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USC strength coach follows Carroll to Seattle

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 25, 2010 at 7:48 pm with 24 Comments »
January 25, 2010 8:19 pm

Looks like the Seattle Seahawks have a new strength and conditioning coach. According to Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times, USC’s strength coach Chris Carlisle is headed North to Seattle.

The Trojans announced Carlisle’s departure to Seattle in a press release today.

Mike Clark had held the position of strength coach for the Seahawks for the last six years.

The video above gives you a good idea of what Carlisle is about.

According to this report from the Green Bay Gazette, Carlisle will be joined by Green Bay assistant strength and conditioning coach Mondray Gee, 33.

Carlisle becomes the fifth member of USC’s staff to join Carroll, along with offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates, linebackers coach Ken Norton Jr., special teams coach Brian Schneider and Matt Capurro, who served as USC’s director of football operations.

This is the first I heard of Capurro heading north. With his skill set, having served as an assistant to several Los Angeles Raiders head coaches, including Lane Kiffin, I would think he’s joining the team as a quality control guy or an assistant to Carroll.

Carlisle, 47, was named the 2006 National Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year by the Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society.

Also, former Seahawks defensive back coach Tim Lewis joined the Atlanta Falcons as their defensive backs coach.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Whether it’s fair to blame the training staff for the injury plague here the past couple season is debatable, but a change certainly had to be made there, regardless. That video was great and I liked the message. We’ll see how it plays out, but this would appear to be yet another upgrade. Nice.

  2. maddog12 says:

    Carlisle’ s approach of building the body for the task makes alot of sense and Duke you are right that was a great video. I will say one thing Carroll knows how to present himself and his team.

    In that area he already is a big upgrade. Of course that alone won’t win football games. But it will help with things needed to get there, like recruiting free agents

  3. edstang45 says:

    One thing about Carroll and the staff he’s bringing in and keeping, they look like their all on the same page!!! All got a focused goal, a defenite plan. a fire
    One Leader!!! mmmmmmmmm maybe we can actually get excited.
    I was quite concerned about Pete comming from a successful college program . havent seen much success with the other top guys makin the switch. as all of you know, but there seems to be something special about this group. Dang I hope so cuz I’m starting to get excited!!

  4. Now, lets check backs off all players. I dont want another Trufant or Smith. Hope that next season will be injury free.

  5. OutSydeDog says:

    Without commenting on the fact that we’ve been hit with tons of injuries since the team moved into a “state of the art facility”, including medically, that’s named after a medical center……

    I really like the video and I agree with the on the same page sediment here. I like the way things are starting out. Now, if we can just translate it to the field.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  6. With the high amount of injuries the last few years, this would appear to be the best move they’ve made this off season!

  7. Good video Eric!!! thx for putting it “up” for us….

  8. IdahoHawk says:

    I would imagine every fan of USC, Really hates the Seattle Seahawks.

  9. Some people talk when they shouldn’t. We all do. But it seems Mora just needs to get a needle and thread and have someone sew his lips shut so he can do the world a favor and never talk again. On one hand, he has every right to criticize Ruskell if this is true. But there seems to be an unwritten in rule in life (NFL) about perhaps “not going there.” Of course, the Ruskell text to Mora wasn’t exactly in good spirits either. It can’t be too bad though, Ruskell is the reason Jimmy is making more in the next 3 years ($12 million) than any of us will make in our entire lifetime. I’ll stick to feeling bad for people who have family emergencies, untimely deaths, natural disasters affecting them, instead of feeling bad Mora only got 1 year to coach a team he had clearly lost in the final month of the season. Sure, I supported Mora in mid-season, but I don’t know how anyone could after that final month. That was some of the worst “football” in Seahawks history. I hope Mr. Happy can fix the line, find a playmaker for Matt, and get a better rush from the front 4 and we can make a good run in the play-offs next year. I wonder what Mora would say about that? I’m sure it would be something self-serving about how he would have done it too. I’m sure the jealously would eat at him though. It may be bad of me to think, but that’s exactly what I hope happens.

  10. One last thing, I wonder if Mora would have made those comments about Sanchez if the team with the best offensive line in the NFL hadn’t traded up to take him?

    If Sanchez threw 20 INTs with the Jets, I wonder how many he would have thrown for the Browns (although they do have the building blocks on the OL, but the rest of the team is pretty crappy)?

  11. bird_spit says:

    Man what can you say folks. I am ready to take the kool-aid out back and just get drunk. I hope that kind of energy makes it at the pro level. I think it is very easy to have the mind of the 18-21 year old, but now they can afford their own training programs, and all of them arent together till mini camp.

    I’d like to see Carlisle go evaluate the conditioning program of Walter Jones. I hope they can get these OL guys together and get them focused..

