning, and Tebow is simply not a pro QB. I’ve heard many folks talk about his Senior Bowl performance so far and have heard the word “abysmal” more than once. That guy can’t throw, he can’t take a snap under center, and he struggles with three and five step drops. No way he’s taken top 15.

    I would have no issue with Eric Berry if that’s where we end up. I struggle with Campbell (said it before). Wouldn’t mind Haden. I would actually prefer to trade it for a mid-late first round and second round pick and start doing some rebuilding.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    I’m in no way defending the claim he’s a top 10 pick but Tebow looked significantly better yesterday. Although after his first practice Monday, that wasn’t terribly difficult. The thing about him is that he’s going to bust his ass to do what is required to improve his deficiencies. Whether he can re-shape his motion completely or develop the footwork necessary is another question, but it won’t be for a lack of effort. Combine that with his so called “leadership qualities” and I’d be surprised if he made it out of the first round.

  12. The two players that most scouts are saying look the best at the senior bowl play positions that the Hawks need. Brandon Graham’s DE from Michigan’s an the Offwnluneman from Idaho.

  13. Whoops. I meant Iupoti the O-lineman from Idaho.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Iupoti has looked really good. They tried him a tackle in one on one drills yesterday for a bit and he struggled some. He (understandably) looked unfamiliar but Maylock said on Monday that he could see him transitioning to LT at some point in his career. Kyle Wilson CB from Boise look good again yesterday. Also, to me, Mardy Gilyard WR Cinci, look good. Very explosive and physical off the line and gets immediate separation. And Alex Carrington DL Arkansas St., dominated in one on one drills. I’m hoping he and Iupati will lock up in drills today. That will be fun.

  15. nighthawk2 says:

    I was not impressed by the QB coach choice either, but I don’t anything in depth about him either like Bobby. I just thought with Jim Zorn available, his credentials as a quarterback coach are well known, as are his historical links to the Seahawks. I’d be interested in knowing if they reached out to Zorn at all, or if the Ravens made a better offer, or if they just didn’t want any link to the Holmgren era.

    I read regularly, and it’s a good site with many features (in my my view anyway). I do disagree with their mock drafts at times, especially their picks for the Seahawks at times. But I do understand their reasons for having Jacksonville take Tebow. It isn’t because they think his talent level is Top 10, or 1st round or even first 3 rounds. It’s because he’s a big hero in Florida and he will sell tickets being on the roster. I disagreed with this pick when they first put it out many weeks ago, but have come to think they’re right about the Jaguars taking him. If you read their Senior Bowl section, and look at their reports of the four days of practices, you see that there was a legion of Tebow fans at the practices, a lot of young girls in particular, who were there only to see him, no matter how bad Tebow looked (and boy did he look bad from their reports). Walterfootball pulled no punches on Tebow and said it’ll take two or three years before this guy could start in the NFL. But fans were apparently screaming “We want Tebow” whenever he wasn’t on the field in the game. I’m now convinced that Wayne Weaver would insist on taking him in the 1st round to put fans in the stands, however weird it sounds to the rest of us.

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