    This free agency season is about to start – can it get any more exciting for a hawks fan. Something smells good down in Renton for a change, and its not the smell of jet fuel in the morning..

  12. Ya know…Pete Carroll may be 58 years old, but he doesn’t act or sound like he’s that old. In fact, if you listen to his voice, you would think he’s a guy in his 20s or 30s.

    I like how he’s surrounding himself with all of these young and gifted coaches and assistants. Those guys should be able to establish an immediate rapport with our players.

  13. It’s really exciting to think that we may be watching Allen, Leiweke, Carroll, and company build a championship team, from the top down, right in front of our eyes.

  14. Hey…did anyone notice that yet again Eric posted a story at well into the evening…that’s above and beyond the call of duty and much appreciated…but hold one.

    Maybe we should discourage that type of thing, so ESPN won’t swoop in and cherry pick him away from us. Uh, yeah…come to think of it, ever since Frank left, this blog has gone downhill. lol

  15. Speaking of building a championship team, history shows that Ted Thompson has made a career in Green Bay by trading down in the draft and getting quality players in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Schneider has said he wants to get younger, and Green Bay was the 2nd youngest team in the NFL. What are the chances he imitates one of his mentors and trades the 6 & 14 for a bunch of picks to stockpile young talent? And what would we miss by not using the higher picks? And how much of a rumble would it cause amongst the faithful to trade down?

  16. stigmata says:

    Agreed, Audible. Bring back Frank!


  17. Right now, I feel pretty good about the direction things seem to be headed. I know there’s alot of concern about Carroll and his previous (mis) adventure in the NFL as a Head Coach… however, I really like the fact that he’s building what appears to be a good coaching staff to work with the team…

    Others have alluded to this, but it will be interesting to see who they keep, who they decide to pass on, and how the team takes shape for next year.

    I think it could be interesting to see who gets added to the team… and while big name splashes are fun, I could care less about that if there’s a translation to an effective team that we get to watch next season… one that shows up for more than a quarter here and a quarter there….

  18. scifan:Others have alluded to this, but it will be interesting to see who they keep, who they decide to pass on, and how the team takes shape for next year.

    I think what we are going to see with the Hawks will be strikingly similar to what we have been seeing with the Mariners. I know comparing situations in the NFL with MLB isn’t apples-to-apples, but at least you get the idea. Maybe the Dolphins situation once Parcells arrived is more appropriate.

    This would mean that we’re going to be saying good-bye to A LOT of players in the next year or two (especially if next year is uncapped), and I’m sure we’ll be surprised on more than a few of the moves. They are going to load up on young talent. A lot of people think this would mean a 3-4 year rebuilding ‘project’, but look at the success of both the Dolphins and the Mariners in their FIRST year under new management.

    Young players play HUNGRY (e.g. Forsett, Hawthorne, Reed), which often leads to overachievement. When is the last time this team overachieved? With the tools they had in ’05, I don’t think you could even say making the Super Bowl that year was an overachievement.

    If they do indeed go with a youth movement, don’t be surprised if our games in November and December actually mean something next year.

  19. rodman,

    I think we may try to trade down for additional picks, and hopefully, we’ll find trading partners to do that, but I think one problem is that a lot of the superstar players are at the top of the draft order, so you have to be willing to trade more solid players for fewer impact players if you’re going to do that. That’s not always the case, but it’s hard to find an Adrian Peterson, Suh, Larry Fitzgerald, Walter Jones in the 2nd – 7th rounds.

    Right now, we need play makers on offense and we need serious help at tackle on both the DL and OL. The really good defensive and offensive tackles are usually gone by the end of the 1st round, so this may not be the best year for us to trade down.

    If we add picks, I think it’s most likely going to involve trading players like Leroy Hill, Locklear, Willis, etc…the guys who don’t seem to fit into our long-range plans moving forward.

  20. Wow, more than 4 hours since the last comment. I thought this was the place “where there was no offseason” ;)

  21. Having gone to a handful of the open training camp days last season, it bothered me seeing a good majority of the guys out there going not even 50% in drills. Mind you this was training camp where roster spots were on the line. That lack of effort totally showed on Sundays this past season. It was also disconcerting during the season hearing the frequency of Mora giving “days off” and “cutting practices short for good work.” Now, I don’t know how it is around the league at other practices, but I want to believe the most successful teams don’t take half-assed practicing lightly.

    Carrol never struck me as someone who was complacent with any facet under his management. Having said that, this hire and this video has got me reaching for the kool-aid by the bucketfuls even more so.

    If we can get our guys to go at it at this intensity in practice one can only imagine the intensity on Sundays. Here’s hoping our run of injuries stops now.

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